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					                                           2009 - 2010
            Swansea College

                      Act mme

01792 284000           Visit swancoll on
    Activ-8 will enhance your                             Contents:
    College experience and develop                                                      Pages
    your skills for future life.                          Activ-8 Sport                 3-4
    Universities and employers                            Activ-8 Leisure and Fitness   5-6
    are looking for students                              Activ-8 Dance                 7
    with a wider range of                                 Activ-8 Environment           7
    skills and experiences.                               Activ-8 U                     8
    Activ-8 your CV by choosing an                        Activ-8 Volunteering          9
    activity or event to suit you.                        Activ-8 Relaxation            9
                                                          Activ-8 Events                10

    If you have taken part in the Children’s University
    as part of your schools activity programme, you can
    continue to work towards bronze, silver and gold
    awards at Swansea College.
    Look out for the Youth University symbol.
    Youth University: Deborah Cooze
    01792 450831

Activ-8 Sport
Table Tennis                                                          Team Sports


• Thursday 12-1pm Sports Centre
Table tennis is available for competitive and recreational players.
Leagues are provided with the winners being selected for the
Welsh National Championships.                                         • Training and Matches Wednesday
In 2008-2009 Sean Lancey Represented Wales at the British
Championships finishing 6th. Tom Dneham and Richard Davies
                                                                      3-5pm Sports Centre
also represented Wales finishing 7th in the double competition.       Swansea College has an excellent record in Basketball in Wales.
                                                                      Having won a number of Welsh Colleges championships and Cups
                                                                      the team repeated this success in 2008-2009. Sessions are suitable
Trampolining                                                          for experienced players and beginners. Many players only start to
                                                                      play once they arrive at Swansea College.
• Thursday 12-1pm Sports Centre                                       Contact: Nick Brazil (A Level and the Arts)
Trampolining is a beginners and improvers session providing the       01792 284053
chance to learn or develop skills on the trampoline. This session
requires a basic level of fitness and will improve co-ordination,
balance and flexibility.

Squash                                                                Football
                                                                      • Training Friday 9-11am
• Friday 12-1pm              Sports Centre
                                                                      Swansea University
Swansea College has 2 squash courts which are available for
students to book during their free time. There is also an organised   • Matches Wednesday 1-4pm
session on a Friday where students can enter a squash league and      Football Training for College Football Squads. 1st and 2nd Team
receive coaching and instruction if required.                         Football Fixtures in ECFA Premier League and BCS premier league.
                                                                      Swansea College runs teams in two elite football leagues. This

Badminton                                                             provides top level college football for over 40 players against
                                                                      some of the best teams in the UK.
                                                                      These competitions include the ECFA Premier league and the BCS
• Friday 12-1pm Sports Centre                                         NCFL South West Premier League.
Badminton is available during organised sessions and for casual
                                                                      Football squads train at top local facilities including Swansea
bookings during free time. Players who have competitive
                                                                      University Sports Village and Play Football Swansea. In recent
experience can represent the college at the Welsh Colleges
                                                                      years Swansea College has proved to be one of the top football
regional competition.
                                                                      colleges in Wales and players have gained international honours
Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)                               ay age group level with some gaining professional contracts.
01792 284176
                                                                      Contact: Ashleigh Hopkins (Sports)
                                                                      01792 284115
                                                                      Richard South (Sports)
                                                                      01792 284115

    Football 5-a-side                                                       Netball
    • Friday 9-11am Sport Centre
    The 5 aside league is open to teams from all areas and all abilities.
    Fixtures take place on Friday mornings with a prize at the end of
    each term for the winning team.
    Contact: Ashleigh Hopkins (Sports)
    01792 284115
    Richard South (Sports)
    01792 284115

                                                                            • Training Thursday 4-5pm Sports Centre
                                                                            • Matches Wednesday 1-4pm
                                                                            The netball team at Swansea College play in variety of
                                                                            competitions including the BCS Wales regional league. The also
                                                                            complete in the WNA president’s cup and the Welsh Colleges
                                                                            regional cup.
                                                                            In 2008-2009 the netball team completed more fixtures than ever
                                                                            before and have developed as a squad through the season. The
                                                                            squad train and play at the college sports centre.
                                                                            Contact: Jayne Bateman or Tina Robbins (Sports)
                                                                            01792 284115

