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2008_11 Wolf Pack by yantingting


									                                               Oak Hill Elementary              O A K H I L L E L E M E N TA RY S C H O O L

                                                                               The Wolf Pack
                                               3210 Kinross Circle
                                               Oak Hill, VA 20171
                                                                               V O L U M E     4 ,   I S S U E     3                            N O V E M B E R             7 ,    2 0 0 8
                                             Amy Goodloe
                                             Phyllis Sledge &
                                                                                  Principal’s Corner
                                                                                   by Dr. Amy Goodloe
                                             Jesse Kraft
                                               Assistant Principals       We have had a wonderful start to the year at Oak Hill. Thank you for your participation in
                                             Erica Carter                 first quarter conferences and your continued support for your children and their teachers.
                                               PTA President              We greatly value your partnership in our learning community and are so proud of all of
                                                                          our students’ accomplishments.
                                             Katie Rakestraw
                                              Editor, The Wolf Pack       Thank you to all of the volunteers who participated in Field Days during the last week of
                                                                          October. Despite some blustery days, students, teachers and parents alike seemed to
                                             Business Partners:
                                                                          greatly enjoy the activities and especially the fall snacks of hot chocolate, apples and pop-
                                             Columbia Gas
                                                                          corn. Congratulations to our P.E. teachers, Mrs. Price and Mr. Herring, for the well-
                                             Baja Fresh, Chantilly        organized events.
                                             The Rappaport Companies      Did you know that the Oak Hill SCA is involved in several service learning initiatives this
                                             BB & T                       school year? As part of Goal 3 of our school improvement plan, Responsibility to the Com-
                                             Baskin Robbins               munity, our staff and students are working together on several recycling projects both at
                                                                          school and in the community. We continue to work with FCPS to recycle paper, plastic and
                                                                          aluminum cans, as well as with our community partners to recycle Crocs shoes for needy
                                                                          kids worldwide and juice and cookie pouches to help reduce our carbon footprint. I am
                                                                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 2)
What’s Happening at Oak Hill in November?

                                            Saturday, November 8
                                            9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
                                            Fall Planting Day
                                                                              A Note from the PTA President
                                            (see page 2 for details)                 by Erica Carter
                                                                                                                 The school directory went       last boundary study that
                                            Tues, November 11 & 25        Hello Oak Hill Families!
                                                                                                                 out in mid-October, which       you’ve got to keep on top
                                            7:45 - 8:10 a.m.
                                            Oakie’s BB&T Open (Lobby)
                                                                          Did you make it to the Fall            was no small feat! Fifth        of this – the School Board
                                                                          Festival? We were blessed              grade had Medieval Day          has a way of surprising us.
                                            Tuesday, November 11          with beautiful weather,                and several classes have
                                            8:00 a.m. (Library)                                                                                  As always, feel free to con-
                                                                          happy kids and lots of vol-            already gone on field trips,
                                            Principals’ Coffee and                                                                               tact me with any questions
                                                                          unteers. Many thanks to                which are subsidized by the
                                            PTA Meeting/Program (8:15)                                                                           or concerns that you may
                                                                          Scott and Katie Rakestraw,             PTA to make them less ex-
                                                                                                                                                 have. I am happy to help
                                            Thursday, November 13         Ellen Green, Minnu Paul,               pensive for everyone.
                                                                                                                                                 out in whatever way I can.
                                            7:00 p.m. (Rachel Carson)     and everyone else who
                                            Coppermine Town Meeting                                              As you probably know, Oak
                                                                          worked so hard to make the                                             Take care,
                                                                                                                 Hill Elementary is part of
                                            Saturday, November 15         day such fun for our fami-
                                                                                                                 the Coppermine boundary                      Erica
                                            LEGO League Regionals         lies!
                                                                                                                 study. The first set of sce-
                                            (see page 8 for details)
                                                                            It’s still fairly early in the       narios were due to come out       FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE
                                            Thursday, November 20           year, but we’ve already              this week. You can find a            Read it all online!
                                            SCA Food Collection Ends        accomplished so much! First          link to the FCPS website at
                                            (see page 5)                    of all, we’ve reached our   The        Upcoming Events...................2
                                            Wednesday, November 26 goal for the pledge thanks                    first meeting to provide in-   SCA & PAWS Updates.........3
                                            EARLY RELEASE                   to the support of so many of         put on the proposals will be   Volunteer Spotlight ...............4
                                            Classes Dismissed 2 hours early our families. We’ve had a            on Thursday, November 13       Field Days................................5
                                            November 27 & 28                Cultural Arts Assembly fea-          at Rachel Carson. Grab a       Class Notes .................... 6 & 7
                                            NO SCHOOL                       turing Nana Puddin’, which           friend and go to the meet-     Your PTA at Work ....... 8 & 9
                                            Happy Thanksgiving!             was a big hit with the kids.         ing. We learned from the       Parent Workshops..............10
          Principal’s Corner

