October 2010 edition - At the Library by wuyunyi


									October 2010                                                                                                                                            Vol. 41 No. 10

  Tricycle Music Fest                                     Faith, Libraries and Zeitoun
  Join	us	for	Tricycle	Music	Fest	2010,	featuring	        An Interview with One City, One Book Author Dave Eggers
  children’s	entertainers	The	Sippy	Cups,	Frances	
                                                                                          SFPL: in choosing to write an individual’s account of hurricane Katrina
  England,	The	Time	Outs,	Charity	Kahn	and	the	
                                                                                          and its aftermath, how did you come to choose the Zeitoun family as the
  Devil-Ettes	and	Pip	Squeak	a	Go	Go.	Branch	
                                                                                          representative family for this compelling story?
  concerts	on	weekends	throughout	October	
  and	a	Main	Event	on	the	Larkin	Street	steps	of	                                         DE: Well,	I	didn’t	go	into	it	thinking	I	wanted	to	write	about	Katrina.	That	is,		
  the	Main	Library	on	Oct.	24,	held	in	conjunction	                                       I	didn’t	go	seeking	a	representative	story.	I	was	just	struck	by	their	story	when	
  with	San	Francisco’s	Sunday	Streets	Civic	                                              I	read	some	early	accounts	of	what	they	went	through.	And	so	I	met	them,	
  Center/Tenderloin.	See	Special	Section,	Page	C	                                         learned	more	about	their	lives	and	family,	and	at	that	point	I	felt	that	it	all	
  for	the	full	schedule.                                                                  might	add	up	to	a	book	that	might	work	on	many	levels.

                                                                                          SFPL: There are few examples in modern literature in this country in which
  By the Numbers:                                                                         Muslims are portrayed as heroic. We think this is a wonderful and eye-opening
                                                                                          example for many readers. Was that part of your interest in this story?

  5    branches
               		   5   concerts
                                   5   chances

                                                           Dave	Eggers
                                                                                        DE: Combating	all	the	misinformation	and	stereotypes	was	a	secondary	or	
                                                                                        tertiary	purpose	in	writing	the	book,	sure.	It’s	a	shame	that	so	many	hundreds	
                                                                                        of	millions	of	Muslims	around	the	world	are	both	seen	as	some	monolithic	
  to rock out at your library!                                                          body,	all	in	agreement	on	all	things,	and	also	defined	by	what	some	violent	
                                                          people	have	done	to	distort	the	message	of	Islam.	There	are,	of	course,	as	many	heroic	Muslims	as	there	are	
                                                          heroes	of	any	faith,	but	we	don’t,	at	the	moment,	hear	so	much	about	them.	We’re	at	a	very	strange	time	in	
                                                          our	understanding	of	Islam,	and	it’s	been	gratifying	to	see	a	lot	of	readers	enter	the	world	of	the	Zeitouns,	
Read for the Record                                       and	thus	everyday	Muslim-American	life,	and	then	realize	that	it’s	pretty	much	just	everyday	American	life.

SFPL	partners	with	Jumpstart’s	Read	for	the	Record	       SFPL: When you devote three years-plus into
for	a	fifth	year	to	bring	national	attention	to	the	      researching and writing this kind of book and                            Thursday, October 14
importance	of	reading	with	children	from	the	             getting to know, in such great detail, one specific
earliest	age.	Nearly	35%	of	children	in	the	U.S.	enter	   individual or family, how does that change you?                Dave Eggers in Conversation with Beth Lisick
school	without	the	skills	necessary	for	learning	to	      DE: I	think	I	experienced	the	same	sort	of	education	              Main Library, Koret Auditorium, 6 p.m.
read.	“The	simple	activity	of	sharing	books	with	         the	reader	does.	Everything	in	the	book	I	learned	
your	child	each	day	builds	his	vocabulary,	narrative	     along	the	way,	too.	And	I	also	gained	some	very	good	
skills,	and	provides	the	building	blocks	for	learning	    friends	in	the	Zeitoun	family.	That’s	been	a	great	thing.
to	read,“	said	Christy	Estrovitz,	SFPL	early	literacy	
                                                          continued on Page 4
specialist.	This	year	the	book	everyone	will	be	
reading	on	Oct.	7	is	the	much	loved	classic,	The
Snowy Day	by	Ezra	Jack	Keats,	winner	of	the	1963	
Caldecott	Medal	for	the	most	distinguished	picture	
                                                          Bioneers Moving Image Film Festival
book	of	the	year.	                                        In	conjunction	with	the	Bioneers	Conference,	a	forum	presenting	innovative	solutions	for	people	and	the	
                                                          planet,	the	Library’s	Green	Stacks	program	and	the	Stegner	Environmental	Center	are	proudly	hosting	
                                                          documentary	screenings	as	part	of	the	conference’s	Moving	Image	Festival,	hosted	by	Aaron	Leventman		
                                                          and	Spencer	Windes	of	Bioneers.	For	more	information,	check	out	bioneers.org.

                                                          Bioneers Moving image Festival, Saturday, Oct. 9, Koret Auditorium, Main Library:
                                                          11a.m. Screening	of	National Geographic All                 1:30 p.m. Screening	of	FUTURESTATES,	a	series	of	
                                                          Roads Film Festival                                         11	fictional	mini-features	exploring	possible	future	
                                                                                                                      scenarios	through	the	lens	of	today’s	global	realities	
                                                          Owners of the Water: Conflict and Collaboration over
                                                                                                                      as	independent	filmmakers	project	a	future	of	their	
                                                          Rivers	(35	minutes)	An	exploration	of	an	indigenous	
                                                                                                                      own	imagining.	Series	includes:	Plastic Bag,	Fallout,	
                                                          campaign	to	protect	a	river	from	the	devastating	
                                                                                                                      Mister Green,	The Other Side,	Pia,	Play,	The Rise,	Seed,	
                                                          effects	of	controlled	Amazonian	soy	cultivation.
                                                                                                                      Sling,	Tent City,	Tia and Marco.
Five Ways to Read for the Record                          Daughters of the Revolution	(32	minutes)	A	portrait	
                                                          of	prominent	Iranian	lawyer,	Mehrangiz	Kar,	one	of	         4:30 p.m. q&A	with	Jorge	Trelles	and	Karim	Ahmad,	
1)	Come	to	the	Main	Library’s	Read	For	the	Record	        the	most	celebrated	activists	in	the	history	of	the	        of	Independent	Television	Services	(ITVS)	on	PBS.
   Celebration,	10	a.m.–12	p.m.,	Oct.	7.                  women’s	movement	in	Iran,	told	through	the	eyes		
2)	Visit	your	local	library	for	an	event	in	your	         of	her	daughter.
   neighborhood.	Call	to	confirm	the	time	and	
   details	or	see	the	children’s	calendar	on	Page	B.      Earth Day in Attawapiskat	(15	minutes)	A	brief	
3)	Read,	listen,	and	watch The Snowy Day	on	              look	at	the	development	of	ancestral	lands	and	
   BookFlix,	the	library’s	database	of	interactive	       environmental	degradation.
   stories,	from	any	computer.                            Weaving the Wisdom	(20	minutes)	An	excerpt	about	
4)	Call	the	SFPL	Children’s	Storyline	and	listen	to	      the	struggle	to	control	strategic	territory,	contested	
   The Snowy Day	in	English,	Spanish,	Mandarin,	or	       by	the	guerrilla,	paramilitary	and	state	forces,	that	
   Cantonese.                                             fuels	the	60-year-old	Colombian	armed	conflict.
5)	Check	out	a	copy	of	The Snowy Day from	the	
   library	and	read	anytime	on	Oct.	7.                    12:40 p.m. q&A	with	Filmmaker	Laura	Graham,	
For	more	information	about	the	national	event,	visit	     Owners of the Water: Conflict and Collaboration
                                                          over Rivers                                                 Filmmaker	Laura	Graham	(right)	in	Owners of the
readfortherecord.org.                                                                                                 Water: Conflict and Collaboration over Rivers

Coming	Up:                   eARLY NOV.                          NOV. 3                                 NOV. 9                              NOV. 30
                             Parkside Branch Library             Acid Christ: Ken Kesey, LSD            Rebecca Solnit: Infinite City       Screening: Remembering
                             Reopening	                          and the Politics of Ecstasy            Main, Koret Auditorium,             Playland
                             Visit	sfpl.org	for	details          Main, Latino Hispanic                  6:30 p.m.                           Main, Koret Auditorium,
                                                                 Community Room, 6:30 p.m.                                                  5:30 p.m.

WWW.SFPL.ORg                                                                                                                       AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 1
Branch	Library	Improvement	Program	(BLIP)

                                                                                                                      The	Library	provides	the	following	
                                                                                                                      services	during	branch	renovations.

                                                                                                                      Bookmobile Locations:
The	startup
                                                                                                                      (Balboa St., at 31st Ave.)
                                                                                                                      Tuesday:	        10:30	a.m.–1	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Saturday:	       1:30–5	p.m.
                                                             Left:	South	West	view	&	roof	steel
                                                             Right:	The	ceiling	area	in	the	main	reading	room         Golden Gate Valley
                                                                                                                      (1700 Green St., alongside Allyne Park.)
                                                                                                                      Tuesday:	        10	a.m.–12:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Friday:	         2:15–5:30	p.m.

                                                                                                                      (Buckingham Way, near Stonestown
                                                                                                                      movie theater.)
                                                                                                                      Monday:	        10	a.m.–12:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Saturday:	      10	a.m.–12:30	p.m.	
Raising	the	roof
                                                                                                                      (751 Stanyan St., south of Waller)
                                                                                                                      Tuesday:	      3:30–7	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Wednesday:	 1–5	p.m.	

                                                             The	grand	entrance                                       Parkside
                                                                                                                      (1281 Santiago, at 24th Ave., Northwest
                                                                                                                      corner of McCoppin Square.)
                                                                                                                      Monday:	       1–5	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Wednesday:	 1–5	p.m.	

                                                                                                                      (2715 California St. at Scott St.)
Carpentry	work	in	the	main	reading	room                                                                               Wednesday:	 10	a.m.–12:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                      Friday:	        10	a.m.–12:30	p.m.

                                                             A	civic	presence

                                                                                                                      Bookmobile hours subject to change;
                                                                                                                      call (415) 557-4343 or visit sfpl.org for
                                                                                                                      updated information.
A	new	staff	work	area
                                                            A	place	in	the	neighborhood

Rising Up                                                                                                             BLIP Update
The New Visitacion Valley Branch Library—A timeless design which                                                      Branches	under	construction	and	
incorporates the traditional and the progressive.                                                                     projected	opening	dates:

Architect	Andrew	Maloney	of	the	Department	of	Public	Works’	Bureau	of	Architecture,	describes	the	overall	goals	
                                                                                                                       	Parkside	–	2010
being	achieved	in	the	design	of	the	Visitacion	Valley	Branch	Library:
                                                                                                                       	Visitacion	Valley	–	2010
l	A	building	which	meets	the	programmatic	needs	for	the	Visitacion	Valley	neighborhood.
l	A	building	that	provides	a	comfortable	setting	for	use	by	patrons	and	staff.
                                                                                                                       	Merced	–	2011
l	A	floor	plan	layout	that	is	efficient	and	easy	to	use	and	operate.                                                   	Ortega	–	2011
l	A	building	with	an	inviting	main	entrance	at	the	corner	of	Leland	and	Rutland.
                                                                                                                       	Anza	–	2011
l	An	interior	with	generous	spatial	feeling,	natural	light	and	ventilation,	and	views	to	the	exterior.

l	A	building	that	is	well	constructed	with	high	quality	building	materials.
                                                                                                                       	Golden	Gate	Valley	–	2011
l	A	building	that	provides	accessibility	to	persons	with	disabilities.                                                 	Presidio	–	2011
l	A	building	that	will	be	LEED	certified	with	a	Silver	Rating	for	energy	conservation	and	sustainability	in	design.    	Park	–	2011

The	largest	building	campaign	in	San	Francisco	Public	Library	history	is	in	full	swing.	We	are	now	seeing	the	fruits	of	the	$106	million	bond	measure	
passed	in	November	2000.	The	Branch	Library	Improvement	Program	(BLIP)	calls	for	the	renovation	of	16	branch	libraries	and	the	construction	of	eight	
new	library	buildings.	The	new	buildings	are:	Bayview,	Glen	Park,	Ingleside,	Mission	Bay,	North	Beach,	Ortega,	Portola	and	Visitacion	Valley.

Building	 better	 libraries	 for	 stronger	 communities.

