Module 6 by yaoyufang


									       Module 7
Temporary Barriers and Attenuators
             Design Manual Division 16
                     Roadside Safety Elements

   Chapter 1600 Roadside Safety
       Clear Zone information.
   Chapter 1610 Traffic Barriers
       Barrier types, installations, length of need
   Chapter 1620 Impact Attenuator Systems
       Attenuator types and design information.
          Plan
          application
    Steel Barrier Systems

Barrier Guard - Barrier Systems, Inc.   Vulcan Barrier – Energy Absorption
  For additional information on the steel
             barrier systems:
            Features & Benefits
   Fast deployment
   Low deflection (3-7ft)
   Light weight
   Easy to transport, stackable
   NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4 approved
   Variety of end treatment options
   Provides positive protection to workers
                  Cost Estimates
   Vulcan Barrier (purchase) costs:
      Approx. $150/ft
      Mobile system w/ manual jacks & wheels would add roughly
      Vulcan gate system is roughly $20-30K range depending on
       length, etc.
   BarrierGuard System (gate system installed NCR 2005)
      Approx. $163/ft
   PaveGuard System
      Approx. $17,000 per 28ft section

   Rental of both vendor’s equipment is available
(Quick-change Moveable Barrier)
                 WSDOT QMB
         (Quick-change Moveable Barrier)
   WSDOT owns 2 BTM’s (Barrier Transfer
     The BTM’s are maintained by TEF and rent for $
      8750 ea. per year (currently being charged against 6
     Additional BTM’s are available for rental outside of
      TEF if needed.
   WSDOT owns 16,000’ of QMB
     Approximately 1,400’ of QMB and 1 BTM is
      currently being used by NCR on the SR 285 -
      George Sellar Bridge - Additional EB Lane project.
      NCR reports positive results.
     2300’ is on loan for use with the Howard Hanson
      Dam flooding project.
     Remaining QMB is currently stockpiled at 2
      locations in NWR.
     No TEF rental cost is attached to the QMB as the
      original asset cost has been amortized.
     Barrier Systems, Inc.
           Designing with QMB
   Barrier can be moved out from a shoulder during off
    peak hours to provide a protected work area.
            Designing with QMB
    Barrier is deployed as a moveable median on one side
    of a highway adjusting the number of lanes in the peak
    direction with the other side of the side of the highway
            Designing with QMB
   Barrier is moved off of a permanent median to create a
    contra flow lane.
           Other barrier systems
   Dragnet - vehicle arresting barriers

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