                                                Fall Planting Day
(Continued from page 1)
very proud of the SCA and our entire student
body for participating in these projects. For
more information please read the Oak Hill
school improvement plan on our webpage:                  Saturday, November 8                                    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Oak Hill is one of five schools under consid-                 at the Oak Hill
eration for redistricting for the 2009 - 2010
school year due to the opening of the new                   Outdoor Classroom
elementary school in our area, Coppermine                        (behind the K-1 pod)
ES. I encourage you to become involved in
both the Coppermine ES boundary process as
well as to attend an upcoming budget commu-     We need many, especially adult, hands to help plant approxi-
nity meeting. The Coppermine meetings will      mately 60 shrubs and 8 trees. Please plan to bring your
be held on November 13 at 7 p.m. at Carson      large shovels, rakes and wheel barrows; they will be put to
MS and December 10 at 7 p.m. at Franklin        good use!
MS. You can find more information about         Scout leaders, this may be a great opportunity for your den or
both the boundary and budget processes on       troop to earn service hours or an achievement.
the FCPS website at
                                                Students are also invited to help during the 8 - 10 a.m. clean
                    Amy Goodloe                 up. Gloves and bags will be provided. Just bring an adult
                                                and check in with Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Bennett when
                                                you arrive. See the SCA article on page 3 for more details.

Federal Impact Aid Surveys
On Friday, October 31
a student-parent sur-
vey was sent home in                            Candy for a Cause
your child’s Friday                             Wondering what to do with all that leftover and unwanted
                                                Halloween candy? Looking for a way to make a difference
folder. This form en-                           in the community? Rather than throw it away or eat it, we
ables Fairfax County to receive its fair        have a guilt-free solution. Donate your candy to be distrib-
                                                uted to injured service members recovering here in the DC
share of federal grant funds through the        area. Your donation will be a sweet treat and make some-
Impact Aid program.                             one’s day. Drop your candy donations in the Candy for a
                                                Cause box on the lobby stage. We encourage you and your
Forms were due to school by Wednesday,          children to write notes to the service members. The mailbox
                                                next to the Candy for a Cause box in the lobby is stocked
November 5. If you have not already             with paper and envelopes to get you started.
done so, please take a minute to fill out       Get Involved
the survey and return it immediately. We        In honor of Veterans Day and to give
                                                back to our community, on November
must get a form back for EVERY child.           11, during the 8:15 a.m. PTA Meeting,
                                                we will bag the “Candy for a Cause”
Please direct questions to Katherine            donations and write notes to be deliv-
Andersen in the Oak Hill main office at         ered to injured service members hospital-
                                                ized here in the DC area. Come join us
703.467.3500.                                   for a cup of coffee and a great opportunity to participate in
                                                a PTA sponsored service project.
Thank you for your cooperation.

THE     WOLF         PACK                                                                                PAGE    2
           Community Peer                                                           PAWS Update
         Integration Program                                         Hooray! Hooray! Oak Hill stu-
Calling all preschool students!! Oak Hill’s Preschool Pro-           dents have earned a school wide
gram is looking for preschool students who have solid skills         reward for their efforts in our
in the areas of speech, movement, coloring and drawing,              PAWS program. The students in
and play skills to be integrated into our preschool pro-             the SCA polled their classmates
gram. This integration program is a special program                  to gather ideas and the
where we are able to invite a few preschool children from            popular choice was:
our community to join our classes as peer models. If your            PAJAMA DAY! To cele-
child is 3 to 5 years old and has good speech and lan-               brate this milestone stu-
guage skills, social skills, and motor skills, he or she is eligi-   dents and staff alike,
ble to apply! If you have a preschool child of this age              (Yes, even Dr. Goodloe)
and are interested, please plan to attend the informa-               came to school in their
tional meeting and Play Hour to be held on November 17               pajamas on Wednes-
from 2 - 3 p.m.                                                      day, October 22. It was a fun
                                                                     and relaxing way to learn!
                                                                     Once again, Oakie will begin his
          PTA Pledge Update                                          journey at the bottom step. Stu-
                                                                     dents will continue to use
                                                                     their “PAWSitive behav- Students in Mrs. Anderson’s
                 A BIG thanks to our many generous par-              ior” throughout the build- fourth grade and Mrs. Frasch’s
                 ents & families! We are very excited to             ing and in class to earn    first grade classes enjoy some
                 announce that we have met our budgeted              more PAWS. We are all relaxing reading time in their
                 PTA Pledge Drive goal this school year.             looking forward to an-
                 Thank you to all who pledged to keep                other school wide reward
                 our school and PTA the best it can be!              when Oakie reaches the top. Stay tuned to this space next
                 Donations are still being accepted.                 month to find out how your children are connecting geog-
                                                                     raphy and research skills to the PAWS program.

