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                                                   911 Franklin Street
Weekly Newspaper                               Michigan City, IN 46360

                                      Volume 24, Number 19 Thursday, May 15, 2008

                                  A Stroll Along the Avenues
                                                       by Barbara Stodola

   LaPorte residents are proud of their historic
neighborhoods, and well they should be. In the city
of LaPorte, an extraordinary number of well-pre-
served structures remain in use as private homes;
and, closer to the downtown, stately old homes have
been converted into insurance offices, daycare cen-
ters and boutiques. No fewer than 39 buildings in
the Indiana Avenue Historic District (which also
encompasses Michigan Avenue) are rated as “Out-
standing” in the survey done by Historic Landmarks
Foundation of Indiana.
   The LaPorte County Library, in cooperation with
local preservationist and historical societies, recent-
ly reissued its brochure for self-guided tours of this
grand old neighborhood. It is entitled
                                                                                                This smartly painted Queen Anne
                                                                                                 home has two rounded arches
                                                                                                   marking the points of entry.

   “A Stroll Along
   The Avenues.”

                                                                                               Famed architect Daniel Burnham
Below: The Francis Morrison House,                                                             designed this LaPorte home for
 at 1217 Michigan Avenue, is listed                                                            Orran Fox, an engineer who spent
      in the National Register                                                                 some years in Chicago, where he
          of Historic Places.                                                                  evidently became acquainted with
                                                                     The very suggestion of “a stroll” draws a person
                                                                  back into the era when ladies did indeed take strolls
                                                                  along the avenue, perhaps pushing a baby carriage.
                                                                  A wicker baby carriage, of the type that fetches big
                                                                  prices today in antique shops. Or would it have been
                                                                  the maid pushing the baby carriage? A maid who
                                                                  lived on the third floor, with a dormer window over-
                                                                  looking the avenue. She would be young and shape-
                                                                  ly and having a dalliance with the gardener, or the
                                                                  chauffeur, who would live up in the coach house
                                                                  above the type of cars that Dr. Peter Kesling later
                                                                  accumulated and donated to the La Porte Historical
                                                                                                  Stroll Continued on Page 2

Page 2                                                                                                                                                    May 15, 2008
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Stroll Continued from Page 1                                                                          Fox Woolen Mills. The home’s distinguished entry
   Whether you prefer fact or fiction, these old hous-                                                 is marked by a columned portico, windows are lined
es have lots of stories to tell. The greatest number                                                  up symmetrically, and a chimney is placed at each
are done in the Queen Anne style, with big porch-                                                     end. The house at one time had a pipe organ, which
es wrapping around one corner and rooms for all                                                       later was donated to Indiana University. Maurice
sorts of indoor activities – parlors, sitting rooms,                                                  Fox was one of LaPorte’s greatest philanthropists.
butlers’ pantries, sewing rooms, libraries, nurser-                                                   He had the civic auditorium built and given to the
ies, maids’ quarters. They date from around 1895,                                                     city in memory of his parents. His father, Samuel
and have nothing whatever to do with Queen Anne.                                                      Fox, had emigrated from Bavaria and founded the
Some are made of brick, but the oldest Queen Annes                                                    woolen mills in partnership with Jacob Wile, the lo-
are frame structures, painted in cheerful green and                                                   cal rabbi, in 1864.
yellow tones. One was designed by the famous Chi-
cago architect Daniel Burnham. In fact, it was done
in 1894, the year after the Columbia Exposition
opened in Chicago – for which Burnham had been
the principal architect.
   At the turn of the century, house design became
less exuberant, more sedate and orderly – but just as
large. In the pre-Depression, pre-income tax years,
successful people had plenty of money to build big
houses; and they needed to accommodate lots of ser-
vants to keep the show running. The house at 1217
Michigan Avenue was the latest thing in 1900, with
its ample front porch spread across the entire front
of the house. In the 1920s, the two-story sleeping
porch (at right) was added. This house was owned                                                       Henry McGill, a carpenter/ contractor, remodeled this farmhouse in 1888.
by the Morrison family for decades, and is now list-                                                                    Today it is a lawyer’s office and home.
ed in the National Register of Historic Places.                                                          The Rumely Company, makers of farm machin-
                                                                                                      ery,    attracted
                                                                                                      inventors to the
                                                                                                      city of La Porte,
                                                                                                      and some of
                                                                                                      their homes are
                                                                                                      still    situated
                                                                                                      along the av-
                                                                                                      enues. William
                                                                                                      and Mary Hedge
                                                                                                      live in one of
                                                                                                      them, a house
                                                                                                      with a long his-
                                                                                                      tory – originally
                                                                                                      a farmhouse, re-
                                                                                                      modeled in 1881

                  This Colonial Revival home was built in 1923 for Maurice Fox,
                             whose family owned Fox Woolen Mills.
                                                                                                        Mary Hedge, a La Porte
  An outstanding Colonial Revival home was built                                                      librarian, offers programs
                                                                                                               for organizations
at 1508 Indiana Avenue by Maurice Fox, whose                                                              interested in the city’s
family operated one of La Porte’s major industries,                                                              historic houses.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                           Page 3
by a carpenter, occupied for a time by an inventor,
later a rooming house, and today a home with law-
yer’s office. Mary Hedge is a librarian who collects
stories about the old houses and offers a program
based on the historical brochure.
                                                                                   Women’s Casual to Dressy Fashions
                                                                                          in sizes 4P to 24W
                                                                                       Missy - Petite - Women’s

Admiral Ingersoll built his retirement home, a Colonial Revival structure,
                     on Indiana Avenue in LaPorte.
   Admiral Royal Rodney Ingersoll, so the story
                                                                                   $10 off
goes, coveted the corner lot occupied by his mother-
in-law, so he moved her house and built his own re-
tirement home there at the corner of Indiana and
Alexander Streets. It is a Colonial Revival house,
affectionately termed “Seven Bells” – this being
Navy terminology for going off duty.

                                                                                   of $50
                                                                                  or more.
                                                                                   (Not valid on previous sales or
                                                                                      with any other coupons).
       Dr. William Hailmann, superintendent of LaPorte Schools,                      (Limit one Per Customer)
                 had this shingle-style home built in 1880.
                                                                                       Expires May 24, 2008
  Dr. William Hailmann, a native of Switzerland,
had a home built in 1880 with a steeply-pitched roof
and a shingled exterior. Henry McGill was the car-                                Little House Fashions
penter on both this structure and the Hedge home.
                                                                             409 Alexander Street • LaPorte, IN 46350
Dr. Hailmann was the LaPorte superintendent of
schools, and his wife founded the first school for kin-
dergarten teachers in the United States. Her school                                  Toll Free~877-711-5980
was located in LaPorte, at the corner of Indiana and
Osborn Streets.
  My favorite stories are the ones about the under-                          Monday-Friday                    10 am-6 pm
ground railroad, with tunnels supposedly under-                              Saturday                         9 am-4 pm
ground to shelter former slaves. (In Michigan City,                          Sunday                           Closed
                               Stroll Continued on Page 4

Page 4                                                                                                                       May 15, 2008
Stroll   Continued from Page 3                                            room, where the senior residents (twenty women
                                                                          and two men) are served three meals a day. “We are
                                                                          filled to capacity and almost always have a waiting
                                                                          list,” says Terri Basch, the administrator.

                                                                                                            Photos by Barbara Stodola

                                                                                                                                   Fern Eddy
                                                                                                                                   historian and
                                                                                                                                   much of the
                                                                                                                                   about the
                                                                                                                                   city’s historic
  The Pulaski-King house, once a stop on the underground railroad, t                                                               buildings.
          oday sits next-door to the LaPorte Police Station.
the tunnel stories revolve around Al Capone and
other thugs who needed quick getaways, but the
truth is that nobody seems to find these tunnels,
in either city.) The Pulaski King house was on the
underground railroad. In a twist of fate, it is now
located next-door to the La Porte Police Station, and
accommodates General Insurance offices. Architec-
turally, it started out as an Italianate structure
(note the tall narrow windows and massive cornice),
but then acquired a colonial façade through the ad-
dition of a two-story porch and Ionic columns.                                      This Queen
                                                                             Anne-style home
                                                                               is distinguished
                                                                                  by its square
                                                                             corner tower and
                                                                          interesting roof-line.

         The Ruth Sabin Home, built in 1888, still functions as a
                  retirement home for senior citizens.
   Near the end of Michigan Avenue, a distinguished
old building sits quietly on its landscaped acreage,
still fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended
120 years ago. The Ruth Sabin Home provides ac-
commodations for genteel women in their declining
years. It was established in 1888 by Ruth Sabin, a
widow, and designed by John M. Van Osdel, the first                         This Eastlake-style house is being restored by present owners Tony and
professional architect in the city of Chicago. The                             Marcia Sindone. He teaches economics at IUSB, and she owns
home consists of two-room suites and a large dining                            Talullah’s Tea Room and Cheap Chic, a design shop in LaPorte.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                        Page 5

                                                                                                         LE LISTING
                                                                                                      TIP           S





                                    NEW LISTING
                                   Sand Castle #206
 A must see 3 bedroom lake front condo. Fabulous beach and Lake Michigan views from the private balcony,
 great room and master suite. Upgrades include expanded lakefront windows, all new lighting, solid core
 doors, counter tops and sinks, beautiful tile, all new appliances and furnace / AC.
        Rebecca Miller      Judy Crawford      Judith Dillon-Farley
               Broker/Owner                      Realtor                          Realtor

    Specialists in Beach Area Condominiums!
                              (219) 872-0588 • (800) 578-6777

Page 6                                                                                       May 15, 2008
    Three Oaks Third Saturday Walk                        PNC Commencement To Be May 19
    On Sat., May 17, you can get a “Taste of Three         The Purdue University North Central 2007-2008
Oaks” by joining in on the town’s Third Saturday        commencement ceremony will be Mon., May 19 at
Walk. Local shops and galleries will be featuring       7 p.m. in the Valparaiso University Athletics - Rec-
tastings of wines and appetizers from 5-9 p.m. MI       reation Center, with 550 master’s, bachelor’s or as-
time. Wines will be featured from “The Wine Shop”       sociate degrees being awarded. No tickets are nec-
located in the Vickers Theatre where Midwest Hype       essary.
will be introducing their new CD. Appetizers from          Graduates and their families are invited to at-
Graziano’s Pizza, Bailey’s Cafe and Froelich’s will     tend a celebratory reception immediately following
also be featured in various shops and galleries.        the conclusion of the commencement exercises at
   There will be maps in the stores to show you your    the Sand Creek County Club in Chesterton.
way around the town. More at                 The traditional commencement ceremony will
   Over the summer, shops and galleries will be stay-   feature the conferring of degrees by Purdue North
ing open late on the third Saturday of each month       Central Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin. Purdue
featuring musicians, artists, high fashion models,      University President Dr. France A. Córdova will
guys in tie dye, foot wear and spectacle specialists,   take part in her first commencement ceremony at
chefs and liverbest purveyors, and a farrago of far     PNC.
out friends and poetry jams to end the night at B          The new graduates will be welcomed to the ranks
Books.                                                  of Purdue alumni by Frederick C. McNulty, presi-
   Upcoming themes are:                                 dent of the Purdue North Central Alumni Associa-
   “A Night at the Opera!” Merchants will be sport-     tion.
ing either formal wear or Marx Brothers costumes.          The response on behalf of the 2007-2008 graduat-
   “Hurdy Gurdy Man!” with strolling musicians          ing class will be presented by Carrie A. Miller, who
playing antique instruments.                            will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Educa-
   “Soc-Hop and LP Sale” where you can sell or buy      tion.
old records to listen to or dance to on the street.        Further information about commencement can be
   “Miniature Golf” with artist-created putting holes   obtained by contacting the PNC Office of the Regis-
up and down Elm Street.                                 trar at 872-0527, ext. 5341.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                               Page 7

                                                                                                    Micky Gallas Properties
                                                                                           123             (219) 874-7070 Beach
                                                                                             CRS            (219) 874-5249 City
                                                                                                         (269) 586-2350 Michigan
                                                                                              T               1-800-680-9682
      Micky Gallas
        GRI, SRES                Long Beach • Michigan City • New Buffalo
    Cell 219/861-6012

                                Different Styles of Beach Living

  603 E. Lakefront Drive • Beverly Shores                    1703 Lake Shore Drive • Long Beach                     1805 Lake Shore Drive • Long Beach
                 $950,000                                                $875,000                                               $749,000
 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Incredible unobstructed pan-       3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Hardwood floors in living       5 bedrooms, 3 baths. Two fireplaces, large living
 oramic views. Rarely available parcel offering 100      & dining rooms, three fireplaces, kitchen open to      areas. 120 feet of frontage with rear access. Po-
 feet of frontage. Brick ranch home sold as is as        family room. Master suite with private bath. Extra    tentially two building sites. Wonderful lake views.
 seen. Opportunity is knocking to build your dream.      deep lot. Great lake views.                           Prime property with terrific potential.

   2503 Shorewood Dr. • Long Beach Cove                      2400 Florimond Avenue • Long Beach                    109 California Avenue • Sheridan Beach
                $619,000                                                  $529,000                                                 $469,000
 4 bedrooms, 2 full & 2 half baths. Two fireplaces,       4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Walls of windows & Bed-          3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Living room with new tile
 Great room, high ceilings, open concept. Fabulous       ford limestone fireplace in living room. Arched        floor, gas ventless fireplace with remote & new
 master suite. Finished lower level. Walk out to         windows. Charming 60 bin wine closet lined with       ceilings. New central air on upper level. Sliders to
 private patio, tiered landscaping & wooded set-         cork & cedar. Sweeping views of Long Beach golf       deck with new railings. Excellent rental history.
 ting. Just like NEW.                                    course. Adjacent lot also available.                  Just steps to beach.

                                                                                                                                           NEW P
   5 Royal Troon Dr. • St. Andrews Village                     2017 Melrose Drive • Long Beach                        2208 Bayview Drive • The Shores
                 $355,000                                                 $349,000                                               $239,000
 2 bedrooms plus den, 2 baths. Living room with          3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Brick fireplace, beamed ceil-     2 bedrooms plus den, 2.5 baths. Living room with
 vaulted ceiling, skylights & fireplace. Formal din-      ings, lower level with family room, summer kitch-     cathedral ceiling, fireplace & sliders to patio. Each
 ing room. Contemporary updated kitchen. Mas-            en & walk out to deck. Lots of built in storage in    bedroom has its own full bath. Nice sized closets.
 ter suite with whirlpool tub & separate shower.         house & 2 storage sheds. Great rear multi-level       Appliances stay including washer & dryer. At-
 Screened porch. Association pool.                       deck with wooded views. Short walk to beach!          tached garage. Fabulous lake views.

Shirl Bacztub, GRI     219/874-5642   Joe Gazarkiewicz       219/861-3750   Karen Kmiecik, GRI      219/210-0494    Randy Novak*, ABR, CRS, e-Pro, GRI, 219/877-7069
Megan Campbell*        219/861-3683   Ellen Holloway*, GRI   219/878-3721   Ken Larson              219/873-7101    Barb Pinks                          219/325-0006
Judi Donaldson, GRI    219/879-1411   Kathy Bricker Kehoe    219/873-4426   Shawnta Leeks           219/871-9312    Lesley Reising                      219/929-8150
Laurie Farrell*, GRI   219/871-0526   Susan Kelley*, CRS     219/874-5610   Daiva Mockaitis*, GRI   219/670-0982    Pat Tym*, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES       219/210-0324
Jamie Follmer          219/851-2164   Tina Kelly             219/873-3680   Debbie Novak            219/362-4603    *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan

Page 8                                               May 15, 2008
               Brauer Puts Spotlight on Abstract Works
                  Summer exhibitions at Valparaiso University’s
               Brauer Museum of Art, running May 16-Aug. 4,
               will examine the different styles of abstract art cre-
               ated by 20th century artists and give visitors a look
               at art work recently acquired by the museum.
                  The “Abstract Art from the Permanent Col-
               lection” will feature 28 works created by national-
               ly and internationally-respected artists, said Gregg
               Hertzlieb, director of Brauer Museum.
                  “The subjects in these pieces are the elements of
               design and the language of making art,” Hertzlieb
               said. “One of the things we want to accomplish with
               this exhibition is to show the wide variety of styles
               that abstract artists have and are continuing to
               work in. People will be able to learn why these art-
               ists are working in an abstract manner rather than
               creating more realistic depictions of a subject.”
                  Most of the works in the exhibition are paintings,
               along with several sculptures and prints. Hertzlieb
               noted it will be the first time Brauer Museum has
               presented an exhibition featuring abstract art ex-
               clusively from its permanent collection.
                  “This will be a great opportunity for visitors to
               see some of our most outstanding abstract works
               displayed together for the first time,” he said.
                  The “New Acquisitions Exhibition” will fea-
               ture 15 works including “Mosaic II” by the renowned
               graphic artist M.C. Escher. Jay Christopher, a Val-
               paraiso graduate and member of the Board of Direc-
               tors, and his wife Doris donated the Escher litho-
               graph to Brauer Museum this spring.
                  “Mosaic II,” created in 1957 and one of Escher’s
               most iconic works, depicts an irregularly filled sur-
               face containing images of a frog, guitar, birds, liz-
               ards, fish and other creatures. It will be presented
               alongside reproductions of the work in a book, on a
               tie and on a poster to allow viewers to consider how
               the work changes when it is reproduced, Hertzlieb
                  “Art exists within the marketplace and popular
               culture, and Escher was perhaps the artist where
               this notion became very apparent and acceptable,”
               Hertzlieb said.
                  Other works recently added to Brauer Museum’s
               permanent collection that will be displayed in the
               exhibition include an Andy Warhol photograph of
               Dolly Parton, two 19th century American portraits
               and the portfolio “Sand, Steel, Spirit,” which con-
               tains 32 works by Midwestern artists associated
               with the Lubeznik Center for the Arts.
                  Admission to Brauer Museum, located in the VU
               Center for the Arts, is always free. Summer museum
               hours begin May 20 and are noon to 5 p.m., Tuesdays
               through Sundays; the museum will be closed July 4.
               More information about Brauer Museum, including
               guided tours, is available on the Web at
               artmuseum or by phoning (219) 464-5365.

May 15, 2008                                                                              Page 9

                                                          just 3 blocks...

n Stop 2 beach          open house                                 sheila carlson
                        Sunday, May 18
n 3 br, full basement
                        1-3pm Chicago time
n refinished oak floors
n eat-in kitchen        directions:
                        Lake Shore Dr. west                        selling homes inc
n new roof and more     south on Lake Ave.                         219.874.1180
                                                                   219.861.3702 cell
n $179,900              1st left to
                        408 Washington Park Blvd.        
                                                                   licensed in IN/MI
                        Michigan City, IN

Page 10                                                                                          May 15, 2008
                                                           Jeremy Zmuda Won!
                                                              Just so you know that
                                                           Jeremy won the jazz section
                                                           of the John Lennon Song-
                                                           writing Contest thanks to

                                                           the devotion and generos-
                                                           ity of our communities’ vot-
                                                           ing for him. Following is his
                                                           “prize” for this stage of the
                                                           voting: Stage one was be-
                                                           ing judged by a panel of well
                                                           known professional musi-
                                                           cians from 1,000 applicants
       LONG BEACH                                          in the jazz category. (He won
                                                           several thousand dollars of recording equipment.)
      COUNTRY CLUB                                         Stage two was on line voting by the public between
                                                           him and the winner of the second half of the year
                                                           in the jazz genre. (He won a $5,000 publishing ad-
       Since 1924 – A History of Hospitality               vance from EMI records.) Stage three, Jeremy will
                                                           compete with the winners of all 12 kinds of music:
                                                           gospel, folk, classical, children’s, Latin, rock, etc.
   There are currently opportunities for both golf         That purse is a $20,000 advance from a publishing
              and social memberships.                      company.

