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					                  RIA Update 51
For Members of the Railway Industry Association                                    22 October 2010

So Far So Good… But?
Several major rail projects were strongly backed by the
Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, but
decisions on a critical raft of other work have yet to be
The - very substantial - good news was the confirmed go
ahead for Crossrail and the North West Electrification project,
a commitment to legislation for High Speed 2 this Parliament,
confirmation of £14bn maintenance and investment spend for
Network Rail, including several major station projects, and
continuation of London Underground improvements. Light rail
schemes also did well, with approval for the Midland Metro
extension and fleet renewal in Birmingham, completion of the
                                                                The Chancellor gives the go ahead to major
Tyne & Wear Metro modernisation, and a further step projects
towards the Nottingham new lines.
But missing from Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s statement on 20 October was mention
of Thameslink, Great Western Electrification, IEP or HLOS rolling stock orders. Background information
explained that revised proposals on IEP were being considered and the other projects were so interlinked
that a further announcement would be made later. One hopeful indication was that the relaxation of the
cap on passenger fare increases “would help this country afford new rolling stock”.
“It is good news for the future of the industry that the CSR has given clear Government support for a
number of major projects. But it is vital that early and positive decisions are also made on the others.
Thameslink for example, through the cascade, affects rolling stock plans in many parts of the country”,
commented RIA Director General Jeremy Candfield. “It is now more than 18 months since the last
mainline train order, and as the remaining orders are completed the supply chain will soon have little
choice but to reduce its capacity and skills base.”

 Closer ties with London
 The high volume of RIA activities with TfL,           Other recent engagements include the
 London Underground and Crossrail reported in          presentation to InfraTIG by the LU Head of Track
 this and previous editions of Update demonstrate      (see page 8), TfL participation in the last ICIG
 a clear strengthening of ties between RIA and the     meeting, and the recent visit by the RIA Training
 key industry client groups responsible for            & Skills Group to the LU Ashfield training facility
 transport in and around the capital. In October LU    (see Update 50). Forthcoming events include an
 Capital Programmes Director David Waboso              LU Product Acceptance presentation at SSSG
 briefed RIA Council on network investment plans       (page 7), TfL at the Consultants Group (page 6)
 in a presentation entitled ‘Transforming the          and expected Crossrail participation in further
 Tube’ (available from the members’ area of the        ICIG and TCIG workstreams. Taken together,
 RIA website). He represents TfL on the cross-         these events demonstrate a continuing and very
 industry Shadow Board for NSARE, sponsored            welcome trend towards closer collaboration with
 by RIA, which is chaired by Crossrail Chairman        an important group of industry clients.
 Terry Morgan.

RIA UPDATE 51                         GENERAL NEWS                                  22 Oct 2010

RIA Annual General Meeting                           RIA Council
Confirmed speakers at the AGM conference on
Friday 29 October are: Catherine Doran, Director,
Corporate Development for Network Rail, member
of the Executive Board and responsible for the NR
Transformation Programme; Tony Mercado,
Director, Rail Technical & Professional,
Department for Transport; and Gil Howarth,
Programme Director, National Skills Academy for
Railway Engineering.
Accommodation is now almost all taken up - if you
wish to book and you require accommodation
please call Ann-Marie or Barbara to check
Joining details have been sent to all members who    Council is pleased to announce the addition of
have registered to attend.                           Terry Hill to its ranks. Terry is Chairman, Global
                                                     Transport Market for Arup Group Ltd, and was
                                                     previously Chairman of Arup. He is a member of
 To attend any part of the AGM event you
                                                     the Advisory Council of the Treasury-sponsored
 need to be registered - if you have sent a
                                                     Infrastructure UK, and chairs the steering group of
 booking form and have not received
                                                     its investigation into relative infrastructure
 confirmation please contact Ann-Marie
                                                     construction costs. He has significant experience
 Esiaka or Barbara Williams urgently.
                                                     guiding the strategic direction of large, complex
                                                     and challenging projects.