    Ladies Football
    • Training Monday 4-5pm Sports Centre
    • Matches Wednesday 1-4pm
    The aim of the ladies football is to provide competition for more
                                                                            • Training Friday 9-10.30am
    experienced players and develop those players new to the sport.
                                                                            • Matches Wednesday 1-4pm
    The squad play in the Welsh Colleges regional competition and
                                                                            Rugby at Swansea College offers a range of competition for all
    regular fixtures against local schools and colleges. In 2008-9 Kelly
                                                                            players. This includes competing in some of the UK’s premier
    Newcombe represented Wales U19 at Ladies football travelling to
                                                                            tournaments including the Gulliver’s Super 16s, Welsh schools
    Europe and throughout the UK as part of the Welsh Squad.
                                                                            League and Cup and the Rosslyn Park National Schools 7s.
    Contact: Claire Bickford
                                                                            Players have moved on from Swansea College to achieve
    01792 284088
                                                                            international honours, most notably Leigh Halfpenny who has
                                                                            been selected for the British Lions 2009.
                                                                            Contact: Dan Cluroe (Sports)

    Volleyball (Autumn                                                      01792 284115

    and Spring Term)
                                                                            Jeremy Cooper (Sports)
                                                                            01792 284115

    • Training Tuesday 12-1pm Sports Centre
    Volleyball is open to both experienced players and beginners.
    The majority of the sessions are mixed with an emphasis on              Cricket (Summer Term)
    participation and enjoyment. Swansea College competes in the
    Welsh Colleges regional competition (runners up 2008-9) and the         • Tuesday 12-1pm                 Sports Centre
    BCS cup. The majority of sessions take place at the sports centre
                                                                            Cricket sessions will take place as Net practice for 4-5 weeks with
    with some additional beach volleyball during the summer term.
                                                                            some friendly fixtures during the summer term. Net sessions start
    Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)                                 in the last couple of weeks before the Easter Holidays.
    01792 284176
                                                                            Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)
                                                                            01792 284176

Activ-8 Leisure and Fitness
Pilates                                                                    Boxercise /
• Friday 9.00-10.30am Sports Centre                                        Circuits
Pilates will improve posture, flexibility and core stability. This
class uses a mixture of floor exercises and stretching for all round
                                                                           • Thursday 12-1pm Sports Centre
toning. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.   Boxercise is a dynamic circuit including punch bags, skipping,
                                                                           abdominal work, kettle bells and spinning bikes. Sessions are open
                                                                           to all abilities and will improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, co
Ab Blast Exercise Class                                                    ordination and flexibility. This is a 40 minute class leaving plenty
                                                                           of time to change before and after each session.
• Wednesday 12-1pm Sports Centre                                           Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)
AB BLAST is a 45 minute class entirely dedicated to “toning those          01792 284176
abs!!” By using challenging exercises, ab blast targets all areas
of the mid-section, helping to trim, tighten and firm. Classes are
suitable for men and women.

Supervised Gym
• Tuesday and Thursday 12-1pm
Sports Centre
All students are able to use the college gym following a basic
induction. The supervised gym session offers the beginner more

                                                                           Shape Up, Lose Weight,
support in starting out and those already training regularly
some technical advice and support. Training programmes will be
available for sports and other objectives with all abilities welcome.
                                                                           Improve your Health
Keiser Cycle Spinning                                                      The aim of this session is to help you lose weight and/or improve
                                                                           your health in an informal session. The session will be supportive,

Sessions                    (Booking is required.)
                                                                           and will include a totally confidential weigh in session. You will
                                                                           be supported by the group, the sessions will look at losing weight
                                                                           and improving your health by looking at what you eat and what
• Monday 12.15-1pm Sports Centre                                           positive changes you can make. The emphasis on these sessions

• Thursday 1-1.45pm Sports Centre                                          will be on fun ways to achieve your goals and will include looking
                                                                           at healthy but very tasty alternatives to high calorie foods,
• Friday 7.45-8.30am Sports Centre                                         nutrition and exercise opportunities.
                                                                           Contact: Angela Clarke (Learner Services)
Indoor group cycling sessions- a great way to burn calories and
                                                                           01792 284117
improve fitness. This is a 40 minute class suitable for all levels of
ability, instructors take you through a full workout including hill
climbs, fast spinning and interval training.
You don’t even have to be able to ride a bike to join in!

