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					                                                                      Respondent Questions

                                                                                                       Name of person                                                  Prior to the 5930 funding, what was
                                                        Do you represent a local   Local Health
Respondent Start Date         Completed Date   Language                                                completing the   Title             Name of LHJ survey contact   capacity (staff) that works to addres
                                                        health jurisdiction?       Jurisdiction Name
                                                                                                       survey                                                          develop obesity interventions?

                                               en =
ID #                                           English   yes or no                 name                name                               name                                                comments

55094      2008.03.18 15:9                     en
55192      2008.03.20 10:7                     en

                                                                                                                                          Clallam County Health &
55193      2008.03.20 10:8    2008.03.20 10:12 en        Yes                       Clallam             Iva Burks        Director                                       0 staff
                                                                                                                                          Human Services

                                                                                                                        Public Health
55196      2008.03.20 10:12 2008.03.20 10:14 en          Yes                       Walla Walla         Harvey Crowder                     Susann Bassham               0.5 – 1 staff PTE
55198      2008.03.20 10:28                    en
55199      2008.03.20 10:28 2008.03.20 10:30 en          Yes                       Yakima              Jessica Brown                      Dennis Klukan                0 staff
                                                                                   Public Health                        Regional PH
55201      2008.03.20 10:34                    en        No                                            kuhlorn                            david bibus
                                                                                   Seattle-King Co.                     Administrator
                                                                                                                        Director Health &
55202      2008.03.20 10:36 2008.03.20 10:38 en          Yes                       Wahkiakum           Judy Bright                        Judy Bright                  0 staff
                                                                                                                        Human Services
                                                                                                                        Director, Personal
55206      2008.03.20 11:39                    en        Yes                       Thurston            Deborah Ahern                       Deborah Ahern               2 – 3 staff FTE
55207      2008.03.20 11:44                    en        Yes                       Asotin              Norma Nave       Administrator      Diane Rousseau RN
55217   2008.03.20 13:50 2008.03.20 13:54 en      Yes   Grant           Peggy Grigg        Administrator       Bev Black          0.5 - 1 staff FTE

55218   2008.03.20 13:55                     en   Yes   Grant           Peggy Grigg        Administrator       Bev Black          0.5 - 1 staff FTE
55219   2008.03.20 14:5                      en
55225   2008.03.20 15:47                     en
55229   2008.03.20 16:39                     en

55400   2008.03.21 10:22 2008.03.21 10:55 en      Yes   Snohomish       Pam Wessel-Estes                       Pam Wessel-Estes   2 – 3 staff FTE

                                                                                           Public Health
                                                                                           Education and
55511   2008.03.24 8:17    2008.03.24 8:22   en   Yes   Grays Harbor    Karolyn Holden                         Karolyn Holden     0 staff

55536   2008.03.24 9:22                      en   Yes   Tacoma-Pierce   Kirsten Frandsen   Physical Activity   Kirsten Frandsen
                                                                                           and Nutrition

55615   2008.03.24 15:47 2008.03.24 15:56 en      Yes   Cowlitz         Alicia Thompson    Deputy Director     Alicia Thompson    2 – 3 staff PTE

55777   2008.03.25 13:58 2008.03.25 14:16 en      Yes   Mason           Ben Johnson        Health educator     Lydia Buchheit     0 staff
55778   2008.03.25 14:1    2008.03.25 14:11 en   Yes   Chelan-Douglas    Mary Small         Community         Shawn Mickle         2 – 3 staff FTE
                                                                                            Health &

55810   2008.03.25 15:27 2008.03.25 15:30 en     Yes   Lewis             Rebecca Reibestein Health Educator   Rebecca Reibestein   0 staff

55816   2008.03.25 15:39 2008.03.25 15:49 en     Yes   Pacific           Kathy Spoor        Director          KathySpoor           0.5 - 1 staff FTE