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October	2010
Jewett gallery
                                                                                                               A Neighborhood’s History
                                                                                                               Crossing the Street: Tales from the Portola,	tells	the	story	of	San	Francisco’s	
*Singgalot (The Ties that Bind)                                                                                Portola	District	in	a	collection	of	handmade	interactive	books	displayed	
 Celebrating	100	years	of	the	Filipino	American	experience,	
 through	a	panel	exhibition	that	includes	over	100	photographs,		
                                                                                                               on	custom	bookstands	throughout	the	Portola	Branch	Library,	created	
 images,	and	historical	documents	drawn	from	the	National	                                                     by	neighborhood	artists	Kate	Connell	and	Oscar	Melara,	and	is	on	view	
 Archives,	the	Library	of	Congress,	and	personal	collections,	                                                 Oct.	2,	2010-Feb.	25,	2011.
 in	order	to	tell	the	story	of	Filipino	Americans.	Developed	                                                       The	artists	explore	the	layers	of	history	in	seven	interactive	book	
 by	the	Smithsonian	Institution	Asian	Pacific	American	
 Program	and	organized	for	travel	by	the	Smithsonian	
                                                                                                               installations	using	formats	that	include	a	giant	book,	measuring	4-by-5	
 Institution	Traveling	Exhibition	Service.	The	national	tour	                                                  ½	feet,	with	give-away	pages,	graphic	novels,	an	atlas,	tunnel	books	and	
 has	been	made	possible	by	Farmers	Insurance	and	the	                                                          more.	The	book	installations	“map”	the	natural,	social,	cultural,	and	labor	
 Smithsonian	Institution.	Through	Oct.	24.	Main,	Lower	                                                        histories	of	this	little-celebrated	corner	of	San	Francisco.	“The	district’s	
 Level,	Jewett	Gallery.	Related Displays: Black and Brown
 Images–political	cartoons	of	African	Americans	and	
                                                                                                               history	includes	nostalgic	stories	of	a	close-knit	community	layered	with	
 Filipinos	during	the	Philippine	American	War.	Through	                                                        migration	stories	from	all	over	the	globe,”	said	Connell	and	Melara	who	
 Oct.	31.	Main,	3rd	Floor,	International	Center;	Filipinos in                                                  spent	four	years	sifting	through	Portola	history	gleaned	from	conversa-
 San Francisco–historical	photographs	dating	back	to	the	                                                      tions	with	neighbors,	meandering	walks	and	archival	research.
 early	1900s.	Through	Oct.	31.	Main,	3rd	Floor,	International	
 Center.	Related Programs: see	Adults,	Oct.	13,	6:30-7:30	p.m.,		     Kate	Connell	and	Oscar	Melara                 As	one	of	the	oldest	neighborhoods	in	the	city,	the	Portola	District	
 Oct.	16,	3-5:30	p.m.,	and	Oct.	23,	12-1:30	p.m.	&	2-4	p.m.                                                    has	always	been	home	to	its	working	class.	This	neighborhood,	whose	
                                                                      unique	history	has	hardly	been	documented,	has	thrived	on	the	rim	of	the	city	for	150	years.	Crossing the
Skylight gallery                                                      Street	explores	the	Portola’s	rich	past	and	present	through	books	designed	for	all	ages.	Depictions	of	Spanish	
                                                                      land	grant	days,	an	avid	Chinese	opera	fan	growing	up	on	San	Bruno	Avenue	and	Islais	Creek	and	its	fertile	
Gallery Opens: same as Main                                           banks	morphing	into	the	John	Daly	Freeway	are	just	a	few	examples	of	Portola	history	that	viewers	can		
Gallery Closes: Mon.-Sat. at 6 p.m.; Sun. at 5 p.m.
                                                                      expect	to	see.
*Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians                            Crossing the Street	is	Connell	and	Melara’s	second	collaboration	with	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library.	
 with Disabilities: A 40-Year Retrospective                           The	first	exhibit,	Portola at Play,	created	with	filmmaker	Gustavo	Vazquez	and	composer/musician		
 Exhibition	features	photographs,	a	memorial	quilt,	archival	
 materials	and	more,	that	demonstrate	the	innovative	
                                                                      John	Calloway,	can	be	checked	out	from	the	Library	and	may	also	be	viewed	on	the	artist’s	web	site,		
 contributions	by	disabled	lesbians	in	the	areas	of	art,	dance,	      www.madeintheportola.org.	The	artists	gratefully	acknowledge	the	key	support	of	the	Creative	Work	Fund.
 politics,	civil	rights	and	access.	Through	Nov.	23.	Main,		
 6th	Floor,	Skylight	Gallery.	Related Programs: see	Adults,	          Related Program: Portola Neighborhood Day
 Oct.	7,	6	p.m.	&	Oct.	14,	6	p.m.
                                                                      Meet	your	neighbors	and	artists	Kate	Connell	and	Oscar	Melara.	Create	your	own	neighborhood	postcards,	
Other Exhibits and Displays                                           flip	through	pages	of	books	and	enjoy	light	refreshments.	Oct.	2,	3-5:30	p.m.,	Portola	Branch	Library
in the Library
*Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians
 with Disabilities: A 40 Year Retrospective
 Through	Nov.	23.	Main,	3rd	Floor,	Hormel	Gay	&	Lesbian	
 Center.	For	full	exhibition	description	and	related	programs,	
                                                                      Iris Chang and Her Unfinished Dream
 see	above	Skylight	Gallery	listing.                                  At	the	age	of	26,	Iris	Chang	set	out	to	discover	the	long-buried	truth	of	the	events	leading	up	to	and	during	
                                                                      the	Rape	of	Nanking,	a	six-week	period	in	World	War	II	during	which	the	Japanese	Imperial	Army	captured	
*Iris Chang and her Unfinished Dream
 At	the	age	of	26,	Iris	Chang	traveled	to	the	China	to	               the	old	Chinese	capital	and	sought	to	establish	control	of	the	city.	Their	actions	were	devastating:	300,000	
 investigate	the	site	of	the	Nanjing	Massacre,	which	resulted	        murders,	80,000	rapes,	entire	buildings	and	homes	looted	and	destroyed.	
 in	her	writing	a	global	best-seller,	The Rape of Nanking:                  Like	many	Asian	American	families,	Chang	heard	stories	of	these	atrocities	while	growing	up;	yet	she	
The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II.	At	the	six-year	
                                                                      could	find	almost	no	information.	Chang	confronted	this	dilemma	by	putting	her	journalism	and	research	
 anniversary	of	Chang’s	death,	the	San	Francisco	Public	
 Library	and	the	Rape	of	Nanking	Redress	Coalition	invite	            skills	to	work.	She	traveled	to	China,	to	the	site	of	the	Nanjing	Massacre,	to	investigate	for	herself.	The	result	
 the	public	to	learn	about	this	young	woman’s	life.		                 of	her	efforts	became	the	global	best-seller,	The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II.
 Oct.	2	through	Dec.	2.	Main,	3rd	Floor,	Chinese	Center.	                   Her	book	immediately	sparked	interest	on	the	topic	and	lead	her	on	numerous	
 Related Program: see	Adults,	Oct	17,	1:30-3:30	p.m.
                                                                      book	tours	and	interviews.	It	also	invited	controversy	and	sadness	into	her	life.	After	
“Thou Drawest All Things” San Francisco by its Artists:               suffering	from	depression,	Chang	took	her	own	life	in	2004.	Chang	dedicated	her	life	
 Selections from the San Francisco History Center                     to	exposing	the	truth.	But	there	is	little	known	about	her.	At	the	six-year	anniversary	
 Over	the	years,	the	San	Francisco	History	Center	has	                of	her	death,	SFPL	and	the	Rape	of	Nanking	Redress	Coalition	invite	the	public	to	
 received	donations	of	original	works	of	art.	This	exhibit	
                                                                      learn	about	this	young	woman’s	life	and	examine	the	moral	courage	it	takes	for	one	
 features	a	sampling	of	drawings,	watercolors,	lithographs	
 and	etchings	capturing	aspects	of	life	in	San	Francisco	in	          person	to	seek	out	the	truth.	
 the	19th	and	20th	centuries.	Through	Nov.	29.	Main,	6th	                   The	exhibit,	Iris Chang and Her Unfinished Dream,	will	be	on	view	at	the	Chinese	
 Floor,	Exhibit	cases	outside	San	Francisco	History	Center            Center,	Third	Floor,	Main	Library,	Oct.	2-Dec.	2.
*AfroSolo Arts Festival 17 Presents:
 United in Peace–Artists Leading the Way
                                                                      Film Screening and Discussion: Iris Chang—The Rape of Nanking
 A	mixed	media	group	show	exploring	the	theme	of	peace	in	            The	screening	will	be	followed	by	a	q	&	A	with	Iris	Chang’s	parents	and	Dr.	Peter	
 its	many	facets.	In	a	world	that	is	increasingly	in	conflict,	the	
 goal	is	to	use	the	exhibit	to	uplift,	inform	and	inspire.	The	
                                                                      Stanek,	president	of	the	Global	Alliance	for	Preserving	the	History	of	WWII	in	Asia.	           Iris	Chang,	2003.		
 overall	intention	of	the	exhibit	expresses	the	belief	in	visual	     October	17,	1:30–3:30	p.m.	Koret	Auditorium,	Main	Library                                       Photo:	Jimmy	Estimada
 artists’	ability	to	envision,	promote	and	celebrate	peace.	
 Through	Oct.	15.	Main,	3rd	Floor,	African	American	Center

California Delta: Rural Charm and Natural Beauty;
Photos by Rich Turner
Photographs	celebrating	the	ecosystems,	wild	life,	                                                               Last Chance to See
agriculture,	communities	and	recreational	pleasures,	before	
they	change	forever.	Through	Oct.	7.	Main,	5th	Floor,	
Wallace	Stegner	Environmental	Center	
                                                                                                                  AfroSolo 17 Exhibit
*Baha                                                                                                             The	Library	has	been	very	proud	to	host	the	exhibit,	United in Peace,
 Artist	Bren	Bataclan	displays	his	recent	stylized	paintings	                                                     Artists Leading the Way,	part	of	the	17th	annual	AfroSolo	Arts	Festival.	
 based	on	the	severe	flood	that	hit	the	Philippines	in	                                                           The	visual	art	exhibit	showcases	works	from	African	American	art-
 September	2009.	Through	Oct.	28.	Main,	Lower	Level,	
 Library	Café	display	case	
                                                                                                                  ists	and	artists	from	the	African	Diaspora,	all	exploring	the	theme	of	
                                                                                                                  peace.	This	multimedia	group	show	includes	works	from	April	Martin	
Branch Exhibits                                                                                                   Chartrand	(mixed	media	cigar	boxes);	Tomye	Neal-Madison	(stained	
                                                                                                                  glass);	Malik	(painting);	Justice	Renaissance	(wood	sculpture);	Nena	
Crossing the Street: Tales from the Portola                                                                       St.	Louis	(wood	sculpture);	Thomas	Robert	Simpson	(photography);	
A	collection	of	seven	handmade	interactive	books,	created	                                                        Fely	Tchaco	(painting);	Morrie	Turner	(cartoons);	and	Z’Ma	Wyatt	
by	neighborhood	artists	Kate	Connell	and	Oscar	Melara,	
tell	the	history	of	the	people	and	places	in	the	Portola	
neighborhood.	Oct.	2,	2010	through	Feb.	25,	2011.	Portola.	                                                            Each	artist	used	this	very	personal	theme	to	explore	their	deeper	
Related Program: See	Adults,	Oct.	2.	3	p.m.                                                                       emotions	about	conflict,	truth,	justice	and	creating	peace	in	the	
                                                                                                                  midst	of	turmoil.	On	view	through	Oct.	15	in	the	African	American	
                                                                                                                  Center,	3rd	Floor,	Main	Library.
                                                                      Don’t Let the World Change Your Mind	
                                                                      by	Justice	Renaissance
   *Funded	by	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library                                                                                         AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 3
                                                                                                    October	2010
                                       One City/One Book Selection:
                                       by Dave Eggers
   Interview continued from Page 1                                                                    One City One Book Continues…..
   SFPL: how has the publication of the book changed the lives of the                                 One	City	One	Book	pick	Zeitoun	by	San	Francisco	author	Dave	Eggers	contin-
   Zeitoun family?                                                                                    ues	to	engage	readers	across	the	City	throughout	October.	Join	us	for	excit-
                                                                                                      ing	events	this	month	at	the	Library	and	other	venues:
   DE: There’s	been	a	pretty	incredible	outpouring	of	support	for	them.	
   People	are	constantly	writing	letters,	stopping	Zeitoun	on	the	street	to	                          Tuesday, October 5                                 Saturday, October 16
   offer	thanks	and	apologies.	It’s	been	amazing	to	see	and	it	confirms	our	                          Author Talk with Dave eggers                       Disaster Planning with the Red
   knowledge	in	the	American	people—the	vast	majority	of	the	country	is	                              Book	Passage:	Ferry	Building,		                    Cross Learn	how	to	prepare	an	
   big-hearted	and	welcoming.                                                                         1	Ferry	Plaza,	12:30	p.m.                          earthquake	survival	kit	and	other	
                                                                                                                                                         helpful	information	for	disaster	
   SFPL: Do you believe the book is having an effect on how law enforce-                              New Orleans and the Rise of Jazz                   planning.		In	Cantonese.	Chinatown	
   ment/security forces/ governmental disaster response agencies treat                                A	lecture	and	performance	on	the	                  Branch	Library,	2:30	p.m.
   communities in such crises, going forward?                                                         history	of	jazz	in	New	Orleans.		
   DE: I	really	don’t	know.	I	would	hope	it	might	reach	one	or	two	people		                           Co-sponsored	by	SF	Jazz.	Main		                                        Sunday, October 17
   in	a	position	of	authority,	who	might,	next	time,	try	harder	to	ensure	the	                        Library,	Koret	Auditorium,	6	p.m.	
                                                                                                                                                                         I Remember:
   basic	rights	of	individuals	to	due	process.	                                                       Thursday, October 7                                                Collecting Stories
   SFPL: you write about the faith and courage of the Zeitoun family,                                 Zeitoun Book discussion group                                      of the People You
   what do you put your faith in?                                                                     Mechanics	Institute	Library,		                                     Love and Admire,
                                                                                                      57	Post	St.,	6	p.m.                                                an oral history
   DE: I	really	have	infinite	faith	in	my	fellow	human	being	to	do	the	right	                                                                            Basya	Petnick
   thing.	If	people	listen,	give	each	other	the	benefit	of	the	doubt,	and	as-                         Tuesday, October 12
                                                                                                                                                         Oral	historian	Basya	Petnick	teaches	
   sume	the	best	of	each	other,	all	else	will	fall	in	line.	We	want,	in	our	heart	                    Travel to New Orleans with From-                   a	workshop	on	collecting	oral	histo-
   of	hearts,	to	do	the	right	thing.	It’s	just	that	sometimes	our	fears	and	sus-                      mer’s It	has	been	five	years	since	                ries	in	your	family	and	community.		
   picions	overtake	us.	Which	makes	empathy	necessary.	Empathy	leads	to	                              Hurricane	Katrina	and	New	Orleans	                 Main	Library,	Latino	Hispanic	Com-
   more	ethical	and	moral	behavior.                                                                   is	back	open	for	business.	Frommer’s	              munity	Room,	1:30	p.m.
                                                                                                      travel	author,	Diana	Schwam	dis-
   SFPL: What role have libraries played in your life in encouraging you                              cusses	the	best	places	to	stay,	dine	              Wednesday, October 20
   as a reader, a writer, a researcher?                                                               and	listen	to	jazz.	A	book	sale	by	                Book discussion of Zeitoun
   DE: I	still	remember	exactly	where	on	the	shelf	certain	books	were	when		                          Book	Bay	follows	the	event.	Main	                  University	of	San	Francisco,	Gleeson	
   I	was	a	kid.	I	remember	where	the	C.S.	Lewis	books	were	(east	wall,	center	                        Library,	Latino	Hispanic	Community	                Library,	Center	for	the	Pacific	Rim,	
   shelf,	about	four	rows	up).	I	remember	every	inch	of	the	library	I	grew	up	                        Room,	6:30	p.m.                                    2130	Fulton	St.,	Room	209
   in.	And	one	of	my	best	friend’s	mom	was	the	librarian	there,	Mrs.	Wolgram.		
                                                                                                      Dave eggers & Jordan Flaherty, au-
   I	just	saw	her	the	other	day.	I’m	a	fan	of	the	physical	book,	and	I	like	librar-                                                                      Thursdays, Oct. 7, 14, 21 & 28
                                                                                                      thor of Floodlines, in conversation
   ies	that	have	old	books,	beautiful	books,	primary-source	materials,	artifacts.	
                                                                                                      Modern	Times	Books,	888	Valencia	                  One City Four Films: Hurricane
   Though	some	of	the	research	we	do	now	can	be	done	online,	there’s		
                                                                                                      St.,	Reception	7	p.m./Program	8	p.m.               Katrina Also	join	us	throughout		
   nothing	like	seeing	original	documents,	first	editions,	holding	a	1834	anti-
                                                                                                                                                         October	for	the	Thursday@Noon		
   slavery	newspaper	in	your	hands.                                                                                     Thursday, October 14
                                                                                                                                                         film	series	in	the	Koret	Auditorium		
   SFPL: is it thrilling or odd to have your book selected as the citywide                                          Dave eggers in con-                  at	the	Main	Library.	
   book club selection, especially here in San Francisco?                                                           versation with Beth                  Oct	7:	Dark Water Rising	
                                                                                                                    Lisick Join	us	for	an	               Oct.	14:	When the Levees Broke, I & II	
   DE: It’s	a	great	thing.	Writing	is	a	very	lonely	business,	most	of	the	time.	                                    insightful	discussion	               Oct.	21:	When the Levees Broke, III & IV	
   Writing	Zeitoun	was	very	hard,	and	the	hope	is	that	at	the	end	of	it	all	you	                                    between	Dave	Eggers	                 Oct.	28:	The Storm That Drowned a City	
   can	share	it	with	people,	that	it	might	bring	people	together	a	little,	get	                                     and	author	Beth	Lisick.	             (episode	of	PBS’s	series	NOVA)
   people	talking.	And	so	this	is	really	the	best	thing	that	could	happen	to	                        Beth	Lisick
                                                                                                                    q&A	and	a	book	sign-
   the	book.	                                                                                         ing	with	Eggers	and	Lisick	follows.	               More	information	at	sfpl.org/
                                                                                                      Book	sale	by	Book	Bay.	Main	Library,	              onecityonebook.	
                                                                                                      Koret	Auditorium,	6	p.m.