Contact: Sports Centre 01792 284088

    Group Events/Activities                                                 Wii Gaming
    There are a number of team building, outdoor activities, sports,
    visits to local sporting events and attractions that can be organised
                                                                            • Monday 12-1pm
    for student groups through the Enrichment Manager based in              Llwyn y Bryn
    Learner Services in the Student Common Room. They can include:
    • Surfing Indoor (LC Swansea) and Outdoor (Llangennith)
                                                                            • Thursday 12.30-1.30pm
    • Indoor Rock Climbing (LC Swansea) and Outdoor (Gower)                 Llwyn y Bryn
    • Orienteering (Pembrey Country Park)
    • Residential Activities (Gower)                                        • Wednesday 12-1pm
    • Centre for Alternative Technology                                     Sports Centre
    • Army Training Days
    • Sports Activities (5 aside football, multisports)                     • Friday 12-1pm
    • Indoor Track Cycling – Newport Velodrome                              Main Building Tycoch
    • Caving
                                                                            Swansea College has 3 venues for gaming – Tycoch Main Building,
    • Gorge Walking
                                                                            the Sports Centre and Llwyn y Bryn. The Wii system is set up
    • Group Spinning Classes (Sports Centre)
                                                                            on large screen interactive whiteboards for an outstanding
    • Millenium Stadium Tour
                                                                            gaming experience. Wii sports, Wii fit and other games available,
    Costs will vary depending on the number of students and type            competitions will run through the year with finals at the end
    of activity. Please request these activities well in advance (a         of each term. Entry into competitions is optional with sessions
    minimum of 2 months would be advisable) as permissions need to          available for all levels and instruction available if required.
    be gained, health and safety paperwork completed and instructors
                                                                            Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)
    booked in plenty of time.
                                                                            01792 284176
    Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)
    01792 284176

Activ-8 Dance
Hip Hop Dance                                                        GCSE Dance
• Monday 12-1pm                 Sports Centre                        • Wednesday 2-5pm
A fun, challenging dance session combining an energetic dance        Llwyn y Bryn Campus
workout with the latest moves and new sounds. The sessions are
                                                                     A fun, challenging dance session combining an energetic dance
designed for students to improve their dance technique and will
                                                                     workout with the latest moves and new sounds. The sessions are
incorporate dance elements such as learning taught material and
                                                                     designed for students to improve their dance technique and will
group choreography. All abilities welcome.
                                                                     incorporate dance elements such as learning taught material and
Contact: Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)                     group choreography. All abilities welcome.
01792 284176
                                                                     Contact: Rachel Dooley (A Level and the Arts)
                                                                     01792 284338

Activ-8 Environment

Join the Green
and Global Team
• Meet on the first Wednesday
of every month.
Did you know that 20% of the world’s population use 80% of the
world’s resources, cause 80% of the world’s pollution and hold
80% of the world’s wealth. Did you know that we are de-foresting
trees from the planet at a rate of 10 times faster than we replace
them? Whatever your subject area you are part of the future and
you can be a part of changing it ~ join the Green & Global Team ~
find ways of shaping the future.

Contact: Nicki Roderick (A level and the Arts)
01792 284094

                                                                     The Kenya Project is another environmentally aware project
                                                                     that provides support to Madungu Primary School in Kenya with
                                                                     Charitable work and educational visits to Kenya once a year.
                                                                     Contact Pat Reid, (A Level and the Arts)
                                                                     01792 284094

    Activ-8 U
    Student Council                                                       Become a Student
                                                                          Enterprise Champion
                                                                          • You will do a minimum of 3 hrs a
                                                                          week and get paid £6 an hour.
                                                                          You can assist the Enterprise Champion to encourage students to
                                                                          participate in activities such as fund raising, plus plan and organise
                                                                          student events and activities.
                                                                          What are the rewards? FUN, meeting loads of new friends and
                                                                          you’ll get paid for it!

