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					   Regional Reporter 
Fall/Winter 2011 ‐ 2012 

     Rock Island County
      Regional Office of
       Education # 49

       Tammy L. Muerhoff 
     Regional Superintendent 
           of Schools 

            3430 Avenue of the Cities
                Moline, IL 61265
              Phone: 309.736.1111
                                      Regional Reporter
                     Rock Island County Regional Office of Education
                                                                              Fall/Winter 2011

                              Regional Superintendent’s Message
                 Welcome back to the 2011-2012 school year!

                 Once again summer turned out to be too short and very busy!

                   We have had some changes at the Regional Office of Education during
the summer. I was appointed to serve as the Regional Superintendent of Schools on
August 1, 2011. Jim Widdop has accepted a position which also began August 1, 2011,
as the Principal at Silvis Junior High School. We wish him the very best and look forward
to working with him in his new position.

My administrative support team at the Regional Office of Education now consists of Joe
Vermeire and Clayton Naylor who will be serving in the roles of Assistants to the
Regional Superintendent. Joe Vermeire will continue to oversee Health, Life, Safety
compliance and will also work with teacher and administrator certification. Clayton
Naylor will continue to work with Prevention Services and the Classroom Cubed project
while also lending support to principal mentoring.

As I begin my work as Regional Superintendent of Schools, I look forward to serving the
educational community of Rock Island County. For those who may not know me, let me
introduce myself. For four years, I taught in the Westmer School District as a Pre-
Kindergarten teacher, Early Childhood Special Education teacher/Parent Educator, and
First Grade teacher. In 2002, I began working at the Rock Island County Regional Office
of Education as a Parent Educator within the Early Childhood Program. For the next six
years, I coordinated the Early Childhood Programs. I, then, accepted the position of
Assistant Regional Superintendent in December 2010.

As you probably already know, the ROE is struggling with some challenges. Governor
Pat Quinn vetoed $9.1 million for compensation of Regional Superintendents and
Assistants and $2.2 million in operating budgets for the 44 Regional Offices of Education
across the state of Illinois. To date, there has not been a definitive resolution to this
issue. Despite this hardship, I am committed to provide services to the greater Rock
Island County area. Our hope is that the State Legislature and Governor Pat Quinn will
soon fund our offices so we can continue to make positive contributions for the 2011-
2012 school year.

During the past school year, the Regional Offices of Education delivered    326 workshops
to 5,742 participants in RI, Henderson, Mercer and Warren Counties.         We take great
pride in providing these excellent educational opportunities. Our mission   at the Regional
Office of Education is to move education forward. I wish you the very       best upcoming
school year!
                From the Desk of Clayton Naylor,
                 Assistant to the Superintendent

Welcome to the new school year. I wish all of you the best school year

Obviously, we have a new administrative team here at the ROE and
duties and assignments are being sorted and distributed accordingly.

My responsibilities still include Truancy, Safe Schools, McKinney Vento
Homeless, Classroom Cubed, and other duties as assigned, including, but not limited to, Princi-
pal Mentoring and assorted managerial, supervisory duties.

Many of you already know that the definition of “Chronic Truancy” has been changed. As
amended by PA 97-0218 (105 ILCS 5/26-2a), a chronic or habitual truant is defined as "a child
who is subject to compulsory school attendance and who is absent without valid cause from
such attendance for 5% or more of the previous 180 regular attendance days." Effective

This has caused truancy programs around the state to revise their procedures. In response to
the new rules, RIROE#49 issued the following changes to its principals. This is what they
      1. Chronic Truancy is now considered to be 5% or 9 UNEXCUSED absences, as opposed
          to 10% or 18 as in the past.

      2. Truancy is considered UNEXCUSED. We will no longer accept referrals for truancy un
         less the absences are listed as UNEXCUSED.
         *Exception – Difficult cases of parent excused and vacation cases, etc., may be
         brought to our attention and we will assist you in any way we can.

      3. First letters may now be sent any time from 3-5 unexcused absences.         This is the
         school’s call

      4. Referrals may be made anywhere from 6-8 unexcused. Once again, your call. We do
         ask on the referral that you document prior interventions, certainly the more the bet-

      5. Our focus will be on students from K – Grade 10. We feel we have the best chance of
         success at this level. Once again, if schools have a particularly difficult situation at
         grade 11 or 12, don’t hesitate to call. We will help the best we can.

      6. Please consider involving our staff with building level attendance teams, student assis-
         tance teams, PBIS initiatives, assemblies, speaking to small groups, or whatever else
         you have in place to combat this problem. The more we are involved at the building
         level, the better chance we all have of making a difference…together.

Our hope is that, TOGETHER, we can indeed make a difference in attendance rates and
graduation rates as a result. Have a great year!

                       Teacher and Administrator Information
                      Provided by your ROE Supt & Asst. Supts

                               Certification Information

Recertification: Teachers and administrators who are due to recertify in 2012 are
able to submit their Statements of Assurance on the Educator Certification System
(ECS) located on as early as September 1, 2011. There is a user manual
on the left for any educator who may need assistance. Teachers who are moving from
an Initial Certificate to a Standard Certificate (after four years of teaching experience)
must have their district(s) send a letter to the Regional Office of Education to verify
their teaching experience. Additionally, these teachers must submit an application for a
Standard teaching certificate and their Statement of Assurance to complete the pro-
cess. Initial certificated teachers may submit this information after April 1, 2012, if they
have completed four years of teaching experience.

Endorsements: Educators are now able to apply for endorsements online at the Edu-
cator Certification System (ECS) website. You will only be allowed to apply for one en-
dorsement per $30 fee.

                      Fall TRS Retirement Information Meeting

TRS will host statewide meetings from September to November that are designed to
explain the retirement process and to provide you with information about disability,
death and insurance benefits. The October 25th meeting will again be held at Moline
High School Cafeteria at 4:30 PM. The address is 3600 Avenue of the Cities Cities in

The Black Hawk chapter of IRTA will hand out additional retirement information. Coffee
and cookies to be provided by the ROE. You might like to review the following Member
Guides. The Tier I and Tier II Member Guides have been updated as of August 2011.

Tier I:

Tier   II:  http://trs,ukkubius,gov/subsections/members/pubs/memberguide/

   (if you started teaching and paying into TRS prior to Jan. 1, 2011 you are Tier I)

                                      AUTHENTIC VOICES 14TH YEAR
                     Authentic Voices is celebrating our 14th year in the area school sys-
                     tems. In this article we will share with you some of the highlights
                     of our past program year. If your school does not have an Authen-
                     tic Voices Girls group, we are always eager to help potential facili-
                     tators start new groups. Please keep us in mind for your school.

Authentic Voices is a grassroots volunteer group whose purpose is to provide opportuni-
ties for girls to voice their particular challenges and conflicts. In the group, they can
then develop skills, attitudes, and techniques, that empower them to deal with issues
and concerns inherent in growing up. We encourage each girl’s voice and focus on cre-
ating a safe place for the cultivation and exploration of authentic self. In the past cou-
ple of years, we have seen an increase in interest with 6th grade girls. We welcome
their involvement.

The following schools are active participants in the AV programs. At Earl Hanson in
Rock Island, Lisa Bisom works with 6th grade girls as does LuAnn Gritton at Hamilton
Grade School in Moline. Ann O’Klock conducted the group at Glenview Middle School in
East Moline. Carol Mackel facilitates the program at United Township High School. Mo-
line High facilitators are Joan Ohlson, Sue Dell, Kim Anderson, Denise VanDaele, and
Molly Gilbert. We are also pleased to welcome Brenda Dunn from Mercer County Family
Crisis Center who volunteers in the Mercer County schools.

Although AV participants enjoy participating in many invaluable programs at their
schools such as a fund raiser for the local animal shelter, eating disorder informational
session, clarifying personal identity through lyrics and music, healthy relationships and
avoiding violent partners, the highlight for the overall Program Directors is planning and
carrying out the annual conference. This year over 115 girls participated in the confer-
ence which was themed “Take a Stand”. Through the keynote presentation girls wit-
nessed skits performed by QCAD illustrating subtle but clear ways to stand up for them-
selves and others. Additionally they cultivated a skill set through 3-2-1 Shadow work,
enabling them to get along with people they dislike. One of the busiest and most cher-
ished areas the girls chose to participate in was Arts activities. Here girls made clay
tiles, wove baskets, made bracelets, and decorated personal journals. A consistently
well attended session is Body Talk for senior high girls. In this session Dr. Tracey Mc
Loone discusses health issues. We also offer this for junior high girls with Mindy King
RN. Other sessions helped to develop fun exercise, employment skills, and overall self
actualization. This conference is held at Butterworth Center in Moline. Attendees expe-
rience local culture and history just by showing up. The Dispatch gave each participant
both newspaper coverage and a multimedia video that could be accessed online.

