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									                                      Southside VIBES
                                       December 2005, Volume 9, Issue 4

                                FROM THE PRINCIPAL…
                                One of the wonderful young women, Zoe, who attends our school, recently came into
                                my office for a chat. We started to talk about the Christmas break and this is her
       Inside this Issue
   •  Community Events          Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, whatever the day maybe….
                         Pg 2   Most kids “In care” find these days especially hard, even depressing some days.
   • School Happenings          People can say that you can change the day,
                         Pg 3   even make it your own…
   • Letters to the Editor      But that’s not the case, it’s not as easy as that.
                         Pg 5   You may want your own family around but they don’t want you.
   •Vocational Education        This can be real annoying and depressing especially when you see other kids with
                         Pg 6   their family.
   • Art News                   Sure people can say that you can make your own family,
                         Pg 7   maybe the perfect family, the kind you’ve always wanted,
   • Science News               but it’s still not the same.
                         Pg 8   No matter how much you try you still feel different from your step-in family*,
   • ASSPA News                 you still feel the emptiness, still wishing, hoping, wondering if things could be different
                         Pg 8   just for one day with your real family,
   • Poetry                     but then realising…. It won’t be the way you want it.
                         Pg 8   When really all you've got is your step-in family.
   • Gager Street Campus        Some people take things for granted, like having family gatherings
                         Pg 9   and think that these are only little things,
                                but for kids “in care” we treasure moments like these.

   Dates to Remember            * Zoe told me that a step-in family is a fake family

   School Closes     23/12/05   In 2005, the young women of Southside have achieved so many significant academic
                                and personal goals, in spite of difficulties that they have faced. We are very proud of
   School Re-opens 3/1/06       them. Their contribution to their community in so many ways has been remarkable.

   Teachers return   24/1/06    Thank-you to all those in our community who have supported the students at
                                Southside during 2005. Together, we can continue to find better ways to ensure that
   Students return   30/1/06    all young people have a fair go in this affluent country.

                                Again, our wish for 2006, is that we may find a way to provide safe, stable housing for
                                some of our students so that these young people feel valued by us and have the same
                                opportunity as other young Australians to gain education, training and a future.
                                                                                                      Colleen Mitrow

                                           And she brought forth her
“We need homes in the
                                           first-born Son and laid Him in
 heart of our school.”
                                           a manger: because there was
 Reconciliation Day, 2005)                 no room for Him in the inn.
Page 2                                                                                              Volume 9, Issue 4

                COMMUNITY EVENTS
Teachers’ Day - 2005                                           … Dusseldorf Learning Choices Expo ctd.
On the 1st of November Southside Education,
Gladstone State High School and Elders from the local          Students are busily preparing garden beds for their plant
community came together to celebrate Teacher’s Day.            nursery, and planning yummy recipes for the cooking
                                                               school, such as Garlic Witchetty Grubs and Lilli Pilli in
The day began with some getting to know you activities         Chocolate!
with the hilarious Lorraine who wore a funny Melbourne
Cup hat. Everyone participated in many fun activities          We urgently require fresh witchetty grubs and native
including a Staff Baby Photo Competition, Boomerang            edible berries for our project. Please call Adelaide on
Painting, Indigenous Dancing and Storytelling. Along with      3423 7499 if you can help.
all the fun we all had speeches from Uncle Albert,                                           The Dusseldorf Committee
Aunty Debbie, Aunty Lois Gulash and Aunty Carol Currie.        Children’s Commissioner Visit
I am positive that everyone involved had a great day           We were lucky enough to have the Commissioner for
and would like to thank all those who made it work so          Children and Young People, Elizabeth Fraser, come into
well.                                                          our school this term. She talked in Moot about how
                                            Rachel Little      young people have certain rights and what the
                                                               Commission for Children and Young People can do to
  Rachel and
                                                               Students asked her some very important questions and
 Uncle Albert
   and Uncle                                                   she answered them gracefully. The Year 9 class gave
   Raymond                                                     her some feedback about how to make a booklet that
                                                               the Commission had produced more youth friendly.
                                                               Southside would like to thank the Commissioner for all
                                                               the advice she gave us and we hope she will visits us
                                                               again in 2006.                               Tash B.

Fundraising for Pakistan Earthquake Victims
Everyone at Southside was very sad to hear about the
devastating earthquake that hit Pakistan and surrounding
areas on the 8th of October.

As a school we decided to hold a collection to help with the
fundraising efforts. The students at Southside are to be
congratulated for their generosity in donating change from
their tuckshop money to help other people in need.

