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PAWS newsletter Spring '03 OURS

VIEWS: 150 PAGES: 12

									PAW S C H I C A G O                                                 SPRING 2003


                                                            Second Annual
                                                            Run for Their Lives
                                                            a runaway success
                                                            Humane Education:
                                                            teaching compassion,
                                                            saving lives

                                                            PAWS Chicago and
                                                            ESCADA celebrate at
                                                            First Annual Fur Ball
                                                            Chicago’s pooches
                                                            step out in high
                                                            style to save their
                Committee member Dawn Birch with pampered
                                                            homeless friends
                pooch Caneel at the First Annual Fur Ball
ANGEL TALES                                       Founder/Development Chair Letters
PAWS Chicago Board of Directors                   Dear Dedicated PAWS Supporters,
Paula Fasseas, Founder and Chair
Bernice Pink, Vice President                      I want to thank all of you for enabling PAWS Chicago to initiate
Randy Sara, Secretary/Treasurer                   and implement great change for homeless pets in our city. The
PAWS Chicago Board Members                        March issue of Chicago magazine features an extensive report by
Mark Duggan, Peter Fasseas, Kathy Finley,         Brenda Fowler, Like Cats and Dogs. This article does an excellent
Sonia Florian, Suzie Glickman, George
Karcazes, Ed McLarin, Brenda Sexton               job of explaining the issue of pet homelessness in our city and
                                                  PAWS Chicago’s role in addressing the problem. Please take a
PAWS Chicago Fundraising and
Development Committee                             moment to read this article and know that it’s only because of
Suzie Glickman, President                         your support that we have been able to make a difference.
Brenda Sexton, Vice President
Kathy Finley, Secretary                           It’s an exciting time for PAWS Chicago; we are providing more
Maria Smithburg, Treasurer                        free spay/neuter surgeries than ever to the pets of families who           Paula Fasseas with (left to right)
Denise Allen, Judy Baar Topinka, Sharon Bergen,                                                                              rescued goat Billy, foster dog Eddie,
Dawn Birch, Aileen Blackwell, Amy Bluhm,
                                                  receive public assistance. Spay/neuter services are also free for
                                                                                                                             Piper, Pippin and Daisy (in front)
Margie Boyle-Dooley, Jeff Case, Jennice Cayne,    those living in selected zip codes where stray dogs and cats are
Linda Coleman, Terri D'Ancona, Mark and
                                                  most abundant. We’re calling this project “The Free Fix” (see article inside) and we are receiving
Laurie Davis, Angela Demars, Susan Esdale,
Barbara Fosco, Mary Franz, Christine Garcia,      hundreds of calls from people who otherwise could never afford to spay or neuter their pets.
Sally Gardner, Kimberly Gleeson, Toby
                                                  Though this is a costly effort, it is the only way to finally stop the unnecessary killing of homeless
Glickman, Natel Matschulat Gouletas, Merle
Gross, Marjorie Habermann, Jerri Hoffmann,        dogs and cats.
Holly Hunt, Susie Jacobson, Stacey Jones,
Maria Kamberos, Sherry and Alan Koppel,           While the work of our well-trained volunteers keeps staff costs at a minimum, we have been
Suzanne LeMignot, Mary Lee Lerich, Karen
                                                  increasing the number of homeless animals we take in. Every pet is given the best medical care,
Linden, Ellen Lustig, Tiffany Lytle, Kara Mann,
Linda Marcus, Helen Melchior, Irene Michaels,     socialization, and a guarantee of life. We will not compromise the well-being of our PAWS dogs
Eileen Minasian, Lucy Minor, Jan and Susan
                                                  and cats as every little soul counts. We couldn’t do this work any other way.
Muller, Alexandra Nichols, Sharon O'Brien,
Bernice Pink, Mayari Pritzker, Sugar Rautbord,
Barbara Rinella, Leslie Shearer, Connie Smith,
                                                  The more in donations we receive, the more animals we can take in. As you might know, these are
Bonnie Spurlock, Tina Staley, Rikki Swin,         very difficult times for fundraising, so we appreciate all the help you have provided over the last year.
Jessica Tampas, Robert Teninga, Dennis
Thackery, Judy Tullman, Carol Walter, Cindy       Thank you so much on behalf of all very lucky and deserving ones saved.
Warner, Karen Williams

