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Beulah United Methodist Church


									             Beulah United Methodist Church                                               * Hymn No. 103             Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

                               Richmond, Virginia                                         The Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer
                                                                                          Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be
                                                                                          done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our
                 Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost                                        trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into
                                                                                          temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the
                                September 26, 2010                                        glory, forever. Amen.
                               8:30 am and 11:00 am
                                                                                          The Anthem                                Multiply                           Dottie Rambo
The Gathering                                                                                                               Abigail Cordova, soloist

*Words of Greeting and Announcements                                       Rev. Mottley   The Children’s Message                                                  Mary Anne Huband

*Passing of the Peace                                                                     Presentation of Tithes & Offerings
      And God will raise you up on eagle’s wings; bear you on the breath of dawn,                (8:30)                    Ever Faithful, Ever Near                   Franklin Ritter
        Make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of God’s hand.                  (11:00)                    Crown Him King of Kings                   Sharon Damazo
                                                                                                                                Sanctuary Choir
The Ringing of the Hour
                                                                                          *The Doxology No. 95
*The Call to Worship                   Psalm 91
                                                                                              Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below;
       Leader: Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow
                                                                                             Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.
                 of the Almighty.
       People: They will say of the Lord, “God is my refuge and fortress, the One in      [Please be seated for the hymn]
                 whom we trust.
       Leader: Those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the refuge   Hymn                                 The Servant Song
                 of God’s wings.
       People: They will not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies                     Brother, sister, let me serve you, let me be as Christ to you.
                 by day.                                                                               Pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant, too.
       Leader: “Those who love me, I will deliver,” says the Lord.
       People: O Lord, we call to you now. Show us your salvation.                                     We are pilgrims on a journey, we’re together on this road.
                                                                                                     We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load.

*Opening Prayer (Jeremiah 32, Psalm 91)                                                               I will hold the Christ-light for you in the night time of your fear.
       God our Redeemer, you promise deliverance to those who love you. Draw                         I will hold my hand out to you, speak the peace you long to hear.
unto us as we draw unto you in worship. Open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our
minds to comprehend, and our spirits to encounter the revelation you have for us this             I will weep when you are weeping, when you laugh, I’ll laugh with you.
day. Transform us with the truth of your love and grace, in the name of the One who                 I will share your joy and sorrow till we’ve seen this journey through.
loved us and gave his life for us. Amen.
                                                                                                       When we sing to God in heaven, we shall find such harmony,
Stewardship Moment                                            Bonnie Ramey/Alex Sadler                 Born of all we’ve know together of Christ’s love and agony.
Scripture Lesson                             Luke 16:19-31                               (910-BL/954-RE)
        Leader:        This is the word of God for the people of God.
        People:        Thanks be to God.

The Sermon                                    Stopped Up                                     Rev. Mottley

* Hymn No. 712               I Sing a Song of the Saints of God
     (The congregation is welcome to pray at the chancel rail during the last hymn.
              If you would like Pastor Keith or Pastor Ben to pray with you,
                        please raise your hand when at the rail.)

*The Benediction

*Going Forth                             Fuge in Three Voices                             Charles Zeuner
*Congregation standing, as able

                                  Words printed by permission CCLI #859920


                                     SCRIPTURE for October 3
                                             Lamentations 1:1-6
                                                 Psalm 137
                                              2 Timothy 1:1-14
                                                Luke 17:5-10

                                        THE CHURCH STAFF
Rev. Keith Mottley                         Rev. Ben Horrocks                            Sherrie Lizarraga
Senior Pastor                               Associate Pastor                  Director of Music Ministries
Kristen Schussler                             Nancy Goff                     Dawn Hall & Bobbie Whitlock
Accompanist                         Director of Children’s Ministries                      Support Staff

        Shana Conner                        Nursery Caregiver
                                                                                               Beulah UMC                      WEEKLY BEACON                   September 26, 2010