    • Three meetings a year                                               Contact: Sue Poole
                                                                          01792 284164
    (including the Student Conference
    in February)
    Become a Class Rep and sit on the Student Council! You can
    • improve student life by representing your class.
    • bid for up to £1500 to improve a service across the College or
    improve your curriculum area.                                         Duke of
    • improve your skills and CV and....
    ...make new friends, meet like-minded people and gain three free      Edinburgh Award
    Contact: Julie Mason (Learner Services)
    01792 284127
    Chris Williams (Learner Services)
    01792 284178

    If you have taken part in the Children’s University as part of your
    schools activity programme, you can continue to work towards          • Wednesday 2-4pm B20
    bronze, silver and gold awards at Swansea College.                    Direct entry at Gold level is possible for most students
    Look out for the Youth University symbol.                             participating on a two year course whilst at Swansea College.
    Contact: Rob Baynham (Learner Services)                               The award is divided into 5 sections at Gold level; Physical
    01792 284176                                 activity, Skills, Service to the Community, Expedition and
    Youth University: Deb Cooze                                           Residential project.
    01792 450831                             Swansea College will assist you through a facilitator to achieve                                    your Gold Award which is presented at a garden party at
                                                                          Buckingham Palace by HRH Price Edward. There are normally
                                                                          3 or 4 practice expeditions per year in different areas of the UK,
                                                                          such as Exmoor, the Lake District, Brecon Beacons and the
                                                                          assessed expedition usually takes place in Scotland.
                                                                          Contact: Marcus Richardson (Public Services)
                                                                          01792 284200

Activ-8 Volunteering
Volunteering: CCV
(Certificate in Community
• Tuesdays 3-5pm
Tutorial Drop in Session (E Block)                                     If you would like more advice on volunteering option in the
                                                                       Swansea area please contact Swansea Council for Voluntary
• Wednesdays 2-5pm                                                     Service (SCVS). All students engaged in voluntary work can work
Volunteering sessions                                                  towards the Millennium Volunteers Award.

The CCV qualification recognises the skills and attributes of          Contact SCVS:
students taking part in voluntary work. It provides opportunities      Julia Thomas-Stock 01792 544039
to learn new skills and work in a team including environmental         Contact Millennium Volunteers Award:
activities, youth work and retail experience. Students will also       Felicitie Walls 01792 544000
work towards the Millennium Volunteers Award.
Contact: Emma Stephens

                                                                       Sport Swansea
01792 284280

                                                                       Do you want to play a part in developing sport across Swansea? .
                                                                       Coaches and volunteers have a vital role to play in the
                                                                       development of sport in Swansea and the team at Sport Swansea
                                                                       place an enormous importance to the people who give up their
                                                                       time to support the sporting community.

Activ-8 Relaxation                                                     Contact: 01792 635476

Body Therapy Sessions                                                  Holistic Treatments
(October Half Term onwards)
• Wednesday 12.30-3.30pm
Swedish Body Massage is a full body massage to invigorate and
work on tired muscles or you can try Reiki, a treatment to balance
the whole bodies chakras. This is done fully clothed.

Sauna and
Steam Room                                                             (From 1st January onwards)
(October Half Term onwards)                                            • Thursday 9am-1pm
• Wednesday 12.30-3.30pm                                               Holistic treatments at the Broadway Centre cover aromatherapy
Broadway                                                               and reflexology, stone and stone therapies, sports massage and
Holistics students at Swansea College are at the very cutting edge     the ancient Indian art of ‘Ayurvedic’ treatment. The Broadway
of technology following the installation of brand new spa facilities   Centre is situated at the top end of the main Tycoch campus. The
at the Broadway Centre. Offering the total spa experience but          treatments are competitively priced.
not at the usual spa prices they are constantly expanding their        Contact: Broadway Centre 01792 284049
range of services in addition to their established sauna and spa       (There is a small charge for these activities.)
facilities. Try them out now!

 College Events Programme:

     September 2009
          Active           Induction                      Monday 7 - Wednesday 9
                           An opportunity for you to get to know each other, the College, the requirements of the course and the events
                         and activities at the College before you start lectures.

     Freshers Fayre                               Wednesday 9
     Showcasing the student events and activities programme this is an opportunity for you to try out and sign up for activities, find out
     more from students who have been involved in the previous year and talk to local partners who can support you during your time at
     Contact Rob Baynham (Learner Services) 01792 284176

     October 2009
                           Local Democracy Week:                                              Monday 12 - Sunday 18

     - Appointing Class Reps
     Democracy in action! Now that you have had the opportunity to get to know each other you can vote for your class reps who will
     represent your views about your course and the College facilities available. This week is also the opportunity for you to tell the
     College about your first impressions of the College through the first Students Talking Questionnaire.