Adults                            Older Writers’ Poetry Group
                                  Bernal	Heights,	3:30	p.m.
                                                                    Author Talk: Canyon Sam;
                                                                    Sky Train: Tibetan Women
                                                                                                    *Origami Club	All	levels.	Bring	
                                                                                                    paper.	Main,	2nd	Floor,	Fisher	
                                                                                                                                       13 Wednesday
                                                                                                                                       Sacrifice: Documentary Film
                                                                                                                                                                            *Dave eggers (Zeitoun) in
                                                                                                                                                                            Conversation with Beth
                                                                    On the Edge of History          Creative	Center,	2–5	p.m.                                               Lisick	q	&	A.	Main,	Koret		
                                                                                                                                       about Trafficking of Burmese
1 Friday                          5 Tuesday                         Bernal	Heights,	6:30	p.m.                                                                               Auditorium,	6	p.m.
                                                                                                                                       Child Prostitutes	Ingleside,	
Film: Shanghai World Expo         *Knitting Class (In	English/                                      *Tai Chi for Beginners, with
                                                                                                                                       6–7:30	p.m.                          *S. F. Public School Kinder-
Main,	Koret	Auditorium,		         Mandarin)Ages	13	&	over.	20-      Getting a Multiple Subject      Dr. Zee Lo	Western	Addition,	
                                                                    Teaching Credential Online      2	p.m.                                                                  garten enrollment Workshop
2–4	p.m.                          attendee	limit.	Bring	supplies	                                                                      Author reading: Marites
                                                                    Mission	Bay,	6:30–7:30	p.m.                                                                             Bernal	Heights,	6:30	p.m.
                                  (except	beginners).	Chinatown,	                                                                      Da guilan Vitug: Shadow of
2 Saturday                        3:30–5	p.m.                                                       10 Sunday                          Doubt: Probing the (Philip-          16 Saturday
                                                                    *enrolling in an S.F. Public
Musical performances from                                                                           *Riding While Black 1955:          pine) Supreme Court Main,	
                                  *New Orleans & the Rise of        School (In	Chinese)                                                                                     Starting a Small Business
Latin America Mission,	1–4	p.m.                                                                     Claudette Colvin/Walking           Latino/Hispanic	Community	
                                  Jazz. With Dee Spencer	Main,	     Visitacion	Valley,	5	p.m.                                                                               Bernal	Heights,	1:30	p.m.
                                                                                                    While Black 1999: Bryonn           Meeting	Room,	6:30–7:30	p.m.	
Origami Club	All	levels.	Bring	   Koret	Auditorium,	6–8	p.m.
                                                                                                    Bain	Social	Justice	conversa-      Related exhibition:	see	             *Knit Happens	Adults	and	
paper.	Bernal	Heights,	2–4	p.m.                                     7 Thursday                      tion	&	performances.	Main,	        Exhibitions.
                                  *Passionate Poetry                                                                                                                        ages	9	&	over.	Info:	blevine@
                                  Eureka	Valley,	7	p.m.             Slide Show, with Karen          Latino/Hispanic	Community	                                              sfpl.org	or	(415)	557-4497.	
*Angel Island: Immigrant                                            Hampton & e.G. Crichton,        Meeting	Room,	1:30–3:30	p.m.       14 Thursday                          Main,	2nd	Floor,	Fisher	Cre-
Gateway to America, with          6 Wednesday                       Featuring Memorial Quilt                                           How to Maintain a Healthy            ative	Center,	2–4	p.m.
Judy Yung (In	English/Can-                                          created in Memory of            12 Tuesday                         Brain & Memory (In	English/
tonese/Mandarin)	Chinatown,	      Lecture by Timothy Flynn:                                                                                                                 *Disaster Preparedness
                                                                    Lesbians with Disabilities	                                        Cantonese)	Register	at	(415)	
2:30–4	p.m.                       Puccini’s Opera, Madama                                           *Live Poetry Wordsmithing                                               Workshop (In Cantonese)
                                                                    Main,	Latino/Hispanic	                                             355-2888.	(English)	3–4	p.m.;	
                                  Butterfly.	Main,	Koret	Audito-                                    Main,	3rd	Floor,	Hormel	Gay	&	                                          Chinatown,	2:30–4	p.m.
                                                                    Community	Meeting	Room,		                                          (Cantonese)	4–5	p.m.	China-
Portola Neighborhood Day	         rium,	12	p.m.                                                     Lesbian	Center,	6	p.m.
                                                                    6	p.m.	Related exhibition:		                                       town,	3–5	p.m.
Portola,	3	p.m.	Related exhibi-                                     see	Exhibitions.                                                                                        Theatre Performance on
tion: See	Exhibitions             *Woody Guthrie & the Great                                        *Travel to New Orleans,                                                 experiences of Filipinos in
                                                                                                                                       Book Buddies Orientation
                                  American Folk Song, with                                          with Frommer’s Travel                                                   America	Main,	Koret	Audi-
                                                                    9 Saturday                                                         Main,	Children’s	Center,		
4 Monday                          Tim Holt	Glen	Park,	6–7	p.m.                                      Author Diana Schwam		                                                   torium,	3–5:30	p.m.	Related
                                                                                                                                       5:30	p.m.
                                                                    Bioneers 2010 Moving Image      Book	sale.	Main,	Latino/His-       	                                    exhibition:	see	Exhibitions.	
Film: The Killing (1956/85        Litquake: The Art of Narra-
                                                                    Festival: environmental Film    panic	Community	Meeting	           *Writing Our Word, Speaking
min.) Excelsior,	6:30–8:30	p.m.   tive Nonfiction	Info:	www.
                                                                    Screenings & Discussions        Room,	6:30	p.m.                    Our Minds, Telling Our Stories:      17 Sunday
                                  litquake.org.	Main,	Koret	
                                                                    Info:	http://www.bioneers.                                         Readings By & About Lesbi-
4, 18 & 25 Mondays                Auditorium,	6	p.m.                                                                                                                        *Oral History Workshop,
                                                                    org/conference/2010-moving-     Prose/Poetry Writer Tech-          ans with Disabilities	Main,	
                                                                                                                                                                            with Basya Petnick	Main,	
Mental Aerobics for Seniors                                         image-festival/expanded-bay-    niques, with Janelle Moon          Latino/Hispanic	Community	
                                  *Radar Reading	Main,	Latino/                                                                                                              Latino/Hispanic	Community	
Main,	Latino/Hispanic		                                             area-screenings.	Main,	Koret	   Bring	pen	or	pencil.	Bernal	       Meeting	Room,	6	p.m.	Related
                                  Hispanic	Community	Meeting	                                                                                                               Meeting	Room,	1:30	p.m.
Community	Meeting	Room,	                                            Auditorium,	11	a.m.–5	p.m.      Heights,	6:45	p.m.                 exhibition: see	Exhibitions.
1:30–3:30	p.m.                    room,	6	p.m.                                                                                                                             Continued	on	Page	5

4 OCTOBER 2010 AT ThE LiBRARy                                                                                                          *Funded	by	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library
Events	and	Happenings

   Civil Rights and Social Justice
   Featuring Claudette Colvin
   The	African	American	Interest	Committee	of	the	San	Francisco	
   Public	Library	hosts	a	social	justice	program,	Riding	While	                                              Get Ready to Rumble with Litquake 2010
   Black	1955:	Claudette	Colvin/Walking	While	Black	1999:		            Bryonn	Bain
   Bryonn	Bain.	The	event	will	feature	a	conversation	between	                                               Litquake	at	the	Library	presents:	The	Art	of	Narrative	Nonfiction.	This	special	
   distinguished	educator	Enid	Lee	and	Civil	Rights	legend	Claudette	Colvin.		                               evening	features	nonfiction	authors	Tamim	Ansary	(Destiny Disrupted: A
   In	1955,	at	the	age	of	15,	Colvin,	who	hailed	from	Alabama,	refused	to	give	                              History of the World Through Islamic Eyes),	Frances	Dinkelspiel	(Towers of
   up	her	seat	on	a	Montgomery	bus	to	a	white	person,	in	violation	of	local	                                 Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California),	
   law.	Her	arrest	preceded	that	of	Rosa	Parks’	by	nine	months.	The	follow-                                                      Pulitzer	Prize	and	National	Book	Award	Winner	Richard	
   ing	year	she	became	the	star	witness	in	the	federal	case,	Browder	v.	Gayle,	                                                  Rhodes	(Twilight of the Bombs: Recent Challenges, New
   that	desegregated	the	Montgomery,	Ala.	buses.	The	event	will	also	feature	                                                    Dangers and the Prospects for a World Without Nuclear
   a	performance	piece	about	Claudette	Colvin	by	Bay	Area	storyteller	Awele	                                                     Weapons)	and	Pulitzer	Prize	and	National	Book	Award	
   Makeba,	as	well	as	a	performance	by	activist	poet	Bryonn	Bain.	The	program	                                                   winner	T.	J.	Stiles	(The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius
                          is	sponsored	by	the	Friends	of	SFPL.	Other	support-                                                    Vanderbilt)	discussing	the	art	of	nonfiction	writing.	The	
                          ing	agencies	include,	San	Francisco	African	American	                                                  event	is	hosted	by	author	David	Ewing	Duncan.	For	more	
                          Historical	and	Cultural	Society,	San	Francisco	Unified	                                                information	on	Litquake	visit	litquake.org.
                          School	District,	Museum	of	the	Africa	Diaspora	(MOAD)	                                                      Litquake event:	Oct.	6,	Main	Library,	Koret	Auditorum,		
                          and	the	Hotel	Whitcomb.	                                                           Tamim	Ansary             6	p.m.	A	book	sale	by	Book	Bay	follows	the	program.
                                 Riding While Black 1955: Claudette Colvin/Walking                           For information on Kidquake and Litquake Teen Crawl, see Page A of
                                 While Black 1999: Bryonn Bain                                               our special section for young readers—Autumn Fun at the Library.
                                 Sunday,	Oct.	10,	1:30	p.m.,	Koret	Auditorium,		
   Claudette	Colvin              Main	Library.	Book	signing	follows	the	program.

                                                                                                             Celebrate Hispanic Heritage at the
   Fabled ASP Events                                                                                         Mission Branch Library
   Fabled: legendary, fabulous. Asp: Old English for the aspen tree.                                         The	Mission	Branch	Library	honors	Hispanic	heritage	month	with	an	after-
   Fabulous/Activist	Bay	Area	Lesbians	with	Disabilities:	A	Storytelling	Project	                            noon	of	art	and	music	on	Oct.	2.	As	part	of	the	Mission	Arts	Performing		
   As	part	of	our	exhibition,	Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians                                Project	(MAPP),	the	Red	Poppy	Art	House	presents	the	Family	Art	Program,		
   with Disabilities: A 40 Year Retrospective,	on	view	in	the	Main	Library,	Skylight	                        a	freeform	space	for	youth	and	parents	to	explore	their	creative	impulses	
   Gallery	and	Hormel	Center,	don’t	miss	two	exciting	programs	this	month.                                   with	no	limitations.	The	branch	also	will	host	a	number	of	performers	includ-
                                                                                                             ing	traditional	music	from	Colombia’s	Pacific	and	Atlantic	coasts	by	Tambo-
   Oct. 7: Women of the Quilt and our Lineages                                                               res	de	Colombi;	Diana	Gameros,	a	singer-guitarist	whose	music	travels	the	
   Karen	Hampton	will	discuss	the	Memorial	quilt	she	created	in	memory		                                     Spanish	and	Mexican	landscapes,	recounting	stories	of	love,	movement,		
   of	the	lives	of	lesbians	with	disabilities	and	E.G.	Crichton	will	discuss	her		                                                 and	borders,	accompanied	by	the	beat	of	the	Cajon;	
   Lineage	Project,	created	in	conjunction	with	the	GLBT	Historical	Society.	                                                      and	Colibri,	performing	lively	music	from	Latin	America.	
   Main	Library,	Latino/Hispanic	Community	Meeting	Room,	6	p.m.                                                                    Colibri’s	performance	will	take	place	in	the	branch’s	
                                                                                                                                   children’s	room.
   Oct. 14: Writing our Word, Speaking our Minds, Telling our Stories
                                                                                                                                            event: Oct.	2,	1-4	p.m.,	Mission	Branch	Library.
   Join	us	for	readings	by	and	about	lesbians	with	disabilities	with	featured	
   guests:	Elana	Dykewomon,	Barbara	Ruth,	Teya	Schaffer,	Dominika	Bednarska		                                                               See the children’s calendar on Page B for more
   and	Mothertongue	Feminist	Theater	Collective.	Main	Library,	Latino/	                                      Diana	Gameros                  family events celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.
   Hispanic	Community	Meeting	Room,	6	p.m.

