Mahkota Dewa Fruit for Cancer

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					Mahkota Dewa Fruit for Cancer

After knowing the efficacy of these plants, you might be interested in planting. World of
medicinal plants are now coming of "newcomers" are pretty great. Crown gods name.

He can make people with minor ailments kinds of itching, aches, or flu, to serious illnesses like
cancer and diabetes, feel the healing.

Knowing the properties of this plant, you might be interested in planting. Imagine. This plant
turned out to have remarkable properties. He can cure health problems of the mock up that
almost no hope for recovery. If it was just sore, a day or two would disappear.


Well, it's also a task that could be fixed within a day or two. Diabetes was going to surrender in a
few months.

What about cancer?

Although it took months, this plant was able to fight to the death. At least it's based on empirical
experience of many people, including who was cured of the disease in the liver or heart disease,
hypertension, rheumatism, and gout.

To process it became the drug was very easy. Just a brewing "racik tea" made from the skin and
flesh of the fruit, fruit shells, or leaves, these natural ingredients were ready for use. If baseball
wants a sense of bitterness, we can get a little bothered process became instant potions. It was
borne more pleasant without reducing efficacy.

That crown the god (Phaleria macrocarpa). Plants that reportedly came from mainland Papua and
Yogyakarta in Central Java called makuto dewo, makuto rojo, or makuto queen. Banten people
call it the king of drugs, because of its known to cure various diseases. Meanwhile, people from
ethnic Chinese called it pau, which means the drug heirlooms.
From allergies to cancer

Some people may have just seen, some never even heard his name. Naturally, when during the
very few people know the crown of the gods. Moreover usefulness. In fact, in many research
institutions dealing with medicinal plants research results have not been found.

Until now, at least the new dr. Regina Sumastuti from the Department of Pharmacology,
University of Gadjah Mada University who has studied it. It was still limited to testing the
effects of antihistamines or allergy.

In fact, the palace of Solo and Yogyakarta has long been known and use it as a medicinal plant.
Luckily, after a long time the benefits of this extraordinary leak to the layman.

Now, the plant is as if dropped from the sky as the "savior gods" for the sick. Various proposed
testimony of those who have felt the benefits. In the book The Legacy Drug Mahkota Dewa
Dewa work Harmanto Ning, chairman of Harmony Women's Lily Flower Farmer, who pursue
treatment with the crown of the gods, there are 26 people who recognize its value or written
successfully recovered from his illness thanks to the crown of the gods.

Among them are the Tuti Ariestyani Winata, who after undergoing surgical removal of cysts in
the uterus, the body's deteriorated condition. Her body was emaciated, pregnant belly like an old,
fat toes, his blood pressure up and down, and his hemoglobin is very low.

Some doctors who visited to give a different diagnosis. Some are diagnosed with liver cancer,
liver cirrhosis, and some are saying he suffered from chronic hepatitis. Never obtain the certainty
of her illness, at the suggestion of Ning, Tuti eventually consume meat boiled water Phaleria.
After six months, Tuti was cured and her condition improved again.

In addition to Tuti, who lives in Bekasi Diana states managed to recover from cancer in her right
breast after undergoing surgery to clear two more times in her left breast cancer.

Anna Winata in Bogor and Bekasi Retno also feel healthier in the back of uterine cancer pain
thanks to the crown of the gods. Ny. Parlan in Aberdeen also managed to normalize blood sugar
levels thanks to these herbs.

There are many other examples of the success of others. Unfortunately, that did not work is
never revealed, so it can not know what diseases are not able to resist this bright red fruit crops.

During this crown of leaves and fruit of the gods used the Indonesian people, especially in Java,
as a cure skin diseases, itching, and eczema. The disease is characterized by symptoms of
itching, signs of allergy to a particular agent that encourages the body's cells release histamine.

Problem is the ability to fight skin disease Sumastuti already proved it. From studies in vitro
using guinea pig small intestine, it is known, it was true the gods crown of leaves and fruit have
the effect of antihistamines. Means that these plants can be scientifically justified its use as a
drug itching from insect bites or caterpillars, eczema, and other diseases caused by allergies.

Other research we are still waiting to prove the remarkable properties as perceived some people
over. However, the story of mouth seems to have made people, especially the sick and generally
almost give up hope, trust. Then, people started looking for the rollicking efficacious crown god.

Not a few who tried to plant it in the yard. In fact, some see the "plague" as a business
opportunity to cultivate and process the products of traditional medicine or herbs with a variety
of forms.

Used as "tea"

Plant the crown of God is not a difficult case. Plants, which can live either at an altitude of 10-
1000 m above sea level., It can be planted from seed or transplant results.