   Ask about our golf membership initiation fee
                     special.                               The Beverly Shores Depot Art Gallery
                                                              Photographs by Herbert George
          Long Beach Country Club offers:                     On Exhibit May 16 – June 15
                                                              Opening Reception Sun., May 18, 11:30 a.m.– 3:30
 • a beautifully maintained 18 hole, par 72 golf              Primarily a sculptor George will be showing his
   course                                                  photography. “On my almost daily walks along the
                                                           beach...I became increasingly interested in the tan-
 • ladies 6, 9, and 18 hole golf leagues                   gled, small bits of flotsam and jetsam that...littered
                                                           the beach...I came to understand that these knot-
                                                           ted, snarled, discarded being emblematic of
 • junior golf program                                     what I wish my sculpture to be...This exhibition of
                                                           photographs is an effort to share a small number of
 • 25 meter swimming pool and learn to swim                these beautiful ‘natural’ objects with the viewer.”
   program                                                    George’s background includes degrees in sculp-
                                                           ture from the University of Pennsylvania, a degree
                                                           from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and a
 • casual (indoor/outdoor) and fine dining                  Fulbright Scholarship in London. He has received
                                                           many honors and awards, including a Mellon Foun-
                                                           dation Grant for a “Sculptural Portrait” exhibit at
 • social events throughout the calendar year
                                                           the University of Chicago and a John Simon Gug-
                                                           genheim Fellowship for sculpture. Individual exhib-
   For membership information and a tour of                its have been as far away as the L’Isola Gallery in
   the club, please contact General Manager                Rome. His work is in museum collections including
                                                           the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Yorkshire, England
          John Dillon at 219-872-0689.                     and a national collection in Austria (Burgenland).
                                                              The Beverly Shores Depot Museum and Art Gal-
           2309 Larchmont Avenue                           lery is located at 525 Broadway, Beverly Shores,
                                                           just north of Highway #12. Admission is free, dona-
           Michigan City, IN 46360                         tions are welcome. The Depot is open every Friday
                              through Sunday from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., April
                                                           through November. For more information contact
                                                           Larry Jensen at 219-874-7871.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 11

                                                  1512 Lake                                                                      2231                                                                  2120 Lake
                                                  Shore Dr.,                                                                 Brookhol-                                                                 Shore Dr.,
                                                  Michigan                                                                   low, Long                                                                Long Beach
                                                      City                                                                     Beach                                                                  L a k e
                                                 Whimsical                                                                  Absolutely,                                                               Michigan
                                                 chalet style                                                                                                                                         lake front
                                                 lake house in                                                              the      best
                                                 perfect con-                                                               views from                                                                home with
                                                 dition with                                                                this    3800                                                              130 feet of
                                                 extraordinary                                                              Sq.      foot                                                             frontage on

 lake views and 60’ of shallow sandy beach.                                                                                                    the water. Stately 5 bedroom, 4 baths,
 Three car garage plus parking for 6. Two story                   home in Long Beach on Lake Clare.
 glass on lakeside offers plenty of sunlight. View                4 Bedrooms, 2 bath, decks all around                                         2 furnaces, 2 central airs, gas whole
 sunsets over Chicago skyline, enjoy Navy Pier                    home, patio with waterfall. Even your                                        house generator, full finished walk out
 fireworks. Natural plantings join year-round                      own putting green! #214395 $689,000                                          basement. Views from every window,
 blooms nourished by underground irrigation.                       Ask for Larry Middleton @ 874-2121                                          great sea wall. #210471     $2,100,000
 Carefree lake living. #214421         $1,600,000   Bonnie                                                                     Larry             Ask for Larry Middleton @ 874-2121     Larry
    Ask for Bonnie Meyer @ 871-0001                                               ext. 19
                                                   “B” Meyer                                                                 Middleton                          ext. 19               Middleton
                                                     1921                                                                    100 Lake                                                                    2801
                                                  Monrovia                                                                    Shore                                                                   Brentwood
                                                   Rd., Long                                                                 Dr. #606,                                                                Way, Long
                                                    Beach                                                                    Michigan                                                                   Beach
                                                 The Bird                                                                      City                                                                   You will find
                                                                                                                            Fantastic view                                                            a lot of char-
                                                 House lo-                                                                  overlooking                                                               acter in this
                                                 cated     at                                                               Lake Michi-                                                               1924 brick
                                                 Stop      19                                                               gan from pri-                                                             cottage.
                                                                                                                            vate balcony.                                                             Home offers
                                                 in      Long                                                               3 Bedroom 2                                                               3-4       bed-
                                                                                                                            bath condo
                                                                  located in Dunescape. Master bedroom with bal-
  Beach. 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, eas-                             cony access. Open living room has an extra large                             rooms, 2 baths, fireplace, deck & a great en-
  ily accessible to beach. Newly built                            slider door spilling out to balcony! The getaway                             closed porch. Many updates over the years
                                                                  offers 2 other bedrooms & full bath. Dunescape                               including the mechanicals & roof. Just a
  screened-in porch w/an open fire-                                                                                                             block or so in from stop 28 beach (3 minute
                                                                  is a private gated community which offers sauna/
  place. #213346               $399,900                           steam room and elevator access plus your own                                 walk) and about 2 blocks from the town hall
   Ask for Nancy Rich @ 874-2121 ext. 34                          garage. A wonderful way to relax as a weekend                                for the 4th of July festivities! Home warranty
                                                                  home or enjoy year round. #205623        $425,000                            included! #208784                     $379,900
                                                    Nancy                                                                    Pat Mathews-                                                                Rose
                                                     Rich          Call Pat Mathews-Janasiak @ 874-2121 ext. 26                Janasiak         Call Rose Pollock @ 874-2121 ext. 18                    Pollock
                                                  10 Marine                                                                    1025                                                                     3333 Pot-
                                                    Dr. #A3                                                                 Upland Rd.,                                                                tawatomie
                                                 Delight all of                                                              Michigan                                                                  Trl, Michi-
                                                 your nautical                                                                 City                                                                      gan City
                                                 senses in this                                                             Local architect                                                           Two blocks
                                                 gated corner                                                               designed home                                                             to Beach at
                                                 condo along                                                                w/unique floor                                                             Stop 35 from
                                                 Trail Creek                                                                plan. Lake Mich-                                                          this open &
                                                 with 55’ boat                                                              igan/Chicago                                                              updated     3
                                                                                                                            skyline views.                                                            bedroom./2
                                                 slip. Private                                                              Floor plan fea-                                                           bath Duneland
                                                 balcony with                                                               tures cathedral                                                           Beach home on

  retractable awning to relax & experience                        ceilings, catwalk/hall, extra wide spiral staircase.                         2 lots. Home has had kitchen & both baths updated
  year round sunsets. Galley kitchen with all                     Beautiful stone fireplace in living room. Master bath                         plus new windows last year. Entertaining will be a
  appliances, stackable washer & dryer. Fire-                     has whirlpool tub, separate shower & double vanity.                          JOY from the newly added Screened Porch & con-
  place to warm, in-ground pool to cool. Floor                    Property includes related living suite, equipped w/full                      necting front deck off rec room. Duneland Beach
                                                                  kitchen, 2 bedrooms & bath, with living room & deck                          Inn is just down the street. Close by is a Park with
  plan with 2 levels of scenic Lake Michigan                      off back. Can be utilized as a seasonal rental. Priced                       tennis, basketball & playground for association
  views makes every day feel like a vacation.                     below appraised value. The home has an ADT secu-                             members and of course Beach Rights on beautiful
  #206394                           $292,500        Kathy         rity system. #211864                          $785,000         Tom           Lake Michigan. #209494                     $399,900       Roger
   Ask for Kathy Sass @ 874-2121 ext. 33            Sass                 Ask for Tom Cofer @ 874-2121 ext. 31                    Cofer             Ask for Roger Miller @ 874-2121 ext. 38               Miller

Page 12                                                                                                                           May 15, 2008
                   “Gigantic” Lakeside Yard Sale To Benefit Needs Of Community
                                                                   by Charles McKelvy

   Book lovers, canoe paddlers, and those in need
of computer upgrades please mark May 23 and 24
on your calendars, because that is when a “gigantic
yard sales for the needs of our united community”
will occur at the home of Anne and Frank Wucki at
14810 Red Arrow Highway in Lakeside.

Organizer Anne
Wucki promises
  to have plenty
 of fresh-baked
muffins on hand
for her Gigantic
    Yard Sale to
      benefit the
Harbor Country
     Emergency                                                                     Books galore will be priced to move at the “Gigantic Yard Sale”
    Food Pantry.                                                                      to benefit the Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry.
                                                                                Youth from Saint Agnes/Saint Mary will assist
                                                                              with the sale on May 23 and 24, and the church is
                                                                              donating six tables to contain the books, computers,
                                                                              and household items that will be offered for sale.
                                                                              Paperbacks, for example, will be a quarter a piece,
   Organizer Anne Wucki promised that she will                                and hardcovers will sell for $1. Prices for computers
simply not allow any rain on that Friday and Satur-                           and accessories vary, and a pair of swivel chairs is
day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EDT) when she and her                              set to go to your rec room for only $50.
small army of volunteer offer the entire contents of                            As for the canoe, well, you’ll just have to see if it
her famous “Annie’s Atttic” for sale to benefit the                            floats your checkbook.
Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry in Three
Oaks and the youth of Saint Agnes/Saint Mary par-
ish in Sawyer and Three Oaks.

Organizer Anne Wucki (third from lower left) and her “army” of volunteers.
 Pictured are: (front, left to right): Anne Dowe, Shirley Gallo, Wucki, her        This horse will be for sale at the yard sale on May 23 and 24.
 “kid sister” Edna Pozdol, her husband Frank Wucki; (rear, left to right):
  Mary Fran Tieman, Peg Wagner, Christine Budak, Gen Scamehorn,                 “We’ll have books, toys, clothes for men and wom-
 Monica Gorman, and Stephanie Mitschelen. (Not pictured: Sandi White,         en, computers, an antique ink blotter, art work,
             Roy Thompson, Sharyn Nagel, and Cheryl Bates)                    furniture, the canoe – you name it for sale so we
   “Unemployment is rising, and we have more peo-                             can benefit our community,” Wucki said. “And don’t
ple than ever coming to the Food Pantry for help, so                          worry, I won’t let it rain.”
we are doing this to help our community in a time                               Again, the Gigantic Yard Sale will occur on May
of need,” Anne Wucki said during a rally for her vol-                         23 and 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 14810 Red Arrow
unteers on April 30.                                                          Highway in Lakeside.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                        Page 13

     Indiana Dunes
                    G                                                  G
          PENDIN                                           PENDIN

   Dune Acres. LAKEFRONT…just steps to              Dune Acres. SEASONAL LAKE VIEWS                       Dune Acres. Around the corner from a 13
   beach. Warm woods, beamed ceilings,              from this most CHARMING vintage dunetop               mile stretch of beautiful beach, this brick &
   new chef’s kitchen, main floor master. 2          home just steps to staircase to beach. 4              cedar quad offers treetop & seasonal lake
   guest bedrooms, each w/bath. 2 fireplaces.        bedrooms/3 baths, spacious living room                VIEWS. Formal spaces w/vaulted ceilings. 2
   Multiple decks, very private terrace. Garden.    & family room, galley kitchen, 2 fireplaces,           story brick fireplace, eat-in kitchen, private
   The PERFECT beach home.          $1,299,000      herb garden & flagstone terrace overlooking            bedroom wing w/deck, rec room opens to
                                                    lake.                            $599,000             screened porch.                   $480,000

                                                                                                                NEW L

   Porter Beach. Small Ralph Lauren-style           Beverly Shores. Going green? What better way
   cabin with OUTSTANDING Lake Michigan             to make your lakefront home very AFFORDABLE           Beverly Shores. Extraordinary lakefront custom
   views and privacy. Hike the path along the       than to generate your own electricity from wind       beach home on .86 Acre corner lot. Built in
                                                    turbine regulated by Lake Michigan winds. This
   beach, climb the stairs to this remote little    beautiful contemporary has an open floor plan          2000. Designed by Tom Forman & Ed Noonan.
   hide-away. 2 deeded parking spaces.              w/views of Lake Michigan from every room.             Steps to beach.                   $1,699,000
                                     $375,000       Steps to great beach.              $1,150,000

                  in    May
   Open S 2-4 p.m.

   Beverly Shores. NEW CONSTRUCTION.                Beverly Shores. THE MOST WELL KNOWN                   Beverly Shores. JUST STEPS TO THE BEACH,
   Location - Location - Location. Just around      BARTLETT MEDITERRANEAN STYLE STUCCO in                this lovely ‘like new’ 4 level home offers an open
   the corner from the beach, this warm, rustic     Beverly Shores. Showcased in many architectural       floor plan that is so perfect for everyday living,
   contemporary features open great room            and design magazines, this absolutely lovely home     guests & entertaining. Superb decorating, lots of
   w/stainless steel & granite in kitchen, family   is in ‘move-in’ condition. Beautifully restored and   sleep space, fireplace, bonus party room w/deck
   room, 4 bedrooms/3 baths, 2 fireplaces,           enhanced with lush landscaping, in-ground pool,       overlooking lake. Well equipped kitchen w/granite
   decks, balcony & screened porch. $749,000        outdoor bar & casita/guest house.         $789,000    & SS, 2nd floor laundry, library.         $850,000

 Donna Hofmann
 Coldwell Banker                                                 RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE
 219-926-4553 /
 Preview these and other fine properties online at

Page 14                                                                                             May 15, 2008
                                                                National Veterans Awareness Ride

          2008 Notre Dame
           Parish Festival                                      The Wall Gang, a group of motorcycle enthusi-
                                                             asts, will be hosting the National Veterans Aware-
        Thurs., May 29 • 3-8 p.m.                            ness Ride in Michigan City just before Memorial
         Fri., May 30 • 3-10 p.m.                            Day. A group of riders from LaPorte County will ride
     Sat., May 31 • 10 a.m.-10 p.m.                          to Sacramento, California to start this patriotic trip
                                                             across the northern part of the United States.
      Sun., June 1 • 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
                                                                The National Veterans Awareness Ride is a 10 day
       $5.00 cover Charge for Adult Admission                ride from Sacramento to Washington DC through
                   (21 and over)                             the scenic Heartland of America. The ride was
                                                             started in 2005 to remember and honor all veter-
                  Thrilling Rides                            ans, not only those who have served, but those who
 • Spinning Apple, bumper cars, and a ride that              are presently serving. The mission is also to honor
   drops 5 stories to name a few.                            those who are unaccounted for such as Prisoners of
                                                             War (POW), Missing in Action (MIA), or those Killed
 • Hologram coded passes will be sold for $15 after
   mass on Sat. (4:30 pm) and Sun. (9:30 am) until           in Action (KIA). Educating the younger generations
   May 20th. Redeem them for a unlimited ride brace-         about the cost of freedom and promoting healing for
   let for one day…only 300 will be sold                     all veterans is also part of the mission.
                                                                The National Veterans Awareness Ride will be ar-
            Musical Entertainment                            riving in Michigan City with 125 to 150 riders on
                                                             Tues., May 20th at approximately 4 p.m. They will
 • “Mr Blotto” - Fri., 6:30-10 p.m.
                                                             be traveling north on US Highway 421 (Franklin
 • Midnight - Sat., 6-10 p.m.                                Street) to Washington Park to the Danny Bruce Me-
                                                             morial. There they will have a ceremony with a 21
 • Big Band Sound of the Don McLain Orchestra
   - Sun., 5-8 p.m.                                          gun salute accompanied by several local Veterans
                    Great Food                                  The National Veterans Awareness Ride will be
                                                             leaving Michigan City on Wed., May 21st, from the
 • Beef Sandwich Dinner from Ye Olde Benny’s on
                                                             V.F.W. Post #2536 on Earl Road. They will have a
                                                             ceremony at 7 a.m. and will be leaving to continue
 • Tasty Pasta Dinner on Saturday                            their ride at 8 a.m. The route from the V.F.W. will
                                                             be east on Coolspring Avenue to Franklin Street.
 • Notre Dame Grill on Sunday will offer Hamburgers,
   Hot Dogs and Brats throughout the day. Also Corn          There will be a police escort from the V.F.W., east on
   Dogs, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Elephant Ears will           Coolspring and south on Franklin Street (US High-
   be available from other vendors                           way 412). They will continue south on US Highway
                                                             421 through Westville, Wanatah and LaCrosse and
                  Silent Auction                             they will have a lot of patriotic support from the res-
                                                             idents and school children in the small south county
 • Bid on Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawk tickets,
   Honda Metropolitan Motor Scooters, Dinner &               towns.
   Hotel Packages and lots of Golf! Saturday only.              The public is invited and encouraged to come out
                                                             and show their support for these Veterans as the
                        Raffle                                riders leave on their mission to Washington DC.
     Grand Prize $3,000 • Second Prize $1,000                The Wall Gang would like to see the public line the
          Five additional $500 Drawings                      streets, bringing flags and helping to show these
                  Tickets $10 each
                                                             Veterans that they are respected for what they have
    FOR MORE INFORMATION, PHONE 878-8829                     given for America’s freedom and that they are not

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                                                   Page 15

      40240 WILDERNESS DUNES LN, COVERT                            8421 HERON LAKE HILL, NEW CARLISLE                                 11479 MARQUETTE, NEW BUFFALO
   Lake Michigan lake front, low bluff, fire lane 9, guest      Offered as 67-acre family compound w4BR/4BA high quality        100’ on Lake MI in Riviera assoc. Charming 5BR/4BA beach
   quarters, pool, private. $3,475,000                          country home. $2,450,000                                        house. $2,250,000
   Linda Folk                              Gail Lowrie                                Donna Iwamoto                      

             2 RIVER BLUFF, NEW BUFFALO                                     14874 LAKESIDE, LAKESIDE                                     1157 E 600 NORTH - LAPORTE
   Designed by Margaret McCurry with 4BR/3.5BA on 2.8           Custom home with 7BR, wine storage room, stainless steel        10 Acres w/5BR/4BA brick home, 2 fps & pool. Quality
   acres on Galien River. $1,395,000                            appliances. $1,249,000                                          craftsmanship & finishes. $950,000
   Donna Iwamoto/Karen Strohl              Teri Maki                                  Bobbie J. Cavic                    

            12885 LAKELAND DR, SAWYER                                11620 PROSPECT DR, NEW BUFFALO                                  420 POKAGON, MICHIANA SHORES
   Tucked in the dunes. Tibberon - community of 10 homes with   3BR/2.5BA on the Galien River, fabulous views, docks, lower     Michiana beaches short stroll, 3BR/2BA, 2 car garage,
   own 475’ private beach. $915,000                             level walkout & private beach access. $849,900                  screen porch, large wooded lot. $329,000
   Gail Lowrie                             Debbie Jacobson                            Bobbie J. Cavic                   

             4177 E 900 NORTH, LAPORTE                                   1530 MICHIGAN AVE, LAPORTE                                     123 S TAYLOR ST, NEW BUFFALO
   4BR/2BA retreat on five acres. Many upgrades, in-ground      LaPorte’s historic Michigan Ave. Residence and/or investment.   Special 2BR cottage w/new interior & appliances on 2 lots.
   pool. $329,000                                               Call for details. $299,000                                      Walk to beach. $235,000
   Gail Lowrie                             Bobbie J. Cavic                            Betty Ramsey                       
                                                                                                                                                                                Page 16

                                                                                                                                                    PROBABLY THE
                                                                                                                                                    BEST DEAL IN
                                                                                                                                                    HISTORY            ON THE

Create your own furniture at
Right now, creating the living
                                 Choose your               Then
                                                              we reduce the Then
room of your dreams is easy...   furniture and
       and affordable.                                     price by 2 grades we take an
 We’re offering great savings    fabric from
  on our finest collections.                               below the original price of the
    You’ll find every style
   imaginable... all in your
 choice of over 1,000 fabrics
                                 1 2
                                 the Norwalk
                                 product line
                                                           fabric the customer requests - A
                                                                                                                                     3 additional
        and leathers.            Including Joe Ruggiero,
                                                           2 grade reduction would equal                                               30% OFF
    Shop now during this
                                 Candice Olson and
LIMITED TIME EVENT                                         $200 OR MORE OFF                                                            the reduced price...
 and we’ll have your choices     NINETEEN02.
custom covered, backed by a      Excluding J.Raymond       the original price of a sofa!                                               for Tremendous Savings!
limited lifetime warranty and
   ready in about 30 days.             QUALITY, SERVICE                                                                                            It all adds up to
                                      AND GOOD PRICES                                                                                              THE BEST VALUE
SALE ENDS AT                      Delivered With A Smile!                                                                                          at NATURALLY WOOD!
 3:00 P.M. ON
   MONDAY,                                                                                                                                         LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE
                                                                                                                                                   We are your LOCAL
  JUNE 2nd                          INTEREST                                                                                                       SOURCE for
       All orders                                            MORE THAN JUST A FURNITURE STORE                                                      Serta™
                                                             1106 E US HWY 20, Michigan City •
     MUST BE IN                    FREE                      (219) 872-6501 or 1-800-606-8035 • Mon. - Thur. 9:30 - 6, Fri. 9:30 - 8, Sat. 9 - 6
  BY 3:00 PM SHARP                 FINANCING
     ON 6/2/08!                     AVAILABLE                OPEN SUNDAY MAY 18th 12 - 4 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008                                                                                                           Page 17
       “Acrylic Abstracts” at SSAA
    The Southern Shore Art Association is pleased
to announce the opening of “Acrylic Abstracts,”
paintings by artist Edwin H. Levitin. Ed paints
in a style that features bright colors and abstract
designs that makes his work unique among local
artists; you would have to go to Chicago or another
large city to see comparable work. The show runs
                                                         Cabinets _ Carpet _ Ceramic Tile _ Wood _ Countertops _ Closets _ Blinds
from May 16-June 1. The public is invited to an
opening reception to meet the artist on Sat., May
17th, 4-7 p.m.
   The second annual juried art exhibit “VISIONS
II” will run August 1- 29 and is open to all artists.
To receive and entry form, send a stamped, self ad-
dressed envelope to: The Southern Shore Art Asso-
ciation, P. O. Box 354, Michigan City, IN. 46361.
   Critiques are held the second Thursday of each
month open to all artists who may bring up to two
pieces to be critiqued. The public is also invited to
join in. Starting time is 6:30 p.m.
                                                         with these great buys…
   The Southern Shore Gallery is located at 724
Franklin St. (between 7th and 8th St.), Michigan          CARPETING                               KITCHEN
City. Gallery hours are Fridays 4-7 p.m. and Sat-          ON SALE                                CABINETS
urdays/Sundays noon-5 p.m. If you have any ques-
tions you may call or email Gallery Director Jimmy
                                                         $99.00 whole house                        ON SALE
Duke Johnston at 219-861-0186 email jimmyduke@
                                                          installation of select                 Saco Kitchen Cabinets
                                                                carpeting                       Marsh Kitchen Cabinets
                                                           Choose from Berber, Plush,           Holiday Kitchen Cabinets
                                                            Frieze Carpet from leading
                                                                    carpet mill.                  SAVE up to 60%
Krasl Art Center Summer Video Series                     $ 99.00 Installation cost does not    Also Save on Countertops,
   The Krasl Art Center announces the summer              include Installation of carpet on    Granite, Laminate, Quartz,
Noon Video Series, which begins on Wed., June 4,          steps, moving furniture, or take           Meganite etc…
                                                         up, or removal of old carpeting…
and runs through Wed., June 25, with the next se-        Price does not include carpet, or
ries beginning in the fall. The series provides both                 padding…
entertainment and education about artists, current
exhibits, and their techniques. The videos, shown
each Wednesday at Noon in the Krasl Art Center
Library, will be hosted by artist and educator Lorie        FLOORING                              LAMINATE
Jesperson, who will introduce the video and moder-
ate a short discussion afterwards. The series is free
                                                             ON SALE                              FLOORING
                                                               Life styles
and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to
                                                              Wood Flooring                        ON SALE
bring a sack lunch; coffee is provided.                                                           Jacksonville Plank
                                                            25 YEAR WARRANTY
   June 4: Painting on Location: St. Joseph Light-               3/4” x 3-1/2”                   27 YEAR WARRANTY
house                                                        #1 common & better                 Natural V-Groove, 12 mm
   June 11: Portrait of an Artist: Ben Nicholson         prefinished MAPLE flooring                 Natural loc, no glue,
   June 18: Painters Painting: The New York Art              20.00 sf per carton                   13.78 sf per carton
Scene 1940-1970
                                                           Now… $4.97 sq ft                      Now… $2.99 sq ft
   June 25: Castakis the Collector
   These videos will help visitors discover and inter-
pret artwork in the galleries. Current exhibitions
include Lighthouse Photography by Gary Martin,
Abstract Landscape Paintings by Steven Moss, and
Tension Sculptures by Patrick McKearnan. Exhib-          By the beach…
its are on view May 23 through June 20.
   The Krasl Art Center, 707 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph,         1014 N. Karwick Rd. Karwick Plaza
MI, is open Mon.-Wed., Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.;                Michigan City, IN 46360
Thurs., 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Sun. 1-4 p.m.                   Call 219-878-1720 • Fax 219-878-9141
   For more information, contact the Krasl Art Cen-                  Email:
ter at 269-983-0271, or go to

