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    Apply For a Credit Card


        And, if things are already tight, that could hurt if you're planning to buy or refi a
        house, lease or purchase a car or apply for a credit card of your own. The
        student's late or missed payments will be included in your credit report and
        factored into ...

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    Tuesday, 13 September, 2011, 12:59 PM Posted by Sean

    Apply For a Credit Card

                                                            While the kids sweat all-night
                                                            study sessions, messy
                                                            roommates and cold pizza for
                                                            breakfast, college parents
                                                            face their own challenges from
                                                            higher education. Problems
                                                            such as the cost of tuition, the
                                                            perils of co-signing and the
                                                            ripple effect of dorm room ID
                                                            theft can be high hurdles for
                                                            moms and dads to clear.

        If you're a college parent, you've probably already figured out that it pays to
        confer regularly about any shared bills. Otherwise, how do you know if those
        recurring charges are the cost of something your student really needs or an
        unintended add-on from the latest cell phone game your kid downloaded?

        Likewise, if your student is paying bills that are linked to your credit, you
        probably want to keep those financial training wheels on until your young adult
        figures out how to balance school, work, exams, lab sessions, cram sessions,
        meals, parties, laundry, trips home and (last but not least) bills.

        But there may be a few pitfalls you've yet to discover. If you have a student in
        college, here are five things you need to know to protect your credit:

        Popular wisdom that states that students need credit cards is bogus, says
        Doug Borkowski, director of the Iowa State University Financial Counseling

        That's not exactly true, says Borkowski. Employers do look at credit, he says.
        But what they want to see, most of all, is an absence of bad credit.

        "No credit is substantially better than bad credit," says Borkowski. "Many

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