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									                                             JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                Country Director (CD)                  Incumbent:
Job Location:             Pakistan Country Office in Islamabad   Department: International Programme
                                                                 Operations Department (IPOD)
Reports to:               South Asia Programme Director
Responsible for:          Programme Manager
                          Finance & Administration Manager
JOB PURPOSE: Briefly describe the overall purpose or function of the job

Working with partners within the existing policy frameworks, to strategically lead the country team to
develop and manage high quality, cost-effective programmes to achieve the expected outcomes and
impact of the Sightsavers’ strategic plans and national development goals.

To represent Sightsavers in country and overseas and network with a wide range of stakeholders in
order to promote and help achieve Sightsavers’ vision.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: In a series of brief statements describe the principal accountabilities
of the job, i.e. specify activities and end results.
 25%        1. Strategic Leadership and Representation
            Key Deliverable: Relevant and ambitious strategic plans are evolved and delivered to have
            sustainable impact on beneficiaries as defined in the Change Themes and raise Sightsavers’
            credibility as a development organisation.

               Ensure a full understanding of the Strategic Implementation and Monitoring (SIM) objectives,
                and in that context, lead the design and management of the Country Strategy Paper (CSP)
             Assess and respond, as necessary, to changes in the external/internal operational
                environment and/or to the emergence of new evidence arising from programme reviews
             Raise the profile of Sightsavers within the country by strategically networking with
                government agencies, bi and multi-lateral donors/agencies and other national/international
                development agencies, using the media as appropriate and, facilitating the understanding of
                Sightsavers as a development organisation
             Implement the CO strategic advocacy plan to influence government ministries/departments
                both at federal and provincial levels to take programmes to a sustainable scale
 10%        2. Programme Management
            Key Deliverable: Thematic programmes and projects are timely planned and successfully
            delivered by the Country Office team in line with the CSP and Sightsavers’ quality standards.

               Support the programme team in implementing the current portfolio as well as developing
                strategic programmes/projects ensuring cost-effective and available best practices in
                development and programme methodologies
               Oversee effective implementation of planning and review systems to ensure programme
                delivery against plans, to establish a process of continuous learning and improvement and,
                to demonstrate the scalability of programmes
               Facilitate operational research as integral component of the programme development
                and build up evidence based advocacy and to take programmes to scale
               Ensure that planned programme activities identified in Implementation Plans, are
                successfully met with quality standards and reported on in accordance with reporting

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                requirements and timelines
 15%        3. People Management
            Key Deliverable: Staff are working effectively as a team to meet objectives, and individual
            performance and satisfaction are maximized through efficient performance management and
            support structures and procedures.

               Manage and lead the country team within a clear performance management framework,
                promoting a culture of high performance, appropriate delegation of responsibilities,
                accountability, continuous improvement, positive communication and team work
               Ensure good management practice is continued at all levels within the country Office and is
                evidenced in all aspects of people management, including but not limited to appointments,
                effective planning and implementation of individual development plans to optimise team
                performance, coaching, disciplinary action, terms and conditions of employment,
                implementation of all relevant staff policies
               Ensure professional and congenial working environment is maintained in the Country Office
                promoting a culture of respect and openness
               Interpret and apply all Sightsavers staff policies and terms and conditions consistently and
                effectively, and ensure that all staff are aware of and comply with these

 10%        4. Funding
            Key Deliverable: All funding opportunities are positively pursued and all existing donor/supporter
            contractual terms and conditions are fulfilled in line with project/grant management procedures.

               Liaise with the Country Champion and UK based fundraising teams to meet funding targets
                and reduce reliance on unrestricted funding
               Be accountable for full compliance with donor contracts including terms and conditions and
                reportings, ensuring that the Programme and Finance Managers have adequate grant
                management capacities to comply with contractual commitments

 15%        5. Financial Management
            Key Deliverable: Cost-effective and efficient use of resources to meet objectives

               Be accountable for the financial management of the entire operation (programme, project,
                office) and ensure expenditure stays within forecast
               Ensure the required financial controls are in place and are implemented as according to
                Sightsavers’ financial framework
               Ensure programme operations and management are cost-effective and that there is a team
                culture of cost effectiveness
               Ensure systems and procedures are in place and strictly followed to ensure the safety of
                Sightsavers’ assets

 20%        6. Planning and Delivery
            Key Deliverable: Effective planning and management of the varied components of the role
            within the deadlines set

               Lead in developing operational plan which reflects country and organizational priorities and
                deadlines and ensure effective delivery
               Be accountable for the quality of outputs delivered by the country office team including
                reports, forecasts, proposals, monthly accounts etc

  5%        7. Global Team Working
            Key Deliverable: Country office works collaboratively with other teams and departments to
            contribute towards achievement of organisational objectives

               Contributes individual and country learning/experience into broader organisational learning
                and policy development
               Responsive to requests to provide input and support on regional and organisational priorities

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JOBHOLDER ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: In a series of brief statements identify the essential knowledge,
skills and behaviours required.
Knowledge (Education & Related Experience):
 Post graduate qualification in relevant field
 Minimum of 5 years working experience in an NGO environment in a leading position and 3 years line
     and team management experience
 Knowledge of project design and management, budget development and monitoring, resource
 Knowledge of advocacy, research, impact assessment, partnership development and resource
 Excellent report writing skills.
Skills (Special Training or Competence):
 Interpersonal skills
 Planning and Organising
 Good communication skills (both oral and written)
 Ability to work with minimum supervision
 Ability to make informed decision
 Computer literate - Excel and Word
 Numeracy and financial analysis

Core Behaviours:
 Leading

KEY RELATIONSHIPS (excluding own line manager and staff)
Internal                                    External
 Head of Programme Development              Programme partners
 Other CDs                                  Strategic partners
 Functional managers at HH                  Consultants/Advisors
 Policy, research and government relations  Service providers
    teams                                    Government agencies
 Funding & Marketing (Country Champion)     I/NGOs and consortium/forum of I/NGOs
                                             Bi-lateral, multi-lateral and UN agencies within
                                               the country
                                             Electronic and print media

VERSION DATE                                   OTHER COMMENTS

FEBRUARY 2010                                  Prepared to travel regularly within the Country and
                                               more occasionally internationally: including within the
                                               region, to the UK and to other regions.

CD Job Description Generic February 2010                                                         Page 1

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