                           Calendar of Events for the Week                                                                 THE SANCTUARY FLOWERS
                                                                                             are given to the glory of God and in memory of Pat Jenkins and in honor of Norvell Jenkins
Sun., 9/26      8:30am     Worship Service
                9:00am     Breakfast                                                         on the occasion of their 50 th wedding anniversary. Given by Norvell, Renee, Jeff and Heath.
                9:45am     Sunday School for all ages
                           Worship Service
                           Celebration Ringers (Rm 110)
                                                                                                                              THOSE WHO GRIEVE
                4:45pm     Celebration Singers (Rm 110)                                       Matt Taylor and family on the loss of his mother, Mary “Betty” Taylor, on September 16.
                5:30pm     Youth Dinner & Meeting
Mon., 9/27      9:00am     ESOL (upstairs FH)                                                P.T. & Rachel Holmes on the loss of his brother, Raymond T. Holmes, Jr. on September 19.
                6:30pm     Boy Scouts (Rms 242-245)
                                                                                                                    . ON   THE ROAD AGAIN IN MISSION
                7:00pm     Adult Handbells (Rm 110)
Tues., 9/28     6:00pm     Cub Scout Pack Meeting (FH)
                6:30pm     Girl Scout Troop 303 (Rm 244)                                       On October 14, buses will leave Bon Air UMC and Skipwith UMC for a day trip to visit
Wed., 9/29      9:00am     ESOL Classes (upstairs FH)                                        missions in Harrisonburg. The cost is $72. If you are interested in this trip, please contact
                6:00pm     Fellowship Dinner (FH)                                            Ruth Wilkinson ASAP at 747-6493 or More information is on
                6:15pm     Kidz Bells (Rm 110)                                               the Events bulletin board in the narthex.
                6:45pm     Bible Study (Rm. 250); M&M’s (Children’s SS wing); Youth Bible
                            Study (Youth Pod)
                7:30pm     Beulah Road Quartet (Music Office)                                                      FOOD BANK ITEMS FOR OCTOBER 3
Thurs., 9/30   10:00am     Bible Study (Rm 109)                                                As children prepare to leave for school it is good to have a substantial breakfast. Hot
                6:30pm     Girl Scout Troops 692, 228 (Rms 245,246,247)                      oatmeal is certainly a desirable choice. So keeping that in mind and remembering that
                7:00pm     Cantata Choir Rehearsal (FH); Praise Band Rehearsal (Sanc)        many like pasta dishes, the choices for the Food Bank contributions for Communion
                8:00pm     Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (FH)                                    Sunday (Oct. 3rd) are boxed oatmeal and/or Ravioli.
Fri., 10/1      6:30pm     Mariners Dinner (FH); Cub Scout Leaders’ Meeting (Rm 249)
Sat., 10/2      9:00am     Upward Soccer games (Soccer Fields)
                                                                                                                                APPLEFEST 2010
                                                                                                The United Methodist Men will begin taking orders for apples after services today.
                            SUPPORT OUR SENIOR IDOLS                                         Apples can be ordered until Oct. 25. Prices are unchanged from last year -- $25
  Inez Johnson, the Beulah Road Quartet (Don Joyner, Tom Bradmon, Kent Hudson and            p/bushel, $15 p/half-bushel, $9 p/quarter-bushel. Varieties include Fuji, Granny Smith,
Jim Wade) and Sherrie Lizarraga are among the 10 finalists in the Chesterfield Senior Idol   Stayman, Winesap, Rome, Golden and Red Delicious. Apple Butter, regular and sugar free,
competition. The performance is on Friday, Oct.1 at Thomas Dale H.S.. Tickets are $10 for    is also on sale for $3.50 p/pint.
adults, $7 for seniors and students. All proceeds will benefit the Shepherd’s Center.
                                                                                                                            NURSEY HELP NEEDED
                                                                                               We need dedicated volunteers to help Shana Conner in the infant nursery during the
                                                                                             Sunday School hour. Would you be willing to serve once a quarter? To meet our Child
                                                                                             Protection Policy, we are required to have 2 adults in the nursery at all times. Contact
                                                                                             Nancy Goff if you would like to serve Beulah’s youngest members.