55841   2008.03.25 17:9    2008.03.25 17:16 en   Yes   Lewis             Kathleen Eussen    Director          Rebecca Reibestein   0 staff

55843   2008.03.25 17:18 2008.03.25 17:28 en     Yes   Lewis             Kathleen Eussen    Director          Rebecca Reibestein   0 staff

55923   2008.03.26 12:39                   en
                                                                                            Preventive Health
55944   2008.03.26 13:47 2008.03.26 13:53 en     Yes   Benton-Franklin   Sandra Owen                          Larry Jecha          0 staff
                                                                                            Services Director
                                                                                      Active Healthy
55968   2008.03.26 23:17 2008.03.26 23:58 en     Yes   Thurston    Chris Hawkins      Communities        Deborah Ahern     2 – 3 staff FTE

                                                                                      Public Health
55981   2008.03.27 10:37 2008.03.27 10:42 en     Yes   Jefferson   Julia Danskin                         Julia Danskin     0 staff
                                                                                      Nursing Director

56047   2008.03.27 16:56                   en    Yes   Whatcom     Astrid Newell                         Astrid Newell     0.5 - 1 staff FTE
                                                                                      Health Manager

56091   2008.03.28 10:9    2008.03.28 10:37 en   Yes   Kittitas    Sara Burnet                           Cathy Bambrick    0.5 – 1 staff PTE
                                                                                      Coordinator II

56298   2008.04.01 10:26                   en
56312   2008.04.01 13:6    2008.04.01 13:15 en   Yes   Kitsap      Eva Crim           Epidemiologist     Pat Degracia      0.5 - 1 staff FTE
56364   2008.04.02 8:30                    en    Yes   Lincoln     Sherri Bartlettt   Nursing Director   Sherri Bartlett
56373   2008.04.02 9:39 2008.04.02 9:40    en    Yes   Adams       Callie Moore       DNS                Kate Brueske      0 staff
56388   2008.04.02 11:41                   en
56438   2008.04.03 9:28    2008.04.03 9:33   en   Yes   Garfield        Leta Travis        Admin/ND            Leta Travis             0 staff

                                                                                           Physical Activity
                                                                                                                                       4 or more staff
56472   2008.04.03 12:26 2008.04.03 12:44 en      Yes   Tacoma-Pierce   Kirsten Frandsen   and Nutrition       Cindan Gizzi

                                                                                           Health Promotion Robin Read Ochoa & Sarah
56731   2008.04.07 13:26                     en   Yes   Kittitas        Robin Read Ochoa                                               2 – 3 staff PTE
                                                                                           Manager          Bedsaul
56909   2008.04.08 16:54                     en   Yes   Whatcom         Astrid Newell                          same
                                                                                           Health Manager

56911   2008.04.08 16:55                     en   Yes   Whatcom         Astrid Newell                          Astrid Newell           0.5 - 1 staff FTE
                                                                                           Health Manager

56913   2008.04.08 16:59 2008.04.08 17:13 en      Yes   Whatcom         Astrid Newell                          Astrid Newell           0.5 - 1 staff FTE
                                                                                           Health Manager
56923   2008.04.08 17:21 2008.04.08 17:33 en    Yes   Whatcom   Astrid Newell                      Nicole Willis    0.5 - 1 staff FTE
                                                                                 Health Manager

57054   2008.04.09 17:46                   en   Yes   Spokane   Cindy Green                        Lyndia Tye       0.5 - 1 staff FTE

57107   2008.04.09 17:53 2008.04.09 18:0   en   Yes   Spokane   Cindy Green                        Lyndia Tye       0.5 - 1 staff FTE

                                                                                 Chronic Disease
57170   2008.04.10 15:31 2008.04.10 15:36 en    Yes   Island    Whitney Webber                     Whitney Webber   0.5 – 1 staff PTE
                                                                                  Public Health
57242   2008.04.11 13:42 2008.04.11 14:10 en     Yes   Clark       Marni Storey   Services           Clark County Public Health   0.5 - 1 staff FTE

