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					                         Peter J. & Ann B. Maxwell
                          2107 Christendom Drive
                           Midlothian, VA 23113

Kasey Hammond
Midlothian, VA 23113

September 3, 2004

Dear Kasey,

I just want to thank you for tutoring Evan this past spring; it made a huge
difference in his understanding Spanish and most importantly, his grades!

When he started with you he was in his first year of Spanish, having
transferred to a new private school where the children had classes in the
language since grade school. Needless to say he was behind the other
children from the very first day. Spanish class was frustrating for him and
every day he was getting further and further behind.

When we called you to tutor Evan his grades were quickly going from C’s to
D’s. It was equally frustrating for me to watch him and be unable to assist.
Other than call him vocabulary words, I was not of much help to him. I
barely remember the French I took years ago.

I really appreciated the convenience of your coming to our home to work
with Evan. Your easy-going manner and fluency in Spanish made him
comfortable from the start and he looked forward to your weekly sessions.

Evan’s grades started improving immediately and he ended the school year
with a B+ in Spanish. Thank you again and I would be happy to speak with
other parents on our experience with you. Please feel free to give my phone
number to those who would like to discuss it further.


Annye Maxwell

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