                                          Oak Hill Lends a Hand
                                                                     families in our community. Our SCA Officers will even help
  There are many activities that the SCA is working on this
                                                                     deliver the food. See page 5 for a list of needed items,
month. This past week was Red Ribbon Week. All week
                                                                     and stay tuned to WOAK to see a report on how it went.
we celebrated with spirit days to help us remember to stay
drug free for life.                                                                This year we are celebrating Oak Hill’s 25th
                                                                                   Anniversary! To celebrate we are building an
               Our next school event is working with the
                                                                                   outdoor classroom. A clean-up of our school
               PTA to collect candy for the wounded sol-
                                                                                   grounds is scheduled on Saturday, November
               diers in the hospital. You can donate some of
                                                                                   8 from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. (The same day
               the Halloween candy you get or extra
                                                                                   your parents might be helping with planting
               candy from your house. In addition you can
                                                                     the outdoor classroom) Please come and help us out. When
               even write a letter to these veterans and
                                                                     you and your parents arrive, please check in with Mrs. Ben-
brighten their day. Collection boxes for candy and letters
                                                                     nett (4th grade teacher) to receive your materials. We
are located in the lobby.
                                                                     hope to see you there!
Another holiday that is coming up is Thanksgiving. This holi-
                                                                     The last important issue to discuss is recycling. Our drink
day is about being thankful for what we have and reach-
                                                                     pouches are coming in steadily, and now we are collecting
ing out to those that may not have as much. Many families
                                                                     cookie wrappers too. Remember we are still recycling pa-
in our community can’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner and
                                                                     per, cans, plastic bottles, cell phones and ink cartridges.
Oak Hill wants to help! We are collecting
                                                                     Each grade is in charge of a recyclable, but it is everyone’s
non-perishable food items to donate. Collec-
                                                                     job to make sure we put it in the right bin. New signs were
tion boxes are located in each pod and in
                                                                     put on every container to remind
the lobby. Oak Hill will work with Reston
                                                                     you too. Please help keep our          Vince Song
Interfaith to make Thanksgiving Baskets from
                                                                     school recycling organized!            SCA Vice-President
the donated food and to get it to needy

VOLUME         4,   ISSUE      3                                                                                      PAGE      3
                                                                                                          With many thanks….
                                                                                                                                                                he couldn’t have pulled it off without
                                                                                                          Many thanks to Lipika Swarup,
                                                                                                                                                                a lot of help, so be sure to look for
                                                                                                          Jothi Venkataraman and Mary
                                                                                                                                                                his thank yous on page 8.
                                                                                                          Beth Walmsley for helping the
                                                                                                          office staff sort paperwork on                        Kimberly Vásconez has been busy
Volunteer Spotlight
                                                                                                          Monday mornings during the first                      getting the 2008 - 2009 FLEX pro-
                      The highest reward for a person's work is not what they get for it, but what they

                                                                                                          quarter.                                        gram started, selecting instructors, working
                                                                                                                                                          to schedule classes and publicizing the pro-
                                                                                                          Picture day on October 23 went very
                                                                                                                                                          gram. Thanks, Kimberly!
                                                                                                          smoothly thanks to the many parents who
                                                                                                          spent their day handling lots of the little     Dozens of parents, led by Nina Johns,
                                                                                                          details. Thank you to Sarah Chichester,         braved the cold winds to lead stations dur-
                                                                                                          Lynne Halladay, Kulsoom Hussain,                ing Field Days. Thank you to all of our
                                                                                                          Wendy Kisiday, Michelle Kranzberg,              Field Days volunteers!
                                                                                                          Carolina Monsalve, Robin Moyher, Bar-
                                                                                                                                                          Thanks to Wendy Kisiday for organizing
                                                                                                          bara Oswalt, Priya Singh and Trish Vida.
                                                                                                                                                          the 6th grade t-shirt sales. The Oak Hill
                                                                                                          Thank you to Scott Rakestraw for once           Class of ‘09 will be well outfitted for a
                                                                                                          again chairing the Fall Festival. Of course,    great year!