Continued	from	Page	4                Card Club Mission	Bay,	3	p.m.    *How to Make Artistic               “Write Your Will” Workshop,            The Sit-Down Readers’              27 Wednesday
*Film: Iris Chang: The Rape                                           “Paste Papers”	Ocean	View,	         with Stuart Bronstein                  Theatre Presents The
                                                                                                                                                                                    *Rincón Literario	Adios,
of Nanking.	(In	English	with	        *Live Performance of             3:30	p.m.                           Bring	blue	non-erasable	pen.	          Turn of the Screw		
                                                                                                                                                                                    Hemingway	by	Leonardo	
Chinese	subtitles,	2007,	103	        Shakespeare’s The Tempest                                            Register	at	(415)	355-5600.	           Read,	if	you	like.	(North	Beach	
                                                                                                                                                                                    Padura.	Main,	3rd	Floor	Confer-
min.)	Main,	Koret	Auditorium,	       Richmond,	6:30	p.m.              *Lecture by Julia Bergman:          Richmond,	6:30–8	p.m.                  Program.)	Held	at	661	Lom-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ence	Room,	6–7:30	p.m.
1:30–3:30	p.m.	Related exhibi-                                        History & Culture of                                                       bard	St.	at	Mason,	2	p.m.
tion: see	Exhibitions.               21 Thursday                      Baltistan, Pakistan                 *Author Discussion:                                                       28 Thursday
                                     *“Parents Transforming           Potrero,	4	p.m.                     Aife Murray; Maid as                   *Amy Chen’s “Figure &
18 Monday                                                                                                 Muse: How Servants                                                        Selection:	At Play in the Fields of
                                     Public Schools” Workshop	                                                                                   Fashion Illustration” Work-        the Lord by Peter Matthiessen.	
League of Women Voters:              Bernal	Heights,	6:30–8	p.m.                                          Changed Emily Dickinson’s              shop; Open to anyone who
                                                                      26 Tuesday                          Life and Language                                                         Newcomers	welcome.	Bernal	
California & S. F. 2010 Ballot                                                                                                                   likes to Draw Shojo Girls          Heights,	4	p.m.
Measures	Western	Addition,	                                           Lecture: New Bay Area               Excelsior,	7–8:30	p.m.                 (In	Cantonese/Mandarin)	
                                     *Youth Violence Prevention
7	p.m.                                                                Clipper Card	(In	Cantonese/                                                Chinatown,	2:30–4	p.m.
                                     Workshop, Utilizing Martial
                                                                      English)	To	apply	for	free	card,	
                                                                                                                                                                                    30 Saturday
                                     Arts	Ocean	View,	3	p.m.                                              *Mary O’Toole Reads Stories
19 Tuesday                                                            bring	I.D.	Chinatown,	3	p.m.        by edgar Allan Poe and                                                    The Russian Bibliophiles
                                                                                                          Anna Katherine Green                   Safe Drinking Water                Club Main,	Latino/Hispanic	
Recycling & Composting	
(In	Chinese/English)	3–4	p.m.	
                                     23 Saturday                                                          Eureka	Valley,	7	p.m.                  Issues Around the World            Community	Meeting	Room,	
                                                                      *Authentic Dating: Con-                                                    Potrero,	4	p.m.
(Chinese)	4–5	p.m.	(English).	       *Musical Celebration: Buffalo                                                                                                                  2–4	p.m.
                                                                      sciously Creating Relation-
Chinatown,	3	p.m.                    Soldiers & Jazz in the Philip-   ships, with Jeff McCoy              28 Thursday
                                     pines	Main,	Koret	Auditorium,	
ITVS Community Cinema:
Reel Injun; On the Trail of the
                                     12–1:30	p.m.	Related exhibi-
                                     tion:		see	Exhibitions.
                                                                      Main,	Latino/Hispanic		
                                                                      Community	Meeting	Room,		
                                                                                                          environmental Film Fest:
                                                                                                          Oil on Ice	(60	min.)	+	q		&	A.	        Book Groups                        Business
Hollywood Indian	+	panel	
discussion.	Main,	Koret	Audito-
                                                                      6:15–7:45	p.m.                      Main,	Koret	Auditorium,		
                                                                                                          6–7:30	p.m.                            6 Wednesday
                                     Buffalo Soldiers & the
rium,	5:45	p.m.                      Philippine American War          *S. F. Public School Kinder-                                               Selection:	The Known World	by	     Wednesdays 6, 13, 20 & 27
                                     Panel	discussion.	Main,	Koret	   garten enrollment Workshop	         30 Saturday                            Edward	P.	Jones.	Sunset,	7	p.m.
*S. F. Public School Kinder-                                          Potrero,	6:30–8	p.m.                                                                                          Service Corps of Retired
                                     Auditorium,	2–4	p.m.	Related                                         Fall educator Workshop
garten enrollment Workshop                                                                                                                                                          executives Free Business
                                     exhibition:	see	Exhibitions.                                         Series Charity	Kahn	presents:	
Richmond,	6:30–8:30	p.m.                                                                                                                         20 Wednesday                       Counseling	
                                                                      27 Wednesday                        “Music,	Movement	and	Learn-
                                                                                                                                                 Noe	Valley,	7-8:30	p.m.            Appointments:	(415)	744-6827.	
20 Wednesday                         Chinese Metaphysics              Author Discussion: Inge             ing.”	Register	beginning	10/1	                                            Main,	4th	Floor,	Business,	
Lecture by Richard Taruskin:         Richmond,	2–4	p.m.               Horton; San Francisco’s             at	bestrella@sfpl.org	or	(415)	                                           Science	&	Technology	Depart-
Alfano’s Opera: Cyrano de                                             Early Female Architects             557-4272.	Main,	2nd	Floor,	            21 Thursday                        ment,	10	a.m.–3	p.m.	
Bergerac Main,	Koret	Audito-         *enrolling in an S. F. Public    Main,	Latino/Hispanic	Commu-        Fisher	Children’s	Center,		
                                                                                                                                                 West	Portal,	2:30	p.m.	
rium,	12	p.m.                        School	Ingleside,	3–4:30	p.m.    nity	Meeting	Room,	6	p.m.           10:30	a.m.–1:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Continued	on	Page	6

All	programs	and	events	are	free	and	open	to	the	public.                                                                                                          AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 5
October	2010                                                                  eBook Help
                                                                              Due	to	the	popularity	of	eBooks,	SFPL	is	seeing	an	increase	in	
                                                                              questions	regarding	our	downloadable	digital	books	offered	
                                                                              through	OverDrive,	which	offers	a	wide	variety	of	eBook	titles.	
                                                                              Here	are	some	of	the	most	frequently	asked	questions:
   Filipino History on Display
                                                                              Q: how do i get started downloading                                  Q: how long can i check them out for?
   In	honor	of	our	exhibition,	Singgalot (The Ties                            digital books?                                                       A:	eBooks	and	eAudiobooks	can	be	checked	out	
   that Bind),	on	view	in	the	Jewett	Gallery	through	
                                                                              A:	OverDrive	has	an	extensive	help	section	located	                  for	7,	14,	or	21	days.
   Oct.	24,	the	Main	Library	has	two	related	dis-
                                                                              on	the	main	OverDrive	web	page.	To	get	started,	
   plays	of	materials,	on	view	on	the	Third	Floor	                                                                                                 Q: Can i transfer audiobook titles to my
                                                                              look	for	the	eLibrary	tab	at	the	top	of	sfpl.org,	drop	
   International	Center	through	Oct.	31.                                                                                                           portable audio player?
                                                                              down	to	eBooks,	then	click	on	OverDrive.	Or	go	
   Black and Brown Images	Political	cartoons		                                directly	to:	sfpl.lib.overdrive.com.                                 A:	In	most	cases	you	can.	It	depends	on	the	type	
   of	African	Americans	and	Filipinos	during	the	                                                                                                  of	computer	you	have	and	the	make/model	of	
   Philippine	American	War.	Presented	by	the		                                Q: What types of materials are available                             audio	player.	OverDrive	has	a	list	of	compatible	
   African	American	and	Filipino	American	centers.	                           through OverDrive?                                                   players	on	their	“Getting	Started”	page.	
                                       Filipinos in San                       A:	Patrons	have	access	to	eBooks	(in	English,	
                                       Francisco	The	history	                 Spanish	and	Chinese),	eAudiobooks	(in	English	                       Q: i have a Mac. Can i still use this service?
                                       of	Filipinos	in	San	                   and	Spanish),	plus	music	and	videos.                                 A:	Yes,	there	are	MP3	formatted	audiobooks	that	
                                       Francisco,	depicted	                                                                                        you	can	download	and	transfer	to	your	iPod.	From	
                                       in	photographs	dat-                    Q: is my eBook reader compatible with                                the	OverDrive		home	page,	click	on	the	Digital	
                                       ing	back	to	the	early	                 OverDrive content?                                                   Help	FAq	on	the	left	side	of	the	page,	then	scroll	
                                       1900s.	Presented	by	                   A:	Check	the	Compatible	Devices	page	on	the	                         to	MP3	audiobook	help	for	more	details.
                                       the	Filipino	American	                 OverDrive	web	site:	http://www.overdrive.com/re-
   Bambao	Circa	1926                   Center.		                              sources/drc/compatibleebookdevices.aspx.	Most	                       Q: What if i’ve followed the directions but
                                                                              computers	and	the	Sony	Reader	and	Barnes	&	                          still can’t download titles?
   Related Programs at the Main Library                                       Noble	Nook	work	with	OverDrive.	The	Amazon	                          A:	Send	an	e-mail	to info@sfpl.org.	Please	include	
   Oct. 13:	Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme                              Kindle	and	the	Apple	iPad	do	not.	                                   the	following	information	in	your	correspondence:
   Court—Philippine	journalist	Marites	Daguilan	                                                                                                   l	Steps	to	reproduce	the	problem	(in	as	much	
                                                                              Q: Are there any special requirements
   Vitug	reads	from	her	book,	which	lifts	the	veil	off	                                                                                              detail	as	possible)
   the	highest	court	of	the	Philippines.	Latino/Hispanic	                     needed to use this service?
                                                                                                                                                   l	Exact	text	of	any	error	message	(screen	shots	
   Community	Meeting	Room,	6:30–7:30	p.m.                                     A:	Yes,	depending	on	the	type	of	materials	you	                        are	helpful)
                                                                              wish	to	download	(eBooks,	eAudiobooks,	etc.)	                        l	URL(s)	of	any	error	page(s)	you	encounter
   Oct. 16:	Theatre	Performance—A	focus	on	the	
                                                                              you	will	need	to	download	and	install	special	                       l	Library	card	number
   historical	and	contemporary	experiences	of		
                                                                              software.	To	get	started,	please	visit	the	Over-                     l	Title(s)	of	problem	download(s)
   Filipinos	in	America.	Koret	Auditorium,	3–5:30	p.m.
                                                                              Drive	Help	page:	http://sfpl.lib.overdrive.com/                      l	Applicable	software	version	(this	information	
   Oct. 23:	Musical	Celebration	and	Discussion	of	                            Help-QuickStartGuide.htm.                                              can	typically	be	found	under	Help	>	About.)
   Buffalo	Soldiers	in	the	Philippine	American	War.	                                                                                               l	Operating	system	(Mac®	OS	10.6.2,	Windows®	7,	
   Koret	Auditorium.	                                                         Q: how much does it cost?                                              Windows	Vista®,	Windows	XP,	etc.)
        Soul Shadows: Buffalo Soldiers and Jazz in the                        A:	Downloading	digital	books	is	free	to	everyone	                    l	Internet	browser	and	version	(Internet	
   Philippines—Jazz	music	by	Buffalo	Soldiers	dur-                            with	a	valid	San	Francisco	Public	Library	card.                        Explorer®	8.0,	Firefox®	3.0,	etc.	In	most	
   ing	the	Philippine	American	War.	12	p.m.                                                                                                          browsers,	find	this	under	Help	>	About.)
        Buffalo Soldiers and the Philippine American                          Q: how many titles can i check out?                                  l	If	applicable,	the	device	type	and	operating	
   War—Author	Vangie	Buell,	descendant	of	a	                                  A:	You	can	check	out	up	to	10	titles	at	a	time.                        system.
   Buffalo	Solder	and	a	speaker	with	the	Filipino	
   American	National	Historical	Society,	and	Abe	
   Ignacio,	co-author	of	Forbidden Book: The Philippine                       eLibrary Workshop
   American War in Political Cartoons.	2	p.m.
                                                                              Bring	your	lunch	and	learn	how	to	enjoy	the	collection	of	over	40,000	eAudiobook,	eVideo,	and	ebook	
   These	programs	are	sponsored	by	the	African	                               titles	the	SFPL	currently	offers.	Oct.	18,	12-1	p.m.,	Latino/Hispanic	Community	Meeting	Room,	Main	Library.
   American	Center,	the	Filipino	American	Center	and	
   the	San	Francisco	Filipino	American	Jazz	Festival.

Continued	from	Page	5                 5 & 12 Tuesdays                     16 & 23 Saturdays                   30 Saturday                          16 Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                           Videos on the
Computer                              Internet 101	Mouse	&	key-           Internet 101	Mouse	&	keyboard	      Internet 102	Basic	Internet	         e-mail Basics		

                                      board	skills	required.	2–4		p.m.    skills	required.	11	a.m.–1	p.m.
                                                                          19 Tuesday
                                                                                                              proficiency	required	(or	ob-
                                                                                                              serve).	11	a.m.–1		p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   Ingleside,	2–3:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Large Screen
                                      5, 12, 19 & 26 Tuesdays                                                                                      18 Monday
                                                                          Library Catalog Mouse	&	key-                                                                                     In the Koret Auditorium at
Classes Held at the Main:             Job Seekers’ Lab	Drop-in	self-                                          Brown-Bag Classes at the             Mouse & Keyboard Basics                 the Main, Thursdays at Noon
                                                                          board	skills	required.	2–4	p.m.                                          Sunset,	6:30–8	p.m.
5th Floor Training Center.            help.	10	a.m.–1	p.m.                                                    Main, Latino/Hispanic                                                        (When possible, films are shown
Most classes at the Main require                                          20 Wednesday                        Community Meeting Room:                                                      with captions to assist our deaf
proficiency in basic keyboard         Basic Mouse & Typing Skills                                                                                  18 & 25 Mondays                         and hard of hearing patrons.)
                                                                          Magazine, Newspaper &               2 Saturday
skills; for a schedule of practice    Volunteers	available.	1:15–2	p.m.   Information Databases                                                    *e-mail Basics Nine-attendee	
times, call Volunteer Services at                                                                             Power Googling	2–3:30	p.m.           limit;	drop-ins	welcome	if	             This month’s theme:
                                                                          Ability	to	navigate	Web	re-                                                                                      One City, Four Films:
(415) 557-4280. All classes are       8 Friday                            quired	(or	observe).	2–4	p.m.                                            space	available.	Sign	up	at	Ref-
first come, first served.                                                                                                                          erence	Desk	or	(415)	355-2800.	         The Wrath of Katrina
                                      Internet & Library Catalog		                                            18 Monday
                                      (In	Cantonese)	Meet	at	3rd	         21 Thursday                                                              Mission,	6:30–8	p.m.
1 Friday                                                                                                      eLibrary: eBooks, eVideo &                                                   7 Thursday
                                      Floor	International	Center.		       Internet & Library Catalog		        More	12–1	p.m.
Internet & Library Catalog	           Info:	(415)	557-4430.	2–4	p.m.      (In	Russian)	Meet	at	the	Inter-                                          24 Friday                               *Dark Water Rising		
(In	Spanish)	Meet	at	3rd	Floor	                                           national	Center	3rd	floor.	Info:	                                        Internet Basics	(In	Japanese)           (2006,	75	min.)
                                                                                                              27 Wednesday
International	Center.	Info:	(415)	    9 Saturday                          (415)	557-4430.	9:15–11:15	a.m.                                          Register	at	(415)	355-5727.	
                                                                                                              Researching a San Francisco
557-4430.	2–4	p.m.                    e-mail Basics	Mouse	&	                                                                                       Western	Addition,	2–4	p.m.	             14 Thursday
                                                                          22 Friday                           Building	12–1	p.m.
                                      keyboard	skills	required	(or	                                                                                                                        *When the Levees Broke,
2 Saturday                                                                Chinese Youtube		                                                        27 Wednesday
                                      observe).	11	a.m.–1	p.m.                                                Computer Classes                                                             Acts I & II (2006,	127	min.)
                                                                          (In	Mandarin)	2–4	p.m.
OpenOffice Write Word                                                                                                                              Computer Basics	Info:	(415)	
Processing Basics	Mouse	&	                                                                                    Held at the Branches:
                                      13 Wednesday                        23 Saturday                                                              355-5660.	Portola,	6–7	p.m.             21 Thursday
keyboard	skills	required.	Info:	                                                                              2 Saturday
                                      Jobs & Career Resources on          Internet 101	Mouse	&	keyboard	                                                                                   *When the Levees Broke,
(415)	557-4430.	11	a.m.–1	p.m.
                                      the Internet	Ability	to	navi-       skills	required.	11	a.m–1	p.m.      Mango Language & Power-
                                                                                                                                                   28 Thursday
                                                                                                                                                                                           Acts III & IV	(2006,	128	min.)
                                      gate	Web	required.	2–4	p.m.                                             Speak Language Learning              Library Catalog	(In	Chinese)
2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Saturdays                                               26 Tuesday                                                               20-attendee	limit;	first	come,	first	
                                                                                                              Databases	Sign	up	at	Informa-                                                28 Thursday
Basic Mouse & Typing Skills           15 Friday                           Internet 102	Basic	Internet	        tion	Desk.	Glen	Park,	4–5	p.m.       served.	Chinatown,	10–11	a.m.
Volunteers	available.	10:15–11	a.m.                                       proficiency	required	(or	ob-                                                                                     *Storm that Drowned a City	
                                      Internet & Library Catalog	(In	                                                                                                                      (2005,	56	min.)
                                                                          serve).	2–4	p.m.                    6, 13, 20 & 27 Wednesdays            28 Thursday
                                      Mandarin)	Meet	at	3rd	Floor	
4, 18 & 25 Mondays                                                                                                                                 Library Catalog	(In	English)
                                      International	Center.	Mouse	&	      29 Friday                           Computer Basics for Seniors
Job Seekers’ Lab Drop-in	self-        keyboard	skills	required.	Info:	                                        Call	to	register.	Bernal	Heights,	   20-attendee	limit;	first	come,	
                                                                          Sogou Pinyin Input Method	                                               first	served.	Chinatown,		
help.	11	a.m.–2	p.m.                  (415)	557-4430.	2–4	p.m.                                                3:30	p.m.
                                                                          (In	Mandarin)	2–4	p.m.	                                                  11	a.m.–12	p.m.

