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									        Arkansas Air National Guard                          Ebbing Air National Guard Base                      Volume 54 Issue 3 April 2009

  What’s inside...                Commander’s Comments                 Page 2                         Feature: Weapons Loading                            Page 4
                                  The Flying Razorback Spotlight       Page 6                         Ammo Troop of the Year                              Page 9

                                                               Making the grade

Family members of personnel from the 188th Security
Forces Squadron hold up ‘Welcome home’ signs at
Ebbing Air National Guard Base in Fort Smith, Ark.,
March 2. The SFS members returned home from a
six-month deployment to Manas Air Base, Kyrgyz
Republic. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt.
Dennis Brambl/188th Public Affairs)

   188th SFS members
 return from deployment
By Capt. Heath Allen
188th Public Affairs officer

T    here’s no place like home. And on
     March 2, twenty-four members of the
188th Fighter Wing Arkansas Air National
G u a r d ’s S e c u r i t y F o r c e s S q u a d r o n
returned from a six-month deployment to
Manas Air Base, Kyrgyz Republic.
    The 188th deployed alongside eight                     Lt. Col. David Sheely, left, and Capt. Kim Sosebee, right, both members of the 188th Fighter Wing,
other Air National Guard units including                   consult with IG Team inspectors during a Unit Compliance Inspection in-briefing at the unit’s Regional
                                                           Training Site at Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Feb. 26. The 188th Fighter Wing scored “Best Seen to
          SEE 188TH SFS RETURN PAGE 10                     Date” comments in multiple areas and produced 80 percent “Complies” on inspected areas. The 188th
                                                           scored in the top 10 percent of Air National Guard units and logged just three “Do Not Comply” ratings,
                                                           tying the ANG record over the past 10 years. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Stephen Hornsey/
   188th tests hangar fire                                 188th Public Affairs)

    suppression system                                      188th aces Unit Compliance Inspection,
   By Capt. Heath Allen
   188th Public Affairs officer                              earns ‘Best Seen to Date’ comments
   T   he conversion from F-16s Falcons
       to A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthogs”
   has continued to send shockwaves of
                                                           By Capt. Heath Allen
                                                           188th Public Affairs officer
                                                                                                                   The Flying Razorbacks surmounted
                                                                                                               even lofty expectations, achieving 80
   change through the 188th Fighter Wing.
   The 21st century has featured a constant
                                                           E   ven under a microscope, the 188th
                                                               Fighter Wing came up big. The
                                                           188th again proved large when it
                                                                                                               percent “Comply” ratings and only
                                                                                                               three total “Do Not Comply” marks
   flux of modifications from the new                                                                          base-wide, tying an Air National Guard
                                                           counted most while sixty-four                       record. The 188th’s performance placed
   headquarters building to the brand new
                                                           inspectors dissected the unit’s methods             it in the top 10 percent of ANG units in
   vehicle maintenance facility; the 188th has
                                                           and procedures during a Unit                        the country.
   been under a barrage of transformation.
                                                           Compliance Inspection Feb. 27-March 2.                                SEE UCI PAGE 8
2   The Flying Razorback, April 2009

                                             188th Fighter Wing should savor
                                            UCI success after much hard work
Col. Tom Anderson                           By Col. Tom Anderson                                  research dates back 10 years. The 188th’s
188th Fighter Wing commander                188th Fighter Wing commander                          astounding number of “Comply” ratings places

