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Staffing Request
      Title:    Auditors/Trainers
      Department:    Healthcare
      Rate of Pay:

      Supervisor:    Manager of Quality Assurance

     Primary Responsibilities

    Current coding audit methodology is specific and outlines the nature, timeliness, and
     occurrence of all audits and Auditors/Trainers staff is required to follow the specific
     methodology concerning audits. These needs can be, but are not limited to, the following: Data
     Quality coding audits, new provider audits, and clinical areas of concern regarding coding,
     problematic coding noted by particular clinical staff, and out-of rotation audits.

    Auditors/Trainers personnel will be responsible for performing independent audits determining
     the need for training of its employees and all clinical staff involved in the documentation and
     coding process.

    Auditors/Trainers will enter audit results into the government auditing systems (PHSD or CARA
     & VCRx).

    Auditors/Trainers are required to assist with development of applicable training plans based off
     of previous audits. Trainers may work with both providers and government coding coaches.

    Training can be conducted routinely or on the basis of need. Training must be completed for any
     clinical staff member with a coding accuracy rate that falls below 95%.

    Auditors/Trainers will be conducting training for the government coding coaches and providers
     as required by the SOW (Statement of Work). There may be some occasions when an on-site
     training session is required. Trainers will have access to various web enabled training

    Trainers will have access to the proprietary TCAssociates Training Library.

    Auditors/Trainers personnel are responsible for ensuring all clinical staff members are aware of
     their personal coding errors so corrections can be made and training conducted. This generally
     is completed at the time the errors are noted, and as a review is completed of the audit and
     coding logs.

    Conducting the training in learning settings determined by each providers needs. Training can
     be conducted in small or large groups, or one-on-one as needed. Training will be given to all
     new clinical staff members prior to the staff coding.     Training will be accomplished with
     templates that have been previously approved by Command and using the latest coding

   Auditors/Trainers will offer the government coding coaches an invitation to attend all coding
    workshops and classes.

   Auditors/Trainers will be available to attend regular data quality meetings and brief staff, provide
    metric data of coding activities, and provide other coding specific support within the MTF. These
    will be performed via conference call format.

   Auditors/Trainers training specialists will be available to attend training, briefings, clinical Staff
    Assistance Visits, and other meetings that may require coding expertise.

   Auditors/Trainers will be available to assist as necessary within an area outside of the clinical
    setting. Examples of this may be the billing department, command section, or other sections
    required the assistance and expertise of a Coding Trainer/Auditor Specialist.

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