                                                                                                             Celebrate Oak Hill’s                               HELP
                                                                                                              25th Anniversary!
                                                                                                           Support our new Outdoor Classroom                   WANTED
                      become because of it. -- John Ruskin

                                                                                                           with a Personalized Commemorative
                                                                                                                          Brick!                         Fall Planting Day for the Outdoor Class-
                                                                                                                         Don’t miss your chance to       room needs adults to help plant shrubs and
                                                                                                                         leave your family’s mark        trees. Students are needed to help with
                                                                                                                         on Oak Hill...order your        grounds clean up. See the details on
                                                                                                                         personalized commemo-           pages 2 and 3.
                                                                                                                         rative brick, and help us       The School Clinic sees many
                                                                                                                         raise funds to create our       children every day and can
                                                                                                          new outdoor classroom!                         always use volunteers.
                                                                                                          The deadline to order bricks is January        School Clinic Volunteer Train-
                                                                                                          16, 2009. At that time, the bricks will be     ing will take place on
                                                                                                          ordered so they can be installed for the       Wednesday, November 12,
                                                                                                          25th Anniversary Celebration in May.           from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. in
                                                                                                                                                         the multipurpose room of the Herndon-
                                                                                                          Engraved bricks may be purchased in            Reston District Health Department at 1850
                                                                                                          two sizes:                                     Cameron Glen Dr. in Reston. Other loca-
                                                                                                          4”x8” $40 with 3 lines of text                 tions and dates are also available. Please
                                                                                                                                                         contact Oak Hill’s Clinic Aide Vicki Franks
                                                                                                          8”x8” $75 featuring a Wolf Paw Print           in the school clinic at 703.467.3510 for
                                                                                                          You’ll find the details for ordering your      more information. The required Tuberculo-
                                                                                                          brick at               sis Risk Screening is available at the Health
                                                                                                          Choose Outdoor Classroom in the left           Department for $12.
                                                                                                          hand pane.
                                                                                                          Thank you for supporting Oak Hill

THE      WOLF               PACK                                                                                                                                                             PAGE        4
                                                                              Oakie’s BB&T Second
 Great Beginnings for Oakie’s BB&T                                           Quarter Operating Dates
Oakie's BB&T finished the first quarter for our first year of operation.   Oakie’s BB&T is open to receive deposits
This school bank was created by the 2008-2009 sixth grade class            every other Tuesday. Please note that stu-
when they were still in fifth grade. We'd like to recognize Pranav         dents must have an existing Oakie’s BB&T ac-
Baderdinni (creator of the name "Oakie's BB&T”) and Briana Edwards         count to make a deposit at school. Accounts
(artist for the bank logo). At the end of last school year, eleven fifth   may be established at either the Franklin Farm
graders were selected to work as the first crew for our school bank.       or Reston Town Center branch of BB&T. Our
This start-up program is a success thanks to the dedicated crew led by     student tellers are only authorized to accept
(now 6th graders) Justin Anderson, Neha Manu and Leah Morris.              deposits.
Their hard-working bank tellers should also be commended. They are         Oakie’s BB&T operates in the lobby from 7:40
Carly Carter, James Chen, Robert Guglielmino, Natalie Johns, Kait-         - 8:10 a.m.
lyn McCullough, Felix Park and Saharsh Shrivastava. All managers
and tellers worked side by side with BB&T representatives to open new
                                                                               Second Quarter Operating Schedule
accounts for students during the Open House and Back-to-School nights.
They were at school very early on the days that the bank was open to       November 11
serve our needs. Some have moved on to become bank employee                November 25
trainers for the next student bank crew.                                   December 9
                                                                           December 23
As we begin the second school quarter, we'd like to welcome the next
                                                                           January 6, 2009
Oakie's BB&T crew. Our bank managers are Michael Mason, Alycia
Adams and Kendra Harder. Bank tellers are Maddie Gasse, Sam
Greenfield, Hannah Grudi, Nidhi Manu, Jacob Penta, Shan Penta
and Sahana Thirumazhusai. We look forward to working with our
                                                                                  SCA Thanksgiving
new Oakie's BB&T Service Team.                                                     Food Collection
                                                                           The SCA Thanksgiving Food
                                                                           Collection will continue through
                          Field Days                                       November 20. Donations may
                                                                           be left in the donation boxes
Despite some chilly weather, Oak Hill students enjoyed lots of fun,        located in the pods and lobby of
team building outdoor activities during field days the week of October     the school. The baskets we will
27. Mrs. Price and Mr. Herring worked together to plan a terrific day      prepare need to contain specific
of age appropriate games and activities for each day’s participants.       items, please consider donating
Mrs. Johns organized volunteers and made hundreds of cups of hot           what you can from the list below.
chocolate during the week to keep everyone warm and happy.
                                                                                  Cans of assorted veggies
Thank you to all of the volunteers who cheerfully bundled up and led
students through the different stations!                                          Large bottles of juice
                                                                                  Boxes or bags of rice
                                                                                  Boxes of macaroni & cheese
                                                                                  Snacks (pretzels, chips, nuts)
                                                                                  Cans of fruit
                                                                                  Boxes of mashed potatoes
                                                                                  Boxes of biscuit or muffin mix
                                                                                  Drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa)
                                                                                  Desserts (cake mix/icing, pie crust/
                                                                           Thank you in advance for contributing to this
                                                                           important project. We are very grateful for
                                                                           any donation you can make.

