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					                                          Evel Knievel

         Evel Knievel will always be remembered as a dare devil. It all started in his

childhood he lived a very hard life on bored of a ship. In his later years his life started to

get better. Evel Knievel was famous for all of his daring dirt bike jumps over all sorts of


         Evel Knievel was born on 17-1938 in Bottle Montana. as a child his life was vary

difficult. At age eight he was sent over seas because his parents had split up. Weal he was

over seas his corer started. It all started by him jumping small fires on the ship, and at the

age of nine his parents got bake together ,latter on he started getting into trouble with the

law at sixteen. After a weal he was convicted of bank robbery. Also it was to much to

handle with all of the trouble and school work so he just dropped out of school at sixteen

         In his later years his tribal life started to pull into a very fun life. Before very jump

he wood thank his dad for every thing. In 1974 he wonted to jump the Grand Canyon

with a jet bike. Dering the jump he also wore red Wight and blue sot also during the jump

he was going 92.5m.p.h. A few years later he got marred to Linda Jana Bork and had fore

kids in 1 959 and several later he died in 2007 in Clearwater, Florida.
              In his famous years he was vary successful in his life daring jumps. He jumped

       the Grand Canyon and in the plus it was 200ft. also he jumped a swamp. During his total

       carrier he broke fifty plus bones, also during his jumps he supported the red white and

       blue. By warring a sot that looked like a American flag. he used this sot a lot of times he

       wood do stadium jumps just to raze some money also in most of the jumps he wood jump

       over city buses.

              Evel Knievel had a vary rough childhood do to his parents splitting up ,but as he

       went into his later years he began getting grate success with his motor cycle jumps. After

       he started being a dare devil he was becoming more and more famous. He will always be

       remembered for the longest jumps. He has inspired many people around the world.

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