57252   2008.04.11 16:4   2008.04.11 16:8   en   Yes   Klickitat   Jane Palmer    Nursing Director   Kevin Barry or Jane Palmer   0 staff

57280   2008.04.13 18:20 2008.04.13 18:26 en     Yes   Clark       John Wiesman   Director           John Wiesman                 0 staff
                                                                               General Questions

e 5930 funding, what was your LHJ’s current
                                            Prior to the 5930 funding, what did your LHJ need in order to make improvements to interventions in             Please provide a description of the   Prior to the 5930 funds, did your LH
staff) that works to address obesity and
                                            addressing obesity in your community?                                                                           resources need to address obesity     interventions to address, educate, o
besity interventions?

                                                 1 = additional funding       1 = training/learning opportunities       1 = information on best practices
            comments                                 0 = no answer                       0 = no answer                            0 = no answer                         description                    yes or no

                                             0                            0                                         0
                                             0                            0                                         0
                                                                                                                                                            We have not addressed problem
                                                                                                                                                            other than discussions with WIC
                                                                                                                                                            mothers. We need information on
                                             1                            1                                         1                                                                             No
                                                                                                                                                            best practices, training, and
                                                                                                                                                            additional staffing to address the
         less than 0.5 PTE                   1                            1                                         1                                                                             No
                                             0                            0                                         0
                                             1                            0                                         1                                                                             No

                                             0                            0                                         0

                                             1                            1                                         1                                                                             No

                                             1                            1                                         1
                                             0                            0                                         0
                                                  staffing trained in community
                                                  mobilization would be helpful, social
                                      1   1   1                                         Yes
                                                  marketing training, and funding for
                                                  staff time
                                      1   1   1
                                      0   0   0
                                      0   0   0
                                      0   0   0
                                                  *Additional OA and support staff
                                                  *Training specific to policy
We have a 1.0 FTE CDC Fellow in
                                                  development and community
a health educator position thru Oct
                                      1   1   1   organizing/ facilitation skills *More Yes
of 2009. Without this position, we
                                                  information about research being
have 2.8 FTE
                                                  conducted and efforts toward
                                                  creating best practices.
                                                  Need a dedicated source of funding
                                                  to support staff in moving
                                                  community-level work forward and
                                      1   0   1   either funders who are willing to     Yes
                                                  support experimental approaches or
                                                  better-defined best practices upon
                                                  which to base interventions.

                                      0   0   0

I have one person that has .3 of her
FTE dedicated to the Healthy                      We need a Health Educator whose
Lifestyles coalition and another                  job it is to encourage workplace
person who has .25 of her FTE                     wellness initiatives and provide
                                     1    1   1                                    No
dedicated to the Healthy Lifestyles               more comprehensive community
coalition. Approximately .1 of my                 education to providers and
FTE is dedicated to Healthy                       community members.
We addressed many behavior
based health issues during
                                      1   1   1                                        Yes
employee challenge program. But
program was unfunded.
                                               STEPS Initiate is a prime example
                                   1   1   1                                         Yes
                                               of what it takes

                                               Dedicated staff time; funding to
                                               provide community based
                                   1   1   1                                         No
                                               interventions with resources;
                                               bilingual staff.
                                               Additional staff time to address
                                               community organizing regarding this
                                               issue and best practices used in
                                               small, rural settings with limited
                                   1   1   1                                       Yes
                                               infrastucture and other agencies
                                               and/or nonprofit organizations, ie
                                               YMCA, group health, city planning
                                               departments, etc

                                               Staff with time and skills to research
Staff participated on community
                                   1   1   1   best practices and also skills in      Yes
committee that met infrequently.
                                               engaging the community

                                               Staff with time and skills to research
                                   1   1   1   best practices and also with skills to No
                                               engage the community.