New members                                          Terry has a background in civil engineering and
                                                     economics, and previously led Arup’s
                                                     Infrastructure Division, where his role centred on
We are pleased to welcome:
                                                     consulting, infrastructure and managing major
Interfleet Technology. This international rail       schemes. His presence on Council is warmly
technology group providing value-added rolling       welcomed.
stock and railway systems consultancy services is
based in Derby and more information is available
at                              Members’ Event at Unipart Rail
London-based Stuart Maher Ltd, offering design       We are holding an event for RIA Members on
and    project     management      consultancy       Wednesday 24 November hosted by Unipart Rail
services. More info at .      and offering a tour of their operation at Gresty
                                                     Road, Crewe. The event will include a briefing by
                                                     Unipart Rail senior management on various
Skills Academy (NSARE)                               aspects of the company’s business and will be
                                                     followed by an informal networking and social
Update 50 reported that the detailed NSARE           event. For further details please contact Barbara
Business Plan had been submitted to the Skills       Williams.
Funding Agency (SFA) for consideration and
approval. As part of that process there have been
meetings with a number of the regional SFA           Meeting Rooms get wireless
offices to discuss the Plan. On 14 October SFA
provided formal feedback on the strengths of the     Following the upgrading of IT equipment at
Plan (all very positive) and the areas for further   Headfort Place, we are pleased to announce that
discussion when the final Panel meets with           WiFi Internet connection is now available, as well
industry representatives later this month. We        as the existing wired connections. These facilities
remain on track therefore for a decision on          are free of charge to Members.
Government approval to the Plan during the next
few weeks.

RIA UPDATE 51                          GENERAL NEWS                                  22 Oct 2010

Polish Visitors                                       Franchise Consultation
In October RIA hosted an expert delegation from
Polish infrastructure manager PLK led by              On 30 September a special meeting of the Train
Infrastructure Minister Juliusz Engelhardt and PLK    Clients Interface Group (TCIG) was held to discuss
Vice President Marek Pawlik. The visitors             the July 2010 DfT consultation on train operator
delivered a briefing on market trends and access      franchises. This was done in separate sessions
issues to a group of members concerned with the       with Bob Linnard, Head of Rail Strategy DfT and
Polish market. A crammed programme of expert          Richard Davies, Head of Strategy Policy ATOC,
meetings followed with key individuals from ORR,      and the intense three hour meeting proved most
Network Rail, LCR, RSSB and supply companies          productive in informing RIA’s response to the
participating. RIA has long been active in the        consultation. The main points included are :-
Polish market but this visit marked a new level of
professional interaction and information exchange     • The principle of longer franchises is generally
that both sides intend to continue.                     welcome, for a series of reasons - not least of
                                                        aligning commercial incentives within the
                                                      • There should be incentives on operators to
                                                        invest in new stock and/or refurbishing existing
                                                      • This could be met by a duty on franchisees to
                                                        produce and implement a coherent long-term
                                                        asset management strategy and, where
                                                        appropriate, contractual requirements to procure
                                                        new vehicles or refurbish existing stock
                                                      • New orders resulting from longer franchise
                                                        lengths should be staggered to avoid the
Mark Bayley, CEO London & Continental Railways,         bunching that has happened in the past and to
explains the Kings Cross/St Pancras development         arrange a more even spread of workload
scheme to the Polish delegation.                      • The industry needs to avoid any hiatus arising
                                                        from either the CSR or the Value for Money
Rail VFM Study                                          study
                                                      The next TCIG will take place on 4 November at
RIA’s involvement with the Rail Value For Money       RIA with guests Lucy Chadwick (Director Major
study continues. Sir Roy McNulty met with RIA         Projects at DfT) and Roger Davies, who has
Council in October and RIA has hosted cross-          responsibility for the Crossrail rolling stock
industry meetings with the study team. An interim     strategy. If you would like to know more about this
report is expected shortly.                           meeting or about TCIG generally, please contact
                                                      Peter Loosley.
Funding Network Electrification
An important two-part meeting on Network
Electrification will be held at RIA on 19 November,
with a discussion with NR Board Member and             Reminder
Director, Planning & Development Paul Plummer
on financing and funding options for the               Innovation Conference
forthcoming schemes, including supplier-led
                                                       23-24 March 2011
finance. This will be preceded by a post-CSR
update on the status of the Network Electrification    See page 5 for details
programme by Senior Programme Manager Paul
Holland, following though on his welcome
commitment to provide regular briefings to RIA

RIA UPDATE 51                                 EXPORTS                                    22 Oct 2010

InnoTrans another great success
The InnoTrans trade fair in September again saw many UK
exhibitors in Berlin. More than 90 companies made the UK group
one of the largest international groups, including two large
pavilions organised by RIA and UK Trade & Investment under
the britain@innotrans branding. The show recorded more than
100,000 industry visitors and 2300+ exhibitors, confirming it as
the world’s largest rail event.