In Moot on the 10th of November we were lucky enough to                      Elizabeth Fraser speaking at Moot
have Mohammed Hutt from the Kuraby Mosque come and
collect the donation. He spoke to us about the religion of
Islam as well as the devastating effects the earthquake
has had on the people of Pakistan.

Dusseldorf Learning Choices Expo
Last year, Southside Education was involved in the
Dusseldorf Learning Choices Expo. We applied for 2006,
and were once again selected from 85 applying schools.
Our project in 2006 focuses on a Bush Tucker garden and
production of a ‘Jamie Oliver’ style Cooking School.                       Tash asking the Commissioner a question
   Page 3                                                                                                    Volume 9, Issue 4

                   SCHOOL HAPPENINGS
   MOVE, MOVE, MOVE                                                      Southside Farewells Seniors - 2005
   This term at Southside everyone participated in a health              The year twelve formal was like a dream that is still vivid
   and fitness campaign. We started the term with an official            in my mind, so much so that I am still able to go through
   launch. At the launch, Laura and Michelle performed a                 the evening step by step. I was one of the first to arrive,
   hilarious role play and staff and students alike got                  decked out in an interesting outfit that caused raised
   MOVEing with the energetic Nutbush dance. We also                     eyebrows in the awaiting staff. This fashion however did
   heard the MOVE song, which Louise and students from                   not continue as girl by girl flittered in, in their glamorous
   Gager Street wrote and recorded themselves.                           attire, glowing with confidence and joy and having no
                                                                         fear for the lens.
   Throughout the term we used our MOVE diaries to record
   all the exercise we did. We completed a fitness                       As I sat there and observed this unusual spectacle a
   assessment so that we could set goals in our diaries and              feeling that I had stepped into a parallel universe
   improve throughout the term.                                          washed over me. It seemed that time had stopped for
   To help everyone to MOVE more, the teachers organised                 just that night and everybody’s fear of change and
   a different sport activity each lunchtime. We revisited our           unwanted goodbyes were forgotten. We sat, we talked,
   childhoods when we played handball, hopscotch, skipping               we ate and when it was time for speeches, Lorraine
   and hacky sac.                                                        caused raucous laughter with her reflections on each
                                                   Jasmine B.            student, all in rhyme, and then sadness for the absence
                                                                         of our beautiful principal, Colleen.

                                                                         Although the evening was said to be formal and
                                                                         certainly appeared that way, the word fails to describe
                                                                         the atmosphere, which seemed to be more like a family
                                                                         dress up party, very suitable for such a school.

                                                                         We are friends, we are family in our own unconventional
                                                                         way and I’m sure that all the grade twelves will agree
                                                                         when I say that the surreal happiness of that evening
                                                                         will remain with us forever. Thanks to everyone that
                                                                         organised such a dream.
                                                                                                                      Amy Ross

Crystal, Rebekah, Jen, Clair, Jess, Skye, Rebecca, Tash and Amy at the
                       Seniors Farewell Dinner


                                                                          Amy and Sarah

                        Jen, Rebekah and partners                                                       Crystal and Tash
Page 4                                                                                            Volume 9, Issue 4

                SCHOOL HAPPENINGS
                              Singing Group                     Work Experience
                              On Tuesday afternoons,            For the past few weeks, Jazmaine and If have been
                              Southside has been alive with     doing work experience at the RSPCA in Fairfield. So far,
                              the sound of music. Led by        we have helped out with the stray dogs, puppies and in
                              the extraordinary talent          the cattery. We are hoping to get the opportunity to work
                              Louise, the walls buzz with the   with farm animals too. The RSPCA is an organisation
                              sound of the students music.      that cares for stray and mistreated animals that do not
                              We look forward to a debut        have a loving family or a good home. We have had a
                              performance next year.            fantastic time and are hoping to continue doing work
                              Thanks to all who take part in    experience next year.
                              these unconventional jam                                                         Bonnie A.
                              sessions. What’s life without
                                                     Amy R.
 Peta jamming
                           Hep C Promotion
The Year 9 class had a great time making badges for a
Hepatitis C promotion. We had to draw a design and then                                                 Jazmaine at the RSPCA
we put it onto a badge template. The school ran a
competition to find the most creative one and the Elders
chose the winners. We also enjoyed a very interesting and
entertaining talk by Joey from the Queensland Hepatitis
                                                  Freya O.
Sport Report
This term, the girls have had the opportunity to taste a
number of different sports. We have been using the
facilities at Salisbury Super Sports, which has enabled the
girls to participate in beach volleyball, indoor netball,
indoor cricket and indoor soccer. With summer fast                Bonnie at the RSPCA
approaching, the second half of the term has seen us
return to A-J’s sporting complex for swimming and the girls
have also been keen to access the gymnasium. A number
of these sports have been new to the girls and they should
be commended on their efforts to get up and have a go.

