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									Guava Fruit Benefits for Healthy

Guava (Psidium guajava Linn) originated from Central America. This plant can grow well in lowland and
upland. Generally planted in the yard and in the fields. Guava tree is a highly branched shrubs, the
height can reach 12 m. The amount of fruit with a diameter varying from 2.5 cm up to more than 10 cm.

Guava is favored by the people generally are soft and thick fleshed, sweet, seedy little and large-sized
fruit. Several types of seeded guava guava, among others, Sunday Market, Bangkok Guava, guava
Palembang, cashew breadfruit, cashew apples, guava juice, guava and cashew brittle red.

Among the various types of fruit, guava contains the highest vitamin C and contain enough vitamin A.
Compared to other fruits like sweet oranges which have vitamin C content of 49 mg/100 grams of
material, vitamin C content of guava 2-fold. Vitamin C is very good as antioxidants. Most of the vitamin C
guava concentrated on the outside skin and flesh is soft and thick.

Vitamin C content of guava peaked near mature. In addition to a reliable supplier of vitamin C, guava is
also rich in fiber, especially pectin (soluble fiber), which can be used for material for the gel or jelly.
Another benefit is pectin for lowering cholesterol that binds cholesterol and bile acids in the body and
helps expenditures. The study by Singh Medical Hospital and Research Center Morrabad, India showed
guava can lower total cholesterol and blood triglycerides and blood pressure in essential hypertensive

Nutrient Content of guava in 100 grams

Energy =49.00 ka

Vitamin A =25 SI
Protein = 0.90 g

Vitamin B1 =0.05 mg

Fat =0.30 g

Vitamin B2 = 0.04 mg

Carbohydrate = 12.20 g

Vitamin C =87.00 mg

Calcium = 14.00 mg

Niacin =1.10 mg

Phosphorus =28.00 mg

Fiber = 5.60 g

Iron =1.10 mg

Water =86 g

Part and can be eaten 82%

Guava also contains tannins, which cause a sense of sweet on fruit but also serve to facilitate the
digestive system, blood circulation, and is useful for attacking viruses.

Reduce the risk of heart disease to 16%

Guava also contains potassium, which works to increase the regularity of heart rate, activating muscle
contractions, regulating delivery of other nutrients to body cells, control the fluid balance in the body's
tissues and cells. The study by Singh Hospital & Medical Research Centre Morabad, India showed that
guava can lower total cholesterol and blood triglycerides and blood pressure of hypertensive patients.
Because of this high content of lycopene, in Indonesia the guava fruit juice is often used to increase
platelet levels of patients with dengue fever. According to Drs. James Cerda eat guava with 0.5 to 1 kg /
day for 4 weeks the risk of heart disease can be reduced by 16%.
The guava is also found non-nutrient lycopene, a substance other than fiber potential. Lycopene is
karatenoid (important pigment in plants) found in blood (0.5 moles per liter of blood) and has anti-
oxidant activity. Lycopene epidemiologic research studies conducted by researchers in Italy, including
2706 cases of oral cavity cancer, tekek, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, if the increased
consumption of lycopene, especially on the guava fruit is red, seedy and tasteless sweet have any effect
on the body provides protection from some types of cancer.

Besides the benefits of guava to maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels and prevent the emergence
of cancer, strengthen the immune system to attack the disease, improve the health of the gums, teeth
and capillaries and helps iron absorption and wound healing. Guava is also efficacious anti-
inflammatory, anti-diarrhea and stop bleeding, for example in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever

Red Guava Can not Cure DBD

Guava is believed to raise levels of blood platelets and down as dengue fever. But actually medically
guava can not necessarily cure dengue fever. "Guava red only to enhance the body," said Dian Afianti,
doctors at the Hospital Roemani, Semarang, Central Java.

So if you are suffering from dengue fever should still needed medical treatment. More importantly
dengue fever should be prevented by keeping the environment clean and eradicate mosquitoes and
larvae nest.

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