Client Contact Change Notice

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									This form is a sample letter sent from a company in order to notify a client that the
client’s company contact representative has changed. The letter explains that the
client’s old contact is no longer with the company and introduces the client’s new
contact as the company. This sample letter should be used to address potential
customer concern during the transition from a departing employee to a new client
                            Client Contact Change Notice

(Name of Client)
(Street Address, City, State, Zip Code)
Dear (Name of Client):
        We wish to inform you that (Former Employee’s Name) is no longer with our
Company and will no longer be the person responsible for your account. Your contact
will now be (Name of New Employee). (He or She) may be reached at (New telephone
number). We wish to take this opportunity to assure you that (Name of New Employee)
will perform with the same high standards that you have come to expect of our
        As in the past, we value your business and look forward to continuing to serve
you. We wish (Former Employee’s Name) well in (his or her) future endeavors. Please
feel free to contact me or (Name of New Contact) if you have any questions or if we
may be of any assistance.
                                                     Very Truly Yours,

                                                     (Signature of Writer)
                                                     (Printed Name of Writer)
                                                     (Title with Company)

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