; Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation Course Decision Group
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Introduction to Cyber Crime Investigation Course Decision Group


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									Introduction to Cyber Crime
    Investigation Course

          Conducted in English

    Institute for Information Industry
            Decision Group
         Course Objective

In order to fight against rampaging cyber crimes in
the world effectively, we need to better understand
the nature of cyber crime, the legal procedure to
investigate, and, most important, learn the lesson
of real cases from experienced investigators and
 In this course, speakers will also introduce the
weakness of IT systems, common cyber criminal
skill, cross border route investigation…etc, and
combine with practical case study.
                Course Target
• Understand Cyber Crime Model
• Understand Cyber Criminal Behavior
• Understand Legal Procedure on Cyber Crime
• Understand Investigation Skills against Cyber Crime
• Understand Strategy and Tactic for Cyber Crime
• Understand Vulnerability of Victim System and How to
  Improve it
• Learn How to Use Lawful Interception Instrument and
  Associated Legal Procedure
1. Prof. KC Wu
  –   Emeritus Professor
  –   Chairman of Information Department of National Taiwan Central
      Police University
2. KS Yang
  –   Chief of Telecom Crime Prevention Unit of High Tech Crime
      Prevention Center, Crime Investigation Bureau, Taiwan National
      Police Agency
3. Richard Chuang
  –   Chief of Cyber Crime Prevention Unit of High Tech Crime Prevention
      Center, Crime Investigation Bureau, Taiwan National Police Agency
4. Jackie Chien, Ph D.
  –   Senior Official of Cyber Crime Investigation Department of National
      Investigation Bureau, Taiwan Ministry of Justice Administration
5. Da-Yu Kao, Ph D.
  –   Chief of IT Department, Taiwan Coast Guard Administration
            Topic of Course

1. Investigation on Telecom Frauds
  –   By KS Yang
2. Investigation on Cyber Frauds
  –   By Richard Chuang
3. LI Law and Legal Procedure
  –   By Jackie Chien, Ph D.
4. Internal Threat
  –   By Da-Yu Kao, Ph D.
5. Lawful Interception Workshop
  –   By Decision Group
    Cyber Crime – Investigation on Telecom Fraud

Nature of Cross Border Telecom Fraud
       With VoIP and network routing technology, telecom fraud is a
complicated, cross border crime, which is hard to investigate…

       In terms of the limitation of LEA investigation capability,
awareness of public, cooperation from service providers, and legal

Investigation Skill
         Several crime models and how to investigate on those crimes
will be presented

Case Study
Study on the real cases and learn the lesson
   Cyber Crime – Investigation on Cyber Fraud

Cyber Population
Cyber crime rate will rise while cyber population or cyber
penetration rate is increasing

Model Analysis on Cyber Frauds
        Analysis on the different type of cyber fraud and its model

Investigation Skill
        Effective method to investigate on new cyber frauds

Case Study
Study on the real cases and learn the lesson

Strategy on Cyber Fraud
How to concentrate all resource to fight against cyber frauds
    Cyber Crime – LI Law and Legal Procedure

Lawful Interception Law
What is lawful interception? Who has right to do it? How long you can
do it? Who audits the who procedure?...

Legal Procedure
         Limit and scope of lawful interception during investigation in
order to protect human right and privacy

Case Study
Study on the real cases and learn the lesson
                  Cyber Crime – Internal Threat

Internal Threat
Internal threat is an IT security issue which is most neglected by public,
and also risky to business and operation of enterprises

ISMS for Information Security Protection
        Methodology and procedure in implementing ISMS

Information Security Drill
How to use information security drill to find out vulnerability and call
awareness of employees

Case Study
Study on the real cases and learn the lesson
            Cyber Crime – LI Workshop

Introduction to Lawful Interception
     How to implement lawful interception

Operations of Lawful Interception
     How to use interception instrument by wired and wireless on the

Case Study
     Drill for practice on the sceneries by instructors
                                  Course Plan
   • Day 1                                         • Day 4
        – Introduction to Emerging                   – Introduction to Lawful
          High Tech Crime                              Interception
        – LI Law and Legal Procedure                 – Case Study and Drill on
   • Day 2                                             Lawful Interception
        – Internal Threat                          • Day 5
        – Investigation on Telecom                   – Visit High Tech Crime
                                                       Prevention Unit, Taiwan
   • Day 3                                             Crime Investigation Bureau
        – Investigation on Cyber                     – Seminar with Taiwan
          Crime                                        Cyber Police and
*Course plan can be adjusted by attendee request
                 Training Place*
• Place
  – Training Center in III, or
  – Taiwan Civil Service Training Center
  – Taipei, Taiwan
• Accommodation**
  – Dorm. Of Taipei Civil Service Training Center (Fuhwa
    International House), or
  – The same level hotel
  – Taipei, Taiwan
• Language in Classroom
  – English***        *Place can be managed other than Taipei by attendee request
                      **Handicapped facility provided
                      *** Interpreter other than English by charge per day
         Attendee Qualification

• Efficient Capability of English in Communication
  and Writing
• LEA or Intelligent Officials with Service
• With Basic IT and Network Knowledge
• With Basic Criminal Law Background
                 Training Time
• English Course Held by Request
• Joint Course Plan with Requesters from LEA,
  Group or Individual
  – Will adjust course material by adding country specific
  – Material adjustment lead time is around 4-week by fully
    discussion with requesters after agreement signed
• 12 Attendees Above in one Training Session
• Announce 4 week ahead in the website:
          Contact Point:

•   Gary Tsai
•   International Group
•   Institute for Information Group
•   Email: gary@ig.iii.org.tw
•   Phone: +886 2 27377111 ext 3283
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