                          Attendance, September 19, 2010
                         8:30 – 80 11:00 – 222 Total: 302    S.S.: 204
                                      THE PEOPLE SERVE                                                                                               PRAYER CONCERNS
                                                                                                                                                   SPECIAL PRAYER REQUESTS
Bible Bearer 11:00    Chandler Anderson Acolytes 11:00 Meredith Anderson, Kass Spitzley                        Arnie Beck              Bruce Lancaster               Ben Horrocks           Catharine Brown (Alan’s sister)
Sound        8:30     David Andusko                     11:00 Ricky Hart, Don Weaver                           Lou Peake               Lisa Sawyer (Linda Love’s cousin)            Wiley Poulson (Sherrie Liz’ brother)
Greeters     8:30     Ramey Family                      11:00 Tom & Dawn Owens                                 Dot Mauro               Kitty Waldrop                 Lisa Davidson      Jill Guienen (Addie Brooks’ friend)
Nursery      8:30     Shana Conner, Carole Morris                                                              Jim & Pat Hart          Shirley Schmeltzer            Faye Arthur     Colleen Hutton (Mike Bates’ sister)
Nursery      11:00    Shana Conner, Emma Bradley, June Weaver, Valerie Glazier                                 Brenda Slaughter        Pauline Cox (JoAnn Clark’s mother)            Mickey Newell (Kelly Edwards’ dad)
Youth Nursery 5:30    Shana Conner, Melanie Byers                                                              Kathy Wiesner (friend of Linda Love)                                 Joyce Young (friend of Sharon Griffith)
Tellers               Jim Tyler, David Andusko, Bill Goodman                                                   Tish Branscom (Carolyn Compton’s friend)                          Claudia Rader (Rebecca Mendoza’s aunt)
Ushers       8:30     Carlton Davis, Don Foster, Don Lenhart, Randy Ramey                                      Carolyn Fowler          Dorothy Trefun (Ailene Wilson’s mother)           Mike Smith (Addie Brooks’ uncle)
             11:00    Ron McKissick, Haley Cole, Louis Corde, Eric Cunningham, David Dudley, John              Bernice Clarke          Marian Brandt        Jerry Lane       Michael Dudley (David & Barbara’s grandson)
                      Harper, Al Harris, Jim Hart Jr., Ronnie Mann, Marvin Waldrop                             Michelle Spencer (Margie Spencer’s daughter-in-law)               Timothy Lee Vass (Curtis Giles’ grandson)
                                                                                                               Michael Boraski (Noel Boraski’s son)                           Caralynn Welker (fiancée of Michael Boraski)
                       PERSONS OF INTEREST FOR THE WEEK                                                        Sarah Horrocks          Madeline Martin        Bruce Spencer (Virginia, aunt; Jim, Robert & Marjorie, cousins)
MISSIONARY:                                                                           SERVICEMAN:              Russell Leonard         Bill Magee (Jim’s brother)                           Wayne Hudson (Kent’s brother)
                                                                                                               *Gladys Roberts         Theresa Dunn (Marilyn Corbitt’s niece/Denise Holmes’ cousin)             Jane Piguet
Rachel Muembo (missionary)                                                          CPL Tyrone E. Davis
                                                                                                               Lawrence Reynolds (Leon’s brother)          Byrd Schmierer (Joe’s mother)                   *Robert Spencer
31 Lightfoot Boston St., PO Box 115                                        4th Marines Comm, Unit 35970
                                                                                                               *new addition to a list
Freetown, Sierra Leone                                                               FTO AP 96602-5970
Email:; Birthday: Oct. 7                                                                                              CONGREGATIONAL CARE: At-Home Families
                                                                                                                             Russell Leonard Lois Carpenter Harrison & Mary Chester Ninna Smith
                                                                                                                     Joe and Peggy O’Brien Bernice Clarke Buster Clarke Robert Beasley Virginia Spencer

                                                                              COLLEGE STUDENT:                  Beaufont Healthcare                                                               Lucy Corr Village
POLICE OFFICER/FIREFIGHTER:                                                             Matt Harris (VT)        200 Hioaks Road, Richmond, VA 23225                               PO Box 170, Chesterfield, VA 23832
Michael Sanderson (Chesterfield Police)                                            106 Nottingham Court         Margaret Hastings-Rm. 109                                         Dale Station: Dale Duffy-Rm. 320,
                                                                                    Blacksburg, VA 24060        Brandermill Woods Retirement Community                                         Betty Butler-Rm 313B
                                                                                                                14303 Brandermill Woods Trail, Midlo., VA 23112                            Myrtle Langford-Rm 303
                              IN SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY                                                         Frances Wadkins, Apt. B213                              Matoaca Station: Mary Hendrickson-Rm 507B
CPL Tyrone Davis - Iraq            SSG Wesley Townsend              Dean A. Byers, Navy (Bethesda, MD)          MeadowView Terrace                                         Midlothian Station: Lyn Dowdell-Rm 405
Adam Lauver (Camp LeJeune)                            Gordon Turner – in US (Lorraine Spencer’s brother)        PO Box 712, Clarksville, VA 23927                                                   Simpson House
Aaron Thompson                                   CPL Nick Borelli – Afghanistan - (Valerie Glazier’s nephew)    Ogene Pitts                                              2101Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131
Lt. Joseph Ferrante (grandson of Alan & Marian Brown)                                                           Tyler’s Retreat                                                                  Montie Robertson
                                                                                                                12001 Ironbridge Road, Chester, VA 23831
                                    EXPECTANT PARENTS                                                           Kathleen King
Laura & Jason Kuti                                                            Chris & Jessica Tyler Lyszak