Page 18                                                                                        May 15, 2008
                               “Water Walkers” Make Stop at IFG
  “Sometimes,” said Tom Anderson, Director of           moving the women along. One or two women carry
the Save the Dunes Council, “when an opportunity        the staff and water several hundred yards, toward
comes by, you just have to make time for it.” The       one of their cars parked beside the road. The bucket
Mother Earth Water Walkers were coming to Michi-        is transferred from one woman to the next without
gan City. Sometimes referred to as “the grandmoth-      allowing the water to stop moving. Tradition de-
ers,” a group of Anishinabe women from Thunder          crees that the woman carrying the water must be
Bay, Ontario, have been walking around the Great        wearing a skirt.
Lakes with a bucket of water, since 2003. For a few        Lisa Gerardi, Friendship Gardens volunteer, met
weeks, each summer, the copper bucket is carried        the Walkers as they were about to cross into Indiana
by the women to promote the simple message, “Our        from Michigan. “Would you honor us by carrying the
water is not for sale.”                                 water and walking with us?” asked Josephine Man-
                                                        damine, the Elder from Wikwemikong Unceded Na-
                                                        tion who has led the walks. “How could I refuse,”
                                                        says Lisa. The women put Lisa’s car in the relay
                                                        sequence and provided her with a skirt. They let her
                                                        out of the car ahead of the oncoming walker. Lisa
                                                        and the walker shared the weight of the bucket till
                                                        Lisa had fitted into the stride. Then Lisa carried it
                                                        for several hundred yards until another walker fell
                                                        in step beside her, accepting the bucket and then
                                                        walking on. And so it goes, mile after mile. “The
                                                        bucket is really heavy,” Lisa said.
                                                           At the beginning of the walk, the bucket was
                                                        filled with water from a Lake near the Anishinabe
                                                        home. The water was poured into Lake Michigan.
                                                        Now, when the bucket is filled from Lake Michigan,
                                                        it also has some of the water from the home lake.
                                                        The group’s motto is, “Our water is not for sale.”
                                                           Jeanette Neagu, local Great Lakes water ac-
  Tom Anderson and Erin Crofton of the Save the
Dunes Council and Steve Barker of the ecological        tivist explains that Indiana has passed the Great
services company, J.F. New, took time from their        Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources
usual tasks to coordinate the visit to Michigan City.   Compact with implementation language which will
The walkers request an evening “feast” and, when        protect the Great Lakes from diversions out of the
possible, a place to stay, from the groups that wel-    Watershed. More states must sign to put the bill
come them along the way. International Friend-          into effect. The Coast Guard bill, that would bring
ship Gardens offered their site for the Feast. A good   new protections against the invasive species carried
spring cleaning was given to the big green Service      by foreign ballast water has been passed by the U.S.
Center on Highway 12 that houses the winter of-         House of Representatives. “We all need to work on
fice, shop and tractors so diners could eat out of the   getting the Senate to pass the Coast Guard bill and
rain.                                                   encourage Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsyl-
  Time became fluid as the Water Walkers were pre-       vania to pass the Compact,” Neagu says. She is our
dicted to arrive on Friday, May 1st. On Wednesday,      water walker.
the arrival time was changed to Thursday. But as           Meanwhile, back at Friendship Gardens, the
Thursday wore along, it was clear that they would       footsore women arrived for lunch. Garden volun-
not make Michigan City. In St. Joseph, Michigan,        teers joined them in a mini-feast. An invitation to
they decided to stop walking and come by car for the    tour the Gardens – riding in golf carts, was eagerly
feast. Six walkers and a teenage son and a grandson     accepted.
arrived at Friendship Gardens around 6 PM and              “We do it for the water, for the earth, for the ani-
enjoyed the feast prepared by Save the Dunes mem-       mals, for the insects, for the trees, for all the two
bers. They visited for awhile before returning to St.   leggeds. To remind all those we came across, that
Joseph for the night, with an invitation to stop by     the walk was for them. Not us. The walk was for
Friendship Gardens the next day for lunch as they       the next generations, we walked with the water for
walked through Michigan City.                           them also. They will know, as Mother Earth knows
  The Water Walkers walk forty miles on a typical       that we walked with the water for all of creation,”
day. The heavy copper water bucket and the ceremo-      Josephine said. The Michigan City teens were wear-
nial staff with the young eagle and Canadian and        ing walking skirts. The next generation was ready
American flags are carried in relay, with three cars     to do their part.

May 15, 2008                                                                            Page 19

                    Memorial Day weekend
                    Train Station Tent Sale.
               Deals so big, we had to get a tent.
      Okay, maybe we just want to feel like we’re on safari.

                     50%-80% discounts
       on men’s and women’s first quality, samples, seconds and discontinued clothing.

               Friday, May 23rd - Sunday May 25th • 10am-7pm.
                            1 Oak Street, Three Oaks, MI

                               Credit card or cash only. Sorry, no checks.

Page 20                                                                                                 May 15, 2008
                                                                  Chesterton’s own 7th grader, Sky Kintzel, will be
                                                               making his directorial debut when “Into the Woods,
     OUR NEW SEASONAL FEATURE.                                 Jr.” takes center stage.
                                                                   WHEN: Sat., May 17th 8 p.m. and Sun., May
        Lunch, every day of the week.                          18th at 2 p.m.
                                                                  WHERE: El Nopal Restaurant and Theater – 110
                                                               W. 9th Street, Michigan City, IN
                                                                  TICKETS: $10 at the door or phone 219.808.7910
                                                               to reserve seats or for information.
                                                                  Sky Kintzel is a vet-
                                                               eran actor performing
                                                               at Mainstreet Theater
                                                               in Michigan City and
                                                               Memorial Opera House
                                                               in Valparaiso. He’s ap-
                                                               peared in about 10 differ-
                                                               ent productions includ-
                                                               ing “Annie,” “Aladdin
                                                               Jr.,” “Children of Eden,”
                                                               and most recently the
                                                               leading role of Horton in
                                                               “Seussical the Musical.”
                                                                  To prepare for “Into
                                                               the Woods, Jr.” Sky has
                                                               spent countless hours
                                                               studying the scripts, arranging blocking and chore-
                                                               ography, creating costumes, visualizing sets, cast-
                                                               ing and directing rehearsals. Additionally, he will
                                                               be acting in the production as well.
                                                                  Of the 14 total actors, four other performers are
                                                               7th graders from Chesterton Middle School: Kiera
                                                               Quealy as the Baker’s Wife, Jeff Dehenes as Jack,
                                                               Molly Cannon as Jack’s mom, and Jackie Leavitt as
                  artisan comfort cuisine
                                                               Little Red Riding Hood. The other actors are from
                                                               Michigan City and will be acting, dancing, and sing-
  waterfront dining • lunch and dinner daily • 269.469.1699
                                                               ing solos. The production is entertaining for all ages
 600 W. Water St., New Buffalo, MI •
                                                               and all are welcome to attend.

                                          • Approx. 1 acre     • Pier for a boat
                                            on Long Lake       • Located on
                                            (86 acre lake in     private dead end
                                            Valparaiso)          street
                                          • 4 bedrooms,        • Lake views from
                                            41/2 baths           every room
                                          • Custom maple       • All bedrooms
                                            cabinets and         have full baths
                                            granite counter      and walk-in
                                            tops                 closets
                                                               • 5” maple
                                          • Commercial           flooring in entire
                                            appliances           house
  $699,000                   3600 sq. ft. • Soaring ceilings   • New                 $649,000             3400 sq. ft.
                                             in every room       construction

                            Offered by SOUTH           SHORE BUILDERS INC.
  219-241-7909 or 219-241-7908                                                            Real Estate Agents Welcomed

May 15, 2008         Page 21

Page 22                                                                                       May 15, 2008
                                                         Guitarist Pamela Chappell in Concert
  Travel with Edgerton’s                                   Singer/songwriter Pamela Chappell returns to
                                                        the Box Factory for the Arts stage on Sat., May 17
    and be Pampered!                                    at 8 p.m. MI time. A seasoned performer with a gift
                                                        for capturing the hearts of her listeners, Pamela
                                                        will perform solo with her guitar. Her music ranges
          Where are we going??                          from gentle to powerful and from humorous to pro-
                                                        foundly touching.
 Glacier Park &                                            Pamela, a performer from the tender age of 8, has
                                                        sung her way into the hearts of countless people in
 Canadian Rockies                                       a wide range of venues. Her music is acoustic with a
 by Rail                                                strong folk influence, and shades of jazz and blues.
 June 23- July 3                                        She has also performed standards, pop, and show
                                                        tunes, and has graced the stage as a fine actor in
                                                        dozens of productions. She has a wide repertoire of
 Inside Passage Cruise                                  children’s music too, and loves singing with and for
 to Alaska                                              people of all ages.
 July 25 - August 2                                        She has recorded four vocal CDs and one CD of
                                                        guided meditations, which was created in collabo-
 Alaska in Depth                                        ration with the Reverend Margie Towne Kivel. She
                                                        also has an original song, “What If We Are One” on
 August 20 - September 6
                                                        a compilation CD devoted to raising funds for the
                                                        restoration of a dome home where R. Buckminster
 California Coast &                                     Fuller once lived.
 Wine Country                                              Chappell’s newest CD, “A Little Sunshine”, is a
 September 17-27                                        collection of songs for the family. The companion
                                                        book, A Little Sunshine for Teachers is on how to
                                                        integrate music into a balanced literacy program.
 Fall Foliage Cruise                                    Other CDs include “Coming Down Easy,” jazz, blues
 October 4-12                                           and folk music; “Joy in my Heart,” spiritual and
                                                        metaphysical themes; and “Everything is Alright,”
 Rhine River Cruise                                     love songs, ballads, and folk songs.
 October 16-28                                             A performer for five decades, she has graced stag-
                                                        es in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.
 Spain                                                     Tickets are $8; $6 for students and seniors, age 60
                                                        and up. Children under 12 are admitted free when
 November 6-14                                          accompanied by an adult.
                                                  or 269-983-3688.
 Alpine Christmas
 November 28- December 5
                                                                     Bookmarks at Noon
 Christmas Spectacular to Williamsburg
                                                           The next program in this popular series at the
 and Nashville            December 11-17                Michigan City Public Library will be May 16. The
                                                        Widow’s War by Sally Gunning will be reviewed by
                                                        Betty Canright from the Chesterton Tribune.
                                                           The story tells of Lyddie, an 18th century whal-
                                                        er’s wife from Satucket, Massachusetts. She lives a
                                                        daily life of uncertainty and keeps house while her
                                                        husband is gone for long periods. When her worst
                                                        fear is realized and her husband does not return,
                                                        she finds herself facing overwhelming grief. In ad-
   Please contact Martha or Leann in LaPorte at         dition, her property is legally in the hands of her
       (219) 362-8502 or (800) 634-3437                 nearest male relative, her son-in-law, an over-bear-
                                                        ing man whom Lyddie can’t tolerate. Lyddie decides
                       to challenge custom and law for control of her own
               or visit our office at                    destiny. She soon finds her bold “war” for personal
         801 Indiana Ave., LaPorte, IN                  freedom to be heart breaking.
                                                           This program is free and open to the public.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                              Page 23

                                                                                             Friendly, Honest,
                                                                                           Excellent Reputation
                                                                                         And Value - Just for You!
                                                                                         Professional Auto Service
                                                                                              You Can Trust

                                                                                                       Mikail Pinette

                                                                                       A BOSCH AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER

   “I have always been able to count on the folks at Classic Imports to take great
  care of my car. Mikail and his staff are always courteous and professional. The
     job is done right the first time, and for the right price, too.” - Hillary Bubb
                                                                                         Classic                           Harbert          Sawyer

          Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Porsche,                                                Imports                      Lakeside

          Audi, Saab, and Jaguar Owners:                                                                              12
                                                                                                                                 Three Oaks
            Specialized Independent Service Just For You!                                                        New Buffalo
                                                                                            Michiana               Michigan

                      The Dealership Alternative                                              12

  Except for warranty work and recall, you never have to go back to the dealership                                                           80 90

 for service or maintenance. We can do it all,right here.                                                       39

          • 100% Customer Satisfaction               • Personal Service
                                                                                        Michigan                                 20

          • Honesty and Intergity                    • Shuttle Service
                                                                                        Citypast 2135 I have specialized in your fine
                                                                                        For the    years
                                                                                       European car and in you, the European car owner. From
                          • Family owned and operated                                  dealer training to years of experience, we know you and
                                                                                        your car. We are dedicated to making you happy and
 18777 WEST U.S. 12 • NEW BUFFALO, MI 49117 TEL 269-469-2007 • FAX 269-469-6271                 keeping your car running to perfection.
                       E-mail:                                          -Mikail Pinette

       Introducing! Classic Car Wash
                                                                   On U.S. Hwy. 12
                                                             At Karwick Rd., Michigan City
                                                              Across from Al’s Market - Karwick
                                                                    Token Special: $30 for $20
                                                                       Call (219) 874-4357
                                                             Touchless Automatic, Self-Serve Manual Lanes,
                                                                   Vacuums and Shampoo Machines

Page 24                                                                                                     May 15, 2008
    Bringing Heart Health Awareness                                    Book Signing at the Lubeznik Center
                                                                         The Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W. 2nd St.,
                                                                      Michigan City, will host a book signing event on Sat.,
                                                                      May 17, 4–6 p.m. featuring author and Elston High
                                                                      School graduate Diane Grams. She will be joined by
                                                                      her husband and the book’s photographer, Timothy
                                                                      D. Lace. The pair maintains a home in Michigan
                                                                      City. More information at 874-4900.
                                                                         The book, Entering Cultural Communities, Di-
                                                                      versity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts, (Rut-
                                                                      gers University Press) is based on more than 200
                                                                      interviews with leaders from arts institutions from
                                                                      throughout the U.S. who share the secrets to their
                                                                      success in attracting larger audiences for a variety
                                                                      of arts programs.
                                                                         The book, released May 15 in Chicago at the Har-
                                                                      ris Theater in Millennium Park has been praised as:
                                                                      “A magnificent and timely account of how cultural
                                                                      institutions grapple with engaging their audience.
                                                                      Brimming with ideas and data and beautifully writ-
      Jim Clarke accepting donation to 2Big Hearts Foundation         ten, this book is perfect for students, practitioners,
         from Ron Farina, CEO New Buffalo Savings Bank                and researchers.” —David Halle, professor of sociol-
   New Buffalo Savings Bank has been a financial                       ogy, University of California, Los Angeles
supporter of 2 BigHearts Foundation since 2005                           Grams graduated from Elston in 1976 among
and is proud to continue sponsorship of its fundrais-                 the top in her class. She took classes from longtime
ing events. The annual 5K Run/Walk is coming up                       Elston art teacher, Pat Brubeck and was among the
on Saturday, May 24th, in Long Beach.                                 high school yearbook photographers. During her
   Jim Clarke is the founder of 2 BigHearts, an or-                   undergraduate career at Indiana University, she
ganization devoted to increasing awareness of the                     worked as an intern at the Michigan City News-
inherent dangers of undiagnosed heart disease in                      Dispatch. Among articles was an interview with
women. Since its inception, 2 BigHearts Founda-                       Chicago Mayoral Candidate Jane Byrne who spoke
tion has made a significant contribution to the com-                   in Michigan City in 1978 early in her winning elec-
munity. It has been instrumental in saving lives by                   tion campaign.
partnering with hospitals, primarily LaPorte Hos-                        After winning a scholarship to a competitive sum-
pital, to provide free cardiovascular screenings for                  mer arts program at Skowhegan School of Painting
hundreds of women. Some participants were found                       and Sculpture in Skowhegan, Maine in 1980, she
to have previously undiagnosed heart conditions                       went on to complete her undergraduate degree at
and then directed to their physicians for interven-                   IU in fine arts with a minor in journalism in 1981.
tion and care. One such screening was held at New                     Grams earned her doctorate in the sociology of orga-
Buffalo Savings Bank in 2007.                                         nizations and culture from Loyola University, Chi-
   To register for the Memorial Weekend 5K Run/                       cago in 2004. She is presently a professor at Tulane
Walk, and learn more about the mission of the 2                       University in New Orleans where she teaches and
BigHearts Foundation, go to                        conducts research on local culture.

                                                                              Long Beach Park Program
                                                                         The Long Beach Park Program will start on Mon.,
           Vesper Chorale Concert                                     June 30th, 9 a.m. to noon. This 6 week program will
   On Sun., May 18, 3 p.m., the Vesper Chorale will                   run until Fri., August 8th. Sign-ups will take place
present a concert at the First United Methodist                       in front of the Long Beach Community Center, rain
Church, 1225 Michigan Ave., LaPorte.                                  or shine; also applications will be available at Town
   The Vesper Chorale is celebrating its 15th anni-                   Hall and Community Center. This is a free program
versary as a performing group under the direction                     for all Long Beach residents’ ages 5-11. If you are
of Wishart Bell.                                                      not a resident of Long Beach, you are still invited to
   The program will contain music by American com-                    come and join in on the fun, however there will be
posers Aaron Copland, Randall Thompson, Samuel                        a charge of $25 per family. We have a fun staff that
Barber, Howard Hanson and Duke Ellington.                             is really looking forward to showing your children
   Admission will be free, but a free will offering will              a great time! The director this year is Holly Apple-
be taken in order to defray expenses.                                 gate. Questions: phone the Town Hall at 874-6616.

May 15, 2008                                                             Page 25

    Angelo     The Garden Center
    Bernacchi         is Open!
    Greenhouses Visit our LaPorte location -
        Growin’ Our Own Since 1906
                                     We have all you need for Spring!
    1010 Fox Street, LaPorte, IN
    219-362-6202 • 800-759-0978
       Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30 (CST)
         Saturday 8:30-4:00          Annuals • Vegetables • Perennials
         Sunday 10:00-4:00
                                            Ornamental T rees      Hanging Baskets • Combo Pots…

Page 26                                                                                                  May 15, 2008

                                                                     The Whistle Pigs Featured on June 6
  “Rings on her fingers and bells
                                                                       The Whistle Pigs are the featured performers at
  on her toes,                                                      the season opener of Music in the Gardens, taking
                                                                    place from 5 to 8:30 p.m. EST on Fri., June 6 at the
  She shall have music wherever                                     Center for History, 808 W. Washington St., South
                                                                    Bend. The event is co-hosted by the Center and 88.1
  she goes”                                                         WVPE Public Radio. Sponsors are the Center for
                                                                    Hospice and Palliative Care and NIPSCO.
  Rubinkam Studio is the new                                           The Whistle Pigs band continues the tradition of
  SW Michigan headquarters for                                      versatile musical offerings including contemporary,
  Switchflops... fun art for your                                   classic rock, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Entertain-
  tootsies. Exquisitely made                                        ing Michiana audiences of all ages since 1993, these
  with interchangeable strap                                        entertainers provide a polished and exciting musi-
  tops to give you a new look                                       cal experience.
  any time day or night.

  So along with our fine art and
  interesting jewelry we can
  deck you out like the Queen whether you're going to
  Banbury Cross or just to Al's.

                                      109 N. Barton Street
                                    New Buffalo On The Lake

  STUDIO/GALLERY                      Open Daily at 11am               A seven-piece dance band, the Whistle Pigs are a
       269.469.1620                  Thur-Sat Open ‘til 9pm         close-knit family of musicians who have performed
                                                                    with The Temptations, Drifters, Four Tops, The Plat-
                                                                    ters, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Mack, Pinetop Perkins,
                                                                    Bobby Vinton, Mary Wilson and The Supremes, The
                                                                    Birds, Lonnie Brooks, War, The Fabulous Thunder-
                                                                    birds, Atlanta Rhythm Section and America.
                            Our comprehensive services include:        The lush grounds of Copshaholm provide a per-
                            • Physical Therapy Services             fect setting for Music in the Gardens. Copshaholm
                                                                    is the 1896 home built for industrialist J. D. Oli-
                            • Manual Therapy
                                                                    ver and his family. The mansion’s surrounding 2 1⁄2
                            • Arthritis Pool
                                                                    acres of gardens, in full bloom at this time of year,
                            • Medical Exercise Therapy
                                                                    offer a fragrant backdrop to the evening of music.
                            • Pre and Post Joint
                              Replacement Therapy                      Complimentary first floor tours of the Oliver
                                                                    Mansion will be available at Music in the Gardens.
                   Physical Therapy and                             Guests can also view the Center for History’s new-
                                                                    est exhibits, 100 Years of Design, R.I.P. - Victorian
                   Wellness Services                                Mourning Customs, and Lost Landmarks: Then and
                            •   Comprehensive Wellness Program
                                                                       Guests are invited to bring lawn chairs or blan-
                            •   Weight Loss Program
                                                                    kets. Food and beverages will be sold. No carry-in
                            •   Athletic Performance Training
                                                                    foods or beverages are permitted. The event will be
                            •   Injury Prevention
                                                                    held rain or shine. Corporate table packages may be
                            •   Work Sport Injuries
                                                                    purchased by calling the Center for History.
                            •   Back and Neck Pain
                                                                       (574) 235-9664 or

                                                                       Great Books at MC Public Library
                        Woodland Wellness
                                                                      The May 28 meeting of Great Books discussion
                                                                    group meets at 6 p.m. at Michigan City Public Li-
                                           (219) 872-2933           brary. The book for the month is The Leopard by
                                                                    Giuseppe di Lampedusa. New members invited to
 8865 West 400 North, Suite 122 | Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                    attend. More information at 873-3049.

