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Seizing the initiative



                                                                           THE COALITION
Marines island hop Euphrates • Exercise tests medics

                                                       Volume 2, Issue 7                                       July 2007

                                                                    Seizing the initiative
                                                                       MPs, IPs support Arrowhead
                                                                        Ripper in Kirkuk Province
                                 What’s                                                                       CHRONICLE                   THE COALITION

                                                                                                                              The Official Magazine of

                                 Inside                                                                                       Multi-National Corps-Iraq

                                                                                                                                          July 2007
                                                                                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 7

 Going On The                                                                                                                                  MNC-I Commander

                                                                                                                                              Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno

                                                                                                                              MNC-I Public Affairs Officer
                                                                                                                                Lt. Col. James Hutton

 MPs, IPs support                                                                                                    MNC-I Command Information Chief
 Arrowhead Ripper in                                                                                                    Sgt. 1st Class Terrence Hayes
 Kirkuk Province                                                                                                            Staff Sgt. Jacob Boyer

 Page 4
                                                                                                                               Sgt. Abel Trevino
                                                                                                                            Cpl. Darhonda Rodela
                                                                                                                            Spc. Laura M. Bigenho
                                                                                                                             Spc. D. A. Dickinson
                                                                                                                      Spc. Beatrice Florescu-Vila Verde

Cross-Border Setting Up                                                      Island
                                                                                                                           Spc. Stephanie Homan

    Help       Shop                                                         Hopping                                                                COALLIT



                                       Seabees improve
 Jordanians bring aid                                                 Marines use old tricks


 to Fallujah’s people                   areas, mission                   in current war

        Page 7                           Page 18                            Page 20

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                                                                                                                           e 2,

         Iraq’s                      Adhamiyah INCOMING!!!                                                         xe
                                                                                                                   es • E

         future                        Project Medics conduct mass
                                                                                                                     phrat  p Eu

    Koreans support                  Paratroopers drive                 casualty exercise at
                                                                                                                      nd ho

    UNICEF festival                    on in Baghdad                       Camp Striker                                                                                                    initiaheaed
                                                                                                                                                                                        the Arrow
      Page 23                            Page 24                            Page 26                                                                                       g u rt
                                                                                                                                                                SeiPzsin s sinppiokuk Prov

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                                                                                                                                                                      , IP    Kr
                                                                                                                                                                 M                 er

                           Departments                                                                             This month’s covers
                                                                                                              Up front: Army Staff Sgt. Nicholas
                                                                                                              Wiley, squad leader, 977th Military Police
          Commander’s Voice                                   Coalition News Briefs                           Company, 97th Military Police Battalion,
              Page 1                                                  Page 3                                  interrogates an Iraqi man in Qahara. Photo
                                                                                                              by Army Spc. Mike Alberts.
                                                                                                              On the back: Soldiers with Company A,
               CSM’s Corner                                  Freedom’s Focal Point                            2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd
                  Page 2                                           Page 8                                     Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, pull security
                                                                                                              watch on a clearing mission in Rashid.
                                                                                                              Photo by Army Spc. Elisha Dawkins.
                                        In Remembrance
                                             Page 28
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                                                                                                            at The Chronicle
The Coalition Chronicle is an authorized monthly publication for members of the Department of Defense.      accepts articles, photos and letters for submission.
  Contents of this monthly publication are not necessarily the official views of or endorsed by the U.S.    Send submissions to terrence.hayes@iraq.centcom.
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                     COMMANDER’S VOICE
          xtremists recently made                                                                    of disadvantage and we will maintain
          another attempt to reignite                                                                the initiative. Our key tasks include
          the sectarian violence that                                                                protecting the population, facilitat-
          followed the February 2006                                                                 ing reconciliation, defeating AQI and
Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra.                                                                    extremists, and continuing the devel-
However, this time Prime Minister                                                                    opment of the ISF. Ultimate success
Niuri Maliki and the Iraqi government                                                                lies with the Iraqis; specifically, their
took immediate actions to avert sectar-                                                              ability to secure themselves from inter-
ian violence. In addition to visiting                                                                nal and external threats and providing
Samarra, the PM imposed a curfew,                                                                    for a stable political environment that

asked for calm and restraint, initiated                                                              accommodates all Iraqi
an investigation to find those ac-                                                                                peration Phantom Thunder
countable, and adjusted their security                                                                            is a corps-level offensive
posture across the entire country. Al-                                                                            operation that began June
though two minarets were destroyed,                                                                               15 to defeat AQI, insur-
the reaction has been more muted than                                                                gents and extremists, deny enemy
in 2006. Then, armed gangs took to                          Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno                     safe havens, and interdict movement,
the streets, destroying more than 50                         MNC-I Commander                         logistics and communications. It is an
mosques and taking their own brand                                                                   open-ended operation that will extend
of justice to the streets of Iraq. This           economic, diplomatic and informational             through the summer and will be done
year, the citizens of Iraq were indeed            efforts. We are seeing encouraging signs,      in conjunction with civil-military opera-

angry, but their anger was not directed           but we have a lot of work ahead of us.         tions to support political and economic
at one another. Instead they directed it                      ll of the elements of the “plus-   efforts. It consists of carefully synchro-
toward the brutal extremists who kill in-                     up” are now in country and         nized, simultaneous operations at divi-
nocent people and conduct heinous acts.                       conducting combat operations       sion and brigade level to clear AQI, Sunni
   The people of Iraq are beginning to                        — 20 brigade and regimental        insurgents and Shia extremists in, near
reject al-Qaida in Iraq and other extrem-         combat teams, a Marine expeditionary           and around Baghdad. It also includes ag-
ists that continue to foment this violence.       unit, four combat aviation brigades and a      gressive shaping operations by our special
They clearly understand that AQI is               Marine air wing, along with many other         operations forces focused on AQI and
headed by a foreigner — an Egyptian to            combat enablers such as logistics, intel-      special groups.
be specific — and are tired of false prom-        ligence and artillery. Additionally, we           Another important aspect is the
ises of help from the foreign fighters ruin-      have 10 enhanced provincial reconstruc-        freedom of maneuver we have over the
ing their country. Anbar Province, once           tion teams embedded in our brigade             enemy. We can attack at will wherever
described as lost, is making good progress        combat teams that significantly increase       and whenever we want. These operations
and moving in the right direction. This           our ability to work governance, econom-        are intended to eliminate the accelerants
momentum has not gone unnoticed by                ics and reconstruction. By next month,         to Baghdad violence from enemy sup-
Iraqis in other provinces, citizens who           the remainder of a full Georgian brigade       port zones in the belts that ring the city.
are weary of conflict. The Iraqi people           will close in theater, providing even more     Coalition Forces and partnered ISF are
welcome change and realize that AQI and           combat power and agility.                      involved in all aspects of these operations.
other extremists provide no hope for the             This provides the Coalition tremen-            On the Fourth of July, America cel-
future — they are reaching out to Coali-          dous capability to do simultaneous and         ebrated its 231st birthday. All across
tion Forces and want to be a part of a            sustained operations and to maintain           the United States, Americans celebrated
solution.                                         pressure across the entire theater. More       Independence Day and enjoyed picnics,
   The vast majority of Iraqis — I’d say          importantly, it allows us to operate in        fireworks, sporting events and being with
easily 95 percent of their more than 25           areas where we have not been in a long         family and friends. We enjoy these free-
million citizens — want the same things           time. We will do this on the offense with      doms because generations of Americans
that Americans want: safe and secure              the full capabilities of our nation’s finest   have defended our way of life, many mak-
neighborhoods in which to raise their             combat units, along with our Coalition al-     ing the ultimate sacrifice. We can never
families, basic services and needs, a             lies, and in full partnership with the Iraqi   forget. Our Coalition partners have done
government that cares about them as a             Security Forces. Our knowledge of the          likewise, making great sacrifices in the
person, and freedom to choose and live            enemy is good and cooperation among            name of freedom. The memories of our
as they want. Such an Iraq is in the best         our services — both conventional and           fallen and their families are never far from
interests of the free world. It is vital to our   otherwise — is genuine and powerful.           our thoughts. Their examples fortify our
enduring goals in this critical region.           The level of experience within our force is    will. The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Ma-
   Our forces remain oriented on the              unprecedented and our fighting prowess         rines, and Civilians of the Coalition are a
enemies of Iraq. Our nation’s interests           is high. We have already begun attack-         true testament to dedication, courage and
and our aim is stability and security for         ing the enemy from multiple directions         professionalism. We have the fortitude
the Iraqi people. However, success will           and in ways he cannot resist. Our pur-         and resilience to stare down uncertainty
not be achieved from purely means. It             suit will be agile and relentless. We will     and we are committed. Thank you for
requires integrated political, security,          force the enemy to fight from positions        your service and leadership. C   C
                                                                                                                     The Coalition Chronicle   1
                              CSM’S CORNER
   This letter was written by Com-                                  As it relates to trust, remind and hold accountable all
mand Sgt. Maj. Neil Ciotola, the                                 your young sergeants to this axiom: All men are valor-
Multi-National Corps-Iraq command                                ous and all women are virtuous until proven otherwise.
sergeant major, to a staff sergeant who                          We as the leader must first extend trust in order for our
is becoming a sergeant first class soon.                         subordinates to prove that they are trustworthy.