PAWS Chicago Junior Board Members
Executive Committee Nicole Rudman                 Paula Fasseas, Founder and Chair
Brown, Maureen Keene, Kimberly Peek,
Laurie Rudman, Ethan Sullivan, Lisa Ward
                                                  Dear Friends,
Michelle Amato, Jennifer Beck, Sarah Bild,
Ela Aktay Booty, Ilene Breitbarth, Whitney
Brock, Erica Brown, Sarah Buergey, Pam Carey,
                                                  I am delighted to take a leadership role on the PAWS Development Board this year. There are
Aaron and Nichole Charfoos, Mary Lou Culver,      so many ways to get involved and expand your participation in this worthy and important cause,
Julie DiJohn, Lisa DiMartino, Kari Emmer, Yael
Eytan, Andrea Fang, Nicole FlorJancic, Michael
                                                  and I invite you to join us now.
Gray, Audra Guinn, Kimberly Harmon, Amy
Hearst, Laura Hinze, Aaron Hoffman, Stacy
                                                                              The mission of the Development Board is to raise funds and build
Jones, Ardi Kazarian, Maureen Kilmer, Jennica                                 awareness for PAWS, and we accomplish this by sponsoring several
Lutz, Kea Meyers, Margaret Miller, Anne-Marie
Morris, Carrie Nutter, Babette Nyka, Marianne
                                                                              events each year. Our next adoption event, Angels with Tails, will be
Phalin, Lisa Rhind, Ellen Robbins, Jamie                                      held Sunday, June 8, on Michigan Avenue and Oak Street. This
Robinson, Bryce Ryan, Cathy Skortz, Rhonda
Smith, Kerri Benson Topps, Aileen Torman,
                                                                              innovative event showcases homeless animals where potential adopters
Kelly Treml, Jena Valdez, Tammy Vitkovic,                                     will find them, in popular stores and boutiques, resulting in hundreds
Rachel Warren, Alison Zepp
                                                                              of adoptions each year.
Editor Annie Guardacosta
Creative Director Miriam Mendez                                           On Wednesday, June 25, we will host the PAWS Chicago Beach Party
                                                  Suzie Glickman
Design PAWS Chicago/Esdale Associates, Inc.                               at the North Avenue Beach Boathouse, featuring music and dancing
To make a donation please contact Annie           on deck, a beach buffet and cocktails, and a live and silent auction to be emceed by ABC’s
Guardacosta, Director of Development,             Ron Magers. Dogs are also invited to this special lakeside celebration!
at 773.843.4887 or aguardacosta@                                  And building on the success of last year’s inaugural Fur Ball, we will once again host this
For information about how to volunteer or         sensational party at ESCADA on Saturday evening, November 8.
adopt a pet, please contact PAWS Chicago
at 773.935.PAWS (7297).                           I hope you will join us at these events to help bring no-kill status to Chicago. For more
                                                  information on the activities of the PAWS Development Board, please call the Development

                                                  office at 773.843.4887.
                                                  Best regards,

   C H I C A G O
                                                  Suzie Glickman, Development Board Chair
PAWS Volunteers — Profiles in Leadership
Extremely passionate about saving homeless animals                                                     Lori Erickson has been volunteering for
                                                                                                       PAWS for two years. In that time, she has
and building a no-kill city, our volunteers work in our                                                attended more than 50 off-site dog adoption
Cat Adoption Center and at off-site events, serving as                                                 events! Beginning as a dog handler, and
                                                                                                       graduating to one of our most seasoned
adoption counselors, event managers, site managers,                                                    adoption counselors, Lori helps to ensure that
and dog handlers. They also help out with fundraising,                                                 our PAWS dogs get the best homes possible.
                                                                              Not only that, but she tries to always make herself available at the last
special events, and in our office. These profiles are                         minute to drive out to an event, no matter where it is, and help our
just a few of these truly generous individuals.                               pups find loving homes. Lori is an absolutely indispensable volunteer!