                                   0   0   0

                                   1   0   1                                         Yes
Thurston County's Chronic Disease
Prevention unit had been almost                  In order to sustain various efforts
entirely funded through the Steps to             initiated under the Steps program,
a Healthier WA program (hereafter,               particularly our built environment
                                     1   0   0                                         Yes
this will be abbreviated as 'Steps')             and worksite wellness projects,
through fall of 2007 - that funding              further resources, especially
has provided the capacity to                     funding, will be needed.
organize around

                                     1   0   1                                         No

We have had one dedicated 0.5
FTE staff person for physical
activity promotion. This does not
                                     1   1   1
include WIC staff and PHNs who
work on obesity prevention/healthy
living with individual clients.

                                                 The Shape Up Kittitas County
                                                 program is funded by a CDC
We had 3 staff people, totaling 1                Obesity Prevention Grant, through
FTE, in the obesity prevention                   the Healthy Communities grant
                                     1   1   1                                      Yes
program (Shape Up Kittitas                       administered by DOH. As part of
County).                                         this grant, Shape Up has received
                                                 some information on best practices
                                                 and training/learning opportunitie

                                     0   0   0
                                     1   1   0                                         Yes
                                     0   0   0
                                     1   1   1                                         No
                                     0   0   0
                                                  Not sure. I have seen local grants
                                                  (ex- with pedometers) that have
                                                  kept community interest short-term.
                                                  I want proven resources/best
                                      1   1   1                                       No
                                                  practices that keep the community
                                                  interested so to gain long term
                                                  interest and increased committment
                                                  in improving health.

                                      1   1   1                                       Yes

                                      1   1   1

                                      0   0   0
We have funded a part time (~0.5)
FTE Physical Activity coordinator.                Information on what other
                                      1   1   1
This does not include nutrition staff             communities are doing
from our WIC program.

We have had a 0.5 FTE Physical
                                                  Information about what other
Activity coordinator. This does
                                      1   1   1   communities are doing/partnership   Yes
include nutrition staff who work in
We have had a 0.5 FTE Physical
                                                  Information about what other
Activity coordinator. This does not
                                      1   1   1   communities are doing/partnership     Yes
include nutrition staff who work in

                                                  For our size of county (425,000)
                                                  and the number of major
                                                  jurisdictions, we need more funding
                                                  to have more staff to work this
                                      1   0   0
                                                  important issue. To do the job
                                                  adequately in Spokane County, we
                                                  would need an additional 2 or 3

                                                  For a county the size of Spokane,
                                                  and the number of major
We had 1.45 FTE                       1   0   0                                          Yes
                                                  jurisdictions (3) we need at least 2-3
                                                  more staff to work on obesity.

                                      1   1   1                                         Yes
Several staff include messages and
interventions to increase activity or
improve nutrition, however we had
no staff dedicated to reduce the
                                      1   1   1   Yes
obesity epidemic as thier primary
role. Staff working in many areas of
the Department collaborated with

                                      1   1   1   No

No dedicated staff, stole time here
                                      1   0   1   No
and there as we could.
                                                                                                              Intervention Questions

                                                 Prior to the 5930
                                                 funds, how many                                                        Prior to the 5930 funds,
                                                 community                                                              how many community
                                                                    Prior to the 5930 funds, did your LHJ participate
 e 5930 funds, did your LHJ lead any community   activities to                                                          activities to address,   Prior to the 5930 funds, did your LHJ participate in any
                                                                    in any community interventions to address,
ons to address, educate, or prevent obesity?     address, educate,                                                      educate, or prevent      community coalitions to address, educate, or prevent obesity?
                                                                    educate, or prevent obesity?
                                                 or prevent obesity                                                     obesity did your LHJ
                                                 did your LHJ                                                           participate in?

