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newsletter 4th qtr 06.indd


									                                                                                                      Volume 11
For                                                                                             4th Quarter 2006


                                        spotlight                                  on
                                        dental care plus

                                        Each quarter, we focus on one of our carrier partners. An executive from that
In this issue:                          carrier will be chosen to provide feedback and education about their role with
                                        the company along with updates and any future company visions. This month our
• Carrier Spotlight                 1   spotlight is on Ann Young, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Dental Care Plus.

• Carrier Business Bulletin Board   3   Tell us about yourself, your family, hobbies, education, etc.: I was born
                                        and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved to the Cincinnati area 14 years ago by
                                        way of a job transfer while employed by The Chandler Group of Companies. My
•Carrier Bonus Programs             5   husband Mike and I have been married for 10 years and we reside in Maineville,
                                        Ohio. I obtained two Bachelor degrees from Kent State University, a Bachelor of
                                        Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Business Administration. In order to con-
• Get to Know                       6   tinue my own personal and professional growth, I completed numerous courses in
                                        coaching, training and development. I obtained coaching certifications in the areas
                                        of strategic planning, sales training and development, leadership development and
 • New Business / Quoting Tips      6   personal and professional growth coaching.
                                        Aside from my husband, most important to me is my family, especially my 7 year
                                        old niece Lauren who I am very close to.
• Customer Service Corner           7
                                        How long have you been at Dental Care Plus and in what role/roles, is
                                        your industry experience? I’m approaching 3 years with The Dental Care Plus
• Healthcare for One                7   Group. My role at DCPG is Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. I’ve spent the last
                                        18 years in the health insurance industry, primarily with healthcare vendors. I
                                        have enjoyed this business tremendously because it is always changing and always
• Calendar of Events                8
                                        challenging. This industry has been very good to me and I have enjoyed it tremen-
• Individually Speaking             8
                                        You have taken on a role with Dental Care Plus, please tell us a little bit
                                        about your job, duties and what you would like to accomplish in that
                                        role: My primary duties include the management and development of new sales,
For Your Benefit                         account management of existing business and the coordination of DCPG’s com-
655 Eden Park Dr., Suite #200           munication and marketing efforts. I spend much of my time collaborating with
Cincinnati, OH                          Tony Cook, CEO and the Board of Directors’s developing and implementation of
45202                                   new products for our core area in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and our
P: 513.241.7675                         expansion areas throughout Kentucky, Indiana and now into the Chicago market.
F: 513.629. 9160
                                        With emphasis put on the Southern Ohio market at Dental Care
                                        Plus, please give us some insight on where Dental Care Plus has made
                                        changes and how will it impact your growth in the marketplace? Where
7333 Paragon Rd., Suite #170            do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years locally? One of the big-
Centerville, OH                         gest recent changes in our home market was the introduction of our indemnity
45459                                   product, DentaPremier. Many of our employer groups were looking for a quality
P: 937.439.1644                         out-of-area plan that would cover dependents living in other markets as well as
F: 937.439.1635                         employees in satellite offices in other parts of the country. Through DentaPre-
                                        mier, employers can offer the very popular Dental Care Plus HMO in partnership
    with DentaPremier. In addition, there are employees living in       is uniquely positioned to grow through new market and new
    Southern Ohio who prefer an indemnity product. DentaPre-            products while retaining all of the qualities that have made us
    mier is a great fit for those members.                               a stand-out dental carrier.
    DentaPremier has been very well received. We introduced
    the product about two years ago, and there are already about        Any tips for agents to make the sales process easier
    5,000 members. We expect membership to continue to                  with Dental Care Plus?
    increase due to the growing demand for indemnity plans and          One of DCPG’s top competitive advantages is that we
    DentaPremier’s quality of coverage versus cost.                     are easy to work with. I hear it all the time during broker