                                                                Healthy Tuckshop Initiative
                                                                To coincide with the MOVE program, Southside
                                                                implemented an overhaul of the tuckshop. The tuckshop
                                                                now has a variety of healthy foods. Every lunchtime
                                                                Aunty Joan prepares a delicious meal and serves it with
                                                                a huge tray of fruit. Also, there are no more soft drinks
                                                                on sale and there is a range of new healthy snacks for
                                                                students to buy.

            Indoor Cricket at Salisbury Super Sports
   Page 5                                                                                          Volume 9, Issue 4

                 SCHOOL HAPPENINGS
Each week a number of students play netball at
Salisbury Super Sports. We have just started our new
season and so far have had mixed results with 2 wins and 1
loss. With our girls improving every week, we are sure to be
successful. Our team players include Serina, Amy, Sharon,
Jasmine, Bec, Rebecca, Tash, Sonia and Michelle. All the
girls would like to thank Debbie and Sonia for picking us up
and dropping us home.
                                                  Jasmine K.

Australian Poetry Competition
This term in Moot we had an Australian Poetry
Competition. Students had to recite and present a poem by
an Australian poet. There were a number of participants.         Members of our netball team: Tash, Rebecca, Skye, Serina,
Amy and Jasmine K. were the overall winners with an              Sonja, Michelle, Bec and Sharon.
entertaining rap version of Highly Explosive by Banjo
Patterson. Iesha came 2nd and Jenny 3rd.
                                                Jasmine K.
                                                                             LETTERS TO
                                                                             THE EDITOR
                                                               Dear Ed
 A Message from Frances (a school volunteer)                   I recently found out that Murri Elders who work
                                                               in the Courts to assist Magistrates do not get
 Just now, I’m sitting in the school library and gazing out    paid proper wages. This reminds me of the
 the large window towards the pleasant little garden           “stolen wages” of the past! These elders are
 named for Jean. There is the gentle of hum of girls’          often old, frail and don't have much money.
 talking – some about work, some not. The                      What can we do to help sort this out? It seems
 air-conditioning is working beautifully and Southside is      very unfair and unjust to me.
 alive and well.                                                                                     Portia
                                                               Dear Portia
 Each Wednesday morning, I attend Staff Meetings
                                                               You could write to the Attorney General's
 where reports are given so that each person
                                                               Department (GPO Box 149 Brisbane Qld 4001) or
 understands the activities of the day and becomes
 aware of the challenges some young people are facing          write a Letter to the Editor of your local
 that may impact on their school day.                          newspaper.
                                                               Congratulations on your good citizenship! The
 As the Christmas break approaches, I want to                  good thing about living in a Democracy is that
 congratulate the staff and students on the completion of      active individuals like you can help rectify
 yet another year – not just a completion but a                injustices. Ed
 bell-ringing, streamers flying, noisy, wonderful
                                         Frances Kendall                                                  Aunty Jeanette Kirk, Uncle
                                                                                                          Robert and Aunty Valda
                                                                                                          Coolwell teaching at
Page 6                                                                                            Volume 9, Issue 4


Sensations Success                                                                            Sarah serving
On Thursday the 10th of November Hospitality students                                         guests

ran their first ever restaurant- Sensations. The feedback
from customers was very positive and the floor staff were
pleased not to spill anything! We catered for 18
important people including the Lady Mayoress, Lisa
Newman and the Editor of Brisbane Circle, Di Watson.
The Year 12’s are disappointed their course has come to
an end, but would encourage all students to get involved
as Hospitality is a career for life!
                                                   Skye H.
                                                                                                         Erica and Tash
                                                                                                      preparing the food
Scholarship Success
During early September, I applied for a scholarship to                                          Rebekah serving
study a Diploma of Hospitality Management with the                                              guests
Hospitality Training Association (HTA) in 2006. The
                                                             Year 11 Vegetable Garden
application process involved an extended written             This semester the Year 11 Mathematics class planned,
response to selection criteria and formal interview          designed and created a vegetable garden, which played an
process. I was shortlisted as one of three finalists and     integral role in their Mathematics studies and their
attended an awards night on the 8th November for the         Workplace Practices Enterprise Task. The garden has been
                                                             an extremely successful venture and enterprise for the
big announcement. Fortunately, my name was                   students to use as a basis to study many different areas of
announced as recipient of the Dick McGuire Scholarship,      mathematics and workplace practices, i.e. measurement,
valued at $15 000 and covering all costs associated with     space, budgeting, costing and wages. The produce from the
the 12-month study degree. I would like to thank             vegetable garden were sold as part of their Workplace
                                                             Practices Enterprising Task to the Hospitality students to use
everyone involved for their help and support and the         in their restaurant and other cooking tasks.
McGuire family for providing me this opportunity.
                                                  Tash M.    Next year we hope to expand the garden and have many
                                                             subjects such as Hospitality, Mathematics, Workplace
                                                             Practices and Business use the garden to gain real-life
                                                             knowledge on a broad range of skills. Well done to the Year
                                                             11 class for having such green thumbs!
                                       Tash receiving
                                       her scholarship

