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					                                               Microsoft Word Assignment

    1. Open Microsoft Word and type a paragraph on what you like about the Providence High School media center
        and what changes/additions you would like to see. Your paragraph must be a least 15 sentences long.
    2. Type half of you paragraph in 12 Times New Roman font and the other half in a font of your choice.
    3. Set the left and right margins of your paragraph to 1”. (Go to file, page setup to change the default margin
    4. Indent the first sent by .5in. (Go to format, paragraph, and click on tabs. Set the tab for .5in.) Indent the first
        paragraph by using the tab.
    5. Change the line spacing to double space. (Go to format, paragraph, and then select 2 under line spacing.)
    6. One word in your paragraph should appear in bold text. One word should be italicized. One word should be
    7. Give your paragraph a title, centered above the paragraph, in bold text, in a font size larger than 12 and in
        something other than Arial.
    8. You should conduct a spelling/grammar check and eliminate as many of these errors as possible.
    9. Highlight a word in your paragraph and use the thesaurus feature to find a synonym. Add a synonym in
        parentheses beside the word. The synonym must make sense in the paragraph. It would be a word that
        replaces the initial word. (Go to tools, language, and then thesaurus.)
    10. Add a header with your name, date & block and a footer with the page number. (Go to view, header and
        footer, and then type your name, date, & block in the header. Click on switch between header & footer and
        select the option for page number.)
    11. Under the paragraph, type a bulleted list of everything in your book bag.
    12. Create a table with your book bag items listed. Sort the items alphabetically. (Highlight the column that
        contains your items, go to table, then to sort. You will be sorting by column, using text, and in descending
    13. Add a clip art picture to your document.
    14. Hit enter until you start on the second page. (Note: your header & footer should appear on this page.)
    15. Type in the following citation: Cantor, N. F. The Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages. New York: Viking
        Penguin, 1999. Use the indentation feature to correctly format the citation with a hanging paragraph.
        (Highlight the citation, select format, paragraph. In the indentation area under special select hanging. This
        will indent the line 5 spaces starting at the 2nd line.)
    16. Create a pie chart. It must contain a title and labels for each piece of the pie.

Competency Goal 3: The student media assistant will use a variety of technologies to access, analyze, interpret,
synthesize, apply and communicate information.
3.1 Select and implement the appropriate technology to support the media program.

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