                          description                 number          yes or no                description                      number                 yes or no                    description

                                                 0                  No                                                  0                        No

                                                                                   WIC nutrition program but not
                                                 0                  Yes                                                 5 or more                Yes                WIC & feeding team issues
                                                                                   specifically targeted at obesity

                                                 0                  No                                                  0                        No

                                                                                   Community Diabetes Work
                                                 1                  Yes                                                 1                        Yes                Community Diabetes Workgroup
                                                              participation in Healthy
BFNEP was done but not during the current                     Communities groups, including
                                                                                                                   Breastfeeding coalition, healthy
year; participation in Healthy Communities     1        Yes   Breastfeeding coalition,           5 or more   Yes
                                                                                                                   communities advisory committee
activities                                                    community gardens, and trails
                                                              planning team

                                                                                                                   Safe Routes to School & Get Movin' are
We have had a Healthy Communities Project
                                                                                                                   the two main community coalitions we
in place since early 2006. We work in
                                                                                                                   have been active with, focused on non-
individual towns and cities following an
                                                3-Feb   Yes   Same as above                      5 or more   Yes   motorized transportation for school
adapted model of the state HC's Toolkit, taking
                                                                                                                   children and providing summer activities
an active role for approximately 2-3 years per
                                                                                                                   and incentives for kids and families to be
town/city. Marysville was our pilot cit
                                                                                                                   physically active.
Yes, through a planning grant and allocation of
                                                              Primarily through the media and
some MCH funding, we have been able to
                                                              in combination with other public
engage the community in planning and
                                                0       Yes   health interventions. Did host a 2 to 3        No
prioritizing issues. We have tried to implement
                                                              walk during a community festival
some of the ideas in the plan on a limited
                                                              in summer 2007.
basis, but we have no dedicated source

                                               0        Yes   The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition   4 to 5      Yes   The Healthy Lifestyles Coalition

We developed the mason County Health
challenge with eight businesses and 303                       We have participated in the
participants. we also developed the Mason      3-Feb    Yes   Washington Health Foundations      2 to 3      No
County Healthiest Kids campaign, which                        Governors Health Bowl.
encouraged kids to be physically active.
Nutrition & physical Activity in the schools
Worksite wellness education & support
including the healthiest business challenge
                                                                   Through our STEPS Grant funds                   the STEPS program formed the
Community walking programs Obesity               5 or more   Yes                                 5 or more   Yes
                                                                   Which are ending in Sept 08                     community coalition
prevention media campaign Medical facility
nutrition and food services and in house

                                                 0           No                                  2 to 3      No

We provide locally developed nutrition, fintes
and stress reduction curriculum to preschool-                      school based curriculum and
                                                 1           Yes                                 2 to 3      No
2nd grade students in 3 shcool districts. We                       WIC program
also provide WIC program at 3 sites

Participated in a community meeting to talk
about the issue and did a environmental
                                                                                                                   Community coalition met once and did
assessment in collaboration with the University
                                                0            No                                  1           Yes   not continue when they were unable to
of Washington. The survey evaluated location
                                                                                                                   obtain grant funding.
of middle and high schools in relation to fast
food outlets and school rules

                                                                                                                   One health professional and interested
                                                                                                                   community person community meeting
                                                                                                                   was held. The University of Washington,
                                                 0           No    C                             0           Yes   School of Public Health did a presentation
                                                                                                                   and collaborated with the department in
                                                                                                                   doing an environmental survey of two
                                                                                                                   school district midd

Collaborated in providing and participating in
                                                                                                                   Community Health Alliance, chaired the
receiving 'Food is Elementary' curriculum        1           No                                  2 to 3      Yes
                                                                                                                   Food and Fitness sub-committee
                                                                    We supported and helped plan
                                                                    the local adaptation of the State                    Thurston County Public Health convened
A variety of interventions have been initiated
                                                                    DOH's Diabetes Collaborative -                       3 workgroups to address obesity
under Steps funding - across several domains:
                                                                    called the 'Local Planned Care                       prevention in the first half of 2007: Active
community/neighborhood, health care system,
                                               5 or more      Yes   Initiative' by our partner,         2 to 3     Yes   Communities, Healthy School
schools and worksites. These have included
                                                                    Physicians of Southwest                              Environments, and WorkWell. We also
'Walkable Places' and 'Active Communities'
                                                                    Washington. This project                             participated in two other coalitions: Local
focused on improving neighborh
                                                                    addresses needs among local                          Planned Care Initiative plan
                                                                    physicians (quarterly le