AV facilitators have begun planning for the 2011-2012 school year. Carol Mackel plans
on the first semester focus of “Stand up for yourself” while her second semester theme
is “Stand up for others.” In October the QC Eating Disorder Consortium will pair up
with the High School groups on the topic of Body Image and Eating Disorders. Watch
for the presentation they will host on October 19th of author Harriet
Brown. We plan to deliver our 15th annual AV conference in January.
Have a great school year! If you would like to reach us, please call
Betsy Zmuda-Swanson,LCSW at 309 786-3006, Ann O’Klock at 309-
762-3931, or Erica Hempel-Bucy at 309-786-4491.
                              ADMINISTRATORS’ ACADEMY

#9504 Curriculum Directors/Principals                      #9513 Jr. High/Middle School Principals’
      Network Workshop                                           Forum ISBE #913 Building a
Each meeting will include a presentation/                        Common Purpose
discussion on a relevant topic, time for participant       For the past two years, the Junior High/Middle
sharing, and ROE consultant updates.          These        School Principals have been meeting quarterly to
meetings will focus on the book Revisiting Profes-         share conversations about the joys and challenges
sional Learning Communities at Work by Richard             unique to educating 5-8th grade students. Come
DuFour, Rebecca DuFour and Robert Eaker which              join the group to continue to dive deeper into top-
all participants will receive. Administrator Acad-         ics such as the following:
emy Credit will be available for a fee of $120
and you must attend 2 meetings to receive                     Success stories and challenges
credit.                                                       Progress in implementing RtI and meeting AYP
Date(s):    Sept. 12 & Nov 22, 2011 and                       Professional development and resources that
            January 12 & April 19, 2012                         work
Times:      8:00 AM - 11:00 AM                                Using data for school improvement
Location: ROE Moline                                          Co-teaching and special education
                                                              Behavior interventions and processes
Audience: Curriculum Directors, K-12
                                                              Asking the group about situations as they arise
            Principals, Administrators,
                                                              Common core standards
            and Dept. Chairs
Cost:       $100 w/o Academy Credit or                     All meetings are scheduled on Tuesday mornings
            $120 for Academy credit                        from 9-10:30 @ the ROE. Please mark these 4
Registration Deadline: 9/5/2011                            dates on your calendar and plan to attend! This
                                                           Forum is available for the following Administrative
#9471 Introduction to Evaluation of                        Academy for those who attend 2 of the 4 meet-
      Certified Staff                                      ings: Administrative Academy #913 - Building a
The module is designed to increase the knowledge           Common Purpose and Vision for the School Im-
and skills of school administrators so they can do         provement Process. There is no cost for at-
a better job of observing teachers in their class-         tending these sessions unless you are taking
rooms. It promotes observation and understanding           them for Academy credit. Cost for Academy
of teaching behaviors that have been proven ef-            credit is $120 and you must attend 2 ses-
fective in enhancing student learning. It provides         sions.
for learning and practice of skills relevant to the
process of teacher evaluation.                             Perhaps one or more of these meetings can take
                                                           place at a school willing to host a best practices
Date(s):      Sept 27, 2011
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
                                                           Date(s):      Sept 13, 2011 and Feb 14,
Location:     ROE Moline
                                                                         April 17 & June 12, 2012
Presenter(s): Clayton Naylor &
                                                           Times:        9:00 - 10:30 AM
              Rebecca Rowe
                                                           Location:     ROE Moline
Audience:     Required of all Administrators
                                                           Presenter(s): ROE Staff
Cost:         $150
                                                           Audience:     Jr./Middle School Principals
Registration Deadline: 9/20/2011
                                                           Cost:         $0 or $120 for AA Credit
                                                           Registration Deadline: 9/6/2011

  The Evaluation course (#9471) is required by all
  administrators. If you have not taken this course
  and are signed up to take it this year. Taking it
  does not fulfill your Academy requirement for
  2011 - 2012 school year!

                                ADMINISTRATOR ACADEMY

#9522 Culture Counts: Constructive                                      #9519 Nuts and Bolts of Grant
      Leadership that Promotes                                                Writing ISBE #1165
      Student Success ISBE #932                                         This workshop is designed to assist
This workshop will offer practical strategies to help                   participants in being more successful
effective leaders intentionally build and shape a                       in the competition for grant monies.
positive, healthy culture that embraces change                          They will learn about possible funding
and promotes student success. Included will be                          sources, proposal writing strategies,
indicators that identify positive and toxic cultures                    budget development, the proposal re-
and tools that access culture. This workshop will           view process, how to write an abstract, and why
show the relationship between effective leader-             proposals are accepted or rejected.
ship, school culture, and student achievement.              Date(s):      Nov 1, 2011
This workshop is highly recommended for princi-             Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
pals who want to improve school culture. Partici-           Location:     ROE Moline
pants will leave energized with practical ideas, re-        Presenter(s): Dr. Don Kachur
search based practices, and handy tools to create           Audience:     Administrators and Teachers
and maintain a positive school culture that pro-
                                                            Cost:         $120
motes learning and engagement for students and
                                                            CPDUs:        6
Date(s):      Sept 15, 2011                                 Registration Deadline: 10/25/2011
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Location:     ROE Atkinson                                  #9527 Best Practices in Reading Grades
Presenter(s): Cheryl Sanfilip                                     4-8: An Administrative Guide
Audience:     Principals and Central Office                       ISBE #823
                                                            Participants will learn about the basic findings
Cost:         $120
                                                            from research on reading and how these are
CPDUs:        6                                             translated into best practice. Participants will also
Registration Deadline: 9/8/2011                             learn to use components of Illinois State Board of
                                                            Education “Principal’s Flip Chart” to promote
#9526 Administrative Issues in                              school literacy.
      Educating the Gifted                                  Date(s):      November 17, 2011
This course is designed to familiarize instructional        Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
leaders with some of the administrative issues re-          Location:     ROE Atkinson
lated to gifted education. Course content includes          Presenter(s): Dara Carr
identifying gifted students, assessing gifted pro-
                                                            Audience:     Administrators and Teachers
grams, tracking student progress on a yearly ba-
sis, determining how the RtI process relates to
                                                            Cost:         $120
educating gifted students, and planning for im-             CPDUs:        6
proved quality of gifted programming in a school/           Registration Deadline: 11/10/2011
district. The course is three hours of direct in-
struction and three hours of indirect instruction,                     Other Academy possibilities
which includes two pre-readings, a brief assign-
ment based on those pre-reads and the comple-                  #9517 Superintendents Meetings ROE Moline
tion of an application/dissemination component.               #9511 Superintendents Meetings ROE Atkinson
Date(s):      October 20, 2011
Times:        8:30 - 11:30 AM                                      #9518 Principal Meetings ROE Moline
Location:     ROE Atkinson                                        #9512 Principal Meetings ROE Atkinson
Presenter(s): Dara Carr
Audience:    Administrators and Teachers                       #9516 QC IASBO Meetings Business Officials
Cost:         $120                                            Please complete a registration form for the
CPDUs:        6                                               above and submit like all other academies if
Registration Deadline: 10/13/2011                             you want the credit for any of the above
                                ADMINISTRATOR ACADEMY

#9520 Building a Focused Organization:                      #9528 Become an iAdministrator to
      Climbing the Mountain of Change                             Strengthen Your Leadership and
Some schools and school districts are good; some                  Management Skills ISBE #1144
are great. What is the difference and what does it          With the advent of new networking technologies
take to move an institution from good to great?             such as blogs and wikis, and the ability of anyone
The focus of this course is on leadership and be-           to obtain and post information to the Internet,
havioral characteristics that enable leaders to             principals are faced with new learning opportuni-
identify and accomplish their goals of moving from          ties to examine applicable educational research,
good to great.                                              investigate exemplary uses of these effectively to
Date:       December 1, 2011                                support learning in their school environments.
Time:       8:30 - 11:30 AM                                 Date:       May 4, 2012
Location: ROE Moline                                        Time:       8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Presenter: Mike Russell                                     Location: ROE Atkinson
Cost:       $120                                            Cost:       $120
Audience: Administrators & Teachers                         Presenter: Mike Breidenstein
Registration Deadline: 11/24/2011                           Audience: Administrators & Teachers
                                                            Registration Deadline: 4/27/2012
#9542 Conducting Effective Professional                                  -ALSO AVAILABLE-
      Conversations with Teachers
The focus of this course is on improving the par-           #9521 Become an iAdministrator
ticipants’ conferencing conversation skills and             Date:       May 10, 2012
strategies with teachers. The goal of the conver-           Time:       8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
sations is to improve classroom teachers’ abilities         Location: ROE Moline
to reflect, learn, and apply insights to their own          Cost:       $120
teaching lessons and instructional deliveries, all          Registration Deadline: 5/3/2012
aimed at improvement of the teaching and learn-
ing in their classrooms. Participants will be able                  Balance the Federal Budget
to identify the value of meaningful professional
conversations about teaching and learning by                Think you might do better than the president
helping teachers reflect on their teaching; expand          and congressional leaders in choosing what gov-
their repertoire of questioning skills under the four
phases of teacher’s planning, teaching, reflecting,         ernment spending to cut-or revenues to raise?
and analyzing of lessons resulting in reflective,           Budget Hero 2.0, a new computer game pro-
self-directed learning; expand their repertoire of          duced by the nonprofit American Public Media,
responding and empowering communication skills              shows players just how difficult it might be to
and strategies that promote reflective, self-
directed learning as well as teacher choice; and            carry out their grand policy objectives and still
learn how to create “conference lessons plans”              keep the government from either becoming ir-
intent of content of messages, context of the mes-          relevant or going broke. The game starts in the
sages, and speaking language to achieve the in-
                                                            year 2021, based on Congressional Budget Of-
tended messages.
Date(s):      April 24, 2012                                fice numbers showing what happens to the gov-
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM                             ernment’s budget if there is no change in cur-
Location:     ROE Atkinson                                  rent policy. Players, by using their policy cards,
Presenter(s): Dr. Don Kachur                                change the course of history. Before clicking on
Audience:     Administrators and Teachers                   a policy, players can check out the pros and cons
Cost:         $120                                          of the issue. Go to
CPDUs:        6
Registration Deadline: 4/17/2012
                                         EARLY CHILDHOOD