    In Dayton, we offer DentaPremier as well as a great PPO             roundtables, through our market research and in one-on-one
    product called DentaSelect. Response in the Miami Valley            conversations with brokers and employers.
    to DentaSelect has exceeded our expectations. We’ve been            The one thing that I would recommend to agents interested
    chosen and are being considered by several groups who in-           in selling DCPG products is to know enough about us to
    surers categorize as “quality-conscious/price sensitive” clients.   explain why we are such a successful carrier.
    In terms of our future growth and development locally, our          •We’ve been in business for 20 years.
    primary charge is to stay on top. We are the regional market        •We’re the regional leader in dental insurance.
    leader in dental insurance, thanks to the reputation we have        •We have many satisfied employers from various industries
    built over the last 20 years for exceptional customer service,      and of all sizes who have been with us and stayed with us,
    our extensive network of providers and quality, competitively       despite increasing competitive options, for many years.
    priced products. Expectations of Dental Care Plus are very          •We surprise employers and employees whose past experi-
    high, particularly in our home market. We understand and            ence in dental insurance has not been positive.
    remain committed to meeting those expectations next year,           •Our plans are designed for utilization. We are owned by
    five years from now and well past our 30th anniversary.              dentists and we want our members to see their dentists
    Give us your observations about the marketplace for
    both Cincinnati and Dayton during the last two years,               What would you say is Dental Care Plus’s “niche”
    what has changed? The biggest changes have been driven              with regard to both client and product?
    by members, a trend that medical carriers often call “consum-       DCPG is known for exceptional service, whether you are a
    er driven” health care. The awareness about how important           broker, employer, employee or dentist. When you call during
    oral health is to your overall health is rising, so employee ex-    regular business hours, you get a live person who is trained
    pectations about quality, affordable dental care are also rising.   and eager to answer your questions promptly and accurately.
    In addition, dental diagnostics and treatments continue to          In addition, we are enhancing our online services to provide
    evolve, and dental plans must keep pace. Five years ago, im-        brokers, employers and members with information round the
    plants were considered an out-of-pocket option that mem-            clock, just a few clicks away.
    bers did not expect to be covered by insurance. Today, im-          DCPG products are carefully designed to provide value, the
    plants are considered “standard treatment” and the demand           result of quality coverage available at a competitive price. Yet,
    for implants are rising as baby boomers enter an age range          because we are regional, rather than national, we’ve been able
    when their dentists are more likely to recommend implants.          to build the infrastructure that enables us to move quickly
    As a result, we’re offering implant coverage as an option to        in response to market demands. Thanks to a combination of
    employers.                                                          technology and really top-notch people, we’re built to grow
    Starting in January, DCPG is also offering product innovations      without losing our agility.
    that open up employer and member options on veneers and             The other real selling point for DCPG is our network. We
    teeth whitening. We are offering greater plan design flexibility,    offer the largest network in greater Cincinnati and Northern
    such as moving endodontics and periodontics from Basic to           Kentucky. Even in expansion markets, our provider network
    Major and preparing to roll-out a copay product during the          has grown rapidly and continues to grow, exceeding networks
    second quarter of 2007.                                             by competitors who have been in those markets longer.
                                                                        Dentists are treated fairly by DCPG and that results in large,
    What do you see as major obstacles for dental carri-                growing networks for our members.
    ers in today’s marketplace?
    I have to say that carriers who relied upon what DCPG calls
    “bad habits” are increasing forced to abandon these business
    approaches. Trying to “buy business” by deliberately under-
    selling premiums one year and returning with outrageous
    renewal increases in an effort to make up for lost revenue
    really backfired for those carriers. The market is much more
    sophisticated about these tactics, and most employers prefer
    to steer clear of those competitors.
    Also, trying to sell products that made profits by slashing den-
    tist reimbursement to the bone just doesn’t work in this area.
    One reason is because DCPG exists. We’re owned by den-
    tists and we are well aware that dentists in this area quickly
    learn which carrier networks are bad bargains. As a result,
    these competitors are never able to build strong provider
    networks, one of the key criteria members use when evaluat-
    ing a plan’s value. Dental is different than medical and there is
    a learning curve in delivering the right products that appeal to
    employers, employees and dentists. There are national dental
    carriers who need to adjust their products and business
    processes to meet the demand, but are slow moving. DCPG