                         Valerie Huetten is an Adoption Counselor             Erin Criss has been volunteering at the PAWS
                         at the Cat Adoption Center and has been              Cat Adoption Center for more than two years.
                         volunteering at PAWS for about three years.          She is the Center’s lead daytime volunteer on
                         She comes in every Wednesday night and               Tuesdays and Thursdays where she cares for
                         at least two Saturdays a month. (Val just            and plays with the kitties, cleans their cages
                         completed her MBA in June—so she was                 and litterboxes, gives medication, and takes
                         in school, working full time, AND volunteer-         care of anything else that needs to be done at
ing at PAWS!) In addition to all of this volunteering, Val has also           the Adoption Center. Even beyond her scheduled volunteering, Erin
fostered several special needs cats for us, one of whom required              makes herself available nearly every OTHER day of the week to take
complicated medications and a special diet—no small feat consider-            cats to the vet, pick up supplies, and coordinate with delivery people.
ing Val has several cats of her own at home. Val is someone who               Erin is someone we can always count on to get the job done, and she
is always upbeat with a smile for everyone. Her presence really               keeps a fantastic attitude all the while. And if all that isn’t enough, Erin
brightens the Adoption Center!                                                has also fostered and adopted multiple special needs cats from PAWS!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of PAWS Chicago.
Special Thanks                                                                    A Busy Year for PAWS Angels
The following were especially generous during the past year:
Marty Gannon and Gannon Printing for donating printing services for
this newsletter and all PAWS printed pieces throughout the year
Susan Esdale and Esdale Associates for creating and donating a
beautiful book that illustrates the PAWS mission
Jim Warych and Jessica Tampas for donating the photography for the
above-mentioned book; photos in this newsletter donor list by Jim Warych
Dog Trainers All for Doggies, 773.395.0900; Good Dog, 312.733.7926;
K9 University, 773.384.4429; Windy City K9 Club, 773.384.5959
Volunteer Event Supervisors Michelle Amato, Betty Cook, Adolpho                    Angels Ted Johnson, Mary Lee Lerich,   Dennis Thackery and Jan Mueller at
De La Pena, Tancy Douglas, Lindsay Walter, Megan Wells-Paske                       and Jim Foley at Susie and Walter      Rhoda Pritzker's home in August
                                                                                   Jacobson’s home
Volunteer Site Managers Ken Adams, MJ Dachtera, Chris Digangi-
Hughes, Susan Irmscher, Ardi Kazarian, Tom Paske, Iain Phillips, Vicki
Phillips, Cindy Rodkin, Cathy Skortz
Cat Adoption Center Volunteers Julie Adams, Ela Aktay, Rachel
Bartha, Amy Bessette, Amy Bloomberg, Bruce Cable, Brenda Canning,
Heather Chelberg, Mike Chesler, Sara Cotton, Erin Criss, Catherine
Dalber, Christine Dillon, Caroline Evanson, Kelly Furst, Alison Fry, Sigrid
Garavito, Linda Goldsmith, Kathe Gross, Valerie Huston, Patricia Johnson,
Sam Kretchmar, Vicky Layde, Mary Lee Lerich, Maribeth Madonna, Jill
Mazzone, Kim Miller, Heather Moore, Carissa Murray, Kimberly Peek,
Janice Protzmann, Robin Roseth, Angelina Rossi, Sara Rowe, Bob
Schwab, Jill Sgriccia, Jill Stone, Linda Thurmond, Kelly Treml, Jena               Brenda Sexton, Pat Kuchuris, and       Judy Tullman, Nate Berkus, and Cari
Valdez, Susan Walker                                                               Sonia Florian at a lovely luncheon     Meyers cuddle a homeless pup at the
                                                                                   hosted by Rhoda Pritzker               Tullman’s home in September
Cat Adoption Counselors Valerie Huetten, Angelika Lang, Toni
McNaughton, Cindy Ruback, Lisa Ward                                               PAWS Angels are working to make Chicago a no-kill city by donating
Dog Adoption Counselors Ken Adams, Michelle Amato, Betty Cook,                    a minimum of $1,000 each year to PAWS. These funds help subsidize
Adolpho De La Pena, Laura DiPiazza, Tancy Douglas, Lori Erickson, Julia           the operations of the Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic. Angels are recog-
Fernandez, Rick Fernandez, Ardi Kazarian, Michelle Kraybill, Kea Meyers,          nized on a plaque at the Clinic and are invited to several private parties
Janice Neitzel, Roxi Pistilli, Appi Pruesen, Ginette Qualey, Lindsay Walter       each year at other members’ homes. If you would like to become a
Thank you to all our volunteers!                                                  PAWS Angel, please contact Annie Guardacosta at 773.843.4887.
Programs and Services
                                                                             Humane education:
                                                                             An investment in our future
                                                                             Educating children on the value of compassionate living, especially
                                                                             as it relates to animals, is vital to their upbringing and benefits the
                                                                             entire community. Here are a few of the places PAWS visited this year.

                                                                             More than 1,000 students
                                                                             attended the recent
                                                                             PAWS Humane Education
                                                                             Program presented at
Students walk to Holy Cross Church with Father Bruce Wellems for a special   Seward Academy in
pet blessing service
                                                                             the Back of the Yards
                                                                             community, where strays
                                                                             and unwanted litters are
                                                                             especially abundant.
                                                                             PAWS distributed vouchers
                                                                             for free vaccinations and
                                                                             spay/neuter surgery at the
                                                                             PAWS Lurie Family Spay/
                                                                             Neuter Clinic. Participants
                                                                             also received Run for
                                                                             Their Lives T-shirts,
                                                                             Frisbees, and lollipops
More than 1,000 students attend a PAWS Humane Education Program at Seward                                   PAWS also participated in a recent community
Academy in the Back of the Yards community                                   donated by Petco.              day of pet blessings at St. Agasi in Little Village

                                                                             PAWS Chicago launches “The Free Fix”
Give for the Animals                                                         PAWS Chicago is now offering The Free Fix, a program providing
                                                                             free spay/neuter surgeries to pet owners who live in areas that have
                                                                             both the highest numbers of stray pets and lowest-income residents
As an organization, PAWS Chicago is a very efficiently
                                                                             (South Chicago, Englewood, Washington Park, Pullman, Hyde Park,
run not-for-profit business. We currently operate with                       Austin, Humboldt Park, Auburn Gresham, and Chatham).

