Summer Vacation Fun for Kids by reeki090


									So, it is that time of year again. The summer vacation has started and
now what are we going to do with our children for the next 9 weeks?

Traveling is not an option for many people simply because funding is low.
Now do not let this become too much of an issue, because there are a lot
of other things that can be done without worrying about fundings. So lets
look at some alternative ways for summer vacation fun.

Taking your children to the park can be a lot of fun, they can play at
the playground. Also a picnic can be organized with a few items from your
food pantry. A lot of parks also offer barbeque's, so it can be fun to
barbecue while the children are playing at the playground. This offers
great relaxation for both parents and children. Some parks have a pond
more then likely you will find ducks and geese there, find out what the
parks rules are on feeding these animals this is just another way for a
day of entertainment.

Children like playing in water. Often apartment complexes have a swimming
pool free of charge. If you own your own home, you could place one of
those plastic swimming pools or even a toy that can be hooked up to the
water hose. Another option is to look into the cities yellow pages often
under the entertainment section you will find a city pool for little or
no charge to swim in. In general these have life guards and are more
secure for children to swim.

The public library is something to consider. Libraries offer a great deal
of entertainment. Most libraries offer besides books now also cd's,
videos and yes they have computers. A library card is very easy to obtain
just go and apply for one if you do not have one yet. In many cases all
they require is a picture identification and proof of address. Do check
on the requirements by calling ahead of time.

Did you know that there are many museums, offering specials for the
summer? Yes, many museums offer discounted entrance or even free
entrance. You can find information on this through internet search or
call around to the museums you like and ask. Asking is always the best
route to take.

For smaller children you could print out some drawings from the internet.
Coloring is a great way of entertainment for the younger children. Let
them choose what they like and get them involved.

In some cities they offer dollar theater's this is an alternative way for
watching a movie at a lower cost. Yet, the popcorn and candy could be the
higher cost here so do be advised on that part.

For more entertainment you can always look for videos, pictures and blogs
on the internet. Yes children can have fun online also. Just, make sure
they go to sites with an adult watching for the internet safety. Or
another option would be to place a parental filter on your computer.

Basically these are just some ideas and I am sure there are many more.
Thank you for reading this article and I hope you received a few ideas
from this

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