            n to the issue at hand.                                 Leadership is all about assuming a modicum of risk.
            Any additional words                                 We don’t gamble with the lives of our troopers. That’s
            of advice for a Sergeant                             why we check everything!
            Audie Murphy Club                                       Teach your lieutenant everything you possibly can.
member and soon-to-be senior                                     Do not permit your troopers to address the lieutenant
NCO? Well staff sergeant, you               Command Sgt. Maj.
                                                                 as “LT.” If they want to use a short term of endearment
know me. I always have some-                   Neil Ciotola      or respect for their officer and leader, have them try the
thing to say.                                                    one-syllable word that does it all: sir or ma’am.

                                             MNC-I Command
   Insomuch as leadership is con-             Sergeant Major               nsure your lieutenant understands he is there to
cerned, I’ve forgotten more than I                                         lead, not make friends. If your officer wants to
can ever hope to remember. I used to worry about that                      be a private, he should have become one. Show
until I finally realized that this is a team sport. So long as             your officer what it is to be selfless.
we can lean on one another, we’ll all be fine.                      Teach him there is no such thing as sergeants’ busi-
   As I mentioned to you a while back, you are a top 10          ness. Everything that happens in a unit is officers’ busi-
percenter; your @#! is forever staring people in the face        ness.
as they look up that flag pole. Never forget that you are           We as NCOs do our job. We spell it DUTY! Finally,
being watched, observed, assessed,                                                      remind your officer they are not nec-
measured and scrutinized even                                                           essarily smarter than their enlisted
when you think you’re not.                   Never forget that                          troops. To lead is a test of character.
   Be the first and the last in every-
thing — first to arrive and last to go
                                               you are being                            Teach your officer to lead!
                                                                                           I’ve got lots more advice, but I’m
home or sleep. Check everything and         watched, observed,                          not going anywhere. All we senior
force your platoon leader to do the                                                     NCOs and officers are here for you
same, even if it’s after you put every-     assessed, measured                          and your battle buddies. You don’t
one down for the night. Some of my
fondest memories with my platoon
                                              and scrutinized                           have to have all the answers. To-
                                                                                        gether all of us do.
leaders and company and troop                  even when you                               Sometimes we forget that we’re
commanders were trooping the line                                                       all here to lean on one another.
in the late hours of the evening or          think you’re not.                          We’re all here to teach, to inspire, to
early hours of the morning; just the                                                    carry one another, and to recognize
two of us.                                                                              and bring out the best in not only
   Remember to be consistent with your troopers. Be              ourselves but everyone around us.
perpetually optimistic. Lift up your troopers spiritually,          I was and remain very proud of you, young staff
emotionally and professionally every day. Be that guy or         sergeant. Take charge, train your troopers, move out,
gal, who literally lifts up the youngster who stumbles on        draw fire, PID those sons-a-@%! and kill or capture ‘em
patrol or in life.                                               all. Teach your Soldiers to recognize and embrace all the
   Don’t permit phallic measuring contests in combat.            good people, both here in Iraq and back home.
This is a team sport. You do everything as a team: clear            And finally, please tell all in your brigade how very,
a house, climb a wall, walk a street, conduct a combat           very proud I am of them. After 31 years in the Army, I
logistics patrol, prep for any mission or any task, and          can’t help but have strong feelings for our combat sup-
scrutinize each other.                                           port and combat service support troopers. All of you

           e an overt example. Ask one of your privates to       — every one of them — lifts and sustains those at the tip
           check you out each day to show your troopers          of the spear every day.
           that it takes a village. Praise your youngsters          Our logistics troopers seldom reap the recognition our
           overtly when they ID a deficiency and do it           trigger pullers do, yet they fight to provide superlative
correctly and respectfully. This has nothing to do with          support to them every day.
trust. It has everything to do with preserving the fighting         Now that’s devotion. That’s love. That’s selflessness.
strength.                                                        That, young sergeant, is commitment! C      C
2   The Coalition Chronicle
                      NEWS BRIEFS      COALITION

                  Search yields torture                                           Bridge bypass
                    chamber, bombs                                            completed, traffic flows

   BAQOUBA — Task Force Lightning and Iraqi sol-                TUZ KHURMATU — Coalition and Iraqi Security
diers coninued sweeping through the city to root out         Forces completed a critical bypass road to reestablish
al-Qaida in Iraq insurgents June 23 as part of Opera-        traffic around the Sarihah Bridge June 24.
tion Arrowhead Ripper.                                          The bridge, which provided a critical link between
   In the Khatoon neighborhood, Iraqi Security Forces        Baghdad and Kirkuk Province, was destroyed by an in-
and Coalition Forces discovered a suspected torture          surgent bomb June 2. Soldiers from the 4th Iraqi Army
chamber in a building. Various weapons — including           Division and Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade,
knives and saws — were found in the building in ad-          25th Infantry Division, constructed the bypass, which
dition to blood stains. Once the building was secured,       will serve as a temporary solution until the bridge is
it was destroyed by an attack helicopter using Hellfire      repaired.
missiles.                                                       “This (road) is essential to the economic health of
   Two houses that contained 45 water heaters filled         Iraq,” said Kirkuk Governor Abdul-Rahman Mustafa.
with homemade explosives, IED materials and com-             “But it is temporary. We are here today to reassure the
puter equipment in addition to booby-traped freezers         public that we will continue to cooperate to rebuild the
were also discovered and secured.                            bridge.”
   In fighting later in the day, Coalition helicopters en-      Col. Patrick Stackpole, 3rd Brigade commander,
gaged and killed 17 al-Qaida gunmen who had been             praised the efforts of Iraqi government and military
observed by Soldiers with the 25th Infantry Division as      officials in bringing the critical thoroughfare back into
well as a vehicle they were using. C C                       service for the people of Iraq.
                                                                “The bypass is the result of the hard work of Coali-
                                                             tion and Iraqi Security Forces in conjunction with Iraqi
                    Operation Bull Run                       government officials in the provinces of Salah ad Din
                                                             and Kirkuk,” he said. “We’re proud of the work. To-
                    disrupts insurgents                      gether we can help this country prosper.” C  C