6 OCTOBER 2010 AT ThE LiBRARy                                                                                                                      *Funded	by	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library
  Friends	Focus

  October Featured Sections
  Book Bay Main	
                                                             Quiz Time: Are You a Library Lover?
  The	Mystery	&	Romance	of	the	Sea
                                                                 o	Yes			o	No	     Do	you	have	a	San	Francisco	Public	Library	card?
  Book Bay Fort Mason	
  Torture,	Death	&	the	Undead                                    o	Yes			o	No	     Do	you	use	your	library	often,	either	by	checking	out	materials,	using	computers	or	
                                                                                   wi-fi,	or	surfing	the	library’s	web	site	from	home?

                                                                 o	Yes			o	No	     Do	you	enjoy	any	of	the	following	events	at	your	library:	author	readings,	political	
  October Events                                                                   discussions,	arts	and	crafts	circles,	Baby	Rhyme	and	Playtimes,	or	yoga	for	kids?
  October 3
                                                                 o	Yes			o	No	     Do	you	dream	about	databases,	like	NextReads,	Mango	Languages,	the	Oxford	
  Author Talk: Leslie Brody Author	of	Irrepressible:
                                                                                   English	Dictionary,	Heritagequest	Online,	or	any	of	the	streaming	music	libraries?
  The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford.	Book	Bay	Fort	
  Mason,	Building	C,	4	p.m.
                                                                 o	Yes			o	No	     Do	you	check	out	what’s	being	published	months	ahead,	and	put	books	on	hold	at	
                                                                                   SFPL.org,	just	to	beat	the	rush?		
  October 5
  Philosophy Talk A	live	taping	of	Philosophy	Talk	on	           o	Yes			o	No	     Are	you	amazed	by	the	exciting	and	diverse	resources	that	the	SFPL	offers,	free	of	
  libraries!	Beth	Sholom,	301	14th	Ave.,	6:30–8	p.m.                               charge,	to	anyone	with	a	library	card?

  October 6, 14, 19, 21, 23, 26                              If	you’ve	answered	“Yes”	to	most	or	all	of	these	questions,	congratulations!	You	are	a	library	lover.	And	
  Parents for Public Schools Workshops                       chances	are	that	you	are	looking	for	a	way	to	voice	your	support	of	the	library,	to	go	above	and	beyond	
  School enrollment Workshops Hear	from	par-                 being	simply	a	patron,	and,	of	course,	to	let	the	world	know	the	object	of	your	affections:	the	SFPL.
  ents	about	San	Francisco	public	schools,	learn	                 We	have	just	the	opportunity	for	you:	become	a	member	of	Friends	of	the	SFPL!	
  about	the	SFUSD	enrollment	process	and	find	out	                With	your	donation,	you	can	be	a	legit	library	lover;	we’ll	even	give	you	a	card	to	prove	it.	Not	only	will	
  how	Parents	for	Public	Schools-SF	can	help	you.            you	be	supporting	programming	and	services	for	San	Francisco’s	public	libraries,	but	you	will	also	receive	
  Oct.	6:		Visitacion	Valley	Branch	Library,	5–6:30	p.m.		   fabulous	member-only	benefits.
  															(This	workshop	conducted	in	Chinese)             All	of	our	members	receive	10%	off	at	our	Readers	Cafe	(located	at	Fort	Mason	Center	and	featuring	Blue	
  Oct.	14:	Bernal	Heights	Branch	Library,	6:30	p.m.          Bottle	Coffee,	wine	and	beer	and	tasty	snacks)	and	tickets	to	the	Member	Preview	&	Reception	of	the	Big	
  Oct.	19:	Richmond	Branch	Library,	6:30	p.m.                Book	Sale—your	chance	to	get	first	dibs	on	hundreds	of	thousands	of	books,	all	priced	$1-5.	Starting	at	the	
  Oct.	23:	Ingleside	Branch,	3	p.m.                          $50	Book	Lover	level,	members	receive	10%	off	books	at	our	bookstores,	Book	Bay	Main	and	Book	Bay	Fort	
  Oct.	26:	Potrero	Branch,	6:30	p.m.                         Mason,	as	well	as	nearly	every	independent	bookstore	in	San	Francisco	(see	list	below).
                                                                  And,	as	a	special	bonus	for	taking	our	quiz,	we	have	a	few	additional	offers	for	you.	Join	online	today	
  Parents Transforming Schools Workshop                      (www.friendssfpl.org)	at	the	Bookworm	level	and	receive	20%	off	your	membership	(a	$35	value	for	just	
  Oct.	21:	Bernal	Heights	Branch	Library,	6:30	p.m.          $28)	and	a	$5	gift	certificate,	to	be	used	at	one	of	our	bookstores.	Use	promo	code	“OCTATL”	to	secure	your	
                                                             membership	today!
  October 6, 13, 20 & 27                                          If	you	are	already	a	member	of	Friends,	you	should	be	receiving	your	renewal	notice	soon,	if	you	haven’t	
  Steps Sales Main	Library,	Larkin	and	Grove	St.	            already.	It’s	easy	to	renew	online	and	if	you	use	the	promo	code	“RNWATL”	you	can	also	receive	a	$5	gift	
  Steps.	11	a.m.–3	p.m.                                      certificate	to	our	bookstores.
                                                                  So	what	are	you	waiting	for?	Make	it	official	and	become	a	card-carrying	library	lover	today!
  October 6
  Author Talk: Arden Bucklin-Sporer & Rachel
  Pringle Authors	of	How to Grow a School Garden.	
  Readers	Cafe,	Fort	Mason	Center,	Building	C,	6:30	p.m.     Special Thanks to the Big Book Sale Supporters
  October 7                                                  Hundreds	of	book	lovers,	community	members	and	           programs	that	promote	literacy	for	children,	teens	
  Litquake Presents: Poets 11 2010 Showcase                  Friends	flocked	to	the	Fort	Mason	Center	Festival	        and	adults.		
  Readers	Cafe,	Fort	Mason	Center,	Building	C,	7	p.m.        Pavilion	for	our	46th	Annual	Big	Book	Sale.		                 Friends	would	like	to	thank	our	volunteers,	
                                                                 The	six-day	extravaganza	raised	$250,000	for	         sponsors	and	everyone	who	came	out	to	support	the	
  October 9                                                  San	Francisco	Public	Library	to	fund	education	           San	Francisco	Public	Library.	
  $1 Sale Donation	Center,	438	Treat	Ave.,		
  10	a.m.–2	p.m.	Upcoming	$1	Sales:	Nov.	13		
  and	Dec.	11	
                                                             Book Bay Locations & hours
  October 9                                                  BOOK	BAY	FORT	MASON	                  READERS	CAFE	                              BOOK	BAY	MAIN	
  Author Talk: Alison Gopnick Author	of		                    Fort	Mason	Center,	Building	C	        Fort	Mason	Center,	Building	C	             Main	Library		
  Philosophical Baby.	Free	for	Friends	members		             Open	daily	10	a.m.–6	p.m.		           Located	next	to	Book	Bay		                 Grove	Street	Entrance		
  and	Golden	Gate	Mother’s	Group	members.		                  Telephone	(415)	771-1076	             Fort	Mason,	at	the	south		                 Open	all	Library	hours		
  Jewish	Family	and	Children’s	Services,		                                                         end	of	building	C.		                       Telephone	(415)	557-4238
  2150	Post	St.,	6:30-8	p.m.                                                                       Open	seven	days	a	week.	

  October 21
  Author Talk: Madeline Levine event Author	of	                                                                 The	mission	of	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library	is	to	create,	
  The Price of Privilege;	Viewing Violence;	and	See No                                                          steward	and	support	a	superior,	free	public	library	system	in	San	Francisco.	
  Evil.	The	Episcopal	Church	of	St.	Mary	the	Virgin,		                                                          We	are	committed	to	raising	the	standard	of	excellence	of	our	libraries	
                                                                                                                by	funding	programs	and	services	beyond	what	is	allocated	in	the	city’s	
  2325	Union	St.,	6:30-8	p.m.
                                                                                                                budget.	We	believe	in	free	and	equal	access	to	information	for	all.	

Books at 10% off! Friends’ Bonus Bookstore Program!
Friends members ($50+ level) receive a 10% discount at the following bookstores:
A Different Light Bookstore      Academy Store, California Academy of Science      A. Cavalli italian Bookstore     Adobe Bookstore      Alan Wofsy Fine Arts LLC
    Alexander Book Co., inc.       Amazing Fantasy         The Beat Museum       Bibliohead Bookstore         Bibliomania     Bird & Beckett Books & Records
Black Oak Books holding Corp.              Bolerium Books              Book Bay Fort Mason               Book Bay Main            Books, inc.          Booksmith
    Borderlands Books          Browser Books         Christopher’s Books       Chronicle Books          Compass Books, inc.       Cover to Cover Booksellers
Dog Eared Books              Eastwind Books            globus Slavic Bookstore           great Overland Book Company                green Apple Books & Music
      The green Arcade             Kayo Books             Louie Brothers Book Store, inc.             Manning’s Books & Prints           Marcus Book Stores
Phoenix Books           Omnivore Books on Food               Red hill Books         San Francisco Botanical gardens, garden Bookstore            Thidwick Books

                                                                                                                                       AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 7
At the Library

October 2010
In this Issue:
Page 1 - One City, One Book: Author interview
         Bioneers Moving image Film Festival
         Read for the Record
Page 2 - Visitacion Valley Branch
Page 3 - The Portola Neighborhood’s history
         iris Chang and her Unfinished Dream
         AfroSolo 17
Page 4 - One City One Book
         Adult Calendar
Page 5 - Litquake 2010
         Claudette Colvin
         Fabled ASP Events
         Celebrate hispanic heritage
Page 6 - eBook help
         Filipino history on Display
Page 7 - Friends Focus
         Quiz Time: Are you a Library Lover?
         Thanks to the Big Book Sale Supporters
Special: Autumn Fun at the Library
Page A - Kidquake
         Become a Book Buddy
         Summer Reading Wrap Up
Page B - Children’s Calendar
Page C - Tricycle Music Fest
Page D - Vampire Writing Contest Winner
                                                                         Become a Book Buddy, see Page A of
         Lights! Camera! Read!
                                                                         our special section for young readers.
         Teen Calendar

     The San Francisco Public Library system is                          L I B R A R Y LOCATIONS AND HOURS
                                                                         	                     	                                   	                S      M        T       W       T      F        S	
 dedicated to free and equal access to information,
                                                                         ANZA	                         Closed for renovation       557-4353         See temporary services schedule on page 2.	
  knowledge, independent learning and the joys
       of reading for our diverse community.                             BAYVIEW/WADEN	                5075	Third	St.		            355-5757		     1–5		 10–6		 10–6		      1–8		   10–8		 1–6		 10–6	
                                                                         BERNAL	HEIGHTS		              500	Cortland	Ave.		         355-2810			      x		   10–6		 10–9		    1–9		   10–6		 1–6		 1–6
At the Library	is	published	monthly	on	recycled	paper	by	                CHINATOWN	                    1135	Powell	St.		           355-2888		     1–5		   1–9		 10–9		 10–9		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
the	San	Francisco	Public	Library	with	support	and	funding	               	                             Children’s	Room		           	              1–5		   1–6		 10–8		 10–8		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
from	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library.
                                                                         EUREKA	VALLEY/MILK	           1	José	Sarria	Court		      355-5616	         x		   12–6		 10–9		 12–9		 10–6		 1–6		 1–6	
Circulation:	12,000                                                      	                             (at	16th	St.,	near	Market)
Online	version:	                                                         EXCELSIOR	                    4400	Mission	St.	           355-2868		     1–5		   1–9		 10–9		 10–9		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
                                                                         GLEN	PARK	                    2825	Diamond	St.		          355-2858		       x		   10–6		 10–6		 12–8		     1–7		 1–6		 1–6	
Main	Library	phone	number:	(415)	557-4400
                                                                         GOLDEN	GATE	VALLEY	           Closed for renovation       557-4353	        See temporary services schedule on page 2	.		
how to reach us                                                          INGLESIDE		                   1298	Ocean	Ave.	            355-2898		     1–5		 10–6		 10–6		 12–8		       1–7		 1–6		 1–6
Public	Affairs,	Main	Library,	100	Larkin	St.                             MAIN	LIBRARY	                 100	Larkin	St.		            557-4400		     12–5		 10–6		 9–8		      9–8		   9–8		 12–6		 10–6	
San	Francisco,	CA		94102                                                 MARINA	                       1890	Chestnut	St.           	355-2823      1–5		 10–6		 10–6		      1–9		   1–9		 1–6		 10–6
(415)	557-4277;	e-mail:	publicaffairs@sfpl.org
Web	site:	www.sfpl.org                                                   MERCED	                       Closed for renovation       557-4353	        See temporary services schedule on page 2	.		
Every	effort	has	been	made	to	produce	a	monthly	calendar	that	           MISSION	                      300	Bartlett	St.	           355-2800	      1–5		   1–9		 10–9		 10–9		 10–6		 1–6	 10–6	
is	both	accurate	and	complete.	Please	contact	Public	Affairs	if	         	                             Children’s	Room		           	              1–5		   1–6		 10–8		 10–8		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
you	have	any	questions	or	comments	regarding	the	listings.	
                                                                         MISSION	BAY	                  960	Fourth	St.	             355-2838	      1–5		     x		   10–6		 12–8		 10–6		 1–6	 	1–6	
                                                                         NOE	VALLEY/BRUNN	             451	Jersey	St.		            355-5707		     1–5	      x		   10–9		   1–9	    	10–6		 1–6		 10–6
  Tours of Main                                                          NORTH	BEACH	                  2000	Mason	St.		            355-5626		       x	    12–6		 10–9		    1–9	    	10–6		 1–6		 1–6	
  Tours	are	conducted	on	the	first	Tuesday	of	each	month	at		
  12	p.m.	Meet	at	the	Information	Desk	in	the	First	Floor	atrium.	       OCEAN	VIEW	                   345	Randolph	St.		          355-5615		       x		   10–6	 10–6		 10–7		      1–7		 1–6		 1–6	
  Tours	are	limited	to	15	people	on	a	first	come,	first	served	basis.	   ORTEGA					                   3223	Ortega	St.		           355-5700		     1–5		 10–6		 10–6		      1–9		   1–9		 1–6		 10–6
  Groups	can	schedule	a	private	tour	by	calling	(415)	557-4266.
                                                                         PARK	                         Closed for renovation       557-4353	        See temporary services schedule on page 2	.	
  SFPL Commission                                                        PARKSIDE	                     Closed for renovation       557-4353	        See temporary services schedule on page 2	.	
  Meetings	are	generally	held	on	the	first	and	third	Thursday	           PORTOLA	                      380	Bacon	St.		             355-5660		     1–5	      x		   10–6		 12–8		    1–7		 1–6		 1–6	
  of	each	month.	This	month’s	meeting:	4:30	p.m.	on		                    POTRERO		                     1616	20th	St.	              355-2822		     1–5	      x		   10–8		 12–8		 10–6		 1–6		 1–6
  October	7	and	21	in	the	Koret	Auditorium	of	the	Main	
  Library.	The	public	is	welcome	to	attend.                              PRESIDIO		                    Closed for renovation       557-4353         See temporary services schedule on page 2.	
                                                                         RICHMOND/MARKS		              351	9th	Ave.		              355-5600		     1–5		 10–6			 10–9		 10–9		      1–9		 1–6		 10–6
  Closure Times                                                          SUNSET		                      1305	18th	Ave.		            355-2808       1–5		   1–9		 10–9		 10–9		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6
  The	San	Francisco	Main	Library	and	all	branch	libraries	will	be	       	                             Children’s	Room		           	              1–5		   1–6		 10–8		 10–8		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
  closed	on	Monday,	October	11,	in	observance	of	Columbus	Day.
                                                                         VISITACION	VALLEY	            45	Leland	Ave.		            355-2848		       x		   10–6	 10–6		 12–7		      1–7		 1–6		 1–6	
                                                                         WEST	PORTAL		                 190	Lenox	Way		             355-2886		     1–5		   1–9		 10–9		 10–9		 10–6		 1–6		 10–6	
                                                                         WESTERN	ADDITION	             1550	Scott	St.			           355-5727		     1–5		   1–9		 10–6		     1–9		   10–6		 1–6		 10–6

                                                                         TREASURE	ISLAND	BOOKMOBILE			 			Community	Center,	497	Ave.	I			 			Thursdays,	10:30	a.m.–12:30	p.m.	and	1–4:30	p.m.	
                                                                         “x”	means	CLOSED.		For	more	information:	www.sfpl.org		(All	phone	numbers	are	in	the	415	area	code.)

