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									CEE 404                                                                                       Instructor:
Winter Quarter 2010                                                                       Steve Muench

Homework 5: Scoping Cost Estimate
Estimate the construction cost for the job presented in the “I-90 Construction Data” handout.
This estimate is essentially a preliminary engineer’s estimate done by WSDOT. Estimate the cost
for replacement with (1) HMA, (2) PCC pavement, and (3) rehabilitation using CSOL. Use the
Excel templates provided on the class website to calculate your estimate. Note that not every
project cost is included in this template and several are estimated using simple rules-of-thumb.
This will require you to use the WSDOT Unit Bid Analysis website. Round your calculated
quantities to the required significant digits as specified in the WSDOT Plans Preparation
Manual (M22-31) Section 460.04. Note:
    • You must match existing grade with the new pavement. Since the old PCCP is only 9
        inches thick, this means you must excavate some of the existing base material after you
        have removed the old slabs.

1. One-page report (typed) listing the following:
      a. Total cost of each paving option including preliminary engineering, right-of-way,
          external 3rd party costs, TDM, construction, contingencies, construction
          administration, public outreach and management reserve.
      b. Your estimation of which construction pay item carries the largest associated risk and
          why for each paving option.
      c. Justification for your selection of mobilization and traffic control percentages.
2. One-page summary (typed – this would be the second page of your homework) that contains:
      a. 1 paragraph discussing how you arrived at your per ton price for HMA.
      b. 1 paragraph discussing how you arrived at your per cubic yard price for PCC.
3. Cost estimate spreadsheet for each paving option. Please print them out nicely.
4. Any calculations used to determine cost estimate quantities (can be hand-written).

If you choose a specific value for mobilization and traffic control, provide a rational and
evidence of your consideration of the situation and selection of a specific value.

When identifying a bid item as the “largest risk”, make sure that you also identify why it is the
largest risk beyond the simple fact that it is the highest line item value. Even if the item costs a
lot, it may not be much of a risk if the price is certain. The WSDOT construction office website
may help (http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/biz/Construction/constructioncosts.cfm).

Cost Estimate Resources that You Must Consult for this Assignment
WSDOT Unit Bid Analysis web page
WSDOT Plans Preparation Manual (M22-31)
WSDOT Trends in Highway Materials Costs web page

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