   AL DURA’IYA — Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 15th
Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
(Mech.), completed two simultaneous operations with-                          Insurgent leader caught
in 48 hours June 24. Two insurgents were killed and                                 in Sadr City
seven detained in the operations.
   Operation Bull Run and Operation Blore Heath II
were conducted with Iraqi Security Forces. Both are             BAGHDAD — Iraqi Special Operations Forces de-
part of Multi-National Division-Center’s Operation           tained a key insurgent leader in Sadr City during an
Marne Torch, the latest Coalition initiative to eliminate    early morning operation June 20. The individual is
insurgent sanctuaries southeast of Baghdad.                  responsible for coordinating and conducting kidnap-
   Three caches — including artillery rounds, mortars,       pings, death squad killings, and IED attacks against
cell phones, weapons and propaganda — were found             civilian and military targets. Two other suspicious in-
in the former operation.                                     dividuals were also detained during the incident-free
   The second involved clearing insurgent caches south       operation. The primary suspect is allegedly responsible
of Salman Pak. Mortar rounds and command wires               for supplying vehicles, identification and uniforms to
were found. In addition, two boats and one ground ve-        support insurgent operations as well as new IED tech-
hicle were destroyed. CC                                     nologies. CC
                                                                                                 The Coalition Chronicle 3
Seizing the
    Fort Riley
    MPs lead
    Iraqi Police
    in Operation
    Cacti Ripper

                              Soldiers of the 977th Military Police Company,
                              97th Military Police Battalion, attached to 3rd
                              Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, exit a residence
                              in the village of Qahara June 17 as part of a com-
                              bined Iraqi Security and Coalition Force mission
                              to destroy and disrupt anti-Iraqi force operations
                              and networks.

4   The Coalition Chronicle
                  Story, photos by
               Army Spc. Mike Alberts
                    MND-N PAO

          s thousands of Coalition and Iraqi Security
          Forces conducted large-scale combat opera-
          tions dubbed Arrowhead Ripper in Diyala
          Province, similar missions commenced
simultaneously in the northern Kirkuk Province.
Among those participating up north was a contin-
gent of military policemen from Fort Riley, Kan., who
did their part corralling insurgents and confiscating
   Soldiers of the 977th Military Police Company
“Raiders”, 97th Military Police Battalion, and approxi-
mately 90 Iraqi police officers from three separate
police stations conducted partnered operations in the
remote Kirkuk village of Qahara June 17.
   The Raiders deployed to Iraq with almost 200 Sol-
diers and arrived at Forward Operating Base Warrior
in March 2007.
   Their primary mission is to train, mentor and
advise Iraqi Police and assist standing up municipal
police stations. Three of those stations are located in
the towns of Daquq, Taza and Laylan. The Raiders in-
volved officers from all three stations in recent opera-
tions named Operation Cacti Ripper.
   Cacti Ripper was a battalion-level operation spear-
headed by 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd
                                                           Soldiers of the 977th Military Police Company search the vil-
Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.                           lage of Qahara.
   The joint, combined air and ground operation
coincided with efforts north of Baghdad to destroy         miles with no less than 25 clusters of structures.
and disrupt anti-Iraqi force operations and networks         When it was over, Bartley’s team of Iraqi Police and
and to further secure the population in the southern       U.S. Soldiers had detained eight suspected terrorists
villages of Ghaydah, Qahara and Az Zajji, according        — five of whom would remain jailed — and confis-
to Army Capt. Steven Bartley, commander, 977th MP          cated weapons, ammunition, explosives, bomb mak-
Co., attached to 3rd Brigade.                                                      ing material and anti-Coalition

   “Our piece of the operation                                                     Force propaganda.
was to conduct a cordon and              Bartley’s team                                          oday was a big
search of just Qahara Village,”                                                                  success in terms
Bartley said. “Our key tasks          had detained eight                                         of organizing the
included organizing the Iraqi        suspected terrorists                                        Iraqi police from
police officers, rapidly estab-                                                    three separate police stations
lishing a cordon of Qahara and       — five of whom would                          and keeping them motivated,”
conducting a thorough search of
its various structures,” said the
                                         remain jailed.                            said Bartley, who explained
                                                                                   that considerable measures
10-year veteran, who is serving                                                    were employed to maintain the
his second combat tour in Iraq.                            necessary level of secrecy to ensure the operation was
   Bartley’s team of approximately 30 Soldiers arrived     not compromised before it started.
at the Daquq police station in the late evening, June        “Our biggest challenge was keeping (operational
16. Over the next 18 hours, he and his Soldiers would      security) intact,” he continued. “When you get a
marshal, stage and brief officers on the objective, co-    hundred Iraqi police together and except for a few
ordinate the early morning departure and isolation of      key, senior people you cannot tell them exactly why
Qahara, and participate in a comprehensive search of       they’re here and you can’t tell them where they’re
a village that consisted of more than a couple square      going, that’s tough. They understand, but it presents
                                                                                                 The Coalition Chronicle 5
Army 2nd Lt. Nathan Obermeyer and Army Capt. Steven Bartley, 977th Military Police Company, discuss a cordon and search
operation with Major Nahsid of the Daquq Police Joint Communications Center.

challenges,” he said.                                           Staff Sgt. Nicholas Wiley, Shepherd’s squad leader,

   Bartley attributed his ability to overcome those          agreed.
challenges to the competency and experience of Sol-                          iley and his team were principally
diers like Army Sgt. Nicholas Shepherd and Army                              charged with coordinating and carrying
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Wiley.                                                   out the search operations. He is on his
   “The mission went very well, especially consider-                         third combat tour in Iraq and confirmed
ing we had totally different ethnic groups from three        that mission success was important not only for his
different police stations working together for the first     Soldiers’ confidence, but also for their perspective.
time,” said Shepherd, a team leader. “It was really             “I tell all the police chiefs that we are guests at their
outstanding. And we found weapons. It’s very impor-          stations and the younger Soldiers hear that and see
tant that for our first large operation we didn’t come       us behave that way,” Wiley said. “In this sense, they
away empty handed.”                                          do benefit from those of us that have been here before
   “It would have been difficult for the younger Sol-        and treat the Iraqi people like that. Missions like this
diers if we spent all this time gathering all the intel-     one where the (Iraqi Police) are out front and we are
ligence and came back with no results. All this work         simply assisting show our (less experienced) Soldiers
is now justified in their eyes, and it builds their confi-   that this country is the Iraqi people’s and we’re just
dence.”                                                      here to help.” C  C
6   The Coalition Chronicle
 Jordanian Army docs
 bring expertise to
 Iraqis in need
Jordanian Army doctors operate on a patient in Fallujah. Photo by Jordanian Army Maj. Alnahri Abdallah.

      by Army Spc. Beatrice              itrea, Liberia, West Bank, Sierra         hospital receives approximately
       Florescu-Villa Verde              Leone, and recently Lebanon, and          500 Iraqi citizens daily. The medi-
            MNC-I PAO                    other troubled parts of the world,”       cal team’s specialty areas include
                                         the doctor said. “Therefore most of       internist, pediatrician, general

          he Jordanian Army Field        the Jordanian doctors and nurses          surgeon, gynecologist and obste-
          Hospital was set up in Fa-     have already deployed in different        trician, and dentist. The hospital
          lujah in April 2003 to bring   places and that gave them different       is equipped with a lab and X-ray
          medical care to the Iraqis.    experiences in the medical field.”        facility and provides emergency
   The hospital staff is able to per-       A nurse said that he came to           services 24 hours a day.
form a wide array of major and mi-       help.                                        The field staff personnel has
nor surgeries for almost all special-       “All the personnel in this hos-        set an example of friendship and
ties, a Jordanian doctor said. More      pital like this work because they         brotherhood between Jordanian
than 1,000 surgical operations have      want to help Iraqi people and give        and Iraqi people, the doctor said.
been performed and more than             them the health care that they               “I would like further to express
750,000 Iraqi citizens have been         need,” he said. “They empathize           my appreciation to the Jordanian
treated at the hospital.                 with the Iraqi people and their           hospital,” said an Iraqi patient.
   “This is my second tour in Iraq,      suffering, and wish to give them a        “We are delighted that the King-
together with another doctor and         bright future.”                           dom of Jordan sent this hospital,
nurse,” the doctor said. For some           During their interactions with         which helps and treats the Iraqi
of them it is the first time, for        the Iraqi people, the hospital staff      people. We are very comfortable
others it is the second or even the      express their kind feelings and re-       with the Jordanian hospital and the
third tour. They have expertise in a     spect for the Iraqi people, he said.      kindness of the medical staff to-
variety of medical fields.                  The Jordanian field hospital is a      ward Iraqi citizens has contributed
   “Jordan has been participating in     major hub in the area for the Iraqi       to alleviate our suffering.”
humanitarian assistance in many          people to receive medical supplies           Editor’s Note: The Jordanians in-
countries through field hospitals,       and health care. This hospital is         terviewed for this story declined to be
including Iraq, Afghanistan, Er-         also one of the few in the area. The      identified for security reasons. C
                                                                                                      The Coalition Chronicle   7
Freedom’s Focal Point