A Special Section for Young Readers

Kidquake                                                                            Teenquake
As	part	of	Litquake,	San	Francisco’s	literary	festival,	                            The	Library	will	kick	off	the	first-ever	Litquake	Teen	
now	in	its	11th	year,	Kidquake	connects	students	                                   Crawl	with	a	young-author	event	at	the	Main	Library’s	
in	grades	K-8,	with	authors,	illustrators,	poets	and	                               Koret	Auditorium	on	Friday,	Oct.	8.	Talented	local	teen	
others	involved	with	the	literary	arts.	This	event	                                 authors	will	read	from	and	discuss	their	original	work	
                  has	expanded	to	three	mornings	                                   for	a	teen	audience,	followed	by	hands-on	craft	and	
                  this	year.	                                                       multi-media	workshops,	culminating	in	a	professional	
                        Oct. 5:	Presentations	for	                                  young	adult	author	panel	at	Books,	Inc.	Opera	Plaza.		
                  grades	K-2	by	authors	and	illustrators	including	Alma	Flor	            The	first	event	will	showcase	the	best	in	fiction	
                  Ada	and	Angela	Dominquez,	whose	new	book	is	Let Me Help!          from	youth	in	the	following	organiza-
                  Quiero Ayudar!;	Laura	Regan,	illustrator	of	Pierre the Penguin:   tions:	Capitol	City	Young	Writers	(CCYW),	
Mac	Barnett
                  A True Story	about	a	penguin	at	the	California	Academy	of	        WritersCorps	San	Francisco,	826	Valen-
Sciences;	and	Belle	Yang,	whose	latest	title	is	Foo the Flying Frog of Washtub      cia,	and	Streetside	Stories.	The	crawl	
Pond.	Four	different	workshops	will	allow	kids	to	participate	in	bookmaking,	       will	continue	with	a	choice	of	classes	to	
writing,	and	book	illustration.	                                                    include	zine-making	and	poetry-writing,	
                                                                                                                                   Kristen	Tracy
     Oct. 6:	A	presentation	for	Middle	School	grades,	featuring	authors		           and	a	tour	of	City	Hall	with	a	literary	spin.	
                   N.	H.	Senzai	(Shooting Kabul),	Jon	and	Pamela	Voelkel		          Nearby	bookstore,	Books	Inc.,	will	host	the	Not	Your	
                   (The Jaguar Stones)	and	two	workshops	with	Poets	in	the	         Mother’s	Book	Club	literary	salon,	featuring	authors	
                   Schools	and	students	from	the	creative	writing	program		                               Lauren	Henderson,	Kristen	Tracy,	
                   at	Ruth	Asawa	School	of	the	Arts.                                                      Cameron	Tuttle,	and	Katie	Williams.	
                        Oct. 7:	Presentations	for	grades	3-5,	with	authors	                               Now	teens	will	be	a	part	of	the	Lit	
                   Mac	Barnett	(Edgar-nominated	mystery	series	The Brixton                                Crawl	tradition!
                   Brothers)	Brandi	Dougherty	(Miss Fortune)	and	Jennifer	                                     Litquake	Teen	Crawl:	Oct.	8,		
                   Holm	(Newbery	Honor	winner	Penny From Heaven;	The Stink                                1	p.m.	teen	author	reading,	3	p.m.	
N.	H.	Senzai
                   Files	and	the	Babymouse	series).	Workshops	will	include	                               workshops,	Main	Library,	Koret		
Shakespeare	fight	scenes	by	author	Gwen	Miner	and	more.                                                   Auditorium.
     Reservations	are	required.	Please	contact	kidquake@litquake.org.
                                                                                    Cameron	Tuttle

Become a Book Buddy                                        Summer Reading Wrap Up
A	                                                         S
        hospital	stay	can	                                       chool	is	back	in	session	and	summer	just	a	memory,		
        be	scary,	lonely	                                        but	for	many	San	Francisco	students,	some-
        or	just	plain	                                           thing	they	did	this	summer	may	have	helped	
boring,	especially	for	a	                                  them	keep	from	losing	important	skills	over	the		
child.	For	more	than	30	                                   vacation	months:	read!		
years	the	Library	has	                                          More	than	11,100	children	through	age	13	
been	working	with	San	                                     participated	in	the	SFPL	Summer	Reading	Club,	Water Your
Francisco	hospitals	to	recruit	and	train	volunteers	       Imagination,	and	5,804	(52%)	read	for	eight	hours	or	more.		
who	visit	hospitalized	children	and	read	to	them	               West	Portal	and	Chinatown	had	the	busiest	summer,	
from	wonderful	children’s	literature	titles.	The	Book	     with	more	than	1,100	reading	participants	and	attendees	at	special	events	they		
Buddies	program	originated	with	grant	money,	              held	during	the	eight	weeks	of	summer	reading.	They	really	drew	upon	the	
then	was	taken	on	as	a	joint	project	of	the	Children	      help	of	their	Kid	Power	volunteers:	young	people	who	help	sign	up	readers.	
and	Youth	Services	Division,	the	Friends	of	the	San	       System-wide,	630	student	volunteers	worked	7,563	hours.
Francisco	Public	Library	and	the	member	hospitals,	             Every	week,	each	library	held	a	wide	variety	of	children’s	programs,	bring-
which	now	consist	of	UC	San	Francisco	Medical	             ing	each	neighborhood	in	San	Francisco	events	on	music,	magic,	puppetry,	
Center,	California	Pacific	Medical	Center	and	Kaiser.      science	and	more.	ZunZun	used	recycled	plastic	and	metal	bottles	as	some	of	
     Orientations	conducted	by	the	Library	and	Child	      the	rhythm	instruments	in	their	lively	bilingual	show,	Songs of the Sea/Cancio-
Life	Specialists	from	the	hospitals	are	held	three	                                                     nes del Mar.	The	Richmond	Branch	
times	a	year	at	the	Main	Library.	Book	Buddies	are	                                                     hosted	the	Victory	Farmer,	where	
expected	to	participate	two	hours	per	week	at	the	
chosen	hospital	for	a	minimum	of	one	year.	The	kids	
                                                                Summer Reading                          children	planted	many	different	
(and	families)	learn	about	what	the	Library	has	to	
offer,	make	lovely	connections	with	a	non-medical	
                                                                By the Numbers:                         seeds,	including	sunflowers,	pump-
                                                                                                        kins,	and	herbs,	and	took	them	home	
                                                                                                        to	tend	and	cultivate.	The	Excelsior	
services	adult	and	have	a	great	time	listening	to	
great	stories.	And	the	volunteers	get	even	more	out	
of	the	experience!	Several	Book	Buddies	at	UCSF	
                                                             11,083               Total children
                                                                                                        Branch	brought	in	a	variety	of	farm	
                                                                                                        animals	and	library	visitors	were	
                                                                                                        able	to	see	them	up	close	and	per-
have	been	with	the	program	for	more	than	10	years,	
and	one	just	passed	the	13	year	mark!                         5,815               (52%) Read eight
                                                                                  hours or more
                                                                                                        sonal.	System-wide,	more	than	200	
                                                                                                        special	programs	were	held,	with	
                                                                                                        almost	13,000	in	attendance.
Book Buddies	Orientation:	The	last	Book	Buddies	                                  School age
orientation	for	2010	will	be	held	on	Thursday,		                                  children enrolled          Many	thanks	to	the	Friends	of	
Oct.	14	at	5:30	p.m.	in	the	Main	Children’s	Center.	                                                    the	San	Francisco	Public	Library	and	
Contact	Andrea	Blum	at	(415)	422-8606	or	
andreablum@friendssfpl.org	to	register	and	get	an	
application.	You	may	also	register	at	the	door.
                                                              1,053               Babies & toddlers
                                                                                                        all	our	generous	in-kind	donors	for	
                                                                                                        helping	to	make	our	Summer	Read-
                                                                                                        ing	program	possible.

WWW.SFPL.ORg                                                                                         AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 A
                                                                                                                                                              Main	       	         	              North Beach	          	
                                                                                                                   	   Baby Rhyme Time                        Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	              Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	
                                                                                                                        	Rollicking rhymes, songs and         3:30–4	p.m.	                         10:15–10:45	a.m.	
                                                                                                                       books for infants to 18 months                                              (Held	at	661	Lombard	St.,		