                                                                          •A member’s initial review is covered without authorization but
Medical Mutual of Ohio                                                 any additional visits will need a treatment plan.
*The Preferred Plan Network (PPN) is no longer in Medical                 •There is not a change to the member’s visit limits but if services
Mutual’s network offerings of doctors and hospitals in the state of    are not medically necessary they will not be authorized regard-
Indiana. This change is driven by the PPN and MultiPlan merger         less of the number of visits the member may have, additional visits
and PPN’s subsequent name change to MultiPlan. New identifica-          could be authorized in the future if their condition changed.
tion (ID) cards reflecting this change have been issued to Medical         •AWHN has currently contracted with over 85% of the Humana
Mutual members in Ohio. The PPN logo was removed from ID               Chiropractors in the Ohio Market.
cards, and cards now identify the network of doctors and hospitals     *HumanaFirst is a 24-hour nurse advice line available to com-
that members may visit in the state of Indiana, as well as any other   mercial Fully Insured members, participating commercial ASO
network(s) that may be used throughout the United States.              members, and Medicare members who have a medical benefit, at
*When submitting new group applications, please include Student        not extra cost to the member. By calling the HumanaFirst toll-free
Certification forms for dependents who are full-time students           phone number, members are provided an easy and convenient way
between the ages of 19 and 23. Student Certification forms are          to get information on health care questions. A staff of registered
required in order to enter dependents into Medical Mutual’s mem-       nurses listens to the caller’s symptoms and helps direct the caller
bership system.                                                        to the appropriate level of care based on the responses to physi-
*The conversion of FlexSave, Medical Mutual’s flexible spend-           cian-developed questions that assess specific medical conditions.
ing account program, to MHM Resources, Inc., is expected to be         Aetna
completed by January 1, 2007. The conversion will be conducted in      *All employees of a multi-state employer in IL, IN, MI or OH will
phases based on the group’s funding and reimbursement arrange-         be able to be covered under the traditional medical plans offered
ments. MMS is expected to resume customer service in the first          in the headquartered state of the group. They will offer their state
quarter of 2007 and full administration by January 2008. The first      specific traditional portfolio to all employees, with a single set of
conversion will begin on October 1, 2006 and will include groups       rates that follow the headquartered state rating structure.
that fund claims by an ACH draw and do not have debit card ac-         *Aetna reviews the Preferred Drug List (sometimes called a formu-
cess to their flexible spending accounts. Groups with other fund-       lary) as well as the precertification, quantity limit and step-therapy
ing methods and no debit card will be converted in November. All       programs. This is done so that they may continue to deliver afford-
groups with debit card access are scheduled for a January 1, 2007      able prescription drug benefits to their customers and members.
conversion. For extensive information on the FlexSave program,         In updating the lists, they may add new brand-name or generic
including a complete product overview, client benefits and tools        drugs that have just become available, and also remove others. The
and incentives for brokers, visit                    changes indicated in the attached lists will go into effect on January
                                                                       1, 2007. Please visit the Aetna Navigator for the most up-to-date
Humana                                                                 information.
*Effective January 1, 2007, some of the medications currently          *Aetna small group introduced their new product portfolio and
covered by your Humana prescription drug benefit may be subject         the following Underwriting enhancements with the Ohio small
to one or more of the following changes: prior authorization,          employer in mind.
dispensing limits and/or level changes (Rx3, Rx4 plans). Because       •Aetna Open Choice PPO Plan: Offers the freedom to go
prescription drug costs are rising faster than any other health care   directly to any recognized provider for covered expenses. No
expense, Humana is committed to giving you choices and options         referrals are required.
for drug benefits while providing coverage for a variety of medica-     •Aetna Open Access POS Plan: No need for referrals and the
tions. Your employees can take several steps to help control their     freedom to select provider of choice.
medication costs, including talking to their doctor about possible     •Aetna HMO Plan: Members access care through a Primary
lower-cost options such as:                                            Care Physician they select, who coordinates their health care needs
          •Generic equivalents of their brand-name medication          for covered benefits and services.
          •Other brand-name medications that have lower out-of-        •Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHP): Increase your
          pocket costs                                                 customer’s flexibility, control and choice. These plans put the con-
          •Over the counter medications, if appropriate                sumer in the center of the health care equation.
*As many of you are aware, they’ve changed the Small Group             •Aetna High Deductible PPO Plan (HSA Compatible): In-
Segment to include 2-99 eligible. As a result, they’ve modified the     surance options that are compatible with a Health Savings Account
Express Underwriting form you’ll need to use when you submit a         (HSA) provide employers and employees with an affordable tax
case to us to prescreen.                                               advantage solution that allows them to better manage their quali-
*Chiropractic Updates-                                                 fied medical and dental expenses.
  •Humana is now using the AWHN Network (American Whole                *Groups with 10-50 eligible employees may offer any combination
Health Network). When members use to look up a              of any two or three medical plans. Plans are priced based on the
Chiropractor the site automatically defaults to AWHN behind the        entire census of the group.
scenes.                                                                *Effective 11/1/2006, Commonwealth Orthopedics located in
  •AWHN replaces the Humana and ChoiceCare Networks for all            Northern Kentucky, will terminate from the Cincinnati, Ohio Aetna
of the Ohio Market. You will still use the Humana website to look      network.
up providers because it defaults to AWHN. This is for Chiro only.

