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									                                    purpose" varies from              Use of GOV in Connection          vehicle authorized cannot be
                                    situation to situation, with             with Leave                 larger than required for the
                                    only a slight alteration in the                                     performance of the official
                                    facts making the use                                                business.
                                                                      If I'm using a GOV to travel
 GOVERN-                            improper. The following
                                    information is intended to
                                                                      between two or more duty
                                                                      points, or back to my duty        Can my dependents
                                    help you distinguish the
  MENT-                             authorized from the
                                    unauthorized use of a GOV.
                                                                      station, and I want to take
                                                                      leave, can I deviate from my
                                                                                                        accompany me in a GOV?

                                                                      route to take the leave?
  OWNED                                Transportation to
                                                                                                        ANSWER: Two Government
                                                                                                        Accountability Office (GAO)
                                       Hotels and Motels              ANSWER: No. When using            decisions state that there is
 VEHICLES                                                             a GOV, you're supposed to
                                                                      use the shortest and most
                                                                                                        nothing in the law which
                                                                                                        prohibits a member of an
                                    Can I use a GOV for               direct route between points.      employee’s famly from
                                    transportation to and from        Deviating from this route is      accompanying her while she
                                    my hotel and duty station         known as "indirect travel."       is traveling on official
                                    while on TDY?                     GOVs may not be used for          business for the government.
                                                                      indirect travel where the         Many agencies have specific
                                    ANSWER: Yes. This is a            travel is performed solely for    policies/regulations allowing
                                    permissible use of a GOV.         the purpose of taking leave.      this travel. Employees
                                                                      If you must take leave while      should consult their
                                         Transportation to            traveling between duty            supervisors and obtain the
                                          Restaurants or              points, or back to your duty      supervisor’s determination
 A GUIDE TO                            Recreational Facilities        station, make arrangements        that it is in the Govenrment’s
                                                                      to secure the GOV at one of       best interest for the
   THEIR                            What about using a GOV to
                                                                      the duty points, or another
                                                                      Government installation, take
                                                                                                        dependent to accompany the
                                                                                                        employee (for instance, for
                                    go to a restaurant while I'm
 PROPER USE                         on TDY?
                                                                      the leave, and return for the
                                                                      GOV to proceed on official
                                                                                                        morale purposes). The
                                                                                                        supervisor should also
                                                                      travel.                           consider that the government
                                    ANSWER: In most                                                     could have increased liability
                                    situations, you can use the       Traffic and Parking Tickets       exposure under the Federal
  Proper Use of                     vehicle for this purpose. You                                       Tort Claims Act because of a
                                    can use the GOV to travel                                           passenger who is not a
  Government-                                                         What if I get a ticket while      federal employee. However,
                                    from your TDY point to a
                                                                      using a GOV, am I                 even if the employee was
Owned Vehicles Is                   "suitable" eating
                                                                      responsible for the fine?         using her own privately
                                    establishment, or from your
Your Responsibility                 hotel to the eating                                                 owned vehicle for official
                                    establishment and back.           ANSWER: Yes. You're               travel, the government could
As a Government employee,                                             responsible for any fines         still have increased liability
you may be provided use of                                            imposed on you for violation      exposure. The key here is to
                                    Are there any restrictions on
a Government-owned vehicle                                            of state or local motor           consult with and obtain
                                    my use of a GOV to travel to
(GOV) for temporary duty                                              vehicle traffic laws, even if     supervisor approval.
                                    a restaurant?
(TDY) assignments or for to                                           you violated the law while
travel to contractor facilities                                       performing official duties.       Use of GOVs by Contractor
                                    ANSWER: Yes. Use of a             This includes fines for                   Employees
or other Government
                                    GOV for sustenance, health        parking and moving
                                    or comfort is considered          violations.
                                    travel for official purposes.                                       Can a contractor employee
When you're provided use of
                                    However, when using a                  Religious Services           use and/or drive a GOV?
a GOV, it's your
                                    GOV, you should go to a
responsibility to use the
                                    restaurant within a
vehicle properly. By law, this                                        Can I use a GOV to attend
                                    reasonable proximity of your                                        ANSWER: Yes. Government
means you can use the                                                 religious services while on
                                    hotel or duty point. If there                                       contractors can use GOVs
vehicle only for "official                                            TDY?
                                    are restaurants nearby which                                        when authorized by the
purposes." While this seems
                                    offer meals adequate to the                                         contract and used for official
simple enough, in practice,
                                    needs of most people, it isn't    ANSWER: Yes. In addition,         purposes. The contract
what constitutes an "official
                                    proper to use a GOV to go to      to attending religious            should also require that they
purpose" can be anything but
                                    a restaurant some distance        services, you can use the         carry insurance to operate the
                                    away from the hotel or TDY        GOV to go to a barber shop,       vehicle.