    8    The Coalition Chronicle
                                    Freedom’s Focal Point
Far left: Australian Army Pvt.
David Petherick gives a leaf-
let to an Iraqi boy outside of
Saha’alat. Photo by Australian
Navy Leading Seaman Phillip

Above: Iraqi Police and mem-
bers of the 23rd Military Police
Company, 702nd MP Battalion,
89th MP Brigade, conduct a
dismounted presence patrol
June 8 in Lutafiyah. Photo by
Air Force Master Sgt. Jonathan

Left: A Soldier from 1st Bat-
talion, 26th Infantry Regiment,
2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Divi-
sion, talks with the children of
Selegh during a patrol June 3.
Photo by Army Sgt. Jeffrey Al-

                     The Coalition Chronicle      9
Freedom’s Focal Point

                        Iraqi and Coalition Forces depart for a mission to capture
                        an alleged terrorist June 20 near Baghdad. Photo by Navy
                        Petty Officer 1st Class Michael B.W. Watkins.

    10   The Coalition Chronicle
               Freedom’s Focal Point

The Coalition Chronicle    11
Freedom’s Focal Point

                        Top left: A Blackhawk helicopter stirs up dust while landing to pick up Soldiers from
                        Company A, 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 82nd
                        Airborne Division June 11 outside Samarra. Photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert C.

                        Top Right: Marine 1st Lt. Paolo Hernandez of 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment,
                        checks an Iraqi girl’s heartbeat and breathing on June 9 in Al Nuammia. Photo by Ma-
                        rine Lance Cpl. Julian Billmair.

                        Bottom right: Army Staff Sgt. Jeff Chitwood, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment,
                        3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, lets an Iraqi boy try his binoculars near Hawijah
                        June 19. Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Dallas Edwards.

                        Bottom left: A Coalition Soldier fires a .50 caliber sniper rifle during a weapons famil-
                        iarization training course in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom near Taji. Photo by
                        Navy Seaman Zachary Hernandez.

    12   The Coalition Chronicle
               Freedom’s Focal Point

The Coalition Chronicle    13
Freedom’s Focal Point

                        Iraqi Special Operations Forces advised by Coalition Forces conduct
                        a combat operation to detain suspected terrorist leaders of an insur-
                        gent force June 12 in Baghdad. Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
                        Johansen Laurel.

    14   The Coalition Chronicle
               Freedom’s Focal Point

The Coalition Chronicle   15
Freedom’s Focal Point

                        Top left: Army Sgt. 1st Class Erik Johannessen and Spc.
                        Eslam Mabrouk, 2nd Battalion,15th Field Artillery Regi-
                        ment, 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, train the
                        Iraqi Army soldiers to use a model 1979 MK-1 60mm Mor-
                        tar in Mahmudiyah June 10. Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt.
                        Dennis J. Henry Jr.

                        Top right: Iraqi Army soldiers move toward an objective
                        near Baqubah June 29. Photo by Air Force Airman 1st
                        Class Christopher Hubenthal.

                        Bottom right: A British soldier looks on as an upgraded
                        FV430 Mk3 Bulldog vehicle drives past in Basra. Photo by
                        British Royal Air Force Cpl. Andy Benson.

                        Bottom left: Army 1st Lt. Luke Conway, Company C, 1st
                        Battalion, 12th Calvary Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Cal-
                        vary Division, keeps an eye out for anything suspicious
                        while on a mission June 11 in south Baqubah. Photo byAir
                        Force Senior Airman Steve Czyz.

    16   The Coalition Chronicle
               Freedom’s Focal Point

The Coalition Chronicle    17
Setting up shop
Seabees improve areas to better mission readiness
           by Navy Seaman Shane Montgomery                a fun and safe place for the Seabees to improve their
          30th Naval Construction Regiment PAO            physical readiness.
                                                             Along with the gym, the Chapel of Faith also
                                                          received a whole new design. Navy Lt. Peter Ott,

                 hen the seabees of Naval Construc-       NMCB 4’s command chaplain, with the help of Navy
                 tion Battalion 4 arrived in Ramadi the   Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Machemer, religious
                 first week of April 2007 to begin a six                          program specialist, cleaned
                 month deploy-                                                    and refurbished the chapel by
ment, the area they were to stay
— Seabee Village — was in need
                                           “With all the                          painting the interior and in-
                                                                                  stalling new tile on the floor.
of serious repair. Seabee Village     improvements made                           They constructed benches for
is made up of several Southwest
Asia Huts and includes troop
                                        to this clinic, we                        the troops that attend services.
                                                                                  With the help of Delta Compa-
berthing, a medical facility, a       are fully capable of                        ny, they added a wall enclosing
supply office, a gym, a theater                                                   the chaplain’s berthing area and
and the Chapel of Faith. The          treating patients in                        private office for counseling.
troops hit the ground running          an absolutely more                            Because the chapel also
with plans for major improve-                                                     serves as the village library,
ments to make the village a bet-       efficeint manner.”                         they also built bookshelves and
ter place to live.                                                                stocked them with a variety of
   The medical team, equipped                                                     books and reading material.
with lumber and an array of
                                           Navy Petty Officer 1st Class
                                                                                  The final design also had space
power tools constructed a                          Joshua Arnold                  for the battalion post office,
storage area for $60,000 worth                   hospital corpsman                public affairs office, and an
of required Authorized Medi-                                                      area designated for the United
cal Allowance List supplies,                                                      Through Reading program.

enough to support the whole battalion and enable                                  ur new space is multi-func-
them to be fully mobile while increasing operational                              tional, yet provides a place of
readiness. In addition, the team constructed a medical                            refuge from the daily grind
consultation area and inpatient ward and augmented                                of deployment,” Ott said. “It
them with various medical life-saving devices.            has become a focal point of our efforts to support the
   “Now, with all the improvements made to this clin- command’s spiritual and emotional well-being.”
ic, we are fully capable of treating patients in an abso-    The Supply Department also improved their spaces
lutely more efficient manner,” said Navy Petty Officer and the theater. They cleaned and reorganized the
1st Class Joshua Arnold, hospital corpsman. “We can       supply office, enabling them to increase space for in-
now administer the correct medical care, which de-        ventory storage and maintain better accountability of
creases follow-up care at other medical facilities.”      consumables. They also established an area for con-
   Meanwhile, NMCB 4’s Company D put in a work-           trolling and maintaining the tricon and conex storage
out at the Seabee Gym. They started by discarding all containers and the central tool room. Working with
of the old and damaged equipment and cleaning the         NMCB 4’s chief’s mess, supply personnel removed a
facility. Next they replaced the faulty electrical wir-   wall from the theater, adding 200 square feet of room
ing, which allowed them to repair air conditioning        repainted the facility, and added stadium-style seat-
units and install new lighting. This made the gym a       ing.
safe place to work out. Finally, Headquarters Com-           Future improvements for Seabee Village include
pany personnel assembled and installed new two new adding a picnic area with a concrete slab, two picnic
treadmills, one elliptical cardio trainer, a workout ma- benches, some patio furniture and a barbecue area.
chine and various benches and weights. The repairs        NMCB 4 is supporting critical construction efforts in
and improved aesthetics have made the Seabee gym          Anbar Province. C C
18   The Coalition Chronicle
Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Arnold, medical corpsman,
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, ensures a wooden stud
is level during the construction of a new battle aid station at
Seabee Village in Ramadi. Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
Ronald Gutridge .