                                                                               BOARD                                                  cont.

    *UHC offers affordable vision program for 2-50 groups. Their           Anthem
    Spectra Vision Program has comprehensive vision coverage with          *The Dayton Chamber Cash Bonus program has been extended
    little or no cost to your clients through a variety of coverage op-    through the end of 2006.
    tions and funding arrangements, including voluntary plans.             *Anthem is now offering a new, innovative health plan options for
    *UHC will be remapping renewals starting with 2-50 groups that         employers and individuals that will change the way consumers
    renew on December 1, 2006. As a result, we’re excited to be able       think about health care, helping them to lead healthier lives while
    to offer our popular consumer-driven health plans as alternate plan    also helping them gain control over the rising cost of care. These
    options on their renewal quotes. Their consumer-driven plans can       consumer-driven health plans and services will be available starting
    mean significant savings on your client’s medical premium.              January 1, 2007:
    *Beginning February 2007, all UHC members will have access to          •Lumenos Health Reimbursement Account
    the UnitedHealthcare Premium hospital comparison directory on          •Lumenos Health Savings Account The UnitedHealthcare Premium hospital comparison            •Lumenos Health Incentive Account
    program will provide consumers valuable comparison information         •Lumenos Health Incentive Account Plus (exclusively for the indi-
    so they are better able to make informed decisions about where         vidual market)
    to seek care. More specifically, the directory will offer condition/    Although Anthem began offering high deductible health plans a
    procedure level quality and cost information, on approximately 80      few years ago, this new suite of Lumenos products will empower
    inpatient and outpatient procedures in more than 140 markets.          consumers as never before with health information, support tools,
    *EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY- please begin using new Small Business          incentives and financial accounts to help them improve and main-
    employer and employee applications for new business. The current       tain their health and wellness and better manage their health care
    version of the enrollment forms should not be used after October       costs.
    27, 2006. The new forms can be downloaded from United eSer-            *Anthem has modified their approach to handling client authori-
    vices.                                                                 zation letters on Ohio large group accounts (51 or more eligible
    *Announcing Simply Engaged by UHC... and a 3% premium savings!         employees). Anthem will no longer accept letters sent by groups
    UHC has been aggressively promoting their consumer engagement          authorizing the release of their group information to a broker or
    message in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. The intro-            consultant other than the current agent of record. Anthem will
    duction of Simply Engaged has been the additional accelerator that     release information to the current agent of record and/or to the
    they needed to continue to emphasize the importance of promot-         group. Anthem will not negotiate renewal pricing or benefit op-
    ing these new products to a market that has been reluctant to          tions with any party other than the current agent of record or the
    make a philosophical change in the way that benefit programs are        group.
    structured. In the past, it has been easier for an employer to jump    *As of April 1, 2007, behavioral health benefits for Anthem mem-
    from carrier to carrier or go with the lowest premiums as a yearly     bers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio will be managed and adminis-
    strategy to control costs. The Southwest Ohio Key Accounts team        tered in-house by WellPoint Behavioral Health (WBH). Currently,