                                    point just because it is more     dry cleaner, drug store or
This document is intended to
                                    appealing to your personal        similar place if it's necessary   In/Out Processing Use o f
help you decide what is and
                                    tastes or someplace where         for your sustenance, health                 GOVs
isn't an "official purpose"
                                    you’ve always wanted to eat.      or comfort, and the
when using a GOV. This is
                                    For example, it would be          continued efficient
important to ensure that                                                                                I’m moving overseas under
                                    improper to use a GOV to          performance of Government
GOVs are used properly and                                                                              an OCONUS Permanent
                                    travel into the countryside so    business. A good rule of
to help you avoid the                                                                                   Change of Station (PCS)
                                    you can dine at a great           thumb is to go to
penalties associated with                                                                               move and won’t have my car
                                    Italian restaurant you heard      establishments that are as
misuse of GOVs.                                                                                         for awhile after I arrive. Can
                                    about from friends. There         close to your duty station or
                                                                                                        I use the office GOV while I
                                    are no hard and fast rules        hotel as possible.
What Is An "Official                                                                                    wait for my car to arrive?
                                    you can follow to consistently
   Purpose"?                        avoid trouble in this area.            Personal Errands
                                    You have to use discretion                                          ANSWER: Maybe. There
An "official purpose" is one        and good judgment. But                                              are certain activities you can
                                                                      Can I stop to drop off my dry
directly related to authorized      here’s a helpful rule of thumb                                      use the GOV to accomplish
                                                                      cleaning or deposit my
activities or the performance       -- if you travel 10 or more                                         and some that you cannot.
                                                                      paycheck on the way to my
of official duties. If you're not   miles from your hotel or duty                                       If required by the applicable
                                                                      TDY station?
using the vehicle for an            point, passing by any                                               Status of Forces Agreement
activity that is directly and       number of acceptable                                                (SOFA) or the government,
indisputably undertaken to          restaurants, you're inviting      ANSWER: Not if you're             you can use the GOV to
perform a mission function,         trouble. Armed with               driving a GOV. An "official       obtain a driver’s license and
or to further the interests of      discretion and good               purpose" doesn't include          register your car, register
the U.S. Government, it's           judgment, you should be           transportation to, from, or       your child for school, register
probably not an "official           able to avoid this kind of        between duty stations on          with the housing office,
purpose."                           trouble.                          personal business or              obtain ID cards, and when
                                                                      errands.                          out-processing, turning in ID
For example, if it's your job                                                                           cards or for other out-
                                    Are there any restrictions on
to inspect a contractor's                                                   Family Members              processing activities required
                                    my use of a GOV to travel to
facility, using a GOV for                                                                               by the government.
                                    recreational or
travel to and from the site is                                                                          Someone from your office
                                    enterntainment facilities?        Can my spouse accompany
an "official purpose." In that                                                                          can also use the GOV to
                                                                      me in a GOV?
case, using the GOV is                                                                                  meet and pick you and your
directly related to the             ANSWER: Yes. Within                                                 family up at the airport on
performance of your                 DoD, Using either a DoD-          ANSWER: Under DOD                 your initial arrival. One
inspection duties.                  owned or –leased vehicle for      regulations, your spouse can      exception about driver’s
                                    transportation to or from         accompany you if your use         licenses - you cannot use the
While this is an obvious            entertainment or recreational     of the GOV has already been       GOV in Hawaii, Guam,
example, in many situations,        facilities is prohibited.         approved to accomplish            Alaska, Puerto Rico or
it may not be that easy to                                            official business, there is       another US territory or
distinguish the proper from                                           space available and there is      protectorate to obtain a
the improper use of a GOV.                                            no additional cost to the         driver’s license or register
What constitutes an "official                                         government. The size of the       your personal vehicle. You
also cannot use the GOV for      attend in order to discuss a        Home to Work Use of
transportation between home      program administered by                                              Prepared by: Louise E.
and work until you get your      your agency or a matter the                                                  Hansen
driver’s license or until your   agency is involved with. It                                         Defense Energy Support
                                                                    Can I use a GOV for              Center, Office of Counsel
vehicle arrives, provide         would not include, however,
                                                                    transportation between                (703)767-5003
transportation for your          a reception where there is no
                                                                    my home and work?
children to and from school,     official program or purpose,
or look for a house.             even if you voluntarily talked                            
                                 "business" with another            ANSWER: No. This is
  Accident While Driving         guest at the reception.            not considered an         
           GOV                                                      "official purpose,"
                                   Extra Passengers in the          except in very limited
                                            GOV                     circumstances requiring
I’ve just been involved in an                                                                             March 8, 2007
                                                                    Secretary of Defense
accident driving a GOV, what
should I do?                     Can I drop off another
                                 employee on the way to my
                                 duty location?                     Does anyone in DLA have
ANSWER: Accidents/
                                                                    home to work authority?
