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					                             Request for Proposal for Web Hosted Solution

                                         2010-2011 School Year

Madison County Schools is requesting a bid proposal for web hosting services, in accordance with
Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Selection Criteria

Madison County Schools reserves the right to select the bid that offers the best overall benefit to the
school system. Madison County Schools may accept any or all parts of the proposal. Along with price,
special consideration will be given to proposals of components/services that will offer the highest
quality and usability for our district. In addition, special consideration will be given to proposals that
provide outstanding service and maintenance for the components that will be installed or utilized.
Price will be the main consideration but not the sole consideration per FCC rules for evaluating RFP’s
for E-Rate. All submitted proposals become property of Madison County Board of Education. All
contracts awarded are subject to approval of the project by the Schools and Library Division and the
Madison County Board of Education. In addition, any contract awarded by Madison County Schools is
subject to the school system receiving the sufficient e-Rate funds from the federal government
regarding this proposal. The selected vendor shall guarantee that the costs quotes are all inclusive.
The vendor shall agree that if reduced rates for selected services become available during the life of
the contract, new rates may be negotiated under the contract in force. We are seeking a one year
contract with 4 optional 1 year renewals. Special consideration will be given to the following:

Vendor Qualifications

1. In order to submit a proposal, the vendor
       a. Must be registered as a service provider with the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the
          Federal Communications Commission (FCC), have a Service Provider Identification Number
          (SPIN) and comply with all SLD service provider requirements.
       b. Must have a minimum of five years experience in the area of expertise of this RFP.
       c. Must have highly-qualified network engineers and technicians on staff, capable of
          diagnosing problems quickly and providing/recommending solutions.
2. Proposals submitted by the vendor must comply with the competitive bidding requirement of the
   SLD for Universal Service Fund services and support, along with state and local bid laws.
3. Vendors must be able to provide at least three references from customers with environments
   similar to Madison County Schools. Reference information must include company name/project,
   contact name, address and telephone number.
4. The vendor must provide information regarding availability of technical support.
5. The vendor must provide history of the company, strengths and stability, including years in
   business, licensing information, years in providing the type of proposed service, existing customer
   satisfaction, number of customers in North Carolina and areas covered in North Carolina.
6. The vendor must certify that no federal or state suspension or debarment is in place which would
   preclude receiving a state or federally funded contract.
7. Other information the vendor deems appropriate for the proposal.
8. All proposals must be signed by an employee or owner authorized to make commitments on behalf
   of the vendor.
9. All proposals must be valid for a period of six (6) months.

Mailed Submission

Sealed responses to this RFP must be submitted and delivered to Madison County Schools no later
than Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 4:00pm. In addition to a hard copy of the proposal, the sealed
proposal must include a USB drive with a soft copy of the proposal in Microsoft Office 2003/2007
format. The outside of the sealed envelope should be clearly marked with the vendor name, and E-
rate SPIN number. It is the sole responsibility of the respondents to ensure that their responses arrive
in a timely manner. Madison County Schools reserves the right to reject all late arrivals. Envelopes
containing RFP’s shall be so marked as to be easily identified as containing RFP proposals.


                      Madison County Schools
                      Hosted Web Services
                      Deborah Frisby
                      5738 US HWY 25-70
                      Marshall, NC 28753
Direct all inquiries concerning this RFP to:

                      Shawn Randall
                      Madison County Schools
                      Telephone: 828-649-9276 Ext. 253
                      Fax: 828-649-9334

On-Site Visit

Madison County Schools requires an on-site visit and/or web demonstration in order to facilitate an
accurate proposal evaluation. To schedule an on-site visit, please contact Shawn Randall at 828-649-
9276 ext. 253.

Web Hosting Service Solution

Madison County Schools is investigating updating its school district websites to a more efficient and
manageable long-term solution. Madison County Schools is seeking the following improvements to
help us as we move forward into the 21st Century.

Note: The proposal must clearly indicate eligible and ineligible services, annual recurring and non-
recurring cost, and cost allocate per E-rate guidelines. Proposal must itemize the cost of converting
each of our schools websites and the Central office (by department) (for reference our website is at
www.madison.k12.nc.us). The proposal should address the following items below.

    1. Intranet- for inner departments and school-wide use
    2. User interface WYSIWYG
    3. Calendars- multi level
    4. Posting assignments and submitting assignments safely from on and off network – must be able
    to upload and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photo albums and slide shows
    5. Easy user interface with distributed management features - schools are able to manage their
    own users and settings
    6. Audio and video posting
    7. Able to create encrypted forms
    8. Create quizzes with scoring and ability to import to NCWISE
    9. Collaborative work groups
    10. Create surveys with data and instant graphical results
11. Verifiable and regularly backed up data
12. District to school to teacher to student structure-Uniform structure
13. LDAP- allowing Active Directory authentication
14. Easy management with batch provisioning of classes from NCWISE - student information
15. Easy permission management for parents to access student work from protected public access
16. Unlimited data and transfer space
17. Training and support- Via phone, online and FAQs
18. Chat and Blogging features and easy teacher management
19. New users and admin Management (District, School, Teachers and Student Account
20. Read and Write Management Permissions
21. Online payment for field trips lunch etc. via PayPal
22. Migration of current website with breakout cost for each school
23. Multi-language support
24. Spell checker
25. Profanity Language Filter- easy to manage
26. Virus Filtering for files uploaded
27. Failover System
28. Vendor Long-term outlook (number of customers, revenue, support structure)

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