                                         The Coalition Chronicle   19
        Island Hopp
              Recon Marines use WW II tactics to counter Bagh

Marines with Company B, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, Regimental Combat Team 2, row a Zodiac into an island along the Euph

          Story, photos by                 Using the Corps’ amphibious           any insurgent activity along the
     Marine Cpl. Adam Johnston          nature to his advantage, Nimitz          river,” said Marine Capt. Ryan S.

            MNF-W PAO                   employed a strategy known as             Murata, the commander of 1st Pla-
                                        “island hopping.” The idea was           toon, Task Force Reconnaissance,
                ore than 65 years       to capture key islands, one after        RCT-2. “Many of these islands
                ago, the Empire of      another, until the main islands of       have yet to be touched by Coalition
                Japan launched an       Japan were within striking distance      forces. We set out to change that.”
                all-out assault on      of B-52 bombers.                            Six islands, ranging from 200
Pearl Harbor, killing more than            In today’s world, technological       meters to one kilometer in length,
2,000 American servicemembers.          advances have drastically changed        were specifically targeted for this
Wasting little time, Congress re-       the way we fight. Airplanes can          mission.
sponded with a formal declaration       fly halfway around the world on             “Intel has always pointed to the
of war on Dec. 8, 1941 — the sleep-     a single tank of gas. But, as the        river’s islands as possible enemy
ing giant was awoken.                   saying goes, history is destined to      strongholds,” Murata said. “This
   While Soldiers squared off           repeat itself.                           operation was simply a continua-
against the Nazis in Europe, Ma-           Marines and sailors with Regi-        tion of previous ones.”
rines spearheaded the war effort        mental Combat Team 2 recently               Task Force Recon was joined
on the Pacific front. They were led     returned from a 72-hour island op-       by Marines from Company B, 1st
by Navy Fleet Adm. Chester W.           eration along the Euphrates River,       Combat Engineer Battalion, and
Nimitz, commander of the Pacific        just outside of Baghdadi.                sailors with Detachment 1, River-
Fleet during World War II.                 “Our objective was to disrupt         ine Squadron 1.
20   The Coalition Chronicle
                                          avoid detection.
                                             “We’ve worked
                                          with infantry Marines
                                          before,” Paquin said.
                                          “But getting to see
                                          how the Recon guys
                                          operate was awesome.
                                          Paddling 15 kilometers
                                          downriver, at night,
                                          with no armor or crew
                                          served weapons – this
                                          was definitely the most
                                          clandestine mission
                                          we’ve done so far.”
                                             A relatively new
                                          unit, RIVRON 1 offi-
                                          cially stood up in May
                                             It has been more
                                          than 30 years since the
                                          last group of Riverines

                                          was disbanded, due to

hdadi insurgents                          lack of necessity.
                                             “Riverines have
                                          a long history.” Pa-
                                          quin said, “From the
                                          American Revolution
                                          to, most notably, the
                                          Vietnam War. We’ve
                                          learned from past ex-
                                          periences and applied
                                          it to today’s mission;
hrates River near Baghdadi.
                                          helping to bring about
      “Theoretically, we could’ve         the re-birth of the Riv-
   done it ourselves,” Murata said.       erine.”
   “But the strain on personnel alone        According to Pa-
   would’ve been tremendous. Bring-       quin, mission execu-

   ing in these other units allowed us    tion today isn’t all that
   to focus on what we do best.”          different from the past
                 nder the cover of           “During Vietnam,
                 darkness, recon teams    they’d send a five-man
                 were inserted onto the   boat crew to seek out
                 island via the FC470     the enemy,” Paquin
   Combat Rubber Raiding Craft, also      said. “Today, our
   known as Zodiacs.                      mission has evolved
                                                                     Examples of   ordinance collected during the Marines’
      “It’s a rubber boat with a metal    into maritime interdic- mission.
   floorboard,” said Navy Lt. Keith       tion operations. We
   R. Paquin, the assistant officer in    do waterborne guard                      mined extract point. Meanwhile,
   charge of Det. 1, RIVRON 1, RCT-       patrols for units operating near the     the recon teams setup ambush
   2. “Not very sexy, but it gets the     river. It keeps the insurgents from      positions, remaining on the island
   job done.”                             using it as an avenue of escape. So      until first light.
      Though equipped with an op-         far, it’s working really well.”             “Ambush positions are com-
   tional 55-horsepower engine, the          Once inserted, the Riverines          monly used to gain a tactical posi-
   teams paddled downstream to            drifted downstream to a predeter-        tion of advantage on enemy forces
                                                                                                     The Coalition Chronicle   21
Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Grant Burleson, a boat captain with Detach-   Marines with Company B, 1st Combat Engineer Bat-
ment 1, Riverine Squadron 1, Regimental Combat Team 2, navigates the       talion, Regimental Combat Team 2, download a Zo-
Euphrates River aboard a Zodiac.                                           diac boat before putting in for a patrol.

while they’re unaware of your             15 artillery                                              Though
presence,” said Marine Cpl. Daniel        fuses, nine 57        “The islands need                the mission
A. Elborne, an infantryman with
1st Platoon, TF Recon, RCT-2.
                                          mm mortars,
                                          three 130
                                                              a frequent presence                was not ev-
                                                                                                 erything he
   “After an initial sweep of the is-     mm shells,          to permanently deny                had hoped
land, we got into our positions and       two 120 mm                                             it would be,
                                                              a safe haven for the

waited for any enemy movement,”           shells, and                                            Murata came
he said.                                  two 82 mm               insurgency.”                   to one solid
              t dawn, the combat          mortars.                                               conclusion.
              engineers hopped in           “Was it                                                 “The
              the boats and headed        everything         Marine Capt. Ryan S. Murata islands need
              toward the island.          we wanted?            commander, 1st Platoon,          a frequent
Recon provided security, while the        No,” ex-           Task Force Reconnaissance,          presence to
engineers used their mine detec-          plained            Regimental Combat Team 2            permanently
tors to sweep for weapons caches.         Murata.                                                deny a safe
   A variety of various-sized ord-        “Catching                                              haven for the
nance was uncovered during the            someone in                                             insurgency,”
search, including 79 155 mm ar-           the act would’ve been ideal. But Murata said. “What we did was
tillery shells, 48 pounds of high         for disruption purposes? Yes, it only a short-term solution. It needs
explosive, 40 pounds of propellant,       was effective.”                  to continue.” C
22   The Coalition Chronicle
A Korean soldier with the Zaytun Division paints a design on an Iraqi
girl’s face at the International Kids Festival in Erbil.

                  future                                                Korean soldiers perform a traditional dance for the
                                                                        crowd at the International Kids Festival.

