; July 2011 - Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association
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July 2011 - Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association


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									                                               971 C. Kenmore Drive
                                              Evansville, Indiana 47714
                                    Phone: 812-423-5943 Toll-free: 1-866-514-4312
                                              Webpage: www.tristate.ms

                                  July 2011 Newsletter
               Offering support, care, and hope…right here at home!
                           Indiana Support Group Meeting Dates

Evansville, IN support group will meet Saturday, July 9th, 10:00 a.m. at the
Black Buggy Restaurant, 4920 Davis Lant Drive. Join us for breakfast for you and a guest.
Contacts: Nita Ruxer /812-479-3544 or Sharon & Charlie Omer/270-333-4701
Princeton, IN support group will NOT meet in July. Happy 4th of July!
Contact: Alice Burkhart/812-782-3735
Tell City, IN support group will meet July 20th at The Patio at 6PM for a Dinner Program,
“Hospice 101”, sponsored by SouthernCare, Inc. The Speaker will be Mary Brooks with
SouthernCare, Inc. RSVP to TSMSA 1-866-514-4312 or 812-423-5943.
Contacts: Terri Hasty/812-649-4013 or Gayle Taylor/812-547-4941
Washington, IN support group will meet Saturday, July 16th, 10:00 a.m. at Daviess Community
Contacts: Cindy Kalberer/ 812-254-6735 or Fran Neal at 812-259-1565.
                          Kentucky Support Group Meeting Dates

Henderson, KY support group will NOT meet in July. Happy 4th of July!
Contacts: Debbie Whittington/270-827-8298 or Lori Bumgardner/270-577-5510.
Owensboro, KY support group will NOT meet in July. Happy 4th of July!
Contacts: Susan Reynolds/812-228-6100 or Mary Patton/270-729-4935
                           Illinois Support Group Meeting Dates

Carmi, IL support group will NOT meet in July. Please join us at the Holiday Inn in
Evansville for the “Skin Wellness Program”. Call TSMSA to RSVP, 1-866-514-4312.
Contacts: Dale or Carla Shuler/618-384-9964 or TSMSA office/1-866-514-4312.
Fairfield, IL support group will NOT Meet in July. We will resume again in August.
Contacts: Carol Openheimer/618-842-2839 or Linda Lee/618-842-6506

                     The Mission of the Tri-State MS Association
  is to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with multiple sclerosis and
   their families in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Western Kentucky.
                              Calendar of Events & Special Messages

July 4 – Monday, TSMSA Office Closed - Happy Fourth of July!
July 7 – Thursday, Biogen Idec, “Women Love to Chat” Dinner Program,
Biaggi’s, Evansville, 6PM, Mary Kay Fink, RN, MSCN, West County MS Ctr. and Alecia
Harris, Avonex Patient Advocate. RSVP to TSMSA 423-5943/1-866-514-4312. Limited Seating!

July 20 – Wednesday, SouthernCare Dinner Program, Hospice 101, The Patio,
6PM 5750 E. State Road 66, Cannelton, In. RSVP to TSMSA by 7/18, 1-866-514-4312 /423-

July 21 – Thursday, Newsletter Stuffing at the TSMSA Office, 11:30 AM.
July 23 – Saturday, The MS Center, MS Expo, Louisville, KY, www.msexpo.org
July 28– Thursday, Pfizer/ EMD Serono - Skin Wellness Dinner Program, 6PM
Speaker: Neurologist, Dr. Lori Guyton, Southern Illinois Neurology.
Holiday Inn (formally Marriott Hotel), Call TSMSA to RSVP -812-423-5943 / 1-866-514-4312.

July 30, Saturday, Frontier Tavern, Corn Hole Tournament for TSMSA
Registration - 2PM, $10 a person, Tournament starts at 3PM. Enjoy the Band that Evening!

                 Mark your Calendars for the following dates!
August 3, Wednesday, Southern Care Dinner Program, Hospice 101,
Black Buggy Restaurant, 4920 Davis lant Drive, Evansville, IN 6PM
RSVP to TSMSA by 9/1, 423-5943 / 1-866-514-4312.

August 16 – Tuesday, Acorda Dinner Program, Evansville, IN, 6PM
Speaker: Neurologist, Dr. Cary Twyman, Associates in Neurology, Lexington, KY.
Holiday Inn (formally Marriott Hotel) Call TSMSA to RSVP -812-423-5943 / 1-866-514-4312.

August 25 – Thursday, 2nd Annual Girls Night Out Style Show Fundraiser,
Evansville Country Club, 6PM. Save the date and watch for details in August newsletter.

September 27 – Tuesday, Dr. Randy Schapiro, Pfizer / EMD Serono Program
October 1 – Saturday, Autumn Walk, Moreland Park, Owensboro, KY
October 15 – Saturday, Basketball Fundraiser, American Baptist East Church,
10am -4pm in the gym. For information call Jay at 774-3963

November 6 – Sunday, Autumn Walk, Romain Diamond Detailing Ctr.
Two More Oral Therapies for MS announced in April of This Year:
Susan M. Reynolds RN, MSCN
I just read a summary of the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting in Honolulu in
April of this year. There were more than 500 presentations related to MS at meeting. Several
presentations were related to two new oral therapies for MS that will be coming out in the next
year or two.

One presentation on drugs in the pipeline for MS was on Laquinimod. They now have results
from a large phase III clinical trial. Another large trial of this experimental therapy is still
underway. Laquinimod trials were sponsored by Teva Marion.

