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					                                      The Apple iPhone review

Even before its launch, the phone was one of the most talked about topics and many predicted it to be
the gadget of the decade. Did the iPhone live up to all that was expected of it? Let’s find out.

The first thing you will notice about the iPhone is its looks, be it the silver colored 2G edition or the 3G
black colored one. It’s a combination of class, grandeur, panache and flair. The huge screen does capture
a lot of attention and so does the silver lining that bounds the screen.

Press the power button, and immediately you will be amazed by the high resolution screen coming to life,
it’s unlike anything you have seen in other phones before. The slide to unlock bit is a nice touch and adds
a bit of elegance. A click sound and you are in the main menu. The icons are different to what one is used
to. Another thing you notice while using the iPhone is the sleekness with which the touch screen
operates. One touch here and the application will open in a very exquisite fashion. It’s a phone with
probably the best user interface available in the market. Touch the camera icon and the camera quality
will impress you. The photos taken from the camera can be compared to the ones taken from a basic
digital camera. Messaging is fun using the iPhone, though you really miss the copy paste application. Also
missing from the messaging arsenal is the message forwarding application.

In the modern day era, Internet is a necessity and a phone is incomplete without a browser. The “Safari”
in the iPhone is probably the best web browser available and is very user friendly. Sending and receiving
of mails is also made easy via the “mail” application. Though, the Bluetooth facility is thoroughly missed.
The latest edition of the iPhone is equipped with the 3G technology which enhances the data transfer and
information sharing.

The iPod application though is slightly tricky to use. You can only upload songs to the phone via iTunes.
This also goes for photos, videos and all other additional applications. The earphone jack is narrow and
completely incompatible with the standard plugs. Another vital feature missing from the iPhone is that of
custom ringtones, one only has a limited collection of ringtones to choose from. Though, what impresses
is the storage capacity of the phone, one can choose between the 8GB and the 16GB version.

The launch of the iPhone has revolutionized the touch technology and set the benchmark so high that
even after two years of its launch, the rivals are still catching up. The iPhone may have its share of flaws
but even then it’s the best touch phone one can own till date. And as the” I” in the iPhone suggests, it’s
just the beginning, lots of better and improved versions are still to come.

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