VOLUME       4,   ISSUE     3                                                                                   PAGE       5
                                                                                   Medieval Day 2008
                                                         Fifth graders participated in Medieval Day, a terrific hands on learning
                                                         experience, on Friday, October 24. Students and teachers want to
                                                         thank to the parents who volunteered to make Medieval Day fun and
                                                         A new day arrived when the 5th grade students of Oak Hill Elementary
                                                         School dressed as medieval men and women. It was a wonderful sight!
                                                         Students marched in and out of the classrooms, giving high fives and wav-
                                                         ing, as the parade began . . . – Ajay I.
                                                         Medieval Day was a blast! We made stained glass, goblets, and our own coat
                                                         of arms. But I think the best part was the feast! We had chicken, cheese, water-
                                                         melon, and more. We also got our picture taken in the stocks. I wish we could
                                                         do it again. -Tara S.
          Specials & Grade Level Special Events

                                                         Medieval Day was a lot of fun. First I went to make a shield. After that I made
                                                         a goblet. Then I drew my own pattern, a smiley face with a sword through it
Class Notes

                                                         with my name and my artistic signature, for my stained glass. I then went and
                                                         made a catapult. Afterwards, we had a grand feast or banquet. All in all, I
                                                         had a great Medieval Day. – Soumithri G.
                                                         Medieval Day is a day when 5th graders celebrated the olden times. We
                                                         dressed in medieval-type clothing and did certain activities that had some-
                                                         thing to do with medieval times such as castle making, catapults, designing
                                                         a shield, creating stained glass, and decorating goblets. The Medieval
                                                         food was great. Every meal had to contain some meat and some bread.
                                                         In the olden times every meal had some wine. I think Medieval Day is a
                                                         great way to celebrate that culture. – Pavan B.

                                                         Media News                                                     Band Notes
                                                         Oak Hill’s Book Fair was a                           Oak Hill Band is well under-
                                                         huge success! Everyone had                           way with over 100 mem-
                                                         a great time while stocking up                       bers. Coming events and ac-
                                                         on some exciting new books                           tivities for the students include
                                                         and raising money for the li-                        our December Holiday Sere-
                                                         brary. Teachers were over-                           nade in the lobby during
                                                         whelmed and delighted by the generosity of           school and the Winter Concert on January
                                                         parents who purchased books to build their           29. Area Honors Band starts the second Mon-
                                                         classroom library. I’d like to thank our many        day in January for sixth grade Advanced
                                                         volunteers for their help with the book fair. A      Band Students. The Area Band will include
                                                         successful fair would never be possible without      students from five elementary schools and will
                                                         your help. Your time is greatly appreciated!         be held at Herndon H.S. in the band room
                                                         During the Book Fair week we had several             from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Mr. Isle will be one
                                                         contests. Many students won a free book or a         of the directors and wants to encourage as
                                                         poster. One lucky student, fifth grader Caro-        many students as possible to attend and be
                                                         line Smart, won the $50.00 grand prize.              members of this group. The Area Honors
                                                         Caroline received $25 in free books and her          Band activity has always been a very excit-
                                                         teacher, Mrs. Fredericks, received $25 in free       ing activity for the band students and num-
                                                         books. The prizes were all awarded by                bers approximately 75 students.
                                                                                    Jenny Henry                                            Robert Isle
                                                                                    Media Specialist                                       Band