    is very excited to be part of UnitedHealthcare’s Simply Engaged        behavioral health benefits for most of these members are managed
    pilot launch. In less than one month, it has helped to contribute to   by Magellan Health Services, our present behavioral health vendor.
    nine new groups and 3.300 new enrollees. Simply Engaged con-           *Anthem now requires tax IDs for prescreens or quote request
    tinues to differentiate them in a very price-sensitive fully insured   for small group business in Ohio. By having the employer’s tax
    marketplace, while allowing the employer to focus on proactive         ID from the start, underwriting will be better equipped to review
    strategies that will provide long-term impact on their health care     groups on a consistent and equitable basis. Plus, this information
    cost.                                                                  will allow for straight through processing when the case is sold.
    To qualify for Simply Engaged an employer must...                      Since underwriting reviews risk internally after the case sells, having
    •Be fully insured.                                                     the employer tax ID up from will assist in validating information
    •Have between 100 and 1000 employees.                                  and confirming risk factors.
    •Offer a CDHP plan and make a good faith effort to enroll 25% of
    the group.                                                             Assurant
    •Provide a financial incentive of at least $75 to employees for com-    *Assurant Employee Benefits is excited to offer one great new
    pleting the on-line health assessment available on          dental program - Lifetime of Smiles. Dedicated to improving the
    •Meet with UnitedHealthcare and the broker two times a year.           smiles of our members for a lifetime! Lifetime of Smiles offers...
    •Establish a simple but formal “wellness program” with three           -Coverage of composite resins on posterior teeth for all new
    simple parts: send out an announcement letter from a senior            dental plans.
    executive to all employees, sponsor at least one health fair or        -Coverage for up to 4 cleanings a year (2 routine, 2 periodontal
    wellness event during the year and send out a quarterly health and     maintanence).
    wellness newsletter.                                                   -Coverage for brush biopsy, a new technology to detect oral can-
    If the group agrees to sign a good faith agreement to meet these       cer in its earliest and more treatable stage.
    criteria, UHC will provide a 3% premium credit to their premium        -New online Dental Health Center promoting the relationship
    on all plans offered. Please contact Cornerstone today to find out      between oral and general healthcare wellness.
    more about Simply Engaged by UHC.

              Carrier Bonus Programs
Destination: St. Kitts 2007
New small group medical, dental, life and disability products sold between January 1, 2006 thru December 31, 2006. Gen-
eral agents need to accumulate a minimum of 2000 points (1 point per issued medical application, 1/2 point per issued
application for packaged life/disability, dental or life). This applies to Ohio only.
Double your points from October 1, 2006 - December 31, 2006.

Score big with Humana! Effective September 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007.
  TOUCHDOWN            $10,000          End the bonus period with ten or more Humana medical groups than you
                                        started with - any case size.

  FIELD GOAL               $1,000           Add both dental and life to three new or existing Humana medical groups.

  EXTRA POINT              $100             In addition, receive a $100 gift card for each new dental group you sell.

  SIGNING BONUS            $50              If you do not have an active case with Humana as of August 31, 2006 and you
                                            sell a new group with an effective date before January 31, 2007, we will wel-
                                            come you with a $50 gift card.