a paid staff of less than 15 individuals and a volunteer                     In addition to decreasing the stray animal population, neutering
                                                                             lowers testosterone levels in dogs, making them less aggressive
staff of more than 2,000. This means that when you                           and dangerous. A comprehensive report issued by the American
give to PAWS, you are truly giving to the dogs and                           Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Task Force on Canine
                                                                             Aggression suggests that spaying and neutering dogs may assist
cats of Chicago. PAWS could not exist and fulfill its                        in dog bite injury prevention. In fact, the AVMA report includes that
mission without the unwavering dedication of our                             70-76% of reported dog bite incidents involved unneutered dogs.
                                                                                                                 With over 33,000 unwanted pets
volunteers and the generous gifts of our supporters.
                                                                                                                 destroyed last year in Chicago,
                                                                                                                 The Free Fix is part of PAWS
EXPENSES 2002 ACTUAL                         REVENUE 2002 ACTUAL                                                 Chicago’s progressive approach
         Administration/Management 8%
                                                      Adoption Fees 4%                                           to decrease the city’s pet over-
         Fundraising Events 8%                                                                                   population problem. Not only is
                                                      Clinic Fees 31%                                            spay/neuter free for pets living
         Humane Education 10%
                                                                                                                 in the specified zip codes, it is
         Adoption Program 18%                                                                                    always free at PAWS for anyone
                                                                             on financial assistance, thanks to our “Prevent a Litter” program
                                                                             funded by PETsMART Charities and Metropolitan Bank Group.
                                                       Contributions 65%
         Spay/Neuter Clinic 56%                                              Zip codes offering The Free Fix include: 60617, 60620, 60621,
                                                                             60624, 60628, 60636, 60637, 60644 and 60651. For more
                                                                             information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Lurie
                                                                             Family Spay/Neuter Clinic at 773.521.SPAY (7729).
Rescue Stories
Special needs cats get a second chance                                   A dramatic rescue
We are thrilled to report that our FIV+ feline friends Buddy and Leo     After a recent PAWS
have found a permanent and loving home! Although the majority of         Humane Education
PAWS pets are highly adoptable, we do take in cats who have special      Program, program
needs and therefore need very special parents. Their adopters,           participant Efren
                                           Dionna Hunger and             Madrigal went shop-
                                           Christopher Plywacz, had      ping nearby. When
                                           this to say about adopting    he left the store, he
                                           their new friends:            discovered two small
                                                                         dogs in the alley.
                                         "After receiving an e-mail                               Kima and Sachi immediately after their rescue
                                                                         The mother and son
                                         request for foster parents
                                                                         poodles were severely battered and bruised, flea-infested, and sick.
                                         from PAWS, I contacted
                                                                         The little one had a severed paw and was in tremendous pain.
Dionna Hunger and Christopher Plywacz    Toni McNaughton, volunteer
snuggle with Buddy and Leo
                                         manager, who told me about      Efren approached several strangers in the store parking lot until he
two wonderful cats, Leo and Buddy. We went to meet them and it           found one willing to take him back to the park and find the PAWS
was love at first sight! We adopted them immediately.                    volunteers. Together, they rushed the poodles to an emergency hos-
                                                                         pital where they were cared for and treated, and little Sachi's leg was
Chris and I feel the magic touch of our cats, and are so happy we
                                                                                                            amputated. PAWS volunteers then
were able to give them a loving home. We thank PAWS for giving us
                                                                                                            fostered the dogs until they were
such wonderful gifts in Buddy and Leo. We also want to personally
                                                                                                            ready to attend adoption events.
thank Toni, who went out of her way to introduce us to the boys."
                                                                                                                 And look at them now! Kima
                                                                                                                 and Sachi are happy and healthy,
Fostering gives hope to abandoned pets                                                                           having been adopted at their
                                                                                                                 very first adoption event! They
Oscar arrived at PAWS in December after his owner died in an
                                                                                                                 are pictured here with the
accident and no one was willing to care for him. This six-year old
                                                                                                                 children of their forever family,
Sheltie/Shepherd mix was confused, depressed, overweight, and shy,
                                                                                                                 Andrew, Christina, and Cody Hines.
and it was clear that he would benefit from a loving foster parent.
                                                                                                                 Coincidentally, the children’s
Heather Spencer has been a foster mom to many PAWS dogs. The                                                     mother sang in the orchestra
                                                                         Andrew, Christina, and Cody Hines and
time and attention she devotes to her fosters helps them adjust beau-    our very cute dogs Kima and Sachi       that performed at the Fur Ball!
tifully when they are adopted into their new homes. In Oscar’s case,
Heather was just what the doctor ordered! Oscar spent the holidays
lounging on her couch and even                                           Golden retrieves his own life
accompanied Heather and her
                                                                         Much like the rescue of Kima and Sachi (above), our friend Indiana
husband on a week’s vacation!
                                                                         was saved quite by chance. He literally walked himself into our
Eventually it was time for Heather                                       Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic! Sadly, this affectionate and loving
to take Oscar to some adoption                                           dog was so sick with a terrible ear infection that he could barely
events to find him a new home.                                           respond to human contact. He was malnourished, depressed,
However, when Heather brought                                            and despondent when he arrived
along her gourmet chicken broth                                          at our Clinic. It took several weeks
recipe to pass on to a potential                                         of treatment and tender loving
adopter (Oscar enjoys his food much better with it), it was clear that   care, but this sweet 10-year-old
perhaps Oscar already had found his home. And indeed it was true…        was adopted at the very first adop-
Heather decided that she had made a friend for life, and that Oscar
                                                                         tion outing he attended. He now
would stay with her.
                                                                         lives happily with his new parents,
Today Oscar is an outgoing, svelte little dog who was recently           Mandy Bohlman and Kevin
spotted dancing on his hind legs for Heather at the PAWS Volunteer       Chadwick, who gladly give Indiana
and Adopter Appreciation Party!                                          the loving home he deserves.