May 15, 2008                     Page 27

                       Enter PIN 11
                                                                            THE                                                                                                                                                                THE

Page 28                                                                                                                               May 15, 2008                             May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                     Page 29
                                                                                                                                   Spring Cleaning at the Zoo by Janet Baines
                                                                                                 I went down to the lake this particular Satur-                               As I wandered around the zoo there were
                                                                                              day morning for a walk because I was going stir                              groups everywhere raking, shoveling, sweeping,
                                                                                              crazy. When I pulled into the park there was a                               carting away debris-all working very hard as a
                                                                                              sign that said “Comcast Cares”. I asked the atten-                           team to finish the task. It was also interesting
                                                                                              dant at the entrance to the beach what it meant                              to watch the reaction of the animals, some could
                                                                                              and he explained that the Comcast staff, families                            care less but the ostriches were at a loss as to
                                                                                              and friends were cleaning up the zoo today. So, I                            how to supervise everything, walking from one
                                                                                              grabbed my camera and followed the crowds of                                 end of their enclosure to another, looking out
                                                                                              people into the zoo. It was a blast. The day was                             over the goings on.
                                                                                              beautiful and there were people of all ages all                                 It was a walk down memory lane as I walked
 I came
         a                                                                                    over the place. I discovered the volunteers were                             up and down the paths that weave through the
 Jacob cross these tw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             undin
        &                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     urro
clearin Angel, workin o young peo                                                             joined in the task of cleaning the zoo by groups                             zoo, some of which were full of mud, leaves, twigs                                                                                           eds s
       g               g          ple,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the b Island.
steps to debris from th very hard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                g
         the tow       e                                                                      from the Moose, Rotary, MCHS R.O.T.C., and                                   and other debris which had collected there over                                                                                 tifyin onkey
                 er.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Beau       M
                                                                                              some Boy Scouts. I believe I heard there were                                the winter.                                                    A vie
                                                                                       t his                                                                                                                                                    w
                                                                              brough                                                                                                                                                       path of the tow
                                                                    sA dams II t for the job! some churches represented too. I came across a                                  I made it all the way up to the tower and was                     s on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the h er from o
                                                             Charle – just righ                                                                                                                                                                           ill ab
                                                                   ke                         Comcast Rep, Rich Ruggiero, VP of Communica-                                 disappointed to find it locked up, but still amazed                                    ove t ne of the
                                                            own ra                                                                                                                                                                                                    he zo
                                                                                              tions and Public Affairs, who explained that to-                             at how different it looked since I was last there.                                               o.
                                                                                              day, May 3, there were events taking place all                               (Don’t ask how long ago that was!)
                                                                                              over Illinois and Northwest Indiana, but Michi-                                 It was so encouraging to see so many willing
                                                                                                 gan City’s was the largest turnout of them all.                           to give up a Saturday to work so hard to improve
                                                                                                   Comcast Cares is an annual day of service                               the appearance of a local landmark.
                                                                                                   that started in Philadelphia in 1997 and was                               If you or anyone you know would like to take
                                                                                                    expanded nationwide in 2001.                                           part next year, contact your local Comcast office.

                                   CHS rt.
                             the M     pa
                     to help, do their
             E ager ame to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The tea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                armed ms enter the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and rea        zo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               dy to w o

                                                                                                 oma                                                                                                                                                                          s we
                                                                                           en fr                                                                                                                                                                          roup
                                                                                    as se                                                                                                                                                                             g
                                                                               astle hillside.                                                                                                                                                                 ll age .
                                                                         tary n the                                                                                                                                                                      ee, a      ed
                                                               Th   e Ro      o                                                                                                                                                                you can s present
                                                                                                                                                                            The os                                                        As            re
                                                                                                                                                                                  trich ke
                                                                                                                Clearing branches, weeds, leaves and other                                eps a s
                                                                                                                          garbage from a hillside.                                         goings arp eye on all
                                                                                                                                                                                                  on.            the

                                                e Ro
                                          of th
                                  oth ers, en up the
                            with o bright
                       long        t          .
                 ite, a int roller ry Castle
            t Wh        a
        gare ields a p f the Rota
     Mar b w                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               M
                      eo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rich R ike Dempsey
       Clu     insid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       uggiero           o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   , V.P., C f WEFM inte
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             o           rv
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Affairs mmunication iews
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           for Com       s and P
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cast.         ublic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       g away
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of tree
                                                                                                            o                                                                                                                                                       trunks.
                                                                                                    was als
                                                                                            lanting ting tubs
                                                                                 in g up, p         ec
                                                                        s clean            are coll       .
                                                                 Beside These ladies e flower beds
                                                                goin g on.     to use
                                                                                       in th
                                                                    of plan                                                                                          ft,
                                                                                                                                                               far le .
                                                                                                                                                 an d Air e to help
                                                             ls                                                                              oto, ary cam
                                                         hove h                                                                        to ph                                    This te
                                                   es, s      t                                                                    back anee of
                                                                                                                                                 G                                      am go                                                         The vulture, unimpressed
                                          wit h rak up a pa d                                                                    r
                                                                                                                             h he d Am                                              cage. T t to clean rig
                                     rmed ms head assigne .                                                           y, wit     an                                                         he lion        ht
                                                                                                                                                                                                    was no next to the L
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        by the crowds, spreads
                                rs a                                                                             Nanc mmond
                            ntee and broo rds their        area
                                                                                                                  of Ha
                                                                                                                                                                                                           where           io
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 in sigh n’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         his wings catching the
                       Volu             towa                                                                                                                                                                            t.                                   warmth of the sun.

Page 30                                                                                      May 15, 2008
                                                        are hoping for a little extra cash. On your next trip
                                                        to Vegas, you can check out this little gem of a mu-
                                                        seum for real.
                                                           Blog Catalog ( There are
                                                        a number of very readable blogs out there in cyber-
   Among the many odd things you find while surf-
                                                        space if you take the time to find them. This catalog
ing is a site dedicated to peeking into people’s re-
                                                        can help. There are hundreds of selections in about
frigerators. I’m happy they have the spare time to
                                                        a dozen categories, ranging from History to Arts to
take pix of their contents and then upload them, but
                                                        Science and more. I tripped upon a Homestead blog
it makes me wonder how much time these people
                                                        in the History category, and discovered recipes for
spend on the ‘net. If you like museums, I found two
                                                        gooseberry, blackberry, and orange wines—all made
new and unusual ones this week. One is a bricks-
                                                        the old-timey way. You’ll never know what you’ll
and-mortar place, and the other is for collectors.
                                                        discover when you start perusing some of these list-
   Fridge Watcher ( I
                                                        ed blogs. I assure you that the half-dozen I glanced
guess that some people care about what others
                                                        at were more interesting than the Fridge Watcher
keep in their refrigerators. Why else would there
be a website devoted to pictures of fridge contents?
                                                           Read CyberScribbles online at :
Those who post come from all points of the globe.
Sociologically speaking, we can compare the types of
foods people eat in Kenya to those in the Bahamas.
The latter example showed ample stacks of bottled               Build Your Own Sea Kayak
beer. The former had what looked like healthy veg-         Build Your Own Sea Kayak, a popular class
etables. As food prices continue to rise, the fridge    taught by Tom Hurst, is on at the Krasl Art Cen-
postings here might show fewer items kept cold and      ter again for June 13-15 & 20-22. Participants must
ready to go. Don’t waste your time unless you have      register by May 27th to build either a 14-, 16- or
a compulsive need to spy on others’ food choices.       17-foot sea kayak using stitch and glue construction
   Ex Boyfriend Jewelry (www.exboyfriendjewel           techniques. The boats are suitable for gentle rivers Now here is a creative shopping niche that     and near-shore waters of the Great Lakes, and each
appears to be growing in popularity. Whether the        participant will go home with a paint-ready, wood
dumped or dumpee, these women want to clear out         and fiberglass kayak. The class costs from $1400 to
the baubles given to them by guys no longer worthy      $1550, depending on length. Registration with non-
of their devotion. Buy an item outright, and choose     refundable 50% down payment is required by the
from a huge selection of jewelry, watches, hand-        registration date, with the balance due at the start
bags, and other stuff. Each item for sale comes with    of class.
a brief, but entertaining mention of dating or mat-        Phone to register or go online at
ing gone bad. You can register and buy or sell here,    and click on “programs and events” to download the
and blog about your love gone wrong. Those sellers      schedule (pdf) and registration form.
who feel altruistic can donate their earnings to the       The Krasl Art Center, 707 Lake Blvd., St. Joseph,
“Good Karma Fund,” which passes the proceeds on         MI, is open Mon.-Wed., Fri. & Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.;
to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research            Thurs., 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; and Sun. 1-4 p.m. MI time.
Foundation.                                                For more information, contact the Krasl Art Cen-
   Fireworks Museum (www.fireworksmuseum.                ter at 269-983-0271, or go to I should have known there would be a fire-
works collectors organization. People collect just
about anything. There are vintage fireworks, post-
                                                         Sally Schoch on Exhibit at Courtyard
ers, boxes, etc. that enthusiasts can download free        On May 17th & 18th an abundance of floral bou-
images of. Oops—that was a badly worded sentence.       quets will grace the walls of the Courtyard Gallery,
I suppose these British fireworks enthusiasts can        813 E Buffalo (US 12), when oil painter Sally Schoch
get a bang for their buck? (via Bifurcated Rivets       presents her new body of work. Her bold expression-
blog).                                                  istic flowers will brighten any home. An avid gar-
    Pinball Hall of Fame (www.pinballmuseum.            dener, Sally enjoys capturing the beauty of nature.
org). One would expect to find this museum in Las        She is a graduate of the University of Chicago,the
Vegas. It looks like it is tucked away in an obscure    University of Miami and School of the Art Institute
strip mall, but those who loved the old pinball ma-     of Chicago, she has been painting for over 40 years.
chines before the digital revolution changed every-     Her works are in many private and corporate collec-
thing will be pleased to know that these refurbished    tions throughout the country.
machines are waiting for your quarters. Yes! You           Sally’s show will be Sat., May 17th from 1-5 p.m.
can forget the one-armed bandits and have a blast       and Sun., May 18th from 1-4 p.m. MI time. Gallery
reliving your past. The return you get for your quar-   hours are Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun., 11 a.m.-5
ter is nostalgia. Stick to the slot machines if you     p.m., Tuesdays by appointment. 269-469-4110.

May 15, 2008                                                                             Page 31

                                         Class of 2008
                                         For all your
                                     Graduation Activities
                          • open house cards                      • announcements
                          • thank you notes                       • name cards
                          • personalized napkins                  • class of 2008 jewelry
                                                                 219 879-0088
               the Beacher Business Printers         911 Franklin Street • Michigan City, IN

                                  QUALITY, SELECTION & SERVICE
                                   Showcasing over 32,000 square feet of Products
                                             in beautiful room settings
                                           T.L. Bayne          Med-Lift          Lamps
                                          Best Chair Co.     Oak Heritage
                                        Carolina Furniture Peters-Revington         &
                                           Chromcraft       Philip Reinisch   Accessories
                                        Classic Furniture      Restonic
                                         Eagle Industries     Riverside           From
                                             England        Smith Brothers      Over 20
                                            Hammary            of Berne
                                            La-Z-Boy ®
                                                            Tempur-Pedic®      Different
                                          Ligo Products     Vaughn-Basset       Vendors

Page 32                                                                                        May 15, 2008

                                                                   Seduced by Bacon
                                                       Recipes & lore about American’s favorite indulgence
                                                                 by Joanna Pruess with Bob Lape
                                                                    Photographs by Liesa Cole
  The introduction says “Bacon is far more than a food. It is a happy state of mind. It excites people to the
point where some aficionados liken it to illicit pleasures.” A lengthy Ode to Bacon, as well as a Song to Ba-
con are included among the pleasures. Then, throughout the book one finds more entertainment, such as
Bacon Bits: Americans eat an average of four to six slices of bacon at a sitting... Note: Cutting bacon into 1”
pieces before cooking will result in relatively uniform pieces to sprinkle on pizzas or wherever you’d like to
add cooked bacon... Idea: Bacon and avocado are made for each other; creamy and crunchy textures, but-
tery and smoky tastes. Add avocado to the salad or make a sandwich of the pair... And another Bacon Bit:
Fifty-three percent of U.S. households report that they always have bacon in their fridge. - and - The biggest
bacon fans are 35 to 49-year-olds... “A chicken in every pot” would be even better with bacon. -anonymous...
Still another Bacon Bits - My favorite animal is bacon. -Fran Lebowitz... Better beans and bacon in peace
than cakes and ale in fear. -AESOP, Greek fabulist (620-560 BC)... Life expectancy would grow by leaps and
bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon -Gary Larson, author of The Far Side. Indeed, Seduced
by Bacon is a totally entertaining cook book, along with fine recipes.

                                                            GRILLED TROUT WRAPPED WITH BACON
              BLAZIN’ BAKED BEANS
                                                           A camping favorite when cooked over an open fire
  2 pounds navy beans, rinsed and picked over
                                                           in a fish-grilling basket. Have the trout boned, if
  1 T salt or to taste
                                                           you prefer.
  1/2 pound lean, hickory-smoked slab bacon with
                                                           4 (10 to 12 ounce) whole trout, cleaned and pat-
  rind removed, finely diced
                                                           ted dry
  2 T bacon fat or vegetable oil
                                                           Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1-1/2 cups yellow onions, chopped
                                                           8 sprigs fresh rosemary or sage
  2 chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, finely chopped
                                                           12 slices bacon
  1/3 cup Dijon mustard
                                                           Lemon wedges
  1/3 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
                                                              Heat a grill or broiler until hot. Position the
  1 (18 oz) jar high-quality smokey barbecue
                                                           rack about 5-7 inches from the heat. Season
                                                           each trout inside and out with salt and pepper
  Boiling water
                                                           and put 2 sprigs of rosemary in the cavity. Wrap
     Put the beans in a large, heavy pot and add
                                                           3 bacon slices around each fish. Lay the trout
  enough water to cover. Bring the water to a boil
                                                           in grilling racks and cook them until the skin
  for 3 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover the
                                                           and bacon are crisp, about 5 minutes. Turn the
  pot and let it stand one hour. Drain the beans.
                                                           rack and broil 5 minutes more or until the ba-
  Cover again with water, add the salt and bring
                                                           con is crisp on the second side. Serve with lemon
  to a boil for 5 minutes, then reduce the heat,
  cover and simmer for 30 minutes longer. Re-
  move the pot from the heat and let the beans
  stand in their cooking liquid until cool. Mean-               BACON-WRAPPED BREADSTICKS
  while, preheat your oven to 250 degrees.                 “A speedy and addictive hors d’oeuvre, these
     Saute the bacon in a large skillet over me-           breadsticks have become a house favorite. There
  dium heat until lightly browned, turning often.          are some wonderful artisanal breadsticks avail-
  Remove, blot on paper towels, and set aside.             able with different herbs, as well, which would
  Reserve 2 T of the bacon fat in the skillet and          enhance the taste of this crowd-pleaser.”
  heat over medium-high heat. Add the onions               2-3 T Dijon mustard
  and saute them until golden brown. Set aside.            1/4 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
  Drain the beans and combine them with the                12 slices thin-sliced smoky bacon, cut in half
  bacon, onions, chipotle chiles, mustard, brown           crosswise
  sugar and barbecue sauce in a large casserole.             Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line a bak-
  Add enough boiling water to cover the beans,             ing pan with parchment. Spread about 1/4 tsp
  then cover the casserole and bake for 4 hours.           mustard on each slice of bacon. Sprinkle each
  Uncover the casserole for last 30 minutes of             with 1/2 tsp cheese, then roll the bacon slice di-
  cooking time, or until the liquid is reduced and         agonally about a breadstick with the mustard-
  the beans are very tender. Taste to adjust the           cheese side inside. Repeat with the remaining
  seasonings, adding salt, if needed. Let stand 15         breadsticks. Bake for 25 - 28 minutes, turning
  minutes before serving.                                  once, or until the bacon is crisp and brown. Re-
                                                           move and let cool to room temp.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                 Page 33

                                                                       reative Hands
 We’re told, “These sweet and savory nibbles will
 entice you and bring smiles to anyone who tries
 them. You might also add a touch of cayenne
                                                                      C                Since 1987

 pepper to enliven the taste.”
 4 slices thick-sliced bacon, cooked until crisp
 and blotted on paper towels.
 1/4 cup dark corn syrup
 1/4 tsp cinnamon
    Preheat your oven 325 de-                                 Trade your old jewelry
 grees. Lay the bacon slices on

                                                                              for New
 an aluminum foil-lined bak-
 ing tray. Combine the sugar,
 corn syrup and cinnamon in a Candied Bacon Bits,
 microwave-safe bowl. Cook on tasty indeed, but mine
                                     aren’t very pretty
 high until the sugar is melted;
 or heat in a very small saucepan until the sugar                             Design one
 melts. Remove from the heat and brush the mix-
 ture liberally on one side of the bacon. Bake for
 8-10 minutes, or until the bacon is glazed. Care-                              for You!
 fully remove and transfer the bacon to a cutting
 board, glazed side up. Cut the bacon crosswise
 into squares and serve hot or at room temp.                1722 Franklin St.                                    Mon. 12-5,
                                                              Michigan City                                    Tues.-Fri. 10-5
    ELLA SIMMERER’S GERMAN POTATO                            (219) 879-6100                                      Sat. 10-2
                                                            Gift Certificates, Layaways, Major Credit Cards & Debit Cards Accepted
 German-style potato salad probably came to
 America with immigrants known as Pennsylva-
 nia Dutch (which, in reality, was a mispronun-
 ciation of the word deutsch, or German). Bob
 (author’s husband) grew up with this kind of
 salad in Ohio, where many of his relatives had
 moved. This is an old family recipe from one of
                                                                      Now featured at
 them. Serves at least 8 -10.
 2 pounds slab bacon with rind removed, cut into
 1/2” cubes
 10 medium potatoes (about 3-1/2 pounds),
                                                                     Wisteria,             Inc.
 1-3/4 cups white vinegar
 2 T sugar
 1 large onion, chopped                                                     Janet Evans
 10 eggs, hard-cooked and sliced
 Salt and freshly ground black pepper                                          Fine artist in oils
    Cook the bacon in a large, heavy skillet over
 medium-high heat until crisp but still moist in
 the center. Remove with a slotted spoon and blot                          Commissions available
 on paper towels. Reserve about 3 tablespoons of
 the fat in the skillet. In a large pot, cover the
                                                                                  Also on Ebay
 whole potatoes with cold water. Bring to a boil
 and cook until the potatoes are just tender when                     “Keepsakes and Heirlooms”
 a knife is inserted into the center, about 20-23                    908 Franklin Street, Suite B
 minutes. Drain, and when the potatoes are cool                     Across from the Truffles Pastry Shop
 enough to handle, cut them into thin slices. Add
 the vinegar, sugar and onion to the bacon skillet
 and bring to a simmer; add the potatoes, eggs             Collectibles • Fine Art • Gem Jewelry
 and bacon, turn and cook 5 - 10 minutes lon-             Monday-Saturday 9-6                                  219-210-1892
 ger. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve
                                                          No Charge for Gift Wrapping • Consignment Welcome

Page 34                                                                                           May 15, 2008
                                                                             Snakes Alive!
                                                               Michigan City Area Schools’ Baby TALK program
                                                             recently hosted a “Munch & Learn” presentation at
                                                             Eastport Early Learning Center, funded by Unity
    Carpet • Laminate • Wood • Ceramic                       Foundation of LaPorte County. Amber Jenks, an
                                                             employee of Washington Park Zoo, brought small
      It’s Spring!                                           animals that the children could learn about and
     Time for New
      Shaw • Mohawk • Bruce • Tarkett
                     Shaw Credit
    Mon-Fri 9-6                         Phone
      Sat 9-3           1 year,      219-879-3325
  Closed Sunday       no interest     (879-DEAL)

    Providing the community 21 years with the
   best in customer service and quality flooring.
  Free Estimates •Professional Installation
  Located 2 miles east of Marquette Mall off Hwy. 20
      636 Longwood Drive, Michigan City

                                                             Valparaiso Free Memorial Day Concert
                                                                The Second Annual City of Valparaiso Memori-
                                                             al Day Concert will be held Mon., May 26, 2 p.m.,
                                                             at the Memorial Opera House, 104 Indiana Ave. in
                                                                The one-hour Memorial Day Concert will feature
                                                             patriotic selections by the Valparaiso Community/
                                                             University Concert Band, audience sing along, and
                                                             first-person historical narratives.
                                                                There is no admission charge for the concert. Au-
                                                             dience members are asked to bring non-perishable
                                                             food items, which will be donated to the Christian
                                                             Food Pantry in Valparaiso.
                                                                The concert is sponsored by the Memorial Opera
                                                             House and the Valparaiso Community/University
                                                             Concert Band, with volunteer help by members of
                                                             Boy Scout Troop 906.
                                                                The First Annual City of Valparaiso Memorial
                                                             Day Concert was planned and organized by William
                                                             Doebler as his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout
                                                             project. William will also lead this year’s concert.
                                                                For more information, visit

May 15, 2008                                                                                                    Page 35
     Grant Opportunities from Unity

   The Unity Foundation of LaPorte County is
pleased to announce two upcoming grant opportu-
   In celebration of Unity Foundation of LaPorte
County’s 15th anniversary, the Foundation is offer-
                                                               Our Custom Upholstery
ing a special, one-time $15,000 grant. The formation
of Unity Foundation was, in many ways, the cata-
lyst for uniting all geographic regions of LaPorte
County. This special anniversary grant is intended
to encourage continued efforts in promoting diver-
sity in all of its many aspects and uniting LaPorte
   Projects should be innovative, focused on unit-
ing diverse populations, and must be the result of               Update an old sofa or freshen up a new one.
collaborations among two or more groups. One- to                        The possibilities are endless!
two-page Letters of Intent are due June 13, 2008, at
5 pm. Details are posted on Unity’s website, www., or call (219) 879-0327 for more informa-
   Unity Foundation’s Community Fund Grant ap-
plications are also now available on Unity’s web-
site, Community Fund Grants are                        creating a european style for your home
available to all 501(c)(3)s serving LaPorte County.
Eligible projects and programs fall into numerous        425 S. WHITTAKER ST. • NEW BUFFALO • 269.586.2244
categories, including but not limited to arts and        HOURS: (MI Time) Fri-Mon 11-5   •
culture, animal welfare, health, human services,
environment, education, and community develop-           NEW BUFFALO, MI • GENEVA, IL • LaGRANGE, IL
ment. The application deadline for this year’s Com-
munity Fund Grant process is July 15. For more
information, visit Unity’s website,, or
call (219) 879-2178.
                                                         Open Yourself Totally...
  St. Mary of the Lake Rummage Sale                      to Wellness!                     SERVICES INCLUDE:
   The St. Mary of the Lake School’s Festival Rum-       The Massage Therapy
                                                                                          • Therapeutic massage
mage Sale will be held in conjunction with the St.       & Wellness Center is the
                                                         area’s leader in providing       • Acupuncture clinic
Mary of the Lake Summer Festival on Memorial
Day weekend.                                             professional wellness            • Chinese herbal
                                                         programs. If you have              medicine
   This year’s rummage sale will be open for three
days. Opening night will be on Fri., May 23rd, 6-        experienced holistic care,       • Heated stone therapy
8 p.m. MI time. Sat., May 24th, the sale will be 9       you’ll be impressed by           • Salt scrub
a.m.-5 p.m., and Sun., May 25th, noon-5 p.m.             the exceptional quality          • Healing touch
   The last two hours of the sale on Sunday (3-5 p.m.)   and scope of our services.       • Personal fitness
will be the famous “Grocery Bag” sale. Purchase a        If you’ve never even had
                                                                                          • Qigong
grocery bag for $2 and fill it up with any items still    a massage before, try us.
                                                         Wellness is the total you!       • Reflexology
left at the rummage sale.
                                                                                          • Programs for business,
   The rummage sale will feature household items,                                           including chair massage
furniture, electronics, toys, books, and clothing for
                                                                                          • Pregnancy massage
men, women, children and babies.
   The sale will be held in the school’s gymnasium                                        • Gift certificates
at 704 W. Merchant St., New Buffalo. Next door to                                          1026 North Karwick Road
the gym in the cafeteria, the Festival will also be                                        Michigan City, Indiana 46360
hosting a Book Fair and a silent auction plus the                                          219-879-5722
                                                                                           At The Harbor Grand Hotel
St. Mary of the Lake Altar and Rosary Society Bake                                         888-605-6800
   For more information, phone 269/469-1515.

