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Get $25 off your                           FARM BUREAU BANK
annual tax prepa-                          1-800-492-FARM (3276)
ration just for                            A full-range of financial services, including a
being a Farm Bureau member.                Maryland Farm Bureau Visa card, are available
                                           at great rates.

AGRIPLAN/BIZPLAN                           WEBSITE SAVINGS
1-800-422-4661                             Maryland Farm Bureau’s website,
Services are available to        , will offer free
assist self-employed individu-             classified advertising space for members only.
als deduct medical expenses.               A wealth of agriculture information and news is
                                           also available.
Maryland Farm Bureau offers
several scholarships to Farm               What is Farm Bureau?
                                                                                                       What Can
Bureau members annually. Many
county Farm Bureaus also have                                             non-profit
                                              Farm Bureau is a private, non-profit membership            Farm
                                                                                                      MD Farm Bureau
                                           organization. It is completely controlled by its
                                           organization.                   controlled
                                                                                                       Do For Me?
scholarship programs.
                                           members through the democratic process and is
                                                       through                 process
                                           financed by voluntar y membership dues. Its strength
                                           comes from the active participation of over 30,000
Our connection with                        member families that belong to the state’s 23 county
Florida Farm Bureau                        Farm Bureaus.
offers great prices on                                                      Farm
                                              When you join your county Farm Bureau, you are
quality, fresh citrus, juice and                                              Maryland Farm
                                           also becoming a member of the Mar yland Farm
nuts. The campaign is run through county                            Farm         Federation.
                                           Bureau and American Farm Bureau Federation. AFBF
                                                                                                             As a member of
Farm Bureau organizers.                    represents more than 6.2 million member families in
                                           over 2,800 counties.                                           Maryland Farm Bureau
                                              Farm Bureau’s purpose is to increase net farm              you have access to many
SAFEMARK PRODUCTS                                         improve                       providing
                                           income and improve the quality of life by providing a    discounts, services and programs.
1-800-476-8473                             legislative voice, increasing public understanding and         We invite you to take
Save on top-quality farm, truck            promoting                                organization
                                           promoting member involvement. The organization
                                                                                                           full advantage of all
and passenger tires, tillage and           helps members accomplish their goals together –
cutting parts, twine, oil and              something they cannot do alone.                           your Farm Bureau membership
batteries.                                                                                                      has to offer!
                                                          MARYLAND FARM BUREAU
REWARD PROGRAM                                                8930 Liberty Road
1-800-248-9012                                             Randallstown, MD 21133
In the event of a crime on your                               (800) 248-9012
property, a $1,000 reward will                  
be paid for information leading
to the arrest and conviction of            Member Benefits may change without notice.
the perpetrators.                          6/2009
INSURANCE                                                                                       CHOICE HOTELS
Call your local agent or                                                                        1-800-258-2847
visit our website                              STAPLES                             1-877-826-7755
Since 1928, Maryland Farm                      Get 5 to 40 percent off over 30,000 office
Bureau and Nationwide have                     items when you sign up online at
been sponsorship partners. Farm Bureau
members may be eligible for special savings
on Nationwide insurance coverages.
  •Auto                   •Life Insurance      DELL                                             Over 5,000 Choice brand hotels worldwide
  •Home                   •Boat                Dell’s wide array of computers, printers, TVs    offer members a 20 percent discount.
  •Farm                   •Long-Term Care      and other consumer electronics and accesso-
  •Estate Planning        •Pet                 ries are available to members at great sav-
  •Special Risks Accident Coverage             ings. Monthly specials may be found at
HEALTH INSURANCE                                                                                WYNDHAM HOTEL GROUP
1-877-227-0487                                                                                  1-877-670-7088
Custom HealthCare, Inc. works with             GRIFFITH ENERGY                                  Save 10 percent on accommodations at seven
Maryland’s major insurance companies to get    1-800-633-4328                                   hotel chains with 6,400 participating locations.
the best health, dental and vision plans for   Members receive a 15-cent per gallon discount
members.                                       on heating oil and kerosene as well as
                                               specially discounted gaso-                       AVIS RENTAL CARS
                                               line and diesel fuel rates.
                                               There is also 0% interest
                                                                                                Save up to 25 percent on
                                               for 24 months financing on
                                                                                                car rental rates when
DODGE REBATE                                   heating and cooling
                                                                                                traveling on business or pleasure.
1-800-248-9012                                 equipment installations
Farm Bureau members                            with credit-approval.
receive a $500 rebate on a
variety of Dodge vehicles.
                                               LANDS’ END                                       BUDGET RENTAL CARS
You must be a Farm Bureau
member for 30 days before                      1-800-419-1097                                   1-800-527-0700
becoming eligible. Call the                    Shop online for 24-hour access to apparel        Save up to 25
toll-free number for current rebate details.   and gear at                                      percent on car
                                               discounts.                                       rental rates when
                                               Select from our                                  traveling on business or pleasure.
                                               complete line, and                     
GRAINGER PROGRAM                               even add your logo if you’d like.
save 10                                                                                         BELTONE HEARING AIDS
percent off                                    1-800-CONTACTS
                                               Monthly specials are available for members.
                                                                                                1-800-BELTONE (235-8663)
Grainger’s                                                                                      Free hearing screenings are offered along with
catalog                                        They beat any online price and customer
                                                                                                15 percent off the
prices. Shipping is free when members order    satisfaction is guaranteed. You can buy easily
                                                                                                retail price of any
on line. Use your discount code.               online or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days
                                               a week.                                          Beltone hearing aid.

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