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					                15 July 2008                                                                                                                                                  NEWS 59

ALL skips placed on the public highway
will need a valid skip licence as well as a
separate parking bay suspension from
    Hammersmith & Fulham Council made
the change in policy after frequent
complaints from residents about the
disruption skips create and the amount of
parking spaces they monopolise.
    Regularly skips used to remove materials
from a property are parked outside someone
else’s home. This can lead to residents and
visitors having problems in finding a parking
    To comply with the terms and conditions
of a skip licence, applications will only be
accepted from the skip hire company.
    Residents and contractors will no longer
be able to apply direct to the council.
    This system has been introduced to allow
for accountability regarding damage and
to assist in the resolution of issues such as
overloaded or uncovered skips (pictured).
    Councillor Nicholas Botterill, deputy leader
and cabinet member for environment, said:
“London as a whole is struggling to cope with           A FRESH START: Team leader Lola Owoade (back row, black T-shirt) and her Prince’s Trust team Mandla Gazi, Mobo Ika, Sa brina Docherty, Karley
the number of cars on our roads and we are            Charles, Meshach De-Silva, Scott and Pippa Nolan get to work at the St Paul’s Centre in Hammersmith                     PICTURES BY LEIGH QUINNELL

                                                      From junkyard
no different in Hammersmith & Fulham.”
    Enforcement officers will be patrolling
the streets of the borough on a regular basis
to make sure that all skips are legitimately
sited and promptly removed following their
licence expiry.
    The skip licence fee for a month is

                                                      to green oasis
£56 and a parking bay suspension will
cost £26 per bay (for five metres) per day.
    To apply, the skip hire company will need
to complete an application form. These are
available from Hammersmith Town Hall
Extension or Fulham Town Hall receptions.
    They can also be requested by fax by
dialling 020 7371 5678 or can be
downloaded from:
    The council has also created                                                                                                         Participants also raised £450 by
notice periods for parking bay                                         u Scheme at St Paul’s Centre sees                             selling CDs featuring music
suspension requests.                                                   young volunteers get down to some                             they’re written and by bag packing
    The notice period needed
to suspend a bay for a skip                                            hard work and polish up their area                            at Marks and Spencer.
                                                                                                                                         The money was used to buy
is eight days and the notice                                           u Most youngsters return to school                            gardening tools and new plants
period will only start after                                           or full employment with new skills                            which now line the super garden.
payment has been received.                                                                                                               Lola Owoade, 26, team leader
    For more details, call                                             once the course sprouts roots                                 from Ealing Hammersmith and
020 7371 5678 or 020                                                                                                                 West London College, said: “Our
8753 1081.                                                               P L U C K Y         education or employment’ by             volunteers learn that by helping
                                                                     grafters were happy     helping them work on team build-        others, they are helping them-

                                                                   to get their hands        ing and confidence, has provided        selves.
                                                                 dirty to transform a        the St Paul’s Centre with an extra          “Eighty per cent of them go back
                                                              patch of disused land into a   space to carry out youth activities.    into education or employment fol-

                                                       stunning new garden.                      Karley Charles, 20, a volun-        lowing their hard work, and some
                                                           Volunteers participating in       teer from Uxbridge Road, Shep-          even going to university when they
                                                       a Prince’s Trust scheme have          herds Bush, said: “We helped the        never would have otherwise.”
                                                       cleared the outside space at the      centre because they work with kids          The idea for the project came
OvER 70 per cent of residents agreed that the          St Paul’s Centre, Macbeth Street,     and we wanted to give something         from former W6 Youthworks
plans for a new-look Shepherds Bush Green              Hammersmith.                          back. My little sister and cousin       member Natalie Hunter, who is
were very good or good in a recent exhibition.             The scheme, which aims to         come here so its really rewarding       also doing the Prince’s Trust            ROOTS: Mandla Gazi at work in
   The figures come following an in-depth dis-         ‘reintegrate young adults into        to see it come together.”               scheme.             Simona Sikimic       St Paul’s Centre in Hammersmith
play at the W12 shopping centre in Shepherds
Bush last month and full details of figures from

                                                       A collection a week keeps away the squeak!
the latest public consultation will be available in
the next edition of h&f news.
   Earlier in the year, residents gave the Green
a resounding thumbs-up, sharing their positive         THE decision to stick to a weekly bin collection   council’s decision to decrease refuse rounds.             Councillor Nicholas Botterill said: “The
opinions about the £3million improvements,             service in Hammersmith & Fulham has been               Since fortnightly schemes were introduced         facts are damning and it echoes what we said
with 13 of the 14 aspects hitting at least 60          justified.                                         in 2005 across England and Wales, there has           all along – that fewer collections lead to more
per cent in the approval ratings.                         Hammersmith & Fulham Council cites              been a 23 per cent rise in the batch of beasties      mess and pests. We are working with our
   The two most popular aspects were the               evidence in new research that claims calls         being spotted, including mice and rats.               contractors Serco closely to make sure that
boulevards around the Green’s perimeter and            to pest controllers have risen by 50 per cent          A huge 80 per cent have seen a rat or mouse       rubbish is cleared away quickly and effectively.
the pedestrian path network on the common.             in areas where councils have switched to a         within just five metres of their home.                    “But we would urge residents to make sure
   Work on the new-look Green is expected to           fortnightly collection.                                The research also showed that 37 per cent of      they do their bit too, by putting out their rub-
start in March 2009 and includes the creation             Results of the survey, carried out by home      those people surveyed had forgotten to put their      bish for collection on the right days and tying up
of an open air plaza at the eastern end, a cafe        insurance company esure, also proved that over     rubbish out on time, leaving it to fester for up to   sacks securely. If you are going on holiday, if at
with outdoor seating and new play areas.               half of those questioned already following a       a month in their often overflowing bins until the     all possible, ask a neighbour if they can put your
                                                       fortnightly collection were angered by their       following collection.                                 rubbish out while they are away.”

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