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Georgia Swim Academy Sharks St. Pat's Day Meet Saturday_ March


									                    Georgia Swim Academy Sharks
                          St. Pat’s Day Meet
                     Saturday, March 20th, 2010

HOST:            The Georgia Swimming Academy SHARKS! and the
                 Troup County Parks and Recreation Commission Sanction # GA10-34

MEET DIRECTOR:   Tanya Klekot,     678-378-2706

FACILITY:        Troup County Parks & Recreation Center, 1220 LaFayette Parkway,
                 LaGrange, GA 30241. This is an eight (8) lane, 25 yard pool with non-
                 turbulent lane lines. Omega Timing System with an eight lane display
                 scoreboard will be used and operated by Peachtree Timing. The
                 competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4) .
                 The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming & Georgia
                 Swimming. The pool depth at the start end is between 7 feet in depth
                 and 4 feet in depth at the turn end.

ELIGIBILITY:     This meet is open to all swimmers registered with USA Swimming, Inc.

RULES:           The 2010 USAS Rules and Regulations will govern the conduct of the
                 meet unless otherwise noted herein

FORMAT:          This is an open meet for USA Swimming registered swimmers. All
                 events will be timed finals.

ENTRIES:         Please submit all entries on disk or e-mail to Carol Yin,
        Entries should include each swimmer’s first and
                 last name, middle initial, age, seeding time to the 100th of a second
                 and event number of each event entered. Swimmers will be limited to
                 four (4) individual events and two (2) relay events. Mixed Relays must
                 be 2 boys and 2 girls. Meet will be limited to the first 225 swimmers so
                 the meet will not exceed 4 hours in length.

                 Hy-Tek Meet Manager will be used to manage the meet.

LATE ENTRIES:    Late entries will be accepted until 30 minutes prior to the meet start
                 time for empty lanes only; no new heats will be created.

ENTRY FEES:      $4.00 for each individual event; $6.00 for each relay event. Late
                 entries are double the stated fees. Please make checks payable to:
                 Troup Co Swim Association
ENTRY DEADLINE:   All Entries must be received on or before March 5th. Entries received
                  after the above date will be considered “Late Entries” and the
                  appropriate fees will be assessed. Please send entry disk, copy of
                  entries, summary sheet, and check to:
                  TCPRC, Swim Meet Director, 1220 LaFayette Parkway,
                  LaGrange, GA 30241 or e-mail entries to:

WARM-UP:          USAS warm-up guidelines will be followed. Each team will be required
                  to furnish a coach to monitor their team’s warm-up period. Warm-ups
                  will begin at 7:30 AM

                  MEET WILL BEGIN AT 9:00 AM.

SPECIAL NOTE:     Bull pen will be provided for 10 & under events other than relays.
                  PLEASE NOTE that each team is responsible for organizing relays and
                  sending an adult to the starting blocks with relay teams.

SCORING:          Scoring will be calculated for individual awards as follows:

AWARDS:           Individual – Ribbons will be awarded to the top eight (8) finishers in
                  each event. High Point Trophies will be awarded to top four
                  swimmers in each age/gender group.

OFFICIALS:        Meet Referee will be Ralph McCrory. Starter will be Clara
                  EllenburgAplin. The Sharks welcome, and would appreciate the help
                  of, all visiting officials at this meet. Please contact Tanya Klekot 678-

LIABILITY:        The Troup Co. Parks & Recreation Commission and the Swim Academy
                  of Georgia SHARKS! shall be held free and harmless from any and all
                  liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone
                  during the conduct of this event.

INFORMATION:      For more information, please contact:
                                      Tanya Klekot 678-378-2706,
                                      Carol Yin
CONCESSIONS:      The Sharks will provide a concession stand with snack, meals, and

SWIM SHOP:        Friends Unlimited Swim Shop will be at the meet.
                  Contact them at 1-800-742-8218 for your special needs.
                               EVENTS LIST
GIRLS                               DESCRIPTION                              BOYS
1                            15 & UP 100 yard FREESTYLE                         2
3                             13-14 100 yard FREESTYLE                          4
5                             11-12 100 yard FREESTYLE                          6
7                             9-10 100 yard FREESTYLE                           8
9                           8 & Under 100 yard FREESTYLE                       10

11                           15 & up 200 yard FREE RELAY                       12
13                            13-14 200 yard FREE RELAY                        14
15                            11-12 200 yard FREE RELAY                        16
17                            9-10 200 yard FREE RELAY                         18
19                          8 & under 200 yard FREE RELAY                      20

21                          15 & up 50 yard BACKSTROKE                         22
23                           13-14 50 yard BACKSTROKE                          24
25                           11-12 50 yard BACKSTROKE                          26
27                            9-10 50 yard BACKSTROKE                          28
29                          8 & Under 50 yard BACKSTROKE                       30

31                           15 & up 50 yard BUTTERFLY                         32
33                            13-14 50 yard BUTTERFLY                          34
35                            11-12 50 yard BUTTERFLY                          36
37                             9-10 50 yard BUTTERFLY                          38
39                           8 & Under 50 yard BUTTERFLY                       40


41                           15 & up 50 yard FREESTYLE                         42
43                            13-14 50 yard FREESTYLE                          44
45                            11-12 50 yard FREESTYLE                          46
47                             9-10 50 yard FREESTYLE                          48
49                           8 & Under 50 yard FREESTYLE                       50

51                          15 & up 50 yard BREASTSTROKE                       52
53                           13-14 50 yard BREASTSTROKE                        54
55                           11-12 50 yard BREASTSTROKE                        56
57                           9-10 50 yard BREASTSTROKE                         58
59                         8 & Under 50 yard BREASTSTROKE                      60

61                       15 & up 200 yard INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY                    62
63                        13-14 200 yard INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY                     64
65                        11-12 200 yard INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY                     66
67                         9-10 100 yard INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY                     68
69                      8 & Under 100 yard INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY                   70

71                      15 & up 200 yard MIXED MEDLEY RELAY
72                       13-14 200 yard MIXED MEDLEY RELAY
73                       11-12 200 yard MIXED MEDLEY RELAY
74                       9-10 200 yard MIXED MEDLEY RELAY
75                     8 & Under 200 yard MIXED MEDLEY RELAY
                                     TEAM INFORMATION

Team Name:                                                 Club Code:

Team Address:

Head Coach:

Contact Person:                                            Telephone:

Fax:                       Cell Phone:               E-mail:

Coaches attending meet:

Certified officials who may wish to work the meet:

                                      SUMMARY OF FEES
Number of Swimmers

Total Number of Individual events        x $4.00     =          $
Total Number of Relay Events             x $6.00     =          $

TOTAL DUE:                                                      $

I, the undersigned coach or team representative, verify that all of the swimmers and
coaches listed on the enclosed entry are registered with USA Swimming.

I acknowledge that I am familiar with the safety rules of USA Swimming and Georgia
Swimming regarding warm-up procedures and that I shall be responsible for the
compliance of my swimmers with those rules during this meet.

United States Swimming, Inc., Georgia Swimming, Inc., The Georgia Swimming Academy SHARKS!
and the Troup County Parks and Recreation Commission, and their agents, employees, and
coaches shall be free from any liability or claim for damages arising by reason of illness or injury
to anyone during the conduct of this meet

Signature/Title ________________________________ Date __________________

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