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									May 26, 2010

Dear Academy Participant,

The Senator Tommy Burks Victim Assistance Academy is approaching fast! In this
packet, you will find helpful information to assist you with planning for your week-long
stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Please make note that the following website has been set up
for Academy students at:

Please visit this website for important Academy information that will be referenced
throughout this packet.

You will find the following documents attached:
    Information to prepare you for the Academy
    Packing guide (helpful information to prepare you for your stay on campus)
    Roommate selection information
    A map of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus. You also can
      access this map online at:

Additional information will be available at registration which is Sunday, June 13th, from
3:00- 6:00 p.m.(EDT). Registration will be in Fletcher Hall Room 114 where our classes
will take place throughout the week (see campus map for directions.). UTC students,
staff, and others who do not require housing still need to check in and register. You
will be receiving this same welcome packet by mail with a UTC map enclosed.

Please feel free to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions that come up as you are
preparing for your week in Chattanooga!


Sara Holifield
Program Specialist
615-386-9406 x313
                                 Important Information
Enclosed you will find helpful information about:
     registration                                 dress attire
     class expectations                           computer access
     emergency contact information                academic credit
     parking                                      housing information

Time Zone
Please remember that Chattanooga is on Eastern Daylight Time and adjust your travel
plans accordingly.

All participants need to plan to arrive in Chattanooga between 3:00-6:00 p.m. EDT on
Sunday June 13, 2010. Check-in will take place in Fletcher Hall Room 114, which is
also the location for our classes for the week.
     EVERYONE (this includes those staying in a hotel, UTC students and
        Chattanooga residents) MUST STOP BY THE REGISTRATION TABLE TO
     Fletcher Hall is on the corner of Douglas Street and McCallie Ave. (please see
        enclosed map)
     Please park either in Parking Lot 1 which is a 15 minute zone, or Lot 26 (see
        map). All lots are free to park in on Sundays. Do not park in any handicapped
        spot or you will be ticketed.

Upon registration, you will be given further parking instructions for the week. Parking
fees are included in your registration fee.

The following is the address to use for GPS mapping purposes: 664 Douglas St;
Chattanooga, TN 37403. Fletcher Hall is a large brick building which can be entered
from the back. Room 114 is located on the lowest level.

Sunday, June 13, 2010
3:00- 6:00 p.m. EDT Academy Registration
            Fletcher Hall Room 114 (see campus map for directions)

Monday, June 14, 2010 to Thursday, June 17, 2010
Approximately 7:45 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. EDT Class.
           Fletcher Hall Room 114 (see map)

Friday, June 18, 2010 8:45 a.m. – 2 p.m. EDT (BUSINESS ATTIRE)
8:45 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. EDT Class
12:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. EDT Graduation Ceremony / Luncheon
            UTC University Center Chickamauga Room
              Students staying off-campus can park in Lot 26 across the street from
               Fletcher Hall.
              Student staying on-campus will park in Lot 47-3 next to UTC Place South
               Campus Apartments where they will be lodging for the week. Please park
               at Lot 1 or Lot 26 for registration on Sunday.

Parking expense for the designated lot is included in registration. Passes will be provided
for parking in a specific designated area only. Parking is free on the street at all times
and in most campus lots between 5:00 p.m. EDT and 8:00 a.m. EDT on weekdays and all
day on weekends. Parking in handicap lots and other specially designated areas is
prohibited at all times. Students will be responsible for any parking tickets.

Class Expectations
Each student is expected to come prepared to the Academy as an active participant.
Many units in our curriculum require classroom participation, small group activities, and
role-playing scenarios. Students will receive the Academy Resource Manual both in
printed and electronic form and are encouraged to read and reference the manual
throughout the week.

The text is also available electronically on the Academy website at On the website you will
also find information about the listserv which will allow you to correspond with other
students prior to the Academy. If you have not already received an e-mail from the
listserv by June 4, 2010, please call or e-mail me for further information. Instructor
PowerPoint slides, if available, will be posted on the website. If you wish to print copies
of slides to take notes during the Academy, please do so before you arrive as printed
copies will NOT be provided. Any missing instructor PowerPoint slides will be posted at
the Academy’s conclusion.