Col. Brad Peterson
188th Fighter Wing vice commander
                                            W       ow! What an outstanding job by the Flying Razorbacks in the top 10 percent of
                                                    everyone on the
                                            UCI. You worked very hard
                                                                                                                      all ACC Guard units over the
                                                                                                                      last five years. These results
                                            preparing for the UCI,                                                    have been noticed throughout
                                            ensuring we are doing                                                     the Guard. I have received
Publication Staff                           things the right way.                                                     multiple congratulatory words
188TH FIGHTER WING                          Immediately prior to the                                                  from various folks outside our
PUBLIC AFFAIRS                              UCI, I asked you to                                                       unit since the UCI.
Capt. Heath Allen, PAO                      remember that it is our job                                                    The day the IG team
                                            to do things correctly, and                                               departed, the team chief spoke
Senior Master Sgt. Dennis Brambl, PA        it was the inspectors’ job                                                to me and said that our attitude
NCOIC                                       to check and see that we                                                  toward the IG team and the way
                                            are doing things correctly.                                               we do business allowed the IG
Master Sgt. Keith Brown                         I also asked you to                                                   team to develop great working
                                            listen, seek the IG’s                                                     relationships with our unit
Tech Sgt. Stephen Hornsey                   advice,        and      take                                              members. This in turn allowed
                                            advantage of their                                                        the team to exchange ideas and
Tech Sgt. Joshua Jones                      expertise when they find                                                  information with our unit to
                                            things we were not doing                                                  help us improve the way we
Amn. Melanie Stout                          exactly right. You did just Col. Tom Anderson                             operate.
                                            that, and this along with 188th Fighter Wing commander                         It also allowed the team
PRINTING                                    your        hard      work,                                               to get information and ideas
Chief Master Sgt. Gene Kremers              preparation, attitude, and professionalism led from us that they will pass to other units in
                                            to one of the best UCI performances by an ACC order to help those units improve the way they
MAILROOM DISTRIBUTION                       National Guard unit in the past 10 years.             operate.
Senior Airman Eric Waterbury                    The goals I set for the unit were 80 percent          In fact, the team chief told me that they
                                            “Comply” and 0 percent “Does                                            definitely received more
        About                               Not Comply.” Those were lofty                                           information from us than we
                                            goals but going in to the UCI I                                       did from his team. This speaks
The Flying Razorback                        believed we shouldn’t settle for                                    volumes of how well the IG team
                                            anything less than excellence.                                    thought we did.
T    his funded Air Force newspaper is
     an authorized publication for mem-
bers of the U.S. military services. Con-
                                                After the final outbrief, we had
                                            79.51 percent “Comply,” on par
                                                                                                                  Words cannot express how
                                                                                                               proud I am of each and every one
tents of The Flying Razorback are not       with 80 percent, and .056 percent “Does Not                  of you. Once again, you demonstrated
necessarily the official view of, or en-    Comply.”                                              to the world what professionals you are and I
dorsed by, the U.S. Government, the De-         This ties the 188th with the lowest number could not be more thankful to be a member of
partment of Defense or the Department       of DNCs by any ACC Air National Guard unit such an outstanding unit.
of the Air Force.                           for as far as we can find statistics. Our statistical     Thanks again for a job well done.
    The Flying Razorback news articles
and information are welcomed, and
should be submitted prior to the dead-          188th Public Affairs encourages vMPF e-mail updates
line, which is the UTA preceding the next
                                                   The 188th Fighter Wing Public Affairs           the newspaper via e-mail. But only about 725
publication. Articles for publication
                                               office is encouraging all unit members to visit     e-mails from a potential 1,000 unit members
should be submitted in a Microsoft Word
                                               the vMPF to update their e-mail addresses.          are sent out each month because of either
attachment         via    e-mail       to
                                                   The PA office publishes The Flying              inactive e-mail addresses or members who do
                                               Razorback monthly and along with a                  not list an e-mail address. Please visit vMPF
    Submitted photos should be 300 dpi
                                               hardcopy that is mailed to each unit member’s       to make updates and additions so that PA can
or higher and in a JPEG format.
                                               address listed in their vMPF file, it distributes   better serve its readers.
                                                                                                            The Flying Razorback, April 2009        3
     188th Fighter Wing                                                                       UTA information
  vacancy announcements:                                                      2009                                 UTA/AT pay dates
                                                                                                                   month        Pays on
                                                                              Unit Training Assemblies             April             April 15
     Public Affairs specialist and                                            April 4-5                            May               May 13
                                                                              May 2-3                              June              June 15
    Public Affairs photojournalist                                            June 6-7                             July              July 22
                                                                              July 11-12                           AFT               Aug. 7
    The 188th Fighter Wing Public    technical sergeant slots. It’s the       September 12-13                      September         Sept. 23
Affairs Office is currently          perfect opportunity to crosstrain
searching for both a PA specialist   into a field that will furnish          2009 Annual Training
(3NOX1) and PA photojournalist       valuable training that will benefit     July 25-Aug. 8 (Operational Readiness Exercise)
(3NOX4). The ideal candidates        the candidate in the civilian              Note: Pay dates listed are for the scheduled monthly
should possess journalism,           workforce.                              UTA unless otherwise stated.
photography, graphic design or           Applicants must be willing to          For additional pay dates please contact the 188th Fi-
public relations experience.         attend the Defense Information          nance Office at extention 5227.
    The responsibilities of these    School in Fort George Meade,
positions will include sit-down      Md. The length of the 3NOX1
interviews with various base         school is eight weeks and the
personnel, commanders and
section supervisors; composing
                                     3NOX4 school is 15 weeks.
                                         Individuals interested in
                                                                                Citizen Airman Dining Hall menu
written stories and compiling        telling the 188th’s story,              Main line                             Assorted breads
information for publication in The   preserving its history and              Saturday, April 4                     Pineapple upside-down cake
Flying Razorback; and taking         helping to ensure its future,           Chopped steak with mushroom           Ice cream
and processing digital photos        please contact the 188th Fighter        gravy                                 Coffee/tea/milk
and video packages.                  Wing Recruiting Office at 1-800-        Oven Glo potatoes
    The positions are both           446-8373 ext. 1.                        Green beans                           Short-order Line
                                                                             Dinner rolls                          Hamburger/cheeseburger
                                                                             Brownies and cake with                Hot dogs
 A special thanks to 188th family                                            chocolate icing                       Chips and salsa
                                                                             Ice cream                             Baked beans
    “We sincerely appreciate your thoughts, prayers, visits,
words of encouragement, cards and flowers.Your kindness has
                                                                                                                       Note: Civilians and fam-
touched our hearts and uplifted our spirits.Your prayers have
                                                                             Sunday, April 5                       ily members are not allowed
strengthened us during our time of loss. In loving memory of
                                                                             Teriyaki chicken                      to eat in the Citizen Airman
Horton Howery Walker.
                                                                             Steamed rice                          Dining Hall. The one excep-
       — Master Sgt. Mike Walker and Stacy, Bailey and Jared                 Steamed carrots                       tion is the annual holiday
                                                      Walker                 Fried cabbage                         meal.

   188th Fighter Wing promotions                                              Antiterrorism/Force Protection tips
                                                                               Antiterrorism is defined as         facilities and critical information.
   To Technical Sergeant (E-6)                                             defensive measures used to                  These actions conserve the
                                                                           reduce the vulnerability of             forces fighting potential so it can
   Stephen L. McCormick
                                                                           individuals and property to             be applied at the decisive time
                                                                           terrorist attacks. Physical security,   and place and incorporate
   To Staff Sergeant (E-5)                                                                                         synchronized              defensive
                                                                           CBRNE Defense, OPSEC and
   Jason M. Morris                                                                                                 measures to enable effective
                                                                           Counter-intelligence are a part of a
   Mindy R. Webb                                                                                                   employment of force while
                                                                           comprehensive program designed
   Christopher S. Corbit                                                                                           degrading any opportunity off
                                                                           to protect against terrorist attacks.
   James L. Currier                                                                                                the enemy actions.
                                                                               Force Protection is defined as
                                                                           actions taken to prevent or mitigate        Remember, every Airman is a
   To Senior Airman (E-4)                                                  hostile actions against Department      sensor; report any suspicious
   John A. Seibel                                                          of Defense personnel to include         activity and conduct daily random
                                                                           family members, resources,              antiterrorism measures.
 4   The Flying Razorback, April 2009

     188th Weapons Loading crews labor diligently to
     complete required training for transition to A-10C
By Maj. John C. Easley
188th MXG executive officer

