Cricket Cricket by gdf57j


  at Chiang Mai
 Gymkhana Club

Have you ever thought of coming to play cricket in the north of Thailand ?
                          Cricket has been played on the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club grounds for more
                          than 100 years. The club was first established in 1898 and is regarded as the oldest
                          sports club in Thailand. Our cricket ground is of international standard and boasts
                          excellent facilities including artificial & turf wickets, practice nets, electronic score-
                          board, scoring box, a media room and of course the well stocked Boundary Bar.
                          On site food catering is also readily available, at very reasonable prices.

                          We regularly host Asian Cricket Council tournaments and every year we are
                          the home of the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, in early April. Cricket
                          is played at the ground virtually every weekend each year, from early November
                          through to the end of June, with both senior and junior leagues being represented.

                          Apart from the cricket, the beautiful city of Chiang Mai offers its visitors
                          incredible culture, good value hospitality, wonderful shopping and exciting
                          nightlife... all in all, a perfect place to visit for a cricket tour. For more general
                          information about the club, please visit
                          We are always looking to bring more cricket to our famous club so if you
                          would like more information or if I can be of any further help to you,
                          please do not hesitate to contact me at

                          Best Regards,

                          David Walker, Cricket Captain
                          Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club

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