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					                                    MARK R. BRADLEY

Professional Summary
Technical writer, trainer, and instructional designer with ten years of professional
    Demonstrated skills in developing online help systems, CBTs, web sites, training
       documentation, style guides, tutorials, software documentation, reference manuals,
       and user guides.
    Strengths include working with end users to gather necessary data, define job
       requirements, and apply collected data to technical and instructional documentation.
    Experienced in the use of multimedia editors, Captivate, PhotoShop, Adobe
       Technical Communications Suite, and Visio.
    Worked in a variety of industries including higher education, electronics,
       telecommunications, and government.

   Bachelor of Science, Kent State University, 1995
      Major: Education, Minor: Computer science

Honda America Manufacturing / UNICON Int’l, Marysville, OH (November 2010 to
Present) Senior Technical Writer
    Developed curriculum to train system functionality of McAfee EndPoint Encryption
     and Honda's Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software used by IT
     security to support thousands of Honda of America users.
    Developed training materials, including student guides, trainer support guides, user
     manual(s), and training evaluation / assessment tools using Captivate CS5,
     Camtasia 7.0, and Adobe RoboHelp 8.
    Developed training materials for use in either a traditional classroom setting or a
     virtual / webinar format (WEBEX), Computer Based Training (CBTs).
    Analyzed training effectiveness identified and communicated potential improvement
     opportunities using Captivate Quiz manager.
    Edited, formatted, standardized, and made changes to written materials using
     Captivate's text-to-speech functionality.
    Met biweekly and daily communications to collaborate with technical team members
     (such as developers or testers, SMEs, and Project Managers) to clarify functionality
     for training documentation.
    Worked collaboratively with a team of trainers to deliver a Train-the-Trainer course.
     This includes:
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           o Providing training to state trainers to prepare them to deliver a training
               course for a new business system affecting over 54,000 end users
           o Delivering live presentations and providing instruction during hands-on
               training on system functionality and end user training curricula.
      To see examples of my work, go to the following link:

ECI Telecommunication / Raeder Landree, Pittsburgh, PA (Jan 2010 to Jun 2010)
Senior Technical Writer
   SharePoint (SP) administrator. Initiated implementation of SharePoint
      Communications Services for Pittsburgh office. Interacted with ECI’s Israel IT
      department to establish SP standards and working applications necessary for
      sharing and creating SP sites and pages. Also, edited SP using SharePoint
      Designer 2007.
   Responsible for working with ShadeTree Architectural software engineers to design
      and create table of contents for software documentation.
   Filmed and edited HD videos for training purposes using Corel Pro 3 and Camtasia
      Studio 7 software. Training videos were an hour in length and used for training
      engineers new to ShadeTree software.

Siemens IT Solutions / Indrotronix, Mason, OH (Jan 2010 to Feb 2010) Virtual
Technical Writer
    Researched and compiled technical data working with SME, Solution Architects and
     team members.
    Obtained data from review of documentation, drawings, schematics, and reports,
     interviews with technical staff, and the study of published material.
    Using established corporate branding, style guides, outlines and specifications;
     organized and formatted proposal responses, identify inconsistencies or gaps in the
     document or its content.
    Edited new or existing content to re-purpose content, correct errors, add material
     and updated to current corporate style guide standards, including grammar,
     spelling, punctuation, style and graphics.
    Performed secondary editor review of documents to ensure compliance with
     company quality standards.
    Ensured that all proposal documents were aesthetically pleasing, produced to the
     highest quality standards, and delivered within deadlines.
    Developed responses to requirements and specifications that clearly and concisely
     capture Siemens IT Solutions and Services approach to the customer's key issues
     and requirements.