     - Class Rep Training                                        Friday 23
     Class reps will have training to enable them to represent their area, develop their skills and establish their role.
     Contact Julie Mason (Learner Services) 01792 284127

     - Political Speed Dating
     To coincide with Local Democracy Week in 2008, students at Swansea College enjoyed some ‘face to face’ time with local Councillors.
     A ‘political speed dating’ session gave the elected members and the students a chance to find out more about the important roles they
     each play in their local community. Students spent just three minutes with each Councillor before moving on to the next. Students can
     ask questions about any aspect of community life from education and the environment to culture, sport, crime and health.
     Contact Alison Lowe (Marketing) 01792 284262

         Active              Moral and            Black History Month October 2009
       Citizenship            Spiritual
                                                  Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer)
                                                 01792 284269

November 2009
   Moral and                 Active
              t            Citizenship

Diversity Fayre                               Tuesday 10
Each year, around 1,000 people attend this event, celebrating the diversity of our College and local community. Students, staff and
community groups organise a vibrant array of displays, activities and performances for the fayre, including:
• International buffet                • Live DJ, Live band performance      • African drumming and dance
• Indian dance, Street dance          • Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts)   • Henna tattoos and Braiding
• Arts and Crafts                     • Indian Head Massage                 • Youth subculture - hair, make-up & fashion demos
• Quizzes, games and raffles          • African and Asian beauty treatments
Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

    Active          First Student Council Meeting
                    Midday Tuesday 17 November 2009
               The first opportunity for Class Reps to represent their curriculum area and you get lunch in the bargain.
Contact Julie Mason (Learner Services) 01792 284127

December 2009
                t          Global Enterprise Challenge;
    and Glo
    Citizenship            First Round Tuesday 1 - Friday 11
                       The Global Enterprise Challenge is a Welsh Assembly Government endorsed scheme designed to encourage
entrepreneurial spirit and vision among young people. The first round of the Global Enterprise Challenge is held in tutorial sessions.
Contact Sue Poole (Enterprise Manager) 01792 284164

Christmas Fayre                                  Tuesday 8
Make this a Christmas to remember by contributing to the Swansea College Christmas Fayre. Stalls, demos and performances are
welcomed with the day culminating in the Swansea College has Talent event. Winners get to perform at the cross Swansea talent
event later in the year.
Contact Sue Poole (Enterprise Manager) 01792 284164

January 2010
   Health and
                        Healthy Lifestyle Week
                        25 Monday - Friday 29
                  Have fun, get fit and try out new activities in Healthy Lifestyle Week. The focus of the week is on physical fitness
and mental well-being with loads of activities to get involved in from Spinning to Wii Fit to personal training sessions complemented
by sessions on meditation and sports massage. Health advice and information will also be available from local health partners.
Contact Anne Pitman (Learner Services) 01792 284223

     January 2010
        Moral and
                            Holocaust Memorial Day                                                    Wednesday 27
       Developmen           Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

     February 2010
                     t         Global
         and Glo bal
                               Enterprise Challenge Final                                                     Friday 5
                            Over 100 students were put forward for the 2009 Global Enterprise Challenge final. They were given a
                     challenge to merge two existing products to create a brand new ‘hybrid’ product. They put together a response by
     the end of the day and presented to the other teams, college staff and guests. Our students have been runners-up at the Welsh finals
     of the Global Enterprise Challenge for the past two years so expectations are high!
     Contact Sue Poole (Enterprise Manager) 01792 284164

         Preparing           Money Week                             Sunday 7 - Friday 12
        for Lifelong          A series of exciting workshops and exhibitions will be held during tutorial times, enabling you to look at
                             making the most of your money. The focus of the week will be to get you to think about how you can make
                          limited funds stretch further, by understanding the basic concepts of budgeting, and tips on getting the most
                        from your money.
     Contact Anne Pitman (Learner Services) 01792 284223

     Higher Education Fayre                                                Thursday 11
     Over 100 students attended the 2009 HE progression event at Sketty Hall.
     As well as highlighting our own HE provision it is also an opportunity for you to meet representatives from Cardiff, Swansea,
     Swansea Met, UWIC and Glamorgan Universities and UCAS and find out more about life in HE.
     Contact Mair Jones (Learner Services) 01792 284176