                                    “Beulah’s Best” TRIPS
2010: Oct. 4 (Mon): Charlottesville-Monticello & Ashlawn; Nov. 6-12: Branson; Dec. 8 (Wed): DC-
Ford Theatre-”A Christmas Carol” & visit National Museum of American History.                                  THE MISSION STATEMENT OF BEULAH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
2011: Mar. 18 (Fri): VA Beach-Sandler Theater-Engelbert Humperdinck; Apr. 16 (Sat): VA Beach-
Sandler Theatre-”Annie”; Apr. 29 (Fri): Norfolk-”Tattoo”; July 23 (Sat): DC-Kennedy Center-                        We invite and welcome all who seek a relationship with Christ. As a part of the body
”Wicked”; Oct. 3-7 (Mon-Fri): Poughkeepsie, NY-Hudson River Valley; Dec. 15-17(Thurs-Sat):                        of Christ, we love God, we are growing in spiritual maturity, and we are endeavoring
Christmas in New York (3 shows)                                   For info, call Ann Gould, 276-2264                             to bring others to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
                       OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD
  The Ruth Robertson Alpha Circle needs your empty shoe boxes for Operation
Christmas Child. Please leave your empty shoe boxes on the shelf in the outer
narthex. Feel free to pick up a pre-wrapped box to fill for a child this Christmas.
Information for the program is available at the Volunteer's desk. Thank you!

                          MARY FARMER FELLOWSHIP
  Mary Farmer Fellowship will have “Heavenly Hands” moisturizer available again
this year at the Bazaar for a $6.00 donation (please note the price change). If you
would like to pre-order, please call Betty Lowe (275-2378), or contact any member of
the group.

                                               Attention All Golfers!
                              It’s almost time again for the 12th th Annual Beulah
                                             UMC Golf Tournament.
                                     PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS
                                   for Monday, October 11th (Columbus Day).

 It will be a 12:00 p.m. shotgun start at Meadowbrook Country Club. So, start organizing
your team f or this year’s event!! (Pick up f orms in the Church Of f ice or f rom a member of
                                     the Golf Committee).

Hole Sponsors: Wordseekers Class; Mariners Class; Hevener’s Tire & Auto; Finance Committee;
four anonymous donors; Carlton & Dottie Davis; Wesleyan -Stratton Fellowship; Environmental
Soil Consultants, LLC (John Harper); Pleasants Hardware (James Wake); Alex & Pat Compton;
Howard & Ann Worrell; Joe & Nancy Garrison; Clayton Compton Home Improvement; Wireless
Dealers of VA, Inc. (Jeff & Lynsey Cutillo); Bradley Mechanical (Brad Bradley); Express Auto
Center, Inc. (Junior & Lisa Bailey); Jean & Harry Welch; Glynn Soyars Agency (Glynn & Pat
Soyars); Ellis Insurance Agency (Denny & Lois Quaiff); Alan & Faye Hoover; Farm Bureau
Insurance (Stanley Blanks); Crusaders SS Class; David & Diane Andusko; Carl & Terri Griggs;
Haley Ford (Brian Johnson); Kent Hudson; Hazel Beninghove; Sherry & Al Harris; John &Pauline
Sherrill; Austin Brockenbrough & Associates (Bruce Sadler); Chapin Metal Logistics Corp.
(William Chapin, $250)
The Golf Committee:
Alex Compton             Bill Goodman              Donna Harper                  Sherry Harris
Alan Hoover              Jerry-Grace Sadler        Carolyn Salmon                 John Sherrill
Garry Soyars             Glynn Soyars              Jimmy Spencer                  Ann Worrell