#9523 Using Transdisciplinary Play-                         #9557 Growing Up Wild: Exploring
      Based Assessment, (TPBA2)                                   Nature  with   Young    Children
      Second Edition                                        This is an early childhood education activity guide
This two-day seminar will show participants how             that helps teachers to build on children's sense of
to use TPBA2 to assess any child's developmental            wonder about nature and to invite them to explore
level, learning style, temperament, motivation,             wildlife and the world around them. Through a
and interaction pattern in four domains: cognitive,         wide range of activities and experiences, it pro-
social-emotional, communication and language,               vides educators with a foundation for developing
and sensorimotor. The seminar will also show                in their students positive impressions about nature
participants how to use Transdisciplinary play-             while also building lifelong social and cognitive
Based Interventions (TPB12) to translate the re-            skills. Workshop participants will receive a
sults of TPBA2 into effective interventions, includ-        copy of the guide and light refreshments.
ing IEPs and IFSPs. Emphasis using a team ap-               CEUs or CPDUs are available for an additional
proach to assess each child. Lunch will be on               $20.
your own. Participants will need to register                Date(s):       October 20, 2011
by Friday Sept. 23 so the books can be or-                  Times:         9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
dered in time for the seminar. Cost includes                Location:      Singing Bird Lodge, Black
the 3 book set of TPBA/TPBI.                                               Hawk Park
Date(s):      Oct 25 & 26, 2011                             Presenter(s): Marcia Seabolt & Berni
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM                                            Carmack
Location:      iWireless Center                             Audience:      Early childhood educators of
Presenter(s): Jeanine Colman, Ph.D                                         children ages 3-7
Audience:     Early Childhood, school                       Cost:          $30
              physiologists, social                         CPDUs:         3 for an additional $20
              workers, admin, and                           Registration Deadline: 10/13/2011
              support staff
Cost:         $120
CPDUs:        14
Registration Deadline: 10/18/2011
We are pleased to invite you to join us and other members of the Illinois Division for Early Childhood (IDEC) from
across Illinois, to the twelfth Early Childhood Sharing A Vision Conference: “Children, Families and Professionals

Our conference will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 & 28 with Pre-Conference meetings and
                         workshops on Monday, September 26, 2011.

                         To learn more, please visit

                         Online (preferred):
                         Downloadable form:
                           Workshop Facilitators
If you would like to be a facilitator, please contact Tammy at
Would you like to guarantee a seat in a conference session of your choice? Become a workshop facilitator.
What does a workshop facilitator do? A facilitator picks up a packet of evaluations before the workshop, distrib-
utes the evaluations, assists the presenter, closes the door when the workshop is full, collects evaluations at the
end of the workshop and returns the packet to SAV registration. This important role guarantees you a seat in a
particular workshop.
If you are interested in becoming a workshop facilitator, contact Tammy Muerhoff @ 309-736-1111/
                                                          9 Be sure to do this early because there is only one facilitator per workshop. We
look forward to seeing you at the conference!
                                                 LANGUAGE ARTS

#9508 Curious about the English                                          AU   #9499 Visual Phonics
      Language Arts (ELA) Common                                                See the Sound Visual Phonics (VP) is a multi-
      Core Literacy Standards?                                           sensory system that represents the sounds of Eng-
Did you know the focus of the strategies is on close                     lish in a concrete and visible way, providing a multi
reading of nonfiction literary texts? Attend this in-                    -modal way for students to map sound-to-print. VP
teractive workshop to learn not only what the CCS                        aligns well with brain-based learning & instruction,
say, but also what David Coleman, author of the                          and has proven to be an exciting and effective
Common Core literacy standards, says about them.                         method of establishing the Alphabetic Principle and
The session will provide materials and hands-on                          teaching phonological, phonemic and phonics skills
practice with teaching methods from literary non-                        necessary for success in reading, spelling & writ-
fiction texts suggested in the Common Core Ap-                           ing. Since VP is a strategy (not a program), it can
pendix B. Differentiated methods for identifying                         be used as both a universal or targeted interven-
key ideas and analyzing text structure to answer                         tion with the RTI process and is regularly used in
text dependent questions will be shared. Interwo-                        General Education classrooms, preschool settings,
ven into the reading strategies will be tools for                        elementary & secondary Special Education pro-
teaching vocabulary by using fun yet effective                           grams, ELL programs, classrooms and itinerant
methods that do not diminish content rigor. Bring                        services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, and adult liter-
a textbook and a blank lesson plan! Teachers,                            acy programs. Visual Phonics is also an effective
this is a workshop you don't want to miss! It                            tool for helping students with speech disorders to
has been offered at other ROEs and been a                                develop/modify speech sound productions and au-
sell-out! Lunch is on your own.                                          ditory discrimination skills, beginning as early as
Date(s):      Fri, Sep 9, 2011                                           age 3. Participants will learn the VP system and
                                                                         appropriate uses of VP with students in various
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                                                                         settings and varying needs. Participants will need
Location:     ROE Moline                                                 to bring a letter/sound or phonics activity to class
Presenter(s): Dea Conrad-Curry                                           on the first day. This activity will be used for a re-
Audience:     English Teachers &                                         quired course project to demonstrate implementa-
              Admin. 6-12                                                tion. Registration fee includes the cost of Vis-
Cost:         $100                                                       ual Phonics card pack. This workshop can be
CPDUs:        6                                                          taken for 1 Grad credit from Aurora University
Registration Deadline: 9/2/2011                                          for an additional $100 due the first day of
                                                                         class. Aurora course #OEDW6617.
                                                                         Date(s):      Sep 27 & Nov 29, 2011
                                                                         Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
                                                                         Location:     ROE Atkinson
                               What: 2011 Quad City Early
                                                                         Presenter(s): David Krupke
                               Childhood Conference                      Audience:     Pre-K - 5th Grade, Reading,
                               When:                                                   and ELL Teachers and Speech
                               Saturday, October 29th, 2011, 7:00
                               AM to 1:00 PM                                           Pathologists
                               Where:                                    Cost:         $125
                               Christ the King Catholic Church,
                               3205 60th Street, Moline, IL              CPDUs:        12
                                                                         Registration Deadline: 9/20/2011

           For more information see pg 20
                                         LANGUAGE ARTS
                Teaching Reading and Writing with Common Core Standards
                       6th - 12th Grade Teachers in all content areas
              Join Dea Conrad-Curry in three Common Core Standard Sessions
                        $75 per session or attend all three for $200
In this series, teachers will learn how the Common Core Standards affect the teaching of reading and
writing in the content areas of science, social studies, and technology related courses. The first two ses-
sions focus on Common Core expectations in courses driven by informational text. Participants will prac-
tice strategies proven to engage students in content learning while building reading skills. Special empha-
sis will be on differentiated methods to teach finding key ideas and analyzing how text structure presents
and develops information. Each day will also offer tools for teaching vocabulary using fun yet effective
methods without diminishing content rigor. Session three turns to writing with a focus on constructing
arguments, developing explanations, and technical or report writing, all specifically addressed by Com-
mon Core Standards. All sessions provide opportunities for participants to practice strategies using au-
thentic content related texts. Additionally, participants will be given time to set instructional goals to turn
Tuesday's workshop into Wednesday's lesson! Bring a textbook and blank lesson plan! Teachers,
this is a series you don't want to miss! It has been offered at other ROE's and been a sell-out!
Teams of teachers are highly recommended but not necessary. The cost of this workshop is
$75 per session or $200 for all three in this series.

