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Alternative models of school leadership and organisation by jizhen1947


									                                          LA Contact List for issues regarding
                                         Models of Leadership and Organisation
    For support with change management and/or professional development for staff entering into new arrangements, contact Keith
    Grimwade, Head of Professional Development Services, on 01480 375879, or email:
    Please refer to the National College's Models of Leadership website:
    Please also refer to the LA's 'Alternative Models' guidance that can be found on the Education Portal (resource ID 4545).
    Individual schools with financial concerns should contact their financial adviser directly.
    Faith schools should discuss any of the areas of interest described below with members of their Diocesan Board.

Description       Advice         Directorate   Lead Officer                              Alternative source of Information

Collaborations    Discuss with Standards       Sue Wilson (3 - 11)             
(often known      SIP/Head of   and            01223 706304                              ernors/legislation/guidetothelaw/supportinginfor
as soft           Standards & Effectiveness    email:                                    mation/collaborationsandfederations/
federation) and   Effectiveness      
Partnerships                                   or
                                               Guy Dickens (11 – 18)
                                               01223 706304

Learning          Discuss with Standards       Sue Wilson or Guy Dickens - as above
Network           SIP/Head of   and            or                                        px?PageFunction=productdetails&PageMode=
                  Standards & Effectiveness    Nigel Battey                              publications&ProductId=WAWLA-SCHOOLS&
                  Effectiveness                01480 375249

Job share –       Discuss with   Human         Joyce Fenton                    
staff other       HR &           Resources     01223 717925
than              Personnel                    email:
headteacher       provider           

Executive      Discuss with     Standards     Sue Wilson or Guy Dickens - as above
headship &     SIP/Head of      and
Job share –    Standards &      Effectiveness
co-headship    Effectiveness
               HR &             and
               Personnel        Human            Joyce Fenton - as above
               provider         Resources

Extended       Discuss with     Infrastructure Judy Ward                        
schools        Infrastructure                  01223 717243 or 01223 717987               ndedschools/
offer                                          email:

Children’s     Discuss with     Infrastructure Jo German                        
Centres        Infrastructure                  01223 699853                               years/surestart/surestartchildrenscentres/provis
                                               email:                                     ion/onoffer/

Statutory      Discuss with     Standards     Sue Wilson or Guy Dickens - as above
Federation     SIP/Head of      and
(often known   Standards &      Effectiveness
as hard        Effectiveness
federation)    Infrastructure   and
               & Governor       Infrastructure   Hazel Belchamber
               Services                          01223 699775
               See                               email:
               guidance on             
               alternative      and
               models of        Governor         Carol Peel
               leadership,      Services         01223 715320
               no 23 ID                          email:
               1948 on the             

Foundation or   Discuss with     Standards     Sue Wilson or Guy Dickens – as above
Trust status    SIP/Head of      and
                Standards &      Effectiveness
                & see            and
                guidance         Infrastructure Hazel Belchamber - as above
                document                        Guidance available from:
                with advice                     David Clark
                for                             01223 699782
                Governing                       email:
                Bodies on             
                Trust status

Amalgamation    Discuss with     Standards     Sue Wilson or Guy Dickens – as above
                SIP/Head of      and                                                  primarytoolkit/develop/eliminate/closure/issues/
                Standards &      Effectiveness
                &                and
                Infrastructure   Infrastructure   Hazel Belchamber - as above

        15 January 2010


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