Sell consumer-directed plan with January 2007 effective dates of coverage, and enjoy generous cash bonuses. The bonuses
are available for new business only. Consumer-directed sales are defined as new customers offering from at least one of
the following plans: HDHP, HDHP with Humana,/UMB HSA, PCA plans or CoverageFirst.
  •Sell a 2-50 case and receive a $500 bonus
  •Sell a 51-99 case and receive a $1,000 bonus

Golden Rule / UHC
Check out Golden Rule’s Bigger Travel and Cash Incentives. The contest is running through 12/31/06 for applications
submitted and issued by 2/15/07:
        •Level 1         8-11 applications                $1000
        •Level 2         12-23 applications               Vacation package
        •Level 3         24+ applications                 Vacation package + $2500 cash

If you have questions, call the Golden Rule Broker Service Center at 800-474-4467. Additional cash bonuses for HSA
plans. Register by sending an e-mail to
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Medical Mutual and Consumers Life are pleased to announce the 2006 Broker Production Contest. Your Individual and small-group Medi-
cal Mutual and Consumers Life sales with effective dates of July 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006 could earn you a 4 day/3 night stay
from April 22 to 25, 2007 at the exquisite Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The trip includes hotel accommodations, round-trip air,
airport transfers, hosted receptions on evenings one and three and on-site travel/hospitality staff assistance.
        Qualifying Business / Period:
        -New brokered medical, individual and group sales of 1-99 eligible employees with effective dates of July 1, 2006 through De
        cember 31, 2006.
        How to Qualify:
        -Individually licensed producers who produce 50 new medical certificate holders will qualify for one trip for one person.
        -Individually licensed producers who produce 75 or more new medical certificate holders will qualify for one trip for two
        -Licensed agencies that produce 50 or more new medical certificate holders may allocate certificate holders for trip qualifica
        tions among the appointed producers within the agency.

                                     Health Savings Accounts and
                                    Consumer Driven Health Plans
         Become an Expert in the future direction of health insurance!
         The training program has been developed by the National Association of Alternative Benefit Consultants, the nation’s only non-
         profit agents’ organization specifically representing insurance professionals who deal in Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHPs), in
         the effort to educate agents about the design and benefits CDHPs and to increase their production in this revolutionary market. The
         NAABC offers the most comprehensive and generic agent training dealing in HSAs, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
         and other Consumer-Driven Health Plan programs through the Chartered Benefit Consultant (CBC)TM advanced insurance designation
                                                              Benefits of the course include:
                                                           •The prestigious CBCTM designation
                                                       •15 hours of classroom continuing education
                                                     •Free membership in the NAABC for 12 months
                                                       •Free Internet listing as an HSA/HRA expert
                        •First positioning for CDHP prospect inquiries from US Treasury, CashDoctor, HSAInsider, et al, via web links
                        •Inclusion in the “CBCTM Hot Line”, keeping you informed of all law and ruling changes relating to CDHPs
                                                            within 48 hours of their happening.
                                           •On-going technical assistance on issues relating to CDHPs (via email)

         For more information, dates, times, location and cost, please visit or call 800-627-0552. Prior registration is
         required. This is an intensive 2 day course leading toward Professional Certification as a Chartered Benefit Consultant (CBC)TM.