C     hange is in the air. Just take
      a stroll around base and
one can easily see the 188th
Fighter Wing is evolving. From
the multiple construction
projects to the on-going aircraft
conversion from F-16 Falcons
to A-10 Thunderbolt II
“ Wa r t h o g s , ” T h e F l y i n g
Razorbacks are constantly
adapting in preparation for the
challenges ahead.
    The        188th      We a p o n s
Loading section has been
nearly in a constant state of
    Beginning in April 2007 with
the conversion from the F-16Cs
to the A10-A model, Weapons
Loading has been training and
qualifying to be certified
Weapons Loading crews on each
of the aircraft.
    On Feb. 26, 2008, the 188th
inducted its first A-10A into the
depot at Hill Air Force Base,
Utah, to begin the conversion
                                         Above: Weapons Loading instructors Master Sgt. Ron Doyal, left, and Master Sgt. Larry Sterling, right, look on as Airman
from the A-10A to the A-10C.             1st Class Jeremy Polk, Staff Sgt. Joshua Cunningham and Tech Sgt. Cory McCain (crew chief), members of the 188th Fighter
    The first A-10C arrived on           Wing Load Crew No. 11, load a GBU 31, 2,000-pound JDAM GPS-guided bomb onto the bomb rack on an A-10C March 9.
station at Ebbing Air National           Below: Staff Sgt. Joshua Cunningham, left, and Tech Sgt. Cory McCain, right, complete the final checklist items after
Guard Base on Sept. 18, 2008.            loading a GBU 31, 2,000-pound JDAM GPS-guided bomb onto the bomb rack on an A-10C while Tech Sgt. Michael Aponte,
Currently the 188th has 12 A-            a 188th Weapons Loading instructor, observes. (U.S. Air Force photos by Maj. John C. Easley/188th Fighter Wing)
10Cs on station and nine aircraft
still in the conversion process at       loading all ordnance on the
Hill AFB.                                aircraft.
    The last of the upgraded                  “The A-10A to A-10C
aircraft are due to arrive in Fort       conversion is primarily an
Smith in May 2009. While the             avionics upgrade,” said Master
aircraft are arriving and going          Sgt. Larry Sterling, 188th
through the acceptance process,          Weapons Loading instructor.
the Weapons Loading crews are            “The A-10A cockpit was an
busy in the school house here at         analog system with dials and
Ebbing ANGB training to become           buttons; the A-10C cockpit is
fully certified load crews on the        digital with color displays.
A-10C.                                       “Moving from the F-16 to the
    A Weapons Loading crew               A-10C has been an advantage for
consists of a three-member team,         our load crews and our Airmen
lead by a Weapons Loading crew           have made the change to the A-
chief, who is responsible for              SEE WEAPONS LOADING PAGE 5
                                                                                                            The Flying Razorback, April 2009      5
Family, faith,188th, help us get through tough times
By Capt. Shane Pair                                 most of those accomplishments would not          simplicity of God’s love.
188th Fighter Wing chaplain                                                                             Easter is more than bunnies, eggs and
                                                    have happened without this family I have

I  t is hard to believe that we are already
   into Spring. It seems like the older one
gets the faster time seems to go by. I will
                                                    come to love so dearly.
                                                        Why am I talking about this? Am I retiring
                                                    or going somewhere else? No. I am talking
                                                                                                     chocolate candy. Easter is about
                                                                                                     remembering God’s love for us, and as I have
                                                                                                     thought about God’s love I was reminded of
have been a part of the Arkansas National           about this because it is Easter, a time that     each or you, my 188th family and all you have
Guard for 20 years in July and it seems                 reminds me of God’s unconditional love.      done and continue to do for me and one
just like yesterday that I stood in                                As I sat at the table eating      another.
L t C o l . J o h n M c C o r m i c k ’s                          dinner with my family a couple        I must admit there are weekends that it
office raising my right hand                                        of weeks ago, my wife and I      doesn’t feel very convenient to make the two-
taking my oath as an                                                  were discussing what topic     hour commute for drill, but then I stop and
enlisted member of the                                                should be preached on that     remember my 188th family and realize just how
1 8 8 t h Ta c t i c a l F i g h t e r                                particular Sunday when my      worth the trip you are. You are Easter people
Group.                                                                eight-year-old son, Luke,      who continually remind me of God’s love.
    I had big dreams and high                                        stood up in his chair using        You are the ones who have encouraged,
expectations, but did not                                            exaggerated hand gestures,      guided, corrected and accepted me, and for
honestly know if I would make                                      facial expressions and            that I will always be grateful. You are the
it through my first six-year                                    conviction in his voice.             family that lives out the command: “Love your
enlistment.                                             “It’s simple,” he said. “People just need    neighbor as yourself.” (Mt 19:19, 22:39, Lk
    Life for me at that time was up in the air. I   to know that God loves them. God came from       10:27 & Gal 5:14)
had just gone through a divorce and it              heaven to earth where he walked around and           If you are a new family member, welcome
seemed life was just swinging me around and         then died for us. But the most important thing   and know someday you will be looking back
around. But the 188th family was there to           he did is he rose, so we could live forever.     and saying: “Thank you, God, for my Easter
guide me and help me focus. It wasn’t long              “Mom, Dad, it’s simple; God loves us and     family, the 188th, who has loved and guided
before I realized the 188th had become a            that’s all you need to preach. So why don’t      me through the years.”
family that supported me and saw me through         you try that this Sunday.”                          Happy Easter and may each of you
many challenges.                                        Luke went on for another five minutes or     experience “the simple truth” that God loved
    When the times came where I felt I              so telling us of God’s love and acceptance.      you enough to die for you, and God loved
couldn’t do something, it was my 188th family       When he finished I sat there with tears in my    you enough to rise again that you can live
that proved to me that I could do more than I       eyes and a smile on my face, because it took     forever.
could imagine. As I have looked over my life        an eight year old to remind me of what life         I pray that each one of you have a
and the things I have accomplished, I know          and faith is all about. It is about the          blessed Easter.

