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									                                                                       WITNESS 1 : Robert Kuhn
                                                                       WITNESS 2 : Pat Wegner
Purchasing Department
BID TABULATION                                                     PROJECT TITLE: RFP: Shapero Hall Roof Replacement
May 4, 2010                                                              PROJECT No: 050-169530
Project Manager: Clement Prabakaran

             The competency and responsibility of Bidders will be considered in making the award. The Owner does not obligate himself to accept the lowest
                       or any other bids. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informalities in the Proposals

                                                                                                                                       BID      PreQual
BIDDER                                        BASE BID                      Alt. 1          Addend 1      Addend 2      Addend 3      BOND      Complete

Ann Arbor Roofing                                         239,360.00          210,985.00         x            x             x            x          x
J. D. Chandler Roofing                                    169,000.00          200,000.00         x            x             x            x          x
LaDuke Roofing                                            151,257.00          140,342.00         x            x             x            x          x
National Roofing                                          222,000.00           81,675.00         x            x             x            x          x
Port Huron Roofing                                        334,800.00          106,900.00         x            x             x            x          x
Royal Roofing Co                                          309,000.00                 0.00        x            x             x            x          x
Schreiber                                                 177,380.00          112,770.00         x            x             x            x          x
T. F. Beck                                                209,500.00          150,680.00         x            x                          x          x

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