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									9.18            FRANKLIN COUNTY                                                     4-5-05

9.18.1          SYSTEM SUMMARY

Franklin County is a type 5, E9-1-1 System consisting of two PSAP. The PSAP is located in the
Sheriff's dispatch center in Eastpoint. The PSAP direct dispatches call for the Sheriff's Office,
Ambulance Service, Fire Departments, Apalachicola Police Department and the Carrabelle Police
Department. There are no dedicated transfer lines to other safety agencies. The system is fully
enhanced Phase 2 system. Each PSAP is equipped with a Telecommunications Device for the
Deaf (TDD). Each PSAP has an auxiliary powered motor generator set for supplying power to the
PSAP during commercial power outages. Each PSAP has a battery Powered Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS) with sufficient capacity to maintain the PSAP equipment until the motor
generator stabilizes. The 9-1-1 Center is in a security building in a control room with
environmentally conditioned area accessible only to authorized personnel.

9.18.2          SYSTEM MANAGEMENT

The Franklin County 9-1-1 System is operated by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office under the
management of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. The responsible fiscal agent is the Board of
County Commissioners.


All central office overlaps with adjoining counties have been eliminated by GTCom. Therefore,
there is no specific requirement for an interlocal agreement.

TABLE 9.18-1


Sheriff's Department Primary PSAP

Location                                                   Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Eastpoint
Number of Answering Positions                            2
Type of Answering Position                               Call Taker/Dispatcher
Total Staff                                              10
Number of Logging Recorders                              1 – 24 Channel
Number of Instant Playback Recorders                     4
Call Answering Equipment                                 Sentinel Rescue Star ECS-1000
Dial-Out Lines                                           14
Tie-Lines                                                0
Incoming Trunks                                          12
Transfer Lines                                           0
TDD                                                      2

TABLE 9.18-2


AGENCY                                 METHOD                              VEHICLE

Sheriff's Department Primary PSAP

Franklin County Sheriff's Dept.        Direct Dispatch                     Radio

Dispatching For:

Apalachicola Police Dept. & Carrabelle Police Dept.

Alligator Point Volunteer Fire &       Direct Dispatch                     Radio
Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Dept.      Direct Dispatch                     Radio
& St. George Island Fire Dept.
Eastpoint Fire Dept.                   Direct Dispatch                     Radio
Carrabelle Volunteer Fire Dept.        Direct Dispatch                     Radio
Florida Div. of Forestry               Relay/Transfer                      Dial Telephone
Florida Highway Patrol                 Relay/Transfer                      Dial Telephone
Florida Wild Life Commission        Transfer   Dial Telephone
U. S. Coast Guard (Cape San Blas)   Transfer   Dial Telephone
Any Liberty County Agency (via      Transfer   Dial Telephone
Liberty Cnty. Sheriff’s Office)

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