 Korean division lends support to UNICEF children’s festival
                      Story, photos                    children enjoyed eating popcorn and cotton candy.
                       courtesy of                     Zaytun Division also supported four buses for the
                      MND-NE PAO                       children's transportation and prepared balls, sports
                                                       shoes and school supplies as gifts.

          he International Kids Festival, supported by    "This festival is an event of children's harmony and
          UNICEF, took place in Erbil June 1-6.        it has a great meaning to symbolize this internation-
             This festival was                                                  ally anticipated festival,” said
          attended by 120 chil-                                                 Korean Brig. Gen. Lee Jung-ha,
dren from Arab countries and                  “I expect this                    deputy commanding general of
Europe.                                                                         Multi-National Division-North-
   It was held under the plat-
                                          festival contributes                  east. “We are very happy to
form of peace and reconciliation            to the peace and                    participate in this event. I expect
in the Iraq.                                                                    this festival contributes to the
   Hence, let all the world notice         stability of Iraq.”                  peace and stability of Iraq."

what progress has been made in                                                         alakadin Kakay, Iraqi
this land.                            Korean Brig. Gen. Lee Jung-ha                    minister of culture, said
   Last February, the Ministry of                                                      "It would be very dif-
Culture requested Korea’s Zay-
                                                MND-NE deputy                          ficult without Zaytun's
tun Division’s support for the               commanding general                 passionate support. Thank you
event. The division promised its                                                for supporting us. We will hold
full support to meet on a com-                                                  various events for children such
mon ground that aimed for peace and reconstruction     as this successful festival in the near future with a
of the region.                                         long perspective."
   In the opening ceremony, Zaytun soldiers per-          UNICEF and guiding officials who watched the
formed a military parade, tae kwon do and traditional opening ceremony and the Zaytun film said that Zay-
folklore dances.                                       tun activities in this region were very impressive.
   Kite making, toy balloons and the art of folding       Zaytun Division continues to support Iraqi peace
paper made the atmosphere more festive. Most of all, and reconstruction. C    C
                                                                                                      The Coalition Chronicle   23
Army Sgt. 1st Class John Duggins, platoon sergeant with Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd
Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, provides security as residents pass through the streets north of the Grey’at neighborhood of

The Adhamiyah Project
Baghdad’s Adhamiyah District.

Paratroopers drive on in volatile Baghdad neighborhood
           Story, photos by           was once a vehicle June 29.                    it from happening again,” he said.
         Army Spc. L.B. Edgar            The day’s mission was not to                “It was an array of eight to 10 mor-
             MND-B PAO                dwell on yesterday’s vehicle-borne             tars in the back seat of a vehicle.

                                      improvised explosive device at-                The vehicle was in that position
        nly one man knew what was tack, which claimed the life of one                for 30 to 45 minutes before it was
        coming. From afar, he com-    Iraqi policeman, wounded two                   detonated. It was remote-control
        pleted the circuit and braced others and injured another two                 detonated, so the trigger man had
        for the blast’s impact. None  passersby. The paratroopers in-                to have line of sight. No trigger
of the Iraqis going about their       stead gauged the attitude of locals            man was caught or found.”
daily life were ready. The sound      and randomly searched vehicles                    The attack did not come as a
cut through the hustle and bustle     for weapons, kidnapping victims                surprise to the paratroopers, who
of daily life on the streets of the   or illegal identification cards, said          expect the unexpected, he said.
eastern Raabi neighborhood in         Army 1st Lt. Jeremy Tillman, the                  “We all know it’s just a matter
Baghdad’s Adhamiyah District.         leader of the battery’s 1st Platoon.           of time before these things happen
   The following day, paratroopers       Tillman estimated that questions            in our sector,” Tillman said. “An
of Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 319th    would be answered in 48 to 72                  insurgency (wages) guerrilla-type
Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, hours.                                            warfare to disrupt a good thing; a
2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Divi-         “We’re still milling over the               drop of oil in water that spreads.”
sion, passed the twisted metal that ‘who and why’ and how to prevent                    While the vast majority of peo-
24   The Coalition Chronicle
ple in Raabi, a neighborhood with
a mixture of Sunni and Shia, are
supportive of paratroopers’ efforts
to improve their lot in life, there
is a minority intent on wreaking
havoc, Tillman said.
   “You’ve got small factions here
and there who are power hungry
and greedy religious zealots,” he
   While one or more of those
zealots lashed out with a cold and
calculated attempt at destabilizing
Raabi, the paratroopers of 1st Pla-     Army Sgt. 1st Class John Duggins, platoon sergeant and Army 1st Lt. Jeremy Till-
toon are still right where residents    man, platoon leader, both of Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery
                                        Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, check the identification cards of
can find them — with the people.        Iraqis stopped at a vehicle checkpoint in the Adhamiyah District.
        Grounded paratroopers
   The genesis of Operation Fardh       ity, improving essential services          June 27. Subsequently, 2nd Platoon
Al Qanoon brought the para-             such as adequate sewage, readily           took Crocker on a tour of Raabi’s
troopers to Adhamiyah, a volatile       available clean water and regular          “Fish Market.”
district of Iraq’s capital. The para-   trash pick-up is also an important            “We took him to some of our
troopers entered Raabi, a neighbor-     mission for the paratroopers, said         previous trouble spots. We were
hood in Adhamiyah, with a heavy-        Army Capt. Josh Richardson, Bat-           able to show him the change that
handed approach in keeping with         tery B commander.                          we’ve created over the last four or
the operation’s focus of clearing          The battalion is using a two-           five months during the surge and
neighborhoods. They captured            pronged attack to improve es-              some of the projects we’re work-
terrorists and insurgents before        sential services. Its leadership is        ing on. With his influence, we’ll be
moving to the second phase of the       working with the upper echelons            able to show the Iraqis’ progress,”
Baghdad Security Plan, engaging         of the Iraqi government to create          said Pitts, who led the tour. “It
the local populace, Tillman said.       long-term solutions.                       shows the surge plan working. It’s
   “We dismounted out of the gate.         The Battalion subcontracted a           safe enough where we can get the
We started patrolling immediately       company to place trash cans and            ambassador to come down, walk
and started getting to know the         regularly pick them up, Tillman            our streets, even have chai with
local people. We’re now to a point      said. Plans are in the works for two       several of the locals.”
where we know their names, we           gas stations to open up in the com-           Crocker’s visit was an oppor-
know their faces and we know            munity, he added.                          tunity to showcase the battalion’s
their families. They trust us. We          “We hope to get the people …            successful dismounted approach to
trust them,” said Army 1st Lt. Lar-     essential services, such as electric-      engaging Raabi residents.
ry Pitts, 2nd Platoon leader. “With     ity. They want essential services,”           “It’s important to have some-
the correct mentality, we can make      Tillman said. “All the essential           body with that level of importance
a difference in this sector.”           services that make your hometown           in our area, so that we can dem-
   Though the paratroopers of           back in America clean, this area           onstrate to them that we think we
2/319 are field artillerymen, they      needs.”                                    have a foothold for transition. We
are performing an infantryman’s            Besides improving the quality           got to show him some good things
job and use the dismounted ap-          of life, local projects to provide         and some things that needed
proach to security, he said.            essential services also create jobs,       improvement,” he said. “Transi-
   “We’re with the people every         thereby pumping money into the             tion is the ultimate goal for us and
day. 98 percent of our patrols are      economy, he said.                          he saw a population and a Coali-
dismount patrols,” Tillman said.                     Help on the way               tion Force that are working pretty
“We’re dismounted every day.               The success of 319th’s paratroop-       well together. We definitely have
We’re good to good people; we’re        ers was put on display for the U.S.        a ways to go but the people know
bad to bad people.”                     Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker,          — because we’re out there a lot
 Project progress: essential services   when he visited Coalition Outpost          walking the streets — that we care
   While security remains a prior-      War Eagle, the battalion’s home            about the future of this area.” C
                                                                                                      The Coalition Chronicle   25
          G !!!!!!
   C OM
  Aviation medics conduct mass
                                                                   Army Spc. Rocky Blair, Headquartes and Support
                                                                   Company, 603rd Aviation Support Battalion, gives

casualty exercise at Camp Stryker                                  instructions to combat lifesavers transporting a sim-
                                                                   ulated casualty during a mass-casualty exercise.