THE   WOLF                                        PACK                                                                                                   PAGE   6
        Preschool                                           Upbeat
       Happenings                                                   Kudos to the sixth grade chorus for
                                                                    their performance at the third annual
Preschool/PAC went on a field trip to
                                                                    Chantilly Pyramid Choral Concert! This
The Great Country Farms on October
                                                                    was a great experience for our stu-
28. Children enjoyed choosing a
                                                                    dents to hear the voices of middle and
pumpkin, jumping on a giant pumpkin
                                                                    high school choral groups, as well as
balloon, feeding the animals, and ex-
                                              join with singers of all ages to impress the audience. Today, these sixth graders
ploring the farm.
                                              should be bringing home information about both the Chantilly Area Honors
                                              Chorus and All-County Choral Festival. Please look for the audition notice and
                                              find out if your child is interested.
                                              In the general music classroom, the kindergartners spent the month of October
                                              getting ready for their fall hoedown. They got to show off their dancing skills
                                              last Friday! First graders have learned several pumpkin songs and had their
                                              first chance to play a piece on the Orff instruments. Second graders can tell
                                              you all about the stories of Tikki Tikki Tembo and Bony Legs. They have accom-
                                              panied these tales with songs, chants and instrumental parts. Third graders are
                                              learning to name pitches on the music staff and have had fun with the bean
                                              bag staff! Fourth graders have been mastering the recorder as well as Orff
                                              instruments, playing songs related to autumn. This past week, they were
                                              amazed to see a listening map of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor and
                                              enjoyed finding patterns in the music. Fifth graders have become experts at
                                              setting text to rhythms and have also had fun with a recorder and mallet piece
Afternoon Preschool Thanksgiving
                                              called “Monsters in the Moonlight.” Sixth graders have either just finished their
                                              STOMP projects or will be sharing them on Monday. They did an incredible job
Ms. Jenn and Ms. Amy’s class is having        of creating complementary rhythms and placing them in a “scene” to pull the
a Thanksgiving luncheon. If you have          whole project together.
a child in our class, please plan to
                                                                                                               (Continued on page 10)
attend. Bring a sandwich for you and
your child and enjoy some soup pre-
pared by your children and dessert.
The luncheon will be from 12:00 to                Just a thought...From the Counselors
1:00 on November 24 in room 105.
We hope to see everyone there!
                                              Few children “hit the ground running” when they arrive at
                                              school in the morning. They often need a few minutes to hang
 First Grade Field Trip                       up their coats, greet classmates, and settle into the school envi-
                                              ronment. Teachers often take advantage of the first few min-
Thanks to the Cul-                            utes of the day to go over the day’s schedule, collect forms,
tural Arts Commit-                            and introduce early activities. Arriving even a few minutes af-
tee for inviting first                        ter class has begun makes children feel behind from the start.
grade to attend                               When a student is recurring late for school, it is often reflected in their grades.
the performances                              A bell rings at 8:10 officially starting our school day. Students arriving af-
at the McLean Community Center.               ter the bell are considered tardy. Students must report to the office to sign in
We were able to watch many mini               and to get a tardy slip to take to his or her teacher. If your child is a walker,
performances. The children enjoyed            we ask that you encourage your child to leave home early enough to arrive at
all the shows, and they were an en-           school before school starts at 8:10. If you transport your child to school,
thusiastic audience. Everyone com-            please allow extra time to deal with traffic congestion. (Children arriving on
mented on how well the Oak Hill stu-          delayed FCPS school buses are not counted as tardy.)
dents behaved. Of course, that is just
another demonstration of the Oak              Thank you for your assistance in assuring that your child arrives at school
Hills PAWS Program. The first grad-           promptly for the remainder of the year! Please call
ers are all trying to show their posi-        if you have any questions or need assistance of any Dot Bennett, Christy
tive behavior and earn paws.                  kind.                                                      Ryder & Tina WIlliams
                        JoEllan Frasch                                                                 School Counselors
                        First Grade Teacher
VOLUME        4,   ISSUE    3                                                                                          PAGE       7
                                                       Fall Festival Has Record Turn Out
                                                                        On Saturday, October 18 about 1500
                                                                        members of the Oak Hill community en-
                                                                        joyed a beautiful fall afternoon with their
Activities & Enrichment
                                                                        friends and neighbors at the Oak Hill PTA
                                                                        Fall Festival ‘08.
                                                                        Fall Festival is a huge undertaking and
                                                                        would not be possible with lots of help!
                                                                        Many, many thanks to the hundreds of
                                                                        volunteers who helped to make this a fun
                                                                        and safe afternoon. Whether you do-
                                                                        nated water or baked goods or helped
                                                                        at the festival operating games, serving
                                                                        snacks, selling tickets and helping with
                                                                        setup and break down, you played a
                                                                        critical role in making this a great event.
                                                                        We’d especially like to thank Prize Coor-
                                                                        dinator Ellen Green and Food Coordina-
                                                                        tor Minnu Paul, who were an enormous
                                                                        help in planning the event and making
                                                                        sure that their areas ran smoothly during
                      Your PTA at work!

                                                                        the festival. Thank you to the individuals
                                                                        and businesses that offered donations of
                                                                        professional services and/or goods: Har-
                                                                        ris Teeter, Backfire, BB&T, Nina Johns,
                                                                        Elise Forrester, Homemade Pizza and
                                                                        Generous George’s Positive Pizza and
                                                                        Pasta Place.
                                                                        Finally, please remember to support the
                                                                        vendors who participated in our first Busi-
                                                                        ness Expo. View vendor information at

                                                      More photos online! Visit the photo gallery at

                                                                       LEGO League News
                                                           Come out and support your Oak Hill Lego
                                                           League teams at our regional competition!
                                                             The 2008 FIRST LEGO League Regional
                                                             Tournament will be held at Chantilly High School on Saturday, November 15. The
                                             day will be filled with exciting presentations from top scientists and engineers, energetic LEGO
                                             robotic competition, science discovery booths and informational booths from representatives form
                                             a wide array of science and technology clubs, organizations and businesses. Top teams competing
                                             in the Chantilly Regional will be invited to compete at the Virginia State FIRST Lego League Tour-
                                             nament to be held on December 6 and 7 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg.
                                             The Robot competition starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs until about 4:00 p.m. Oak Hill is sending seven
                                             teams to this tournament so chances are good you will get to see at
                                             least one of our teams compete no matter what time you arrive.         Jane Iyengar
                                                                                                                    PTA LEGO League Chair