 Adoption saves lives.
Run for Their Lives—A Runaway Success
                                                                                 PAWS Chicago supporters came out in droves on Sunday, October 6
                                                                                 to run and walk in Lincoln Park to help save Chicago's homeless
                                                                                 pets. This year's 8K run and 4K walk more than doubled registered
                                                                                 participants over last year's record-setting inaugural event, with
                                                                                 1,800 two-legged and 800 four-legged marchers coming together
                                                                                 to support a solution to Chicago's pet overpopulation problem.
                                                                                 "This event represents the best of Chicago's community spirit with
                                                                                 people and their pets coming together for such a worthwhile cause,"
                                                                                 said Suzie Glickman, event chairperson. This year's Run raised more
                                                                                 than $100,000 for PAWS and will help fund the Lurie Family Spay/
                                                                                 Neuter Clinic as well as ongoing adoption and humane education
Anna Green and Lauren Hoffman, from the Latin School, won our School Challenge   programs throughout Chicago.
                                                                                 We owe a special thanks to Petco® and North Community Bank for
                                                                                 sponsoring the event, allowing us to use race pledges for saving the
                                                                                 lives of our animal companions. Lee Flaherty, founder of the Chicago
                                                                                 Marathon and president of Flair Communications, teamed up with
                                                                                 PAWS last year to create the event as a way to raise public awareness
                                                                                 and save homeless animals. Flair Communications and Finish Line
                                                                                 were major event sponsors again this year, along with Treasure Island
                                                                                 Foods, Ann Sather, Dunkin’ Donuts® Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, and
                                                                                 Jamba Juice® all of which provided delicious post-race treats to
                                                                                 recharge our participants.
                                                                                 Speaking of pledges, we can't thank Frank Coco enough for raising
                                                                                 more than $5,335 for PAWS! We're also especially grateful to the
                                                                                 Latin School students who won the School Challenge, and the
                                                                                 employees of Tricor Braun, winners of the Corporate Challenge.
                                                                                 As always, PAWS extends a huge thank you to the volunteers who
                                                                                 made the day such a success. We especially appreciate the alumni
                                                                                 of Culver Military Academy for sending nearly 30 volunteers to help
                                                                                 with race day details! Our volunteers' hard work and dedication is
                                                                                 really what makes the event possible, and we value their continued
                                                                                 support. From collecting donations to filling doggie bowls with water,
                                                                                 their friendly faces were there from beginning to end.
                                                                                 If you participated in this year's event, we hope you enjoyed yourself
Special thanks to this year’s Corporate Challenge winners —
                                                                                 and the good feeling that comes with knowing you helped save the
employees of Tricor Braun                                                        lives of Chicago's homeless pets.

And they're off!
Run for Their Lives—A Runaway Success

First Consulting Group Sponsor

                                                              Race runner with Development Board members Kathy Finley, Event Chair Suzie Glickman, and Brenda Sexton

                                                                                                                                RUN FOR THEIR LIVES
                                                                                                                                North Community Bank
                                                                                                                                First Consulting Group
PAWS Alumni inspire participants                                                                                                Flair Communications
                                                                                                                                Finish Line
                                                                                                                                Abercrombie & Fitch
                                                                                                                                East Balt Corporation
                                                                                                                                Treasure Island
                                                              Race winner Cameron Stuber celebrates with PAWS volunteers
                                                                                                                                XRT Radio
                                                                                                                                900 North Michigan Shops
                                                                                                                                Sunglass Hut
                                                                                                                                Sparkling Spring
                                                                                                                                Intelligentsia Coffee
                                                                                                                                Pritzker Foundation
                                                                                                                                Jamba Juice
                                                                                                                                Ann Sather
Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer, and Suzanne Le Mignot,
CBS Reporter, with Suzanne’s pooch, Pixie                                                                                       Dunkin’ Donuts
                                                                                                                                Chicagoland Tails

                                                                                                                                Special thanks to
                                                                                                                                Petco and North
                                                                                                                                Community Bank

                                                                                                                                SAVE THE DATE
                                                                                                                                Please mark your calendar
                                                                                                                                for next year’s race
The PETCO Foundation generously donated $15,000 to PAWS       Lee Flaherty, president of Flair Communications and founding
at the Race!                                                  partner of the Run, addresses participants after the race         Sunday, October 5, 2003
First Annual Fur Ball
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordan

 Mary Lee Lerich

 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pritzker

 Mr. and Mrs.
    William Smithburg

 Mr. and Mrs. John Walter       PAWS Founder Paula Fasseas, Ann Lurie, and Event Co-chair,
                                Carol Walter
 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fasseas

 Mrs. Barbara Fosco

 Karen Klutznick

 Mr. Scott Miller and
    Ms. Tina Staley

 Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols      Walter and Susie Jacobson enjoy the evening                           Alexandra and John Nichols coordinated tuxes with
                                                                                                      their dog, Espirit
 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Roenigk

 Wolfgang Puck Catering
   and Events

 Smith & Wollensky

 Carlucci Restaurants

 George Jewell Catering

 The Wine Crier

 Fido Food Fair

 Kehoe Designs

 Frost Lighting

 Esdale Associates, Inc.        Fur Ball Committee members

 Jessica Tampas Photography

 Jim Warych Photography

 Gannon Graphics

 Sappi Fine Paper


 Valet Parking Services, Inc.
                                Mary Lee and Michael Lerich, Lester and Maureen Lampert      Committee members Jerri and David Hoffman, Eileen Minasian
First Annual Fur Ball
Black tie bichons, sequined
spaniels celebrate at the Fur Ball
The first annual Fur Ball took place on November 2, 2002, co-hosted
by PAWS Chicago and completely underwritten by ESCADA, the
Michigan Avenue fashion boutique. More than 300 area pet lovers
and about 50 of their pampered pooches stepped out in tuxes and
ball gowns to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to help
save Chicago’s homeless dogs and cats. Juanita Jordan served as
                                                                                    Event Co-chair Maria Smithburg with Vanilla, Honorary Chair Juanita Jordan with Missy,
honorary chair, along with her Maltese dogs Jasper and Missy. The                   Co-chair Carol Walter, and Mayari Pritzker
evening gala was hugely successful and raised more than $100,000
to further the PAWS no-kill mission. After making their red carpet
entrance past the flashing bulbs and gazing admirers, guests ven-                                                               FUR BALL COMMITTEE
tured into the four-story boutique that was transformed into a pet-                                                             Juanita Jordan, Honorary Chair
lover’s paradise. There they enjoyed scrumptious hors d’oeuvres                                                                 Maria Smithburg, Co-Chair
donated by Smith & Wollensky and Wolfgang Puck Catering, along                                                                  Carol Walter, Co-Chair
with a full bar and top-shelf martinis. ESCADA models mingled in
                                                                                                                                Linda Coleman
the crowd while guests and their pets danced the night away to the
                                                                                                                                Mark and Laurie Davis
energetic sounds of the Michael Lerich Orchestra. Dapper doggies
                                                                                                                                Susan Esdale
and their owners were treated to portrait sessions with photographer
                                                                                                                                Peter and Paula Fasseas
Jessica Tampas, while other primped puppies posed for the carica-
                                                                                    Susan Garrett and Bob Pritzker              Kathy Finley
ture artist or were evaluated by an animal communicator. Upstairs in
                                                                                                                                Barbara Fosco
the dogs-only luxury spa, four-legged clients received massages and
                                                                                                                                Bill and Linda Gantz
aromatherapy treatments in the privacy of their own human-free zone.
                                                                                                                                Scott and Rita George
Maria Smithburg and Carol Walter orchestrated the entire celebration,                                                           Kimberly Gleeson
along with their gracious planning committee and the generous dona-                                                             Ross and Suzie Glickman
tions of many local businesses and PAWS supporters. Community                                                                   Hanna Golub
leaders flocked from city and suburbs alike to show off their furry                                                             Karen Gray
friends and benefit homeless animals. Unfortunately, not all of                                                                 Allen and Stephanie Hochfelder
Chicago’s animals are as lucky as the ones who attended the Fur                                                                 David and Jerri Hoffmann
Ball, and helping those in need was the true purpose of the evening.                                                            Holly Hunt
“Sterilization is the only way to end pet overpopulation, and all funds                                                         Walter and Susie Jacobson
raised this evening will go to our Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic,                                                             Jay and Gretchen Jordan
where low-income families can receive free spay/neuter and vaccina-                                                             Richard and Christine Karger
tion services for their pets,” said Paula Fasseas, PAWS Chicago                     Journalist Ann Gerber and Bernard           Mary Lee Lerich
Founder and Chair. Thanks to ESCADA’s tremendous generosity, the                    Kaplan join the ball with their four-
                                                                                    legged friend, Diva Gigi                    Ann Lurie
Fur Ball will now be an annual event in Chicago. Next year’s event                                                              Michael and Linda Marcus
will be held on November 8, and we look forward to seeing you there!                                                            Helen Melchior
                                                                                                                                Irene Michaels
                                                                                                                                Scott Miller and Tina Staley
                                                                                                                                Armen and Eileen Minasian
                                                                                                                                John and Alexandra Nichols
                                                                                                                                Bernice Pink
                                                                                                                                Bob and Mayari Pritzker
                                                                                                                                Rhoda Pritzker
                                                                                                                                Sugar Rautbord
                                                                                                                                Brenda Sexton
                                                                                                                                Bill Smithburg
                                                                                                                                Dennis Thackery and Mary Franz
                                                                                                                                John Walter
                                                                                                                                Richard and Karen Williams
Bill Smithburg with Vanilla, Denny Banner with Sunny, and John Walter with Sophia
PAWS in the News
                                                                          Breakfast with the Mayor
                                                                          PAWS was invited to attend the Mayor’s Breakfast recently
                                                                          to discuss community issues in the Little Village neighbor-
                                                                          hood where our Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic is located.
                                                                          Our Clinic is the city’s only high-volume free and low-cost
                                                                          clinic, and one of only a few in the nation. Targeting these
                                                                          services toward needy families and the areas where most
                                                                          strays originate provides a real solution to pet overpopula-
                                                                          tion. Mayor Daley and Alderman Ricardo Munoz commend
                                                                          and support the outreach and services PAWS provides to
Mayor Daley, Paula Fasseas, and Alderman Munoz                            the Chicago community.