                                 To complement the UK presence RIA worked with UKTI and the British
                                 Embassy in Berlin to organise a number of high profile events around
                                 the show, including a lunch with the Deutsche Bahn procurement team
                                 led by Herr Manfred Strub, hosted by British Ambassador to Germany
                                 Sir Michael Arthur and attended by senior personnel from a number of
                                 RIA members. At a major reception organised by the British Embassy,
                                 RIA and UK Trade and Investment, some 400 UK exhibitors and
                                 international guests heard from Sir Michael Arthur and Simon Kirby (left),
                                 Director, Investment Projects of Network Rail, following an introduction
                                 by Jeremy Candfield. Simon also toured many of the UK stands.
Feedback from the exhibiting companies has been very
positive and we are already in discussions with the
organisers regarding the next show in 2012. Members
interested in participating are reminded to register with Tim
Gray as early as possible.

             The InnoTrans outdoor display included
             Bombardier’s ‘S’ stock for LUL.

                                                          UKTI Future Activities
                                                          It is not yet clear what the final impact of the
                                                          Government’s Spending Review will be for UKTI ‘s
                                                          activities, although the Chancellor’s statement
                                                          confirmed a continuing priority for supporting
                                                          exporters. We remain hopeful for a full programme
Brazil/Mexico                                             of railway-based activity in 2011/12.

Final preparations are underway for the mission to
Brazil commencing on 2 November and visiting
Brasilia, Rio and Sao Paulo. The Sao Paulo leg            US Market Scoping
will coincide with the Business on Rails exhibition
and members visiting the show independently are           In early October Tim Gray chaired the launch of a
urged to contact Tim Gray on the RIA/UKTI stand.          report outlining the scope and opportunities in the
                                                          US railway market. The UKTI report highlights the
Elsewhere in the Latin American region we have            push for passenger train development, high speed
begun recruitment for our January mission to              rail and improvements to transit systems across
Mexico. This will take in a number of centres             the country, whilst recognising that political and
around the country where railway development,             funding issues need to be aligned before many of
particularly in urban areas, is seen as key to            the slated projects can proceed. The report and
predicted economic growth. Please contact Tim             presentations are available in the Members’ area of
Gray for details of these events.                         the RIA website.

RIA UPDATE 51                             INNOVATION                                       22 Oct 2010

RIA Innovation Conference 2011
RIA’s annual innovation conference will take place at Daventry on 23/24 March 2011, and we will shortly
be taking bookings for the event. The major themes of the event are Technology Transfer opportunities,
Sustainability through innovation and Innovation as a route to greater cost effectiveness.
The Conference will provide the opportunity to hear about innovation-related developments in the rail
industry, including:
   •      Network Rail’s Innovation Process
   •      LUL’s Product Acceptance process
   •      Technology funding opportunities from the Technology Strategy Board and other sources
   •      The work of the Transport KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network)
   •      Opportunities for collaboration with university-based researchers
   •      The Rail Industry Research Strategy 2011
   •      Emerging rail technology strategies from TSAG and key client organisations
The event will provide a prime opportunity for networking with other suppliers, and for engagement with
key people in government, Network Rail, LUL, train operators, ROSCOs, RSSB, RRUK Association and
others. Steve Yianni, Director of Engineering at Network Rail, will be a keynote speaker, as will the newly
appointed Director of the Transport KTN.
We are expecting that some RIA members will wish to speak about innovation in their specific areas of
work, and will be providing the opportunity for companies to do this.

Facilitating access to testing facilities
Among the outputs from the first Innovation Conference in 2009
was identification of 'Testing and trialling facilities' as one of the
top three barriers to innovation. This included off-railway test
facilities as well as access to test tracks and the operational
railway. Prompted by this and related issues, a group which is
now known as the Test Facilities Steering Group (TFSG) was
formed under the chairmanship of DfT and comprising RIA,
Network Rail, RSSB, ATOC, TFL, Serco and Interfleet (who had
previously done related work for the SRA and DfT).                       RIA at Innovate 10
Following a baselining survey in early 2010, TFSG now has
approval from the Technical Strategy Advisory Group (TSAG) to            On 13 October the Technology
deliver a number of initiatives aimed at facilitating access to          Strategy Board held its annual
testing facilities. A key element of this work is to create a web        innovation event – Innovate 10 – in
based source of information on test facilities and contacts for          London. RIA represented the rail
potential users inside and outside the industry.                         industry, hosting a stand jointly with
                                                                         the Technical Strategy Advisory
Working with TFSG, RSSB is now starting work on a website                Group.
which will involve not only developing the web site itself but also
populating it with suitable information. To this end, Members            The exhibition provided a platform
who have test facilities can expect to be contacted for                  for companies from across all
information and we hope that you’ll be able to assist.                   industry sectors to illustrate the best
                                                                         of UK innovation capability.         A
While we recognise that this will not in itself directly enhance         considerable number of people
testing facilities, this work will pave the way for future               came to the RIA stand to enquire
improvements and provide ‘a one stop shop’ for those seeking to          about both RIA itself and about the
test, whether they come from inside the industry or outside.             industry’s approach to innovation.