THE        WOLF                           PACK                                                                                      PAGE     8
      GRACE Art Introduces                                                   Shop & Support
       Georgia O’Keeffe                                          Thank you to everyone who sent in Box Tops
                                                                 during October’s double rewards period.
                           Have you been up to the school
                                                                 Thanks to all of the support for this pro-
                           lately? We hope you’ve had a
                                                                 gram, the school has already earned
                           chance to see some examples of
                                                                 $1457 this school year.
                           the fabulous still life artwork our
                           students created, inspired by Paul    Congratulations to the classes that returned the most Box
                           Cezanne. The next time you’re in      Tops. Each class won a popcorn party!
                           the lobby, look for a large collec-
tion of the artwork, with representative samples from sev-       1st Mr. McGorty’s 4th grade class
eral classes, posted above the carpeted steps.                   2nd Mrs. Ray’s afternoon Kindergarten class
In November, the GRACE Art docents will introduce students       3rd Mrs. Vollbrecht’s 3rd grade class
to the work of the influential American artist Georgia
O’Keeffe. A painter, O’Keeffe liked to use simple and ab-        4th Mrs. Fredericks’ 5th grade class
stract shapes and bright colors. She painted objects larger      Please continue to collect Box Tops, Campbell’s UPCs and
than life so people would notice them. She often focused on      Tyson’s panels. Remember to label your bag or envelope
a small part of an object, rather than the entire object, to     with your child’s name and teacher’s name.
increase attention to details. Docents will lead the students
in a classroom project where the students use petals and         The holidays are just around the corner. Remember to shop
leaves cut from colored tissue paper to fill a background        through our links at the PTA website. We have links to Ama-
paper with a single flower or flower group … just like , and many other stores through and the
O’Keeffe might have!                                             Box Tops Market Place. Just go to
                                                                 Click “PTA Funding” and then “Shop”. There are so many
O’Keeffe was interested in art from early childhood, and         stores including Kohl’s, Home Depot, Target, Harry &
decided at the age of 12 to be an artist. Who knows?             David, Shutterfly, etc. Please consider shopping through
Maybe one of our own Oak Hill students is making that            these links to earn money for our school at no additional
same decision right now!                                         cost to you. Thank you for your support.
There will be a break in the GRACE Art program for De-           If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Philipps
cember and January, but we will resume in February with          at
Kings and Queens: Byzantine and Medieval Art. A big
thank you to all the docents
who make this program work! Lisa LeJune &
                                Kathryn Pearlman
                                PTA GRACE Art Co-Chairs

                   FLEX Language Sessions Begin November 11…
                               Are You Registered?
The Oak Hill Elementary PTA and the Fairfax County Office of Adult and Community Education again will offer the highly
successful Foreign Language Experience (FLEX) program for the 2008-2009 school year. The 20-week program begins
November 11 and will offer Levels 1 and 2 of Spanish and Chinese. Level 2 classes in both languages apply to those that
successfully completed the program last year.
Parents may register their students online at Once on the website, pro-
ceed to the registration procedures section and hit the link to online registration. Please select the 20-week Chinese 1 or 2
or the Spanish 1 or 2 classes. Oak Hill is listed as an option under this choice. The cost for the 20-week session is $174,
which includes tuition and material fees.
Keep in mind that colleges around the country now require that applicants have at least three, preferably four or more,
years of language training. The FLEX program helps your students prepare for foreign language classwork they will begin
in middle or high school.
If you have any questions about the registration process or the program, please contact Kim-
berly Vásconez, PTA FLEX program liaison, at or 703.437.7828                Kimberly Vásconez
during the evenings.                                                                                 PTA FLEX Program Liaison

