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pharma companies
A series of high-profile mega-mergers – as well as their less-publicised counterparts – have changed
the face of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. World Pharmaceutical Frontiers and
GlobalData take a look at how the land lies now with our definitive top ten pharma companies.

  Johnson & Johnson
                                                                  1   Pfizer
  2009 annual revenue: $61,897m                                       2009 annual revenue: $50,009m
  As well as being streaks ahead of its competitors in terms of       Although Pfizer comes in second in terms of 2009 revenue, the
  annual revenue, Johnson & Johnson boasts the largest number         US-based firm boasts the highest pharmaceutical revenues of our
  of employees of any pharmaceutical company: 115,500 people          top ten, at $45,458 million. A global research-based organisation
  work for the global manufacturer of healthcare products.            principally focused on the discovery, development, manufacture
  Currently engaged in the research and development,                  and marketing of prescription drugs for humans and animals, it
  manufacturer and sale of a broad range of medicinal items,          provides a wide range of products for cardiovascular and
  J&J’s best-selling products of 2009 were Remicade ($4.3 billion)    metabolic diseases, arthritis and pain, infectious and respiratory
  Procrtit/Eprex ($2.2 billion) and Levaquin/Floxin ($1.6 billion).   diseases and endocrine disorders. Operating in more than 150
  And with 27 products in the pipeline, the company, which is         countries through its many subsidiaries, Pfizer classifies its
  headquartered in New Jersey, US, and has more than 250              revenues under four segments: the US, Europe, Japan/other Asia
  operating companies and 143 manufacturing facilities,               and Canada/Latin America/AFME. The company has 133
  shows no sign of slowing its progress.                              products currently in the pipeline, 34 of which are in Phase III.

  With more than 250 operating companies and 143 manufacturing facilities,
Johnson & Johnson shows no sign of slowing its progress.

                                                                  3   GlaxosmithKline
  2009 annual revenue: $45,304m                                       2009 annual revenue: $44,422m
  Switzerland-based holding company F.Hoffman-La Roche                GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a UK-based pharmaceutical,
  Ltd (or Roche) is one of the leading research-based                 biological and healthcare company engaged in the
  healthcare groups in the world. Its best-selling three              development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical
  products in 2009 were Avastin ($6 billion), Mabthera/               and consumer health-related products. Through its
  Rituzan ($5.9 billion) and Herceptin ($5.1 billion). With           pharmaceuticals segment, it focuses on providing
  operations in North America, Latin America, Europe                  prescription pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Its three best-
  and Japan, the company, which is headquartered in                   selling products in 2009 were Seretide/Advair ($7.9 billion),
  Basel, focuses on the areas of oncology, virology,                  Valtrex ($2.1 billion) and the pandemic flu vaccine ($1.4
  inflammation, auto immune and transplantation,                      billion). GSK’s consumer healthcare segment provides OTC
  among others, and has 70 products waiting to reach                  medicines, oral healthcare and nutritional healthcare and
  the market.                                                         operates in nearly 120 countries.

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                                                                        5   sanofi-aventis
 2009 annual revenue: $44,267m                                              2009 annual revenue: $40,871m
 With operations divided across four divisions – pharmaceuticals,           Sanofi-aventis (Sanofi) operates its business in two broad
 vaccines and diagnostics, sandox and consumer health –                     categories – pharmaceuticals and vaccines. While the pharma
 Novartis operates in 140 countries worldwide. Its pharma                   segment focuses on the development of products in the areas of
 segment is focused on the research, development, production,               cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, diabetes, central nervous
 supply and sale of branded pharmaceuticals in the therapeutic              system (CNS), internal medicine and oncology, the vaccine sector
 areas of oncology and haematology, neuroscience, respiratory,              offers paediatric combinations and poliomyelitis vaccines as well
 cardiovascular and metabolism, infectious diseases,                        as vaccines for influenza, meningitis, and measles, mumps and
 transplantation and immunology, ophthalmics, dermatology,                  rubella (MMR). Based in Paris and operating in five continents,
 gastrointestinal and urinary, and arthritis and bone. With 99              the firm’s best-selling products in 2009 were Lantus ($4.4 billion),
 products in the pipeline, 30 in Phase III, Novartis is set to remain       Lovenox ($4.4 billion) and Placix ($3.8 billion). Sanofi now has
 in the top ten for many years to come.                                     35 products currently in Phase III and 131 in the pipeline.

  Based in Paris and operating in five continents, Sanofi-aventis currently
has 35 products in Phase III and 131 in the pipeline.

                                                                        7   abbott laboratories
 2009 annual revenue: $32,804m                                              2009 annual revenue: $30,765m
 Headquartered in London and currently employing 63,900                     US-based Abbott Laboratories’ main business areas are
 members of staff, AstraZeneca is the second most-productive                pharmaceutical, diagnostics, nutritional, vascular, and
 pharmaceutical company on our list in terms of the number of               medical and surgical devices. Its diverse range of
 drugs in the pipeline, with an impressive 183. Engaged in the              pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional products include a
 design, development, production and marketing of a broad                   wide range of specialised medicines, medical diagnostic
 range of biologics, prescription pharmaceuticals and vaccines              instruments and tests, minimally invasive surgical devices,
 for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and respiratory               nutritional supplements for infants, children and adults, and
 diseases, its research and development activities are focused              veterinary care products. Its best seller of 2009 was Humira
 on the development of implants and medical devices with                    at $5.5 billion. With administrative facilities located in more
 principle focus on type 2 diabetes, infection, COPD, cancer                than 100 countries worldwide, the company markets its
 and Alzheimer’s. The product portfolio of the company                      products through its own sales offices and distributors in 130
 includes Crestor, Seroquel, Arimidex, Nexium and Symbicort.                nations globally.

 merck & co
                                                                        9   Bayer healthcare
 2009 annual revenue: $27,428m                                              2009 annual revenue: $22,297m
 Our number one in terms of total drugs in the pipeline                     Bayer’s best-selling product of 2009 was Yaz/Yasmin/
 at 189, with 24 in Phase III, Merck & Co, headquartered                    Tasminelle at $1.8 billion, and the company now has 42
 in the US, offers its products to drug wholesalers and                     products in the pipeline. A division of Bayer Group, the firm
 retailers, hospitals, government agencies and managed                      develops innovative products such as animal healthcare
 health care providers. The global research-driven                          products, consumer care products, blood glucose monitoring
 pharmaceutical company’s best-selling products                             systems, diagnostic imaging products, oncology products and
 of last year include Singulair ($4.7 billion), Corzaar/                    primary care products, and is headquartered in Leverkusen,
 Hyzaar ($3.6 billion) and Januvia ($1.9 billion). The                      Germany. Bayer classifies its geographic locations into four
 organisation’s main business areas are oncology,                           regions, namely Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin
 neurodegenerative diseases, fertility, endocrinology and                   America/Africa/Middle East countries, with the European
 cardiometabolic care.                                                      region accounting for 41.4% of its total revenues for 2008.

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