                      Story, photos by                    to act as casualties for the 18 enlisted medics and
                  Army Pfc. Monica K. Smith               eight medical officers participating in the exercise.
                         MND-C PAO                        The exercise also incorporated multiple staff sections,

                                                          including the chaplain, a representative from mortu-
          edics working at the Camp Striker main          ary affairs and the brigade’s personnel office.
          troop medical center participated in an ex-        “We just tried to get as many people involved as we
          ercise designed to evaluate their efficiency    could,” McClellan said. The next exercise will include
          during a mass casualty event.                   all the battalions, the mayor’s cell, the Area Defense
   “We need to practice and get good at this while we Operations Center and the fire department and Kel-
can,” said Army Maj. Scott McCellan, brigade sur-         logg, Brown and Root employees, he said.
geon, Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division         “Prior planning prevents poor performance” Mc-
(Mech.). “We have to be pre-                                                        Clellan said. “We want to have
pared to provide for the camp                                                       an exercise four or five times
of 9,000 people. There is a lot     “Prior planing prevents                         while we’re here. We also
of responsibility and I want
to make sure we’re squared
                                     poor performance.”                             have a clinic at the flight line
                                                                                    and we plan on doing some-
away should the worst hap-                                                          thing similar for them.”
pen.”                                    Army Maj. Scott McClellan                     Each patient must be
   The exercise was a scenario                        surgeon                       tracked from the moment they
involving a mortar-round                3rd Combat Aviation Brigade                 arrive at the troop medical
striking the north Morale,                                                          clinic until they either recover
Welfare and Recreation center                                                       or they are transported to an-
at Camp Striker while many people were exercising         other medical clinic or hospital, Sheets said.
in the gym. Chaos was simulated and medical work-            “We had (the personnel office), mortuary affairs
ers, in addition to several combat life savers, were      and the chaplain providing input that we did not ini-
assessed on reaction time and their capability to treat   tially fit into our plan on how to handle patients and
the 14 casualties.                                        how to track patients that go to other hospitals and
   “This was a mini walk-through to catch problem ar- clinics in the area,” McClellan said. “We learned a lot
eas,” said Army Lt. Shawn Sheets, Headquarters and        about our capabilities and changes we need to make
Support Company, 603rd Aviation Support Battalion. in order to provide more efficient help. I think in the
“We have a list of where everyone sleeps and we have end it brought a lot of people together. We got a lot of
runners, so we see how long the runners take to get       good feedback on how to improve and get better and
all the doctors here.”                                    better each time we do it. You know what they say,
   Each month a combat lifesaver class is given. Sol-     practice makes perfect. You never know what’s going
diers taking the class were incorporated into the train- to happen and we absolutely have to be prepared for
ing to provide additional help. Units tasked soldiers     the worst. ” C C
26   The Coalition Chronicle
Army Maj. Scott McClellan, brigade surgeon, 3rd Combat Avia-
tion Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mech.), oversees two med-
ics as they attend to a Soldier during a mass-casualty exercise
at the Camp Striker Main Troop Medical Center. Medics were
forced to make rapid decisions and the TMC was evaluated on
its projected efficiency during a mass-casualty event.

                                              The Coalition Chronicle   27
                                                                       In Mem
                                                                           Names of coalition service mem
                                                                            Operation Iraqi Freedom betw
                       May 17, 2007
            Sgt. 1st Class Jesse B. Albrecht, 31
                                                        4/9 Inf., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
                                                       Sgt. Robert J. Montgomery Jr., 29            Greate
           425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
               Pfc. Victor M. Fontanilla, 23
                                                       1/40 Cav., 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
                                                            Pvt. Oscar Sauceda Jr., 21               hath n
           425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
                 Pfc. Aaron D. Gautier, 19
                                                        1/28 Inf., 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
                                                                                                   than th
            2/23 Inf., 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
               Pfc. Jonathan V. Hamm, 20
                                                          Cpl. Julian M. Woodall, 21
                                                   3/10 Mar. Regt., 2nd Mar. Div., 2nd MEF         a man la
            2/23 Inf., 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
                 Sgt. Steven M. Packer, 23
                                                        Pfc. Robert A. Worthington, 19
                                                        4/9 Inf., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.          his life
         2/14 Inf., 2nd Bde., 10th Mountain Div.
                  Spc. Coty J. Phelps, 20                        May 23, 2007                          frien
           425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.

                      May 18, 2007
                                                         Staff Sgt. Steve Butcher Jr., 27
                                                        3/69 AR, 1st Bde., 3rd Inf. Div.
                                                             Pfc. Daniel P. Cagle, 22
             Sgt. 1st Class Scott J. Brown, 33          3/69 AR, 1st Bde., 3rd Inf. Div.                     Sgt. Nicholas
         1/325 PIR, 2nd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.          Cpl. Victor Toledo Pulido, 22                1st REcon Bn., 1st M
              Sgt. Anselmo Martinez III, 26             3/1 Cav., 3rd Bde., 3rd Inf. Div.
            1/12 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.         Cpl. Jonathan D. Winterbottom, 21                          May 27
              Spc. Marquis J. McCants, 23               3/1 Cav., 3rd Bde., 3rd Inf. Div.                Lance Cpl. Emma
         1/325 AIR, 2nd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.                                                        1/11 Mar. Regt., 13
                  Spc. Casey W. Nash, 22                           May 24, 2007
            1/12 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.              Spc. Benjamin J. Ashley, 22                            May 28
               Spc. Joshua G. Romero, 19                   1/5 FA, 1st Bde., 1st Inf. Div.                 Spc. Alexandre
            1/12 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.              Spc. Mark R.C. Caguioa, 21                    6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
                                                         1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                   Cpl. Zachary
                      May 19, 2007                        Pfc. Robert H. Dembowski, 20                    6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
                Spc. David W. Behrle, 20             1/504 PIR, 1st Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.       Chief Warrant Officer T
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.          Sgt. 1st Class Robert E. Dunham, 36               2/6 Cav., 25th CA
                 Cpl. Ryan D. Collins, 20          1st Bde. Trans. Team, 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.             Sgt. Anthony
           1/501 PIR, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.          Staff Sgt. Russell K. Shoemaker, 31               6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
               Spc. Joseph A. Gilmore, 26          1st Bde. Trans. Team, 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.           1st Lt. Keith N.
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                   Sgt. Iosiwo Uruo, 27                     2/6 Cav., 25th CA
                 Pfc. Travis F. Haslip, 20               1/14 Cav., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.               Staff Sgt. Thoma
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                 Pfc. Casey P. Zylman, 22                    1/38 Inf., 4th Bd
                 Sgt. Jean P. Medlin, 27                 3/4 Cav., 3rd Bde., 25th Inf. Div.               Pfc. Junior Cede
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                                                             1/38 Inf., 4th Bd
            Staff Sgt. Christopher More, 28                     May 25, 2007                               Cpl. James E. S
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.             Pvt. William L. Bailey III, 29                  6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
              Sgt. Jason A. Schumann, 23                755th Chem. Recon./Decon. Co.                          1st Lt. Kile G
        3/89 Cav., 2nd Bde., 10th Mountain Div.           Spc. Mathew P. LaForest, 21                     6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
               Pfc. Alexander R. Varela, 19             4/9 Inf., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
            1/5 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.           Lance Cpl. David P. Lindsey, 20                            May 29
              Sgt. Justin D. Wisniewski, 22         3/6 Mar. Regt., 2nd Mar. Div., 2nd MEF                   Sgt. Richard V
         2/15 FA, 2nd Bde., 10th Mountain Div.            Spc. Alexander Rosa Jr., 22                 2/14 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1
                                                                   3rd MP Bn.                                Pfc. Robert A
                       May 21, 2007                                                                      2/69 AR, 3rd Bd
                  Sgt. Brian D. Ardron, 32                      May 26, 2007                              Cpl. Jonathan A
            425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.           Spc. Clinton C. Blodgett, 19                   6/9 Cav., 3rd Bd
                 Spc. Michael W. Davis, 22              1/18 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.                   Spc. Doonew
            425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.           Sgt. Clayton G. Dunn II, 22                     2/5 Cav., 1st Bd
             Staff Sgt. Shannon V. Weaver, 28       2/505 PIR, 3rd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.
            425th BSB, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.            Pfc. Charles B. Hester, 23                               May 30
                                                        2/3 Inf., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                     Sgt. Bacilio E
                      May 22, 2007                        Spc. Michael J. Jaurigue, 20                     1/18 Inf., 2nd Bd
                 Cpl. Jeremy Brookes, 28            2/505 PIR, 3rd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.                   Spc. James E
                    4th Bn., The Rifles                   Spc. Gregory N. Millard, 22                      1/18 Inf., 2nd Bd
           Lance Cpl. Benjamin D. Desilets, 21      2/505 PIR, 3rd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.                   Pfc. Joshua M
        3/10 Mar. Regt., 2nd Mar. Div., 2nd MEF           Spc. Erich S. Smallwood, 23                      1/18 Inf., 2nd Bd
           Staff Sgt. Kristopher A. Higdon, 25                   875th Eng. Bn.                                     May 31
             4/9 Inf., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.           Spc. Francis M. Trussel Jr., 21                     Pfc. Matthew
              Staff Sgt. David C. Kuehl, 27            1/12 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                 2/12 Inf., 2nd Bd