#9453 Session One
                                                  #9454 Session Two
Date(s): Tue, Sep 20, 2011
                                                  Date(s): Tue, Oct 18, 2011
Times:     8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                                                  Times:     8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: ROE Atkinson
                                                  Location: ROE Atkinson
CPDUs:     6
                                                  CPDUs:     6
Registration Deadline: 9/13/2011
                                                  Registration Deadline: 10/11/2011
#9455 Session Three
Date(s): Wed, Nov 16, 2011
Times:     8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: ROE Atkinson
CPDUs:     6
Registration Deadline: 11/9/2011

#9509 Curious about the History/Social Studies, Science & Technology
      Subjects Common Core Literacy Standards?
Did you know the focus of the strategies is on close reading of informational text including the textbook?
Attend this interactive workshop to learn not only what the CCS say, but also what David Coleman, au-
thor of the Common Core literacy standards, says about them! The session will provide materials and
hands-on practice with teaching methods using content textbooks and suggested informational text
found in the Common Core Appendix B. Differentiated methods for identifying key ideas and analyzing
text structure to answer text dependent questions will be shared. Interwoven into the reading strate-
gies will be tools for teaching vocabulary by using fun yet effective methods that do not diminish content
rigor. Bring a textbook and a blank lesson plan! Teachers, this is a workshop you don't want
to miss! It has been offered at other ROEs and been a sell-out! Lunch is on your own!
Date(s):      Fri, Oct 28, 2011    Times:      8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     ROE Moline           Presenter(s): Dea Conrad-Curry
Audience:     Content Area Teachers & Admin. 6-12
Cost:         $100                 CPDUs:      6
Registration Deadline: 10/21/2011         11
                                         LANGUAGE ARTS
                  #9546 Reading Across the Curriculum & Comprehensive Vocabulary
                   Even if you've already been to Jim Schiferl's previous workshop on Reading across the
                   Curriculum, you will find this new and improved session to be even more helpful. Par-
                   ticipants will explore "the next steps" in creating a reading program that helps kids
                   with critical thinking/reading skills. This is designed as a highly interactive workshop.
                   Jim is bringing dozens of new samples and exercises for participants to try. They will
                   practice with examples and models from both English and social studies. They will not
                   only look at models, but also practice creating and using templates and questions using
                   the power of distractor analysis. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to
                   create materials for classroom-specific practice with Jim guiding their work. Please
bring an article, book, or other reading from your class. All participants will receive a CD with dozens of
ready-to-use templates as well as several passages and formatted questions that use the model.
In the afternoon Comprehensive Vocabulary Program, participants will explore a vocabulary approach
that produces the best results. Participants will get an overview of the program as well as receive all the
materials needed to start such a program including student workbooks, tests, answer keys, and practic-
es. A CD with all materials will be provided. This vocabulary program facilitates high school (and even
middle school) students in building their own vocabulary capacity. This program gives them the ability to
use word parts combined with context to figure out the meaning of a word. It is particularly helpful to
their study of science and health. Lunch is on your own from 12 - 1 PM.
Date(s):      Sept 29, 2011                    Times:       8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     ROE Moline                       Presenter(s): Jim Schiferl
Audience:     Secondary Teachers and Administrators in Core Academic Areas
Cost:         $100                             CPDUs:       6
Registration Deadline: 9/22/2011

                                          Teachers wanted for
                                            PBS Learning Media Pilot Project!
                    To foster classroom innovation and engagement, PBS has launched PBS LearningMedia
                    (, a free service for all teachers, students and families nationwide. In
                    addition to the rich content from many PBS productions, it also includes over 14,000 videos,
                    interactives, images, audio files, lesson plans and worksheets. The Illinois State Board of
                    Education (ISBE) is supportive of this project and believes it has great potential for accel-
                    erating classroom achievement.

PBS wants input and feedback from classroom teachers before more content and expanded capability is added to
the site. The national PBS and local PBS station, WQPT, are looking for at least 10 (ten) K-12 grade teachers
who would be willing to pilot this free digital library. (More would be welcomed!)

Teachers are asked to use the PBS LearningMedia site in 6 (six) lesson plans anytime between the dates of Oc-
tober 10 - November 30, 2011, and will then complete a brief report on the subjects    selected, how effective
the lessons were and any recommendations for improvement. Interested teachers are asked to attend an infor-
mation session on Monday, October 3 from 4:30 - 5:30 PM at ROE Moline to learn about PBS LearningMedia.

Participating teachers will receive a minimum of 14 CPDUs for participating; 2 CPDUs for each of the 6 lessons
and 2 for the information session. (See page 23 for Prof. Dev info)

                                                       attend the October 3rd information meeting, contact
If you are interested in participating, but unable to 12
Maxine Russman, 736-1111 or email
                                          LANGUAGE ARTS
#9543 Junior Library Guild Book Talks                          #9510 Curious about the Common Core
      for Elementary and Secondary                                   Writing Standards?
      Teachers and Librarians                                  Did you know the writing focus is on argument and
Come learn all about the newest and best books.                explanatory approaches? Attend this interactive
Get practical instructional strategies for using liter-        workshop to learn about the Writing Standards
ature in all areas of your curriculum. Book talks              and practice strategies that will become your right
are the most exciting way to experience the best in            hand in the teaching of writing. Emphasis in this
new and soon to be released children's books. The              session will be writing to learn! The workshop will
first hour will be devoted to elementary titles. The           focus on argumentative writing that demands inte-
second hour will target secondary titles. Feel free            gration of course content knowledge. Participants
to attend only the hour that is of interest to                 will walk away with materials and skills to teach
you. There is no cost for this workshop                        the component parts of a sound argument. Partici-
Date(s):    Thu, Nov 3, 2011                                   pants will be given time to generate instructional
Times:      4:30 PM - 6:30 PM                                  goals that turn Friday's workshops into Monday's
Location: ROE Moline                                           lesson! Lunch is on your own.
CPDUs:      2                                                  Date(s):      Thu, Nov 17, 2011
Registration Deadline: 10/27/2011                              Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                                                               Location:     ROE Moline
                                                               Presenter(s): Dea Conrad-Curry
                                                               Audience:     Teachers & Admin. 6-12
                                                               Cost:         $100
                                                               CPDUs:        6
                                                               Registration Deadline: 11/10/2011

              #9540 Phyllis Hostmeyer: Strengthening Elementary Reading
                    Comprehension to meet the Common Core Standards
             The new Common Core Standards (CCS) cover content and metacognitive skills by grade
             level. This workshop will demonstrate how to develop a consistent Instructional Vocabu-
             lary based upon the CCS. Participants will practice literacy activities aligned to the Com-
             mon Core Standards and appropriate for grades 3-8. Phyllis will demonstrate the following
             activities throughout the workshop: Story Strings, Could Have Said, Inference Walks, An-
notations, About Point, and Close Reading. Phyllis Hostmeyer has 20 years of experience as a class-
room teacher and 8 years experience as a School Improvement Consultant. She is a member of the
ISBE Language Arts Assessments Advisory Committee, and has helped in the development of Language
Arts Assessments Advisory Committee, and has helped in the development of ISAT tests. What do
teachers say about her language arts workshops? "Phyllis has the ability to present a wealth of infor-
mation in a very short amount of time, making her strategies practical, immediately useable, and cer-
tain to improve teaching and learning.”
Date(s):           Fri, Nov 4, 2011                                     RIROE CLOSED
Times:         8:30 AM - 3:00 PM                                  September 5, 2011 - Labor Day
Location:      ROE Moline                                         October 10, 2011 - Columbus Day
Audience:      Teachers grades 1-8                                November 11, 2011 - Veteran’s Day
Cost:          $100
                                                                  November 24 & 25, 2011 - Thanksgiving
CPDUs:         6
                                                                  December 23 & 26, 2011 - Christmas
Registration Deadline: 10/28/2011
                                                                  December 30, 2011 - New Year’s
                                                                  January 2, 2012 - New Year’s
                                                                  January 16, 2012 - Martin Luther King Day

                                                                  Regular office hours are 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
                                                          13      Monday - Friday
                                                                  GED & Fingerprinting 8 AM - 4 PM, Mon-Fri

        Randy and Sue Pippen are back with Common Core State Standards Math
         for Middle School Math and Special Ed. Teachers and Administrators
                                     in Atkinson
These three sessions will focus on the curriculum and instruction necessary to implement the
CCSSM in the Middle School classroom. This series will deepen and extend the work of the
teachers who attended last year, and can also stand alone for those teachers who are new to
the Pippens. The major focus will be on the increased emphasis on algebra and how to teach
with meaning and making sense. Session one : Building the foundations for algebra with num-
ber sense. Session two: Extending the numbers into proportional thinking. Session three:
Bridging the concrete into the abstract, teaching algebra with meaning. The cost of the
workshop is $100.00 per session or $250.00 for attending all three.

