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									Effectively Implementing RI Communications
                and Branding in the Americas

                                  Nick Micozzi
                                November 2002
The Service Solution

               A dedicated desk in RI-Americas will:
                    Build on the strengths of the global brand strategy while
                    capitalizing on local initiatives to create brand strength from the
                    inside out
                    Provide powerful internal and external marketing and
                    communications solutions

24 November, 2002
The Needs of Rabobank

               The Corporate Bank aims to gain 80 new customers in
               the next 3 years
               FAR regularly publishes research for our broad client
               base and targeted prospects
               Most M&A business comes from new customers
               Media/Telecom seeks greater access to decision makers
               The diverse Capital Markets product groups serve a
               wide range of clients with considerable cross-selling
               Rabobank International continues to grow

24 November, 2002
Communications and Branding Aspirations

               Strengthen the Rabobank International brand across the
               Establish an active marketing & communications capability for all
               Rabobankers in RI Americas
               Develop strong communications internally and externally
                      Press Releases / Publicity
                      Marketing Letters
                      Digital Media Presentations
                      Special Marketing Projects/Events
                      Offsites/Meeting Coordination
                      Internet Presence
                      Internal Web (Intranet)

24 November, 2002
RI Communications Americas
  What would this desk do?

                                     Distribute business and branding knowledge to
         communications have
           become a strategic
                                     enhance deal flow and build professional knowledge
        asset, with the ability to
        offer broad services and
         mutual interactivity to
                 all users           Develop knowledge sharing culture and infrastructure
                                     Manage the design and branding of marketing and
             Designing and           communications materials
            managing these
          networks, on a daily
         basis, with a common        Provide platform for internal communications in the
          digital approach, is
         increasingly complex        Americas
                                     Coordinate external communications and special
         An RI communications        projects
        platform will provide the
         Relationship between
          the Global Branding        Coordinate and provide support for unique
        Strategy and individual
          Rabobankers to help        communications efforts initiated by individuals and
         capture and capitalize
        on great ideas from the      groups
              “front lines”

24 November, 2002
Branding Questions

                    How do we manage RN family branding / web space?
                       Valley Independent Bank

                    How do we leverage scattered local RI initiatives?
                       Global Communications RI
                       “homegrown” branded projects

                    Organize existing communications authors into a team
                    Provide the platform to concentrate the initiatives and
                    incorporate the global branding strategy

24 November, 2002
Reinvention ≠ Innovation

               Currently, Rabobankers implement little effective
               knowledge sharing

                                       Little infrastructure support
                                       Reinvention of one wheel after another
                                       Energy lost on searching/redeveloping what’s
                                       already done
                                       No opportunity to build off other’s successful
                                       Company presents itself in myriad faces, with
                                       no real distinguishable branding
                                       Serious efficiency loss in innovation of new
                                       products, services, or marketing

24 November, 2002
Reinvention = Duplication, and Weakened Brand

         Starting from scratch presents quantity and quality Issues
                    Marketing materials presented to Rabobank clients from
                    Capital Markets - New York during just one month:

24 November, 2002
Integrating the Global Branding Strategy Locally

               Uncoordinated initiatives have popped up to address identity and marketing
                    Myriad marketing designs
                    Marketing content widely duplicated and varying
                    Unique ideas of global branding
               Two reasons why people develop their own designs:
                    1. They don't know there are standards
                    2. The standards don't serve their needs

               This platform provides a high profile resource that [verb] takes into account the
               needs of the individual, in balance with the benefits of a strong brand [identity]
               The communications platform will:
                    Facilitate distribution of good ideas
                    Expedite production
                    Minimize multiplication of effort
                    Free up Rabobank’s revenue generators to concentrate on their area of expertise

24 November, 2002
Branding and Media Design Implementation

      Face the market with a
                                  Singular, Strong Brand
               Reinforce brand Internally            Strengthen Rabo identity from the
                                                         inside out
           Increase internal understanding of           Build communication flow lines
                       Who We Are
                                                        Discover and share best practices
                                                        Develop tools that save time and
                                                        make it easier to assemble
             Develop and promote powerful               branded marketing materials
             branding tools for Rabobankers
                                                        Rollout design and branding
                                                        standard through the authoring

               Rabobank communicates one
                identity to the client world

24 November, 2002
Project - Build communications personnel networks

               Proactively develop relationships with Rabobankers who face the
               market with branded materials
                    Create a volunteer branding committee
                    Hear ideas, issues and feedback
                    Win confidence by delivering meaningful support and powerful solutions
                    Guide the execution of the global branding strategy
               Develop a platform of powerful marketing tools available to
                    Leveraging existing brand, designs and infrastructure
                    Aligned with Global Communications RI
                    Supported by Americas intranets and public information outlets
               Consider Regional / Business Line focus

24 November, 2002
Project - Champion Rollout of

               Coordinate with Communications RI -
               Global on development and launch of
               the newly designed
                    Ensure that RI-Americas clients are considered
                    in the design and structure
                    Facilitate content management to ensure RI-
                    Americas businesses are served by the site
               Act as primary contact for for
               RI-Americas staff
                    Educate staff of the improvements and functionality
                    Coordinate further improvements requested from RI-Americas

24 November, 2002
Project - Develop Rabobanker Orientation Kit

               Create a guide to workgroup logistics
                    Department resources
                    Phone user guide
                    Network systems
                    Best Practices - departmental, branch-wide, global
                    Interactive, up-to-date org chart and directory

               Build accompanying support tool for the web

24 November, 2002
Project - Re-envisioned Intranet Portal

         Redevelop intranet spaces for usability, design, efficiency
               corporate info based on user's (login)                corporate message / goals / stationery /
               workgroup                                             template section
                    Example: Capital Markets sales staff will             all downloadable (including fonts, background
                    see                                                   screens, headers/footers, etc)
                      •   Credit Trading axes                        messages from corporate leaders,
                      •   Deal Progress
                                                                     interviews--video, etc.
                      •   New Product Launch
                                                                     spotlight on Rabobank's community
               global corporate news
                                                                     building initiatives, social work,
               news from local offices                               volunteerism, etc
               what to do when visiting other offices                custom profile
               (whom to contact to get a badge, where to
               stay, how to rent a car, etc)                         401k account links
               employee/project spotlight, changed                   customized portfolio / filtered news
               weekly/daily, if possible
                                                                     content generation by user
                                                                     - easy submission forms
                                                                     op/ed / feedback forum / get involved

24 November, 2002
Principal Capabilities

               Trusted relationship with and support from Communications RI -
               Established relationships with Rabobankers from most areas of
               the bank
               Extensive Rabobank Graphics and Presentation expertise
               Understanding of the needs of Rabobank’s revenue generators
               Strong digital media capability
                   HTML, Javascript, ASP, database integration
                    Photoshop, Illustrator, FLASH , DV Video
                    Information Architecture and Content Management
               Implemented best practices for Capital Markets
               Focused on ways groups can work smarter and more efficiently

24 November, 2002
Investing in Communications

               Start small and prove value
                    Empower Rabobankers with a strengthened brand
                    Increase cross-selling opportunities
                    Free up revenue generators to make more money for the bank

24 November, 2002

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