                                                                                     NEW BUSINESS & QUOTING TIPS
    GET TO KNOW                      complex or sensitive situ-
    - Kendall Davis                  ations. Her primary goals                       Anthem:
                                     include offering a consistent                   *Now requires tax ID numbers for all quote and
    Kendall joined Cornerstone       process; maintaining quick                      prescreen request. By having the employer’s tax ID
    in October of 1997. Prior        turnaround times, and help                      number from the start, Underwriting will be bet-
    to arriving at Cornerstone,      gather all the necessary                        ter equipped to review groups on a consistent and
    Kendall worked four years at     information required to
                                                                                     equitable basis. In addition, this information will allow
    Anthem’s Individual Depart-      complete a sold case. Most
    ment doing just about ev-        notably Kendall and her staff                   for straight through processing when the case is sold.
    erything including customer      are responsible for organiz-                    Since Underwriting reviews risk internally after the
    service, telemarketing and       ing and coordinating the                        case sells, having the employer tax ID up front will
    sales at the William Howard      very successful Underwrit-                      assist in validating information and confirming the risk
    Taft location.                   ing Days held each month                        factors.
                                     through out the year.
    Kendall manages the small                                                        UHC:
    group proposal and new           Kendall has a great gifting                     *Ohio applications were released in September 2006
    business units for Corner-       for conversation and loves                      for Small Business 2-99. These applications are
    stone. Kendall’s staff has       a party. She enjoys travel
                                                                                     loaded on United eServices. You should begin to use
    the critical responsibility      and shopping. Kendall has a
    of providing all of you with     passion for collecting things                   the new apps immediately. After 1/1/07, underwrit-
    rates and submitting sold        and admits to having over a                     ing will not accept the old applications as they are not
    cases to the carriers. Many      1000 pair of shoes. She has                     compliant.
    would buckle under the           an eye for fashion and tries
    pressure of this challenge       to never wear the same out-                     51+ Quote Request
    but not Kendall. She takes       fit twice. Believe it or not                     *Please provide census in excel format whenever pos-
    great pride in delivering        she grew up on a farm in                        sible. This will make it easier for the carriers quoting
    excellent service and resolv-    Blanchester, Ohio and even                      systems.
    ing any issue. Kendall is our    though Kendall is an only
    “Queen of Problem Solving”       child, she has a big family
    and never shies away from        and is very family oriented.
                                            Customer Service Corner
                                         It’s getting cold outside and people are spending more time indoors and as a result they are
                                          sharing germs. Don’t assume a flu shot will be covered when administered at a pharmacy
                                          or local community center. Flu shot benefits will vary between carriers and / or plans, so
                                         please direct your questions to your Cornerstone Customer Service Representative.

                                  We understand this is the time of year when many of your groups will also be renewing their
                                 policies. Please advise your groups to continue to pay their carrier premiums as billed in order to
                           prevent the group from getting a delinquent or termination notice. The groups will see their premium
                    adjustments on their future billing statements.

                   Did you know that Medical Mutual of Ohio and Consumers Life Insurance require more than just a letter on
                   group letterhead to change a group’s name? They actually require two new signed contracts with original group
                   signatures. These new contracts are available on or you can contact your Cornerstone
  Customer Service Representative to get a copy. Please return these original contracts to Cornerstone and we’ll be happy to
process them with the carrier.

    We are pleased to announce that Fran Sheehan joined us on November 6th as our Marketing Manager. Fran comes
    to us from Aetna, where she worked for 29 years. Her most recent position was Regional Sales Director for Ohio,
    Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Fran’s direct phone number is 513-629-9505 and her e-mail address is fsheehan@
    We are also pleased to announce that MedLink, a wholesale employee benefits brokerage agency located in Louisville,
     Kentucky will become the second general agency to become part of the HealthCare for One family. MedLink will
     market HealthCare for One throughout Kentucky beginning in December of this year.
     Similarly, Consolidated Brokerage Services, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will be the third general agent member of
     HealthCare for One. CBS will begin operations in January.

                   CAPITOL UPDATE

  In an attempt to build on the more than three million Americans
  currently enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with
                                                                                    Our first Carrier Expo
  a Health Savings Account (HSA), members of the House and                            was a big success.
  Senate have introduced a number of bills to expand HSA access.
  Recent proposals would:                                                           Thanks to all of the
           •Offer tax credits to individuals who purchase HSAs,
           similar to tax benefits realized by employers who offer
                                                                                    brokers who attended
           HSAs.                                                                    and all of our carrier
           •Allow retirees to use HSA savings to pay health insur                          sponsors.
           ance premiums.

           •Increase contribution limits to the amount of the de
           ductible for individuals and families.