Keithley Instruments, Solon, OH (Apr 2008 to Mar 2009) Senior Technical Writer
    Responsible for creating and editing 400 page user’s manual. Revised and edited
      1,500 page reference manual.
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      Created graphics and web help videos by utilizing Camtasia Studio 6.0 software.
       Developed exact slide timings, animations, sound effects, narrations, webcam
       videos, and webpage applications.
      Developed context-sensitive on-line help using RoboHelp, Captivate, and Snagit 9.
      Facilitated and organized meetings with SMEs to discuss and formulate project
       goals, and deadlines for the development of the user’s manual. SMEs submitted
       their schematics in MS SharePoint, and it was my duty to transpose data into
       FrameMaker 7.2 format.
      Worked closely with project managers to ensure all revisions were produced on
       time, and that all replies from SMEs and Audit were edited, corrected, and
       responded to in a timely and professional manner.
      Responsible for highest level of editing documentation, listed font formats, created
       links, and restructured paragraphs. Managed table of contents and indexes. Listed
       all cross-references and made links work between manuals.
      To see examples of my work, go to the following link:

Bradley Consulting, Youngstown, OH (May 2006 to Apr 2008) Independent Contractor
    Created documentation for US companies, and spent time in India developing an
      offshore technical writing business.
          o Vedatech, Bangalore, India
          o A Frozen Moment, Nashville, TN
          o Higher Humanity, Atlanta, GA

ACT, Inc. – Aerotek, Columbus, OH (Oct 2005 to Apr 2006) Technical Writer
   Developed nucleonic and x-ray documentation for C-Frame automation control
      process equipment that utilized various databases and machine control systems.
   Conducted interviews with SMEs and product managers, to translate test
      specifications, diagrams, and schematics into useful customer documentation.
   Worked closely with usability designer, development, and quality assurance teams
      to ensure that documentation was technically accurate and integrated with other
      product documentation.

Apple, Inc. – Calltech, Columbus, OH (Dec 2004 to Sept 2005) Tier1 Tech Support
   Provided hardware and software technical support for Apple’s iPod. Responsibilities
      also included troubleshooting system administration issues, such as installation of
      software, managing file systems, system boot procedures, and backup and restore
   Assistant manager for help desk operations:
      o Reviewed and enforced service level agreements.
      o Generated end-user surveys to solicit input from the user community.
      o Reviewed skill levels and skill mix of help desk staff and coordinated training.
      o Coordinated rotation schedule of staff; and reports on help desk status with
          metrics to management.

Verizon Wireless, Columbus, OH (Oct 2003 to Sept 2004) Technical Writer
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      Developed and created engineering application service level agreements (SLA),
       Xpercom standards documentation, equipment templates, and documentation
       procedures, for example: document life cycle.
      Responsible for researching, writing, editing, and proofreading complex technical
       data and design notes for use in release notes, online help files, manuals,
       procedures, and specifications.
      Worked closely with usability designer, development, and quality assurance teams
       to ensure that assigned sections of documentation were technically accurate,
       complete, and integrated with other product documentation.
      Created web help videos using Camtasia and RoboHelp.
      To see examples of my work, go to the following link:

CTA Associates, Newark, OH (Dec 2002 to Oct 2003) Project Manager
   Responsible for the overall management and development of curriculum and
     training for the State of Georgia Department of Data Communications in the use
     and application of WebSense employee internet management (EIM) software.
   Supervised first-level lead technicians to ensure field work quality, productivity, and
     customer satisfaction were maintained daily. This involved substantial daily
     interaction and coordination with various internal departments.
   Scheduled and coordinated project-planning meetings, maintained and
     communicated project timelines, and resolved project problems and issues.
   Responsible for project performance analysis that included budget and timeline
     information gathering.

Tollgrade Communications, Nixon, PA (Aug 2001 to Nov 2002) Instructional
    Developed instructor-led and self-study training programs through a variety of
      media, including: print, computer- and web-based.
    Interviewed SMEs and developed training materials that exactly emulated their
      schematics and technical specifications.
    Managed project deadlines under minimal supervision. Responsibilities also
      included learning the work practices and incorporating these practice policies to
      provide training in various formats (for example: classroom, individual coaching, and
    Developed training materials including process driven examples and exercises
      using PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio.
    Translated engineering baseline requirement documents into POTS Test Assurance
      Program (PTAP) Student Guides for Tollgrade’s customer training that incorporated
      training in Mechanized Loop Testing (MLT) Architecture.
    To see examples of my work, go to the following link:

Applied Innovation, Columbus, OH (Apr 2000 to Jun 2001) Technical Instructor
   Trained students in TCP/IP, X.25, ASYNC, and OSI protocols related to the
      installation, diagnostics, and interoperability of protocol conversion hardware and
      software applications used by various AI Switches.
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      Created special CBT training for Qwest Telecommunications. Instruction videos
       were developed utilizing Camtasia, Snagit, and PowerPoint software. Resultant
       video training helped Qwest save thousands of dollars in training costs.
      Trained engineers, supervisors, and support technicians according to their
       specialized needs in specific areas of technical expertise.
      Analyzed and interpreted voice and data work orders, technical voice programming
       sheets, voice call processing flow charts, and data fact sheets, to define learning
       needs, training objectives, end-user functionality, and scope of training criteria
      Conducted phone support for customers regarding cards, switches and networking
      Revised and enhanced existing training programs and training aids to meet
       software upgrades, and changing business needs to ensure accuracy and
      To see examples of my work, go to the following link:

Lucent Technologies, Columbus, OH (Feb 1998 to Apr 2000) Technical Writer /
    Translated engineering baseline requirement documents into ACTIVIEW® User’s
      Guides for Lucent’s major Telecommunications customers, and Lucent’s support
    Used Camtasia and Dubit software to produce PowerPoint presentations and GUI
      videos for class instruction.
    Gathered data from specs and from interviews with engineers and product
      managers, and translated that information into useful customer documentation.
    Interfaced with senior management to exchange information to build consensus
      regarding project direction.
    Installed and ran products on IBM mainframe to ensure work flow of API
      documentation software.
    Coordinated documentation layout and organization with other departments.
    Assisted in planning and scheduling of projects.
    Set up processes to verify that documentation reflected software at release time.
    Reviewed and edited documentation written by other tech writers.

Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, OH (Jul 1997 to Feb 1998) Technical Support
    Provided technical assistance to independent Nationwide agents for the installation
      and servicing of CISCO 1600 routers and 3Com office connect hubs that helped to
      improve the transfer of real-time data between regional and local offices.
    Created support tickets for each customer that clearly and effectively defined the
      support issue.

Kent State University, Warren, OH (Jun 1993 to Jul 1997) Project Manager /
Admissions Counselor
   Developed curriculum for instructional design systems and computer-based training
      for 250 students and created training guides used by staff and students for
      authoring web pages using HTML and web editors.
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   Oversaw the development of project plans and schedules; prepared status and
    variance reports, and negotiated changes to plans.
   Coordinated software implementation plans with other staff, users, vendors,
    management, and other key personnel to ensure that implementations were
    properly tested, approved, and documented to guarantee that training plans were
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Technical Training
     Advanced AI180 switch diagnostics        Calling card service provisioning
     TCP/IP internetworking                   Advanced routing service
     Information mapping                      VPN service provisioning
     Training needs analysis                  Advanced network service
      (Train-the-trainer)                       management systems

     Adobe FrameMaker 8.0
     Acrobat Professional 9 Extended Pro
     Adobe Captivate CS5
     Adobe RoboHelp 8
     Adobe PhotoShop CS5
     Adobe Illustrator CS4
     Adobe DreamWeaver CS4
     Adobe FireWorks CS4
     WordPress 3.2
     Microsoft Office Suite 2010
     Microsoft SharePoint 2007
     SharePoint Designer 2007
     Microsoft Office Communicator R7
     Corel VideoStudio Pro 3
     Corel PaintShop Pro
     Camtasia Studio 7
     Snagit 10
     Visio 2007
     MediaWiki
     XMLWriter 2.5
     Open Office 3.2
     Lotus Notes
     WebWorks
     WebSense EIM
     Microsoft Project 2007
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     TCP / IP                   PPP                 NNTP
     ASYNC                      POP                 Frame Relay
     OSI / SONET                IMAP                ISDN
     X.25 (SVCS & PVCS)         SMTP                VOIP

Operating systems
     WINDOWS NT, XP, and Vista             SQL Server 2000
     Mac OS X v10.3 Panther                LINUX 8.0

     HTML             XML                 PASCAL
     XHTML            COBOL               VTML

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