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Vice President Manufacturing Operations in Chicago IL Resume Jeffry Schutt


Jeffry Schutt is an accomplished operations executive with extensive experience in building, leading, and transforming world class technical and production operations. He is open to opportunities in Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Taipei, Taiwan, or Shanghai, China.

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									                                              Jeffry A. Schutt
                                                 Chicago, IL 60610, USA
                                                  Cell: 1.312.852.8518
                                                 Office: 1.847.317.4988

                                                        100 Sec. 3
                                                       Ren Ai Rd.
                                              Taipei, 10657 Taiwan R.O.C.
                                          Taiwan Cell Phone: 886.91.888.5588

                                                  CAREER PROFILE

An accomplished operations executive with extensive experience in building, leading, and transforming world
class technical and production operations. Successfully manages $50+ million operating budgets. A bottom-
line, customer-focused team player, who consistently achieves critical business objectives through effective
application of well-developed business, financial, and technical skills.
         Global Technical Leader who directs operations worldwide and utilizes statistical techniques, such as
          Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC, SPC, and Gage R&R to continuously improve capability, capacity, productivity,
          and quality.
         Motivational Change Agent who mentors, coaches, inspires, trains, develops, and listens. Facilitator of
          positive change to drive competitive advantage, so team members reach their full potential and achieve
          extraordinary results for customers and the organization.
         P&L General Manager who possesses unique ability to maximize financial results, while simultaneously
          improving quality and compliance with international standards, e.g., ISO 17025, Guide 65, and ISO 9001.

         Designer and Builder of critical infrastructure for operations. Establishes appropriate organizational
          structure, builds staff competence, designs and develops efficient production facilities, specifies capital
          equipment, and conducts due diligence relative to M&A opportunities to enable optimum performance.

TAIWAN REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY                                                             2008 –PRESENT
Co-founder of firm dedicated to re-developing urban areas in Taipei, Taiwan

UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (UL)                                                                           2003 - 2011
A leading $1 billion global testing and safety certification business with 60+ laboratory and testing facilities.

Director, Global Test and Laboratory Operations
Reported to the President. Oversaw UL’s multi-division, multi-disciplined lab operations employing over
800 employees in 60+ laboratory facilities, and occupying 1.5 million sq. ft. of laboratory space throughout the
world. Responsible for creating and maintaining all UL operating procedures and policies governing UL’s
compliance with ISO 17025. Managed 26 direct reports across North America, Europe, and Asia.

       Transformed UL’s labs from small, independent operations into a single, cohesive, global organization
        within 2 years by defining a clear, global organizational structure and by implementing a common
        Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

       Consistently increased laboratory capacity, capability, and productivity, without adding staff, to keep pace
        with surging demand (+20%), while eliminating inherited $100 million project backlog.

       Markedly improved quality and compliance with ISO 17025 within a 2-year period by significantly reducing
        major external accreditor / auditor findings. Consistently improved relations with OSHA, ANSI, SCC,
        IECEE, and other regulators.

       Directed a $40+ million annual capital budget while serving on UL’s capital committee. Responsibilities
        included capital equipment selection, approvals, procurements, installations, and verifications, so that
        numerous laboratory facilities could be established on time and on budget.
Jeffry A. Schutt                                                                                         Page Two

•   Won UL’s prestigious Mark of Excellence Award for conceiving and implementing a $2 million capital
    project in two months, enabling UL to ease political pressure from the George W. Bush administration
    and to certify equipment for dispensing ethanol-based, alternative fuels.

•   Consistently contributed to YoY revenue growth and profitability by creating and implementing simple
    business plans with clear goals, strategies, and tactics, which focused on all aspects of the global
    operation; including budgets, quality, productivity, measurement uncertainty, corrective and
    preventive actions (CAPA), equipment, consumables, automation, training, proficiency testing,
    personnel competency, metrology, management reviews, and the design and construction of new
    laboratory facilities.

   Coordinated with UL Corporate Research and key technical experts, so that new test methods, test
    equipment, and systems could be properly developed and efficiently deployed.

   Managed the performance of 26 direct reports by defining accountability, establishing performance
    objectives, coaching, and ensuring that all policies were understood and followed.

TRACE LABORATORIES - CENTRAL (Methode Electronics, Inc. Subsidiary)                              1988 – 2003
A $20 million, internationally recognized, ISO 17025 accredited, independent testing facility specializing in a
variety of testing disciplines and serving a vast array of industries.
General Manager
Co-founder and minority owner. Attracted and retained Fortune 500 Clients. P&L responsibility for entire Trace
Laboratories-Central operation. Directly accountable to the parent company’s President.