           •Allow a one-time rollover of an HRA, FSA or IRA to an

                                            Individually Speaking                      in 2007. Contact Agency Services at
                                                                                       800-742-8199 or Anthem Individual
                                                                                       Producer Site to learn about scheduled
    Calendar of Events                      Anthem
                                                                                       training classes and RSVP.

                                            *Anthem recently mailed out checks for
                                            Ohio 2006 Rewards Bonus (3rd quarter).     *Check out
                                            Bonus check were sent to 31 Corner-        (make sure to enter the Ohio site) for
    December                                stone brokers totaling $11,075. Once       valuable information about the 2006
    December 6                              you exceed your quarterly baseline         and 2007 Medicare Advantage and
     Humana UW Day 8:30-12:30               average, you can earn bonus money for      Medicare Part D plans. The Part D
    December 18                             each new Blue Access application ap-       comparison chart is there as well.
     Anthem UW Day 8:30-12:00               proved for the remainder of 2006. If you
    December 20                             have questions, contact Agency Services    HumanaOne
     Aetna, Anthem, Humana, MMO and         at 800-742-8199 or your Cornerstone        *HumanaOne Fall Bonus runs through
    UHC new case submission deadline for    Individual representative.                 12/31/06 and you can earn up to an
    January 1st effective dates.            *Anthem is pleased to offer your clients   extra $1000. For:
                                            an additional way to take charge of        10+ policies earn $1000
                                            their premium payments. With auto-         5-9 policies earn $500
                                            matic bank draft, Anthem automatically     3-4 policies earn $200
                                            deducts funds from your clients bank       1-2 policies earn $50
                                            accounts. Online bill pay allows your      Certain restrictions do apply.

                                            clients to send their payments directly    *HumanaOne no longer rates or riders
    January 25                                                                         many health conditions (such as con-
     Aetna, Anthem, Humana, MMO and         from their Bank each month instead of
                                            writing a paper check. For more infor-     trolled asthma) on our higher deductible
     UHC new case submission deadline for                                              plans ($2500 and greater).
     February 1st effective dates.          mation on this, contact Agency Services
                                            at 800-742-8199.                           *HumanaOne has reduced our rate-up
                                            *Anthem underwriting now will only         methodology from 25% increments to
    Underwriting Days to be announced.                                                 10% increments.
                                            consider diabetics who:
                                            •Control their condition by diet or oral   *HumanaOne application has been
                                            medications.                               shortened by over 65% - making the
                                            •Meet the preferred height and weight.     underwriting process faster and easier
                                            •Have no associated medical condi-         on you and your clients.
                                            tions.                                     *Effective 1/1/07 some medication cur-
                                            *Anthem has a new cancellation proce-      rently covered by HumanaOne prescrip-
                                            dure. Members can now cancel their         tion drug benefit may be subject to one
                                            policies by contacting Customer Ser-       or more of the following changes:
                                            vice by telephone. If they do, Anthem      •Prior authorizations

    February                                will send them a follow up letter to       •Dispensing limits
    February 22                             confirm their cancellation. No action
     Aetna, Anthem, Humana, MMO and         is required on your clients’ part unless
     UHC new case submission deadline for   they want to reconsider their cancel-
     March 1st effective dates.             lations.
                                            *New Sales kits for most under 65
    Underwriting Days to be announced.      products are now available for order-
                                            ing online on the Anthem Individual
                                            Producer Site.
                                            *Lumenos Consumer Driven Health
                                            Plans are coming! Quoting for indi-
                                            vidual business begins November 20,
                                            2006 for effective dates of 1/1/07 or
                                            later. Visits the “Training” pages on
                                            the Individual Producer Site for more
                                            information and instructions on how
                                            to register and dial-in.
    HOLIDAY SCHEDULES                       *Don’t forget if you got certified to
    Cornerstone is closed Monday & Tues-    sell Medicare Advantage or Medicare
    day, December 25th & 26th in obser-     Part D for 2006, you must be recerti-
    vance of the holiday.                   fied to continue to sell these products

    Cornerstone is closed Monday, January
    1st in observance of the holiday.


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