Page 36                                                                                                           May 15, 2008
                                                                                Friendship Gardens Plant Sale
                                                                              The gates will open at 9 a.m. for Friendship Gar-
This Spring…                                    The                       den’s annual plant sale. Fresh, hand selected annu-
 Let us artfully                              Framing                     als and perennials will be for sale on Sat. and Sun.,
                                                                          May 17th & 18th. Dennis Brittain, Program Com-
   update your home.                                                      mittee chair, says that the volunteers have tried
                                              Station                     to select some old favorites as well as some lesser
                                                 912 Franklin             known varieties.
                                                 Michigan City
                                                                             “The variety of plants you can get at this sale
                                                (219) 879-2115            is really far beyond what you can get at most re-
                                              Open Tuesday - Friday       tail outlets,” Brittain says. “We drive to nurseries
                                                     9 to 5               in Michigan to pick up many of our plants. And we
                                                Saturday 10 to 4
                                                                          hand pick others from a variety of places. So there
                                           Area’s largest selection of    really are a lot of different plants to choose from.”
                                             South Shore Posters             Master Gardener Kathy Lewis explains that there
                                                & merchandise.            will be Master Gardeners available throughout
                                                                          the event who can provide advice and information
                                               a y r                      about the plants. “We can answer questions about
                                                                          the plants at the sale and we are also available for
                                                                          any gardening questions visitors might have.”
                                                                             “You might want to take some time to take a walk
                                                                          through the Gardens,” says Executive Director
                                                                          Marti Pizzini. “The grounds are beautiful this time
                                                                          of year. It’s a great place for kids – and dogs love it,
                                                                          too. The pets have to be on leash but not the kids,”
                                                                          she adds, smiling.

         • Paintings • Limited Edition Prints
  • Custom Framing • Nautical Gifts & Accessories
  Specializing in Marine Art by Charles Vickery & other artists.
            See our fine selections of Wildlife, Florals,
                 Landscapes & Contemporary Art

 t            116 North Whittaker Street
                New Buffalo, Michigan
 i                 (269) 469-2590                            w

                                                                            “We are having a Giant July Garage Sale on July
                                                                          19th so we encourage folks to bring a donation for
                        DINE IN • CARRY OUT                               the garage sale and we will give them a dollar off on
             DELIVERY INCLUDING THE BEACH COMMUNITY                       their plant purchases,” Pizzini says.
                                                                            Friendship Gardens is located at 2055 U.S. Hwy
   200 Off Large Pizza              FAMILY SPECIAL                        12 on the eastern edge of Michigan City, 1.5 miles
                                   Large 1 Topping Pizza                  east of Highway 35. More at 219-878-9885.
       150 Off Medium                  Breadsticks
            Pizza                       2 liter Pop
                                          $                                              BabyTALK Lapsit
      100 Off Small Pizza                   1999     + Tax
                                                                             A BabyTALK Lapsit will take place at the Cool-
   Not Good With Any Other Offer    Not Good With Any Other Offer         spring Branch of LaPorte Co. Public Library on
   Sunday Noon-10 pm • M-Th 11 am-10 pm • F-S 11-12 Midnight              Tues., May 20, 9:30 a.m. This is for birth to 36
 5184 S. Franklin St., Michigan City   872-3838                           month olds and their caregivers. There is no charge
       We Deliver to the Whole Community!                                 or registration. The library is located at the corner of
                                                                          400N and Johnson Rd. in Michigan City. 879-3272.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                   Page 37
    Lubeznik Center Guild Bus Tour
                                                                          DAILY HOURS
   On Thurs., June 19, Dr. Ross Blythe will lead a                     OPEN AT 11 AM – 9 PM
Lubeznik Center Guild tour to visit early Chicago                FRI & SATURDAY CLOSE AT 10 PM
historic landmarks located in the Prairie Avenue
neighborhood, home of many rich and famous Chi-                  Offering $12.95 dinner menu options
cagoans in the 1800s. The bus will leave at 8 a.m.           Daily Luncheon menu offers 15 minute meals
and return by 5 p.m.
   First the Glessner House, built in 1883, the only              LUNCH MENU DAILY until 4 p.m.
example in the Midwest of a work by the famous
architect Henry Hudson Richardson. The Gless-
                                                             EVERY SUNDAY - BRUNCH ONLY $14.95
ner House contains excellent examples of arts and
crafts furnishings from the 1800s. The Glessners
                                                            Friday & Saturday Evening Live Entertainment
were prominent Chicagoans, founders of the Chica-
go Symphony Orchestra. Then to the nearby widow
Clark House, the oldest home in Chicago, an excel-                    First Friday of each month
lent example of the Greek Revival Architecture,                     Featuring Bunny Fisher 9-12 pm
prominent in Chicago’s early days of 1830-1860.
   The cost of the tour is $50 for members of the Art
Center and Guild and $55 for non-members, which
includes fees for all three places. Lunch is extra.
Lunch at the House of Fortune in Chinatown is $13
per person, includes tax and tip.
   Dr. Blythe’s afternoon destination will be the
Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, a somber reflection
of the suffering of the troops during the Vietnam                        Restaurant, Bar & Banquet
                                                                     521 Franklin Street • Michigan City, IN
War. From the ceiling of the entryway, there are                                  219.872.4500
almost 50,000 dog toags representing the men and
women who died during that conflict.                             CALL FOR RESERVATIONS OR JUST WALK-IN
   Reservations for the Guild tour should be made
by phoning 219-874-4900. Checks are due no later
than June 4th made payable to the Art Center Guild
and mailed to: Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W.
2nd St., Michigan City, IN 46360.                       St. Mary of the Lake Family Festival
     CT Reunion Planned for Aug. 9                            Memorial Day Weekend
   In 1948, an English woman came to Michigan
City and staged a play she had co-written called
“The Elves and the Shoemaker.” Her audience was
children from the area, and her performers were
young people themselves. Her name was Nora Tul-
ly MacAlvay, and after that performance until her
death in 1986, her organization, Children’s Theatre     FEATURING SKERBECK BROS. Carnival Rides, INC.
Workshop, presented hundreds of plays to tens of               Food, Live Entertainment & Fun!
thousands of children in this area as well as in Chi-    Thurs., May 22nd 5 – 10 pm ($20 unlimited Ride Bracelets)
cago with the participation of thousands more of        Fri., May 23rd 5 pm – Midnight ($20 Unlimited Ride Bracelets)
Michigan City’s youth.                                  Sat., May 24th Noon – Midnight ($20 Unlimited Ride Bracelets)
                                                                       Sun., May 25th Noon – Midnight
   Many of those former young performers will come
                                                        Monday, May 26th Noon – 5 pm ($20 Unlimited Ride Bracelets)
together on the 9th of August to celebrate that event
of 60 years ago and Nora MacAlvay’s spirit and tra-                         RAFFLE TICKETS
dition, which was carried on for many years under            1st prize $2,000 • 2nd Prize $1,000 • 3rd Prize $500
the auspices of the Dunes Arts Foundation, led by                 $5 each – Available in the Hospitality Tent
Mrs. MacAlvay’s successor, Joann Saxon, and oth-
ers, and which lives on. The alumni of CT, as it is                         SILENT AUCTION
                                                          Thurs., May 24th 5 – 8:30 pm • Fri., May 25th 5 – 8:30 pm
familiarly known, are looking for others who were
                                                            Sat., May 26th 12 – 9 pm • Sun., May 5th, 12 – 5 pm
part of that heritage, and have fallen out of touch,                     (FINAL BIDDING @ 5 pm)
to participate in the celebration. For information
about the 60th Anniversary of Children’s Theatre,                           RUMMAGE SALE
please contact Peter Oberlink at ct60anniversary@            Friday 6-8 pm • Saturday 9-5 pm • Sunday 12-5 pm

Page 38                                                                                                                              May 15, 2008
                                                                                              Summer Camp at Dunes Learning Center
                                                                                                The Dunes Learning Center, in Indiana Dunes
                                                                                              National Lakeshore, is currently registering camp-
                                                                                              ers for its various week-long overnight summer
                                                                                              camps in 2008. This is a great opportunity for your
                                                                                              child to explore Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
                                                                                              and build their appreciation for regional natural re-
                                            Whether you’re the                                sources.
                                          cooker, baker or eater...                             Dunes Discovery Camp is available for campers
     CUSTOM           Molly Bea’s has over 1000                               options
  GIFT BASKETS                                                                                between the ages of 9 and 12. Session 1 will be June
    WE SHIP! • Sugar Free & Gluten Free Products                                              23–27. Session 2 will be July 7–11. ParKids Dis-
  For all your • Organic, Kosher & Vegan Products                                             covery Camp is available for campers between the
                 • Local Honeys • Coffees & Teas                              SUPER           ages of 7 and 13 and will be offered the week of July
               • Over 100 Spices • Assorted Nuts
                   • Soups & Baking Ingredients                               SOUPS           28–August 1.
                                                                                                The tuition for these week-long camps is $256
   761 Indian Boundary Road, Suite 3 • Chesterton, Indiana                                    and includes lodging in modern, comfortable cab-
219-983-9401 • • M-Th 10-7, F-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5                            ins, all meals, full-time supervision by background-
     Between Schoop’s & El Salto, just east of Hwy. 49 near the I-94 interchange.
                                                                                              checked professional employees of the Dunes Learn-
                                                                                              ing Center, guided exploration of the Indiana Dunes
                                                                                              National Lakeshore, a beach picnic, and swimming
                                                                                              in Lake Michigan. Campers will learn about wild
                                                                                              animals in their native habitats and experience his-
                                     FLEMINGTON                                               toric cultures with hands-on activities.
                                   CONSTRUCTION                                                 For more information about summer camps, con-
                                                                                              tact the Dunes Learning Center at 219-395-9555 or
                                                                                              check out The Dunes
                Quality custom homes in the beach area
                                                                                              Learning Center is located at 700 Howe Road in
                              Design services available                                       Chesterton, IN.

                                                         Kevin Flemington                           Lifeguard Certification Course
                                                    1605 Indianapolis Ave.
                                               Long Beach, IN 46360-1437                         The LaPorte YMCA will host a lifeguard certifica-
                                                                                              tion course on the following dates and times:
                                        219.878.7117 phone          219.872.3276 fax             Fri., May 16, 4-10 p.m.; Tues., May 20, 6-10 p.m.;
                                                                                              Wed., May 21, 4-10 p.m.; Fri., May 23, 4-10 p.m.;
                                 web                  Tues., May 27, 6-10 p.m.; Wed., May 28, 4-10 p.m.
                                                                                                 The LaPorte YMCA is located at 901 Michigan
                                                                                              Ave, downtown LaPorte. Phone Chris Blake, Aquat-
                                                                                              ics Director, for more information: 219/325-9622.
                                                                                                 • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer (1 year
                                                                                                 • First Aid for Lifeguards (3 year cert)
                Car + Home =                                                                     • Red Cross lifeguard certification (3 year cert.)
                                                                                                 The course will cover the current Red Cross mate-
                BIG SAVINGS
                See me for Car and Home Insurance and save.
                                                                                              rials and publications. Upon completion of practical
                                                                                              and all written exams, participants will receive the
                                                                                              three certifications required to be legally eligible for
                                                                                              lifeguard employment. Must be 15 yrs old to enroll.
                                                             STATE     FARM                   Must participate all 6 days. Registration deadline
                                                                    Auto                      is 3 days prior to course. Cost: Member $160 Non-
                                                                Life   Fire
                                                                                              Member $200.

     James E. Eriksson, Agent, LUTCF                                                                         Kids Day America
     405 Johnson Road                                               Bus: 219-874-6360
     Michigan City, IN 46360-6510            
                                                                                                Kids Day America will be held at noon on Sat.,
        LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE®                                            May 17, at LaPorte High School. Stop by LaPorte
                 Providing Insurance and Financial Services                                   County Public Library’s table and make a simple
                        State Farm • Home Offices: Bloomington, IL
                                                                                              craft and pick up a bug bookmark. For more infor-
                                                                                              mation, phone 219/362-7128.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                 Page 39
        Architecture Camp for Kids
   An Architecture Camp for youth ages 7-11 is being                                               BEST Ice Cream
held at the Center for History, 808 W. Washington
St., South Bend, from 8 a.m.-noon EST on June 24,                                                     in Town
25 & 26. Children can learn about ways nature has                                                       featuring
influenced and shaped architecture in years past.                                                   Sherman’s Ice Cream
Admission is $35 or $30 for members. To register,
phone (574) 235-9664, ext. 241 or visit
                                                                                                       VOTED #1 The deadline is June 19.                                                            3 years in a row!
   During the three-day program, which is present-              HOURS:
ed in partnership with Historic Landmarks of Indi-       Monday thru Saturday
ana, participants study the Arts and Crafts Move-
                                                            11 a.m.-10 p.m.
ment. They tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home in the
area and learn how bees construct honeycombs, and        Sunday Noon-10 p.m.
then proceed to design and build a model hexagon
house. During the camp, youngsters also gain an          115 W. Coolspring Ave.
understanding of the patterns found in wood. They            Michigan City
                                                         Corner of Coolspring & Wabash
explore variations of grains and learn how to stain
to accentuate the designs before creating a wooden
sculpture. In addition, youngsters are taught how
to create a color palette and make Japanese paper
                                                                                                 DID YOU KNOW????
                                                                                          Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
       Save the Dunes Spring Hike                                                         is similar to chiropractic care? VOM is gentle
                                                                                           and painlessly “resets” the spine, preventing
   Meet at the Paul Douglas Nature Center, Mill-                                            diseases such as arthritis, muscle disease,
er, IN on Sat., May 17th and Sun., May 18th at 9                                          back and spinal disc disease. This modality is
a.m. for a spring hike through Miller Woods. Tom                                              safer than traditional drugs and surgery.
Serynek, a long-time naturalist, teacher and former
president of Save the Dunes, will guide hikers to
view the beautiful display of Lupine, Indian Paint-        We have Warm Hearts for Cold Noses!
brush and much much more.                                  1943 S. Woodland Ave.
   It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! More infor-     Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                           Between Hwy 20 and Pahs Road
mation at 219/926-7561, ext. 225.
                                                                       Advanced Veterinary Care for
                                                                            your Best Friends
A Special Night for Notre Dame Alumni                        
   During the 2008 Notre Dame Parish Festival,
there will be a chance for Notre Dame School alum-
ni to get together, reminise and have a good time.
The Festival will take place May29-June 1.
   Interested alumni should email ndparishalumni@ with your name and graduation year as soon
as possible. Notre Dame will then send you an e-vite
with the names of class members attending.
   Country Western Ice Cream Dance
   Amarillo Star Country Western Ice Cream Social
Dance will be held on Sat., May 17, at the American
                                                                     Tom McCormick
Legion Skwiat Post 451, 121 Legion Skwiat Ave.,                                Builder
Michigan City. Hours are 7-10:30 p.m. Admission
price is $5 for A/S members and $7 for non-mem-
                                                                  Licensed in Indiana & Michigan
bers.                                                                 Voice: 219.928.2953
   Free ice cream will be served; bring a favorite ice
cream topping to share. Everyone is welcome to at-
                                                                         Fax: 219.879.3536
tend. There will be line/partner dancing to DJ mu-               email:
sic. Information: Chris 219-874-3624.

Page 40                                                                                                   May 15, 2008
                                                             Non-Credit Microsoft Excel Classes
                                                              Purdue University North Central Office of Con-
                         SUNTERRA                          tinuing Education will offer a three-day non-credit
                                                           course on Microsoft Excel.
                       CONSTRUCTION                           “The Basics of Microsoft Excel” will meet at PNC
                                                           - Porter County, 600 Vale Park Road, Valparaiso, on
                       CORPORATION                         Wednesdays, May 14 to 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. Reg-
                                                           istration is $79. A recommended book is available
            Specializing in Custom Residential,            for $26.
           Commercial, & Historical Remodeling                This course will introduce the basics of Excel so
                                                           that students are able to create spreadsheets, use
             MARCUS BAKER - PRESIDENT                      basic formulas and formatting. Students are ex-
               Home/Office (219) 872-4446                   pected to have basic practical computer skills and a
                Cellular (219) 898-4446                    knowledge of Windows.
              email:                     To register or to obtain Information about this or
          Over 30 Years of Beach Area References           other courses available through the PNC Office of
                Working with Homeowners,                   Continuing Education, contact PNC - Porter County
          Nationally Known Architects & Designers          at 872-0527, ext. 5343 or visit
                                                           ce. Persons with disabilities requiring accommoda-
                                                           tions should contact ext. 5343.

  PREFERRED CONTRACTORS                                             Spend a Serene Saturday…
                                                              Get away from everyday concerns, calm body and
         SERVICES                                          mind, celebrate the present moment, awaken com-
                                                           passion. Come to a Day of Mindfulness on Sat., May
        Shop & Field Sandblasting & Painting
                                                           31 at La Prairie Museum and Park, 2215 East; 350
  Paint Removal for Masonry, Concrete & Fiberglass
                                                           North, La Porte, IN.
            Damage Free / Dust Free                           The sixth annudal Day of Mindfulness is pre-
                    SPRING SPECIAL                         sented by the Peacemakers’ Sangha, a non-religious
             • Lawn Furniture • Boat Bottoms               group dedicated to the practice of meditation in-
             • Inground Pool Paint Removal                 spired by the guidance of the Viet Namese Buddhist
                                                           Monk, Thic Nhat Hanh. He was nominated for the
                 FREE ESTIMATES!                           Nobel Peace prize by Martin Luther King, Jr and
          Welding, Fabricating, Ornamental Iron            was a beloved friend of the Trappist Monk, Thomas
             Wet Blasting, Graffiti Removal
                219-873-1801                                  Participants will be guided into sitting and walk-
                                                           ing meditations, art and poetry, gentle exercises,
 ya          1649 N 625 E, Michigan City, IN        t      and a silent lunch.
                                                              Bring a brown bag lunch. Tea, coolers, & water is
                                                           provided. A $15 donation offers a modest thank you
                                                           to our hosts, the Petersons.
                                                              To register and receive directions, email Kathy
                                                           Zmuda or telephone 219-
                                                           872-4836 or phone Ange Benz, 219.874.3754.