Although planting in pots or directly in soil, growth would be better if planted in the ground.
Plants from seed are usually already fruiting at the age of 10-12 months. Derived from the graft,
it should bear fruit more quickly.

Fruit is the most widely used as natural medicines, in addition to leaves and stems. Of the three
parts, namely the skin and flesh of the fruit, the shell (shell beans), and seeds, which are
generally used fruit skin and flesh and shells. Young fruit is green and the old bright red.

"Savor the fruit of young and old alike," said Ning. Unfortunately, these compounds are
contained in the parts of fruit, still have not been revealed in detail. But, Hutapea et al. (1999), as
quoted Sumastuti, stating, in leaf and fruit skin makuto dewo compounds contained saponins and
flavonoids, which each have the effect of allergy and antihistamines.

Ning writes, in a fresh condition, skin and flesh of the gods crown feels young fruit-sepet sepet
bitter. While old-sepet sepet slightly sweet. If eaten fresh will cause swelling in the mouth,
thrush, drunk, and even poisoning. What causes it, is not known with certainty. Therefore, it is
not advisable to eat fresh.

Shells have a sense sepet-sepet bitter, more bitter than the skin and flesh of the fruit. This section
is also not recommended for direct consumption because it can lead to drunkenness, dizziness,
even fainting. However, when processed, this section is more efficacious than the skin and flesh
of the fruit. He can cure serious diseases such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, lung disease, and
cirrhosis of the liver.

There is a reason why the seeds are not consumed by the gods crown. "Seeds are poisonous. If
chewed, we can throw and tongue numb, "added Ning. Therefore, this section is only used as an
external medicine for skin diseases.
Of course to make pulp or its shell as a drug, need processing first. Can be used as dried fruit, tea
racik, or instant potions. However, it is often done by making tea and instant racik.

Another part that can be used as medicine is the stem and leaves. According to Ning in his book,
crown stem empirically god can treat bone cancer. While the leaves can cure impotence,
diarrhea, allergies, and tumors. How to use is to boil the leaves and drank the water.

Do not be surprised. Once the crown of the god to drink potions, we immediately felt a
drowsiness. This effect is normal. Another effect is drunk. To eliminate this effect it is
recommended to drink more water. For further consumption, the dose should be reduced crown
god. If it still drunk, you should temporarily stop first. In addition to adverse effects was still
there the effect of "good" it. "Psst ... sometimes there are men who increased libido, "whispered

According to Ning, in the process of curing the disease or serious diseases like cervical cancer,
after patients taking the crown of the god steeping his body could feel the heat and cold, and
sometimes even foul-smelling blood clot issue. "This is a cleansing process of disease," wrote

Its use can be in the form of a single herb can also mix potions. "Mixing with other herbs is
intended to strengthen the efficacy and neutralize toxins. Also to reduce the unpleasant taste,
"said Ning, who claims often serve" prescription "written by several doctors.

Efforts to crown the god of healing using herbs, according to Ning, could not quickly produce
results. Treatment needs to be done several times. Even for severe chronic diseases take a long
time. Noteworthy is its use must not exceed the dose recommended. If the proportion of excess,
unwanted effects may occur.

Must be remembered, young pregnant women are prohibited from taking the crown of the god.
As quoted Ning, Sumastuti has also proved able to act like gods crown oxytosin or sintosinon
that can stimulate the muscles of the uterus so as to accelerate the delivery process. This could
endanger the pregnancy is still young.

No less importantly, the message Ning, in using the herbs recommended menyugesti crown our
gods or convince yourself that this herb works, pray for our healing, and still visit a doctor to
determine the development of our health. (Summary)

Recipe for Taming Cancer

In adults, to treat cancer (breast or uterus) is not too serious or just prevention, just use a
tablespoon of instant potion brewed with a glass of drinking water. Drink twice a day, morning
and afternoon.
When serious illness, need herb tea mixture racik crown of the gods and instant white turmeric.
How, we boil a teaspoon of tea racik gods crown in three cups of water until the water half.
Then, add a teaspoon of instant white turmeric. This herb is taken three times a day.

For a very serious disease this dose was made twice, or until a spoonful of tea racik crown of the
gods. This treatment takes 3-6 months. After the patient was cured herb remains consumed by
the dose reduced.

Controlling diabetes

To prevent or treat diabetes that is not too serious need 3-5 pieces of the crown of God tea racik
boiled in three cups of water with three bay leaves. Boiling water until done half. This herb is
taken three days to once a week. As for treating severe diabetes we boil the same way: a
teaspoon of racik crown of the gods and three bay leaves. Potion drunk three times a day.

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