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					Learning Dreamweaver

   Setting up a basic site
Do you have a web account in
• Check it:
• Enter
• If your page has not been created yet,
  you will receive an error message
     Creating a web account
• Go to Bethelnet, then, from "Quick student
  links" go to "My computer account"
• Select "Create my Personal Website"
• Login, scroll down and agree to the policy
• Your web account is created. The web
  address is:
  Finding Dreamweaver4 on
• Go to the START button
• Go to RUN
• Enter the following:
• Click return
• Open the "license" document, highlight
  the number, and copy it (control-c)
    Making a shortcut to the
     Dreamweaver folder
• Right-click on the Dreamweaver folder
• Choose "create shortcut"
• Create a shortcut to the folder on your
   Setting up Dreamweaver
• Click on the Dreamweaver folder
• Click on the Dreamweaver icon
• Copy the license number in (control-v)
  when requested
• Click Return
• You are now in business, Dreamweaver
  will open.
 The logic of web site creation
• A website is in fact a folder that sits on a
  web server. That folder is your remote
  folder; it holds your remote site.
• But before you put something on the
  web, you create it and save it on your
  own machine, or -in this case- in your
  own network folder. That folder is your
  local folder, it holds your local site.
    Creating your local folder
• Go to your bsp-nas folder (click on the
  "my computer" icon, and then on the
  bsp-nas server.
• In that folder, create a new folder for
  your local site. Name the folder.
• All that you create for your website will
  go in there.
   Think ahead and organize
• You may want (eventually) to create
  more than just material for this course.
• So, open the folder you just created and
  create a new folder within it. Name that
  folder (for example, name it EdTech)
   Creating and saving index
• The main file in each folder should be named
• We will now put a blank index file in both
• Go to Dreamweaver and save the blank page
  that opened in your main local site folder.
  Name the page "index"
• Then do a "save as" and save that same
  blank page in the subfolder you have created
  for the course.
   Create your site: local info
• Go to Dreamweaver: new site
• Name your site (ex: Emily's site)
• Click on the little folder, browse to find
  your main site folder on bsp-nas
• Now, choose Remote Info.
Creating your site: remote info
•   In the pull down menu, choose FTP
•   In FTP host enter
•   In host directory, enter public_html
•   Enter your login and password.
•   Click OK
Connecting to the remote site
• Now your site is open (to open your site
  after that, click on "open site" in
• To connect your site to the remote site,
  click on the "light switch" just to the right
  of the pulldown menu. Turn the "light
  switch" off when you are not uploading
  or downloading.
        Working on pages
• In your open site, click on your main
  index page to open it up.
• Give your page a title (little window on
• Open page properties under the Modify
  menu. Give your page a background

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