                                                                                                         Thomas Mulcahy
                                                             Mulcahy Builders                        General Contractor, PE

                                                                                                QUALITY BUILT
                                                                                               CUSTOM HOMES &
                                                                                              MAJOR REMODELING
                                                                 Materials supplied by
                                                                 Pioneer Lumber, Inc.                    219.241.1020 (cell)
                                                             Licensed in Indiana & Michigan

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                      Page 41
  Midwest Hype at The Acorn Theater
                                                              1557 E 800 N, LaPorte
   Do you like funk, reggae, and hip-hop music?
Then be sure to visit The Acorn Theater on Sat., May
17th, 8 p.m. MI time, when Midwest Hype takes the
stage for their CD release concert and party. A $20
ticket includes a CD, and a $50 VIP lounge ticket
includes a gift basket.
   The core of Midwest Hype assembled as high
school students in LaPorte and have remained to-
gether for more than six years. Adding members
and performing constantly, the band expanded their
musical influence and exploration at Ball State Uni-
versity. Several members of The Hype have toured
Europe with various jazz bands.                                          HOME FOR SALE
   Reserve tickets at 269/756-3879 or go to www.       Spacious, stick-built home, 3800 sq. ft., open floor plan. Learn more about the band at         3 bedrooms, 2 baths, finished family room downstairs. The Acorn is located at 107       On 2 acres, 2 mi. south of Hesston Supper Club.
Generations Dr., Three Oaks, MI.                                            (219) 778-9370

   Three Week Sailing Camp for Kids
   The Michigan City Yacht Club Foundation Inc.
is hosting the 2008 Michigan City Junior Sail Pro-
gram. Kids from ages 8 and above learn to sail in                       Funeral Home
the program, which is held at Michigan City’s Wash-     WILLIAM H. ROOT • THOMAS W. ROOT • BRIAN W. ROOT
ington Park Marina. The summer sailing camp con-
sits of three weeks of half-day classes. The classes      A locally owned and operated funeral home
are taught by experienced, U.S. Sailing certified          serving Michigan City and the Beach Area
instructors. The classes run from Tues.-Fri., either            by the Root Family since 1938.
morning or afternoon, and costs $300. The June ses-
sion runs June 17-July 4. The July session runs July         Pre-Arrangement consultation available
8-25. The August sessions runs July 29-August 15.                       at no obligation.
   The Junior Sail graduates are then invited to an
end-of-season Sail Awards Picnic. Get registration
materials and further details from the Director of
the Sail Program, Dave Oberle at 874-8772. More at     312 East Seventh Street                                 Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                       (219) 874-6209
      LBCC Women’s Golf Leagues
            9 Hole League
                  May 6, 2008                            Welcome to LITTLE GIANT
                 Event: Low Net
                                                             Real Pizza Country
           Championship Flight                                                   Since 1986
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Phone Number: _______________________

Event:                      Donna Hennard
                                                                                                                       50¢ off any 14'' MEDIUM
                                                                                                                       $1.00 off any 16'' LARGE

Low Gross:                   Mary Weithers                  20
                                                            21 Years of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS
                                                                                                     valuable coupon

Low Net:                    Donna Hennard
                                                                                                                                                             Name & Address

                                                                                   FREE DELIVERY
                                                                                    FREE DELIVERY
Putts:                       Mary Weithers              LITTLE GIANT
                                                                                     87G - IANT
                    “A” Flight
                                                         REAL PIZZA
                                                             of Long Beach
                                                                                       874 - 4268
Event:                                 Susan Kelly

Low Gross:                        Gloria McMahon
Low Net:                          Joan Geoghegan            Home of the never disappointing
Putts:                            Gloria McMahon
                                                                    REAL PIZZA
                    “B” Flight                     
Low Gross:                           Cindy Pontius       Remember - Shoes Come in Boxes, not OUR Pizza
Low Net:                             Cindy Pontius

Page 42                                                                                                            May 15, 2008

                                                       Carry-Out             MC North End and Marina Go Wireless
                                                        Dine-In                 Through the partnership of the City of Michigan
                                                            or               City, the Michigan City Economic Development Cor-
                                                      Fast Delivery!         poration (MCEDC) and NetNITCO, Michigan City’s
                                                                             North End and Marina now have Wi-Fi (wireless)
          (219) 878-9480 or (219) 878-9482                                   internet accessibility.
             1012 N. Karwick Rd., Michigan City                                 This initiative began several years ago by the
   HOURS: Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-10 p.m. / Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m.-Midnight
                                                                             Technology Committee of the MCEDC. Businesses,
                                                                             residents, boaters and visitors can now enjoy access
                                                                             to the world through this system. The Wi-Fi Zone
                                                                             covers the area from 11th Street north through the
                                                                             marina and from Wabash Street to Pine Street.
                                                                                Since this WiFi system is designed for outside ac-
                                                                             cess, most access points may not have the capac-
                                                                             ity to penetrate buildings; therefore, use of a signal
                                                                             booster to augment a lap top or office computer may
                                                                             be needed. Signal boosters will be available at the
                                                                             Entrepreneur Center Michigan City located at 422
                                                                             Franklin Street. Local retailers can install equip-
                                                                             ment inside their businesses to take advantage of
                                                                             this new network.
  When You Want Perfection -- Insured & Bonded                                  Over the past several months, Hebron, Indiana
                                                                             based NetNITCO installed antennas in various
 JP’s HOUSE & DECK CLEANING                                                  strategic locations in the City’s north end, including
         Home - Business - Rental - Construction                             one at NIPSCO’s generating station which is located
             Power Wash & Deck Staining                                      adjacent to the City’s harbor and marina. NetNIT-
                                                                             COWiFi is the official SSID network name.
                     J.P. 219-874-3714

                                                                               The Maker of the Tucker Automobile
                                                                                Stephen Hofer, Ph.D., Curator at the Philo T.
                                                                             Farnsworth Television History Center in Auburn,
                                                                             Indiana, will give a presentation about the Tucker
                                                                             automobile at the Center for History’s “Insights in
                                                                             History for Seniors,” taking place at 1:30 p.m. EST
                                                                             on Wed., June 4, at the Center for History, 808 W.
                                                                             Washington St., South Bend. Admission is $3 and
                                                                             reservations are requested by June 3 at 574/235-
                                                                             9664 or
                                                                                Dr. Hofer will focus on the life of Preston Thomas
                                                                             Tucker, from his time in Detroit to Ypsilanti, Michi-
                                                                             gan, to the Tucker Corporation headquarters in
       BUD’S LAWN CARE LLC                                                   Chicago, Illinois. He will chronicle the head-turning
               Landscape & Maintenance
                                                                             features of the Tucker ‘48, including its three head-
          “Quality Work at a GROUNDED Price”
                  Serving All of Duneland
                                                                             lights in the front and six exhaust pipes below the
                                                                             rear bumper, and discuss why only 53 of the Tucker
 Bud Mohamed     (219) 210-9256               Scott Mohamed                  ‘48 were produced.
 Founder                Free Estimates               Manager
                                                                                Artifacts related to the Tucker Corporation will
                                                                             be on display in conjunction with the presentation.

 THE                                     Blood                                  Free Computer Classes at Library
 BOOKSTORE                                 Trail                                LaPorte Co. Public Library will hold free com-
                                                                             puter classes on Thurs., May 22. At 9:30 a.m., Ba-
                                           by C. J. Box
                                         hardback $24.95                     sic Mousing; 1:30 p.m., Intro. to the Internet; 6:30
                                                                             p.m., Don’t Have E-Mail? Registration is necessary;
    1203 LIGHTHOUSE PLACE MICHIGAN CITY                                      phone 219/362-6156. The library is located at 904
                                                                             Indiana Ave., downtown LaPorte.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                              Page 43
  Wind and Solar Energy Discussion
   Anyone with an interest in learning about alter-                          far away places
native energy options is invited to attend a presen-
tation given by Charlie Kubert on Thurs., May 22,                          right here at home.
at Cafe Gulistan, at 7 p.m. MI time.                              hawaii, jamaica, ethiopia & mexico
   Kubert will discuss the economics of wind and
                                                                beans at temple news. downtown laporte.
solar energy, Michigan energy policy, and available
grants for renewables. He has worked extensively
promoting community wind projects throughout
the country, and contributed to the Energy Project,     122 N. Whittaker
Green Restaurants Initiative, and other eco-busi-                                          INTERIORS
                                                        New Buffalo, MI
ness initiatives.                                       269-469-4610                  STUDIO INVENTORY SALE
   Kubert is Senior Business Specialist with the En-
vironmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago, which
                                                                                      Open Monday and Friday and
is active in renewable energy and energy efficiency
policy development and advocacy at both the state                                      By Chance or Appointment
and federal level, and is particularly engaged in                 Marta Gerometta, ASID
the discussions over the Energy Title of the federal
Farm Bill.
   Kubert will be the featured guest speaker at a
meeting of REgroup Michigan, an organization
formed recently by local residents with the goal of
gathering and disseminating information about al-
                                                                                          Home Service, Inc.
ternative forms of energy.                                 Services Include:          Commercial/Residential/Rental Property Cleaning
                                                            • Housekeeping
   According to member Joel Klass, “There is a                                                  219-785-2364
                                                            • Window Washing
steadily intensifying desire of people to be proac-         • Carpet Cleaning   
tively involved in achieving energy independence,           • Power Washing
as well as reversing damage already done. But even                                    Free Estimates • Insured & Bonded
with the abundance of information available, it’s
often difficult to discern what are the most viable,
economical, and doable solutions locally. People are
looking for a practical plan.”
   To that end, the group has already begun to as-                        Send a Copy of
semble a collection of alternative energy literature          THE
at the New Troy Community Center Book Room,
which has dedicated a shelf to its use. Several peri-
odicals are also included in the collection.
   The fledgling organization is actively seeking
new members. Future plans include a June field
trip in to the Midwest Renewable Energy Associa-
tion’s 19th Annual Energy Fair in Wisconsin; a talk
                                                                 to a Friend or Relative
by Jay Marhoefer, author of Re-Energizing Ameri-
ca; and a locally based renewable energy fair that               BEACHER SUBSCRIPTION RATES
would gather together speakers, vendors, and dem-
onstrations.                                                             Six Months ............ $21.00
   The May 22 meeting is free, and no purchase is                        One Year ............... $38.00
necessary. Anyone with questions is invited to con-
tact REgroup Michigan at

         Ridin’, Ropin’, Roundup 3
   Three Oaks, MI will be the site of this family                            911 Franklin Street
friendly event on Sun., May 18, 1-4 p.m. MI time                           Michigan City, IN 46360
to benefit the Three Oaks Flag Day Rodeo. Held
at 6741 W U.S. 12, the day will feature a chuck-
wagon, live music, horse rides ($1), horse and cart                     Phone: 219/879-0088
rides ($2), 50/50 & door prizes, cash bar. Admission                      Fax: 219/879-8070
is $10; tickets available at Three Oaks Twp Public                E-mail:
LIbrary and Fifth Third Bank. Info: 269/756-3858.

Page 44                                                                                                            May 15, 2008

                                                                            On May 15, 1602, English navigator Bartholomew
                                                                            Gosnold discovered Cape Cod.
                                                                            On May 15, 1797, President John Adams called
                                                                            Congress into its first special session to take up the
                                                                            French-American crises.
                                                                            On May 15, 1930, Ellen Church, the first airline
      SPRING HOURS (MI Time)
 M-S 11 a.m.-6 p.m. • Sun. Noon-6 p.m.                                      stewardess, was assigned to a United Airlines flight
                                                                            between San Francisco and Cheyenne, Wyoming.
                                                                            On May 15, 1940, in New York City, nylon stock-
                                                                            ings first went on sale in the city’s stores. Women
                                                                            bought up 4 million pair in the first few hours, and
                                                                            the Japanese silk industry went into a permanent
                                                                            On May 15, 1963, astronaut L. Gordon Cooper
                                                                            blasted off on the final mission of the Mercury
                                                                            space program. He circled the Earth 22 times an 34
                    T Bones Pier II                                         hours.
              Next to the Blue Heron Inn                                    On May 16, 1866, Congress authorized the Trea-
                   Lake Side Dining                                         sury Department to manufacture and circulate the
 Great steaks & seafood prepared on our wood burning grill                  first 5-cent piece. Referred to as the “nickel,” it con-
                                                                            tained 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper.
                                                                            On May 16, 1929, the Academy Awards were given
                                                                            out for the first time. Wings won the award for the
                                                                            best movie, Emil Jennings for best actor, and Janet
                                                                            Gaynor for best actress.
                                                                            On May 16, 1960, a “Big Four” summit conference
                                                                            in Paris collapsed on its opening day as the Soviets,
                                                                            in the wake of the U-2 incident, leveled spy charges
                                                                            against the United States.
                                                                            On May 16, 1969, a Soviet spacecraft reached the
                                                                            vicinity of the planet Venus.
                                                                            On May 16, 1975, Japan’s Junko Tabei became the
                                                                            first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.
                                                                            On May 17, 1792, the New York Stock Exchange
                                                                            was founded by brokers meeting under a tree locat-
                                                                            ed on what is now Wall Street.
                                                                            On May 17, 1875, in the first running of the Ken-
                                                                            tucky Derby, Astrides won by two lengths.
  Queen of Angels Bookstores, Inc.                                          On May 17, 1978, the body of Charlie Chaplin was
                                                                            found in a cornfield, ten miles from where the corpse
                                    Outdoor                                 had been stolen 11 weeks earlier from a Swiss cem-
                                 Cemetery Lights                            etery.
                                 Outdoor Statues                            On May 17, 1992, popular band leader Lawrence
                                     Candles                                Welk died, in Santa Monica, CA, at the age of 89.
                                      Bibles                                On May 18, 1852, Massachusetts became the first
                                                                            state to make school attendance mandatory for chil-
                                 Military Medals                            dren between the ages of 8 and 14 years old.
                              Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                          Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. • Sunday closed         On May 18, 1933, Congress created the Tennessee
 1605 E. Coolspring Avenue - Michigan City, IN 46360 • (219) 872-7300       Valley Authority for the purpose of flood control and
                                                                            rural electrification.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                               Page 45
On May 18, 1969, astronauts Eugene Cernan,
                                                                                                      1260 E. Michigan Blvd.
Thomas Stafford, and John Young, aboard Apollo            De Vries Tire Co.                           Michigan City, IN
10, blasted off for the first lunar module orbit of the
                                                          Serving the Michigan City Area since 1968               219 874-4261
On May 18, 2003, “Les Miserables” closed on
Broadway after more than 16 years and 6,680 per-
formances.                                                Firestone Tires
On May 19, 1876, Philadelphia was host city for
an exposition marking 100 years of American inde-         specializing in:
pendence.                                                   Computerized Alignments
On May 19, 1879, Nancy Langhorne (Lady Nancy                Air Conditioning Repairs
Astor), who would become the first woman member              Mechanical Repairs
of the British Parliament, was born in the Virginia
town of Danville.
On May 19, 1943, in an address to the United
States Congress, Prime Minister Winston Churchill
pledged full British support in the war against Ja-                                                      Residential
On May 19, 1958, the United States and Canada                                                           Commercial
established the “North American Air Defense Com-
On May 19, 1998, millions of pagers stopped work-
ing when a communications satellite, the Galaxy 4,                830 Karwick Road                    Materials provided
lost track of Earth.                                               Michigan City, IN                  by Pioneer Lumber
On May 20, 1862, President Lincoln signed the                     (219) 874-6224
“Homestead Act,” opening up millions of acres of                Tom Wagner serving the beach area since 1994
western land to settlement.
On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindberg, flying the
Spirit of St. Louis, took off from New York’s Long
Island for his non-stop flight to Paris.                             QUICK SERVICE
On May 20, 1932, Amelia Earhart took off from
Newfoundland for Ireland, becoming the first wom-                  PLUMBING REPAIR, INC.
an to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.                  (219) 362-0157 or Toll Free (888) 499-1559
On May 20, 1939, Pan American Airlines inaugu-            Complete Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Sales and Service.
rated transatlantic air service when their plane,        Modern Sewer Cleaning, Jetting and Inspection Equipment
the Yankee Clipper, left Port Washington, New York,           Competitive Rates - Senior Citizens Discounts
bound for Europe.                                                 60 day warranty on most Service Work
                                                              1 Hour Minimum Service Call - Travel Time 1 Way - Sorry, No Credit
On May 21, 1471, King Henry VI, the last English
                                                                        Insured, Bonded, LIC. #PC81038838
monarch of the “House of Lancaster,” was murdered
                                                                               Charles Dillon, Owner
while being held prisoner in the Tower of London.
On May 21, 1542, Spanish explorer Hernando de
Soto died while in search of gold along the Missis-
sippi River.
On May 21, 1840, New Zealand was declared a
British colony.
On May 21, 1881, Clara Barton founded the Ameri-
can Red Cross, also serving as its first president.
On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindberg landed his
plane (The Spirit of St. Louis) outside Paris, com-
pleting the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
He had been in the air for 331/2 hours, and had cov-
ered a distance of 3,600 miles.
On May 21, 1959, the musical “Gypsy” opened on

Page 46                                                                                                           May 15, 2008
        Travels with Charley:
                          A Symphonic Approach to Art and Travel in Chicago
                                                                  by Charles McKelvy

   Having survived our little cruise up the Volga
last October, my mother and I decided it was time
for new adventures.
   But we reckoned on something a little closer to
home than Russia, so we opted for a day of art and
music at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chi-
cago Symphony Orchestra.
   Yes, we were wowed by Barbara Stodola’s two re-
views in The Beacher and thus had to have our Hop-
per and Homer too at the Art Institute, and, being                                McKelvy is
the faithful subscribers we are, we were duty bound                           ready for some
to occupy two seats for the CSO’s matinee perfor-                                Hopper and
                                                                             Homer at the Art
mance of works by Ravel, Dubussy, and Holst.                                        Institute.
   Hey, somebody has to do it, so why not Hannah
McKelvy and her oldest child, your faithful corre-
   Lady Natalie did not want to be left out, so she
gladly accepted her mother-in-law’s invitation to
see the pictures at the exhibition of works by Ed-
ward Hopper and Winslow Homer.
   Unfortunately, there was nary a seat to be had
for Natalie at Orchestra Hall, but Natalie sport-
ingly volunteered to keep on eye on the Chicago
Cultural Center while Mom and I were having our
fill of Maurice Ravel’s “Pavane for a Dead Princess,”
Claude Debussy’s “Nocturnes,” and Gustav Holst’s
soaring Suite for Large Orchestra – “The Planets.”
   What could possibly go wrong with a brilliant
plan of action like that?
   Nothing really, but we did find that we got to                                                                      Not a bad
                                                                                                                      thing to see
the Art Institute a tad too early for the day’s grand                                                                 while you’re
opening of the front doors, and so we repaired to the                                                                 waiting for the
Corner Bakery at the sun-dappled corner of Jack-                                                                      Art Institute to
son and Michigan for some sipping of lattes and
herb tea.

                                                                             had little time for honoring Homer, but we did see a
                                                                             good deal of the permanent collection as we wheeled
                                                                             Mom from one elevator to another. One thing we
                                                                             can all say after that is that those in wheelchairs
                                                                             certainly have a whole different perspective of the
                                                                             Art Institute.
                                                                                We had to leave without seeing all of Winslow
                                                                             Homer’s wondrous works, because we had to dine
                                                                             at the Rhapsody Restaurant at Symphony Center
                                                                             before filling our ears in Orchestra Hall elsewhere
 A sunny corner in which to await the opening of the Art Institute – the     at the same Symphony Center.
              Corner Bakery at Jackson and Michigan.
                                                                                Natalie escorted us to our seats in plenty of time
  Then we rolled Mom back to the Art Institute                               for Conductor Charles Dutoit’s grand entrance, and
in time to hop on the Hopper bandwagon. Alas, we                             then she reluctantly went off to be with some more

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                            Page 47
art at the Cultural Center. Mom and I held down                             double-header of art and music.
the fort at Orchestra Hall where some amazing mu-                              Mom took one look at me preparing my camera
sic was made with the help of the Women of the Chi-                         for action and said: “Don’t you take pictures while
cago Symphony Chorus.                                                       you drive.”
                                                                               So Natalie drove us all the way back to Beverly,
                                                                            and what a great job she did as we all marveled at
                                                                            all the urban renewal occurring along south Michi-
                                                                            gan Avenue.

An artistic trio of
 fellow travelers
    at Orchestra
  Hall: (left right)
Marilyn Thibeau,
   McKelvy, and
Natalie McKelvy.

                                                                                        Things were looking good at 63rd and Ashland.
                                                                               Garfield, Halsted, 63rd and Ashland weren’t
                                                                            looking so bad either, and we were back in Beverly
                                                                            and planning our next outing to Symphony Center
   Natalie returned just after the final (standing)                          before we could rattle off a “Ravel,” declare a “De-
ovation, and, together with our friend and seatmate                         bussy,” or hoot a “Holst.”
Marilyn Thibeau, we headed for the Grant Park
Underground where our car was waiting to take us
back to Beverly by way of: Michigan Avenue, Gar-
field Boulevard, Halsted Street, 63rd Street, and
Ashland Avenue.
   If that route doesn’t sound anything like the Dan
Ryan Expressway, it’s because it wasn’t anything
like flyin’ on the Ryan. Mom and I had worked out
that itinerary during the recent Ryan construction
project, and we have seen no reason to deviate from                                                                              A classic
                                                                                                                                 Chicago three-
it just because work is finished, and the Ryan is fl-                                                                              flat on Garfield
yin’ again.                                                                                                                      Boulevard.

       Signs of urban renewal along Michigan Avenue at 33rd Street.

  As old South Siders, we rather like to have a look
at the old South Side whenever we get the chance,                           Marilyn Thibeau remembers going to the movies at the Highland Theatre
and what better chance to see it all than after our                                 on Ashland at 79th Street. It is now a commercial space.