     Student Progression to the next Level
     DEADLINE for Applications: Friday 26
     Apply for the next level of your course. Guidance can be offered by both the Advice and Guidance team and Careers Wales West.
     Contact Beth Hawkins (Learner Services) 01792 284177

         Active          Annual Student Conference                                                          Friday 26
                         Following the success of the last Student Conference all our Class Reps are invited to the College’s Annual
                       Student Conference.
     The event enables you to give your feedback on all aspects of College life. There is cash up for grabs too, with opportunities to bid
     for up to £1500 from the Student Feedback Fund. This money has been set aside to pay for innovative projects that will improve the
     college experience for you.
     Contact Julie Mason (Learner Services) 01792 284127

        Moral and
                             LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
       D evelopmen
                    t        Transgender) History Month
                         Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

March 2010
International Women’s Day                                                        Monday 8
                                            Session swaps between male and female students taking traditionally male and female
                        Moral and
   Active                Spiritual          dominated subjects are run to challenge gender stereotyping/assumptions about men’s
 Citizenship           Developmen
                                   t        and women’s skills, abilities and subjects. Curriculum areas already taking part include
                                            hair, beauty, childcare, plumbing, electronics and electrical.Displays in the Learning
                                            Zones on contemporary and historically successful/influential women from Wales are
                                            also organised.

Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

               t          Kenya Project Day                                      Thursday 18
   and Glo bal
                          They might be half a world away but the pupils of Madungu Primary School
   Citizenship           are firmly on the minds of everyone at Swansea College on Kenya Project
                     Day. The Kenya Project aims to raise money to maintain a feeding programme
for over 120 of the poorest pupils at Madungu as well as paying the salaries of two teachers.
Students and staff are involved in a series of events to raise funds and the Welsh Kenyan connection
was strengthened further when a team from Swansea College visited the school in the summer.
Contact Pat Reid (A Level and the Arts) 01792 284094

   Active          Mis Cwl Cymru                                 March
 Citizenship       Students and staff at Swansea College celebrate the launch of
                  Mis Cwl Cymru [Cool Wales Month] on St David’s Day.
          The College holds a series of events, competitions, exhibitions and activities
throughout the month of March.
Please contact Rhian Williams (Welsh Language Scheme Co-ordinator) 01792 284287

                        Guarantee Your Future Event
   for Lifelong         (venue and date tbc)
                       Local and national providers of Employment and Training present at this
                   external event to give information and advice about opportunities in the Swansea area.
Contact Careers Advisors:
Anna Hill, Clare Howard or Rhian Davies rhi.davies@

April 2010
Student Council Meeting                                                   Midday Tuesday 20
                   The last Student Council meeting of the year bur perhaps the most important when there is an update on the bid
    Active         activity undertaken at the Student Conference and the Class Reps feedback on their experience this year.
                   Contact Julie Mason (Learner Services) 01792 284127

May 2010
The Show (name to be confirmed) Friday 7 Taliesin Arts Centre
With a highly successful, roller coaster fashion extravanganza last year Swansea College’s Broadway Hair, Beauty and Holistic Centre
is now developing it’s next big event.
If you want to get involved in the big show contact Bernie Williams at the Broadway Centre 01792 284049
     June 2010
     Volunteering Week Tuesday 1 - Monday 7
                           Volunteers’ Week is a national celebration of volunteers and volunteering. Volunteers’ Week plays a huge
        Preparing           part in raising the profile of the millions of volunteers who regularly contribute to society, while inspiring
       for Lifelong         others to get involved too. Use the Week to find out more about volunteering and find out more at our
         Learning           College event.
                        Contact Rob Baynham (Learner Services) 01792 284176

        Moral and           Time to Get Equal Week - Workshops
                   t        Wednesday 9 - Tuesday15
                          Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

        Preparing           Refugee Week - Workshops
       for Lifelong
         Learning           Wednesday 16 - Sunday 20
                          Contact: Jane John (Equal and Diversity Officer) 01792 284269

     Progression Enrolment
     Wednesday 30 June - Friday 2 July 2010
     Those students who applied to the next level of the course in February and achieved their results enrol for next year
     – no queuing for them in August!
     Contact Beth Hawkins (Learner Services) 01792 284177

     Festival of the Arts                                      June 2010
     Anyone with an appetite for art, a passion for performance or a flair for fashion should head to Llwyn y Bryn this month.
     The work of art, design, media, fashion and photography students from Swansea College are on public display during their
     annual Festival of the Arts.
     As well as the exhibits, music and performing arts students will take to the stage and the fashion students feature their work
     on the catwalk.
     For more information or to book tickets for any of the public performances at Llwyn y Bryn please contact
     01792 284021.

