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Flight suit policy


									                             MARAUDER SQUADRON
                                    CAP TX-409
                           3803 West Lake Houston Parkway
                                Kingwood, TX 77339

                                                                                01 JUN 10

FROM: Squadron Commander

SUBJECT: Squadron policy on cadet wear of the AF style flight suit

Cadets who are graduates of the Glider or Powered Flight Academies may wear the sage
green Air Force style flight suit during meetings when Aerospace Education is a
scheduled topic. Flight suit wear is subject to the following guidelines:

   o Cadets wearing the flight suit may make only essential stops en route to and from
     the squadron.
   o Appropriate footgear must be shined and fit correctly.
   o Flight suits may be made of either NOMEX or poly cotton.
   o Cadets will wear the leather name tag and unit patches as specified in appendix 1
   o   Pre-solo wings are authorized on the leather name tag provided the cadet has
       obtained the appropriate pre-solo sign-off in his or her log book at the Glider or
       Flight Academy course.

Instructions for flight suit wear are consistent with CAPM 39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniform
Manual and Appendix 1 of this document, which specifies standardization criterion for
this squadron.

1st Lt Mark Cambio, CAP
CC TX409

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                Appendix 1: Cadet wear of Air Force style flight suit

1. Cadets do not wear grade insignia or cutouts.
2. Leather Name Patch: Will include name, grade (“Cadet”), and aeronautical rating.
Patch will be centered on left breast above pocket. Cloth name patch is not authorized.
If no aeronautical rating, a title such as “Mission Scanner” may be used.
3. CAP Command Patch: A cloth CAP command patch will be worn on right breast
directly opposite the leather name patch.
4. Shoulder Patch: A cloth American flag emblem with gold border, 2” x 3 1/2”, on left
shoulder, 1/2inch below the shoulder seam.
5. Flight Jacket: The green flight jacket is the only outer garment authorized for wear
with the green AF-style flight suit. Grade insignia, CAP command patch, American flag
and leather name patch are worn.

The Air Force brown leather flight jacket is not authorized with this or any Air Force
style uniform. The MA-1 flight jacket or the CWU-45/P or CWU-36/P Nomex flight
jackets may be worn.

Item Wear Instruction/Materials
1. Flight Suit Green NOMEX or poly-cotton blend. Cadets electing to wear this flight
suit must meet the weight and grooming standards.
3. Footwear: Combat boots or black (not olive drab) jungle boots preferred. Plain, black
shoe or boot may be worn. No western style boots.
4. Undergarments: black T-shirts are authorized. All appropriate underwear will be
5. Socks Black socks or neutral hose will be worn.
6. Headgear Flight cap for both men and women.

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