      Want to be a Hole Sponsor? Please contact Garry Soyars or any member of the Golf Committee.
                               LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK
   A fundraising event for Lymphoma and Leukemia, will be held in Richmond on Saturday,                                        WEDNESDAY NIGHT DINNERS CONTINUE
October 23, from 5:30-8:30pm at the City Stadium in Carytown. This is NOT an all-night                                     Reservations must be made by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday before the dinner.
event and long walk, but an evening of music, entertainment, children’s activities and                                Reservations are made by:
dessert, plus a leisurely walk that will take less than an hour. Beulah UMC has a team –                              1. Putting reservation slips into offering plate. (Reservation tickets will be
Benjamin and Friends – in honor of Pastor Ben. This is a fund-raiser for his specific form of                         in the pews.)
cancer research, which makes it even more important for us to support the event. Our team                             2. You can put them in the envelope marked "Dinner Reservations" in the
goal is $2,000 and we need YOUR help. Make checks payable to the Leukemia & Lymphoma                                  office.
Society.                                                                                                              3. You can call Nancy Dyckes @ 743-9798 for reservations or cancellations.
   You can register to become a member of the Beulah team at
Click on “Register to Walk” on the red bar at the top of the page. Click on “Join a Team” and
click “Next.” At “Search by Team Name,” type in Benjamin & Friends, then click on “Select.”         Sept. 29   Mariners–Baked spaghetti, salad, rolls, and dessert
Fill in your information, and you are registered with the Beulah UMC team!                          Oct. 6     Education/Children’s Dept.-Spaghetti w/meatballs, salad, rolls, dessert
                                                                                                    Oct. 13    New Centurions–Potato bar, hotdogs, salad, rolls, and dessert
                    OLDER ADULT RETREAT – OCTOBER 5-7                                               Oct. 20    Wesleyan-Stratton-Baked chicken, veg., salad, bread, dessert
  The Older Adult Retreat at the Methodist Activities Center in Blackstone will be October
                                                                                                    Oct. 27    Friendship Circle-Pork roast, mashed pot., veg., salad, bread, dessert
5-7. Retreat registrants select three of six informational and inspiring sessions, one being lead
by Linwood Cook. Concerts by Cheryl Kirking and Rev. Ed Kilbourne highlight the                     Nov. 3     Youth-TBA
evenings. The Retreat offers many opportunities including walking/hiking, bridge, checkers,         Nov. 10    Word Seekers– Lasagna, salad, banana pudding
singing, line dancing, journaling, movies, and resting. The Retreat’s inspirational atmosphere
                                                                                                    Nov. 17    Crusaders-Meatloaf, potatoes, veg., salad, bread, and dessert
provides for fun and fellowship, and yes, evening snacks.
  For additional information, see the brochure on the “Upcoming Events” bulletin board or           Adult meals: $5 or $6 donation; Children (10 & under): $3; Entrée Salad: $4; Family Max: $15
contact Alan Brown (271-3110). Copies of the brochure are available. Alan is coordinating
transportation so let him know if you register to attend.                                                                    WEDNESDAY NIGHT PROGRAMS
                                                                                                      Following the fellowship dinner on Wednesday evening, the study entitled What Does it
                                                                                                    Mean to Be United Methodist? led by Pastor Mottley will meet in room 250. This week’s
       SOCIETY OF ST. ANDREW & THE PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT                                            topic will be Wesleyan Quadrilateral-the 4 principals of faith rest upon scripture, tradition,
  Pepsi is granting 1.3 million dollars each month to fund ideas that will refresh the world.       experience and reason. No book is needed, just bring yourself, a friend, a neighbor, or
SoSA’s approach to feeding the hungry will certainly refresh the world of those in need. You        anyone else you wish. See you there.
can help feed the hungry by voting every day in September at and clicking
on VOTE TO FEED 9 MILLION HUNGRY AMERICANS. The first time you will have to                         Children: M&M’s on Wednesday evenings
register, but after that you can just log-in and cast your vote. The “idea” that gets the most      Kidz Bells – 6:15pm; Choirs Begin @ 6:45pm
votes wins the money, so tell everyone you know to vote every day in September for SoSA to          Ages 3-4        Cherub Choir
feed the hungry.                                                                                    Grades K-2      Music Makers
                                                                                                    Grades 3-5      Kidz Bells & Voices of Praise

                                                                                                    Youth: Bible Study, 6:45, Youth Pod

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