     Annual Student Awards
                           Our Annual Awards celebrate the success of our Swansea College students.
         Preparing           There are over 30 student categories and a Swansea College Best Tutor/Lecturer award.
        for Lifelong         Local sponsorship is invited from businesses for each category. Students, parents, sponsors and local
          Learning           dignitaries attend on the night.
                          Contact: Rebecca Wixey (Marketing) 01792 284046

                                                    Learning Zones
                                                    The Learning Zones at Tycoch and Llwyn y Bryn, with their
                                                    multimedia and study support facilities, are vital research and

 at Tycoch Campus, Swansea College                  study centres. Resources include:
                                                    • I.T. drop-in facilities and on line information resources with
     Swansea’s Premier Training Restaurant
                                                    access to all the College’s
                                                    virtual learning environment (VLE) and the internet
 This newly refurbished student training facility   • Video tapes, DVDs, CDs and audio tapes
 welcomes you to sample fine dining at its best.    • Books for reference and loan on all subjects

 Open week days for lunch.                          • Past examination papers and current syllabuses
                                                    Learning Zone staff can work with you and your lecturers to
 All dishes are prepared, cooked and served by      help you find the most up-to-date information. They will also
 our full time hospitality and catering students.   help your develop your research skills.
                                                    For further informaion take a look at The Virtual
                                                    Learning Zone (VLZ) on the active desktop or online at
                                           > E-Learning.

        01792 284218 / 284252

Discounted                                          Discounted
Hair and Beauty
Treatments                                          Sports Centre
        Ce ntres of
        Exc ellence                     Grade       The modern Sports Centre at Tycoch
                                                    has a fully equipped gym, a multi
                                                    purpose sports hall, squash courts
Broadway and Cefn Hengoed Hairdressing
                                                    and a sports injuries clinic.
and Beauty Centres offer high quality,
discounted hairdressing and beauty                  Discounted prices are available
services for students and the public.               to students.

                                                    Swansea College
                                                    Sports Centre:
 01792 284049
                                                    01792 284088

 Events Calendar 2009 - 2010
     Autumn Term 2009
     Event:                                     Date:              See page:
     Induction                                  7 - 9 September    10
     Freshers Fayre                             9 September        10
     Appointing Class Reps                      12 - 18 October    10
     Political Speed Dating                     12 -18 October     10
     Class Rep Training                         23 October         10
     Black History Month                        October            10
     Diversity Fayre                            10 November        11
     First Student Council Meeting              17 November        11
     Global Enterprise Challenge; First Round   1 - 11 December    11
     Christmas Fayre                            8 December         11

     Spring Term 2009 - 2010
     Event:                                     Date:              See page:
     Healthy Lifestyle Week                     25 - 29 January    11
     Holocaust Memorial Day                     27 January         12
     Global Enterprise Challenge; Final         5 February         12
     Money Week                                 7 - 12 February    12
     Higher Education Fayre                     11 February        12
     Student Progression to the next Level      26 February        12
     DEADLINE for Applications
     Annual Student Conference                  26 February        12
     LGBT History Month                         February           12
     International Women’s Day                  8 March            13
     Kenya Project Day                          18 March           13
     Mis Cwl Cymru                              March              13
     Guarantee Your Future                      March              13

     Summer Term 2010
     Event:                                     Date:              See page:
     Student Council Meeting                    20 April           13
     The Show                                   7 May              13
     Volunteering Week                          1 -7 June          14
     Time to Get Equal Week - Workshops         9 - 15 June        14
     Refugee Week - Workshops                   16 - 20 June       14
     Progression Enrolment                      30 June - 2 July   14
     Festival of the Arts                       June               14
     Annual Student Awards                      June               14


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