Page 48                                                                                                         May 15, 2008
                                                                                       Activities to Explore
                                          2425 Hideaway                       In the Local Area:
                                           Long Beach                         May 15 -- Duneland Historical Society meeting.
                                           OPEN HOUSE                      7:30 pm at Library Service Center, 100 W. Indiana
                                          Sunday, May 18th                 Ave., Chesterton. Program: “The Regional Vision of
  4121 S. Franklin, Michigan City             1-3 pm                       Alfred Meyer, Map Maker.” Public invited; refresh-
                                                                           ments will be served.
                                                                              May 15-19 -- At the Vickers Theatre: “Miss Pet-
                                                                           tigrew Lives For a Day.” Starring Frances McDor-
                                                                           mand and Amy Adams. Rated PG-13. Thurs/Fri 9
                                                                           pm; Sat/Sun 4 & 9 pm; Mon 9 pm. 6 N. Elm St.,
                                                                           Three Oaks, MI. 269/756-3522. www.vickersthe-
                                                                              May 16 -- Bookmarks at Noon, MC Public Li-
                                                                           brary. The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning reviewed
                                                                           by Betty Canright from the Chesterton Tribune.
                                                                           Free & open to the public.
 CUSTOM BUILT 3800 SQ. FT. HOME under construction in Hidden                  May 17 -- Opening Reception for “Acrylic Ab-
 Shores on Lake Clare, Long Beach. 4 Bedroom, 4 bath, guest suite          stracts” by Edwin H. Levitin at the Southern Shore
 with bath. Master suite with a view of Lake Clare. Hardwood floors,        Art Association, 724 Franklin St., MC. 4-7 pm.
 9-11 ft. ceilings. Custom kitchen, stainless steel appliances, granite       May 17 -- Third Saturday Walk in Three Oaks.
 counter tops. Large loft for office or recreation bedroom. Enjoy your      Wander local shops & galleries which will be fea-
 private view and access to Lake Clare.       $799,500                     turing wine tastings & appetizers 5-9 pm MI time.
                                                                           Maps will be available in stores or
         For life of luxury call                                              May 17 -- Amarillo Star Country Western Ice
   Lori Osmanski @ 312-391-4870!                                           Cream Dance. 7-10:30 pm, Skwiat American Le-
                                                                           gion Post, MC. Line & partner dancing to DJ music.
                                                                           Adm. $5/AS members, $7/non-members. Free ice
                                                                           cream; bring a topping to share. 219/874-3624.
                                                                              May 17 -- Midwest Hype (funk, reggae, hip-hop)
                                                                           in concert at The Acorn Theater, 107 Generations
                                                                           Dr., Three Oaks. 8 pm MI time. Tix $20(with CD) or
                                                                           $50 (VIP lounge seating & gift basket); reserve at
                                                                              May 17-18 -- International Friendship Gardens
                                                                           Plant Sale. 9 am-4 pm. Master Gardeners will be on
                                                                           hand to answer questions. Info: 219-878-9885.
                                                                              May 17-18 -- “Into the Woods Jr.” Stage play at
                                                                           El Nopal Restaurant & Theater, 110 W. 9th St., MC.
                                                                           Sat 8 pm; Sun 2 pm. Tix $10 at the door or 219-808-
                                                                              May 18 -- Ridin’, Ropin’, Roundup 3. A fundraiser
                                                                           for the Three Oaks Flag Day Rodeo. 1-4 pm at 6741
                                                                           W US 12, Three Oaks, MI. Chuckwagon, horse &
                                                                           horse and cart rides, live music, cash bar, 50/50.
                                                                           door prizes. Tix $10; purchase at Fifth Third Bank
                                                                           and Three Oaks Twp Public Library.
                                                                              May 18 -- Vesper Chorale Concert, 3 pm, United
                                                                           Methodist Church, 1225 Michigan, LaPorte. Free.
                                                                              May 24 -- Opera at the Acorn Theater featuring
                                                                           Metropolitan Opera Mezzo-Soprano Isola Jones. 8
                                                                           pm MI time. 107 Generations Dr., Three Oaks, MI.
                                                                           Tix $25; reserve at 219-778-8513.
                                                                              Every Monday -- New Buffalo Chess Club. 6 pm
                                                                           (MI time) at the New Buffalo Public Library, 33 N.
                                                                           Thompson, New Buffalo. Open to all ages and skill
                                                                           levels. John Calo, 269/469-6507 or email jscalo@lo-

May 15, 2008                                                                                                        Page 49
   Places to Visit:
   Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan
City. Adm. $4/adults, $2/kids 18 & under, free/kids
under 3. Guided tours: Mon-Fri. 10 am, 11:30 am, 1
pm; Sat/Sun. noon, 2 pm. 219-873-1520.
   Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360
Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Open 9 am-4 pm, Tues-
Fri; 10 am-4 pm Sat; closed Sun & Mon. Adm. $3/
adults, $2/vets & senior citizens, $1/ages 8-18, and
free to under 8 and active military personnel. Info
872-2702 or
   LaPorte County Historical Museum. 2405 Indiana
Ave., LaPorte. Adm. $3/LaP. Co. resident; $5/out-of-
                                                                Innovation                                Details
county; $3/kids 12-17; free/under 12 yrs. 219/324-
6767 or                                            y     g
                                                                    extraordinary design in each
                                                                           unique home
   Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 W. 2nd St.,
Michigan City. Tues.-Fri., 10 am-5 pm; Sat-Sun, 11                            269.857.8035
am-4 pm. Closed Mon. Phone 874-4900.
   New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker
St., New Buffalo, MI. Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm; Sat, 10
am-3 pm, (MI time) Closed Sun. 269/469-5409.
   Old Lighthouse Museum, Washington Park, MC.
Opens for the season 1-4 pm, Tues.-Sun. Closed
Mon. & holidays. Adm. $3/adults, $1/grades 9-12.
50¢/grade school; free/under 5 yrs. Groups of 10 or
more must make appointment at 872-6133.
   Rag Tops Museum of Michigan City, 209 W. Mich-
igan Blvd., Michigan City. A collection of classic,
antique & unusual vehicles & memorabilia. Open
every day 10 am-7 pm. Adm. $6/adults, $5/sen. cit,
$4/kids, free/under 3. 878-1514.
   Southern Shore Art Association Gallery, 724
Franklin St., Michigan City. Fri., 4-7 pm; Sat., noon-
5 pm; Sun., 1-5 pm. 219-861-0186. http://southern-
                                                          LAKESHORE CONSTRUCTION
   Washington Park Zoo, Lakefront, Michigan City.
                                                             All phases of interior & exterior remodeling and add ons
Open 7 days, 10 am-5 pm (gates close 4 pm). Adm.
MC resident (with ID); $4.50/adult, $3/seniors (62+)        • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Siding • Roofing • Sun Porches • Decks
& kids 3-11 yrs. Non resident: $5.50/adult, $4/se-        • Sidewalks • Concrete Work • Driveways • Garages & Screen Rooms
niors & kids 3-11 yrs. Children under 12 yrs. not
admitted without adult. Groups & special events,                     • Quality Interior & Exterior Painting
phone ahead 873-1510.                                     • Floor Leveled • Crawl Space Repair • Foundations • Custom Garages
   Farther Afield:
   May 17 -- Guitarist Pamela Chappell in concert
at the Box Factory for the Arts, 1101 Broad St., St.
Joseph, MI. 8 pm MI time. Tix $8/adults, $6/stu-                                           SPRING SPECIAL!
dents & seniors (60+), under 12 yrs. free. 269/983-                                        Roofing, Siding
3688 or
   May 18 -- Deep River Grinders vs. House of Da-                                            & Painting
vid Echoes in a game of base ball played by 1858
rules. 2 pm at Deep River County Park. (Take US
30 west of Valpo past Deep River Waterpark to next                                     Residential • Commercial
signal light; turn right and follow signs). Bring seat-                               Immediate On-Site Pricing
ing; free adm. Info: 219/947-1958.
   May 22 -- Discussion on Wind and Solar Energy                       BOOK NOW!
at 7 pm MI time at Cafe Gulistan, 13581 Red Arrow         Office 219/861-1070 • Mobile 219/229-4995
Hwy. Speaker is Charlie Kubert from the Environ-                3611 E U.S. 12, Michigan City
mental Law & Policy Center, Chicago. Free, open to          Licensed • Bonded • Insured • Since 1979 / Senior Discount
the public.

Page 50                                                                                                                May 15, 2008

                                   DR. CHRISTIE LANT
                                    Family Dental Care
                             • Evening Appointments Available
                            NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS
 1213 E. Coolspring Ave., Michigan City, IN • 872-9151
                                                                                    We are considering holding a Community Yard
                                                                                 Sale as a fund raiser for the Community Center. It
                                                                                 was suggested we make a list of participants and
                                   WARREN J. ATTAR                               create an easy to follow map of the neighborhood
                                              Agent                              with the addresses of sales highlighted. Partici-
                                Representing State Farm Since 1971               pants would be charged a $20 fee to be listed on
               My 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Number is                        the map and several advertisements would be pub-
                                      (219) 874-4256                             lished in all the local papers announcing the sale
                STATE    FARM    1902 E. US 20 • Evergreen Plaza                 and the location where buyers could pick up a map.
                                     Michigan City, IN 46360


                                       Fax: (219) 874-5430                       The tentative date is June 14th, pending town ap-

                                                        proval, which is Father’s Day weekend and should
                                                                                 be very well attended. The Community Center could
                                                                                 also have tables “for rent” just outside the building
                                                                                 for those wishing to gather at a centralized location
OF CADILLACS                                                                     to sell their wears and in conjunction we may host
                                      24 Hour Transportation • All Occasions     pancake breakfast and/ or a port-a-pit dinner fund-
                                                   709 Plaza Dr. Suite 2 #249
                                                        Chesterton, In. 46304    raiser at the Center. If you would like to participate
                                                                                 in what we hope to be our 1st annual event or if
                                                                                 you are interested in volunteering to make it hap-
                                     877.LIMOS.55 219.210.9870                   pen, please phone the Center ASAP at 879-3845 and
                                                                                 leave a message with your name and phone num-
                                                      ber. As always we are open to suggestions.
                                                                                     “The Long Beach Book Club” is official and
                                                                                 the first reading choice is a bold one entitled Ev-
      Shop Avon at home or in your office with                                    erything Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. The
                personal delivery                                                author mixes tragedy and comedy in a stunning de-
                                              Contact:                           but. An American student, accompanied by a young
                                                                                 translator seek a Ukrainian shtetl (village) where a
                                      Sandy Batchelor                            woman may once have saved his grandfather from
                                   Avon Independent Sales Representative
                                            the Nazis. As his quest unfolds, his novel in progress
                                                                                 traces the village’s dark history. An in-depth discus-
                                                 sion meeting will take place on June 3rd in the His-
                                                                                 torical Room at 6 p.m. Come share your thoughts.
                                                                                     Scrabble Club continues to meet on Sunday
                                 STATELINE STABLES                               afternoons at 4 p.m. in room #10. Interested par-
                                                                                 ticipants are encouraged to come join the group and
                  HORSE & PONY RIDES • PETTING ZOO                               bring a game board if they have one. A congratula-
                 Open every Saturday 9 am-2 pm • May thru October                tions goes to Kathy Sellers with the high score of
                                           219-778-9020                          241.
                                10411 N. 200 East, La Porte, IN 46350                Need a 12 step meeting? The Lakeshore Group
                                 Located just north behind Hesston Bar           closed AA is on Mondays and the Our Side of The
                                     Beach AFG Al-anon group is on Wednesdays. Both
                                                                                 meeting are held at 7 p.m. in room #10.
                                                                                    We have the perfect space available to rent
                                                                                 for your next party, workshop, class, or ever to start
                                                                                 a business. Phone the center and make an appoint-
  CARETAKER LANDSCAPING & LAWN                                                   ment to tour the facility.
                                                                                                ----submitted by Susan Vissing
                        Mow or Grow...It’s what we know!
                                                 JEFF PRITCHARD                               Volunteers Needed
                 FREE ESTIMATES       (219) 898-5292                               Math and reading tutors are needed in the Learn-
                                                                                 ing Center at Michigan City Public Library. For
                                                                                 more information, phone 873-3043.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                  Page 51
                                                                                      CLEANING SOLUTIONS. Home & office cleaning services,
                          CLASSIFIED                                                   10 yrs. exp. Insured, free estimates. Call 219-210-0580.
                CLASSIFIED RATES - (For First 2 Lines.)
                                                                                  EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER – Cleaning, Laundry and Cooking.
1-3 ads - $7.00 ea. •• 4 or more ads - $5.50 ea. (Additional lines- $1.00 ea.)
                                                                                                References. Call Mary 219-325-9504.
                 PH: 219/879-0088 - FAX 219/879-8070.
                    Email:                                        MOTHER & DAUGHTER CLEANING SERVICE.
                                                                                          For all your cleaning needs with reasonable rates.
                                                                                       Call Cathy 219-608-5410 or Michelle at 219-851-2443.
                                                                                        HOUSE CLEANING, daily or weekly, good references.
                   PERSONAL SERVICES                                                             You can call Erika at 219-379-7699.
         Home movies-slides-pictures transferred to CDs or DVDs
                                                                                     HANDYMAN-HOME REPAIR-PLUMBING
                     Wedding & Event Documentation.                                 QUALITY CARPENTRY: Expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms.
                 Corporate and Industrial Video Productions                        Also: doors, windows, skylights, ceramic tile, drywall, decks & repairs.
    Contact: Patrick Landers at Midwest Video Communications                                     Small jobs welcome. Call Ed at 219/878-1791.
                                219-879-8433                                        HANDYMAN - Antenna service. Phone & TV jacks. House wiring.
                 LIVE-IN CAREGIVERS AND MORE, INC.                                   Sinks. Toilets. Countertops. Carpentry. Full house rehab work.
                         Local Employment Agency                                                    Beach Stairway Repair & Refurbishing.
            helps people maintain their independence in the                                      DR. TOM’S SERVICE CLINIC - 219/778-4036
                 security of their own homes since 1998                                           ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
                                 We provide:                                                                  HIRE Sue’s HUSBAND
   • 7 days/24 hours care and attention • day or night shift assistance            Is your list of household repair & maintenance projects growing?
       • limited medical/nursing services • medication management                          Small jobs welcome. - Quality Work. -- Call Ed Berent
                  • meal preparation • light housekeeping                                                        @ 219/879-8200.
                    Call (219) 872-6221 leave message                                             ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
                      An alternative to nursing home                                                          H & H HOME REPAIR
 THE JUNK MAN – It’s spring clean up time again! We haul away any                      We specialize in: •Carpentry •Finished Basements •New Baths
 junk large or small. Very reasonable. 219-872-2695 or 219-210-5095.                            •Electrical *Plumbing •Flooring •Drywall/Painting.
                   IT Computer Services                                                                      Family owned 45 years.
          Lessons - Repairs - Upgrades – Consulting                                            Jeffery & Scott Human, owners -- 219/861-1990.
        Web Pages -Wireless Networking - Data Recovery                                        BILL SMART – Carpentry • Electrical • Plumbing
            219-874-2398                                       Winter watch service and sump pump replacement.
                                                                                             Serving Harbor Country since 2001 • 269-469-4407.
                                                                                  HALE’S MASONRY. Brick, Block, Cultured Stone, Stone, Paving Brick,
              PROFESSIONAL TEACHER/ENTERTAINER                                     Tuckpointing, Retaining Walls, Glass Block, Chimney, new and repair.
          Entertainment and Lessons. Call 219/872-1217.                                            32 years experience. Call 219-879-8029.
               YOUNG, FUN SUMMER PIANO TEACHER                                                      CLOTHES DRYER & VENT CLEANING.
    Energetic and creative piano teacher looking for summer students             Prevent fires, save money on energy bills, and have shorter drying times.
           Will travel to your home. Rates/availability flexible.                       FREE ESTIMATES. INSURED. Call Darold at 219-898-1529.
                        Please call 248-910-1636.
                                                                                     CERAMIC TILE FLOORS – Kitchen, Bath, Entryway – Pro Install &
                               EVENTS                                             Repair. Guaranteed workmanship. Senior Discount. Call 219-363-5247.
  RUNNERS! WALKERS! The 25th ANNUAL MARQUIS DE SADE                              ROOF LEAK? Get it repaired with a warranty. Get your roof repaired right
MEMORIAL RUN will be something special! 9 am Sunday, June 15, 2008                the first time. Factory trained by Firestone, GAF and others. Why spend
 (No raindate, Sadists!) Start and Finish: 2910 Lake Shore Drive, Long           money with others that will not guarantee their repairs. EPDM, TPO, built-
           Beach. Call for info and phone in your t-shirt size:                            up and shingles. 26 yrs. exp. Call Bob at 219-326-5648.
       Rob Kemp 219-872-2721 or Larry Brown 219-872-4608.
            HEALTH & PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                              WISTHOFF PAINTING -- REFERENCES
         • • • MASSAGE THERAPY & WELLNESS CENTER • • •                                            Small Jobs Welcome -- Call 219/874-5279
   Therapeutic Massage • Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine •                  JEFFERY J. HUMAN INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINTING & STAINING
Reflexology • Heated Stone Therapy • Salt Scrub • Pregnancy Massage •                  Custom Decorating - Custom Woodwork - Hang/Finish Drywall
 • Healing Touch • Chair Massage & Wellness Programs for Business •                         Power Washing – Deck Services - Wallpaper Removal
                Qigong • Personal Fitness • Gift Certificates                                28-Years experience. Insured. Ph. 219/861-1990.
               1026 N Karwick Rd. 219-879-5722 (Mon-Sat)                               THE A & L PAINTING COMPANY -- INTERIOR & EXTERIOR
      For Evening/Weekend Appointments, Call our New Buffalo                       20-YEARS EXPERIENCE. Also Power Wash, Seal & Paint Decks.
            Location at the Harbor Grand Hotel 888-605-6800.                     Seniors (65+) 10% off labor. References. Reasonable. Phone or fax
                                                                                                219/778-4145. Cell phone days 219/363-5450
    Jennifer Huang, Licensed Acupuncturist -- Call 219/879-2100.                            LAKE SHORE PAINTING & PRESSURE CLEANING.
                                                                                           Free estimates. Call 219-872-6424 and ask for LeRoy.
             CLEANING - HOUSEKEEPING                                               WAYNE’S PAINTING. From top to bottom, interior/exterior. Painting,
    PERSONAL TOUCH CLEANING -- Homes - Condos - Offices.                          staining, decks, pressure washing. Free est. Fully insured. 13 yrs. exp.
     Day and afternoons available. - Call Darla at 219/879-2468.                                  Save 30% on exteriors March through May.
                        SUZANNE’S CLEANING                                            219-363-7877 days; 219-778-2549 evenings. Ask for Wayne.
                             219/326-5578.                                           ROBERT ALLEN & ASSOCIATES, INC. – Painting & Decorating
          When You Want Perfection -- Insured & Bonded                               Interior-Exterior. Custom Painting. Wall Coverings. Drywall Repair
                   JP’s HOUSE & DECK CLEANING                                            Insured. Competitive Rates. Reliable. Call 219-840-1581.
              Home - Business - Rental - Construction                                                  PETERSEN PREMIUM FINISHES
                     Power Wash & Deck Staining                                         Int/Ext painting, drywall finishing & repair, wallpaper removal.
           J.P. 219-874-3714 -- Email:                         Pressure Washing & Deck Staining. Customer satisfaction priority No. 1.
              It’s gardening time, so tend to your blooms.                             20 yrs. exp. Ref. Insured. Call 219-363-0247 or 219-369-9151.
               While you’re outside, I’ll clean your rooms.                                      DUNIVAN PAINTING & POWERWASHING
                Deb’s Cleaning Service 219-861-0554.                                             Interior/Exterior Painting •Deck Staining.
     FINISHING TOUCH: Residential & Specialty Cleaning Service                     Local. Exp. Insured. Reasonable Rates. Call Brian at 219-741-0481.
             Professional - Insured - Bonded - Uniformed                               PREMIER POWER WASH. Decks, Fences, Concrete, Houses.
         #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Phone 219/872-8817.                                  Resealing. Gutter Cleaning. Insured. Call 219-363-0475.

Page 52                                                                                                                         May 15, 2008
                             TIM’S PAINTING                                          • SANDCASTLE LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE •
  Interior & exterior painting, pressure washing and/or hand washing,         Time to think Spring Clean-up. Free est. Call Mick 219-878-3032.
        gutter cleaning, exterior window washing. Free estimates.
                        Call Tim at 219-861-7965.                                    EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                          ATTENTION DRIVERS willing to train to obtain CDL!
   P LANDSCAPE-Lawns-Clean Up, Etc. P                                     NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! TMC Transportation needs drivers.
           H & D TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPING, INC. --                    Guaranteed weekly earnings. Premium equipment and benefits.
      Full service tree and shrub care. Trimming, planting, removal.      Excellent earning potential and still be OFF WEEKENDS!
          Firewood, snowplowing, excavating. -- Call 872-7290.            It’s not a job, it’s a future! FOR CDL Training through Commercial
                             FREE ESTIMATES                               Driver Institute in South Bend, IN. Call today. - 1-800-882-7364
                     HEALY’S LANDSCAPE & STONE                            AC0064
                     219/879-5150 -- FAX 219-879-5344                                 INTERESTED IN HIRING A PERSONAL TRAINER
   -                     to establish program; female preferred. Call 219-898-3004.
              15+ Types of Flagstone, 30+ Types of Stone,                     Must have reliable transportation and be dependable, hard-working.
       Granite boulders, River Rock, Decorative gravel, Mulch,                           Call 219-210-0580 between 8 am and 5 pm.
                    Mushroom Compost, Sand, Topsoil
 Landscaping, Stonescaping, Ponds, Patios, Walls, Pavers, Bricks                                   WANT TO SELL
               Complete Landscape Design & Installation!                       BEST EASELS – PENS GALORE – PAPER TOO AT FIRME’S
    Dunegrass, Perennials, Evergreens, Grasses, Groundcovers,                (2 Stores) 11th & Franklin Streets, Michigan City - 219/874-3455
                 Annuals all sold at below RETAIL Cost!                    Hwy 12, Beverly Shores - Just West of Traffic Light - 219/874-4003
          ★★ H&S SERVICES --2621 E. US HIGHWAY 12 ★★                          PRESENT – AGE ROASTED COFFEE BEANS. 219-873-3735.
                             Call 219/872-8946                            GREEN ROASTED TO ORDER! SEE US AT THE FARMER’S MARKET.
                      Let Us Be Your One Stop Shop                                                   CLUB CAR Golf Cart.
              Now accepting new maintenance customers                            Gas operated; includes rain cover. $600. Call 269/469-3319.
                   Colored Mulch - Topsoil - River Rock                     Ocean Kayak. 2 person Hobie Cat Ocean Kayak Deluxe Model with
                   Retaining Wall Blocks - Natural Stone                                 Pedals. Easy transfer wheels. $1200.00/obo.
    ✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸✿✹✿✸✿✸                                                                  Contact Mark 630-918-7373.
     ADDIE’S LAWN MAINTENANCE • Residential & Commercial                    LLOYD FLANDERS WHITE WICKER SET – Loveseat glider, rocking
      Yard Clean-Up • Mowing • Aeration • Thatching • Ext. Power           chair, 3 tables with glass tops. Excellent condition. Upholstered in floral
  Wash, Stain & Seal • Free Est. Call 219-879-2017 or 219-448-0900.             print. $1500. Call 219-324-3383 or 219-362-7366 evenings.
                                                                                                    REAL ESTATE
                 CALL 219-879-3733 -- Leave message.                             COMMERCIAL – RENTALS/LEASE/SELL
JEFF’S LAWN CUTTING & MAINT. Is your grass long? Don’t go wrong!                     GARAGE AND BASEMENT OVERSTUFFED?
        Sm. Lawn $10; Med. Lawn $15; Lg. Lawn $20. Cut wkly.                            GOLDEN SANDES STORE AND LOCK.
                    Call 219-872-7622 or 219-561-1278.                                       4407 E. U.S. 12 (@ Hwy. 212)
            Free estimates. Heavenly Work at Earthly Prices.                                        Michigan City, IN.
            ELITE LANDSCAPING & LAWN MAINTENANCE                                                     219/879-5616.
           Spring Clean-ups. All Your Lawn Maintenance needs.             OFFICE SUITE. 3 private offices and reception area. Expenses, except
           Trimming, Aerating, Power Raking, Gutter Cleaning.             phone, paid. Well maintained, high traffic area. 2811 E. Michigan Blvd.,
               Insured/Free Estimates. Call 219-898-3675.                               Michigan City. (219) 879-9188, 879-2700.
                           PAT’S TREE SERVICE.                                                    WANT TO RENT
                   Complete tree and landscaping service.
    Experts in storm damage. Licensed and insured. Free estimates.          5 DAY SUMMER RENTAL WANTED. 3BR, 2BA home close to beach
                             Call 219-362-5058.                            if possible. July 16-20. Home with pool would be preferable. Have exc.
                                                                            references. Call Nancy 603-930-3366 or e-mail
             Landscaping by: SMALL’S GARDEN CENTER
               Custom Landscape Designs & Installation:                                         RENTALS INDIANA
           Retaining Walls –Block, Boulder, Timber, Ledge Rock                               HOUSE FOR RENT IN LONG BEACH
                       Brick—Patio, Walks, Driveways                         3/BR. Across from lake. Great view & beach. Call 219/874-8692.
                       Flagstone—Walks, Patio, Walls                      LONG BEACH COZY 4/BR HOUSE AT STOP 15 (Across from Beach)
       Ponds & Waterfalls—Complete Excavating/Site Preparation                     Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/370-1745.
            Clean-ups—Hydro Seeding & Sodding—Dunegrass
   13 ACRE GARDEN CENTER: Shade Trees—Evergreens, Shrubs,                                       ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
   Ground Cover & Perennials. Statuary, Fountains, Birdbaths, Pottery                             DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB
        We Deliver Pulverized Topsoil, Mulch, Decorative Stone,                          LAKEFRONT CONDOS -- 2 and 3 bedrooms.
              Driveway Stone, Sand, Paving Brick, Boulders,                             Avail. May-Sept. -- $1,200 to $2,000 per week.
 Flagstone (White, Chestnut, Blue): Cut Drywall, Outcropping, Steppers,                     DUNESCAPE REALTY - 219/872-0588.
            219-778-2568. 1551 E. Hwy 20, LaPorte, IN 46350                       SHERIDAN BEACH-YEAR ROUND-FULLY FURNISHED.
                  SMALL’S EXCAVATING • 219-778-2568                         Completely remodeled 1st flr. 2BR, 1BA apt. just steps away from the
              Bulldozing • Excavating • Payloader Demolition               beach at 310 Colfax. New small kitchen appliances, furniture, TV/DVD,
        • Driveways • Site Preparation • We Dig Ponds or Lakes.              A/C units. Private entrance. Available Aug. 3rd.$650/mo + NIPSCO.
                                                                                                       Call 708-372-6898.
                                                                          HOUSE FOR RENT-OGDEN DUNES. Quiet semi-private beach commu-
                     FERTILIZATION PROGRAMS                                nity. 3BR, 1.5BA, sleeps 6+2. Gas BBQ, big deck, screened porch, A/C,
                 customized for you and your property                                Satellite TV, stereo, all linens. Sat/Sun rentals $1200.
         • Crabgrass prevention • weed control • insect control                                        Great family location.
            Ask about our complete property management                                        Cell 219-730-6486, H 219-763-3088.
             Lots of discounts available. Call 219-872-9326                                 MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS
                         Licensed and Insured.                                   SEASONAL & YEAR ROUND RENTALS available as well as
                         Traditions Lawn Care                              commercial space. Visit or call 219-872-4000.
                                                                          CHARMING VINTAGE MICHIANA COTTAGE – ¼ blk. from lake, Stop 37.
                                                                           Furn., delightful décor, 3BR, 2BA, brand new beds & pillows, sleeps 8-9.
 CURB APPEAL. Spring & fall clean-up, mowings, yard maintenance,            C/A, frpl, screen porch off lg. kitchen, BBQ, wrap-around deck, loft end
   landscaping, hedges trimmed, snow removal. Over 13 yrs. exp.           deck off master BR, D/W, W/D, Cable TV/DVD/VCR, all util. except phone.
     Licensed/Insured. Cell 219-369-6392 or cell 219-448-1425.              For info email: Phone Judy 847-814-8215.