28   The Coalition Chronicle
mbers who died while serving in
ween May 16 and June 15, 2007
er love                        Pfc. Matthew A. Bean, 22
                         2/15 FA, 2nd Bde., 10th Mountain Div.
                                                                                     June 7, 2007
                                                                        Senior Airman William N. Newman, 23
no man                        Sgt. Chadrick O. Domino, 23
                            1/23 Inf., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
                                                                                  15th Civil Eng. Sqd.
                                                                                Cpl. Rodney Wilson, 30
his: that                             June 1, 2007
                                                                                   4th Bn., The Rifles

ay down                       Staff Sgt. Travis W. Atkins, 31
                         2/14 Inf., 2nd Bde., 10th Mountain Div.
                                                                                     June 9, 2007
                                                                                Sgt. Cory M. Endlich, 23
 for his                      Staff Sgt. Juan F. Campos, 27
                             1/26 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
                                                                            2/1 Cav., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
                                                                             Cpl. Meresebang Ngiraked, 21

 nds.                           Sgt. Bruce E. Horner, 43
                              709th MP Bn., 18th MP Bde.
                                                                                        5/5 ADA

 15:13                                June 2, 2007
                                 Spc. Romel Catalan, 21
                                                                                    June 10, 2007
                                                                          Airman 1st Class Eric M. Barnes, 20
                                                                               90th Log. Readiness Sqd.
s R. Walsh, 27              1/23 Inf., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                Cpl. Llythaniele Fender, 21
Mar. Div., 1st MEF            Spc. Jeremiah D. Costello, 22                              5/5 ADA
                            5/82 FA, 4th Bde., 1st Cav. Div.                   Spc. Adam G. Herold, 23
7, 2007                        Spc. William J. Crouch, 21                  2/377 PIR, 4th Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
anuel Villareal, 21         2/1 Cav., 4th Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                 Staff Sgt. Brian M. Long, 32
3th MEU, 1st MEF                 Sgt. Dariek E. Dehn, 32                    2/3 Inf., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
                            6/9 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.
8, 2007                        Sgt. Shawn E. Dressler, 22                          June 11, 2007
e A. Alexeev, 23             1/18 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.                Pfc. Cameron Payne, 22
de., 1st Cav. Div.               Spc. Keith V. Nespa, 21                    2/16 Inf., 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
 D. Baker, 24               5/82 FA, 4th Bde., 1st Cav. Div.
de., 1st Cav. Div.                                                                   June 12, 2007
Theodore U. Church, 32                June 3, 2007                            Pvt. William C. Johnston, 22
AB, 25th Inf. Div.                Sgt. James C. Akin, 23                     1/4 Cav., 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
 D. Ewing, 22               1/37 FA, 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                   Spc. Damon G. LeGrand, 27
de., 1st Cav. Div.              Pfc. Joshua D. Brown, 26                      504th MP Bn., 42nd MP Bde.
. Heidtman, 24               1/18 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.             Lance Cpl. Johnny R. Strong, 21
AB, 25th Inf. Div.            Sgt. Caleb P. Christopher, 25              2/7 Mar. Regt., 1st Mar. Div., 1st MEF
as M. McFall, 36            1/8 Cav., 2nd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.
de., 2nd Inf. Div.            Staff Sgt. Greg P. Gagarin, 38                       June 13, 2007
eno Sanchez, 20             1/37 FA, 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                  Pfc. Casey S. Carriker, 20
de., 2nd Inf. Div.                 Sgt. Tyler J. Kritz, 21                 2/35 Inf., 3rd Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
Summers III, 21             1/37 FA, 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.
de., 1st Cav. Div.              Sgt. Robert A. Surber, 24                           June 14, 2007
 G. West, 23                1/37 FA, 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.               Staff Sgt. Michael A. Bechert, 24
de., 1st Cav. Div.                Sgt. Kimel L. Watt, 21                   1/18 Inf., 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
                              1/7 FA, 2nd Bde., 1st Inf. Div.                     Spc. Val J. Borm, 21
9, 2007                                                                   2/35 Inf., 3rd Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
 V. Correa, 25                        June 5, 2007                             Cpl. Dustin R. Brisky, 26
 10th Mountain Div.          Tech Sgt. Ryan A. Balmer, 33          92nd Eng. Bn., 3rd Sustainment Bde., 3rd Inf. Div.
A. Liggett, 23             AF Office of Special Investigations                 Spc. Farid Elazzouzi, 26
 de., 3rd Inf. Div.            Sgt. Andrew J. Higgins, 28                 2/35 Inf., 3rd Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
A. Markham, 22              5/20 Inf., 3rd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.               Spc. Josiah W. Hollopeter, 27
 de., 1st Cav. Div.         Staff Sgt. Matthew J. Kuglics, 25              6/9 Cav., 3rd Bde., 1st Cav. Div.
wey White, 26              AF Office of Special Investigations                Sgt. Richard K. Parker, 26
de., 1st Cav. Div.              Pfc. Justin A. Verdeja, 20                             1/152 FA
                            2/12 Inf., 2nd Bde., 2nd Inf. Div.                 Sgt. Derek T. Roberts, 24
0, 2007                                                                   2/35 Inf., 3rd Bde., 25th Inf. Div.
E. Cuellar, 24                        June 6, 2007
Bde., 1st Inf. Div.         Staff Sgt. Timothy B. Cole Jr., 28                       June 15, 2007
E. Lundin, 20            5/73 Cav., 3rd Bde., 82nd Airborne Div.               Pfc. Michael P. Pittman, 34
Bde., 1st Inf. Div.             Pfc. Shawn D. Gajdos, 25                     1/4 Cav., 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.
M. Moore, 20                 2/16 Inf., 4th Bde., 1st Inf. Div.              Maj. Kevin H. Sonnenberg, 42
Bde., 1st Inf. Div.               Sgt. Matthew Soper, 25                            112th Fighter Sqd.
 1, 2007                             1461st Trans. Co.
w E. Baylis, 20              Sgt. 1st Class Greg L. Sutton, 38
 de., 2nd Inf. Div.         212th MiTT, 1st Bde., 1st Inf. Div.

                                                                                                The Coalition Chronicle   29

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