#9433 Session 1                                         #9434 Session 2
Date(s):    Thu, Sep 22, 2011                           Date(s):    Fri, Oct 14, 2011
Times:      8:30 AM - 3:00 PM                           Times:      8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: ROE Atkinson                                  Location: ROE Atkinson
CPDUs:      6                                           CPDUs:      6
Registration Deadline: 9/15/2011                        Registration Deadline: 10/7/2011
                       #9435 Session 3
                       Date(s):    Thu, Nov 10, 2011
                       Times:      8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                       Location: ROE Atkinson
                       CPDUs:      6
                       Registration Deadline: 11/3/2011

#9532 Looking Ahead to the K-5 Math                      AU   #9531 Hands On Math Workshop
      Common Core Standards                                   Welcome to the home of games, graphs and
Illinois has adopted these new Standards that dif-      educational goodies. This is a workshop of mathe-
fer from the present ones quite substantially. They     matical munchies - ideas into which children can
contain new terms and definitions, concepts and         sink their teeth. Many instructional aids, which
skills, expectations for students. They demand          emphasize thinking, will be demonstrated and ex-
instructional strategies that help students of all      perienced along with a series of mathematical
grade levels learn to explain, justify, prove, cre-     learning games. The instructional aides used in
ate, persevere, and make sense of situations. The       this workshop can be assembled by the teacher or
assessments that will replace ISAT and PSAE will        student and will increase interest and participa-
be significantly different than those we presently      tion. Day 1 will be from 4:30 - 8:30 PM and
use.     Spend the day learning about the new           Day 2 will be from 8:30 AM - 5 PM. 1 grad
standards and the assessments and the implica-          credit is available through Aurora University
tions for the teaching and learning of math in your     for an additional $100.
classroom, building, and district.                       Date(s):       Sep 29 & October 1, 2011
Date(s):      Mon, Sep 26, 2011                          Location:      ROE Moline
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM                          Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes &
Location:     ROE Moline                                                Gary ZumMallen
Presenter(s): Dr. Barb Wilmot                            Audience:      All Teachers of grades K-8
Audience:     K-5 grade teacher                                         Math
Cost:         $100
                                                         Cost:          $150
CPDUs:        6
                                                         CPDUs:         12
Registration Deadline: 9/19/2011                      14 Registration Deadline: 9/22/2011
       #9539 Teaching Mathematics                             #9502 Keys for Teaching Mental Math in
  AU         across Content Area                                    Secondary Mathematics 7-12
Learn a wide array of innovative math lessons to              This workshop will be a comprehensive look at
enhance the student's ability to transfer math                teaching mental math in grades 7-12. Included
techniques to other content areas. Learn to help              will be a discussion of why mental math is an im-
students develop various thinking strategies,                 portant component of the math curriculum, keys
tricks and tools to "buy in" on the concept of pur-           for teaching mental math, and motivating stu-
poseful instruction to increase student achieve-              dents to see the usefulness, importance, and ben-
ment. Learn to challenge and motivate your stu-               efits of mental math. We will also discuss the deci-
dents in an interactive way. This workshop will be            sion-making process (for students and teachers)
a hands-on experience, on Thursday teachers will              used when we select when to use mental math,
participate in activities to develop critical thinking        when to use paper and pencil, and when to use
and problem solving skills. Saturdays session                 calculators. A large portion of the workshop will be
will help teachers explore internet resources                 spent discussing specific mental math strategies
for activities, lesson plans and assessment.                  that we can teach to our secondary math stu-
Thursday hours are 4:30 - 8:30 PM and Sat-                    dents. Over 50 mental math strategies will be
urday's hours are 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. One                      shared. Participants will explore how students can
grad credit is available at an additional cost                practice mental math strategies within the context
of $100 through Aurora University.                            of the course being taught. Finally, we will also
Date(s):       Oct 6 & 8, 2011                                discuss how to write and use two-part exams,
Location:      HMW Monmouth                                   which have a no calculator portion and a calcula-
Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes and                                tor portion.
               Gary ZumMallen                                 Date(s):      Tue, Nov 1, 2011
Audience:      K-6 grade spec ed, reg ed,                     Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
               and teachers of at risk youth                  Location:     ROE Atkinson
Cost:          $150                                           Presenter(s): Dr. Jim Olsen
CPDUs:         12                                             Audience:     7-12 Math Teachers
Registration Deadline: 9/29/2011                              Cost:         $75
                                                              CPDUs:        6
#9533 NEW! Digging into the Common                            Registration Deadline: 10/25/2011
      Core State Standards for 6-8                                                   Start an Online
      Grade Math                                                                       Fundraiser
Participants will learn about the new look of the                            The fundraising feature is one of
Illinois Learning Standards and how the way they                             the newest tools at Digital Wish,
are written will impact instruction and assess-                              a site that allows teachers to
ment. Middle school curriculum changes may be                                create online lists of their class-
among the most changed of any grade levels K-                 room needs. Starting an online fundraiser is
12. A close study of the Mathematical Practice                simple. After signing up on the Digital Wish
Standards will lead participants to understanding             Web site, users can click “Start a Fundraiser”
the need to help their students become problem                from the home page. By sharing the event
solvers and communicators. Bring a textbook                   with friends, families, and community mem-
to find and adapt tasks for classroom use.                    bers through social media, a school or class-
Date(s):      Tue, Oct 18, 2011                               room can grow its fundraiser with no setup
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM                               cost. Organizers can view progress and edit
Location:     ROE Moline                                      and manage details from a single Web page.
Presenter(s): Sue and Randy Pippen                            Funds are deposited automatically into the
Audience:     Teachers of Math grades 6-8                     beneficiary’s Digital Wish account for use in the
Cost:         $110                                            educational technology shopping area at the
CPDUs:        6                                               end of the fundraiser. Go to
Registration Deadline: 10/11/2011
                  Randy and Sue Pippen are back with Digging into the Common
                         Core Standards for High School Teachers of Math
                This series of workshops will focus on translating the new Illinois Learn-
                ing Standards into classroom practice. Each session will focus on a
                progression of content standards (clusters) and the Mathematical Prac-
                tice Standards that will help students become thinkers. This is a com-
prehensive look at implementing the new Common Core State Standards in time for
the new testing. Participants will develop skills in selecting and creating tasks, orches-
trating classroom discussions, adapting current materials to the spirit of CCSS and as-
sessing progress of the students. Bring a textbook to each session to use to help cre-
ate tasks for classroom use. Session 1 will focus on using tasks to teach and create
understanding of new content in the Common Core State Standards. We will examine
the Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, from the book
of the same name. We will also choose three CCSS, one from each course of Algebra
I, Geometry, and Algebra 2 to unwrap and develop one or more tasks. Session 2 will
focus on developing skills for increasing student understanding and engagement
through classroom discussion techniques. We will also choose another three CCSS,
one from each course of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 to unwrap and develop
one or more tasks. Session 3 will focus on putting it all together: planning a set of
lessons using tasks to introduce new content, integrating the Mathematical Practice
Standards, checking for understanding, actively practicing and assessing progress on
understanding and making sense. Cost is $110 each or reduced if you register for
all 3 of the Pippen Sessions for total price of $275.00.

#9534 Session I                                    #9535 Session 2
Date(s):      Mon, Oct 17, 2011                    Date(s):      Tue, Oct 25, 2011
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM                    Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     ROE Moline                           Location:     ROE Moline
Presenter(s): Sue and Randy Pippen                 CPDUs:        6
Audience:     Teachers of high school math,        Registration Deadline: 10/18/2011
              teams are encouraged
CPDUs:        6
Registration Deadline: 10/10/201

                         #9536 Session 3
                         Date(s): Fri, Feb 10, 2012
                         Times:    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
                         Location: ROE Moline
                         CPDUs:    6
                         Registration Deadline: 2/3/2012


               #9552 Mentor Training
               This tutorial prepares mentor candidates to collaborate with a protégé and effectively de-
               liver the requirements of an approved induction program. Mentor candidates will develop
               the knowledge and skills to accomplish the following activities:

 Use the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards and the Continuum of Teacher Development to guide
   the protégé's learning.
 Apply sound coaching strategies and practices to the mentor/protégé relationship.
 Conduct the three steps of the coaching cycle including the planning conference, observation and da-
   ta gathering, and the reflecting conference.
 Co-create a Professional Growth Plan, as well as collaboratively select, and accomplish powerful pro-
   fessional development with the protégé.
 Analyze student learning in order to plan and deliver differentiated instruction.

Mentor candidates will sign a contract committing to complete the required readings, participate in
Skype and/or other electronic communication, attend three face-to-face meetings, and connect with the
district's mentor coordinator for on-site coaching. All course work must be completed on or before
Date(s):           Sep 28, Oct 26 & Nov 30, 2011          Times:         4:00 - 7:00 PM
Location:          ROE Moline                             Presenter(s): Mary Francis
Audience:          Mentor Candidates                      Cost:          $0 for grant participants
CPDUs:             18                                     Registration Deadline: 9/19/2011

                                   PHYSICAL EDUCATION

#9561 PE Roundtable: Give One/Get One
Sue Rosenthal will facilitate this conversation about PE and physical fitness. Come ready to
network. Bring lessons and resources to share with the group. Or bring questions and con-
cerns. Connect with your fellow professionals who are as passionate about PE as you!

