Terms & Conditions This offer is valid only to NBAD Visa Credit by mmcsx


									Terms & Conditions:

   •   This offer is valid only to NBAD Visa Credit Cards principle and supplementary credit
   •   This offer is applicable only on International purchases on your NBAD Visa Credit cards
       from 1st June 2011 to 31st August 2011.
   •   Each transaction regardless of spend amount, qualifies the customer 1(one) chance in
       the raffle.
   •   The raffle shall for phase 1 will be organized on 07/09/2011 and winners shall be
       contacted in the month of September 2011.
   •   Winners shall be contacted with the best attempt by the bank & announced at
       www.nbad.com. The latest date to claim for the gift is 31st December, 2011.
   •   Credit card holders who are delinquent (more than 60 days past the last payment due
       date) on their card, either during the offer period, or when the raffle is held, will not be
       eligible for the offer.
   •   International Purchases made by principal card holders as well as purchases made by
       supplementary cardholders will be eligible for the raffle.
   •   Purchase reversals, refunds and transactions disputed by the customer would be
       excluded from the raffle.
   •   The car can be changed with equivalent value of gift at NBAD’s sole discretion. Car color
       is bank’s discretion. Any charges related to car ownership and delivery would be borne
       by the winner.
   •   Car registration and insurance are totally winner’s responsibility.
   •   Pictures of the gift are for illustration only. Gift can be changed with other equivalent
       value of items.
   •   Winner should resident of UAE
   •   Winner should hold NBAD Visa credit card at the time of gift delivery & make regular
       payments on the card.
   •   Staffs of NBAD/Visa and its subsidiaries are not eligible for this offer.
   •   The promotion period can be extended based on bank decision.
   •   NBAD reserves the right at any time to add modify or vary all or any of these terms and
       conditions without prior notice.
   •   The standard Credit Card Terms and Conditions apply.

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