May 15, 2008                                                                                                                                Page 53
     HARBOR COUNTRY: Unique cottage with large, two story living                  MICHIGAN, New Buffalo, Village of Grand Beach. Lake front home,
      space. 2/BR, 2/Baths. Can sleep 6. Large screened porch. Lovely               just 42 steps down to this private beach on Lake Michigan. Enjoy
        terrace & garden. Gourmet kitchen. W/D. A/C. Cable, TV/DVD,                 magnificent sunsets from this lakeside deck and living room. This
             Stereo. All linens. Bicycles. 8 blocks to beautiful beach.           cozy 3BR is completely furn. Available in July & Aug. for $2,000/week
   Sat./Sat. rental, $1,200/wk. Photos avail. A must see. 773/929-2295.           and June & Sept. for $1,250/week. For more info call 708-212-1637.
       LONG BEACH EXECUTIVE HOUSE RENTAL. SUMMER 2008                                UNION PIER. 3BR 2BA cottage on lake side of Red Arrow Hwy.
   Stop 29, overlooking lake. Fantastic decks/views. 3BR, 2BA, A/C, W/D,                        Lg. screened porch, fenced yard. C/A, W/D.
   cable TV, WIFI, high spd Internet, and more. NO PETS/NO SMOKING.                Walk to beach or use golf cart. $1600/wk. Call Mike 312-969-3994.
      Choice weeks still avail. $3,100/wk. 2WK AND MONTHLY RATES                  MICHIANA, 3767 Ponchartrain. 2BR, 1 blk. from lake. A/C, no pets.
         or call 630-337-6220.                          Available June, July, Aug. & Sept. $725/wk. Call 269-469-4749.
                  HOUSE FOR RENT ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE                                                       VACATION RENTALS
               3/BR, 2BA. A/C. Frpl., W/D. Summer rentals avail.                        4BR, 2BA house, 3BR, 1.5BA condo, and a 1BR, 1BA apt.
         Also avail Sept thru May. $850/mo + util. Call 708/424-8756.                               Summer and winter rentals available.
CLASSIC BEACH COTTAGE IN SHERIDAN BEACH. Steps from beach.                               All within walking distance of the beach. New Buffalo, MI
         Sleeps up to 10. Remodeled and very clean. 5BR, 2-1/2BA.                                            Call 269/469-4970.
            Call Linda at 708-784-1465 or                       FURN., 2BR, 2BA, Formal DR, vaulted LR w/frpl. 3 season porch w/
     LONG BEACH STOP 28 SUMMER RENTAL. 3BR, 1BA, A/C, W/D,                      wdstove. Master Suite w/Jacuzzi tub. W/D, Dishwasher, Central A/C. One
              grill & deck. Short walk to beach and park. $950/wk.                  mi. from lake on wooded landscaped acre. Avail. for 1+ yr. lease
              Inquiries: 317-716-7321;                      or “timeshare.” (i.e. – 1 wk. ea. month). Union Pier. 651-343-1488.
            4BR, 2.5BA AT STOP 26 on hillside with view of lake.                STOP 41 LUXURY LOG HOME in the woods. Walk to playground, tennis
      Front deck, back screened porch with hot tub. Call 219-879-0615.           and beach. Sleeps 8-10. 4BR, 3BA + loft. Call 708-430-9933 or e-mail
                                                                                          for pictures
       SHORELAND HILLS – 3BR, 2BA. Short walk to Stop 31 beach.
     Sleeps 9 adults + 2 cribs. Large yard w/deck & BBQ. Big screen TV,            13078 GROMON ST., NEW BUFFALO, MI. Exceptionally well main-
       cable/DVD/VCR. A/C, D/W, W/D. $1100/wk. Call 773-562-6561.                tained 3-4BR home partially furn. or unfurn. Located 5 mins. from Lake
                                                                                 Michigan. $2,500/mo. Security deposit required. Call 219-324-6600.
 SHERIDAN BEACH. Lg. 3BR, 1BA, A/C and more. Short walk to beach.
               Sleeps 6. $900/wk. Inquires 312-672-2537 or visit                           H REAL ESTATE FOR SALE H
                                                   INDIANA-LaPorte on Pine Lake in Shore Acres. ½ blk. to the beach.
     SHERIDAN BEACH SUMMER RENTAL. Cozy knotty pine cottage.                    Totally rehabbed spacious ranch on 3 lots. $199,000. Call 708-212-1637.
 4BR, 2BA, cable, C/A. 1/2 blk. from beach. Close to outlet, park and zoo.      MICHIANA SHORES AREA, IN, wooded bldg. sites. City sewer & water.
                      $1000/wk. Contact Pam 708-383-2635.                        80 ft. x 130 ft. Elmwood Drive. $129,000. Broker/owner 239-283-2437.
LONG BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT - Great location, very close to beach                       35 KARWICK GLEN, MC. Year round seasonal loft town home.
             and park. 4/BR, 2/Bath. A/C. W/D, D/W. Deck w/BBQ.                            Immaculate 2BR, 1.75BA. Fireplace, C/A, all appliances.
 Avail. now to 6/28 or after 7/26 for short/long term rental. 312-953-9570.              Private patio, new wood flooring in main level. 1 car garage.
      LONG BEACH SUMMER RENTAL. Beachfront house at Stop 29.                                    $148,000. Call 708-479-0356 or 708-204-1975.
                       3BR, 2.5BA. A/C, modern appliances.                            LONG BEACH POINTE CONDO – 1BR. Includes garage, W/D.
                 By week or month. Call Jim at 773-405-9879.                                              $89,500. Call 219-878-8130.
    NICE 2BR APARTMENT. Over 1200 sq. ft. Near Trail Creek Marina.              MICHIGAN CITY – Lovely Beach Club townhouse, 3BR, 2.5BA, has HW
          1 yr. lease. Rent $550/mo. + util. Call Dave 312-771-6044.               flrs., nice kitchen, 2 car garage. Close to marina, Washington Park &
Unique Seasonal Rental – Relax in the country, relax on the farm. Spend          band shell. Access to Lake Michigan, pool and fitness center, too. Just
   a leisurely weekend or week or month or year in a barn rehabbed into a                       $345,000. Call Brenda Miley @ 219-629-1860.
spacious living loft style located on a real working farm. Be inspired by the                         Prudential Partners Real Estate.
farm that was once the childhood home of Dr. Scholl, the famous foot doc-           2BR, 1BA CONDO AT LONG BEACH POINTE, Michigan City with
 tor. Walk, bike or stroll along country roads and enjoy the peace of starry     garage. Renovated; new kitchen and bath, new windows and doors. 1st
   nights and fresh open spaces. Take pleasure in the free roaming ducks,        floor. Beautiful outdoor pool. Short walk to beach. Call owner 773-929-
 chickens, and geese. This seasonal rental is in Rolling Prairie, IN, located                                        0898.
  just 70 mi. from Chicago and 15 mins. from Lake Michigan. Visit LaPorte        BEAUTIFUL 2,512 sq.ft. Single Unit Residence, St. Andrews Village
      antique shops, New Buffalo boutiques, and Union Pier restaurants.            Townhomes. Visit for complete information.
    The barn has 3BR, a loft-style great room, full kitchen, and bathroom.                                    For sale by owner.
Fully furnished. Appliances, Heat & Electric included. A/C in bedroom only.
                                                                                             TWO LOTS FOR SALE IN MICHIANA SHORES, IN.
   Well-behaved, leashed pets are very welcome. Please inquire about an
                                                                                                     48’ x 105’ each. Call 708-703-8385.
     additional pet deposit. 219-778-9144 or email:
SHERIDAN BEACH. Contemporary, spacious, furn. 3BR, 2-1/2BA home.
           2-car garage. Outstanding lake vistas. Short or long term.           Vintage Base Ball Game at Deep River
                                Call 630-852-5414
                or 630-699-1010 or e-mail                         The Deep River Grinders will host the Echoes of
                 ***SUMMER RENTAL–HOUSE ON STOP 16***                           House of David (MI) in a game of vintage base ball
                     3BR, Fam. Rm., 2-1/2BA, A/C, W/D, BBQ                      using the rules of 1858. The game will be held on
                     Cable, Private Beach! Call 630-363-3176.                   Sun., May 18, 2 p.m., at Deep River County Park.
    3 BLKS. TO LAKE MICHIGAN. Yearly rental, 2BR, 2BA apt. All appli-              The players will be gentlemen as they play Amer-
                 ances, parking. Credit check, no pets. $700 mo.
                           Broker/owner. 219-363-6818.                          ica’s game as it was meant to be played, by gentle-
           HOT JULY SALE!!! PRIVATE POOL/PRIVATE BEACH!!!                       men for exercise and for sport, not for competition.
   5BR, 3BA. 3 blocks from private access beach. Huge 20x40 in-ground           Friendly banter may be heard on the field and play-
   pool, hot tub, close to everything. Special sale of 10% off all remaining    ers will be sure to applaud good plays made by both
                July weeks. Call Mark for details 630-918-7373.                 teams.
          5BR, 3BA ½ BLOCK TO BEACH AND PARK. Large patio,
                                                                                   Come early and bring your lawn chairs or a blan-
       screened porch and hot tub. Avail. July 26. Call 312-431-9337.
 2 UNIT, 2BR, 2BA CONVERTED BARN. Includes garage, basement, all
                                                                                ket for seating and shout “Huzzah!” along with the
        appliances, great room and loft in New Carlisle, IN. $1200/mo.          players. Sip sarsaparilla and enjoy a hot dog. The
 Mowing, snow removal & trash pick-up provided. Call 219-608-4478.              games are free as is admission to Deep River Coun-
    LONG BEACH RENTAL. Furnished home. 3BR, 2BA. Available June                 ty Park. The Park is located on Old Lincoln Hwy. at
      on weekly or monthly basis. Call 847-398-4756 or 847-454-4448.            County Line Road, southeast of Hobart, IN. More
                      RENTALS MICHIGAN                                          information at 219/947-1958.

Page 54                                                                                                       May 15, 2008

   Blood Trail by C. J. Box                                                     ing hunted?…I have. I don’t think there’s
   Here’s what I know:                                                          any way you can be out in the field with
   I am a hunter, a bestower of dignity.                                        a gun or a bow and not at some point let
   That sentiment remains to be seen in                                         your mind wander and fantasize about
this tale of the vast hunting industry that                                     somebody hunting you the way you’re hunt-
brings in a lot of revenue to the state of                                      ing the animal. I think it’s natural, just not
Wyoming. The problem is, the person who                                         something anyone really talks about.” An
spoke those words is someone who is kill-                                       interesting observation indeed.
ing the hunters instead of the elk. The first                                       Besides the on-going investigation, Joe
victim could have been a random killing,                                        and company find out that a nationally
according to the authorities. But when vic-                                     known animal rights activist, Klamath
tims two and three show up, they have to                                        Moore, has descended on the community
admit something else is going on. Especially when                     to add to the mix. He makes sure newsmen and
the third man is found strung up and gutted like                      supporters are in attendance making a lot of noise
an elk, with a poker chip on the ground near the                      when he makes his grand entrance at the airport.
body. Turns out the other victims had poker chips by                  But is Klamath really that dedicated to his cause?
them, too. Looks like the governor will have to close                 or is he just grandstanding for his own glorification?
down the hunting season until the killer or killers                   Then again, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of rea-
are found. What a loss of money to the state, and                     son that Klamath or one of his followers had some-
what a loss of face for the governor…                                 thing to do with the murders.
   This is the eighth novel about Joe Pickett, game                      Joe notices that Klamath’s wife is a Native Ameri-
warden for the state of Wyoming, and family man                       can. Also good for his image. But there is something
to his wife and two daughters. He’s a bit of a rogue.                 familiar about the woman…she’s from the local
Been fired by his boss, then rehired by the gover-                     reservation and once had a chance to go to college
nor himself. Apparently Joe is very good at what                      on a basketball scholarship. She choose instead to
he does, despite the fact that he has wrecked more                    stay and take care of her dying grandmother and
state vehicles than anyone on record.                                 dropped out of sight after the old lady died. What
   The author lives in Wyoming and describes the                      is her connection to this whole affair? Joe can’t help
landscape in realistic detail. He’s also done his                     but notice that Klamath never introduces her or the
homework in understanding the importance of the                       baby she’s carrying.
hunting industry to the economy there. Whoever is                        Strange as it may seem, Joe finds his best allays
doing the killing is obviously sending out a mes-                     in two convicts who have the knowledge and the ex-
sage. Question is, were the victims randomly cho-                     pertise to help him get to the bottom of this case.
sen? or is there a method to this madness?                               Blood Trail will be out in book stores on May 20.
   The governor directs the local sheriff and his dep-                It’s a tense thriller that will have you guessing up
uties, as well as Joe and his boss, Randy Pope, to                    to the exciting climax. It’s also an interesting look
study the crime scene which provides no clues other                   at the hunting industry and the people who hunt,
than the killer was a skilled hunter. The governor                    as well as the people who have to keep track of both
sends for Buck Lothar, a world-renowned tracker.                      the hunters and the hunted.
Joe is skeptical at first, but later impressed with Lo-                   Author C. J. Box has won numerous literary
thar’s knowledge…until he crosses paths with the                      awards as well as being a finalist for an Edgar
last victim’s nephew, who doesn’t heed the sheriff ’s                 Award and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He cur-
advice to go home and let the authorities solve the                   rently serves on the board of directors for Cheyenne
case.                                                                 Frontier Days Rodeo.
   In a moment of philosophic musing, Joe asks his                       Till next time, happy reading!
friend Robey, “Have you ever fantasized about be-

                                                                       Hours: 10:30 to 6                     269/469-6151
              Ted Perzanowski, M.Div., B.A.
           Essential Life Skills Training                                                     The
     An effective alternative to counseling and psychotherapy
                     for individuals and couples
 Michigan City, IN - 219.879.9155 • Chicago, IL - 312.938.9155                       GIFTS • ACCESSORIES
                                     100 N. Whittaker Street             New Buffalo, MI

May 15, 2008                                                                                                   Page 55

                                                                         FAX (219) 872-4182
                                                                         Specializing in Distinctive
  Debbie Burke
                   MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS, INC.                     Indiana and Michigan        Ed Merrion*
                       1010 N. Karwick Road. • Michigan City, IN 46360
   Broker/Owner                                                                                        Principal Broker

         SUNDAY OPEN HOUSES! • Open 1 - 3 p.m.

             321 Pinewood                           2720 Belle Plaine                        101 Wayne
         SHORELAND HILLS                       LONG BEACH MULTI-LEVEL                BEACH AREA FIXER-UPPER!
          CONTEMPORARY!                             3 bedroom, 3 bath                    3 bedroom, 2 bath
          3 bedroom, 2.5 bath                    2000 sq ft; screen porch                2 lots; fenced yard
             Low utility bills                 New roof, gutters, landscaping            Short-cut to beach
       2 lots w/ sprinkler system                        $285,000

                    3402 Iroquois                                               2320 Lake Shore Drive
      DUNELAND BEACH ARCHITECT’S HOME!                                      80' PRIVATE BEACH FRONT!
                  4 bedroom; 3 bath                                               3 bedroom, 3 bath
              Designer kitchen & baths                                            2 car stone garage
        1 door from Stop 34 & Lake Michigan                                  No neighbors to east or west
                      $818,000                                                        $1,595,000

                      LOOK FOR US ON THE INTERNET! •
                         Debbie Burke, GRI, ABR, RECS Ed Merrion*, CRS, GRI
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 John Hayes, GRI, ABR                    Cathy Blum          Heather Melnyk
 Dale Harding                            Jim Laughlin        Jean Herbert   *Licensed in IN & MI
 Julie Gring                             Jerry Lambert       Linda Darling

Page 56                                                                                                                                                May 15, 2008

                                     CENTURY 21 Long Beach Realty
                                                        1401 Lake Shore Drive ~ 3100 Lake Shore Drive
                                     123                       (219) 874-5209 ~ (219) 872-1432                            T
                                                 Long Beach – The Easy Commute
                                                       Family Owned and Operated Since 1920
                                                              Open 7 Days a Week

                Condominiums on the Water and Off
      100 Lake Shore Drive #807                                  2180 B Lake Shore Drive                                17 St. Andrews Court

  LAKE MICHIGAN VIEWS from Chicago                         DUNESCAPE VILLAS CONDO on private                    LONG BEACH GOLF COURSE VIEWS
  skyline to New Buffalo in 3 bedroom                      beach with all the privileges – lakeside,            from every angle of window walled condo.
  Dunescape condo. Gated entrance.                         exercise room, pool. 3 bedrooms, fireplace,           Beautifully furnished. 3 bedrooms. Garage.
                                $399,000                   many upgrades.                 $349,000              Gated entry.                    $280,000

         200 D Lake Shore Drive                                         213A California                                      10 Marine Drive

  ROOF TOP DECK overlooks Lake Michigan                    BEACHFRONT CONDO with roof top                       OVERLOOK TRAIL CREEK and far views
  from 3 bedroom lakeside condo. Upgraded                  decks overlooking Lake Michigan. 3                   of Lake Michigan from 1 bedroom condo
  kitchen and baths.             $439,900                  bedrooms, fireplace, private parking.                 on Trail Creek. Extra windows, fresh paint.
                                                                                            $599,900            50 foot boat slip.               $239,000

                                   VACATION RENTALS BY THE WEEK OR THE MONTH.
                                    See All of Our Listings at
                      Phyllis Waters*, Owner/Broker, CRB, CRS, GRI                 Tom Cappy* 874-6396             Julie Euler 219-448-0671
                      Doug Waters*, Managing Broker, GRI 219-877-7290              Richard Klare 872-0947          Stephan Koethe 219-331-6275
                      June Livinghouse*, Broker Associate, ABR, GRI 800-957-1248   Rosemary Braun 879-9029         Jebbie Smith 1-765-206-5345
                      Sylvia Hook*, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI 800-518-5778        Bill McNew 872-8254             Melissa Grams 219-229-4614
                      Beverly Bullis*, CRS, GRI 800-518-6149                       Annette Clark 219-363-3545
                      Sandy Rubenstein*, Broker Associate 879-7525                 Katlyn Koehn 219-608-6180       *Licensed in Michigan and Indiana

 Phyllis T. Waters*                                                                                                                                       Doug Waters*
  CRB, CRS, GRI                                         Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated                                                        GRI
 Broker/ Owner                                                                                                                                           Managing Broker

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