RIA UPDATE 51                           IINTEREST GROUPS                              22 Oct 2010

Infrastructure Clients Interface                       Consultants Group
Group (ICIG)                                           The Group met on 6 October and heard
                                                       presentations from Network Rail followed by open
Following on from the previous successful
                                                       discussion on the following :
workshops on the Maidenhead-Paddington and
Plumstead-Abbey Wood sections of the Network           •   Progress on the Design to Cost (D2C),
Rail element of the Crossrail project the next ICIG        Workbank Planning and Efficient Project
meeting on 8 November at RIA will focus on both            Governance workstreams from Kamini Edgley
East & West surface works.                                 (see process chart below)
The detailed agenda is currently being planned but     •   Progress on the Tier 1 initiative, and updates
it is likely to include presentations and separate         on both the Intrusive Surveys policy and
break-out workshops to brainstorm issues, as in            progress with the Category Strategy for Design
previous meetings. If you have not yet registered          services from Neil Carruthers
for the event and would like to do so, please
                                                       •   An outline of the strategy and progress on the
contact Ania Kita at RIA urgently.
                                                           move to Milton Keynes from Pete Colley
ICIG members might also like to be aware that we
                                                       •   A response from Katie Ferrier on consultant-
are in discussion with Crossrail (non-NR) about
                                                           specific issues emerging from the feedback
becoming part of both the ICIG and TCIG cycles of
                                                           provided by RIA members as part of the recent
meetings. And in agreement with Crossrail we
                                                           review of NR’s ITT specifications
have separately circulated to members of ICIG,
TCIG and the Electrification Commercial Group,         A session with TfL to evaluate the effectiveness of
their Market Soundings Briefing and Questionnaire      their consultancy framework contracts has been
on the Procurement of the Central Section Railway      rescheduled to form part of the January 2011
Systems. The questionnaire covers a number of          meeting and both Mark Bourke and Donald
work packages including:-                              McClellan of TfL have confirmed their attendance.
•     Track, OLE and line wide logistics               Further details will be circulated regarding that
                                                       session as soon as possible.
•     Platform Screen Doors
•     Tunnel M&E and non-traction power
•     Traction Power
•     Signalling (in a single package)
•     Communications Systems
If you would like further information regarding this
questionnaire or ICIG generally, please contact
Peter Loosley.

 Our Olympic Champion!
 With less than 650 days before the 2012
 Olympic Games starts, RIA is playing a key
 role in ensuring that UK business is able to
 benefit from the kudos surrounding the games.
 Working as part of UKTI Olympic Sector
 Champion group, Tim Gray is representing the          Light Rail Group in Manchester
 railway sector and seeking to maximise the
 business potential before, during and beyond          A final reminder that RIA’s Light Rail Group has
 Games time. One key part of this is leveraging        organised a visit and briefing at Manchester
 supply chain opportunities at future games and        Metrolink on Thursday 27 October, the day before
 major sporting events with host and candidate         the RIA AGM. Members wishing to attend who
 cities via inward delegations, showcase events,       have not yet registered should please contact
 business clubs and media channels.                    Barbara Williams or Graham Coombs to check

RIA UPDATE 51                             INTEREST GROUPS                            22 Oct 2010

OLE Competences                                       Level Crossing Law Reform
The October meeting of the RIA / Network Rail
OLE Competences Group was hosted by Carillion
in Crewe and continued work to develop cross-
industry training modules. The group comprises all
the main electrification contractors as well as
training specialists from NR and the supply
industry and is chaired by NR Network
Electrification Programme Manager Lucy Palmer.
The meeting was followed by a visit to the
substation at Stone (below), giving Carillion the     Following on from a presentation to SigTIG in May
opportunity to showcase their participation in the    (see Update 48), members of the Law
successful installation and commissioning of Areva    Commission’s Level Crossings Consultation Team
WI autotransformer equipment which will provide       (pictured) returned to RIA for a workshop in
substantially enhanced capacity to the West Coast     October. As well as helping to inform RIA’s
Main Line. Carillion power specialist Rob             consultation response on behalf of the supply
Cubberley described the operation and safety          industry the discussions between RIA members
features of the new system and explained the          and guest specialists from RSSB and Network Rail
benefits in terms of reducing the number of           provided much useful direct input to the Law
substations needed or increasing the frequency of     Commission team of Richard Percival, Sarah
electric train services. By interesting contrast      Young and Ashleigh Keall, who are particularly
members also visited the redundant 1960s              keen to ensure that their recommendations on
switchgear, which has been retained in full working   legislative change have no negative impact on the
condition by Network Rail for training purposes.      way level crossing engineering is planned and
                                                      delivered. The consultation closes on 30
                                                      November and members wishing to review the
                                                      draft RIA response should contact David Wells.

