HardCopy 3P by yaofenjin


									                                                                                        HardCopy 3P
                                                                                   1:2 Portable Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator

                                 Sophisticated Operations Performed with Ease
                                               Clone; Image; Wipe; Format (FAT32 or NTFS)
                                               Simultaneous Output to 2 Destinations HDD’s
                                               Hash Re-Verify (on read from destinations)
                                               Speed up to 6 GB/Min. per Drive (with hash)
                                               Automatically Handles HPA’s & DCO’s
            Includes                            HC3P with 2 destination ports, cables,
                                                power supply, Instruction Manual

            Design Achievements             ‒ Fastest, Most Secure, Cost-Effective Forensic Duplication
                                            ‒   Dual Output Design essentially enables twice the transfer speed
                                            ‒   Protect Evidence Drive From Inadvertent User Operations
                                            ‒   Uncomplicated, Intuitive Ease of Use
                                            ‒   Most Compact, Lightweight Design on the Market Today
                                                Overall Duplication – Clone or Image
            Speed*                                • Up to7 GB/m per drive (no hash)
                                                  • Up to 6 GB/m per drive (with hash)
                                                  • No slow down when simultaneously transferring to 2 HDD’s
                                                  • Save time & money by making your back-up in the field
                                                Wipe: Up to 7.1 GB/m
                                                Simply enter date & time
            Out of Box Set-Up                   Source drive write blocker already built-in
                                                3 button interface – sophisticated operations easily mastered
            Ease of Use
                                                Go from zero to forensically acquiring drives in 15 minutes

            Duplicator Functions                Image – Disk to File (to single or multiple files)
                                                Clone – Disk to Disk
                                                Wipe (to DoD Specs)
                                                Post-Clone Wipe (to DoD specs)
                                                Format Drives (FAT32 and NTFS)
                                                Hash Drives (MD5/SHA256)
                                                Hash Re-Verify (Dual-Pass Hashing)
                                                HPA & DCO Detect, Unlock & Copy (protected) or Wipe
                                                HC3P Quick Set-Up

                Post-Clone Wipe                 Wipes remaining drive space after cloning to
                                                ensure forensic integrity when recycling drives
                                                Ensures forensic integrity by protecting the HPA & DCO on
                HPA/DCO Handling
                                                evidence drive from alteration on duplication
            User Interface (UI)                 LCD w/ backlight – concise instructions/status

            Connectors                          1 SATA/IDE input; 2 SATA output
                                                RS232 with DB9 Connector
                                                Less than 1 lb. (excluding accessories)
            Weight & Dims.
                                                Height: 1.5”; Width: 5.5”; Depth: 4”
            Firmware Upgrades                   Free web downloads for life of product
            Warranty                            Standard 2 year
            Company Information                 10 years as Industry Leader and Innovator
                                                6 patents
                                                Products known and trusted worldwide by justice
                                                agencies, law enforcement & private sector.
*Speed Performance Examples:
 Duplication with SHA Engaged: Source – WD G-model Velociraptor 300GB/Destination – WD Caviar Green 2 TB: TIME: 00:51:34
 Duplication with SHA Engaged: Source – Seagate 7200.10 80GB/Destination – Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB:         TIME: 00:21:45

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