Date(s):           Oct 25, 2011                           Times:         4:00 - 6:00 PM
Location:          ROE Moline                             Presenter(s): Sue Rosenthal
Audience:          K-12 PE Teachers                       Cost:          $5
CPDUs:             2                                      Registration Deadline: 10/18/2011

                                 SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT

#9504 Curriculum Directors/Principals Network Workshop
Come join area curriculum people for four 2011-2012 networking meetings. Each meeting will include a
presentation/discussion on a relevant topic, time for participant sharing, and ROE consultant updates.
The 2011-2012 meetings will focus on the book Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work by
Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour and Robert Eaker which all participants will receive. The cost of the
workshop series will include materials used to enhance the presentations. Administrator
Academy Credit will be available for a fee of $120 and you must attend 2 meetings to receive
Date(s):       Sep 12, Nov 22, 2011, Jan 12 & April 19, 2012
Times:         8:00 - 11:00 AM
Location:      ROE Moline
Presenter(s): Various and ROE Consultants
Audience:      Curriculum Direc, K-12 Principals, Administrators, Depart. Chair, Teach
Cost:          $100
CPDUs:         12
Registration Deadline: 9/5/2011

                 #9544 Writing an Approvable School Improvement Plan -
                       2011 IIRC Template
               The Illinois State Board of Education requires Illinois schools in status to meet federal
               guidelines in their Improvement Planning by using the IIRC 2011 Template (found at
               the Interactive Illinois Report Card website). This workshop will assist school teams in
               using the template to develop improvement plans that are data-driven, timely, and ef-
               fective. The morning will focus on the content and format necessary in each section of
               the template to write a complete and approvable plan. The afternoon will provide
               teams with an opportunity to work on their plans using the template. SIP teams, in-
cluding an administrator, will want to attend as a group. Lunch is on your own.
Date(s):      Fri, Sep 16, 2011
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     ROE Moline
Presenter(s): ROE SIP Consultants
Cost:         $0
CPDUs:        6
Registration Deadline: 9/9/2011
                                        -ALSO AVAILABLE-
#9545 Writing an Approvable School Improvement Plan - 2011 IIRC Template
Date(s):    Tue, Sep 27, 2011           Times:     8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: ROE Moline                    Presenter(s):    ROE SIP Consultants
Audience: Principals and SIP Team Members
Cost:    $0                             CPDUs:     6
Registration Deadline: 9/20/2011


#9551 Microscopes for the K-8                              #9556 Starlab Training - NEW FiberArc
      Classroom                                                  Projector!
Did you know the ROE has a set of 16 Brock Mag-            This training will include the basic operations of the
iscope microscopes for check out? Teachers can             new Starlab Planetarium system. Participants will
check out the microscopes following completion of          gain a better understanding of astronomy and the
this training. Focus of this workshop is the care          nighttime sky and increase their confidence in in-
and use of the microscope in the elementary class-         troducing this interesting topic to their students.
room. Participants will observe living and non-            This training is a requirement in order to reserve
living specimens, learn tips to help locate objects        Starlab for use at your school. Teachers currently
under the microscope and gain ideas to help incor-         Starlab-certified who wish to use the new Starlab
porate this hands-on science activity into your            must attend the training to learn about the new
classroom. Come and learn about these easy-to-             projection system. Each participant will receive an
use and inexpensive microscopes. The classroom             astronomy activity binder which includes numerous
set also includes a high-quality, light microscope         hands-on space science lessons.
and a scope camera to project the microscope               Date(s):      Fri, Dec 2, 2011
scene on the big screen for all to see!                    Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Date(s):      Tue, Oct 4, 2011                             Location:     ROE Moline
Times:        4:30 - 5:30 PM                               Presenter(s): Dr. Don Powers
Location:     ROE Moline                                   Audience:     PreK-12 the Grade Teachers
Presenter(s): Amy Sandgren                                 Cost:         $100
Cost:         $30                                          CPDUs:        6
CPDUs:        1                                            Registration Deadline: 11/25/2011
Registration Deadline: 9/27/2011
                                                           #9515 YOU ARE HERE: Find Your Place in
      #9553 Oceans and Marine Life with                              Space With NASA
 AU                                                        There is a whole universe out there waiting to be
                                                           explored! Join us on an adventure that starts right
Educators will learn about marine animals, migra-
                                                           here on Earth and ends beyond the Solar System
tion patterns, water pressure, constructing a coral
                                                           in order to answer the question, "Where are we?"
reef, how animals eat, constructing an ocean,
                                                           This adventure will explore the planets and other
making maps, cooking with seaweed, algae, kelp
                                                           objects in our Solar System before setting our
and much more. Day one is an evening class
                                                           course for other planets around other stars in oth-
from 4:30 - 8:30 PM at the ROE Moline.
                                                           er galaxies. Investigate what kind of life might ex-
Teachers will explore internet sources for lesson
                                                           ist on these other planets, and find out what it
plans, webquests, scavenger hunts, virtual field
                                                           would take for us to go on a vacation to visit them!
trips and PowerPoint presentations for teaching
                                                           In this workshop, you will not only learn about
about ocean and marine life. Day two is from
                                                           some of the mysteries of our universe, but you will
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM at the Putnam Museum
                                                           also receive ready-to-use classroom activities
and also includes the IMAX movie "Sharks".
                                                           that are aligned with state and national standards
Teachers will learn about activities to engage stu-
                                                           in K-8 mathematics, science, language arts, and
dents in critical thinking, problem solving in sci-
                                                           social studies. Free NASA materials!
ence and other content areas in relation to oceans
and marine life. This class can be taken for 1             Date(s):      Thu, Jan 12, 2012
hour of grad credit through Aurora University              Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
at an additional fee of $100.                              Location:     ROE Atkinson
Date(s):      Oct 13 & 15, 2011                            Presenter(s): Janet Moore
Presenter(s): Gary ZumMallen &                             Audience:     K-8th Grade Teachers
              Nancy Frakes                                 Cost:         $75
Audience:     K-10th Grade Teachers                        CPDUs:        6
Cost:         $140                                         Registration Deadline: 1/5/2012
CPDUs:        12
Registration Deadline: 10/6/2011

What is a black hole? How is a black hole made? What happens if you fall into one? If a black
hole is "black," how do we see them? In this workshop, find out the answers to these and oth-
er frequently asked questions about black holes. Then, test out some ready-to-use black hole
activities that are aligned with state and national standards in 6-12 mathematics and science.
Free NASA materials!
Date(s):          Fri, Jan 13, 2012
Times:            8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:         ROE Atkinson
Presenter(s): Janet Moore
Audience:         6th-12th Grade Teachers
Cost:             $75
CPDUs:            6
Registration Deadline: 1/6/2012

 AU   #9555 Space and Astronomy
      Learn how to make your classroom a challenging and exciting place to stimulate student
learning and interest in the field of astronomy and space. Teachers will construct moon cookies
and toilet tube constellations, create comets and craters, learn about the history of the planets
and their symbols, understand the relationships of the planets from the sun and calculate mass
weight on different planets. Participants will experience a variety of activities and will receive
countless resources. The first half of the second day teachers will continue to enrich their les-
son plans and units with scavenger hunts, virtual field trips and Power Point presentations for
teaching about space and astronomy. Day One is an evening class from 4:30 - 8:30 PM
and day two is from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. This class is also available to take for 1 grad
credit through Aurora University at an additional cost of $100.
Date(s):         Feb 9 & 11, 2012                   Times:        see above
Location:        ROE Moline                   Presenter(s): Gary ZumMallen & Nancy Frakes
Audience:        K-10th Grade Teachers              Cost:         $140
CPDUs:           12                                 Registration Deadline: 2/2/2012

                                       Keynote: Challenging Behaviors
                            by Dr. Sallee Beneke PLUS a choice of 12 workshops
                           on a variety of critical early care and education topics!
                     Watch your mail for the conference brochure in September!
For More Information: Contact Loretta Wuerdeman at the Community Child Care Resource & Referral by phone at 563-
324-3239 x1403 or toll free at 866-324-3236 x1403 or by email at

              2011 Quad City Early Childhood Conference Sponsors
All Our Kids Early Childhood Network of Rock Island County, Black Hawk College, Child Abuse Council, Child Care Resource & Re-
ferral, Early Childhood Coalition of the Illinois Quad City Area, Family Museum, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, Project
NOW Head Start, Quad Cities Association for the Education of Young Children, Rock Island County Regional Office of Education,
Scott Community College, Skip-A-Long Child Development Centers, Western Illinois University, and WQPT Quad Cities PBS.  
Also look for more information for the Early Childhood Education Professional Development Tour at this year’s conference….