    Our Lurie Family Spay/Neuter Clinic is the
    city’s only high-volume free and low-cost clinic,
    and one of only a few in the nation.
Pet friendly plates prevent                                             Alderman Schulter, animal advocate
unwanted litters                                                                                     PAWS Chicago is so grateful to 47th Ward
                                                                                                     Alderman Gene Schulter for creating a
Pet Friendly license plates are now available to Illinois drivers who
                                                                                                     special task force to improve animal care
want to display their commitment to saving Illinois’ animals and
                                                                                                     legislation in the area. The task force
preventing unwanted litters. The plate costs an additional $40
                                                                                                     consists of key animal welfare community
                                           and provides money for
                                                                                                     leaders and is working to raise animal
                                           spaying and neutering
                                                                                                     care standards and implement stronger
                                           Illinois pets. The plates
                                                                                                     penalties for those who do not comply.
                                           may be displayed on
                                                                                                     Alderman Schulter plans to introduce
                                           passenger cars, B-trucks,
                                                                                                     the new pet care ordinance to City Council
                                           and recreational vehicles.
                                                                                                     in the near future. Ordinance details are
                                           Purchase one today and
                                                                                                     available at
show your commitment to saving Illinois’ animals. To request a
Pet Friendly application, call Pat at 217.785.5215, or send your
request in writing to Secretary of State, 501 South Second Street,      State treasurer offers “treasured pets” online
Room 520, Springfield, Illinois 62756.                                  Illinois State Treasurer Judy Baar
                                                                        Topinka and PAWS have teamed up
                                                                        to find caring families for homeless
                                                                        dogs and cats through Treasured
                                                                        Pets, a special weekly feature on
                                                                        the State Treasurer’s website. An
                                                                        animal lover and pet owner herself,
                                                                        State Treasurer Topinka encourages
                                                                        everyone to join her and her friends
                                                                        at PAWS in welcoming a new
                                                                        animal companion into your life.
                                                                        Please visit the online feature at
                                                               or link to it
Secretary of State Jessie White with PAWS volunteers                    from the PAWS Chicago website,
Be Part of the Solution
A career gone to the dogs – and cats!                                      PAWS Chicago contributes to
Marc Matlin had always loved dogs, but put off owning one because          kindhearted curriculum
he worked long hours at a job he had held for 16 years. But sweet
surrender took over one day three years ago when he walked into            Students at Plato Academy enjoy a curriculum that focuses on exer-
an Angels with Tails adoption event in the Gold Coast and met Sugar,       cising compassion for those in need. PAWS volunteers were invited to
a sweet little mixed breed who needed a home.                              the Academy to talk about the PAWS mission and to remind children
                                                                           that those of us who love animals must act as their guardians and
                                    At first Marc had a dog walker         do all we can to protect them from harm. PAWS is also grateful to
                                    come during the days while he          the students at Plato Academy for raising nearly $1,000 in pledges
                                    worked, but he soon realized that
                                                                           for this year’s Run for Their Lives!
                                    this wasn’t enough for Sugar or
                                    him. Marc took drastic measures
                                    and became a dog walker himself,
                                    quitting his job and taking Sugar
                                    along on all of his walks! Today,
Marc Matlin ,Sugar and Kitty
                                    Marc has an entire dog walking
staff of his own and is happily able to spend his days with Sugar.
As if that wasn’t enough, Marc also volunteers at the PAWS Cat
Adoption Center. Not only has he adopted a cat from us (Kitty,
pictured here), but he also cares for four feral cats living in the
alley behind his house, and has even built them a heated shelter!          Adam Weisman,
Marc says his life is completely different and so much happier             compassionate role model
thanks to his shift in priorities. We are grateful for all Marc has done
for his animals, and glad he has discovered what joy pets bring to         In lieu of gifts for his bar mitzvah, 13-year-old animal lover Adam
our lives.                                                                 Weisman asked that family and friends support Chicago’s homeless
                                                                           pets by making donations to PAWS. At the event, the Weismans even
                                                                           creatively substituted flower centerpieces with PAWS Clinic Wish List
PAWS teaches responsible pet ownership                                     items like toys, beds, and other canine delights. At press time, dona-
Students from the Latin School                                             tions made in Adam’s honor totaled more
toured our Lurie Family Spay/                                              than $5,000! Such generous contributions
Neuter Clinic and completed                                                from the Weismans and their guests will
a Humane Education Program                                                 keep PAWS pooches quite comfy until
about the importance of                                                    they find their “forever homes.” The
spaying and neutering pets.                                                homeless dogs in our care bark many
Afterward, they watched sterili-                                           thanks to this compassionate young man!
zation surgeries and observed                                              Adam Weisman plays with homeless dog, Bongo, during
the animals through recovery.                                              his special tour of our Lurie Family Spay/ Neuter Clinic