                                                      RIA’s Sustainable Development Working Group
                                                      met on 27 September to receive presentations
                                                      about the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Low
                                                      Carbon Infrastructure initiative, and about RSSB’s
                                                      work to produce a self-assessment toolkit for
                                                      Sustainable Development.
                                                      The Group is planning a Sustainable Development
                                                      Seminar to be held in January 2011, covering
SSSG                                                  developments in the field of Sustainability in the
                                                      UK rail industry. A pilot version of the self-
The RIA Strategic Safety and Standards Group          assessment toolkit is expected to be available for
meeting on 23 November will welcome Ray               use at the seminar.
Roberts, who is responsible for the design and
administration of London Underground’s Approved       The Group is also developing a guidance
Products Register, which is used by all LU asset      document for RIA member companies (particularly
groups, accompanied by Safety & Standards             SMEs) on how to be “energy wise and carbon
Manager for Track Engineering Hayat Zerkani. Ray      smart”. This will provide advice on how to manage
will give an overview and demonstration of how LU     energy and carbon emissions both within a
product approval works and Hayat will focus on        company and in relation to customers and
how the process is applied for infrastructure. The    suppliers, and will include a section on the
agenda will also include the ORR review of RSSB;      business opportunities generated by the need for
and RSSB work on guidance and best practice for       better energy and carbon management. This
Safety Management Systems.                            guidance should also be available in early 2011.

RIA UPDATE 51                     TECHNICAL INTEREST GROUPS                                  22 Oct 2010

These are reports from RIA’s Technical Interest Groups. For more information on the Groups’
activities please contact David Wells.

InfraTIG                                                  Traction & Rolling Stock Group
The welcome strengthening of ties between RIA             European legislation, its impact on and its interface
and      London    Underground     continued     at       with the UK standards regime was the key focus of
September’s meeting of RIA’s Infrastructure               the RIA T&RS Technical Interest Group meeting in
Technical Interest Group with presentations by two        September, hosted by Unipart Rail in Doncaster.
senior-level guests. Head of Track Engineering            RSSB’s Head of Rolling Stock Standards Cliff Cork
Trevor Jipson outlined LU’s asset management              gave a useful presentation on the role of GB
strategy and track renewals programme,                    Railway Group Standards within the European
identifying both the significant efficiencies             Framework, filling TSI Open Points and ensuring
achieved in ballasted track renewals above ground         the safety of interfaces on non-Interoperable parts
and the perennial challenges of working in the            of the network.
deep tube network (below). The presentation also
                                                          Attending his first Technical Interest Group
                                                          meeting as RIA’s newly appointed Deputy
                                                          Technical Director and rolling stock specialist, Jim
                                                          Lupton led discussions on two key European
                                                          initiatives: The Non-Road Mobile Machinery
                                                          (NRMM) Directive, which mandates progressively
                                                          lower emissions from diesel engines and has a
                                                          significant impact on rolling stock manufacture and
                                                          re-engining; and DV29, an ERA consultation
                                                          document which seeks to clarify the rules for
                                                          bringing new trains into service.
                                                          The meeting also included regular reports on
                                                          standards development, research, the System
                                                          Interface Committees and other topical issues.
                                                          The next meeting will be hosted by Bombardier in
                                                          Derby on 9 November and will include a
covered descriptions of common track faults and           presentation on engineering change management
LU’s approach to condition assessment, correction         by Neil Ovenden of ATOC.
and mitigation, detailing in particular wheel-rail
interface and points issues.
Principal Engineer for Pumps & Drainage Andrew
Crawshaw focussed on the challenge of removing            The next ElecTIG meeting on 18 November will
the equivalent of a municipal swimming pool full of       include a presentation on the DfT study into Low
water every 11 minutes, with nearly 50,000m3              Cost Electrification for Branch Lines and a briefing
discharged daily from pumps across the                    from NR’s new Head of Network Electrification
Underground network. Andrew highlighted the               Peter Dearman covering design range options for
CCTV survey which over the past 7 years has               new OLE and a programme update.
given a clear picture of the condition of most of the
drainage pipes, typically anything between 50 and         SigTIG
150 years old, and innovations being adopted to
                                                          The next SigTIG meeting will be held on 25
refurbish damaged pipes without the need for
                                                          November and will include a Track Circuit Actuator
excavation. Both presentations include useful
                                                          Trial presentation.
statistics and are available from David Wells.

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