VOLUME        4,   ISSUE     3                                                                                    PAGE       9
                                                                             Parent Workshops &
             German Club News                                                     Meetings
                      German Club is going strong! We’ve made
                                                                          Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS)
                      Schultüten (candy filled cones to celebrate our
                                                                          offers parents many and varied learn-
                      first day of class) and celebrated Oktoberfest by
                                                                          ing opportunities.
                      making Bavarian hats, eating pretzels, drinking
                      sparkling apple juice and seeing a slide show       The Advisory Committee for Students
                      (some of the photos from it are shown here).        with Disabilities (ACSD) will hold its
                      Please contact Frau Edgington at Cath-              monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. on No-
             if you want to find out    vember 12 at the Gatehouse Adminis-
                      how you can get involved.                           trative Center in Falls Church.
                                                                          For more information about the Advi-
                                                                          sory Committee for Students with Dis-
                                                                          abilities, visit
                                                                          The FCPS Parent Resource Center
                                                                          (PRC) offers the following upcoming
                                                                          Homework Help: November 7, 10
                                                                          a.m.- noon at Dunn Loring and on No-
                                                                          vember 13, from 10 a.m.- noon at
                                                                          Aldrin ES in Reston.
                We celebrate Veteran’s Day on November 11 each
                 year. Why? Though the final treaty was signed            Assessment Training: Tuesday, No-
                   months later, Germany and the Allies ceased            vember 18, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at Dunn
                fighting World War I on the eleventh hour of the          Loring.
                   eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.            Celebrate Calm: Success Begins Here:
                 Originally called Armistice Day, the holiday was         Tuesday, December 2, 7 - 9 p.m. at
                 intended to honor those who died during WWI.             Luther Jackson MS.
                  We now honor all veterans on November 11.               For a complete list of all upcoming
                                                                          workshops and activities go to the PRC
         Kindergarten Hoedown                                             web site

               Kindergarten students celebrated
               fall with the annual Hoedown on Oc-
               tober 31. Students showed off new                                          Upbeat
               dance moves for their parents,
               painted pumpkins, ran a fun obstacle                       (Continued from page 7)
               course and did lots of cute fall crafts.                   Please remember to
               Thank you to all the parents who                           check the music Black-
               helped make this a special and fun                         board site frequently
               day for our kindergartners!                                for calendar reminders,
                                                                          lessons and activities
                                                                          from class, great music
                                                                          websites and event

                                                                                 Wendy Peterson & Cristen Dimas
                                                                                 General Music Teachers

THE   WOLF   PACK                                                                                      PAGE     10
                                                                             TRINKETS AND TREASURES: Hand crafted jewelry, including Oak
                                                                             Hill items. Custom orders with delivery in time for the holidays.
                                                                             Beautiful embellished umbrellas to brighten up a rainy day.
                                                                             The perfect gift for moms and girls. Plus much more!
                                                                             WARM SPIRIT: All natural organic products to help you live well.
                                                                             WARPED, LLC: Fabulous handwoven bags, completely
Please support the vendors from the Fall Festival’s first
                                                                             handmade from start to finish. Each and every one is
Business Expo.
                                                                             absolutely unique. Jump start your holiday shopping while
                                                                             your children jump around! Warped, LCC accepts cash, checks
   ATLAS WONDERS: Alpaca products made in Bolivia. Ponchos,                  and credit card (via Pay Pal).
   scarves, gloves and sweaters for adults and children. Silk
   shawls made in China, and embroidered linens and tea glasses              WORLDGATE SPORT & HEALTH: Offering free 3-day trial
   sets from Morocco.                                                        memberships. Learn more about our offerings today or at
   BB&T: Open an Oakie’s BB&T account today and learn about
   other products currently offered by BB&T. Oak Hill is served by
   the Franklin Farm and Reston Town Center branches.                          Thank you to the following businesses for offering                                                            contributions of their goods and/or services at Fall Festival:
   BEAUTY IN JEWELS “AAKARSHAN”: Exquisite collection of
   handmade, custom jewelry. Crafted in semi-precious stones,                BACKFIRE: Provided music for the festival. Visit them at
   sterling silver, gold and pewter in your own neighborhood.      
   CHANTILLY CHEFS: At Chantilly Chefs, kids 6+ enjoy hands-on
                                                                             BRUSH AND BERET: Artist Elise Forrester donated supplies and
   cooking activities, eat what they’ve created, and learn life skills.
                                                                             her talent to the face painting booth. Visit her online at
   New this fall – Adult Cooking Classes. Come try a new
   technique, a tasty recipe or brush up on your skills.
                                                                                                      GENEROUS GEORGE’S POSITIVE PIZZA AND PASTA PLACE (HERNDON):
   HOT BREADS: Unique Indian bakery located in Chantilly.                    served up the delicious pizza at the festival and donated 15
   Offering pastries, sandwiches, exquisite cakes and more. Hot              prize certificates.
   Breads caters to everyone’s taste.
                                                                             HARRIS TEETER: Brought FREE ice cream and Harry the Dragon
   JACKI’S GLASS CREATIONS: Sun catchers, lamps, stained glass               to the festival in its ice cream truck. Visit Harris Teeter at
   items, cheese trays, mosaics and more.                Woodland Crossing in Herndon and at The Spectrum in
   SACRED HANDS: Custom handprinted paintings using acrylics                 Reston.
   and beads.
                                                                             HOMEMADE PIZZA (OPENING SOON AT FRANKLIN FARM): donated
                                                                             its signature Cutie Pie Kit and three additional prize certificates.

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