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23rd – 25th February 2009, London


                      Internal Audit's Role in Combating AML and
                    Ensuring Compliance With the Latest Legislation

Course Director              Monica Bond BA, LLB, CFE, MAE

Understand the methods of launderers and fraudsters so as to build in controls to thwart them and to spot
signs of their activities at the earliest possible stage. Such understanding will enable you to build in more reliable
reporting mechanisms and to review the efficacy of your reporting systems.
Identify signs of money laundering and terrorist financing.
Interpret the latest regulatory requirements and leading case law.
Identify areas of non AML compliance within your organisation, without delay, and the systems you require to
enable you to do this
Improve your organisation s AML procedures and controls by utilising the very practical techniques taught on
this course.
Ensure that you, your colleagues and your organisation do not face criminal sanctions, reputation and career
disasters and all the other risks of non-AML compliance by providing you with the key solutions and internal

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Internal Audit's Role in Combating AML and
Ensuring Compliance With the Latest Legislation

23rd – 25th February 2009,

Seminar Focus & Features                                                   Course Director Monica Bond BA, LLB,
                                                                           CFE, MAE
                                                                           Monica Bond has specialised in fraud and money laundering
The number and severity of challenges posed by money laundering,
                                                                           prevention, detection and prosecution, both as an investigative
fraud and terrorist financing continues to grow, as does the AML           accountant and as a lawyer for over twenty years. She has given
machinery to combat it. This three day seminar contains vital              expert evidence in major money laundering cases. She is one of the
information and updates for the financial institutions’ audit,             UK’s foremost experts in anti fraud and anti money laundering
                                                                           procedures and practices and in 1994 was the author of the
compliance and risk management personnel. It explores the latest
                                                                           Accountants Digest on Money Laundering, published by the Institute
AML developments, legislation, techniques, internal controls, best         of Chartered Accountants. Her company has undertaken numerous
practice and key cases worldwide, including the implementation of          compliance assignments for banks, and other financial services
the EU Third Directive on Money Laundering and the Money                   organisations, particularly in relation to global anti money laundering
                                                                           legislative compliance.
Laundering Regulations 2007. It will compare and contrast UK AML
law and practice with that in other areas of the world, notably the
                                                                           Since 1996, Monica has been Managing Director of Bond
US, rest of Europe, the Middle East and common law jurisdictions. It
                                                                           Associates, a specialist firm of anti money laundering compliance
will explore in detail the implications of the UK Money Laundering         consultants and investigative accountants. Bond Associates
Regulations which came into force on 15th December 2007 and                specialises primarily in four areas:-
current best practice, as reflected in relevant guidance (for example,     •   The design, implementation and installation of anti-money
that of the JMLSG) and case law.                                               laundering systems into banks and related training and
                                                                               compliance advice.
This three day seminar provides Internal Auditors (and related
                                                                           •   Expert evidence in major fraud and money laundering
specialists from other disciplines/departments) with updates on the            prosecutions.
very latest developments in key areas of your business. The course         •   Successful recovery of funds lost by organisations through fraud.
is highly practical, interactive and up to date. The course alerts         •   Detection, prevention, investigation and assistance in the
                                                                               prosecution of fraud and money laundering.
delegates to potential dangers at various areas of your business.
You will leave with useful, practical ideas that you will be able to put
                                                                           In addition to being Managing Director of Bond Associates, Monica
into practice in your work, together with sample AML documentation
                                                                           is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a practising solicitor and Principal of
and precedents.                                                            Bond Solicitors.

