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					                         RDM 6014

                         The RDM 6014 document reader and imager is part of the exclusive
                         EC6000i Series. This reader/imager is a versatile and reliable imaging
                         solution for Electronic Check Conversion and offers an array of optional
                         features to accommodate any type of business.

                         The RDM 6014 document reader/imager can connect to the most popular
                         POS terminals and it's compact design maximizes counter space. The
                         EC6000i Series provides superior MICR read accuracy, clear images and
                         includes MICR and bi-directional drives as standard features. The bi-
                         directional drive provides visual confirmation of each check and allows
                         merchants to easily identify fraudulent check writers.

 The EC6000i Series can also be equipped with OCR MICR assist for maximum recognition,
 performance and accuracy. The RDM 6014 is a high performance document reader/imager that allows
 merchants to make check transactions quickly and confidently.


   • Connectivity to the most popular POS terminals ensures maximum versatility and ease
      of integration.
   • Footprint designed to maximize counter space.
   • Full alphanumeric OCR A&B font recognition makes it the ideal solution for bill
      payment applications.
   • Increase user efficiency with the franking acknowledgement printer
   • Simplify the authorization process with the application controlled bi-directional
      document drive which provides a visual confirmation of check approval.
   • Optically read the MICR line for maximum recognitions, performance and accuracy
      with OCR MICR assist
   • TransOne also supports RDM5004i and 6004f check readers.


         Memory                                            MICR Assist

     • 1 MB of Flash memory standard                   • Optical read of MICR line
     • 2 MB of 4 MB Flash memory
        optional                                           Bi-Directional Drive

         Image                                         • Visual confirmation of approval
                                                          disposition of checks
     • CCITT Group 4 compression (ITC
        T.6) of bi-level image                             Modem
     • TIFF 6.0 file format
     • MICR line with transaction                      • 33.6 kb internal modem
        information included in header
        description tags of check image
     • OCR line with transaction
        information included in header
        description tags of bill stub                  • Active X ADK for Windows, Sample
     • Image size varies according to                     Application
        document, typically 10 kb or less
• High quality dpi nominal                Dimensions

    Documents                          • Length: 8.75"
                                       • Width: 6.1"
• Min: 1.75" x 4.4"                    • Height: 4.5"
• Max 4" x 9"
• Paper weight: 8 lbs to 100 lbs          Power

    Ports                              • 24V DC, Amperage 1A

• RJ11 (33,600 bps) with internal         Options
   modem option
• RS232 (mini DIN9) for POS terminal   • Check Franking Device: Under
   connection                             application control a fixed text
• RS232 (miniDIN8) for printer pass-      message is stamped on the face of
   through connection                     the check
                                       • OCR Font: Alphanumeric OCR A
    MICR Font                             and B recognition

• E13B MICR character set

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