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Questionnaire These questions are a bit quirky, but they tell the reader a lot about your personality. (Keep the answers rated G, please!) What’s your favorite board game? How many rings before you answer the phone? What’s most important, a strong mind or a strong body? Comedy or horror? Beach, mountain, or city? Technology or art? What’s under your bed? What makes you really angry? What are your future kids’ names? What is your favorite day? Do you type with your fingers on the correct keys? Sports car or SUV? If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Favorite book? Favorite smell? Favorite drink. Favorite snack. If you were an animal, what would you be? Do you remember your dreams? AIM, TV, or Video game all night? Chocolate or steak? Fizzy Drinks or water Long walks or yoga? Cats, dogs, birds, or fish? Paper or plastic? Pencils or pens?

Now the regular stuff Name Phone Number E-mail Parental E-mail Hobbies Pets Favorite Books Previous English Classes Favorite Movies Favorite TV Shows Career Plans Tell Me Something Interesting About You that I will remember.

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Description: This quirky student questionnaire gives students a chance to answer out of the ordinary prompts about themselves. It is a good first or second day of class activity.