                                                             Nicole at work in the garden
                                                                                                    The first strawberry
Page 7                                                                                              Volume 9, Issue 4

                                  A RT N E W S
Traffic Signal Boxes                                           Year 11 Report
This term Jess and I painted a traffic signal box on the       We have been working towards completing our
corner of Lister Street and Mains Road near the traffic        competencies in Certificate 1, Visual Arts. This term we
lights. Our Art teacher, Caroline, told us about the project   have been making tables constructed from wood and
which is actually also a competition sponsored by the          scrap metal. We had to design our own table top and
Brisbane City Council. You have to design and submit           think of solutions to join the legs to the table. The results
the design you would like to paint. Then once it is            have been great. Some students have decorated their
accepted you are provided with all the materials you           tables with paint and others have burnt designs into the
need including paint, brushes, pallets and brightly            surface with a hot iron.
coloured vests for safety. Our design was brightly col-
oured and featured sunflowers and a bee.
A great project, Brisbane City Council!
                                                   Jamie M.
Year 8/9 Report
We have been learning
about Commercial Design in
Art. We have all designed
our own personal logos in
                                                               Serina working on her table top        Erica working with the
bright colours that have
                                                                                                           disc sander
been scanned into the com-
puter and printed onto iron-
on transfer paper. We then
printed our designs onto
                                   Lauren’s logo                                                              Clair at work
calico bags that we have                                                                                          in art
been around. To extend our ideas we also made a lino
cut of our logo design and experimented with
different printing methods.

                                                               Year 12 Report
                           Year 10 Report                       We have been finalising our Visual Art diaries and
                           Creative Clocks has been the        documenting artists that have influenced our own
                           topic of our art-making this        art-making. We then used those ideas to make our own
                           term. We have learnt to use         major artwork. We used a range of mediums across the
                           the machinery in the Design         group including lino printing, painting and sculpture.
                           and Technology room and
                           create imaginative      designs
                                                               Gager Street Campus
   Sian working on clock   that are very bright. We have
                                                               We have been joining Caroline in the Art room once a
                           been talking about making the
                                                               week to make Creative clocks. We all planned our
                           clocks into an enterprise
                                                               design and constructed the shape of our clock face. We
                           activity next year as they have
                                                               learnt new skills in the Design and Technology room.
                           been so successful.
                                                               Now we can use a band-saw, disc sander and drill
                                             Year 10 Class
                                                               bench. Some of us decorated our clocks with mosaic
                                                               glass and others used painted decorations. Our clocks
                                                               range from flowers and frog designs to Australian
                                                               Aboriginal designs.
                           Jenny’s clock                                                           Gager Street Class
    Page 8                                                                                        Volume 9, Issue 4

          SCIENCE                                                          P O E T RY
 Year 8/9 Report
 In Year 9 Science we have been studying movement and
                                                                My Rebirth
 have made working cars made out of cardboard, straws,
 bottle tops and balloons. Peta made the most
                                                                My world is crumbling beneath my feet,
 successful car out of the whole class. We have just started
                                                                And I’m tryin’ to tread lightly.
 looking at food webs in different areas of the world.
                                                                Losing my cool cos I’ve lost my mind,
                                                  Jasmine K.
                                                                Improvement isn’t very likely.
 Year 10 Report
                                                                Emotions are pent up and thoughts are alive,
 This term we have been looking at manufacturing
                                                                A cup full of rage is plenty.
 processes and the effect on the environment by making
                                                                Just enough for me to break outta my cage,
 paper. We have developed our skills and made some very
                                                                To make a massive re-entry.
 good paper as well as researching the impact the paper
                                                                Outta this old world and into the new one,
 industry and other industries have on the environment.
                                                                Where I can stand my ground rightly.
                                                                Bring on anything you wanna throw at me,
                                  Peta with her car             My soul’s strength stays mighty.