                                                                    WIC, Assessment data of 2003,
                                                                    2006, 2007 show County at 2010
                                                 0            Yes   national obesity goals. Staff time 2 to 3      No
                                                                    spent at local walking trail
                                                                    development meetings

                                                                    Shape Up has organized a
                                                                    steering committee, with several                     Shape Up staff participate in many
Shape Up has 6 process objectives, of which
                                                                    sub-committees, to help facilitate                   community coalitions to address obesity,
all activities address. The Process Objectives
                                                                    the community interventions.                         including Allies for Inclusion, Shape Up
are as follows: 1: Familiarize elected officials,
                                                  5 or more   Yes   Each sub-committee has             5 or more   Yes   Steering Committee, Food Access
policy makers, and planning commissions with
                                                                    organized community                                  Coalition, Policy & Planning Committee,
the concept of establishing policy that ensures
                                                                    interventions to address obesity,                    Campus Community Coalition, and many
land use and a buil
                                                                    interventions in which Shape Up                      more.
                                                                    staff have participated.

Information provided to the public at health                                                                             In 2006 the Kitsap Gets Active Coalition
                                                 3-Feb        No                                        0          Yes
fairs.                                                                                                                   was formed.

                                                 0            No                                        0          No
                                                                                                                       Prior, we had just became part of the
                                                                                                                       school's health team (which is focused
                                                0           No                                      0            Yes
                                                                                                                       around the lunch program, pop machines,
                                                                                                                       snacks, etc)

                                                                  Acess to Healthy Foods. Urban
Smart Menu- voluntary menu labeling of kcal,                                                                           Community Capacity Building-
                                                                  Agriculture Promotion. Also
fat, sodium and g of CHO with local                                                                                    Participation in Cross Cultural
                                                                  ACHIEVE (NACDD/YMCA grant)
restaurants. Built Environment- Policy and                                                                             Collaborative, Pierce County Gets Fit,
                                                                  which is a community based
Systems Level change to promote active          5 or more   Yes                                      5 or more   Yes   Pierce County Physical Activity and
                                                                  participatory process that focuses
living. Primarily focused on planning, Health                                                                          Nutrition Coalition, WA State Coalition for
                                                                  on environmental and policy
Impact Assessments, Comprehensive Non                                                                                  Promoting Physical Activity, WSPHA
                                                                  change in the City of Tacoma
Moto                                                                                                                   Board work (3 employees).
                                                                  and Key Penisula.

                                                                  We have participated in several
                                                                  interventions, including Get
                                                                  Movin' physical activity program
                                                                  for children and families,                           The Health Department plays a
We serve as the lead agency for the Whatcom
                                            1               Yes   obtaining successful Safe Routes 5 or more     Yes   leadership role in the Whatcom Physical
Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalition.
                                                                  to School grant funds for                            Activity and Nutrition Coalition.
                                                                  community schools, 'Walk to
                                                                  School' promotion,developing a
                                                                  Revenue Replacem
                                                                   We have participated in several
We have co-led the Get Movin' physical                             community activities including a
activity program for children and families. We                     Childhood Obesity Summit at
have also had leadership roles in obtaining                        Western Washington Univ,                             We serve in a leadership role for the
funding for Safe Routes to School and            5-Apr       Yes   developing a Revenue             4 to 5        Yes   Whatcom Physical Activity and Nutrition
promoting Walk to School Day. Our                                  Replacement Workshop to                              Coalition.
WIC/nutrition staff provide obesity education                      address school vending machine
and pre                                                            issues, developing of a Worksite
                                                                   Wellness survey for Whatcom