Students are expected to attend all instruction sessions each day and graduation
certificates will not be issued to those who miss class. Attendance will be taken for each
session. College credit, continuing education credits, P.O.S.T. Certification, and
National Advocate Credentialing through the National Organization for Victim
Assistance require attendance at all sessions. Students are expected to turn off cell
phones or set them to vibrate in case of emergency. The expectation is that you will not
have to attend to work responsibilities while you are attending the Academy.

Academic Credit
Additional information about course requirements for students who have selected to
receive academic credit has been sent via email. If you signed up for credit and did not
receive an email, please contact Dr. Helen Eigenberg immediately (at 423-425-4270) or
email at
You will receive a meal ticket for a specific dollar amount each day for lunch in the
University Center Food Court and a light continental breakfast will be provided in the
classroom Monday-Friday. The University Center Food Court has a wide variety of meal
options ranging from burgers, pizza, sushi, and Subway sandwiches.

Dress Attire
Casual dress is appropriate for Academy training sessions. Business casual dress is
requested for the Graduation Ceremony (Friday). Please bring comfortable walking
shoes as we will be walking across campus to lunch in the University Center each day,
and students staying on-campus will be walking from the dorms to class. It is also
recommended that you bring a light jacket in case the air conditioner in class is too cool
for your preference.

Checkout Procedures
You can checkout on Friday morning before class or during the class breaks prior to the
graduation ceremony. If you load your car Friday morning before class, you will only
need to turn in your key during the class breaks.

Computer Access
Academy students (unless you are a UTC student) will not be provided with access to the
internet on campus. The Yellow Deli Café, located at 737 McCallie Ave., is only a short
walk down McCallie Ave and offers free wi-fi and extended late night hours.

Emergency Contact Information
If you do not have cell phone access and someone needs to contact you, they can call
Continuing Education (423-425-4702) during working hours. They also may call campus
police after hours (423-425-4357) in the case of emergencies. Please note that campus
police will not deliver messages that are not sufficiently extraordinary to constitute a true
emergency. It would be helpful for anyone calling to inform the police that you are
participating in the Victim Assistance Academy and housed in the South Campus UTC
Place Apartments.

Chattanooga Information
A Chattanooga Visitor’s Guide which includes information on local restaurants
attractions will be distributed in your welcome bag at registration. Evening activities will
not be coordinated by Coalition staff, but attendees are encouraged to dine and explore
the city with other Academy classmates. Riverbend Festival, a 9-day outdoor music
festival, will be taking place downtown throughout the week.

Riverbend Festival:
Chattanooga Tourism:
Housing Information
Students will be staying in the 5000 and 4000 units of the South Campus UTC Place
Apartments on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus. South Campus
UTC Place Apartments is located on the corner of McCallie Ave. and Baldwin St. and is
marked as 5000 and 4000 on the map. Each room holds four students and is set up
apartment style, with each student getting a separate bedroom and sharing a communal
kitchen, living area, and two bathrooms. Remember that you will be staying in college
dorm rooms and not a hotel so accommodations are somewhat limited; however, this
housing arrangement allows us to keep fees for the Academy at a minimum.

Apartment Guidelines
   There are no televisions and only minimal furniture in the apartments. There is a
      stove, microwave, and refrigerator in each apartment. If you wish to cook, please
      bring your own cookware.
   Apartments are not equipped with telephones. Each apartment is equipped with a
      phone jack if students wish to bring their own land line phone. No long distance
      calling is permitted.
   Internet service is not available to Academy attendees, however, The Yellow Deli
      café offers free wi-fi and is only a short walk from the apartments.
   Bed linens, towels, and washcloths will be provided for each apartment. Please
      note that the linens and towels are institutional linens. For additional comfort,
      please feel free to bring your own towels, pillow, and blanket. You may bring
      sheets as well if you have Extra Long Twin ones.
   An initial allotment of institutional toilet paper is provided; however, we
      recommend that you bring some supplies with you as it is often difficult to get
      additional provisions from campus sources throughout the week.
   No alcohol is permitted on campus due to state law.
   No smoking is permitted inside any of the campus facilities.
   Grocery stores are not easily accessible from campus. There is a gas station and
      convenience store a few blocks a way, and the University Center sells a few snack
      items and personal toiletries. There also is a small grocery store downtown. If
      you intend to keep some snacks and/or drinks in your room, we strongly suggest
      you purchase those items prior to arriving on campus. Please remember that
      lunches and a light continental breakfast will be provided for the week.