                                                                Sweet Hearted

                                                                The old, silent man sat on the porch,
                                                                Rocking slowly, without a sound,
                                                                Thinking of the good old days,
    Southside Drifters—                                         Thinking of what the world has become.
        our touch team
                                                                He remembers when the first car was released on the market,
                                                                He remembers when the trees were all around,
                                                                A tear seeps from his eye as he remembers the war,
                                                                And a smile stretches across his dusty, old face
     ASSPA NEWS                                                 As he remembers how much fun they’d had,
                                                                Then he sighs as he remembers giving his daughter away at
                                                                her wedding.
This term we have continued with our BBQs at Kurilpa Park.
Although the rain came, we hope to continue them.               He coughs as the dirt and dust from the desert enter his lungs
We had a very successful day at King George Square for the      And sips water as he remembers the last visit of his family,
Indigenous Jobs Market Expo. Our students’ catering group,      He frowns as he remembers his brother’s tricks
Southside Sensations, prepared and served a spectacular         And chuckles about the payback upon him,
BBQ. They were complimented by many different                   He sobs as he remembers his wife’s passing,
organisations. A big congratulations and thank you to all who   And feels relieved as he remembers how he met her.
                                                                But as he looks around
ASSPA has been linking with different organisations             He notices how the world has changed over his lifetime.
including Brisbane Youth Service, Salvation Army (JPET)         As a gentle desert breeze whispers by he takes his last breath
and First Contact. We have had two meetings resulting in us     And closes his eyes for the last time.
entering a touch football team, the Southside Drifters, into
the First Contact Touch Carnival. The team played extremely                                                             Kristen
well, coming 3rd overall. We have also started a range of
other activities for young people during the holiday break
with Brisbane Youth Service.
Page 9                                                                                                     Volume 9, Issue 4

Bush Tucker Garden                                                Coochie Mudlo Island Camp
                                                                  Our last term saw us off to Coochie Mudlo Island for a
                               We are researching bush tucker     little rest and relaxation. Jamie-Lee caught the most fish
                               plants. We are also using native   and the biggest, and from her reaction you would have
                               plants in our bush tucker          thought she’d caught a shark. Thankfully for us it was only
                               garden. We are growing plants      a bream. The students also learnt how to catch their own
                               so we can use them in cooking      bait using the dragnets and cast nets.
                               and eat them. We can sell the
                               plants to make money. People       Myisha, Maylene, Kirsten and Davitha were quite good in
                               could also come in and look        the kitchen learning how to prepare traditional Torres
                               around the garden and we could     Strait Islander food for one of our meals. It was delicious.
                                charge an entry fee.
One of the plants we will grow                      Melanie W.
                                                           Theresa Andersen offered her time for some mentoring
                                                           with a sport both her and the students are very
                                                           passionate about, Touch Football. After some stretching
Indigenous Careers Expo and Childhood Unit
                                                           exercises and warm up activities the girls got into a game
In SOSE, we have been doing an early childhood unit.
                                                           of Touch Footy, which was then followed by a warm down
We have been thinking of when we were young like when
                                                           in the pool.
we played barbies or played games with our siblings -
even just certain memories that reminded us of our past.
                                                           At night, we made a camp fire, roasted some
In a task that we did for the unit, we all got given a toy
                                                           marshmallows and shared a few scary stories that led to
and had to write three things it reminded us of when we
                                                           an early night for all. Before winding down and heading
were young. I remembered being given a toy train and
                                                           home, some girls had the opportunity to some weaving
train track that reminded me of the show, Thomas the
                                                           and made windmills and balls, using palm leaves.
Tank Engine. We all got different toys so we put all our
                                                           I say, “so long and thanks for all the fish”.
thoughts together on a poster and showed it to everyone
at the Lister St campus.

Southside Sensations
On the 20th October, our new catering group, Southside
Sensations, cooked a sausage sizzle for the Indigenous
Careers Expo at Brisbane City Hall. We were being
assessed for our presentation and preparation of food.
We had to wear gloves because we were handling food
and a hat to keep our hair out of the way. It was very busy
and smoky but we had fun serving hundreds of
hungry people.

                                                                           Some of Gager Street campus on Camp

  Southside Education—where Caring and Learning go Hand in Hand
                      Southside Education is an independent school funded by Education Queensland,
                         Department of Child Safety, Department of Employment and Training and
                              Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training.
                                 153 Lister Street, Sunnybank QLD 4109 Tel: 3423 7499
                                        Governing Body: Queensland Baptist Care

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