         AU                             SOCIAL STUDIES                                           AU

#9548 Local Ties to the Civil War                       #9550 Teaching about the Times and
This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil            Heritage of Abraham Lincoln
War. Teachers will learn of the many connections        A course to equip teachers of Abraham Lincoln and
of the greater Quad Cities area to the Civil War.       American history and culture. Teachers will be
This is an activity-oriented class demonstrating        trained to improve their class instruction by in-
how teachers can enrich their US Civil War lesson       creasing the relevancy of lessons through the use
plans and units with a variety of resources. Topics     of hands-on activities and technology in lesson de-
covered will include the use of hands-on activities     velopment and presentation. Information learned
in the American history classroom. Discover ap-         in the course can be shared with the participants'
propriate activities, internet resources and local      school through staff development programs and/or
ties to the American Civil War. This course can         networking. Hands-on lessons will be used to
be taken for 1 hr of grad credit through Auro-          demonstrate and allow teachers to experience co-
ra University for an additional $100. Day one           operative learning, multiple intelligences and learn-
will be held from 4:30 - 8:30 PM and Day 2              ing styles. This course can be taken for 2 grad
will be held from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.                    credits through Aurora University at an addi-
Date(s):        Fri., Nov 18 &                          tional cost of $200. Days 1 & 4 will be held
               Sat., Nov. 19, 2011                      from 4:30 - 8:30 PM and Days 2 & 3 will be
                                                        held from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.
Location:      ROE Moline
                                                        Date(s):      Fri., Jan 20, Sat., Jan. 21 & 28
Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes &
                                                                      & Fri., Feb 10, 2012
               Gary ZumMallen
                                                        Times:        see above
Audience:      Classroom teachers teaching
                                                        Location:     ROE Moline
               Civil War history
Cost:          $130                                     Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes &
CPDUs:         12                                                     Gary ZumMallen
Registration Deadline: 11/11/2011                       Audience:     K-8 Grade Teachers
                                                        Cost:         $175
#9549 Geography and Social Studies                      CPDUs:        24
      Enrichment: Roads to Critical                     Registration Deadline: 1/13/2012
      Thinking and Problem Solving
Teachers will learn to stimulate student's critical     #9554 Life in the World's Rainforest
thinking and problem-solving skills through the         This course is for teachers to learn how to enrich
teaching of geography and social studies skills. In     their lesson plans and units relating to life in the
this "hands on" session teachers will learn to cre-     rainforest with the use of hands-on activities and
ate lesson plans that incorporate multiple intelli-     internet resources. Topics covered will include the
gences, cooperative learning, a and diverse learn-      use of cross-curricular activities in social studies,
ing styles and incorporate technology. It will in-      language arts, math and science. The class will
clude computer experience for teachers to explore       assist teachers in developing and imparting critical
the internet sources for lesson plans. This course      thinking and problem solving skills in their stu-
can be taken for 1 hr of grad credit through            dents. Day 1 will be held from 4:30 - 8:30 PM
Aurora University for an additional $100. Day           and Day 2 will be held from 8:30 AM -4:30
one will be held from 4:30 - 8:30 PM and Day            PM. This course also provides 1 grad credit at
2 will be held from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.                  an additional $100 through Aurora University.
Date(s):       Fri., Dec 2 &                            Date(s):        Fri., Feb 3 &
               Sat., Dec. 3, 2011                                       Sat., Feb 4, 2012
Location:      ROE Moline                                Location:      ROE Moline
Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes &                             Presenter(s): Nancy Frakes &
               Gary ZumMallen                                           Gary ZumMallen
Audience:      All Social Studies Teachers               Audience:      1-10 grade Teachers
Cost:          $130                                      Cost:          $130
CPDUs:         12                                     21 CPDUs:         12
Registration Deadline: 11/25/2011                        Registration Deadline: 1/27/2012

#9500 SMART Board Training Level 1                     #9501 SMART Board Training Level 2
How does a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard          Now that you know the basics what else can the
change your class? How does it work? How does          SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard allow you to
your current software work on it? Learn the basics     do? Music, links, video, importing files, dual
of the Notebook software and how to use the Es-        screen, enhanced text, themes…..too many to list.
sentials for Educators Gallery to enhance student      Get your questions answered! Come prepared to
learning. Manual provided.     Participants need       learn and share! Manual provided.
to bring a laptop/computer if able.                    Date(s):      Tue, Oct 25, 2011
Date(s):      Fri, Sep 16, 2011                        Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:30 PM                        Location:     ROE Atkinson
Location:     ROE Atkinson                             Presenter(s): Jean Tulin
Presenter(s): Jean Tulin                               Audience:     All Teachers
Audience:     All Teachers                             Cost:         $100
Cost:         $100                                     CPDUs:        6
CPDUs:        6                                        Registration Deadline: 10/18/2011
Registration Deadline: 9/9/2011

                              Mobile and Mini Computing Devices in the Classroom
                              When? 9/19/2011 4-6 PM
                              Where? ROE Moline
                              Join us and see what you can do with an iPad or iPod in the class
                              room. Three local districts (Carbon Cliff, Erie, and Geneseo) will
                              share their 1:1 implementation stories in a round table discussion
during the first hour. A concurrent session, Introduction to the iPad and iPod will demonstrate
their basic operating system, the iTunes App Store, and how to change settings to meet your
individual needs. The second hour will include two breakouts to discuss implementing mini or
mobile devices in the classroom based on instructional level. Registration is required through
Julie at the ROE please call 736-1111 or email her at to reserve your seat.
Cost is free!
- - - - - - - - - - - - — - - — - - - - - — - - - - - - — - - - - - —- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - — - - - -
3rd Annual RICE Mini Conference
This years mini conference will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 8 AM - NOON. The
event will take place at United Township High School, East Moline. You will choose from 9 ses-
sions offered over 3 hours featuring educational applications of technology hardware and soft-
ware. Cost will be $10 for RICE members and $20 for non-members. Please watch for more
details/registration coming on these websites:                           
SIT Conference
When? February 18, 2012                     Where? Glenview Middle School, East Moline
Cost? $25.00 per student (scholarships will be available)
This extraordinary event will expose our young “digital natives” to wide variety of technology
experiences and opportunities through more than 50 breakout sessions throughout the day.
This conference is for students and presented by students. Adult volunteers from local schools
and the community help the day run smoothly. If you have or know of a student that would be
a great technology presenter please contact Ginger Long Watch for
more information & registration openings at any of the websites and information coming to your
school. Registration will be at 22
                               OTHER STAFF DEVELOPMENT

#9437 Substitute Teacher Training
If you have a bachelor's degree or a Type 39 Certificate, or a teaching certificate and would like to be a
substitute teacher, this is the workshop for you. School districts need substitute teachers who are confi-
dent in their ability to work in the school environment. Each participant will receive a binder full of re-
sources that will include successful teaching tips and lessons for a wide variety of subject areas and
grade levels. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion and specific details on how to regis-
ter to substitute teach in Bureau, Henry, Stark School Districts.
Date(s):      Thu, Sep 8, 2011
Times:        9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     ROE Atkinson
Presenter(s): Dara Carr
Audience:     Current substitute teachers and those wanting to become a substitute
Cost:         $50
CPDUs:        5.5
Registration Deadline: 9/1/2011

#9524 Best Practices in ELL Assessment and Intervention
This workshop will deliver the following training objectives for participants: 1.Become aware of basic de-
mographic trends related to ELLs in the USA and the Midwest. 2. Learn some basic, yet essential infor-
mation from the linguistics literature about second language acquisition. 3. Review and understand as-
sessment issues related to ELLs that relate directly to participants' work as school psychologists. 4.
Learn what research says are Best Practices in ELL literacy instruction. Information will be delivered us-
ing the following formats: PowerPoint, short video vignettes, resources CD, case studies, discussion, and
scholarly readings. Lunch will be on your own!
Date(s):      Fri, Sep 16, 2011
Times:        8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Location:     Moline Public Library
Presenter(s): Rebecca S. Martinez, Ph.D
Audience:     ELL Coordinators, Administrators, general and spec ed teachers
Cost:         $20
CPDUs:        6
Registration Deadline: 9/9/2011

#9558 PBS Learning Media Pilot Project
To foster classroom innovation and engagement, PBS has launched PBS Learning Media
(, a free service for all teachers, students and families nationwide. PBS wants in-
put and feedback from classroom teachers before more content and expanded capability is added to the
site. The national PBS and local PBS station, WQPT, are looking for teachers who would be willing to pi-
lot this free digital library of videos, interactive, images, audio files, lesson plans and worksheets.
Teachers are asked to use the PBS Learning Media site in six (6) lesson plans anytime between the dates
of October 10 - November 30, 2011. Teachers will then complete a brief report on the subjects selected,
how effective the lessons were and any recommendations for improvement. Interested teachers are
asked to attend an informational session on Monday, October 3, 4:30 - 5:30 PM to learn about PBS
Learning Media. Participating teachers will receive a minimum of 14 CPDUs for participating; 2 CPDUs
for each of the six (6) lessons and 2 for the informational session.
Date(s):          October 3, 2011                  Times:        4:30 - 5:30 PM
Location:         ROE Moline                       Presenter(s): Ana Kehoe, WQPT Director of Edu
Audience:         K-12 Classroom Teachers          Cost:         FREE
CPDUs:            14                               Registration Deadline: 9/26/2011
                             OTHER STAFF DEVELOPMENT

                               #9562 Teachers; Institute on Holocaust Studies
                               The Holocaust Education Committee of the Greater QC, the Jewish Fed-
                               eration of the QC and the Rauch Family Foundation II are sponsoring the
                               11th Teachers' Institute on Holocaust Study to provide area teachers
                               and interested community members with information needed to become
                               more knowledgeable about the events of the Holocaust. Sessions in-
clude: Teaching the Holocaust, What all Teachers should know about Judaism; Growing Up Jewish; Visit-
ing the Concentration Camps, and the Liberation of the Concentration Camps. All participants may
choose from two resources: The liberation of the Concentration Camp, a book detailing how survivors
end up in Iowa; and Traits that Transcend, a set of 8 posters from the Jewish Foundation of the Right-
Date: Nov. 17, 2011                 Time: 4 - 7 PM          CPDUs: 4
Location: St Ambrose University Rogalski Center             Cost: $15
Presenter: Regional experts (access website )
Audience: All Educators Grades 4 - 12           Registration Deadline: 11/10/2011

                              STAR-Online Professional Development

The RIROE is pleased to announce the continuing partnership with Western Illinois University’s (WIU)
Star Online offering a new array of STAR-Online professional development options for teachers. These
courses help teachers learn, use and integrate current technologies and address emerging topics in to-
day’s classroom.