                                           All 11 load crews will spend     having the ‘Best Seen to Date’        reported that the majority of load
Weapons Loading                        four days training on the A-10Cs,    Weapons          Load        Crew     crews at the 188th were fully
Continued from Page 4                  conducting functional checks,        Standardization program,”             certified. Additional load crews
                                       loading and downloading all the      Krimmel said. “The IG further         began training at night,
10C cockpit seamlessly because         primary and support munitions        stated that this program should       beginning March 9, 2009.
of their F-16 experience.”             utilized in the A-10C mission.       be mirrored by all units in the Air      “Our traditional Guardsmen
    Sterling said the conversion            “The whole business of the      Combat Command.”                      are giving up their time after
to the A-10C will give the Flying      A-10 is dropping bombs and               The status of the load crews      school or work,” Pope said.
Razorbacks a more lethal weapons       shooting bullets,” said Lt. Col.     has a direct effect on the Combat     “They train through the night to
system.                                James Krimmel, 188th Aircraft        Readiness (C) rating of the 188th.    support the 188th mission.
    “With the conversion to the        Maintenance            Squadron      Chief Master Sgt. Ronald Pope,        Without their dedication we
A-10C, we are going from dumb          commander. “Without qualified        188th Weapons manager, reports        wouldn’t be ready for the Tactics
bombs to smart bombs [Laser and        load crews we can’t support the      the status of the load crews          deployment to Davis-Monthan
GPS guided] capability,” Sterling      mission on the ground.”              monthly to the National Guard         Air Force Base [Ariz.] this
said. “The fuses are going from            Krimmel also discussed the       Bureau. The current “C” rating        summer.”
Vietnam-era mechanical to              recent Unit Compliance               of any unit is classified                Pope said with the current
modern electrical fuses, which         Inspection.                          information.                          pace, he expects all load crews
give the pilots more options in            “Master Sgt. Sterling was            In a recent expanded              will be fully certified long before
munitions delivery.”                   identified by the ACC IG team as     maintenance meeting, Pope             the deployment.
6    The Flying Razorback, April 2009

The Flying Razorback member spotlight
Hometown: Bella Vista.
Job Title: Ground radio maintenance.
Civilian job: Student.
In the 188th: 2007.
Hobbies: Fishing and spending time with my children.
Goals: Finish school.
Favorite TV show: “Without a Trace,” “CSI.”
Favorite actor: Will Farrell.
Favorite comedians: Will Farrell, Adam Sandler, Kat Williams.
Favorite movie: “Talladega Nights.”
Favorite restaurant: Chipotle.
Favorite soft drink: Dr. Pepper.
Favorite foods: Chinese, Italian.
Favorite book: Mysteries, “Chronicles of Narnia.”
Favorite author: James Patterson.
Favorite song: “Until the End.”
Favorite music genre: Rock (anything but Country).
Favorite word or phrase: Shake n’ Bake.
Favorite super hero: “The Punisher.”
Favorite U.S. President: George Washington.
Favorite historical figure: Mother Theresa.                                                 U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Stephen Hornsey/188th Public Affairs
Favorite sport: Hockey.
Favorite pro sports team: Colorado Avalanche.
Favorite sports individual: Patrick Roy.
Favorite college team: Colorado Buffaloes.
                                                                                                                Senior Airman
My worst job ever: Customer service rep at MCI.
My dream shopping spree: Lamborghini dealership.
Favorite cartoon character: Popeye.
                                                                                                                 Sarah Lundy
Favorite automobile: Anything out of my price range.                                What scares me the most: My children.
My first car was: 1988 Ford Taurus with the paint peeling off.                      The people I admire most: My parents.
My worst habit: Procrastination.                                                    The best day of my life: Birth of my sons.
I am proudest of: My children.                                                      Favorite moment at the 188th: UCI completion.

  Air Force Officer Qualifying Test administered monthly by 188th MPF
By Tech Sgt. Patrick Crumby                             Military Personnel Flight. The test takes               t e s t i n g c o n c e r n s c o n t a c t Te c h S g t .
188th Fighter Wing MPF
                                                        approximately four hours. Members will be               Crumby.

A      ny     member            of     the
      Fighter Wing may take the Air Force

O ff i c e r Q u a l i f y i n g Te s t ( A F O Q T )
                                                        notified of results within a week of taking
                                                        their exam.
                                                           To s e l e c t o n e o f t h e d a t e s i n t h e          AFOQT testing schedule
regardless of whether or not they possess               adjacent box, please contact Tech Sgt.
a college degree.                                       Patrick Crumby, ext. 5762. Also, AFCT                      April 8                      (full)
   The test is administered by the 188th                testing will be conducted in the afternoons
Military Personnel Flight. You have two                 o n t h e s a m e d a y o f t h e A F O Q T. N o           May 13                       (full)
opportunities in which you can take the                 scheduling exceptions.
AFOQT.                                                     The 188th Career Enhancement section                    June 10                (spots available)
   The third time must be approved at the               will administer AFOQT/AFCT once a
MAJCOM level. If you are interested in                  month. The 188th Military Personnel Flight                 July 15                (spots available)
taking the AFOQT please schedule ahead                  will continue to conduct testing a once a
in the future because spaces are limited.               month.                                                     Aug. 19                (spots available)
The 188th can only schedule two                            Out of cycle requests must have the
personnel per testing session.                          approval of Lt. Col. Scott Langdon, 188th                  Sept. 16               (spots available)
   Report time is 7 a.m. at the 188th                   MPF commander. For all other AFOQT
                                                                                                                    The Flying Razorback, April 2009           7
   Physical fitness safety key to preventing injury, meeting exercise goals
By Senior Master Sgt. Mike Francis       injury.                                      Needless to say, your safety        can also lead to injury if not used
188th Fighter Wing Safety
                                             Get a physical checkup from          guy did one day of the program          properly and should be used only

