Grand Canyon Questions by stariya


									Why is there snow at the Grand Canyon, yet the
weather is hot and this is a desert?

How many people go to the Grand Canyon every year?

Have all parts of the Grand Canyon been explored?

Is anyone buried at Hermits rest?

How deep does the river get?

What type of rocks are in the Grand Canyon?

How old are most of the fossils at the Grand Canyon

Why do people live at the Grand Canyon?

When did the erosion start at the Grand Canyon?
Why do only certain spots erode?

How did the color form in the rocks?

Why is some of the river muddy?

When was the Grand Canyon first discover?

Can you hunt in the Grand Canyon?

How was the Grand Canyon shaped?

Is it warmer or colder the further up you travel in the
Grand Canyon?

Why does the Grand Canyon look the way it does today?

What do the animals eat at the Grand Canyon?
Why are some rocks sandy? Bumpy? Sparkly? Smooth?

Why isn’t the whole river made of rapids?

Why are there layers in the Grand Canyon?

Can you scuba dive in the river?

Why is the North Rim higher in elevation than the South

What was the first type of rock at the Grand Canyon?

Is the river water fresh or salty?

How can plants be in the desert?

Where are most of the fossils found at the Grand
What type of trees are at the Grand Canyon?

Where does the river enter the Grand Canyon?

Why is the river so wide?

Is every layer of the Grand Canyon a different texture?

How are fossils formed into rock?

If someone yelled to you from 15 miles away, could you
hear him?

Where does all that river go?

How deep does the river get?

Have any fossils of humans been found in the Grand

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