Children’s	Calendar                                                                                                    and their caregivers.*
                                                                                                                       Bernal Heights
                                                                                                                                                              Mon,	4,	18	&	25	at	11	a.m.		
                                                                                                                                                              +	playtime
                                                                                                                                                                                                   at	Mason.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	at	10:30	a.m.
                                                                                                                       Wed,	6,	13	&	20	     	
                                                                                                                       1:15	p.m.	+	playtime                                                        (Held	at	Park	Police	Station,	
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Community	Room,	1899	
                                                                                                                                                              Mon,	4	at	9:30	a.m.	
                                                                                                                       Chinatown	            	                                                     Waller	St,)
                                                                                                                                                              +	playtime		
                                                                                                                       Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	                (Held	at	Stonestown	YMCA,	           Potrero
                                                                                                                       11	a.m.–12	p.m.	+	playtime             Childwatch	Room,	333	Euca-
October	2010                                                              13 Wednesday
                                                                        *Crafts	Mission	Bay,	4	p.m.                    eureka Valley
                                                                                                                                                              lyptus	Dr.	(at	21st	Ave.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	 	
                                                                                                                                                                                                   1:15	p.m.	+	playtime
 	 All programs and events are free and open to the public.                                                            Wed,	6,	20	&	27	     	
                                                                                                                                                              Mission                              Richmond
 	 Programs are for children of all ages, except where noted.            Films                                         1:30–2	p.m.	+	playtime                                                      Wed,	6,	13,	20	&	27	 	
                                                                          Ages	3-5.		Richmond,	11	a.m.                                                        Mon,	4,	18	&	25	at	1:15	p.m.		
 	 Please call ahead to confirm dates and times. Groups need to                                                                                                                                    3:30	p.m.	+	playtime
                                                                          Ages	5	&	older.	Bring	snack.	                excelsior                              +	playtime	
   reserve space.
                                                                                                                                                              (English/Spanish)                    Sunset	 	               	
 	 Where branch is closed for renovation, alternate location is listed. Potrero,	6:30	p.m.                             Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	
 	 Golden Gate Valley Branch programming room is not accessible                                                        11–11:30	a.m.	+	playtime                                                    Sat,	2,	9,	16,	23	&	30	 	
                                                                        14 Thursday                                                                           Mission Bay	          	              11	a.m.–12	p.m	+	playtime
   by elevator.
                                                                                                                       Glen Park                              Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	
 	 For film titles, call branch library or go to sfpl.org/news/events.  *S.F. Public School Kindergar-
                                                                                                                       Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	 	                 10:15	a.m.	                          West Portal	           	
   htm and click on Children’s Films & Videos.                           ten enrollment Workshop (For
                                                                                                                       10:30	a.m.	+	playtime                  +	playtime                           Tue,	5	&	19	at	10:30	a.m.	
                                                                         Adults)	Bernal	Heights,	6:30	p.m.
1 Friday                              6 Wednesday
                                                                          *Jazz Class	reservations:	Tim	
Craft	Ages	5	&	older.	Sunset,	        Films	Ages	5-12.	Chinatown,	         at	(415)	557-4549.	Main,	2nd	                                                      Main	      	         	               North Beach	          	
3:30	p.m.                             4	p.m.                               Floor,	Children’s	Fisher	Center,	
                                                                                                                       Toddler Tales                          Mon,	4,	18	&	25	     	               Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	
                                                                          10:30	a.m.–12	p.m.                           n	Books, rhymes, music,
                                                                                                                                                              10:30–11	a.m.	                       11:45	a.m.–12:15	p.m.
2 Saturday                            *enrolling in an S. F. Public                                                                                           Wed,	6,	13,	20	&	27	 	               (Held	at	661	Lombard	St.,		
                                       School (For Adults: In Chi-                                                     movement and more for
*Latin American Music                                                     *Hispanic Craft Ages	5	&	older.	             toddlers 18 to 36 months               10:30–11	a.m.	                       at	Mason.)
                                       nese)	Visitacion	Valley,	5	p.m.	
 Family.	Mission,	2	p.m.                                                   Portola,	3:30	p.m.                          and their caregivers.*
                                                                                                                                                              Marina                               Presidio
                                      7 Thursday                          *Magic Show Sunset,	10:30	a.m.               Anza 	      	          	               Mon,	4,	18	&	25	        	            Thur,	14,	21	&	28	    	
*Spanish/english Singalong
                                      Films                                                                            Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	27	 	                10:15–10:45	a.m.                     10:15–10:45	a.m.
 Marina,	3:30	p.m.
                                       Ages	3-5.	Chinatown,	10	a.m.       15 Friday                                    10:30	a.m.	+	playtime                                                       (Held	at	the	Jewish	Commu-
                                       Ages	5-12.	Chinatown,	4	p.m.                                                    (Held	at	Richmond	District	            Mission                              nity	Center,	3200	California	
2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Saturdays                                               Cartooning Workshop Ages	5	
                                                                                                                       Neighborhood	Center,		                 Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	              Street,	2nd	Floor.)
Chess Club	Ages	6	&	over.	All	                                            &	older.	Sunset,	3:30	p.m.
                                      7, 14, 21 & 28 Thursdays                                                         741-30th	Ave.,	between	                10:15	a.m.
levels.	Excelsior,	1:30–3	p.m.                                                                                                                                                                     Richmond
                                      Reading Buddies	Ages	5	&	           16 Saturday                                  Balboa	&	Cabrillo	Sts.                 (Spanish/English)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	      	
Homework Help: Grades K-7             older.	Excelsior,	4–6	p.m.          *Calypso Storyteller                                                                                                     10:15–10:45	a.m.
                                                                                                                       eureka Valley                          Mission Bay	            	
 4,	18	&	25	Mondays.	Excelsior	                                            Bernal	Heights,	1:15	p.m.	                  Tue,	5,	19	&	26	         	             Fri,	1,	8,	15,	22	&	29	 	
                                      9 Saturday                                                                                                                                                   Western Addition
&	Mission,	4–6	p.m.                                                        Potrero,	3	p.m.                             10:30–11	a.m.                          4:30	p.m.+	playtime                  Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	 	
 5,	12,	19	&	26	Tuesdays.		           *Tricycle Music Fest West!
                                                                                                                                                                                                   10:15	a.m.	+	playtime
Excelsior	&	Mission,	4–6	p.m.          Mini-Concert with the Time-        *Tricycle Music Fest West:                   Ingleside 	                            Noe Valley                           (Groups	of	five	or	more,	
 6,	13,	20	&	27	Wednesdays.		          Outs	Bernal	Heights,	3	p.m.         Mini-Concert, with Frances                  Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	 	                 Tue,	5,	12	&	26	         	           reserve	at	(415)	355-5727.)
Excelsior	&	Mission,	4–6	p.m.                                              england	Eureka	Valley,	3–4	p.m.             11	a.m.	+	playtime                     10:15–10:45	a.m.	
 7,	14,	21	&	28	Thursdays.		          Crafts	Ages	5	&	younger	&	care-                                                                                         &	11–11:30	a.m.                      West Portal	           		
                                                                                                                       Wed,	6,	13,	20	&	27	 	
Mission,	4–6	p.m.                     giver.	West	Portal,	10:30	a.m.      17 Sunday                                                                           (Park	strollers	by	the	elevator.)    Thur,	21at	10:30	a.m.	
                                                                                                                       4:30–5	p.m.	
                                      10 Sunday                           *Chinese Dance Troupe
5 Tuesday                                                                  Ingleside,	2:30	p.m.
*Spanish/english Music                *Tricycle Music Fest West:
 Eureka	Valley,	4	p.m.                 Mini-Concert Call	for	reserva-     *Tricycle Music Fest West:                   Preschool                              excelsior	 	            	
                                                                                                                                                              Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	at	11	a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fri,	1,	8,	15,	22	&	29		
                                       tions.	Ingleside,	3	p.m.            Mini-Concert, with Frances                  Storytime                                                              	
                                                                                                                                                              Wed,	6,	13	&	27	at	11–11:30	a.m.	    at	10	&	11	a.m.
Films                                                                      england Richmond,	3	p.m.                                                           (Mandarin/Cantonese)                 (Held	at	Taraval	Police		
 Ages	3-5.	Chinatown,	10,	            12 Tuesday                                                                       n	Stories, songs, fingerplays
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Station	Community	Room,	
10:30	&	11:05	a.m.;	2	p.m.            *Singalong	                         18 Monday                                    and more for ages 3 to 5.*             Marina	 	             	              2345-24th	Ave.,	between	
 Ages	5-12.	Chinatown,	4	p.m.           Ages	5	&	younger.	Call	for	res-   *Live Lizards	Ages	5	&	older;	                                                      Tue,	12	&	19	at	10:15	a.m.	          Taraval	&	Santiago	Sts.)
                                       ervations.	Bayview,	10:30	a.m.      call	for	reservations.	Visitacion	          Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	at	                                                     Portola	 	           	
*Mexican/American Folk                  Ages	five	&	older.	Groups	of	                                                                                         Mission	 	              	
                                                                           Valley,	10:30	a.m.                          10:30–11	a.m.	
 Music	Richmond,	7	p.m.                five	or	more	call	ahead	to	con-                                                                                        Wed,	6,	13,	20	&	27	at	10:15	a.m.	   Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26
                                                                                                                       (Held	at	Richmond	District	                                                 10:30-11	a.m.
                                       firm	space.	Western	Addition,	     Videos Ages	3-5.	Glen	Park,	                 Neighborhood	Center,		
5, 6 & 7 Tuesday,                     10:30	a.m.                          10:30	a.m.                                                                          Mission Bay                          (Groups,	reserve	at	
                                                                                                                       741-30th	Ave.,	between	                Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	                (415)	355-5660.)
Wednesday & Thursday                                                                                                   Balboa	&	Cabrillo	Sts.).
                                      12 & 26 Tuesdays                    Films	Ages	3-5.	Ingleside,	11	a.m.                                                  4:30–5	p.m.	
*Kidquake	Reserve	at	kid-                                                                                                                                                                          Richmond
quake@litquake.org.	Main,	2nd	        Playtime	Ages	birth-36	                                                          Bayview	 	            	                                                     Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	at	
                                                                          19 Tuesday                                                                          North Beach
 Floor,	Children’s	Fisher	Center,	    months	&	caregivers.	West	                                                       Tue,	5,	19	&	26		                                                           11–11:30	a.m.	
                                                                                                                                                              Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	at	
10	a.m.–12	p.m.                       Portal,	10:30	a.m.                  Films                                        10:30–11	a.m.                          11–11:30	a.m.	                       Sunset	
                                                                           Ages	3-5.	Groups	of	5	or	more	              (Groups	call	(415)	355-2850	           (Held	at	661	Lombard	St.,		          Thur,	7	&	28	at	10:30	a.m.	
                                                                          call	ahead	to	confirm	space.	                for	reservations.)                     at	Mason)
   Read for the Record                                                    Western	Addition,	10	a.m.
                                                                           Family.	Groups	call	ahead	to	               eureka Valley	           	             Ocean View
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Western Addition
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tue,	5	&	26	at	10–10:30	a.m.	
   7 Thursday:                                                            reserve	space.	Noe	Valley,	10:15–            Wed,	20	&	27                           Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	                 (Groups	of	five	or	more,	
                                                                          10:45	a.m.	&	11–11:30	a.m.                   3:30–4	p.m.	                           11:15	a.m.	
   Children	&	caregivers	will		                                                                                                                                                                    reserve	at	(415)	355-5752.)
   read	The Snowy Day	by		                                                *Crafts
   Ezra	Jack	Keats	at	the		                                                 Ages	5	and	under	&	caregiver.	
   following	branches:                                                     North	Beach	Program.	Held	at	661	                                                  Main	        	          	            Richmond
   Main,	2nd	Floor,	Fisher	                                               	Lombard	St.,	at	Mason,	11	a.m.              Family Storytime                       Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26                  Sat,	2,	9,	16,	23	&	30	 	
   Children’s	Center,	10	a.m.	                                              Ages	3-10.	Richmond,	                      n	Family Storytimes are for
                                                                                                                                                              10:30	a.m.	                          11-11:30	a.m.	Ages	3	&	
   Kickoff.	Ages	3-5.	                                                     3:30–4:30	p.m.                              children of all ages unless noted.*    Sat,	2,	9,	16	&	30	     	            younger
                                      Portola,	held	at	Portola	                                                                                               11-11:30	a.m.
   Western Addition,	10:15	a.m.	
                               	                                          *S. F. Public School Kindergar-
                                      Family	Connections,	2565	                                                                                                                                    Visitacion Valley	 	
   Toddler	Tales	&	Playtime.	                                              ten enrollment Workshop (For                Bernal Heights	          	             Park
                                      San	Bruno	Ave.,	11	a.m.		                                                                                                                                    Tue,	5,	12,	19	&	26	at	11	a.m.	
                                                                           Adults)	Richmond,	6:30–8:30	p.m.            Tue,	5,	12	&	19	         	             Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	at	11:30	a.m.
   Presidio	Held	at	Jewish	Com-       Toddler	Tales.	
                                                                                                                       10:15-11:15	a.m.                       (Program	held	at	Park	Police	
   munity	Center,	2nd	Floor,		        North Beach,	held	at	661	           20 Wednesday                                                                        Station,	Community	Room,	            West Portal
   3200	California	St.	at	Presidio	   Lombard	St.,	at	Mason,		                                                                                                1899	Waller	St.)                     Wed,	13	&	27	at	7:15	p.m.	
   Ave,	10:15–10:45	a.m.		                                                *Magic Dan	Ages	3	&	over.	Call	              Chinatown
                                      11	&	11:45	a.m.	Storytime.	          for	reservations.	Excelsior,	11	a.m.        Sat,	2,	9,	16,	23	&	30	 	                                                   Ages	2-5	(In	Russian)	+	craft
   Toddler	Tales.	                                                                                                                                            Potrero	 	              	            Sat,	2	&	16	at	10:30	a.m.	
                                                                                                                       10:30-11	a.m.
   Anza	Held	at	Richmond		            Park,	held	at	Park	Police	          21 Thursday                                                                         Thur,	7,	14,	21	&	28	at	10:30	&	     Ages	5	&	younger
   District	Neighborhood	             Station,	Community	Room,	                                                                                               11:15	a.m.	Ages	birth-5
                                      1899	Waller	St.,	11:30	a.m.	        Films/Videos	Ages	3-5.	Main,	                excelsior 	             	              (Held	at	St.	Teresa’s	Commu-
   Center,	741-30th	Ave.		                                                2nd	Floor,	Fisher	Children’s	
   (between	Balboa	&	Cabrillo	        Family	Storytime.	                                                               Sat,	2,	9,	16,	23	&	30	 	              nity	Room,	on	Connecticut	St.	
                                                                          Center,	10	&	10:45	a.m.                      11:30	a.m.                             at	19th	St.)
   Sts.,	10:30	a.m.,	Toddler	         Richmond,	2	p.m.	Storytime.	
   Tales	&	Playtime.                                                      Films	Ages	3-5.	Sunset,	10:30	a.m.
                                      Ocean View,	3	p.m.	+	craft.	                                                **Please call ahead to confirm dates and times. Groups need to reserve space.
   Bayview,	10:30	a.m.	Family	
                                                                          Parents Transforming                    *enrolling in San Francisco                25 Monday                              29 Friday
   Storytime,	plus	songs	&		          eureka Valley,	4	p.m.	
                                                                          Public Schools Workshop                  Public School (For Adults)
   music.	Call	for	reservations.	                                                                                                                            Films/Videos	Ages	3-5.	Bay-            Art Activity	Ages	5	&	older.	
                                      Marina,	4	p.m.                      (For Adults)	Bernal	Heights,	            Ingleside,	3–4:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                             view,	10:30	a.m.                       Mission,	3–5	p.m.
   Bernal Heights,	10:30	a.m.                                             6:30–8	p.m.
                                      Mission,	4:30	p.m.		                                                        Films/Videos	                                                                     Craft Ages	5	&	older.	Sunset,	
   Sunset,	10:30	a.m.+	raffle.		      Preschool	Storytime.	                                                                                                  26 Tuesday
                                                                          *Youth Violence Prevention              Ages	3-5.	Main,	2nd	Floor,	                                                       3:30	p.m.
                                                                           Workshop, Utilizing Martial Arts       Fisher	Children’s	Center,	                 *S. F. Public School Kinder-
   West Portal,	10:30	a.m.	           Mission Bay,	4:30	p.m.	                                                                                                                                       30 Saturday
                                                                           (For Adults)	Ocean	View,	3	p.m.        11	a.m.                                     garten enrollment Workshop
   Preschool	Storytime,	+	film	       Preschool	Storytime.	
                                                                                                                                                              (For Adults)	Potrero,	6:30-8	p.m.     Fall educator Workshop Series
   &	crafts.	
                                      Glen Park,	4:30	p.m.                *Family Literature Program              24 Sunday                                                                         (For Adults)	Charity	Kahn	presents:	
                                                                           Visitacion	Valley,	5	p.m.                                                         Films	Ages	5	&	younger.	Ma-           “Music,	Movement	&	Learning.”		
   Potrero,	10:30	&	11:15	a.m.	                                                                                   *Tricycle Music Fest West:                 rina,	10:15	a.m.
                                      Visitacion Valley,	5	p.m.	                                                                                                                                    Register	beginning	10/1	at	bestrel-
   Family	Storytime.	                                                                                              Concert with The Sippy Cups,
                                      +	crafts.	                          23 Saturday                                                                                                               la@sfpl.org		or	(415)	557-4272.	Main,	
                                                                                                                   Frances england, The Time                 28 Thursday
   Chinatown,	11	a.m.–12	p.m.	                                                                                                                                                                      2nd	Floor,	Fisher	Children’s	
                                      Ingleside,	5:30	p.m.	Pre-           Museo en Una Caj /Museum                 Outs and the Devil-ettes &                Films	Ocean	View,	3:30–4:30	p.m.
   Baby	Rhyme	&	Playtime.	                                                                                                                                                                          Center,	10:30	a.m.–1:30	p.m.
                                      school	Storytime	+	craft.		         in a Box : Dia de los Muertos--          Pip Squeak A Go Go		
   excelsior,	11	a.m.	Storytime.	     Call	for	reservations.	             Day of the Dead	Ages	8	&	                Main,	Larkin	Street	Steps,	               *Hispanic Craft 	Ages	5	&	older.	      Films	Ages	3-5.	West	Portal,	
                                                                          younger.	Bernal	Heights,	2	p.m.         11	a.m.	                                    Chinatown,	4–5	p.m.                   10:30	a.m.

B OCTOBER 2010 AT ThE LiBRARy                                                                                                                                *Funded	by	Friends	of	the	San	Francisco	Public	Library
Tricycle Music FesT 2010

  Tricycle Music Fest
  Promotes Early Literacy
         efore	children	walk	or	talk,	they	dance.	Music	is	a	child’s	
         first	language,	the	universal	language	for	learning	and	
         fun.	And	it’s	good	for	brain	development.	Listening	to	
  music,	singing	songs,	and	playing	instruments	helps	children	
  hear	the	smaller	sounds	in	words	which	fosters	phonological	
  awareness,	an	important	pre-reading	skill.	Most	children	who	
  have	difficulty	reading,	struggle	with	phonological	aware-
  ness.	By	participating	in	activities	such	as	singing,	dancing,	
  clapping,	rhyming,	and	rocking	out	at	the	library,	a	child’s	
  brain	increases	the	ability	to	retain	information,	build	memo-
  ry,	and	actually	help	the	brain	grow.	Researchers	report	read-
  ing,	talking,	singing,	and	playing	prepares	young	children	for	
  school	readiness	and	lifelong	learning.	