T     hink you are in good
      physical shape? Maybe
you are a fitness guru, who works
                                         your doctor prior to starting an
                                         exercise program. In addition to an
                                         initial exam, take time to get regular
                                                                                  followed up by several days in the
                                                                                  chiropractor’s office. The injury
                                                                                  could have been avoided if I
                                                                                                                          after consulting the operating
                                                                                                                              Use technology to your
out daily and watches every              checkups.                                would have read the caution notes       advantage. There are a variety of
calorie. Maybe you are in moderate           Know your limits and give            in the instructions and if I would      inexpensive, personal, heart
physical condition, or maybe you         yourself an honest assessment of         have honestly assessed my               monitors and other devices
are the type that works out for a        your physical capabilities. Before       physical condition.                     available to help you know what
week or two prior to the PT test?        beginning a workout program, take            Warm up prior to exercise and       your body is doing during exercise.
Whatever your physical fitness           an inventory of your past fitness        cool down after exercise. This will         If you use a treadmill or elliptical
personality may be, we are all           goals, injuries and weaknesses.          allow your body to prepare for          machine, most new models have
susceptible to injury while                  Let me give you a great example      strenuous activity and the cool         built-in heart monitors on the
exercising.                              of what not to do.                       down will allow your body to            machine.
    In the last four months the Air          Maybe I should have been a           gradually recover rather than a             To sum it all up, consider a visit
Force has had four fatalities due        little more honest with myself           sudden stop. Incorporate                to your doctor prior to starting a
to exercise-related injuries. Three      about my physical condition, but I       stretching into your warm up and        workout routine, start out slowly
of the four collapsed after              had been running almost daily. I         cool down to loosen muscles and         and work up to a more strenuous
completing the run portion of the        had to be in great shape, right?         to help move lactic acid out of your    workout.
PT test and one person drowned           Wrong! I should have probably            muscles after workout.                      Familiarize yourself with the
after loosing consciousness while        noticed the words “Extreme                   Familiarize yourself with the       equipment and take advantage of
participating in an exercise at an       fitness” on the books that               equipment you are going to use.         the technology available to help
on base pool.                            accompanied the particular workout       Prior to use, make sure you             you reach your fitness goals.
    Exercise is great; it is good        program I was determined to do. If       understand how equipment works.             Most importantly, listen to your
stress relief, and it ultimately makes   that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, I     If you are using free weights use       body. It will generally let you know
you feel better. The negative            should have definitely noticed that      caution.                                when something is not right. By
effects of exercise come when we         part of the program called “Ab               Just last year, an individual cut   knowing your physical limitations
fail to get regular checkups from a      Ripper” that I also failed to read the   off a portion of his finger on our      and using a little caution, you can
doctor. Below are a few                  instructions. I mean, who really         base facility while putting a heavy     be successful in reaching your
considerations to help prevent           needs instructions, right?               dumb bell away. Cable equipment         exercise goals and avoid injury.

 Guard members’ responsibility to safeguard licensed software
By Tech Sgt. Jacob E. Lambert                         violation of infringement includes liability for       ensure there is no illegal (pirated) software or
188th software license manager
                                                      damages suffered plus any profits made by the          unauthorized copies of COTS or other software

Y     our responsibility is to safeguard the
      hardware and software you use. Do you
know that any software installed on computer
                                                      infringer that are attributable to the copying or
                                                      statutory damages of up to $100,000 for each
                                                      work infringed.
                                                                                                             installed. The Communications Flight does this
                                                                                                             periodically via a network scan.
                                                                                                                 The Communications Flight is responsible
systems must go through the approval process                If copying is done willfully and for the         for ensuring that personnel do not install
conducted by the Wing IA office?                      purpose of commercial advantage or private             freeware, shareware, or personally owned
    There are many facts you should know              financial gain, this infringement becomes a            software on government systems without
about use of licensed software.                       federal crime that can carry criminal penalties        approval. Written approval must be from the
    First, when a unit acquires a software            of as much as $250,000 and up to five years in         Designated Approving Authority (DAA). (AFI
program, it is not buying the right to copy,          jail.                                                  33-202, Vol. 1)
distribute or adapt that software; it is obtaining          IAW AFI 33-114, we are mandated to                   The Communications Flight must also
only a license to use.                                annually instruct personnel on licensed                ensure personnel do not make any illegal
    Copyright means literally “the right to           software usage. Maintain a record of the               copies of copyrighted software and ensure
copy.” This, along with other exclusive rights,       Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software/              personnel do not install and use copies of
belong to the copyright owner and not the             licensing/registration controlled by the               government-owned software on a home
person or agency who acquires a copy of the           organization and store evidence of licenses in         computer unless the software license explicitly
copyrighted work.                                     a secure location. This is done by the 188th           allows users to do so and it’s approved by the
    Copyright Law enables copyright owners            Communications Flight.                                 DAA.
to recover damages for anyone who violates                  The Communications Flight must also audit            If you have any questions, please contact
the exclusive right of the copyright holder. This     all computers and server software annually to          the wing software manager at ext. 5123
8    The Flying Razorback, April 2009

 188th Fighter Wing Family Razorback Readiness news
By Eva Patton                                       forget about one main activity, which is the      Benefit Plan (SBP) stopped? Any retiree who
Family Razorback Readiness Group                    fishing tournament. Be sure to give that          is age 70 or older and whose retired pay has