Packing Guide
   1. Towels and other bathroom linens (if not using the institutional linens provided)
   2. Blanket and pillow (if not using the institutional linens provided)
   3. Comfortable walking shoes
   4. Casual, comfortable clothing
   5. One business casual outfit (for Graduation)
   6. Toiletry items (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc.)
   7. Snack items, a cup, paper plates, and paper towels if you plan on having dinner at
      the apartments
   8. Alarm clock
   9. Coffee maker (Coffee will be provided daily with breakfast; however, if you wish
       coffee in your room in the morning you will need to bring your own supplies).
   10. Umbrella
   11. Hangers (there are none in the room)
   12. Iron and a small ironing board
   13. An extra reading light if desired

Roommate Selection Information
Students that indicated a roommate preference were accommodated. Other students were
selected based on their region, although this was not always possible. Roommates are
subject to change depending on space and availability at the time of registration. Please
let me know if you would like to contact your roommate(s) before you arrive and I would
be happy to help.

Apartment One
         Name                     Organization                   City
 Michelle Rutherford     TN Correctional Service            Jackson, TN
 Sheneca Richardson      TN Correctional Service            Jackson, TN
 Ebony Avery             Children & Family Services         Covington, TN
 Calista Joyce           WRAP                               Jackson, TN

Apartment Two
         Name                     Organization                   City
 Latosha Bradford        WRAP                               Jackson, TN
 Danielle Lampley        WRAP                               Jackson, TN
 Sharon Flemming-        Memphis/Shelby County Health
 Hibbert                 Dept                               Memphis, TN
 Brenda Alexander        Victims to Victory                 Memphis, TN

Apartment Three
       Name                        Organization                  City
                         Office of the District Attorney
                         General-Victim Witness
Alyson Strickhausen      Services                           Nashville, TN
                         Office of the District Attorney
                         General-Victim Witness
Emily Menke              Services                           Nashville, TN
Nancy Quirk                                                 Charlotte, NC
Kristin Fuchs            Hope House                         Columbia, TN
Apartment Four
         Name                  Organization               City
 Jennifer Brooke
 Culver               Scott County Sheriff's Dept.    Oneida, TN

LeAnn Fairchild       Scott County Women's Shelter    Oneida, TN
                                                      Johnson City,
Faith Petruna         Legal Aid of East TN            TN
Mary Jones            Children & Family Services      Covington, TN

Apartment Five
       Name                    Organization               City
Tunnisha Deer         Fayette Cares, Inc.             TN
Bonnie Weaver         The Shelter, Inc.               TN
Kristy Stubblefield   Families in Crisis              TN
Lindsay Reeves        Hope House                      Columbia, TN

Apartment Six
         Name                  Organization                City
 Amy Carson           Scott County Women's Shelter    Oneida, TN
 Stacey Smith         Hope House                      Columbia, TN
 Jackie Shields       Children & Family Services      Covington, TN
 Lisa Luttrell        Avalon Center                   Crossville, TN

Apartment Seven
        Name                  Organization               City
 Rubbie King          Family Safety Center            Memphis, TN
                      Shelby County Crime Victim
Pamela Henderson      Center                          Memphis, TN
                      Mid-South Sexual Assault
Susanna Parkinson     Resource Center                 Memphis, TN
                      Sexual Assault Prevention and
Sharon Ingram         Response Program

Apartment Eight
        Name                   Organization               City
 Savannah McGee-
 Martin               Newton Police Dept.             Newton, MS
Apartment Nine
        Name               Organization           City
 Zachary Frisbee   TN Correctional Service   Jackson, TN

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