   Successfully grew Trace Laboratories-Central from its inception to a $5 million annual revenue operation in
    5 years. As new locations were added, sales grew to $20 million annually. Increased profits, staff, and
    facility size, while guiding the company through two seamless facility relocations.

   Oversaw sales efforts and broadened the customer base by analyzing and making necessary adjustments
    to ensure smooth operation of each of the organization’s business lines.

   Effectively utilized administrative and technical resources to perform all laboratory functions; such as
    testing, product certifications, accreditation retention, quality, advertising, sales, procurements, reporting,
    training, recruiting, orientation, contract monitoring, financial accounting, physical security, communications,
    safety, scheduling, expediting, quoting, failure analyses, consulting, litigation matters, referee studies,
    subcontracting, calibration, and other laboratory functions.

   Ensured coordination between Trace divisions to standardize operations and to properly support all
    customers, so that customer satisfaction, pricing, delivery, technical, and quality objectives were achieved.

   Remained current with government and industry standards and test methods, keeping in constant contact
    with government and industry officials such as A2LA, ACIL, DSCC, EIA, SAE, DOD, OSHA, IPC, IEC,
    ANSI, GM, etc.

   Conducted ISO 17025 internal audits of Trace’s various divisions and officiated at all customer and
    certification body audits, while presenting a correct and realistic image of Trace Laboratories.

RECON/OPTICAL, Inc. - CAI Division                                                                 1985 – 1988
Department of Defense contractor specializing in the manufacturing, testing, and deployment of optical systems,
such as satellite based imaging equipment, aerial reconnaissance cameras, guidance systems, and sights.
Quality and Test Engineer

   Oversaw transition from captive, in-house lab to commercial, for-hire lab. Marketed company’s testing
    capabilities, interfaced with customers, quoted requests for testing, completed customer testing projects,
    and wrote formal test procedures and reports. Performed environmental simulation, mechanical, electrical,
    and materials tests per MIL-STD-810, 461, 202, 781, and other specifications.
Jeffry A. Schutt                                                                                    Page Three

   Established and implemented database that captured all lab test results and tracked laboratory and
    company productivity. Designed and automated test set-ups, tools, and fixtures to increase productivity and
    test repeatability and reproducibility. Prepared cost benefit analyses for capital equipment acquisitions.
    Monitored and reported company-wide total cost of quality.

CITY of MILWAUKEE - Building Inspection and Safety Engineering                                  1983 – 1985
City government department focused on assuring that residential and commercial properties are in compliance
with national and local building codes.
Safety Engineer

   Conducted building safety inspections. Maintained city’s database on residential and commercial
    properties. Worked with department managers and suppliers to successfully implement and operate
    Milwaukee’s Energy House, a special facility/program to teach citizens about energy conservation and home

   Worked with department managers to conceive and implement Milwaukee’s Neighborhood Pride program,
    geared toward beautifying Milwaukee’s inner city neighborhoods. Received special commendation from
    Milwaukee’s mayor upon program’s completion.


    MBA University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Computers, Marketing, Production, and Leadership. 1984

    BS Physics Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. Advanced Laboratory Work, Electronics, Electricity
    and Magnetism, Optics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Mathematics,
    Chemistry, and Biology. 1981

    Illinois Institute of Technology. Coursework toward MSEE and MSME degrees. 1985 to 1988.

    Continuing Education: Instructor for, and participated in, numerous professional courses on the
    subjects of environmental simulation testing, reliability testing, leadership, management, and laboratory
    quality assurance. Developed curricula for, taught, and/or participated in numerous UL University
    (ULU) training programs, including UL’s Global Leader Program, Leading the Way, Effective
    Communication, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, DMAIC, Root Cause Analysis, Gage R&R, Coaching,
    Meeting Facilitation, New Safety Engineer Program, ISO 17025, Good Laboratory Practices,
    Measurement Uncertainty, and others.

                               PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS and AWARDS

       Convener - IECEE CTL WG-1 international committee for metrology and measurement science.

       President - Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), an ANSI accredited
        standards development organization and industry trade association serving over 4,000 members

       Technical Vice President, Design, Test & Evaluation Division and Product Reliability Division -
        Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)

       Member - American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), Society of Automotive Engineers
        (SAE), The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging of Electronic Circuits (IPC), The Electronics
        Industries Association (EIA), The American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL)

       Awarded the UL Mark of Excellence Honor, the IEST’s distinguished John Martin Outstanding
        Young Member Award, the IEST’s Monroe Seligman Award, and Listed in Sterling Edition of Who’s
        Who Among U.S. Executives
Jeffry A. Schutt                                                                                       Page Four


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