T    here are some things in life that pretty
     much hold true as time goes on, and so it
is with the military. Whether it is planning
                                                    fishing pole a great tune up!
                                                        Babysitter training course
                                                        Do you know of someone who would like
                                                                                                      been reduced for Survivor Benefit Plan
                                                                                                      premiums for at least 360 months will qualify
                                                                                                      to have their costs terminated.
for a deployment or a family event, the actual      to take the babysitter training course? Be sure       Will all retirees be notified of their paid-
time for the event to take place may change         to mark April 4 down on your calendars. This is   up status? Yes. A Paid-up Survivor Benefit
as time goes on.                                    open to any military youth ages 8 to 21.          Plan premium counter will be added to the
    The 188th Security Forces were on their             It is a certified course taught by Red        Retiree Account Statement (RAS).
way home to reunite with their families after       Cross. Parents will feel more at ease knowing         The counter will show how many months
being gone for six months. Unfortunately,           that they have a hired a certified sitter. This   of Survivor Benefit Plan premium payments
though, circumstances beyond anyone’s               is an opportunity to develop skills and           DFAS has credited to the individual’s retired
control delayed their arrival. There was a          knowledge when applying and interviewing          pay account. The Survivor Benefit Plan
tornado in Atlanta that caused the airport to       for a job. Remember, this is a tool that can      premium counter will be updated each month
completely close down. There would be no            boost your potential when seeking a               to show the current number of months a
flights in or out.                                  scholarship. Please call the Airman and           retiree has credited to their account.
    Then, to make matters worse, several            Family Readiness Office to sign up. There             Any RAS received by the retiree will show
inches of snow were expected where the              are 18 slots open. Don’t delay, call today to     the current number of months credited by
service members were staying and it was             schedule. It’s free of charge. Call 1-800-446-    DFAS. I will direct you to
already covering the ground while they made         8373, extension 5167 or 479-573-5167.             retiredpay.html for more information.
their way back to the hotel.                            Scholarships available                            FRRG volunteers needed
    Do not worry, though, because they had              Do you know about the Arkansas Service            Have you ever thought about becoming a
someone back at base searching for another way      Memorial Scholarship Fund? The purpose of         volunteer with the 188th Fighter Wing Family
to bring the members home to their families. That   the Arkansas Service Memorial Scholarship         Program? We would love to have you come
someone was Master Sgt. John Selby. He would        Fund is to provide scholarships to Arkansas       join us. Your skills are needed in the program.
find a way to make things happen.                   colleges for children of Arkansans who have           Are you someone who would like to meet
    Luau theme slated for family picnic             lost their lives in service to the state, the     other military families, work with the youth
    May is the perfect time to hold this event      nation or their local communities.                and possibly develop a youth program at the
since it will be Asian Pacific Observance. For          Scholarship awards are also based on          188th? Use your people skills while serving
us the luau will be our theme for the first         need, scholarship and leadership. Priority will   on the Telephone Tree or planning for a
annual Top III Council/Family Readiness Iron        be given to applications received by May 1.       welcome home event.
Chef Competition. We invite all of our families     To receive an application, contact Margaret           Diversity is the key ingredient to all great
to come and join us for the festivities. The        Birdsong of the Arkansas Community                programs. I would encourage each family to
agenda will be released to the service              Foundation at 501-372-1116 or by email            become a participant in the Family Program.
members at the April Unit Training Assembly.                                   Call the Airman and Family Readiness
Be sure to ask your member where the agenda             Survivor Benefit Plan                         Office today at 1-800-446-8373, extension
is so you will not miss out on the fun. Don’t           Who is eligible to have their Survivor        5167 or 479-573-5167.

                                       we’re one of the best Air             items.                               The IG said their methods
UCI                                    National Guard units in the              The IG Team said of the           should be mirrored by all units.
Continued from Page 1                  county.”                              188th’s Financial Management            The unit’s Mission Support
                                           The IG Team said the 188th        shop is “without a doubt one         Group also scored accolades in
   “The stellar achievements           displayed pride in ownership of       of the best units that we’ve         multiple     sections.      The
of this unit are a direct result       individual programs, which            seen in a long time.” The FM’s       Communications Flight and
of the countless hours put in          enabled the majority of UCI           performance ranked No. 2             Contracting      were      both
by       many       dedicated          programs to be found in               among the Top 15 Air National        identified as “Best Seen to
professionals,” said Col. Tom          compliance. Commendable               Guard Inspections.                   Date.” The IG Team said both
Anderson, 188th Fighter Wing           attitudes were displayed by all          The IG Team also lauded           displayed immense pride in
commander. “I’m very proud of          personnel throughout, the IG          the 188th Maintenance Group’s        their programs.
the way everyone performed. It         Team said.                            Inspection Element CTK                  The Maintenance Group’s
wasn’t easy but we came                    The 188th’s Command Post          management and Wheel and             crew chief section received
together as a unit, exhibited a        received 100 percent “Comply”         Tire program, which earned a         positive remarks for its
lot of pride and showed that           ratings on all of its inspected       “Best Seen to Date” comment.                   SEE UCI PAGE 11
                                                                                                             The Flying Razorback, April 2009                9

     Eye on diversity: You don’t                                             Ammo Troop of the Year
   have to be one of to stand with
  By Senior Master Sgt. Stephen      undergoing the process of
  Bradley                            change in their journey of
  188th Human Resources advisor