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Understanding the Money                       Customer and Client Due Diligence           Advanced Considerations for
Laundering/Terrorist Funding                  (“CDD”)                                     Internal Auditors External Risks           • What are your training objectives?
Processes and the latest global               • The risk based assessment and             and considerations
measures taken to combat these                  analysis                                                                             • How many people require the
                                                                                          • Constructive Trusts
• Latest techniques and methods used          • The new requirements – what are           • The Civil risks of non compliance.         training?
  by money launderers. The latest               expected of you and your                    What are the precautions one must
  sectors they have targeted                    organisation?                               take?                                    • When would you like to run the
• The changing AML regime and why             • CDD, KYCB and KYI                         • Equivalence (or “who can you trust”?)      training?
  these changes are necessary                 • The internal controls, procedures and     • Extending the Regulated Sector – who
• The key AML principles and how they           documentation you should have in            is currently Regulated and how will      • What level of experience do you
  have changed recently                         place                                       this position change over the next
                                                Case Studies                                year?
                                                                                                                                       and your colleagues have?
• The global position. The key areas in
  common and the key differences              • Illustrative documentation and            • Privacy and data protections issues
                                                precedents                                  Case Studies                             • We will then email you a detailed
  internationally. Your responsibilities as                                                                                            proposal which addresses your
  regards your overseas operations –          • High Risk Situations regarding CDD
  how to ensure that they are fully                                                       Internal High Level Responsibilities         unique needs.
  complaint                                   Politically Exposed Persons                 • The new emphasis of the Regulators
• The key organisations/ institutions:        (“PEPs”) – a review of the latest           • The responsibilities of the MLRO and     You will have complete control of the
  their roles and influence                   issues                                        the AML Team                             training content and decide when it is
• US sanctions and extraterritorial           • The UK, EU and US definitions             • The responsibilities of Internal Audit
  powers. US initiatives. US powers to                                                    • Senior Management involvement –
                                                                                                                                     run. We guarantee that we will be
                                              • Why are PEPs potentially such high
  intervene abroad, including financial         risk?                                       their increased AML responsibilities     able to cater for all your business
  freezing powers                             • Related issues: corruption, terrorism,    • How to plan the AML Internal Audit       needs.
  Case Studies                                  transparency, corrupt regimes             • Professional guidance and standards
                                              • The key components of a PEP                 for auditors                             Email Guy Cooper at
The AML Requirements                            Compliance Programme                      • The responsibilities of
• The UK legislative requirements and         • Establishing sources of funds               external/statutory auditors    
  comparisons with other jurisdictions        • The meaning of enhanced due               • Where to go for further/specialist
                                                diligence                                   assistance? Significance of Privilege    or call
• The requirements of the FSA and the         • The controls and monitoring you need      • The Objective Test in relation to
  law enforcement agencies and                  to have in place. The techniques,           reporting                                +44 (0) 20 7779 8975
  comparisons with Regulators                   software and procedures which will        • Evidence – what you need to keep and
  elsewhere                                     help you                                    why. Ensuring the integrity of the       More Great Reasons to Choose our
• The UK Money Laundering                       Case Studies                                evidential trail
  Regulations 2007, the JMLSG                                                                                                        In-house Training:
                                                                                          • How to deal with Law Enforcement
  Guidance and the EU Third ML                Beneficial Owners                             requests
  Directive                                                                                                                          • Save money over public seminar
                                              • Why are they so important?                • How to deal with regulatory                fees
  Case Studies                                                                              visits/liaison
                                              • What are the latest regulatory
                                                requirements                                Case Studies
   Transaction Monitoring –                                                                                                          • Save money on travel &
   Understanding these systems                • How do we identify who they are?                                                       accommodation
                                              • What is the significance of charities,    Key Responsibilities of the MLRO
   and their scope                              trusts and jurisdictions?                 and his/her team
• The necessity for such systems, their         Case Studies
                                                                                                                                     • Save time on travel as the
                                                                                          • Benchmark guidance on best practice
  benefits and limitations                                                                  in these areas                             instructor will travel to you.
• What does transaction monitoring            Reporting                                   • The MLRO’s Annual Report (and other        Furthermore, the training can be
  really mean?                                • The regulatory requirements – UK and        reporting obligations)
• What is a “Suspicious Transaction;                                                                                                   held at the most convenient time
                                                elsewhere                                 • Training, Awareness and Assessing
  what is a “Suspicious Activity”             • The UK Consent Regime – what this           Competence                                 for you.
• What are we looking for in monitoring         means and why other jurisdictions are     • AML Manuals and Alerts
  such transactions?                            adopting the same approach                • Liaising with the Regulators and Law     • Tailor the course content; ensure
• What is the “risk based” approach to        • The key controls to have in place and       Enforcement                                the relevance of the seminar for
  bank account use?                             how these should be reviewed/
• Identifying the norms of each                                                                                                        your colleagues. You can tailor the
  individual account. Defining the search
                                                audited                                   Damage Limitation – what to do               structure & methodology of your
                                              • Internal documentation, training and      when you suspect regulatory
  parameters of the account                     support                                                                                seminar or customise the seminar
• Managing false positives                                                                breaches and/or fraud?
                                              • What happens after reporting?                                                          to meet the expertise levels of the
• Managing the response.                        Case Studies and practical                • What to do urgently – and what NOT
• Understanding the limits of alert             illustrations                               to do                                      participants.
  generation                                  • Documentation and precedents              • Who to contact and who must be
                                                                                            informed                                 • Bring the best in the business;
                                              Tipping Off and Consent                     • Conduct of the investigation               Instructors are hands-on, expert
                                                                                          • Employment/disciplinary issues
                                              • The implications of the UMBS case –       • How to minimise regulatory fines and       practitioners who are your subject
                                                a detailed analysis of this case and of     related problems                           matter consultants when they are
                                                its significance for your organisation    • Financial and repotational recovery        not training.
                                              • Review of other recent decisions            Case Studies
                                                relating to Consent and Tipping Off                                                  • Gain CPE points & certificates for
                                              • Relevant internal controls and            What does the future hold?
                                                monitoring/auditing of these                                                           the number of training hours.
                                              • Likely future direction following the     • Closing discussion on likely
                                                UMBS case                                   developments over the next year or two
                                                                                            Course summary and close
Internal Audit's Role in Combating AML and Ensuring Compliance With the Latest Legislation

                                                                                            Key topic areas
                                                                                            • Identify signs of money laundering and terrorist financing.
                                                                                            • Interpret the latest regulatory requirements and leading case law.
                                                                                            • Identify areas of non AML compliance within your organisation, without
                                                                                              delay, and the systems you require to enable you to do this
                                                                                            • Improve your organisation’s AML procedures and controls by utilising
                                                                                              the very practical techniques taught on this course.

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23rd – 25th February 2009, London
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