Here are the results of the Laquinimod Trial discussed at the AAN:
   After two years, Laquinimod reduced the annual relapse rate in those completing the trial
      by 23% compared with those on placebo.
   Secondary outcomes included reducing the risk of disease progression by 36% and brain
      atrophy by 33.8%, also reducing the accumulation of brain lesions detected with MRI.
   The most common adverse events were back pain, abdominal pain and elevations in live
      enzymes, but no serious liver damage was reported. There were no serious infections

Biogen recently released results from a clinical trial of another experimental Multiple Sclerosis
drug called BG-12. BG-12, when given twice daily cut the annualized relapse rate by 53% at 2
years compared with placebo and cut the rate of disability progression by 38%.
BG-12 is a pill that would compete with Gilenya, (a new MS pill from Novartis) and
Laquinimod. Based on initial data BG-12 appears to be more effective that laquinimod. BG-12
cut the annualized relapse rate by 53% and laquinimod cut the annualized relapse rate by 23%.
Laquinimod reduced disability progression by 36% and BG-12 reduced disability progression by
38%. No Direct comparison can actually be made since no head to head trials have been
completed. Data from another large trial of BG-12 is due to be released this year. BG-12
appears to have efficacy similar to Gilenya, but somewhat better safety and tolerability.
The most common side effects from BG-12 were flushing and GI problems, ie: nausea. No other
problems were identified in the trial. Biogen intends to file for approval of the drug early in
2012. It could be on the market by the end of next year.

When Teva announced the results of their 2 year Allegro trial for Laquinimod they also reported
that Laqunimod is no longer on the fast track for FDA approval because Novartis is already
marketing its multiple sclerosis oral treatment, Gilenya. Teva expects the drug to be on the
market by late 2012 or early 2013 at the latest.

I just returned from the Dinner at the Holiday Inn where Dr Samuel Hunter was the speaker
sponsored by Bayer Healthcare. During the question and answer part of the presentation he was
asked about new drugs on the market for MS. He talked about two drugs that will be coming out
very soon.
The first one is Campath. Campath-1H is a potentially new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. The
scientific name for Campath-1H is alemtuzumab. It is currently undergoing Phase III trials
around the world to determine whether it can help people with MS. The drug is a monoclonal
antibody (Tysabri is also a monoclonal antibody) designed to target that part of the immune
system which is assumed to be harming people with MS. It has been in clinical trials for a
number of years, and has already been used as a treatment for B-cell chronic lymphocytic
leukemia. Campath is given by IV infusion at an infusion center. It is given once and then two
weeks later and then again in one year. Dr. Hunter said it my cut the relapse rate by as much as
69%. Campath will be marketed by Genzyme.

Dr. Hunter also spoke about the previously mentioned drug BG-12. The scientific name is
dimethyl fumarate. He said that “BG-12 turns off inflammation and has a powerful antioxidant.
It has done better in clinical trials than anyone thought it would and it will be a revolutionary MS
drug.” As previously stated, BG-12 is an oral drug that is to be taken twice a day. It will be
marketed by Biogen.

Dr. Hunter spent two hours talking and answering questions from our group. It was one of the
most informative presentations I can remember having in recent months.

         MY MS MANAGERTM App is now available as a free download!
 My MS ManagerTM is MSAA's new mobile phone application, provided free of charge to
individuals with multiple sclerosis or their care partner to use on their iPhone, iPad or
iPod touch.

This first-of-its-kind app for MS offers individuals a convenient and effective tool to
manage the ever-changing course of the disease.
My MS ManagerTM allows you to input and store:

      Comprehensive medical records
      Contact information of your healthcare team
      Descriptions of MS flare-ups, tracking their duration, frequency and intensity
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      Important details essential to staying one step ahead of your MS

My MS ManagerTM is now available in the Apple App Store* and can be accessed by visiting

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         How to Apply for a Brighter Tomorrow Grant from the MS Foundation

Beginning June 1st, applications will be accepted for the MSF’s Brighter Tomorrow Grant. Each
year the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation makes dreams come true for individuals with multiple
sclerosis across the country through the grant, providing individuals with MS with goods or
services (valued at up to $1000.00 per recipient) to improve their quality of life by enhancing
safety, self-sufficiency, comfort, or well-being.

Recipients of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Brighter Tomorrow grant have received car
repairs, ramps, wheelchairs, walkers, eyeglasses, computers, appliances, televisions, furniture,
therapeutic equipment, hobby supplies, retreats, and various home modifications.
To qualify, a person must be 18 years of age or older and diagnosed with MS, or the parent of a
minor child diagnosed with MS, and be a permanent U.S. resident. They must not have any other
means of fulfilling the need they express.

Applicants are asked to provide basic personal and financial information, and to write a brief
essay of 100 words or less to describe how the grant would help them have A Brighter

Here are a few tips to help you with your grant application:

Since requests for cash, medications, or items covered by MSF's other programs are not accepted,
be sure you know what items the MSF's programs offer. See www.msfocus.org/programs-
activities.aspx to learn more. Keep your request brief, but be sure to explain specifically what
you're asking for and how it will benefit your life. Do your homework. If you can include
information about the cost of the item, brands available, and where it is available, do so. If you
are requesting a service, enclose an estimate or bid if possible.

If you would like to apply for the grant, simply fill out our online application at
www.msforcus.org, print an application, or call 888-673-6287 to receive an application by mail.
Applications will also be included in the summer 2010 issue of the MSFocus. By mail,
completed applications can be sent to the MSF, BTG Committee at 6520 N. Andrews Ave., Ft.
Lauderdale, FL 33309.

For further information on the Foundation’s grant programs, call our Program Services
Department at 1-888-MSFOCUS or you can contact us by email: support@msfocus.org

                     Brenda Floyd the new proud owner of Lucas Oil! You did it!

               Hirsch Family! Thank you for another very successful rummage
sale and all that you do for the Tri-State MS Association! We appreciate it!
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