incidents need to be reported
to the GSA Accident              ANSWER: It depends on
Management Center (AMC).         where the other employee           ANSWER: No. The home to
Customers should call (800)      will be dropped off and the        work authority previously
325-2958 to report a crash or    purpose of the stop. If the        given to Quality Surveillance
incident. When calling the       other employee has official        Representatives within the
AMC to report a crash or         business there, and is             Defense Energy Support
incident, please have the        authorized to go to that           Center performing “field
following information ready:     location, you can give the         work” (requiring them to be
Tag number; Date, time, and      other employee a ride.             at various locations that are
location of crash; Any                                              a distance from their place of
injuries or fatalities; Brief                                       employment, or remote
                                 What if I have to veer off my      locations accessible only by
description of crash, road
                                 route in order to drop off the     Government provided
and weather conditions;
                                 other employee?                    transportation) expired on
Were seatbelts used and, if
equipped, did the airbags                                           September 29, 2001.
deploy; Towing requirement       ANSWER: When you're
and is the vehicle in storage;   assigned use of a GOV,             Do the home to work rules
Did the police respond.          you're receiving authority to      prohibit me from taking a
                                 use the vehicle for a specific     GOV home overnight and
For DoD, the driver is           purpose, that is, travel to and    then proceeding on TDY the
required by DOD Regulation       from a specific location. It's     next day?
4500.36-R, Chapter 10 to         your responsibility to use the
complete a Standard Form         shortest and most direct
91, Motor Vehicle Accident       route between these                ANSWER: Yes. This is a
Report. The form should be       locations. If you'd have to        change from past DoD
completed right away. The        deviate significantly from this    policy. Overnight retention is
driver should also obtain a      route in order to drop off the     treated like other home to
copy of the police report, and   other employee, first make         work transportation requiring
if there were any witnesses,     sure the employee is               specific Secretary of
the witness should complete      authorized to go to the drop       Defense approval.
and sign a SF-94, Statement      off point. Then go back to
of Witnesses. All of these       the person who authorized          PENALTY FOR IMPROPER
forms should be submitted to     your use of the GOV and                USE OF A GOV
the Accountable Property         notify that person of your
Officer. In addition, the        intent to veer off your route in   Discretion and good
driver’s official supervisor     order to drop off the other        judgment while using a GOV
should investigate the           employee.                          are very important. The
incident and submit the                                             penalties for misuse of a
supervisor portion of SF-91,      Overtime Work and                 GOV are severe. If you
Investigation Report of Motor    Emergency Situations               willfully use a GOV in an
Vehicle Accident.                                                   unauthorized manner, or
                                                                    approve someone else's
                                 If I'm unexpectedly                unauthorized use of a GOV,
Within the Defense Logistics     required to work beyond
Agency (DLA), if the other                                          the law requires your
                                 my regular duty hours,
party is seeking                                                    suspension for at least one
                                 and I miss my usual ride
compensation for damage,                                            month, without pay, and
                                 home or car pool, can I
most likely through the                                             longer if the circumstances
                                 use a GOV to get home
insurance company, it will go                                       warrant. In addition, you can
                                 after completing work?
to the Army Claims Service,                                         be summarily removed from
which handles tort claims for                                       office. If you're a military
DLA. Claims will be made         ANSWER: No.                        officer, unauthorized use of a
using SF 95 (Claim for           Government employees               GOV could subject you to
Damage, Injury or Death).        are responsible for their          action under the Uniform
                                 own commuting                      Code of Military Justice,
      Social Functions           arrangements and costs.            including trial by courts-
                                 Using a GOV for                    martial or non-judicial
                                 transportation home                punishment.
My office is going out to        would constitute an
lunch for a holiday function.    impermissible use of the           DISCLAIMER: The target
Can we use the GOV for           vehicle.                           audience for this document
transportation to the
                                                                    are DoD officers and
                                 What if I'm unexpectedly           employees. Other agencies’
                                 required to report back to         rules may be different than
ANSWER: No. Although             work after duty hours?             those applicable to DoD.
this function is work-related,   Can my office send a car
it is purely social and          to pick me up and take             Because the difference
constitutes a private social     me to the office?                  between proper use and
function. You cannot use a                                          misuse of a GOV is closely
GOV to attend a private                                             tied to the facts of each
social function.                 ANSWER: Only if it's an            situation, this document can
                                 emergency. If your                 only serve as a guide. There
                                 immediate presence is              is no substitute for legal
Are there any circumstances      required at work, but you
where I could use the GOV                                           advice tailored to your
                                 can't find any                     situation that is obtained
in connection with a social      transportation, neither
event?                                                              before you use a GOV for a
                                 private, commercial or             questionable purpose. If you
                                 public, someone with               have a specific question
ANSWER: Yes. If it is an         proper authority within            about using a GOV, call your
“official” social event. An      your office could                  local Office of Counsel and
official social event is one     dispatch a GOV to pick             get their advice.
you attend in order to carry     you up and bring you to
out a function of your           work.
agency. For instance, it
includes any event or
meeting you're invited to

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