Teachers may choose two payment options: $80 per semester or $140 per year and can take as many
modules during that period as they wish for CPDUs. They may also choose to take the modules for grad-
uate credit at an additional cost. (However, the ELL modules are not available for graduate credit.)

                                 CE CREDITS ONLINE
                             PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
Each course is designed using an adult learning model that includes research-based best prac-
tices, video - modeling, job-embedded exercises, and one-on-one instruction. The platform is
asynchronous, allowing teachers to work anytime day or night with no “live chats” to log on for.
Highly trained moderators experienced in education provide one-on-one feedback.          These
courses are all for the K-12 classroom teachers! To register for these workshops, fill
out the registration form on back and mail along with the fee for workshop. You will
receive an email with the access code and information to get started. Grad credit is
available at an additional cost; you will be prompted at the end of course and in-
formed of the process on how to apply and pay for grad credit. Cost listed here is for
the course only, payable to ROE.

Due to the great response to these courses, the ROE will continue to partner with CE Credits Online for
another year. To date, 200 teachers have taken one or more of the classes offered. These will be ongo-
ing offerings throughout the school year. In order to get these courses for the cost shown, you must
register through your ROE. Please do not include the cost of grad credit when you pay for your course.
This will be collected through CE Credits Online and you will be prompted at the end of your course to fill
out some paper work and pay your grad credit then. For additional information on registration please
contact Julie Cox at 309/736-1111 or email

#6714 Giving Directives that Students Will                  #6717 Foundations of Today’s Classroom
         Follow                                                      and Current Trends in Education
Learn theory, rationale and techniques for giving           Create and maintain effective learning environ-
irresistible directives to students. This quick but         ments using important concepts in American edu-
powerful 4-step verbal tactic focuses attention on          cation including history, governmental policy, ear-
student’s responsibility for his or her own positive        ly childhood development theories, individual
outcomes.                                                   learning differences, student motivation factors,
1 University credit available        Cost: $130             traditional versus alternative assessment meth-
                                                            ods, classroom management and best practices in
#6715 Stopping Disruptive Behaviors                         the classroom.
Learn constructive techniques for managing                  2 University credits available     Cost: $240
student behavior focusing on strategies resulting
on students examining their choices and conse-              #6718 Coaching to Improve Teaching and
quences.                                                            Learning
1 University credit available     Cost: $130                Learn how to use a variety of effective coaching
                                                            communication skills to ensure quality outcomes
#6716 Conducting the Parent Conference                      for students, such as, mutual purpose and re-
Learn persuasive and effective 7-step strategies            sponse, reflection, observation, analysis, inten-
for conducting parent conferences to help them              tional best practice, celebration of success, and
become committed participants in the solution.              relationship maintenance.
1 University credit available    Cost: $130                 3 University credits available. Cost: $345

#6941 Differentiated Instruction
Discover new instructional approaches that will
maximize achievement for all of your students.
3 University credits available   Cost: $345

                                    CE CREDITS ONLINE
#6719 Coaching to Improve Reading
Focuses on the coaching relationship in improving student reading achievement through the 7 compo-
nents of successful reading programs: phonemic, awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehen-
sion, writing and content.
                         3 University credits available          Cost: $345

#6942 Rights and Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process
Designed to help school personnel maintain a safe and orderly environment in an era of increasing dis-
ruption and violence.
                           1 University credit available      Cost: $130

#8353 How to Read and Write in Math: Improving Problem Solving and Communication in
Designed to help students solve word problems successfully and describe their solution processes suc-
                3 University Credits are Available                     Cost: $345

#9183     Transforming Instruction with Interactive Whiteboard Systems - An Overview
Taught in three sections, will introduce you to the many ways interactive whiteboard systems can en-
hance instruction. Section 1: Different digital whiteboard systems: Section 2: Basic operations of hard-
ware and software; Section 3: Applying skills to create lesson plans.
                        1 University Credit is available            Cost: $130

                 Transforming Instruction with Interactive Whiteboard Systems
                                     for Separate Subject Areas
In addition, the course features video-based training of a credentialed teacher in the specific content
area. When registering for these classes please use the numbers below to reference the subject you are
signing up for.

          #9184 Transforming Language Arts Instruction with Whiteboard Systems
                    3 University credits are available  Cost: $345

                #9185 Transforming Math Instruction with Whiteboard Systems
                      3 University credits are available  Cost: $345

              #9186 Transforming Science Instruction with Whiteboard Systems
                     3 University credits are available   Cost: $345

           #9187 Transforming Social Studies Instruction with Whiteboard Systems
                     3 University credits are available    Cost: $345

       Cost listed is for the course only payable to the ROE. University Credit is an addi-
       tional cost; you will be prompted during the online course to apply for and pay for
       that credit. Most courses are through Humboldt University and are approx. $50 a
       credit. The ROE fee must be paid before your access codes to get started are sent
       to you, please be sure a correct email address is included.

                                  CE CREDITS ONLINE

#9218 English Language Learners in Your Classroom
Presents and analyzes the foundations of bilingual education for teachers to understand and in-
corporate the most relevant aspects needed in their classrooms for ELL students. Both Basic
Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language proficiency
(CALP) are covered.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9367 Teaching English Language Learners (ELL): An Introduction
Focuses on how to choose the most appropriate materials and activities for the classroom ELL
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9368 Content-based Instructional Strategies for ELL
Applies the “Six-T’s Approach” to develop content-based lessons. Originally developed by Stol-
ler and Grabe, the Six T’s is a framework for integrating listening, speaking, reading, and writ-
ing into content-based instruction.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9369 ELL Language Assessment and Related Issues in the K-12 Classroom:
      An Introduction
Explores the legal history and politics surrounding language assessment and the different test
structures and methods used to assess ELL students.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9370 Improving ELL Instruction through the Use of Technology
Explores technologies that support English language development and communication skills,
such as dedicated software programs, websites, and other academic technology resources for K
-12 ELL Students.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9371 Developing Listening Comprehension in ELLs
Explores the factors that affect success or failure of listening comprehension, examine an
adaptable lesson template that can be used to develop the listening comprehension of ELL Stu-
dents, and look at specific listening activities targeted at novice-level, intermediate-level, and
advanced-level students.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

#9372 ELL Reading: Teaching Strategies for K-12
Learning practical techniques and methods for teaching reading in any ELL environment: en-
gagement, motivation, modeling, intensive and extensive reading, vocabulary challenges, com-
prehension skills, reading rate and strategies, selecting materials and assessment.
                  3 University credits are available             Cost: $345

                      One Week Advance Registration is required for all ROE programs

NAME _______________________________                                                    IEIN # _______________________

SCHOOL DISTRICT NAME AND NUMBER ______________________________________________

BUILDING ________________________________ SCHOOL PHONE #: ______________________

POSITION: (please circle one) Teacher                     Administrator         Other (please explain) ___________________

HOME ADDRESS (city, state and zip) ________________________________________________

______________________________________                                       Grade Level Assignment _______________

EMAIL     ____________________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE __________________                                                          WORKSHOP ID #: __________________

WORKSHOP TITLE: _________________________________                                         AMOUNT ENCLOSED:_______________

                                               WORKSHOP REGISTRATION INFORMATION
1. Duplicate as necessary,: one form per person, per workshop. If registering as a team, please have each person fill
   out a form and send in all forms together.
2. Early registration is encouraged for all workshops. Workshop cancellation is determined by enrollment numbers 7
   days before the date of the program.
3. It is suggested that you personally fax or mail your registration to the ROE before sending the registration form to
   your district for payment to ensure your reservation. Registration may also be filled out online at
   Click on “online registration,” fill out the form completely, and click on the “submit” button.
4. Confirmation emails will be sent to the email address indicated on your registration form upon receipt of registra-
   tion by the ROE. To ensure that you receive this confirmation, please add the email address to
   your address book so that this reminder does not go into your junk, bulk, or spam email.
5. All Aurora University fees and paperwork must be filled out and are due on the first day of any course that is of-
   fered for University credit. Checks must be made out to Aurora University for this credit.
6. Registrants will be responsible for all workshop fees unless they have cancelled 5 days before the scheduled work-
   shop. The only exception will be if the workshop is cancelled, in which case all workshop fees will be refunded
   within a two week period.
7. It is your responsibility to turn in any paper work into your district as well as arranging for your substitutes etc in
   order to attend any ROE workshop.

       Please check box below
         if you will require a

   All payments must be received prior to the workshop date. Complete registration form and mail with your check or money
   order made out to “ROE” . Write workshop #’s on check memo and mail to: Rock Island County Regional Office of Edu-
   cation, 3430 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, IL 61265 Phone: 309/736-1111 Fax: 309/736-1127 or Bureau, Henry, and
   Stark Counties Regional Office of Education, 107 S. State St., Atkinson, IL 61235 Phone: 309/936-7890 Fax: 309/936-
   1111 or Henderson, Mercer, Warren Regional Office of Education, 200 W. Broadway, Monmouth, IL 61462 Phone:
   309/734-6822 Fax: 309/734-2452                          28
      Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE office to cancel (5) working days before the starting date of the program

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