                                                                                                                               Festival Schedule
                                                                                                                               One Big Outdoor Concert at Main
                                                                                                                               Sunday, Oct. 24
                                                                                                                               Main	Library,	Larkin	Street	Steps,	
                                                                                                                               11	a.m.–2:30	p.m.
Scenes	from	Tricycle	Music	Fest	2009,	left	to	right:	The	Devil-Ettes,	jamming,	cruising,	The	Time	Outs                         Featuring:
                                                                                                                               The Sippy Cups
Tricycle Music Fest Headliners                                                                                                 Frances england
                                                                                                                               The Time Outs
The Sippy Cups                                                 Frances England                                                 The Devil-ettes & Pip Squeak A-Go-Go
In	the	years	since	the	Sippy	Cups’	first	full	album	of	        Frances	England	originally	                                     In partnership with Sunday Streets Civic Center,
original	material,	Electric Storyland,	was	released,	          created	her	debut	cd,		                                         Tenderloin
the	band’s	career	has	grown	as	dramatically	as	their	          Fascinating Creatures,	as	a	
families	have.	The	band	was	born	at	a	2004	commu-              fundraiser	for	her	son’s	pre-                                   Four Mini-Concerts
nity	fundraiser,	just	three	musical	dads	playing	kid-          school	and	never	thought	
                                                                                                                               Saturday, Oct. 9
friendly	takes	on	Nirvana	and	Syd	Barrett	tunes.	Five	         that	anyone	outside	of	her	
years	later,	they’ve	performed	their	sophisticated	            own	circle	of	family	and	                                       The Time Outs
                                                                                               Frances	England
(and	cool-parent-approved)	kids’	music	to	major	               friends	would	hear	it.	But	                                     Bernal	Heights	Branch	Library,	3	p.m.
concert	halls	and	rock	festivals,	including	the	Austin	        thanks	to	the	Internet,	the	power	of	word-of-mouth	             Sunday, Oct.10
City	Limits	Festival	and	Lollapalooza.	The	Sippy	Cups	         and	some	great	reviews,	the	cd	began	making	its	
have	scored	top-ten	satellite	radio	hits	and	received	         way	into	people’s	homes	across	the	country	and	as	              Charity Kahn
accolades	from	Time,	Newsweek,	the	New York Post,	             far	away	as	Europe,	Asia,	and	Australia.	The	songs	             Ingleside	Branch	Library,	3	p.m.
Billboard,	Wired,	the	Los Angeles Times	and	the		              on	Frances’	new	album,	Family	Tree,	were	written	               Saturday, Oct. 16
Washington Post.	                                              around	the	birth	of	her	second	son	and	retain	the	
                                                                                                                               Frances england
     The	current	Sippy	Cups	lineup	includes	singer/            warm,	intimate,	indie-folk	feel	that	so	many	people	
                                                                                                                               Eureka	Valley/Harvey	Milk	Memorial	Branch	
keyboardist	Paul	Godwin,	singer/guitarist	Rudy		               connected	with	on	Fascinating Creatures.	
                                                                                                                               Library,	3	p.m.
Trubitt	(The	Squids),	drummer	Jozef	Becker	(Thin	                    Frances	grew	up	in	the	South,	where	her	love	of	
White	Rope,	The	Loud	Family),	and	bassist	Ariane	              fireflies	and	good	bar-b-que	began.	She	and	her	hus-            Sunday, Oct. 17
Cap,	as	well	as	juggler/unicyclist/all-around	charac-          band	have	lived	in	San	Francisco	for	the	last	10	years.	
                                                                                                                               Frances england
ter	Doug	Nolan;	multi-instrumentalist	Gabby	La	La	             Inspiration	for	her	children’s	cds	comes	from	her	two	
                                                                                                                               Richmond/Senator	Milton	Marks	Branch	
and	juggler/dancer	Zack	Bernstein.	                            boys,	from	working	with	families	at	a	cooperative	
                                                                                                                               Library,	3	p.m.
                                                               preschool,	and	from	music	ranging	from	Woodie	
The Sippy Cups Core Values:                                    Guthrie	and	the	Carter	Family	to	Cat	Power	and	Yo	
•	Peace,	love	and	use	your	words!	                             La	Tengo.	In	her	spare	time,	Frances	likes	to	cut	up	      Tricycle	Music	Fest	Sponsors:	Children’s	Council	of	San	Francisco;	
                                                               paper	and	make	crazy	collages	with	her	kids,	walk	in	      Childhood	Matters;	SF	Department	of	Children,	Youth,	&	Their	
•	Anyone	can	make	music—just	do	it.                                                                                       Families;	First	5	San	Francisco;	KqED	Education	Network;	Nuestros	
•	Love	the	earth—kids	are	stewards	of	the	planet.              the	woods,	ride	bikes,	and	eat	potato	chips.               Niños;	Raising	A	Reader	San	Francisco;	The	Reading	Tree;	SF	Early	
•	Celebrate	family	and	life	with	rock	and	roll	music!	                                                                    Literacy	Network;	SFUSD	Child	Development	Program;	Jumpstart;	
•	Play	hard,	have	fun	and	above	all—laugh!                                                                                Tree	Frog	Treks;	Bay Area Parent	magazine;	and	Red-Tricycle.com.

The	Sippy	Cups

                                                                                                                                         AT ThE LiBRARy OCTOBER 2010 C
Events	and	Happenings	for	Teens

                                         Vampire Writing                                                           Teens October 2010

                                         Contest Winner
                                                                                                                   1 October–1 November              Teen Series:
                                                                                                                   Teen Video Contest                *Knitting
                                                                                                                   Guidelines:	http://sfpl.org/       5 Tuesday (In	English/Man-
                                                                                                                   teen_blog/; Info:

                                                                                                                                                      darin).	Ages	13	&	over.	20-	
                                                    uring	the	spring	and	summer,	SFPL	hosted	a	Vampire	            jennifercollins@sfpl.org,		        attendee	limit.	Bring	supplies.	
                                                                                                                   or	(415)	557-4268.
                                                    Writing	Contest	for	teens,	inspired	by	the	latest	explosion	                                      Chinatown,	3:30–5	p.m.
                                                    of	“books	with	bite”	such	as	the	Twilight	series.	The	con-                                       16 Saturday Adults	and	ages	
                                                                                                                   2-31 October                      9	&	over.	Info:	blevine@sfpl.
                                         test’s	first	place	winner	was	Laura	Jue,	a	freshman	at	Lowell	High	                                         org	or	(415)	557-4497.	Main,	
                                                                                                                   *Special Book Swap Program
                                         School.	An	avid	blogger,	Laura’s	bio	states	that	she	doesn’t	have	         Register:	dwong@sfpl.org.	
                                                                                                                                                     2nd	Floor,	Fisher	Creative	
                                                                                                                                                     Center,	2–4	p.m.
                                         two	horses,	a	guinea	pig,	or	an	electric	mandolin,	but	she	would	          Ortega,	10:30	a.m.–5:30	p.m.
                                         like	them.	What	she	does	have,	though,	is	a	fair-sized	collection	of	                                       *Gaming
                                         comic	books.	Besides	writing,	her	favorite	time-killers	are	reading,	     2 & 16 Saturdays                  1 Friday Ages	11-18.	blevine@
                                                                                                                                                     sfpl.org	or	(415)	557-4497.	
                                         drawing,	and	sleeping.	                                                   *Chinese/english Online            Main,	2nd	Floor,	Children’s	
                                                                                                                    Magazine Workshop                 Creative	Center,	4–5	p.m.
                                                                                                                    Register:	jewelchen@sfpl.org	
                                         here is an excerpt from Laura’s winning story!                             or	(415)	355-2888.	Chinatown,	   23 Saturday Ages	8-18.		
                                                                                                                   1–3	p.m.                          jewelchen@sfpl.org	or		
                                                                                                                                                     (415)	355-2888.	Chinatown,	
                                                                                                                                                     1:30–3:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                   4, 18 & 25 Mondays

                     The Transformation
                                                                                                                                                     *Guitar Hero Tournament
                                                                                                                   *Book Swap	                        (Registration	Required)
                                                                                                                    Register:	dwong@sfpl.org.	
                                                                                                                                                     1 Friday aharwood@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                    West	Portal,	1:30–7:30	p.m.
                                         By Laura Jue
                                                                                                                                                      or	(415)	355-5660.	Portola,	
                                                                                                                                                      3:30–5	p.m.
                                                                                                                   8 Friday                          6 Wednesday aharwood@sfpl.
The transformation from a human into a vampire happens in five stages.                                             *Litquake Teen Crawl:             org	or	(415)	355-2848.	Visita-
                                                                                                                                                     cion	Valley,	3:30–5	p.m.
     Stage one: The victim experiences mild itching around the bitten area,                                         Author Panel
                                                                                                                    Call	for	group	reservations.	    20 Wednesday mbergman@
as if it were a mosquito bite. The skin surrounding the bitten area,                                                Main,	Koret	Auditorium,		        sfpl.org	or	(415)	355-2868.	
usually on the neck, reddens and swells slightly.                                                                  1–3	p.m.	+ Craft & multime-       Excelsior,	3:30–5:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                    dia workshops.	Main,	Latino/	
     Stage two: Sharp pain, like millions of needles jabbing into the skin.                                         Hispanic	Community	Meet-
                                                                                                                                                     20 Wednesday alicechan@
                                                                                                                                                     sfpl.org	or	(415)	355-2860.	
Sometimes the pain can become so persistent that the victim screams                                                 ing	Room,	3–5	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                     YMCA:		Bayview	Hunter’s	Pt.,	
and writhes. Though only the second of five stages, this is by far the                                                                               1601	Lane	St.,	4–6	p.m.
worst. Victims have been known to tear out handfuls of hair and claw                                               9 Saturday                        21 Thursday mbergman@sfpl.
                                                                                                                                                     org	or	(415)	355-2858.	
pillows to shredded bits, all the while keeping their neighbors from a                                             *Jewelry Workshop
                                                                                                                    Ages	8-18.	25-participant	
night’s sleep.                                                                                                      limit;	materials	provided.	
                                                                                                                                                   *Origami Club
                                                                                                                                                    (All	levels.	Bring	paper.)
     Stage three: It is usually during this stage that the victim realizes                                          Register:	jewelchen@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                    or	(415)	355-2888.	Chinatown,	 2 Saturday Bernal	Heights,	
something is wrong, since the first is not generally alarming, and the victim                                       3–4:30	p.m.                     2–4	p.m.
is in too much agony to realize anything during the second. By this stage,                                                                          9 Saturday Main,	2nd	Floor,	
                                                                                                                                                    Fisher	Creative	Center,		
the pain has become a dull, throbbing numbness. The area has swelled                                               12 Tuesday                       2–5	p.m.
to the size of a small plum, and is about the same color.                                                          *Film: Alice in Wonderland
                                                                                                                                                   *Ghost Hunting	(www.sfg-
     Stage four: The swelling has gone down, though the bitten area is still                                        Info:	mbergman@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                    or	(415)	355-2868.	Excelsior,	  hostsociety.org).	Register	at	
numb like one’s lip after one visits the dentist for a filling. And though                                          4–6	p.m.                        following	addresses	or	(415)	
all the other symptoms itching, sharp pain, twitching have gone down, the                                                                           phone	numbers.
                                                                                                                                                   12 Tuesday aharwood@
victim has difficulty staying conscious. They often stumble like a drunk, and                                      15 Friday                       sfpl.org	or	355-5660.	Portola,	
mumble incomprehensible strings of nonsense. They feel intense change in                                           *Reading Club (In Mandarin)      3:30–5:30	p.m.
temperature, burning fevers, and then sudden chills immediately after. This                                        Info:	jewelchen@sfpl.org	or	      14 Thursday dwong@sfpl.
                                                                                                                   (415)	355-2888.	Chinatown,	       org	or	355-2800.	Mission,	
stage is often referred to as the Judgment; it is the stage during which                                           3:30–5:30	p.m.                    3:30–5:30	p.m.
the victim has two choices (though they are hardly choices): fight for                                                                               16 Saturday dwong@sfpl.org	
consciousness and possibly survive, or submit to the darkness and become                                           19 & 26 Tuesdays                  or	504-6053.	Ortega,	2–4	p.m.
a bloodsucking creature of the night.                                                                              *Crafts	Ages	8-18.		
                                                                                                                                                     18 Monday dwong@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                                                     or	355-2886.	West	Portal,	4–6	p.m.
     Stage five: If the victim reaches this stage, they have given in, let                                          Register:	jewelchen@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                    or	(415)	355-5626.	(North	       21 Thursday ghom@sfpl.
the darkness take them, and it is too late. All they crave is blood.                                                Beach	Program.)	Held	at	661	     org	or	355-5610.	Richmond,	
     How do I know this?... it is happening to me.                                                                  Lombard	St.	at	Mason,		          3:30–5	p.m.
                                                                                                                    3:30–5	p.m.                      28 Thursday mbergman@sfpl.
                                                                                                                                                     org	or	355-2858.	Glen	Park,	
                                                                                                                                                     4–6	p.m.
                                                                                                                   *Writers’ Workshop
                                                                                                                    Ages	12-19.	Register:	
                                                                                                                                                     *Halloween Make-up
                                                                                                                    blevine@sfpl.org	or	(415)	

Lights! Camera! Read!
                                                                                                                    557-4497.	Main,	3rd	Floor	
                                                                                                                    Conference	Room,	4–6	p.m.         23 Saturday 557-4549.	Main,	
                                                                                                                                                      2nd	Floor,	Fisher	Children’s	
                                                                                                                                                      Center,	4–5:30	p.m.
Celebrate Teen Read Week: Oct. 17 to 23, 2010                                                                      22 & 29 Fridays                   25 Monday dwong@sfpl.org	
                                                                                                                   *Make a Stick Man                 or	355-2886.	West	Portal,	
Teen	Read	Week	is	a	national	literacy	initiative	of	the	Young	Adult	Library	Services	Association	(YALSA)	                                            4–5:30	p.m.	
                                                                                                                    Ages	8-15.	12-participant	
aimed	at	encouraging	teens	to	read	for	the	fun	of	it.	SFPL’s	Teen	Services	Department	will	celebrate	Teen	          limit:	materials	provided.	      27 Wednesday mbergman@
Read	Week	by	holding	a	digital	video	contest.	Teens	are	invited	to	create	and	submit	original,	live	action	or	      Register:	jewelchen@sfpl.org     sfpl.org	or	355-2868.	Excelsior,	
                                                                                                                    or	(415)	355-2888.	Chinatown,	   4–5:30	p.m.
animated	videos	about	their	favorite	book	by	Nov.	1.	The	winner	will	receive	a	Flip	video	camera!		For	contest	     3:30–5:30	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                     28 Thursday 355-2848.		
guidelines	and	tips	on	how	to	create	digital	video,	visit	http://sfpl.org/teen_blog/.	                                                               Visitacion	Valley,	4–5:30	p.m.
    Participants	and	the	public	will	be	invited	to	a	special	viewing	party	in	the	Children’s	Creative	Center,	     30 Saturday                       29 Friday alicechan@sfpl.org	
Second	Floor,	Main	Library	on	Friday,	Nov.12,	at	4	p.m.                                                            *“Figure & Fashion Illustra-      or	355-2860.	YMCA:		Bayview	
                                                                                                                    tion” Workshop, Open to          Hunter’s	Point,	1601	Lane	St.,	
                                                                                                                                                     4–6	p.m.
Rocktober: guitar hero Tournament                                                                                   anyone who likes to Draw
                                                                                                                    Shojo Girls (In Cantonese/       30 Saturday dwong@sfpl.org	
Additionally,	because	the	2010	theme	of	Teen	Read	Week	is	“Books	with	Beat”,	the	Bayview,	Excelsior,	Portola	       Mandarin)	                       or	504-6053.	Ortega,		
                                                                                                                    Chinatown,	2:30–4	p.m.           4–5:30	p.m.
and	Visitacion	Valley	branches	will	be	hosting	Guitar	Hero	Gaming	Tournaments	with	prizes	for	Teens.	
Contact	the	Teen	Services	Librarians	at	the	participating	branches	for	more	details.


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