  T    he topic for this month’s
       continuing lesson on
  diversity is “You do not have
                                         “We are given the gift of
                                     exerting some influence on the
                                     future of our Air National
  to be one of to stand with.”       Guard. We are given a chance
  Helen Keller once said, “I am      at leadership. As an Air
  only one, but still I am one. I    National Guardsman we
  cannot do everything, but still    should all feel the crushing
  I can do something. And            burden of our moral
  because I cannot do                responsibility to lead by
  everything, I will not refuse to   example and focus on
  do the something that I can        developing             Airmen
  do.”                               competencies and creating a
      We at the 188th Fighter        productive culture, which we
  Wing must be sensitive to all      define as one that respects
  Airmen around us as we             individuals       and      their
  conduct our duties and to          differences, fosters teamwork,
  conduct ourselves by the Air       promotes flexibility and              Tech. Sgt. Brandon K. Jones was named the Maintenance Storage Element’s
                                                                           (MXMW) “Ammo Troop of the Year” for 2008. Jones earned the accolade
  Force Core Values. The             supports a balance between            for his hard work, attention to detail and positive attitude. Jones is pictured
  following section is taken from    personal and professional             above holding the award, huddled with his wife, son and two daughters. (U.S.
  A Commander ’s Guide to            lives.                                Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Stephen Hornsey /188th Public Affairs)
  Diversity. As you read ask             Diversity and the Air
  yourself these questions: As a     National Guard encompass a
  leader am I reliable? Do I
  support my Airmen in moments
                                     wide range of behaviors
                                     expected of every Airman, at
                                                                               188th Fighter Wing
  that matter? Am I there for them
  when it counts?
                                     every level, including treating
                                     all with dignity and respect,
                                                                             vacancy announcement
      “As leaders in the Air
  National Guard, we are
                                     integrating      ideas
                                     collaborating with others,
                                                                                             Intelligence officer
  privileged to be strategically     exhibiting behaviors that reflect      The 188th Fighter Wing is                   The education requirement
  situated at the crossroads of      a high degree of integrity and      currently taking applications              for this position is a bachelor’s
  change and hope for our            ethics, and building effective      to fill an Intelligence officer            degree from an accredited
  Airmen. We are fortunate to        working relationships.              (14NX) vacancy. Intel officers             college      or      u n i v e r s i t y.
  be involved in an ANG that is          We all have a part in the       are responsible for direction of           Applicants must also be able
  fundamentally             about    efforts to maximize a diverse       ground and aerial surveillance;            to obtain a TOP SECRET
  betterment: betterment of          ANG that demonstrates the           preparing plans to intercept               security clearance.
  oneself as well as others. We      moral courage to realize that       foreign      communications                    The application deadline is
  have a chance to be involved       you don’t have to be ‘one of        transmissions; directing the               close of business April 10.
  with our Airmen when they are      to stand with.’”                    analysis of aerial photos and              Contact Master Sgt. Craig
                                                                         other intelligence data;                   Gardner at 479-573-5149 or Ms.
                                                                         oversight of the writing of                Trina Hansen 479-573-5728 for
      Check your awards and decs                                         intelligence reports; briefing             additional information.
   You can check your Awards         picture of your awarded feder-      commanders on intelligence                    Please submit AF Form 24,
and Decorations, by visiting         ally recognized ribbons and list    findings; helping plan military            AF Form 883, AFOQT results,
h    t    t   p     :    /   /       your state swards.                  missions; directing the use of             resume and college transcript/             If you have any questions       computer systems to store and              diploma to 188 FW/DPR, Attn:
default.htm.                         about any of your ribbons,          process intelligence data; and             MSgt. T. Craig Gardner, 4850
   Clicking on Awards and            please call Tech Sgt. Patrick       gathering and analyzing                    Leigh Ave., Fort Smith, AR
Decorations will provide you a       Crumby at ext. 5762.                technical intelligence.                    72903.
10    The Flying Razorback, April 2009

188th SFS return
Continued from Page 1

Stewart and Gabreski Air National Guard bases,
N.Y.; Birmingham ANGB, Ala., Tulsa ANGB,
Okla.; Reno ANGB, Nev.; Terre Haute ANGB,
Ind.; Peoria ANGB, Ill.; and Langley ANGB, Va.
    The 188th’s rotation marks only the third
time the 376th ESFS has consisted entirely
of ANG personnel. Roughly 95 percent of the
current rotation consists of Guardsmen.
    “We’re very proud of our Security
Forces,” said Col. Tom Anderson, 188th
Fighter Wing commander. “They continue to
go above and beyond to ensure that all
mission requirements are met. We know the
difficult sacrifices each one of them had to make
and the hardships their families endured in their
absence. The 188th Fighter Wing is a family
and we’re glad to have them home safe.”
    While deployed, the 188th SFS helped
enhance and improve numerous security
measures, including sensor upgrades and
improved technologies to search and scan
visitors and cargo entering the installation.
    Security is paramount at all U.S. military
installations in the Air Forces Central area of
operations. Manas Air Base functions as the
home to the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing and
serves as the premier air mobility hub for the      Above: Staff Sgt. Frank Koeth, reunites with his two daughters March 2 at Ebbing Air National Guard Base in
                                                    Fort Smith, Ark., following a six-month deployment to Manas Air Base, Kyrgyz Republic. Koeth was one of
International Security Assistance Force and         26 members of the 188th Security Forces Squadron who deployed. Below: A 188th SFS member hugs his wife
Coalition military operations in Afghanistan.       March 2 at a welcome home gathering at Ebbing ANG Base. (U.S. Air Force photos by Senior Master Sgt.
    The 376th’s around-the-clock missions           Dennis Brambl/188th Public Affairs)

   “We’re very proud of our Security Forces ... We know the difficult sacrifices
each one of them had to make and the hardships their families endured in their
absence. The 188th Fighter Wing is a family and we’re glad to have them home
                                   — Col. Tom Anderson, 188th Fighter Wing commander

included aerial refueling, combat airlift and       the most heavily deployed and rigorous
airdrop, aeromedical evacuation and strategic       specialties in today’s expeditionary Air Force.
airlift operations. The base also provides          Resource and personnel protection is a critical
support for Coalition personnel and cargo           responsibility and is required 24 hours a day,
transiting in and out of Afghanistan.               seven days a week. Security forces Airmen at
Approximately 1,000 military personnel from the     most locations serve 12-16 hour shifts for their
United States, Spain and France are assigned        entire six-month deployment.
to the wing, along with 650 U.S. and host-              Prior to deploying to Manas AB, the 188th          might encounter during their deployment.
nation contractor personnel. Coalition aircraft     SFS members completed two weeks of ground                  They also received warrior skills training
supporting the mission include U.S. KC-135s,        combat training at Fort Bliss, Texas. While there,     and advanced ground combat weapons and
Spanish C-130s and French C135FRs.                  they received training in real-world scenarios         tactics instruction to enhance their ground
    The security forces career field is one of      to help them better prepare for situations they        combat capabilities.
                                                                                                             The Flying Razorback, April 2009   11

Fire Suppression
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    That was never more evident than on Feb.
18 when the 188th unveiled a foaming fire
suppression system. The unit tested the device
and along with civilian contractors looked on
as the contraption executed its task with
precision, foam barreling on to the hangar floor
at a rapid rate.
    The test run was to complete the validation
of the High Expansion Foam System, which
resides in the 188th’s new Corrosion Control/
Weapon Loading/Fuels hangar.
    “This was the last test we had to do before
we commission this facility and begin to use it
on a daily basis for aircraft maintenance,” said
Maj. Joe Harrison, 188th base civil engineer.
“We have to validate the high-expansion foam          Civilian contractors and 188th members watch the
                                                      validation of the High Expansion Foam System, which
will meet the test criteria established by the Air    resides in the 188th’s new Corrosion Control/Weapon
Force guidelines. This allows us to ensure we         Loading/Fuels hangar, Feb. 18.(U.S. Air Force photo
can protect our aircraft resources.”                  by Tech Sgt. Stephen Hornsey/188th Public Affairs)
    The system did not disappoint. A heavy
stream of foam spilled from the machine, which
is mounted to the hangar ceiling.                     garner a “lead certification.”
    The entire project, which took about 12              “Right now we feel pretty comfortable that
months and cost $10 million, was funded by            we will obtain that certification,” Harrison said.
Base Realignment and Closure funds allotted           “We’re also looking at getting Silver Certification,
to help the 188th complete its aircraft transition.   which would make us one of the first in the Air
    Harrison said thanks to the new fire              National Guard for an industrial and admin
suppression system, the facility will likely          complex to get that kind of certification.”