We were saddened to lose one of our strongest supporters in                                                     2002 Memorial Donations
September—Ms. Ann Milligan Gray lost a battle with breast
                                                                                                                Memorials for People
cancer she had fought for 20 years. As a founding member of our
                                                                                                                Robert Gatliff, Patricia Polzin, Virginia
Fundraising and Development Board, she was a true humanitarian
                                                                                                                Schultz, Robert Schaff, Melissa Wolfram
who spent her life helping those who could not help themselves.
Ms. Gray was so devoted to saving homeless animals that just days                                               Memorials for Pets
before her passing, she attended a luncheon to benefit PAWS. The                                                Brooks and Ty, Cassidy,
                                                                                                                Isabelle, Jake Pink,
entire time she was there, she held a homeless dog named Yoda
                                                                                                                Moe, Paws, Sally,
in her arms, and spent the following days making numerous phone
                                                                                                                Shana, Sweet Pea,
calls to find him a good home. Even in her last hours, she was con-
                                                                                                                Thor Kotesky, Tosh,
cerned with helping others. This is just one example of what a great                                            Tuppence Samuels
and meaningful life Ms. Gray lived; her passing is a tremendous loss.      Ann Gray                                                       Sweet Pea
ANGEL TALES                                                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                    U. S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                     CHICAGO IL
                                                                                                                                   PERMIT NO. 5064

  C H I C A G O

1110 West 35th Street Chicago Illinois 60609

                                                      ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED

  One special life saver!                                                  Please help us make "cents"
                              Meet Frank Coco, pictured here with          of Chicago's pet homelessness
                              his PAWS homeless friend, Petey. Frank
                                                                           Donation boxes raise thousands of dollars each year to support PAWS!
                              raised more money for this year’s Run
                                                                           Please help when you shop in the following stores.
                              for Their Lives than any other individual!
                              He and his friends donated more than         I   4 Legs             I   Cynthia Rowley       I   Multiple Choices
                              $5,000 to the Run, and we can’t thank        I   Armitage Ace       I   Elements             I   Nookies
                              him enough for his contribution to help          Hardware           I   Findables            I   North Community
                              save Chicago’s homeless animals. Some        I   Active Endeavors   I   For Dog's Sake           Bank
                              of Frank’s biggest supporters were           I   Ancient Echoes     I   Giostra              I   Original
  Pacella Piggyback, Inc., Ferro-DiPiazza, Inc., Orange Crush, and         I   At Home            I   Granny's Waffle &        Expressions
  Alderman Daniel Solis. Frank worked all year to raise money for              with Friends           Pancake House        I   Parkview Pets
  this year’s event, and even now, he’s not stopping to rest! He has       I   Barker & Meowsky   I   Green Tea Japanese   I   Paws-A-Tively
  already set his goal for next year at $10,000. With his strong drive     I   Betsey Johnson         Restaurant           I   Porte Rouge
  and commitment to making Chicago a no-kill city, we’re positive                                 I   Lori's Designer
                                                                           I   PAWS Cat                                    I   Ravenswood Forest
  he’ll meet his goal. Thanks, Frank!                                                                 Shoes
                                                                               Adoption Center                             I   Scott's Pet Shop
                                                                                                  I   Mail Boxes Etc.
                                                                           I   Celeste Turner                              I   Studio 910
                                                                                                  I   Marianne Strokirk
                                                                           I   Chicago Diner          Salon                I   Three Dog Bakery
                                                                           I   The Closet             Marvelous Party          Treasure Island
  At PAWS Chicago, we make it easy for you to support our work —                                  I                        I

  both now and in the future. To make a donation now or to provide
                                                                           I   Cocktails          I   Mid-North Animal     I   West Loop
  for our little angels through an estate or other planned gift, please    I   Coldwell Banker        Hospital                 Canine Club
  contact Annie Guardacosta at 773.843.4887.                               If you would like to put a PAWS donation box in
                                                                           your place of business or know someone who would,
  PAWS Chicago (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a private, not-for-profit        please call Annie Guardacosta at 773.843.4887.
  humane organization and receives no federal, state, or city funding.
  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.       Visit the PAWS gift store at

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