                                                                   We had a community coaltion
                                                                   and we are part of the Healthy
                                                                   Communities project that focuses
                                                                   on environmental and policy
The .45 FTE conducted nutrition education                                                                               We led the Healthy Families/Active Kids
                                                 1           Yes   changes. Our focus is increasing 2 to 3        Yes
classes for teens.                                                                                                      Coalition.
                                                                   bicycle infrastructure, increasing
                                                                   sidewalks, and community
                                                                   gardens. We are also working to
                                                                   install a
Provided leadership to the Environmental
Health Assessment Team on implementing                                                                                  Coalitions included Whidbey in Motion
                                                                   As well as providing leadership to
their action plan to address walkability.                                                                               (WHIM) and local trails groups, such as
                                                                   the activities noted above, Island
Priorities for action included encouraging       5 or more   Yes                                      5 or more   Yes   Island County Trails Council (ICTC) and
                                                                   County Public Health served as
children to walk and bike safely to school,                                                                             Friends of Camano Island Parks
                                                                   active participants.
engaging the community on developing safe,                                                                              (FOCIP).
                                                                                                         STEPS to a Healthier Clark County.
                                                                                                         Grant to enhance obesity prevention in
Breastfeeding coalition and community                  Collaborated with the CDC,
                                                                                                         child care centers. USed PHBG to pilot
education efforts to improve breastfeeding   1   Yes   STEPS to a healthier Clark      5 or more   Yes
                                                                                                         home gardening project. Work site
rates.                                                 County.
                                                                                                         wellness project. Work site Nutrition

                                                                                                         3+ years ago there was a collaborative
                                                                                                         effort in writing a HRSA Diabetes grant.
                                                                                                         The focus wasn't obesity, rather diabetes
                                             0   Yes                                   0           Yes
                                                                                                         with some effort in the area of physical
                                                                                                         activity as a disease management
                                                                                                         Survey of school vending machines,
                                                                                                         development of walking guides, healthier
                                                       We are a member of the Steps to                   vending choices with vending machine
                                             0   Yes   a Healthier Clark County led by 2 to 3      Yes   suppliers, local public health advisory
                                                       Community Choices.                                council wrote letters to school boards
                                                                                                         encouraging healthier food options in
Prior to the 5930 funds, were there best practices or
effective interventions in your LHJ that can be shared with
other LHJs?

     yes or no                  description







     I said no because of the word 'effective'.
     We are hoping the work of the trails
     committee and our outreach through
     neighborhood interventions will be
     effective but we don't have supporting data

Yes (if yes.
               CDC Guide to Communmity interventions
please specify
               Contact Shawn Mickle 509-886-6418


              locally developed curriculum that has been
              in place for just over one year. No data yet
              regarding the overall effectiveness of this
              particular strategy, however inital feedback
              from children, teachers, school admin and
              parents is positive



               Our highest priority areas in obesity
               prevention for continuation after Steps to a
Yes (if yes.   Healthier WA funding ends are also
please specify probably our most effective interventions:
below)         Active Communities and
               WorkWell(described above). Our model
               for locally adapting the state's


               Shape Up uses interventions
Yes (if yes.   recommended by the Healthy
please specify Communities grant coordinators and the
below)         CDC Obesity Prevention grant



Yes (if yes.   In the areas surrounding built environment,
please specify ACHIEVE, BFNEP, Urban Agriculture
below)         Promotion (see above for descriptions).

Yes (if yes.
               Get Movin' Whatcom County
please specify

Yes (if yes.
please specify

               Creating or improving access to places for
Yes (if yes.   physical activity combined with
please specify informational outreach activities. Forums
below)         as a way to coalesce community action on
               health issues.
               Pilot home gardening project. STEPS
Yes (if yes.   interventions and we have also explored
please specify and could share information about food
below)         systems councils and nutrition policies for
               work sites



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