                                         Squadron;          Information          Master Sgt. Troy Halsey, AMXS;     Sgt. Albert Wright, AMXS; Tech
UCI                                      Assurance       Team,      188th        Master Sgt. Gary Hamilton, CF;     Sgt. Mark Barger, LRS; Tech Sgt.
Continued from Page 8                    Communications Flight; Network          Master Sgt. Jodie Haralson, CF;    Jimmy Hudlow, MXS; Tech Sgt.
                                         Control Center Team, 188th CF;          Master Sgt. Gregory Harwood,       Philip Hughes, MXS; Tech Sgt.
management of the travel pod             and Razorback Bombing Range             AMXS; Master Sgt. Jeffery          Michael Keener, OSF; Tech Sgt.
program, its JST for annual              Team, Detachment 1.                     Hogue, LRS; Master Sgt. Joanne     Thomas Mata, LRS; Tech Sgt.
inspections, lug control,                    Myriad Superior Individual          Kramer, MXS; Master Sgt.           Gene Mort, LRS; Tech Sgt. Hoang
inspections and documentation.           Performers were also identified as      Geneva McConnell, CES; Master      Pham, FW; Tech Sgt. Derrick
   The Logistics Plans section           key cogs in the success of the          Sgt. Joel McDonald, CF; Master     Phillips, MXS; Tech Sgt. Melissa
received acclaim from the IG             UCI. Those are as follows: Capt.        Sgt. Timothy Myers, MXS;           Simmons, MXG; Tech Sgt.
Team for “maintaining a                  Andrew Nash, OSF; Capt. Jay             Master Sgt. Gregory Palmer, SFS;   Crystal Voak, FW; Tech Sgt.
meticulous program while                 Spohn, OSF; Senior Master Sgt.          Master Sgt. Vincent Prince,        Richard Wright, LRS; Staff Sgt.
providing superb deployment              Jerid Carter, MXG; Senior Master        AMXS; Master Sgt. Blaine           Morris Beauford, AMXS; Staff
preparation support to the wing          Sgt. Angelia Daniels, LRS; Senior       Schulze, MXS; Master Sgt. Larry    Sgt. Jonathon Berg, CF; Staff
unit deployment managers and             Master Sgt. Tony Wallace, MXS;          Sterling, MXG; Master Sgt. Sonya   Sgt. Kala Brewer, MXS; Staff Sgt.
commanders.”                             Master Sgt. Elizabeth Beckman;          Trentham, MSG; Master Sgt. Lisa    Jeremy Gillingham, MXS; Staff
   Several teams also earned             Master Sgt. Bruce Brewer, MXS;          Vanderford, LRS; Master Sgt.       Sgt. Joseph Hart, 184 FS; Staff
Superior Performer tags. Those           Master Sgt. Coty Davis, OSF;            Michael Walker, SFS; Master Sgt.   Sgt. Briane McCaslin, LRS; Staff
were: Aircrew Extraction Team,           Master Sgt. Laura English, MSG;         Jeffery Weaver, MXS; Master        Sgt. Rachael Parker, MSG; Senior
188th Civil Engineering                  Master Sgt. John Greer, AMXS;           Sgt. Ramona Willis, FW; Master     Airman Jade Hollis, 184 FS.
 Join the 188th Fighter Wing
  Air National Guard team
    ncentives are authorized for enlistments and reenlist-    2A5X1   Aerospace maintenance
    ments in the following AFSCs. Prior service accessions,   2A6X3   Aircrew egress systems
    as well as reenlistments will automatically be eligible   2A6X4   Aircraft fuel systems
for the MGIB-SR kicker, a $15,000 cash bonus or the stu-      2A6X5   Aircraft hydraulics systems
dent-loan repayment program, provided all other bonus eli-    2A6X6   Aircraft electrical and environmental systems
gibility requirements are met.                                                            2A7X3 A i r c r a f t s t r u c t u r a l
    Non-Prior Service and Affiliation members                                               maintenance
will receive $20,000.                                                                         2E1X3         Ground radio
   For more information contact Mas-                                                           communications
ter Sgt. Craig Gardner, 188th Fighter                                                          2S0X1 Supply man-
Wing Retention office manager, at 1-                                                           agement
800-446-8373, extension 5360.                                                                  2W0X1 M u n i t i o n s
   All incentives are contingent                                                               systems
on the National Defense                                                                        3C0X1 Communica-
Authorization Act being                                                                       tions computer systems
signed and approved.                                                                       3E2X1            Pavements
                                                                                       and construction equipment
The incentive eligible list is as follows:                                          3E3X1        Structural
                                                              3E4X1   Utilities systems
1NOX1      Intel applications                                 3M0X1   Services
2A0X1      Integrated avionics systems (backshop)             3P0X1   Security forces
2A3X2      Avionics systems                                   4N0X1   Medical services
2A3X3      Tactical aircraft maintenance

   Arkansas Air National Guard                                                        PRESORTED STANDARD
      188th Fighter Wing / PA                                                           U.S. POSTAGE PAID
        4850 Leigh Avenue                                                                Fort Smith, Arkansas
 Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903-6096                                                           Permit No. 127

                                                    To the Family of:

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